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Thursday, October 27, 2016

After running through nearly every possible way to embarrass himself on foreign policy, Mitt Romney must have been eager to return to reminding voters how out of touch he is with average Americans on the economy.

In a interview aired Friday morning, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos attempted to get Mitt to provide some clarity about his plan to cut taxes on the rich without really cutting their taxes or increasing the deficit. Stephanopoulos pointed out that a study Mitt cited actuallyy says his plan would only be “deficit-neutral” if he eliminates most deductions for anyone earning $100,000 a year or more.

Mitt responded that his plan would not raise taxes on “middle income people.”

“Is $100,000 middle income?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“No, middle income is $200,000 to $250,000 and less,” the former governor of Massachusetts said.


And the Internet went wild. Romney thinks middle income is $250,000 a year! I wish. Of course he thinks that. He makes more than that from speeches and considers it couch change. You can’t even build a decent car elevator for $250,000.

Of course, nearly 96 percent of Americans earn less than $200,000-$250,000 a year — the amount both major parties typically use to define as the lower bound of a “rich” American’s income.  Romney is tone deaf, of course, but the outrage that ensued actually helped him mask the lie at the heart of what he was saying.

Romney believes that he can cut taxes on the rich in a way that is deficit-neutral because of that same old Republican bull-produced magic: Namely, “the voodoo economics of the Reagan era, the wishful thinking of President George W. Bush’s 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that helped turn a surplus into the deficit now weighing the nation’s economy,” as the Washington Post editorial board said.

It was a lie when Reagan and Bush sold it. And now it’s a twice-proven lie that Romney is still selling. The difference is Bush and Reagan ran on their tax cuts without pretending that the rich wouldn’t be paying lower rates (they just pretended that somehow this would benefit the middle class). As Bill Clinton said, “It takes some brass.”

Romney could open a brass mine with what he said later in the same interview when addressing the forthcoming debates: “But I think the challenge that I’ll have in the debate is that the president tends to, how shall I say it, to say things that aren’t true.”


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  • msrita

    What an Idiot. He will lose this election. Voting I.D will be present so all states should have inka dot ballots. Like we do in California.

    • budahh

      For the good of the country, we have to hope Willard “Mitt” loses.

      As for the article: How many different ways does the author have to straight forwardly say that “MITT LIES” ??

      Try it, it’s easy: “ROMNEY LIES!”

      If you want to have fun, say: “There you go again, Mitt. Telling LIES!”
      (As everyone should know, it’s from the Great Liar -oops ‘communicator’- Ronnie Reagan.)

      How do you tell if Romney is lying? His lips are moving.

  • leftlite

    It is of paramount importance that all right thinking Americans head to the polls and make sure that this pathological empty suit, Myth Rmoney, does not get with a hundred miles of the Oval Office. It reveals a total lack of character and quite possibly – and seriously- some mental issues for a grown man to tell so many lies.

  • Of all the things Mitt Romney has said since he announced his candidacy for presidency the worst was the statement he made while events were still unfolding in Benghazi and nobody had a clear picture of what was happening or the tragic results of the attack against our consulate. I don’t consider his statement and his refusal to apologize surprising or unprecedented. President Bush said it well when he acknowledged that what he remembers most of his presidency was how “awesome it was to be famous and powerful”. Romney’s comment was, in part, a reflection of ignorance, but to a large extent it was a manifestation of the arrogance of wealth and power. Anybody can make a mistake, but only those who have confidence in themselves and use the truth as their moral compass can acknowledge they made one. He is a man accustomed to get what he wants and stops at nothing to achieve his goals. For him, diplomacy, tact, decency and concern over the welfare of others are just minor irritants or obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of a greater goal. This specific incident is far from being a trivial matter, it is a reflection of his character, his values and who he is.
    It would not surprise me if Mitt and the Koch brothers are already trying to figure out how to capitalize on the turmoil in the Islamic World by investing in oil futures, potential currency fluctuations, and buying shares or making investments in Non-Islamic oil producing countries.

    • chisolm

      Mitt Romney was only commenting on what the White House put out. There is no way the attack that killed 4 American citizens was spontaneous, it was a well planned sucessfull terrorist attack. You may want to consider getting your news from more than this site.

      • adler56

        He was commenting on what the embassy put out in Egypt- before the four were killed in Libya. He is a wuss and a liar.

        • I agree. The time-line of events is clear. Our embassy in Cairo put out the statement nearly six our before it was attacked. The statement correctly reasserted our belief in religious freedom and tolerance, and it confirmed that the US in no way supported the contents of the video. It was in not an apology.

          Again, it was issued hour before the embassy in Cairo was attacked.
          Romney insinuated that it was issued during the attack, and characterized it as an apology and an expression of sympathy for the attackers.

      • dellmartin

        That is certainly NOT what he was commenting on. He was trying to politicize a tragic situation by jumping the gun without knowing the facts. If we give him the benefit of the doubt, ie: maybe it was just a gaffe as we are so accustomed to hearing from him, he should have apologized and stepped back. But no, he thinks he is still a CEO and all he has to do is say something and people will nod their heads in agreement, much like you did. Message to Mitt: Sit down and be quiet and let our Commander in Chief deal with this situation.

        • It’s The American Taliban Way Shoot First Then Aim Later!! Still Looking For Those Weapons Of Mass Destruction!!! Our President Obama Will Not Just Put Boots On The Ground Till He Get All The Facts, And Then He Still May Not if The Drones Can Get The Job Done!! So The Little War Mongers Can’t Make No Money Off Of The Death Of Our People Who Serving The Armed Forces!!

      • The spark that ignited the demonstrations we are seeing throughout the Islamic world was the film that insulted Islam and the prophet Muhhamad. Pay attention to the signs the demonstrators are holding and that fact is not too difficult to discern. It is true, however, that there are elements in those countries determined to stop the spread of democracy and Western influences, and that sooner or later they would have launched attacks, but that is not what started this specific crisis. The GOP is desperately trying to deflect attention from the film and from Romney’s irresponsible statement, and in so doing they are endorsing the enemis of the USA and undermining the ability of moderate Muslims to stay in power. Can’t say I am surprised…

        • SaneJane

          The timing of the film and the violence is interesting to say the least. Makes me wonder.

          • I Say The Same Thing After Watching These Thugs With Their Low Blow Tactics Funny How Now This Come Out Now !! But It’s Would Not Be No Surprise To Me If The American Taliban Is Behind This Mess Cause After All They Are Just Low Life Terrorists And Traitors To America And The American People!!! All They Seem To Care About Is Money And How Much They Can Hoard!! And We Know WARS Is The GOP/Tea Party Favorite Way Of Making Money!! While America Was Hanging Over A Cliff And People Were Losing Their Jobs And Homes Bush Cheney And The Rest Of The War Mongers Walked Away With Truck Loads Full Of Money!!!

