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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is often hailed as one of Washington’s most tactically cunning politicians, and for the most part it’s true. But McConnell does have a serious political flaw: His tendency to actually tell the truth about those tactics.

Senator McConnell did it again in an interview with Politico, published on Wednesday. Previewing a Republican-controlled Senate, McConnell made it clear that he plans to escalate congressional confrontation with the president, potentially leading to another government shutdown:

In an extensive interview here, the typically reserved McConnell laid out his clearest thinking yet of how he would lead the Senate if Republicans gain control of the chamber. The emerging strategy: Attach riders to spending bills that would limit Obama policies on everything from the environment to health care, consider using an arcane budget tactic to circumvent Democratic filibusters and force the president to “move to the center” if he wants to get any new legislation through Congress.

In short, it’s a recipe for a confrontational end to the Obama presidency.

“We’re going to pass spending bills, and they’re going to have a lot of restrictions on the activities of the bureaucracy,” McConnell said in an interview aboard his campaign bus traveling through Western Kentucky coal country. “That’s something he won’t like, but that will be done. I guarantee it.”

When asked if this strategy could force a government shutdown, McConnell “said it would be up to the president to decide whether to veto spending bills that would keep the government open.”

“He could,” McConnell later said of the probability that President Obama would to veto must-pass appropriation bills that are loaded with riders to undo policies that the White House supports. “Yeah, he could.”

It’s difficult to overstate what a horrible idea this is. Although some Republicans may not have noticed it, the last government shutdown was a debacle. The GOP’s hopeless effort to blackmail President Obama into defunding the Affordable Care Act failed miserably, wasting $24 billion and dragging Republicans’ poll numbers into the sewer along the way.

The poll numbers haven’t really recovered, but the combination of President Obama’s own political struggles and a very favorable electoral map still have them set up to make gains in 2014. In fact, Republicans have a good chance of winning the Senate. But promising to ramp up the brinksmanship that caused the last shutdown gives Democrats their best argument for why voters should deny Republicans full control of Congress.

Democrats recognize this, of course; numerous party leaders have already turned McConnell’s remarks against him, and they are certain to resurface in Democratic campaign pitches from now until November. Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrat giving McConnell the fight of his career in Kentucky’s Senate race, surely appreciates the minority leader’s Kinsley gaffe most of all.

If Republicans do manage to win the majority and follow through on McConnell’s threat, it would virtually guarantee that they don’t hold control for long. The 2016 Senate map is as favorable to Democrats as this year’s is to the GOP. It will be difficult enough for Republicans to hold on to seats in blue states like Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin; if they spend the next two years threatening vital services for the sole purpose of making a hopeless ideological stand, it will be nearly impossible.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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  • Dominick Vila

    The fact that a Congress fully controlled by Republicans would bring President Obama’s agenda to a screeching halt, and would make it almost impossible for him to govern, should be obvious to everyone.
    Democrats must understand that many of the things we find outrageous, such as a government shutdown or defaulting on the debt, are acceptable to a lot of people in Southern States and the Bible Belt, if that is what it takes to punish a man they hate with a passion.
    Remember, this is not a presidential election, when the vote of the majority weighs on who gets most electoral college votes, this is a midterm election where relatively small states have the same rights, insofar as number of senators goes, as the largest states. Barring a massive Democratic turnout, which is unlikely, the next two years are going to be difficult for President Obama and for all Democrats.

    • Dump The GOP In 2014

      We all need to do all we can to get people to register & vote in November [email protected]

      • Dominick Vila

        That is the only way Democrats have to limit the gains the GOP is going
        to make in November. Unfortunately, our voting record in midterm
        election is nothing short of abysmal, and Republicans are energized and
        determined to get control of Congress. Attitude and a set of
        circumstances whereby a large number of Democrats are running for
        re-election in red states and districts augur a disastrous year for us.

        • Blueberry Hill

          Here is a petition every Dem should want to sign. Please sign and share everywhere you can.


        • Genevievev

          What worries me is the GOP is controlled by the Koch brothers and the one percent. They believe if they get the house and senate, they can undermine our social contract by changing the constitution.

          • Blueberry Hill

            Here is a petition every Dem should want to sign. Please sign and share everywhere you can. Thank you.



          • Allan Richardson

            The question is, how much control does ALEC have over WHO GOES to those conventions? Article 5 leaves up in the air whether the attendees will be chosen by the (gerrymandered) legislatures in each state, whether members of the public have input, etc.

            If the process can be infiltrated by progressives, this might be a way to turn the momentum around and propose amendments to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon, finally achieve female equality, restore the jury trial for civil suits in the 7th Amendment that has been shredded by mandatory arbitration in one sided consumer-corporation contracts, restore the 5th Amendment protection from “asset forfeiture,” and protect the right to vote from restrictive voting laws.

          • Blueberry Hill

            I am in total agreement, it is something that we simply MUST do, every step. We must get all the Dems out too vote. VOTE VOTE VOT


          • Independent1

            Fortunately, I believe changing the constitution requires more than a simple majority, which the GOP would not have; and then I believe, any changes would have to be ratified by the states – which again I don’t think is likely (except maybe in the unfortunate states the GOP controls – which hopefully after the 2014 elections will be even fewer than now).

          • I hope you are correct and enough people vote in Nov to ensure they do not keep acting like bullies in a candy store with our nations check book. After reading that entire report and the money behind this agenda, I am worried. It is their goal to ratify this by the states. This has been a long term goal by those men. It is clear that America needs a better class of wealthy spending unlimited sums to purchase bad leadership. Read the full report at

      • Grannysmovin

        Democrats should start using Mc

    • plc97477

      I have a feeling that no one would be to their liking. The most conservative judge in the country would still have to be picked by Obama. That would be enough for the repugs.

  • JohnnyZ77

    All I can say here is, “everyone, get out and vote.” We seriously need to get the GOP fascists out of every office in our government as soon as possible.

  • longtail

    I can’t understand why conservatives want to shut down government and default on the debt that they did so much to create. These policies just sink us deeper into a financial hole.

    • stcroixcarp

      Shutting down government is their ultimate goal. Remember Grover Norquist and his no taxes p;ledge? The goal is to shrink government to a size where it can be drowned in a bathtub.

      • Government has become a monster. It has become too large and too powerful. It is corrupt and needs to be cut back to the point that they no longer meddles into every aspect of our lives.

        • jmprint

          Yes the T-party is an ugly green monster. Thank you for pointing that out. They are corrupt and greedy, and continuously meddle in women’s business. YOU ARE SO RIGHT.

        • Independent1

          And the clueless nitwit speaks again from the Heritage Foundation.

          Explain to us Mr. Expert, why it is that when Reagan, Bush 1 and Bush 2 were in office, the size of the Federal Government went up by over 280,000 workers!!

          While when Carter, Clinton and Obama were in office it went down by over 380,000 workers such that our government today is more than 330,000 workers smaller than it was when Reagan left office in 1989 despite the fact that America now has more than 100 million more people.

          Explain that one to us clueless!!!!

          • You still don’t get it. I’m not a republican, and I no longer support the communist liberals, although I am a democrat. I think both parties are corrupt and self serving. We no longer have representatives of the people. We have representatives that work for their own wellbeing. All career politicians need to be removed and replaces with those that will serve the people. They all work for the American people, but most have forgotten that. The tree of liberty needs trimming.

          • Independent1

            You don’t get it!! I know full well what you are – a pathological lying snake oil salesmen just like Mitt Romney. In fact, I’m not sure kenndeb isn’t the NM posting monitor for Mitt Romney. In any case, you’re as big a lowlife as he is, if you’re not him.

            If you think I believe for one minute that you’re not a Republican when you’re posting your garbage via the Heritage Foundation website – you’re a bigger idiot than even I believe!!!!!

          • Typical of you in particular. Throw out garbage and defend your position with lies and name calling. I’m so proud of you. Acting just like a liberal.

          • Independent1

            I’m sorry if I get snarky, but your absolutely constant blatant lies and deceit is just getting too much for me. You are a very vile person!!!

          • I am, perhaps, the most honest person on this site. I don’t lie.

          • Independent1

            You are a blatant LIAR!! You keep claiming to have been a Democrat and then throw out the word LIBERAL like it’s a dirty word!! When what’s a dirty word is the word CONSERVATIVE!! EVEN TO GOD!!

            When are clueless Republicans going to wake up to the fact that they and the GOP are nothing more than the Pharisees of Jesus time??? Yup!! Just like the Pharisees, Republicans of today are resisting change. The Pharisees kept insisting on following what Moses taught them, when God through Jesus kept trying to say: Listen to me now!! The rules have changed!!

            Republicans of today keep resurrecting words they read in the Old Testament, when God through the writer of Hebrews said clearly “The Old Testament is Obsolete and will soon fade away.”” What is it that Republicans of today don’t understand about Obsolete and fade away???

            Even the words Conservative Christian are an OXYMORON!! Jesus was clearly a LIBERAL!! And you keep using Liberal as a dirty word!!!

            What conservative would ever say to someone: Sell all that you have and give to the poor and come follow me (penniless)??? No conservative would ever say that!! That’s why the Rich Conservative Idiot who came to Jesus asking what more he could do to enter Heaven, walked away, BECAUSE HE WAS A CONSERVATIVE THAT THOUGHT MORE ABOUT HIMSELF THAN GETTING INTO HEAVEN!!!!!!!

            Why don’t you go take the TRIPE THAT YOU SPEW somewhere else, where the nitwits believe you. Remember God said: LIARS will be thrown in the fire, and YOU ARE THE KING OF LIARS!!!!!!!!!!

          • You should start preparing by buying some flame proof undies. Is this ailment something that just happened to you or have you struggled with mental illness your entire life?

          • Independent1

            Just like the Pharisees, God has hardened your heart so you can’t see or understand the truth when it’s right in front of you. Jesus preached THE TRUTH to the masses as well as the apostles, but those in the masses such as yourself couldn’t understand what Jesus was trying to tell them BECAUSE GOD DIDN’T WANT THEM TO UNDERSTAND AND BE SAVED.