      • SaneJane

        You are incorrect. Someone in the diplomatic corp wrote that message in an effort to cool things down and perhaps save their own life as well as other Americans in immediate danger. How can you in good conscience question a person who was potentially in the line of fire and doing their best to defuse the situation. You are the one who should be getting your news from a source that utilizes facts. I doubt you even read the articles here that you comment on and have already gotten your “news” elsewhere. I monitor news from several sources in order to hear all sides and then form my own opinions. Some news sources use facts and opinion but some use whatever they think will inflame and enrage the people they target.

        • Gammaanya

          U R Correct. I do the same.

        • I agree. Most Americans don’t know what it is to be alone in a foreign country, especially in places where a single word or gesture can result in a riot that threatens your life and your family. That is a facet of Romney’s irrespponsible statement that many people have not considered and continue to ignore. The things we say and do, especially when it involves elected officials and those aspiring to become one, carry a lot of weight and resonate throughout the world.
          In any case, the focus at this point should be on finding ways to defuse the situation, protect the lives of fellow Americans working overseas, bring justice to those responsible for the attack that killed 4 Americans, and determine who was really behind the making of the film that caused this mess. Extremists may have been ready to attack U.S. interests or facilities abroad, and destabilize emerging democracies in Islamic countries, but what fueled the ire and violence we are seeing is the film that insulted Islam and denigrated its prophet.

      • Gammaanya

        I suggest you check your news site, He commented SIX hours before it happened. How did he know???? It’s all over the news and foreign papers – I read them, just like Natanyahu suppose ask for a meeting with Obama. NOT TRUE and Israelis are pissed, and if Romney loses, Netanyahu is finished, Likud Party will be a bad news – that’s why he /they are lying as much as they can. Bain Capital owns Clear CHannel Communications ansd they own Rushie, Beck and Hannity, a source of no news, a stations/shows only for haters and gullible, lazy to check the facts people. I guess R/R Crystal Ball knows everything ahead of time.
        The facts still remains, HOW DID HE KNOW ???? WH did not know.

      • korhal

        And you might want to get yours from more than just Fox News or the Tea Party Newsletter.

      • I doubt the making and release of the film that incited the latest violence throughout the Islamic world was spontaneous or an innocent expression of freedom of speech either. It would not surprise me if wealthy sponsors and political strategiests, either domestic or foreign, were behind the making and release of that film. Too convenient, and too sophisticated, to be the work of a lonely fanatic seeking attention or pursuing a personal vendetta…

      • grammyjill

        no, he was commenting on what the consalate put out six hours before any attack began. maybe you should try more than one news source.

    • As Always Romney Has Been A Fraud All His Life Pretending His Somebody He’s Not!! Now He Want To Pretend He President!!! When In Reality He’s Only A Empty Suit!!

      • dotutz

        Empty suit along with the empty chair and if he gets in an “empty head!”

        • It’s Funny That Romney Say He Will Bring America Jobs When He Shipped Them Out Of America In The First Place!! Wonder What Fool Is Buying His Bullshit!! What A Joke He The One Who’s Been Making A Good Living Destroying American Companies And Making Even More Money By Selling Out The American People By Shipping Their Jobs Overseas!!! What Is Wrong With These Fools Who Will Vote For This Money Hungry Traitor!!

          • After reading this, I didn’t expect less from an unknowing democrat. I am not republican, nor dem, but this whole campaign is a smear campaign. No wonder this country is in the condition its in, its not the President, its the people. Maybe if they would have spent more time getting an education it would be different. You put one person down for his rich parents making him earn his own living, then praise the other for the way he has raised his millions and the terriorist company he kept and probably still keeps. Where have the family values gone? I would rather have a rich President who has a history of helping others, than one who has a history of being provided for… there are too many unanswered questions. I would love those sealed records to be opened and provide everyone with a better picture instead of hiding everything.

          • well then tell mitt to let us see his tax’s and if you want mitt go a head but you will lose because no one like’s this man and he will lose on that alone.

          • It’s Just More Gutting Out America In Those Tax Returns That’s Why McCain Picked Sarah Palin Nutty Ass Over Romney For VP Cause What He Saw In Those Tax Returns!!

          • frivolous01

            So when you call out the President then it is just asking for transparency, or asking him to answer ‘unanswered questions’ that have already been answered. When the left calls out Romney then it is a smear tactic. See how that works? The question is, who has Romney helped besides himself and in what way has Obama been ‘provided for’? I won’t even address the ridiculous terrorist statement because that merely shows your lack of education and inability to argue rationally.

          • It’s Not The Money I Put Down It’s How He Made It Is What My Problem With Him!! There’s Many Rich People Out Here That Didn’t Make Their Money Gutting Out America And The American People By Destroying People Lives!!!

          • sheilab2

            Talk about being out of touch-helping others? Only mormons got help-forget the really poor and homless, children, disabled, the aged. He will dump them like a cheap suit. If we are unlucky enough to elect this foolish robot as President, we can only pray to his mormon god that he doesn’t treat us badly-remember mormons are all about making money for themselves.

          • That’s Might Be Why You More Than Likely Have No Job Cause Romney Shipped It Overseas For The Profit It Made Him !! And Before You Stick Your Foot In Your Mouth I’m A Nurse Making Great Money Got Money In The Bank And Got Great Investments And I Didn’t Get It By Selling My Country Nor My Fellow American Out !! It Is Done By Education, Skills And Hard Work!! Not By Screwing America And The American People!!!

          • What About The American Families Romney Ruined With His Quest For More Money Hoarding???

          • Perry Kaplan

            You mean Romney’s tax records, right?

          • grammyjill

            what sealed records?

          • Bob Williams

            Romney shipped jobs overseas? You mean like Obama did at GM, where he shipped 96 percent of IT jobs overseas. You mean THAT overseas?

          • frivolous01

            You do realize that Obama is not the CEO of GM, right? Unlike Romney, who was the CEO of Bain.

          • You Can’t Cut Thru These Tea Baggers Home Schooling You Just Wasting Your Time!!! We Know Romney Made His Money Stripping American Companies And Shipping American Jobs For A Living, Laying off And Firing People Plus Disposal Of Aborted Fetuses!! They Prefer To Tell Lies To Themselves!! Like The American Taliban Rick S. said ” We Will Never Have The Smart And Intelligent People On Our Side!!! LOL And He Is So Right!! Only Dumb And Stupid People Romneyhood And Lying Ryan Bullshit!!

          • faxt42

            Really true…Briefly he and his VP candidate are in the same characters as describe here of P.rayan ‘s expected boss ‘:Mit–romney makes money
            Hide money oversea, run for presidency no tax claim to be seen. Mitt-romny makes money with his Bain but not brain . Love to shoot, can’t be loose on compagin. so complain of Obama birth paper whatever how it takes.