            He had written them off, just like he’s apparently written YOU OFF, by hardening your heart, which is very clear from all the racist driven hate that you spew.

            I don’t know you as a person, but you’ve turned the NM moniker, kenndeb, into the most vile, despicable person immaginable.

          • CPAinNewYork

            You’re an idiot.

          • Independent1

            We’ll see! Won’t we.

        • Independent1

          And if you Republican nitwits are trying to get government out of American’s lives, explain to us why Republicans across the country keep enacting legislation that does just the opposite, especially those new laws that create more government invasions into all aspects of women’s lives (which require even government invasion into Americans’ bedrooms).


          • Independent1

            Let’s see you list all those corrupt things the Dems have done lately.

            Here’s a few from the Republican side:

            Lied America into an unwarranted/unjustified war with Iraq that ended up with more than 4,000 American soldiers dying and countless Iraqis.

            Deliberately pushed for two unfunded tax cuts just so he and his cronies could pocket billions knowing full well the costs of running America would have to stack up on a credit card (America’s debt).

            Deliberately ignored 7 warnings of an IMMINENT attack from al Qaeda which ended up with 3,000 Americans dying.

            Pushed for a drug benefit giveaway to Big Pharma called the Medicare Drug Benefit only on the proviso that the government couldn’t negotiate lower drug prices in order to maximize Big Pharma’s profits on the backs of Seniors.

            Looked the other way when they knew the financial industry was running amok to the point that our economy totally collapsed in 2008, just like Calvin Coolidge (another Republican) did in the late 1920s which resulted in the 1929 stock market crash.

            Do I need to go on. Let’s see you list something like these neat tricks by the Republicans on the Democrat side. (And don’t fail to include that THE ONLY REAsON Americans today have Social Secutrity, Medicare, Pension Plans, 401ks and basically any other benefit that supports the poor IS BECAUSE OF THE DEMOCRATS!!!)

          • jmprint

            Both parties have corruption within, BUT the democrats actually work for the people, and not the corporations and wall street.

          • The democrats use to work for the people until the liberals got fully entrenched. Now the work for a communist tyrant.

          • jmprint

            That’s your delusional trait. President Obama is not a tyrant. He does not work as an Emperor. I find that very, very annoying you keep repeating as if you say it enough times you will flip us, as you have been flipped. IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK.

          • You are right. For all the people supporting this illegal tyrant, your insanity is possibly incurable. But there are thousands of rational people that read this site. There is hope for then, just as there was for me when I drank the koolade.

          • jmprint

            Just think all those rational people think you are delusional. Maybe it was the koolade as they say on right wing sights, but I haven’t drank any of the koolade, so I am of sound mind, and can understand why President Obama makes the decisions that he has made.

          • Sound minds think for themselves. You tend to parrot the party line and pat each other on the backs for being good little comrades.

          • Harold L. Harris, Sr.

            Drinking the FOX flavored Kool-Aid. Watch out, you may be listening to Jim Jones.

          • Harold L. Harris, Sr.

            Please define Communist as you understand it.

          • Independent1

            And please define what gives you the right to call Obama a tyrant.

          • The constitution of the United States of America.

          • Independent1

            Typical! Another kenndeb copout. No specifics.

            Let’s hear what Obama has violated that’s in the constitution which every previous president hasn’t outright violated or stretched, ESPECIALLY the GOP presidents in office since 1900.

          • Blueberry Hill

            Here is a petition all Dems should want to sign. Please sign and share. Thanks.



          • Independent1

            Signed it gladly!! Thanks for the link!!

          • Blueberry Hill

            Thank you, please pass it on everywhere you can so this petition can make the rounds.


        • Harold L. Harris, Sr.

          Never going to happen, unless we get rid of Congress, telling us who we can love, why you have to have a rapist’s baby, why you can’t vote any longer because you vote for the wrong party, this is where over-reach is living in our Government. And Lord help us, a man can get his hard-on pills but a woman can’t get contraception. That’s our government at work. They need to just go out and build a road, fix a sewer, clean a river; Oh, that’s what the rest of the Government is trying to do. Sorry I forgot…

          • Independent1

            Unfortunately, if kenndeb had his way, the government wouldn’t even be doing that – building a road, fixing a sewer, cleaning a river. He’d be continuing to cut the budget to infrastructure maintenance as the GOP has already done, and would wipe out the EPA so sewers and rivers wouldn’t need to be clean. In other words, he’d be working to turn America into that 3rd world country the GOP is working to turn us into being like – Somalia

      • Independent1

        When they say shrink the government, I’m not sure they mean in actual size but in the government’s reach with respect to how GOP lovers can make money. What they want is to remove all those government agencies that keep them from making money as easily as possible without them having to worry about worker and public safety and whether or not they’re destroying the planet. Or, in some cases departments they think just spend too much money like FEMA.

        Because in reality when Reagan was in office he added over 265,000 workers to the government payrolls and Bush Jr. added over another 50,000 more; but what was even worse, while Bush Jr. was in office, the size of all governments combined, state, local and federal, went up by over 960,000. It’s been cuts made by Carter & Clinton really that have our government today actually 330,000 people smaller than when Reagan left office in 1989.

    • Blueberry Hill

      Here is a petition every Dem should want to sign and share everywhere possible.


  • Harold L. Harris, Sr.

    It is a sad state of affairs when the job of the Congress is to oppose one person to the demise of an entire nation. I just don’t know!!!

    • Melinda Killie

      EXACTLY, Harold L. Harris Sr.!

    • highpckts

      Indeed it is sad that we have sunk this low that the only thing that matters is to “get even” with this President! I wish we could fire all of them now!! We need a different form of redress other than the vote. So much damage gets done between elections!

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    In the words of Allison Grimes (McConnell’s strongest opponent in KY), Mitch “D”oesnt “C”are….How right she is. However, typical of the culture from which McConnell comes, MANhood comes before country. Therefore, McConnell’s tantrums should, by now, be expected. Isn’t this the same behavior we observe daily from all of the GOP bulls? From Prissy Pants Lindsay Graham to Eddie Monster Paul Ryan. These men believe strongly in “From my MOUTH to God’s ears and back again.”

    In other words, men who have NO ability to be reasoned with on any other terms but theirs. No finer example of Bush’s providential words back in 2005 (“MY way or the highway!”) exists than what we see today of these self-serving, corporate wannabee bulls of the GOP.

    The nation is sick of them and their attempts to control the rest of the country. 17 red states DO NOT a nation make.

    • Strange how when the republicans were willing to talk and compromise, the Emperor said he would not. If the Emperor does not get his way, he either refuses to compromise, or he just goes around congress. He picks and chooses which laws he wants to follow. Yeah, we need change, but not anything that furthers the liberal agenda.

      • edwardw69

        Compromise? Are you insane? Before the man was even inaugurated they had their famous (not so) secret meeting where they decided to oppose anything he proposed, even if they agreed with it.

        • BOTH PARTIES ARE CORRUPT. OUR ENTIRE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT. We need to trim our tree of liberty.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Gee…Lil Debbie…there’s always North Korea…better yet..Your posts sound as if you’d be happier in a harem wearing a hajib..I understand extremists like you fit in nicely with the Middle Easterner extremists.

          • Again, my wife finds most of those posting here to be vile creatures. She is light years ahead of you in morals and intelligence.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Really? Your wife? In another post, you admitted you were a woman…Let me guess…Mental illness known as “split personality?”

            Or, perhaps you are a woman married to a woman? Or a sand flea married to a roach? Or an elephant married to a mouse?

            No matter, you can’t keep up with me on any level and your posts all prove that. You change your story as it suits..pathetic attempt at hiding the fact that some of us read women like you all too well.

          • I never claimed to be a woman. You just picked that up by parroting one of the other vile creatures residing here. I don’t think all posters here are nasty, small minded people, but there are quite a few that fit that description. Those that can only seem to come up with vile comments and name calling when confronted with something that does not agree with your narrow minded viewpoints. You have no redeeming qualities that I can see.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            You are a liar. Not 3 days ago on another thread, you admitted you are a woman. Try again Liar Pants. I pick up nothing and certainly not from lowlife losers like you.

            I am nasty when you act like a six year old child who pulls tantrums when you don’t get you way. Sorry…not into adult childishness. I can’t imagine what your parents EVER did to you to turn you into such an anti-government, anti-president asshat.

            Vile is a word you bandy about until you start bandying it with the President. The door to Iraq is ready and waiting. Since you have raisins where ovaries or testicles (take your pick) should be, I’m guessing a childish freak only plays arm chair genius. No one is impressed by control freaks…We usually kick them to the curb.

            I’m guessing you are unemployed which accounts for why you have sooooooooooooo much free time to troll on the computer?

   must be either on welfare in a red state or you’re living off MY tax dollars that pay your unemployment.

          • You might want to go back and check. Never did I say I was a woman. Oh, that’s right, you don’t like to do anything that requires effort. You just like things handed to you.

          • “I am nasty when you act like a six year old child who pulls tantrums when you don’t get you way. Sorry…not into adult childishness.”
            Just who is calling whom childish names? And attacking my wife? I think you have been a perfect example of what liberals have become. Too bad my party has turned into this.

          • highpckts

            If we are such vile creatures, why in God’s name do you keep coming back with your “wisdom”???

          • CPAinNewYork

            Eleanor Whitaker is an asshole.

          • highpckts

            Can we start with you??

        • BillP

          Edward how dare you talk facts and reality to this troll. He doesn’t have the capacity to process provable facts, he can only parrot the standard crap put out by the right wing media.

        • I apparently was insane when I voted for, twice, and supported an unvetted fraud that we now have residing in our White House. I came out of it when his second term started and he showed what he was really like.

          • edwardw69

            You never voted for him. Never.

          • TWICE. Really embarrassed about that now.

          • 2010HDSTGLIDE

            I only voted for him once.