          • coxel

            Not much to stand on Bob, things are looking kinda bad for the man in the pants on fire suit…

          • GM had outsourced it’s IT department since 1996; well before Presient Obama even thought to run for office. According to the July 10, 2012 Computer World article GM is in the process of bringing those jobs back to the US and in house for GM

            So yes – I mean that overseas. Thank you for your attempt to muddy the water with nonsense and misrepresentations.

            I think that you will find that most people on this particular site would not be fooled. Troll somewhere else with this one.

          • That’s All They Got Is Lies Same Way Romney Running His Campaign On Nothing But LIES!!! Oh I Forgot Obama Bashing!! To Bad That’s And The Magic Under Wears Are Not Going To Help Him Win This Race!!LOL

          • Desperate people say desperate things. Like you said, Bob should try FOX, or even ABC, where he is likely to find enough ideologues to second his deceit.

          • lagovistadave

            Please provide facts for your statement. GM is moving it entire IT division to Austin Texas. That is still in the US the last time I checked.

          • You Know They Think Hawaii Is Kenya!! But Yet Romney Father Was Born In Mexico But They Dare To Question Romney That’s Cause They Are Racist Thugs!!!

          • you know what’s odd everyone knows his father was born in Mex….and everyone knows his father started the tradition of turning over his tax returns before running for president.

            Does anyone else think it’s ironic that his birth certificate wasn’t a problem???

            Georges father lived in Utah BEFORE it was a state, moved to Mex voluntarily in 1896 with his 3 wives and didn’t come back til 1912. why is it back then in 1968 when George Romney, (mexican born) ran for POTUS everyone just said what the hell he’s a good honest man let him try. But now you’ve got redneck idiots collecting ammo just incase a damn forigner gets RE ELECTED.

          • They Seem To Forget When They Made One Gun They Made More!! Hell I Own Lots Of Guns Cause Of The Law Enforcement Background I Have And I Also Work At Night!! My Profile Picture Here Is My Gun Card ID! They Are Not Scaring Nobody!! Not Me Anyway!!

          • Joseph Hemphill

            sorta, unless Perry secedes…

          • 113121

            The company has announced that the new IT center will be built in the United States. Try and keep up.

          • gdtm4larry


          • Get Out Of Your Tea Bagging Home Schooling Brain Dead Illusions And Stop Buy And Drinking The Venom Being Sold To You Buy By The Romney Snake Oil Sales Man And Save The Bullshit For Your Fellow Tea Bagging Friends!!! SCREW ROMNEY AND HIS BOOK WE WANT TO SEE WHAT OTHER LOW LIFE DEALING HE DONE TO MAKE MONEY BY SELLING OUT HIS OWN COUNTRY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

          • gdtm4larry

            Im not a tea bagger, just a fact checker, If anyone has sold this country out, it is O’bama and all his liberal cronies, This MUSLIM HAS A GOOD LINE OF SHIT, JUST LIKE YOU…. AND SOME GOOD RHETORIC, NO SOLUTIONS….

          • More Tea Bagging Home Schooling Fact Checking !! RNC = Failed Cause Romney Whole Damn Campaign Is Only Lies And Obama Bashing Romney Is A Low Life Crook !! He Bush On Crack, Meth And Steroids!! You Are Not Making No Points Talking To Me Cause You My Thug Is Just Another Ass Kisser Of The Koch brothers So Peddle Your Bullshit Elsewhere Cause I’m Not Going For The Bullshit Prep Talk!! Most Smart People Are Not Buying The Romney
            hood Bullshit Ask Rick Santourom!!

          • gdtm4larry


          • Yes You ARE AND YOU ARE A LIAR!!! Just Another Racist Asshole Who Think They Can Lie Their Way Thru Life!! LOL

          • gdtm4larry


          • You A Racist Lying Asshole!!

          • gdtm4larry

            Im definitely not a RACIST, Just a factchecker, and, being from CHICAGO’S FAILED SCHOOL SYSTEM, I’M SURPRISED YOU CAN USE A COMPUTER….

          • Better give she got you pegged and you just keep giving her more ammo. A spitting image of you idol Rommey

          • Joseph Hemphill

            what a douche

          • Maybe It’s Your Family Who’s On Welfare!!LOL Always Remember The One Pointing The Finger Is Most Likely The One LOL!! Funny How All You Talking And No Likes!! You Shooting Blanks Just Like Your Boy Romneyhood!! Dropping In The Polls Daily!! LOL

          • Oh “everyone else can see the hyprocracy of this adminstration”? How come the majority of comments are in favor of President Obama?
            What you should have sau was ” evryone can see the huprocracy in Rommeys statements/life”

          • did you check the facts in Floppys statements. Overseas accounts? Tax returns? Embassy attacks? Giving billionaire tax cut while being “revenue neutral”?

          • Joseph Hemphill

            Robme is the worst kind of capitalist, sells his soul and the American public for profit.

          • You From Puff Luck Kentucky You Are About To Miss Your Favorite Shows Honey Boo Boo And Hillbilly Hand Fishing Your Better Go!! Redneck Racist Tea bagging Troll!!!

          • Go Girl GO! Keep up the good work, tell it as it is!

          • johninPCFL

            Romney made his money by taking over control of companies, burying them in debt, and walking away. That leaves the taxpayer/citizen to pick up the tab either in higher costs at the bank, higher prices from the suppliers stuck with the bills he didn’t pay, or bank bailout money if the loaning bank failed.

            Take some time and grow a brain.

          • You again?

          • smartdee

            Boy, are you delusional!

          • grammyjill

            And your hero thinks our military fighting in Afghanastan are freeloaders! Tape just came out.

          • highpckts

            Somebody is on drugs and it’s not Obama!!

          • lostintheswamp

            fern, you really express how i feel, and i truly enjoy reading your comments. what i absolutely love is your capitalizing every word. it’s really eccentric and fun. keep posting.

          • Thank You Never Going To Change For No One Not Eccentric Just Like Doing It No Reason It Just My Statement My Way It’s Just The Simple!!! In A Way It Helps In Keeping Hackers Away From Hacking Me Cause They Wont Take The Time To Write Like Me!!!

          • Fern you are GREAT! One of the best expressed comments yet ! Loved it and agree 200%

          • Seafleet

            Fern I think in a word [well several] you have summed up the guy isolated in a world of mega wealth and no idea how the average family struggle to cope, and if he got short of money I am sure the Mormans would lend him a buck or two.
            The man is so out of touch with day to day reality.

          • But The Sad Part Is He’s Not Out Of Touch He Just Don’t Give A Damn!! Romney The Koch Brothers And The Leaders of The American Taliban Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor The 99% American People Their Only Agenda Id Control , Power And Money!! They Give Less Than A Damn If America Fall Off Of A Cliff They Just Care About How Much Money Is In It For Them!!!

          • Seafleet

            Fern I concede 100% you may well have a good point the sad part is if that is the case how the hell did he even get to be a presidential candidate [Dont answer that one]

          • grammyjill

            Today a tape is being released of romney at a fund raiser saying that 47 percent of the people don’t pay taxes so they will vote for obama cause they need him to keep getting their gov. check. And we have no personal responsibilty and he won’t be working for those that consider themselves victims.

          • You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth My Friend!! LOL Romney Ego So Big He’s His Own Worst Enemy!!!LOL

          • grammyjill

            Heard on The Last Word that there will be more of that tape will be released today. Republicans are thinking that they might be better off if they drop Romney and run Ryan and Rubio instead. Still a no winner and I don’t think they can change this close to the election especially since some are already voting.

          • If Romney/Ryan gets into the White House, he and his Super PACs, billionaire friend, Republican and Tea Party Congress will bring the jobs back to America from overseas, but the pay scale we are accustomed to earning will be a lot lower, just above subsistence wages. There will be no middle class, no unions, and not even the courts of law, especially the Supreme Court would be there for us. We will be screwed!

      • gdtm4larry

        O’bama is an empty life, never had a job or ran a business, MUSLIM looking to bring this country down, from the inside, I even voted for this FRAUD……OPEN YOUR EYES, I DID…THE FACTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVE’S…

        • He Got A Life He’s PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FOOL!!! LOL Open Your EYES!! Your Voted For McCain And Sarah Palin Who You Think You’re Fooling!! You Just Another Brain Dead Racist Asshole Running Loose In America!! You Just Told On Your Self He’s A Muslim But Yet You Voted For Him !! LIAR!!

          • gdtm4larry

            Yea, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on meeeeee, I see the big picture now, O’bama is an AMERICAN HATING MUSLIM, HE HATES OUR WAY OF LIFE, AND YOUR PROBABLY ON FOOD STAMPS, WITH 10 KIDS, LOOKING FOR FREE CONTRACEPTION…WHILE YOU PAY FOR YOUR I-PHONE……..GET ALL YOU CAN FROM YTHE WORKING MAN…

          • You Just Talking About Yourself And We All Know It!!! Must I Keep Tell Your Tea Bagging Ass Again BITCH I’M A NURSE!!!!

          • gdtm4larry

            You are not a nurse, Im sure your getting a ton of handouts for all your fatherless kids, Im not a teabagger, just a factchecker, and, being from CHICAGO, lol, your in the heart of all the handouts….

          • You Just A Low Life Racist Hillbilly Redneck Fool I’m A Nurse And I Only Have One Child !! LOL Just Like Your Low Life Romney And Your American Taliban Party Just Make Shit Up As You Go Thru Life LOL!!! You Are Just A Ass Kisser Of The Rich Man With Your Broke Ass My One Child Which Is A Man Also Have A Great Job Graduated From U.O. I.C Masters Degree In Computer Sciences!! So Save You Racist Food Stamp Lies For Your Fellow Tea Bagging Thugs!! LOL

          • Dont pay attention to that fool! His daddy made him get a job.Because Rommey hasnt taught him have to get oversea accounts, hide his money from taxes he now has to apy taxes like the rest of us and he is pissed.

          • smartdee

            Amen to Wokeup flared up!

          • grammyjill

            If you are a fact checker, then you are checking in the wrong place. Stop listening to Rush and stop watching Fox and O’Reilly.

          • You better get to work – so you can contribute an other $10K to Floppy. He needs you-you need him with your twisted minds

          • LOL Brain Dead Idiots Going Crazy For Romney And If None Of Them Got A 7 Digit Bank Account He’s Going To Screw Them Over Also!! All He Wants Is Their Votes After That BOOM Under The Bus They Will Go!!!LOL Just Like He Did Clint Eastwood He Was The Only Thing Worth Talking About From Their Failed RNC I Never In My Life Seen A Person Running For Office Go Down In The Polls After The Biggest Get Together Of Their Party!! LOL

        • Joseph Hemphill

          yeah, the fact is you are a world class douche….

      • Gee, your thoughts are so “indepth” and thought provoking. Your grammar reveals your lack of basic education. Go back and try to finish your community college, why don’t you.

        • Your Statement Reveals The Ass Kissing Of The Rich Men!! I ‘m A Nurse With Great Pay And Great Investments With Money In The Bank I’m Not Hurting At All You Ought To Take Your Gold Digging Ass Back To School And Stay Out Of Grown Folks Conversation!! If An Went I Go Back To School It Will Be For More Skills So I Don’t Have To Kiss Rich Men Asses And That Way I Will Keep A Job!! And Don’t Have To Go Gold Digging Like You No Doubt!!

    • Well said, Mr. Vila! WELL Said, indeed!

    • gdtm4larry


      • Freebies? I spent my 21 years the the military, I pais SS for 50 years! I paid my due with out complaining! What have you done? Taken daddys allowance and bought a BMW? Sounds like you had to go find a job and are jealous of those who have EARNED and PAID for their retirement. You call it FREEBIes-a lot of bass you have

    • mbm

      There is nothing that Romney, nor his political pack of poltroons, can say or do that surprises or shocks me anymore. They have proven beyond a doubt, that Mitt, in his desperate and self serving grasp for the Oval Office, is entirely unfit. What does astonish me, however, is that despite a slight hit in the polls, Mitt continues to be supported by a group of die hard Americans, either unconcerned, uninformed or for lack of a better word, brainwashed. This Embassy Escapade alone should have resulted in such hue and public outcry demanding that he be removed from the ballot! I continue to shake my head in dismay…

    • Ed

      Dominick- AWESOME TRUTHS, wish I had said that!

  • Mitt Romney’s comments are a reflection of the arrogance of wealth, and confirm how out of touch he is with the realities faced by the middle class and the poor in the United States. Our median income is now $50K a year, and tens of thousands of Americans are struggling to reach that level of “prosperity”. Mitt Romney is so detached from the rest of us it almost seems he has spent his life living in another planet. And yet, millions of middle class Americans plan to vote for this guy!

    • Romney Thinks He Can Lie And Bully His Way Into The White House!!

    • Gammaanya

      They are called gullible, manipulated wanna be romney lemmings. They can eat dog doodoo covered in a chocolate and will say it’s delicious, because their idol said so. Poop is a poop no matter what topping. Can’t fix stupid. Most Americans vote agains their own interest, lack of common sense and LAZY to think for themselves. Love your common sense, rational posts. KUDOS.

    • SaneJane

      It is understandable here in Alabama. People only have to see his picture or hear his name and they are enraged. I can’t even discuss this with my own family and friends.

  • Good God…he is just an idiot…

  • RichardPatrock

    It isn’t a lie if you believe it.

  • latebloomingrandma

    The Presidency is the only office that all the citizens vote for as a whole. Although we can never”know” that person, who is so far removed from us, it is vital to try to know them by their manner of campaigning, what is the morality of their budget priorities, etc. The fact that Romney panders to whatever group he is speaking to ( I am your man, said to the NAACP—really?), lies with such ease, even when called out about it–all those traits are deeply troubling. How could we believe anything coming out of his mouth as President? If this country throws out Obama and installs this empty suit, the rest of the world will surely think America is unraveling, and we will lose much credilbility and clout.