          • It took me a while to flush the koolade from my system. How ironic that I use to defend his policies .

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Only because this Antebellum little girl thinks paying for HER own healthcare is such a huge burden. That’s really why all of the Daisy Maes in DogPatch turned so bitchy…They were all too happy when the rest of us got dumped on when they ran to the ER for their sniffles.

          • I’ve always paid healthcare. I bet you can’t say the same. Just how many government checks do you get?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Liar….I’ve worked for nearly half a century. When HMOs arrived on the scene, I paid into my HMO copays…at Aetna, US Healthcare, AmeriHealth and back to Aetna…I don’t get “government checks” and if I did, it’s because I worked my ass off for half a century and paid into SS, Medicare and Medicaid. Only a real antebellum idiot pays for something and then gets zip in return. But that’s what you reddies in red states are used to and you call that “conservatism?”

            I’m a published author of 2 books, still work part-time as an SEO copywriter of over 3500 articles online. Prior to that I worked as an accounting manager for environmental engineering for 24+ years..something that red Terrorists like you hate.

            While you were defecating in your Pampers, I owned a business for 17 years, taught part-time at Rutgers, paid off the mortgage on my house and did it on ONE income…

            Unlike you, I don’t rely on others to butter my palm and I know how to manage my money while you Perimenopausals spend yours on $700 Coach handbags and then bitch when your money runs you can rip the rest of us off by begging more tax subsidies for your pathetic red states.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Nothing like chewing on Lil Debbie and spitting out the fat…roflmao!

          • As I said, you are a vile worthless POS.

          • highpckts

            Back at ya big guy!!

          • Sand_Cat

            Don’t hold back or anything.

          • You have officially left reality behind. I grew up before Pampers. They came out just after my first daughter was born. I have 3 great grandchildren now. I would guess that I am older than you.
            I have never been on any government program, unlike you. I seriously doubt that anything you say is based on anything real. Published? A gardening book? Perhaps flower arraigning? Or was it how to become a mindless minion of a communist state? Most likely the latter.

          • Sand_Cat

            By what “official” reckoning?

          • CPAinNewYork

            I don’t believe anything that you claim as your work history. It just doesn’t ring true.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            How about Genius Boi, explaining how I owned a dance studio when you were in your Pampers..I’m certified by test to teach through Dance Educators and Dance Masters in NY City..Check their roster of membership around the 1970s when I was still teaching. I know how to do bookkeeping and accounting…I did that as a “tech writer” in environmental engineering…now looney tune tell me how it is I can tell you ALL about solar arrays, biofiltration, chemical titration and not have worked where I say I have..Should you want to eat your heart out…You can check out the ISBN# of my book..Do try to keep up Mr. Number Cruncher..not only was an office manager with diverse duties that include your accounting, internal and cost as well, but I also provided ADP’s CEO Eastern Region with annual budgets. Do grow up asshat. You’re just a jealous little boi whose McMommy was exchanged for a simpering McWifie.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            The only embarrassment Daisy Maes ever suffer is when their overloaded bra straps snap and their Fruit of the Looms leak lard.

          • Not only a bigot, but a feminist bigot.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            You hate Obama….but “I’m” the bigot? Okay..have at it Toots. Tell us what possible BS you can dig up to blame Obama for besides that you can’t live off the salaries your antebellum state pays you or Big Daddy.

            I am a feminist. You aren’t “allowed” to be more than a sex toy for Big Daddy.

          • Sand_Cat

            You have far more reason to be embarrassed now, if in fact your claim is not just another of your bald-faced lies.

          • 2010HDSTGLIDE

            You are not alone.

          • Independent1

            Fortunately, a sane person got elected despite not getting your vote.

            Just think, if Obama hadn’t been elected, all of America could have been turned into the absolute disasters THAT ARE RED STATES!!

            See these disastrous statistics about RED STATES:

            GOP compares poorly on so many measures

            9 of the 10 states with the most gun related violence are red States

            § States with most Gun Violence per 100,000 – 2012:

            Homicides/Assaults/Violent Crime

            14 of the 15 states with the highest rates of gun ownership are GOP-RUNSTATES


            7 of the 10 most violent states are red states

            Violent Crimes per 100,000
            Population – 2012


            23 of the 25 states with the highest auto fatality rates are Red States. Here’s a list of the 1st 10:

            Auto Fatalities per One Million Miles Driven – 2010


            Based on 2009 statistics

            -11 of the 12 states that have the highest infant
            mortality rates in the nation are GOP-RUN STATES? With Mississippi having the highest infant mortality followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, S. Carolina, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana & Ohio.

            -20 of the 23 states that have more than 15% of their
            population struggling with incomes below the poverty level (the states that
            need the most welfare assistance) are GOP-RUN STATES. The only Blue States in
            the top 23 are California, New Mexico, and New York. While for 2013, the 8
            states with the highest average incomes, including the 3 with the highest
            minimum wage standard, are all Blue States.