    • Gammaanya

      According to one of the European papers ( I read a lot of them) the World is hoping that Obama stays, they have enough of wars and they are happy that Obama uses diplomacy.
      He is very well liked in Europe, ME and Africa.

      • Philippines too! They trust and repsct Onama – fear and laugh at that other character

    • SaneJane

      I like your name. Although I am not a grandmother I am a late bloomer when it comes to politics. This is the first presidential campaign I have followed and participated in during my 69 years. I voted Republican for many years and am ashamed to admit it was because of the men in my life. I was proud when President Obama was elected but was still detached. No longer. This is the most important presidential election of our time and too much is at stake to be complacent. My vote is probably useless here in Alabama but I will do everything I can to help President Obama stay in the White House.

    • …and they would be correct…unraveling at mach speed…can you say “Hunger Games”.

  • Melvin Chatman

    He’s making me want to stay POOR – with DIGNITY!

    • exactly! – I said just the other day, “were I to win the lottery for say $22M dollars, I would STILL vote Obama – there is not enough money on the planet for me to sell out my fellow Americans, read: America!”

  • Lovefacts

    Romeny was commenting on what the US Embassy in Cairo put out 6 hours before the attack on Benghazi and riots in Cairo. The embassy’s public affairs officer was trying to calm the waters and was similar to what “W” said during the riots over the cartoons published in The Netherlands. Oh, and the WH was upset because the statement didn’t note that we have freedom of speech in this country so we couldn’t stop it.

    I just love how quickly Romney attacked the WH and embassy for that release. But then, he’s neither served overseas in an embassy nor been at risk of being killed. I have! During my posting in a hot spot, I never went to work, or returned home, using the same means of transportation or route two days in a row. If I drove to work, I took mass transit or a taxi home–always doing countersurveillance. I also witnessed three assassinations, one of whom was a close friend, by terrorists.

  • William Deutschlander

    Romney is a Pathalogical Liar, he can not discern the difference between true and false, the man needs treatment and counseling he is unfit for any public office.

    I have never seen a poorer candidate for public office!

  • ObozoMustGo


    Obozo is an absolute failure. Don’t let The Memo and all of the other media distract you away from the failure that is Obozo. Here’s a couple of quick things:

    1) US Credit rating DOWNGRADED again last week.
    2) We are now paying over $4 a gallon of gas on average in America for the first time in history.
    3) The Federal Reserve last week comes out and defies Obozo’s claims of a recovery, and instead proclaims that they are going into another round of money printing, further debasing our currency and driving the costs of commodities sky high precisely because the economy is faltering.
    4) On 9/11, our embassies are being overrun and our people killed by radical islamists from the muslim brotherhood and Obozo is too busy going to fundraisers in Denver to give much of a crap about it. He does aplologize to the attackers, however.
    5) Obozo signs an executive order granting himself control over the internet if he deems it needed during times of “civil turmoil.”

    Instead, what do we hear from you leftist freaks and useful idiots at “The Memo” and state controlled media at CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSLSD all week? About a film that 5 people saw back in June that has been out for 2 months. About you leftist freaks assuming Romney is wrong when he defends American values. But nothing about what the current Obozo regime has done/not done to cause the crisis. Nothing about the Federal Reserve and our government’s policy of monetizing debt through money printing.

    Obozo has had disastrous policies of appeasing radicals in the middle east, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Obozo is spending us into oblivion and the Fed keeps printing the money for him, destroying our currency and fiscal solvency.

    What do we hear from you leftist freaks about these facts? crickets………. crickets………….. crickets………….. crickets…………………..

    Wake up people. You are losing your liberties and your economy.

    Have a nice day!

    “Blaming a filmmaker for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

    “By rendering the labor of one, the property of the other, they cherish pride, luxury, and vanity on one side; on the other, vice and servility, or hatred and revolt.” – James Madison

    • lavorne46

      You are so ignorant. I see why the world is in such a bad state. Your heart is full of venom.
      You need a renewal of your mind. You are disrepectful to our commander in chief. Of all the presidents in history none have been treated or disrespected the way he has as a president.
      you display serious issues and need help put a little Jesus in your heart. If you cant comment on the issuse with good common sense , dont say nothing at all.

      • oBOZOmUSTGO kin of reminds me of Rommey! State the same old crap, blame Obama for everything, fly off the handle and say anything and totally embarasss himdelf

    • Blaming Mr Obama, President of the United Satates of America, fo all thee crap he has dealt with, left by the previous Republician President is like giving Bush credit for economic greatness, wisely collecting and spending MY tax dollars, telling the trutH ABOUT iraq.
      State controlled media? Can tell a FOX news boy when you hear him!

      • ObozoMustGo

        flared up hemorrhoid.. Blaming Obozo for his last 4 years of actual ownership of the office is exactly what this election is about. An election platform that is based on “hey, the other guy was bad and I was incompetent to fix the problem, so reelect me” is a horrible campaign to be in. If the entire media was not in the tank for Obozo, he’d never even have won the DemonRAT nomination this time around because he’s been that bad.

        Talk about blaming? Sheesh!!!!!!!… [click image to enlarge]

        Have a nice day!

        “The buck stops here.” – Harry Truman

        “The buck stops with you.” – Barak Hussein Obozo aka The Blamer in Chief

    • mynx1

      Blah blah blah, Obama, Blah blah blah, hate, Blah blah blah, no body wants to vote for me 🙁

    • amazedwithsomepeople

      So your saying you want to go back to 2008?

  • Lovefacts

    That’s the problem, he doesn’t believe it himself. He was just looking for a way to appear strong in a crisis. Unfortunately, for him, he showed himself to be weak, a liar, and lacking in good judgment. The least he could have done was tweak Reagan’s statement after the failed attempt to rescue diplomats in Iran. The man appeared nothing but a craven, shallow, political hack.

  • SaneJane

    “Being the richest guy in the room”, this is the heart of everything he and his party stand for. This is the reason they want to preserve and expand the wealth gap. The size of the gap is what matters. Their goal is similar to a monarchy, 1% kings and lords and 99% peons.

  • RR3

    The Romney’s have an amazing life….full of wealth….for everyone in their family for many generations to come…..good for them….why on earth are they looking for Mitt to become the next President of the United States??…. a position everyone knows he’s not qualified…by a light year….the GOP is throwing money like crazy in the hope that if they pull the miracle….and buy this election…..Romney’s enormous lack of character will allow them to do as they please (once again) with the great US of A…..this decision has been decided…..
    Romney 1040… your tax returns……game over

  • Why cant Mitt look at the Mormon Bible and think of what we are preached to in the church rather than saying everything to embarass himself, Obama is still a young man and have all the modern tricks up his sleeves.Ryan is young too but knows nothing about the street life.

  • Perry Kaplan

    It’s funny in way–we always complain about politicians who lie. Now we get one who not only lies, but who makes lying the centerpiece of his campaign strategy, who actually takes pride in a campaign not dictated by “fact checkers,” and who understands that if you repeat a lie often enough and loudly enough, people will believe it. And nearly half the country can’t wait to vote for him.
    Why the American people would vote for anyone for dogcatcher who can look them in the eye and lie to them about trivial and important issues (remember Richard Nixon?), let alone give that person the power to launch a nuclear weapon or tell our daughters that they MUST bear their rapists’ child (I know, Mitt wouldn’t, but Ryan would) or what kind of birth control a woman can use, is just beyond me. Romney might be a nice guy to his family, he might have been successful in business. But businessmen who think they can run the country like a business make the worst Presidents (see Harding, Hoover).
    But all you really need to know is that you cannot trust anything he tells you. I cheered for Romney in the primaries because he seemed like a moderate compared to some of the Republican fruitcakes like Gingrich or Perry. Yes, Obama has disappointed in many ways (many of which were not all his fault). But nobody had to count the number of lies in his convention speech. And I’m not talking about stretching the truth the way all politicians do–I mean out and out, baldface lies–Rove and Romney’s surprisingly effective strategy to keep the focus off what he will really do to America by lying about your opponent all the time so he has to spend his time correcting your lies instead of dealing with the issues. This is the real lesson Romney learned at Bain capital: No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

    • All he can do is lie! He has no clue what the truth is! But this clown cant even remeber what lie he told BUT he will”Stnd by what he said”

  • thedirtydemocrat

    Mitt the Twit cannot afford to let President Obama get ahead of him so he goes off half cocked again. God help us if this numb nuts gets to be in charge.

  • sheilab2

    Out of touch – no,he is out of this world – belongs on some far distant planet where he can’t do any more damage. How did this guy ever get nominated? Suppose it is because the rest of the field was even worse. He is going down in flames and it is fun to watch – even more fun to see Lyin” Ryan’ slink around trying to convince us he really cares about anything but money. What a pair, perfectly matched, perfectly groomed, and perfectly awful.

  • gdtm4larry


    • No one needs to bash Floppy -he dos good job of it for him self. Worse President in 60 years?Maybe your right! He hasnt started 2 unfunded wars, he hasnt turned a budget surplus into deficit, he hasnt cut taxes for the rich. He didnt maniulate vote counting to “steal” and election. Oh maybe your not talking about the Ptesident of United States of America.
      Living overseas he has made this election the laughing stock of world – and the laugh is on him, not with him

    • mynx1

      gdtm4larry, Blah blah blah,

  • Have you seen the latest Romney attack. i.e. OBama care is a tax on the middle class and therefore OBama’s statement that his plan does not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250K is not true? His distortion is part true only if you are not purchasing health insurance and only if your employer has no health insurance plan. Otherwise there is no change. Romney seeks to capitalize on the Supreme Court ruling that the healthcare mandate is Constitutional because the Court recharacterized the healthcare mandate as a “tax.”

  • Mitt will probably blew the first debate by pulling a Gov Perry. He will eliminate himself and only exarcebate the situation by repeating his mistakes after the debate. God Save Us!.

  • The only thing I can remember Romney saying that made sense was when he bet Rick Perry ten grand on some BS point–and Perry backed down. I loved that. My ballsy, macho man, boot wearing governor folding like a pup tent. Before that and after that, just one ignorant statement after another.

  • KartofflMuter

    Mitt-I ‘d like to take my new car for a spin upstairs-but I’m JUST TOO POOR. PLEASE,donate to my new middle class car elevator for the lower income class. PLEASE???

  • gdtm4larry


    • mynx1

      Blah blah blah,

    • smartdee

      So you are well educated? ” Never had none” is a double negative…it is” never had any”. I am a teacher so I know. So everyone should begin a business…who is going to buy all the products? And, with what? Not everyone is successful in business nor is everyone the same. The issue in this article is the fact that the Republicans have become so radically to the right that they will do anything to get into office including buy their way in among other unscrupulous deeds. This happened in my state. So, as a result, many of the people here are experiencing “hurray for me and you peons find a way to survive”. You people are not in the 1%, so we do not feel your pain is their way of thinking. Sure is a sorry country we are becoming!! We cannot expect our President to have cleaned up an eight year mess in two…no one can… especially those who are extremely out of touch with the American people. People really need to become educated and take the time to discover the truth…not the lies of a few self-serving individuals.

  • Re: gdtm4larry

    Obama may not go down in history as the best President, but he will NOT be on the list of the worst Presidents. However, that icon of the Republican Presidency, George the Second, certainly will be very high on the list of the 10 worst Presidents in History.

    The Democrats should thank him. He is the single greatest reason Obama is our President today.

    Mitt will almost certainly make the list of the 10 worst Presidents if by the enactment and manipulation of the VOTER SUPPRESSION laws he is ever elected. HE MAY EVEN MAKE THE LIST ON A HIGHER LEVEL THAN GEORGE THE SECOND.


    Even with all the lies and the VOTER SUPPRESSION laws, it is doubtful he will win.

  • gdtm4larry

    Lol, You sure dont talk like your educated, What you mean is you only have 1 kid to each of their 10 fathers, O’bama is the AMERICAN TALIBAN….YOUR JUST A FOLLOWER….

  • gdtm4larry

    You grow a brain asshole, If anyone stuck the taxpayers with a bill, IT was o’bama, with his taxpayer funding of g.m. at a cost of 25 billion to the taxpayer, OR, al the greenenergy funded taxpayer money that failed at the cost to the TAXPAYER….Romneys venture’s were not funded by the taxpayer, they were called managed bankruptcies, which he tried to stop, but, failed at times, at NO COST TO THE TAXPAYERS…THATS BUSINESS…..GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT…..

    • mynx1

      Blah blah blah, sounds like some needs a hug or pillow 🙂

    • johninPCFL

      Larry, to post a ‘reply to a comment, press the ‘reply’ button. Mom didn’t teach you how to use the computer very well, did she?

      A business doesn’t typically borrow hundreds of millions of dollars and give them to an external agency (at that agency’s direction), then go bankrupt. That’s normally called ‘fraud’. Look up GST Steel, AmPad, Dade Bearing, etc.

      And yes, the taxpayers and citizens picked up the tab for Romney’s $billions of fraud by paying higher fees at the banks, higher prices at the stores, or tax money bailing out the banks and pension funds looted by Bain.

      Those are facts, your imagination notwithstanding.

    • amazedwithsomepeople

      O.K who is this really, are you the head of the GOP?

  • gdtm4larry

    Your obviously UNEDUCATED on your politics, not warranting much of a response, instead of wokeup, you better WAKEUP..get your facts straight…

    • johninPCFL

      Hey larry, the “reply” button is to the lower right corner.

      Sharp as a marble, you are…

  • The ROLLING STONE article on Bain Capital should be required reading for any voter who thinks Romney “knows business”. Much like Pauley and the gang in GOODFELLA’s know business, is they way Bain set up their clients’ for failure, looting the assets then leaving an empty shell.