            15 of the 20 states with the highest average rates of homicide over the past 5
            years are GOP-RUN STATES. With Louisiana being by far the murder capital of
            America followed by Mississippi, New Mexico, Maryland, South Carolina, Alabama,
            Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma,
            N. Carolina, Nevada and Florida.

            -23 of the 25 states in the nation with the highest highway fatality rates are GOP-RUN STATES; with Montana having the most fatalities followed by Louisiana, West Virginia, S. Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Arizona,
            Nevada, Alaska, N. Carolina, S. Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida…

            -18 of the 20 states with the highest firearms mortality rates are GOP-RUN STATES; with Louisiana leading the nation in firearms mortality followed by Wyoming, Alabama, Montana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nevada, Tennessee, Alaska,
            New Mexico, Oklahoma, S. Carolina, W. Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Kentucky, Georgia, Idaho, Florida and N. Carolina

            -9 of the 12 states with 6 or more public servants per 10,000 public employees convicted of
            corruption are GOP-RUN STATES: led by Louisiana with 10.5, Kentucky – 8.5; S. Dakota – 7.5, Delaware – 7.2; Mississippi – 7.1; Alabama – 7.1; Pennsylvania – 7.1; N. Dakota – 6.9; New Jersey; 6.7; Montana – 6.5; Ohio – 6.3 and Tennessee – 6.0.

            -12 of the 15 states that get back the most federal aid for the tax dollars they send to Washington are GOP-RUN STATES; And all 10 that get more than $1.75 back for each $1 they send to Washington in tax revenues are red states. Of the 17
            states that get back less tax dollars in federal aid than they send to Washington in tax revenues, ONLY 3 OF THEM ARE GOP RUN STATES. All 10 of the states that get the least federal aid for the taxes they pay (less than .75/$1) are BLUE STATES.

            8 of the 10 most corrupt states are GOP-Run states: Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee,
            Illinois, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Alaska, South Dakota, Kentucky and Florida.

            9 of the 10 most miserable cities in America are in Red States: Huntington/Ashland, WVA, Charleston, WVA, Redding, CA, Spartansburg, SC,
            Hickory–Lenoir-Morganton, NC, Beaumont/Port Arthur, TX. Columbus, GA/AL, Shreveport/Bossier City, LA, Mobile, AL, Evansville, In/KY.

            All 10 of America’s poorest cities are in Red States: Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas, Dalton, Ga., McAllen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas, Gadsden, Ala., Lake Havasu City-Kingman, Ariz., Albany, Ga., Monroe, La., Cumberland.W.Va., Fort Smith, Ark.-Okla, Pine Bluff, Ark;

            While 9 of the 10 richest cities are in Blue States: San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif., Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, D.C.-Va.-Md., Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, Conn., San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif., Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Mass.-N.H. , Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, Calif., Anchorage, Alaska, Honolulu, Hawaii, Manchester-Nashua, N.H., Napa, Calif.

            All 10 of America’s most miserable states, those with the least “well-being factor” for their residents
            are GOP-Run states with the worst being West Virginia and then: Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and last but not least – Louisiana.

            – More than 75% of food stamp recipients live in GOP-RUN STATES. Six of the top 10 food stamp-using states are GOP-RUN states and beyond that the greatest food stamp using states are the sparsely populated red states. And of the 456
            counties in America that use more than 90% of all food stamps, 421 of those counties (92%) voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

            – the GOP-RUN STATE most Republicans probably look to as a shining light for the GOP, Texas, which is the second largest economy in America behind California, compares very poorly to other states in America. Texas ranks in the bottom 5 in more than 90% of 23 subjective measures when compared to other American states! Even though the GOP has had 20 plus years to turn it into something other than a job creation machine, Texas continues to
            shortchange its residents living standards and exposes them to many hazards; including living in the most polluted environment in America.

            -Finally, all 15 of the states with the lowest life
            expectancy in the U.S. are GOP-RUN STATES?? Such that there is a large disparity in longevity between Red States and Blue States: on average,
            residents of blue states live 2 years longer than residents of red states. To the extreme, the Blue State residents of 9 states with longevity projected to 80 and older, live as much as 5-6 years longer than the residents of the 4 shortest-lived GOP-RUN STATES of MS,WV,AL & LA. Follow this: starting with longevity projections for red states of 75 in: Miss., W. Va., Ala. & LA.; to 76 in: Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee to 77 in: S. Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio & N. Carolina; while no Blue State has a longevity projection
            of less than 78, and many Blue states have longevity projected to 80 and over: N.J., N.H., Vermont, N.Y., Mass., Calif., CT, Minn. & Hawaii; Only one red state has longevity projected to 80 Utah (80.2), while 2 Blue States have
            longevity projections of over 81 –Minn. & Hawaii)

          • 2010HDSTGLIDE

            You sure do have a lot to say. Good for you.

          • CPAinNewYork

            That’s not surprising. The red states are polulated by red necks.

          • Sand_Cat

            You’re either very brave or very foolish to stand with Ken. Have you read his posts? Yes, lots of us were disillusioned with Obama: I voted Green in 2012, though I was scared to death Romney would win. No shame in that.
            Go ahead, and find Ken’s posts. Unless you’re a lying bigot as he is, you may regret your support.