  • Mitt proves he is an idiot! What a disaster for America!!

  • Elsa

    I wonder if Romney will have the “Brass” to tell the President, to his face, that he says thing that are not true? I think not, because his “Brass” are very small. But I would love to see that so will watch every debate.

    • CAThinker

      I can’t wait to see them too… NitMitt does not do well on his feet – I can’t wait to see POTUS call him on each and every lie… POTUS, in his cool and professorial way, will show that he has the eloquence and brain power to keep the job…

  • mynx1

    “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

    Should be tattooed backwards on every GOP forehead to reminded them of their hyprocracy everytime they look in the mirror 🙂

  • The greatest psychological engineer of our times is Obama! People seriously think he’s going to take care of them if reelected. They don’t want to get rid of food-stamps, 99 weeks of unemployment benefits and now pay off some of my mortgage deals! Psychological engineer Obama is a disaster for the country and the world. I am so happy to see that Obama can’t seem to climb over the 47, 48, poll range… and is going to go down by the day, as the international crisis he created continues to escalate!

    • johninPCFL

      So 47 or 48 is losing to 43 in you mind. Welcome to the modern GOP.

  • gdtm4larry


    • johninPCFL

      Wow. Another all-caps brain-dead screamer. Typical GOP idiot.

  • gdtm4larry

    MYNX1, What do you need ? Another welfare check, or more foodstamps?

    • johninPCFL

      Most likely for you to STFU until you grow some semblance of a brain.

      • gdtm4larry


        • johninPCFL

          Oh, good. You learned what the ‘reply’ button was for.

          Now if we can just get you the right mix of foodstuffs you can be on your way to growing that brain you so desperately need.

        • johninPCFL

          BTW, idiot, ‘semblance’ is the proper word there. Maybe get a dictionary and learn a little English before you try again.

          • CAThinker

            The sheep doth bleet! I guess the break in action is to wait for Rush Limbaugh to give them their next opinion. I’ve been here for a few months and watching the Talipublican trolls coming out of the woodwork is amazing… More proof to my theory that they’re merely mercenary morons getting paid for each post…



    Whoa, give this guy a microphone and let him keep spewing out his mindless crap.

    The boys in the Obama media department must be rolling on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. Good old Mittens is supplying enough sound bite material to last the next two POTUS elections.

    What a moron RoMoney is really. Like the Wizard, out of Oz fame.

  • Seafleet

    Final point to Ferns comment as a Brit living in the USA I really found his criticism of the London Olympics objectionable. The man has as much diplomacy for USA’s greatest ally as a horses arse. But he got recognised for his talent or lack of by the UK Prime minister and the Mayor of London.
    UK Prime Minister “well its easy to organise something in the middle of nowhere”
    Mayor of London which held the greatest Olympics and ParaOlympics “Mitt the TWITT”

    • johninPCFL

      Well, he does know horses.

  • howa4x

    Of course he is out of touch. Wouldn’t you be if you grew up and your father was a CEO of a major company? The last president that was really rich was FDR. The difference is he had empathy for the poor of the great depression, and got programs to get people back to work and give income support to seniors like social security. Romney on the other hand is selfish. He has his and why don’t you have yours? He wants to cut programs that help working mothers like head start. He dosen’t want the other selfish rich to pay their fair share. The Koch bros that want to bust unions and spoil the enviornment are worth around 50 billion but want more. He has no idea how much people make because he never employed them. The leverage buyouts were from afar. He never actually ran the companies. The other brokers made millions too, so where does he get his perspective from? It is easy for him to talk about cutting programs that help people because he never had to use them. It is just numbers on a page to him. He has no feeling for the struggles of the middle class because he was never in it. The republicans are trying to open the gate to let a true barbarian in. They say Obama is not like us, but do you really think Romney is?

  • daniel bostdorf

    Romney pledged to create 12 million new jobs at the Republican National Convention last month. He states nothing about how he would accomplish this. Other than unspecified new taxes, ambiguous pronouncements about de-regulation… and flip flops on health care policies.

    According to various news sources, He also stated he would “cut tax rates, reduce regulation and overturn the president’s federal health care reform plan, often referred to as “Obamacare.”
    He refuses to say specifically what government programs he wouldc in orderut that would allow for a too far reaching tax cut.

    Reform the health system if the current law were repealed? How?

    His accusations about China cheating on trade policy is only a ploy in recent days hoping he gains voters in manufacturing states like Ohio.

    His latest political ad says he wants to crack down on China for trade violations. Specifically how would he do this? This from a guy through Bain outsourced jobs to China?

    Etch a Sketch man strikes again.

    • johninPCFL

      Rick Scott said the same kind of stupid crap while running for Governor in FL. Now, he says that the 700k jobs he was talking about included the ones already projected to grow naturally (even though while campaigning he specifically said “in addition to”), he says that next year he’s increasing state support for schools by $1B (after he cut $1.3B last year), he’s incurred $10s of millions in court costs because of bottlenecked regulations, and turned down $millions in fed assistance to implement ACA (because he knew it was unconstitutional.)

      The GOP clown car has hit a tree and the occupants are all DUI.

  • “Alex Haak will tell it like i

    The man has been a BIG TIME FRAUD his entire life. He is dangerous and a good friend of the Israeli prime minister, whom likes for our young men to go to war for him.

  • “Alex Haak will tell it like i

    IT IS: Alex haak will tell it like it is’ “IS” not “i”

    How come my command was taken down, is this just another one sided blog

  • “Alex Haak will tell it like i

    If so PLEASE stop sending your Memo’s

  • I’ll miss Romney after November 6th. Man, he’s so zany and whacky, and tons of fun, too! I bet there’s more good stuff in his Acme Bag o’ Tricks!

    • CAThinker

      I agree – I wake up early to watch Morning Joe – and catch up on the latest stupid thing he did… This guy is barely competent as a human being – his wealth does a great job of covering him – but as the leader of the mightiest country in the world, he falls drastically and dangerously short.

  • a80a

    the social circles that mitt ,and ryne run in are vastly different from the average working american citzen. most working class , have two pairs of shoes ,one for work and one for sunday, and they are bought at walmart,someplace mitt may have never been.Obama does know what the middle class is, mitt has never been there before.

  • Any idiot with half a brain can say “Ur fured!”. Look at Trump. The majority of money these clowns has is from inheritance. Even you can flip a company, fire workers, and move that business overseas, then return your goods for the same people who you fired to buy. But, you can’t, can you, because the pathways and doors that were opened for Romney would never be opened for you. Romney used his father SSI benefits to go through college, eventhough his father lefty him millions in inheritance. But, you wouldn’t know that, would you, because your head is so far up Romne’s behind you could smell his hair gel!