          • 2010HDSTGLIDE

            I have not followed Ken. I will look into this. Thank you

          • Or you may find that my opinions reflect just the opposite of the liberal propaganda spewed here.

          • 2010HDSTGLIDE

            You and I are not far apart.

          • I knew there were some intelligent people on this site. They are just very hard to find.

          • WhutHeSaid

            Especially if they are looking in your direction, you silly goober.

          • Independent1

            It isn’t “I apparently was insane”, YOU CLEARLY ARE INSANE!!!!!!!!! TODAY!!!!!!!!

          • highpckts


          • Sand_Cat

            In your dreams.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        Republican men are not EVER “willing to talk.” I should know..I was a Republican woman for 33 year and your hero Bush was the reason I left that party.

        My Emperor, my hero, my King, My Savior..Your BS?

        How’s Kenn the Emperor today Debbie? The dead giveaway as to who you really are is that your nickname reads like that of a high school girl. And no…you are not a man..No man puts his girlfriends name first before his girlfriend.

        Now..let’s debunk needle brain KennDeb’s Emperialistic bigoted theories…Mitch McConnell…March 2009…”We will get RID of Obama.” Well? What the hell happened little Debbie?

        August 2014, Mitch McConnell….”The is the end of Obama’s presidency. We will vote to shut down the government.” Really? So we should vote for more government shut down by asshats of the GOP your kind of financially dependent clinging vine women suck up to?

        No thanks. Now if you don’t mind, Little Debbie, get over your perimenopause…Your hot flashes are turning Emperor Kenny Boy off big time.

        • You really are a hateful bigoted person, aren’t you? And not very bright at that. I have never supported Bush, but he looks so much better than what we now have.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            It’s not going to work…you calling me a bigot? I won’t dignify your inept, insanities by defending your stupidity or your inability to admit you are a racist. You have NO reason to hate a president who pulled your ass end out of the Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown, offed bin Laden after your hero Bush stated publicly “bin Laden” was not an issue.

            Do women like you EVER stop BSing yourselves?

            Wall Street is doing fine and jobs are higher today than your MBA Bush EVER had in 8 years.

            Lady, you are a liar and worse, a blockheaded right wing moron. Truth to you is what you say it is. How about grow the hell up and stop living off Big Daddy?

          • Does Polly want a craker? Perhaps a brain? Attacking my life is low even for you. Go find some demonstration where you can burn your bra.

          • Harold L. Harris, Sr.

            Following this line suggests to me what is wrong in this nation. We find it hard to be civil with each other and even more difficult to stick to the subject matter. There is no Red State or Blue State as our President said; therefore it is time for all of us to consider how we will operate as a team of UNITED STATES. Kenndeb, you said that this President don’t know how to compromise, but when we take a look at the ACA, he made sure that much of the GOP original proposal was included in the package, but yet they voted against it. He worked out a compromise with the Speaker and then the GOP voted it down. As many have said, you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. Unlike many others with whom you have problems with, I do in fact draw governmental checks. I am retired, so I receive Social Security, I was injured in Viet Nam, so I draw 100% disability and I completed a career in the United States Air Force, so I draw a retirement check. I seek no forgiveness for any of them. I worked all my life for this nation, you know, the one so grateful and thankful for my service. In return, I have suffered three heart attacks from being exposed to Agent Orange, I came down with type II diabetes due to the same exposure. So yes I draw governmental checks and in return, the nation received my service for more than fifty years of service, in the military, in the work force and even in owning my own business. We have got to stop having so much hate, so much misplaced hate. Today, we can’t even agree on the sun shining in the sky.

            We have to get past all of this and try to look for what is right and not the political rants of those who lost their elections. You know as well as I do, that no matter what position this President take, the right will take the other side, hell they even sided with Russia against him, so maybe it is time to temper anger and pay closer to what is really going on here. Our nation is on a down hill roll and it is because we have had too much tea and continue to elect those who hate the Government except when the storm hits. I don’t want to change your mind, I just want you to accept your true feeling as to what is going on. As I said, you have a right to your opinions but they are not supported by known facts.

          • I have no problem with people getting what the have worked for. You worked for those checks. Social security is not an entitlement. Anyone that works pays into that. It is your money. Pension checks are not entitlements. You served, you deserve it, especially Nam.
            What I have problems with are those that would rather sit back and enjoy welfare handouts, and have no incentive not to. So long as the they get their checks, they are happy to vote for whomever is paying them, no matter the consequences.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Does Kenndebbie want to chew her cud? Perhaps a brain is impossible. With a head as big as yours, the size of the brain would be more like an old army tank. Wife? You admitted in another post not 3 days ago that you were a woman…Or do you and that sappy, clinging vine you call your “wife” switch seats when brain power runs outs? I do find it amusing that you’ll be the woman who burns her own jock strap..roflmao

          • WhutHeSaid

            Perhaps kenndeb is a hermaphrodite. That certainly would help explain the self-loathing, conflicted lies that he-she spews endlessly.