    • CAThinker

      Hold on there – I like your veracity, but need to clean up the facts. It was Ryan that used SSI Benefits to go to college, but the rest is correct – Ryan’s grandfather started and owned one of the largest construction companies in Wisconsin… So that’s where his money came from… No, NitMitt went to college the old fashioned way – on his very wealthy parent’s nickel (or many, many, many nickels)… But keep up the good fight, I’m with you!

  • Isn’t he a conservative? You know, big on god? Yet he lies and lies and lies. Whatever happened to Thou Shalt Not Lie? How dare he shake his fist angrily at god and say I know better than you what constitutes a sin. Lying is not sinful. I will lie, and lie, and lie, and you can’t do anything to me.

    • CAThinker

      Well, that’s Old Testament… from the Bible… Which is only optional reading for Mormons.

  • emadis41

    Romney said to his bankers 47% of the people who recieve any government checks are supporting Obama. Sorry Mr. Romney, many of these people are fooled by you and they do support you. If what you said is true, then why you have an edge among the retirees. Unfortunately you want to say anything to please the Tea Partiers, good luck for you.

    Social security and Medicare are not for free, but things promised to those who work their whole life paying part of their paycheck to the Fed Gov and now hearing someone like you telling them sorry, this is not your money, it is the rich money. Beside, the 47% you said pay no taxes amny of them are working and not living freely as they pay sales taxes and state taxes. Yet you did not show us your tax returns to be sure that you did not receive Gov. Checks as well.

    You can not convince these people, and perhaps non of the rest 53% that you speak the truth. And as you said it, ” the truth doesn’t matter to you”, nor a clarity of vision or even a plan.

  • Let lil dink mitt and the republicKKKans scream war it won’t be their problem it will be our son’s and daughter’s our economic dollars! OUR RECOVERY! buyer beware! WE are NOT in the RR PLAN = WAKE UP! Obama 2012.

  • Pray for Mitt Romney because he needs to think about others before speaking.

    • CAThinker

      Nice sentiment, but you could have ended the sentence at “think”…

  • Ed

    Or to OUR COUNTRY! To hell with “the harm it has done to his own reputation”! Romney travels in a world where lying to everyone is common practice, “the little people”, the government, each other! You did not even mention the lie that everyone ignores, that he will produce 12 million jobs over the next four years, when the govt predicts that 12 million jobs will be created REGARDLESS OF WHO IS PRESIDENT! Although I believe his policies(if he truly has any, he won’t tell us) will stop that expansion in it’s tracks.

  • You have to wonder what is Romnney’s real objective in running for the presidency of the United States. He is rummored to have atleast 250 million dollars, we don’t know because he won’t release any records of money here and over sea’s. Lets say it’s true. 1 million bucks in a regular savings account will yield 50 thousand a year in intrest. And 250 million would yield 12.5 million a year in intrest. So why would he want a job as president that only pays a little over 400 thousand a year. I’ll tell you why, all you have to do is see who are the biggest contributers to his campaign. They are the same corperations and there super packs who lead to the nations fall in the first place in the Bush- channey era of deregulation. These rich 1% of people want that era back in the white house again, and they know they can have that with that shit for brains Romney-Ryan ticket.If he gets in he’s going to deregulate wall street and start talking about that trickle down economics bullshit that got us here in the first place, and in doing so, will say FUCK the middle class and the lower class, and the horse they road in on. In return when he leaves office he will be offered any job of his chosing, by the rich 1% he made richer, And all of his five no serving in the miilitary sons will be making their million working for Bain Capitol. Romney wants to increase the troops and send them to the Middle east, You won’t see him sending any of his five boys over there, so they could be shot at or get their hands and legs blown off, and miss out on the riches, no that kind of sevice is performed by the true middle and lower class people who’s parent can not afford to send them of to college, they provide their lives for our rights and democractic way of life , in exchange for a college education, The rich ain’t never served for nothing but money, Even slave owners sent their slaves off to fight in their stead, durring the revolutionary and the civil war, those poor slave didn’t even know the were fighting against frodom, all the master would teel them is those Yankees is goinng to ruin your way of life. For real Romney is going to ruin all those poor dum bastards life in the middle and lower class who vote for him , bigotry and racist Won’t let their eyes open up and see who is really going to make their lives worst, and some of these people are(Birthers, Tea Party. Skinn heads, American nazi’s party KKK,) and all the other people who don’t like the President because he is black and 50times smarter than Chaneys puppet George Bush. And certainly not a plastic lying peace of shit cardboard cutout no having a personality of a montherfucker like Romney He’s America #1 flip flopping Bitch, And he can take that to the bank, rich motherfucker.

  • Mhall49

    I want to no how in the world this man made all that money and so dumb at the same time.this man is a joke. I see why they want him to WIN so they can take full controll of him. who ever vote for this truely stupid man is just as empty as he is

  • The significant thing is that Romney’s tax plan does not stand a chance of working unless you define people making more than $100,000 / year as “upper class” / rich – but he insists on saying rich people are only those making more than $250,000 / year b/c that’s politically expedient. It’s hard to say what Romney would really do in office b/c he flip flips to much. We do know that just like Bush & Reagan he’s promising to (1) cut taxes, (2) lower the deficit & (3) increase military spending — mathematically, you can’t have all 3 of those, only 2 out of 3 & both Reagan & Bush actually INCREASED the deficit to acomplish their tax cuts & military increases.

  • dljones

    This important? Its about jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs. Obama could have brought our military home in 2010.

    I’ll take Romney’s prosperity and a leader from proven accomplishments.

    The world continues to laugh at us.

  • dljones

    Free speech-like it or not

  • Ibsyboy

    The GOP made a huge miscalculation. They were convinced; after the nearly 4 years of constant negative propaganda and congressional obstructionism, Obama would be down for the count. The bad news for the GOP, is they still think they can win by keeping up the beat down on Obama. That is all they have going in their attempt at defeating Him.

    Problem is, the GOP did not anticipate Obama’s survival instincts and perseverance. A lesser man would have folded his tent and left town. Obama did not do that, he was determined to fulfill his oath to the people of America and see through on his four year term as the POTUS.

    The GOP is fighting up hill. Their poorly constructed plan is suffering from fatigue. The American people have for nearly 4 years watched and heard the GOP throw everything but the kitchen sink at Obama, and they are arriving at the conclusion, one man can not possibly be that evil. They are now taking a closer look at Obama, and are beginning to like what they see and hear. Obama’s poll numbers are going up.

    Whereas the GOP could have gone along with Obama to help the economy and the unemployed, they missed an opportunity to say they were the reason the economy turned around. Obama would never have been able to do it on his own. There was risk in that strategy as well. But it would have been a positive approach, rather than destroying the character of a man whose mistake was being a Liberal Negro elected the POTUS.

    The GOP drove a wedge between Americans in their unrelenting, but failed character assassination of the POTUS. They are the one’s who will get Obama reelected.

  • ayayaboy

    Romney is not a product for presidency. Romney is unprepared for the world politics, and he is too corrupt and crooked.