        • Blueberry Hill

          Here is a petition that all Dems should be interested in signing. Please sign and share.


          • Eleanore Whitaker

            Thank you. I will. It’s so invigorating that TX, MT and KY have Democratic women in opposition to the GOP bulls.

          • Blueberry Hill

            Thank you. I had seen where an attorney had given this information on one of these sites and was hoping someone would follow thru. Yippy! Pass it on to all Dems you know and even put the link on sites like this, more Dems, the merrier.

            Don’t feed the trolls.


      • Sand_Cat

        Your statement is as absurd as it is untrue. Perhaps the idea is best conveyed by someone with a gun wanting to “discuss” in which side of someone else’s head he wants to put a bullet, then criticizing that person for refusing to “discuss it.” You have to be either the stupidest, most delusional, most dishonest, or most hate-filled poster on this site. Maybe all 4.

      • ericlipps

        I’ll remind you that it was a lackey of Dubya who publicly stated, while Bush was in the White House, that America was “an empire now.”

        If Obama is “the Emperor,” he’s not the first. But the charge is ridiculous.

    • CPAinNewYork

      No, Eleanor. You’re wrong. The nation is NOT sick of them. that’s why they keep getting elected and re-elected. Can’t you grasp that? Is it too difficult for you?

      You seem to think that just because you perceive a wrong or an injustice that everyone will agree with you. One problem that you have is that it’s obvious that you’re a shrew. You probably raise people’s hackles. They just want you to shut the hell up and leave them alone.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        CPA…I know you wallow in the ability to appear superior to others. But, do lose that superiority BS. I am not wrong. You see, I was bred to have a clear understanding of what IS right and what IS wrong. You obviously were bred with 40 Shades of Grey where right and wrong are concerned.

        If people keep electing Democrats, that should tell you something..that the GOP are out of touch with the Middle Class, women, senior citizens and college age students. Why else would we all avoid voting into key positions a GOP who would demolish SS and hand it to Wall Street gamblers as if the GOP earned every dollar we paid for half a century into SS. Why else would we get rid of GOP bullies who think telling women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies is the Great White Male Supremacist’s right and privilege…and most of all, why on earth would sane, rational, working class Americans allow any party to filch more and more of our payroll tax deductions so 1% of the population doesn’t EVER have to work their asses off or worry about paying their rent?

        You really really need a reality check buddy. The Great Depression affected RICH and poor. Not so this Great Recession where the rich are getting richer and not suffering a wrinkled brow over a recession..Chew on these facts before you go jumping to the hoop of right wing BS.

        • CPAinNewYork


          You write a lot but you don’t say much.

          “People” are NOT electing Democrats. That is why the GOP controls the House and is predicted to gain the Senate as well in two years.

          You’re so caught up in your hatred of men that you miss the fact that not everyone thinks like you. You cannot fathom how anyone, aside from the very rich, would vote Republican. I have elderly neighbors who pride themselves on being “conservative.” When I explain to them how that works to their financial disadvantage, they don’t answer. They see the inconsistency of their situation, but their upbringing drives them to be conservative. The red states are full of people like them.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            It’s awfully funny how a number cruncher like you hasn’t the intellect to understand English much less identify facts I can prove in a court of law and YOU can’t…roflmao…I hate men like you. Why? Because in 6+ decades, your kind of MANhood bores hell out of me. Your elderly neighbors aren’t YOUR kind of conservative. I doubt they ripped off others to get rich. I doubt they stacked cards against workers to line their pockets…Red states are only full of closet racists, bigots and self-serving lazy and too “ignernt” DogPatch Lil Abners and Daisy Maes who still live as if it’s Pre-Civil War. I loathe these kinds of phony, plantation mentality red states. Why the hell should I allow Eddie Munster Ryan to take half a century’s worth of the SS or Medicare I PAID to line your Wall Street bank account? What’s the matter red states don’t pay CPAS the kinds of salaries the Wall Street thugs earn by ripping off anyone within ten feet of them?

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            By the way, I have relatives in red states. All they do is bitch a blue streak about how their employers don’t pay them what we up north consider a living wage. But do go ahead any day of the week you choose and work in a red state and see if those “CON” job CON artists will pay you what you’d earn in any blue state. It’s easy to live off blue state taxes, when your state plays games like AL does by shuffling their unemployed onto phony SSDI so they never have to touch a dime of their state revenues. Check NPR Joi Boi…it’s on an archive if you dare to eat your own words and want facts.

          • CPAinNewYork

            “I hate men like you”? I think that you hate all men, Eleanore. Your raging rants display a great deal of hatred. I feel sorry for anyone who has to work or live near you.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            See that’s your REAL problem..Men I hate like you are presumptuous and always “think” they know what women think and want. Unless you have ovaries, Genius Boi, you’d know a man like you gets zero respect from educated, intelligent, common sense women. You’re one of those overeducated Masters of the Universe…so you think.

            In my entire lifetime, I’ve managed to have two male best friends. They know not to swagger and show ass around me…Gamers like you just childishly keep trying to impress women with your superiority.

            And again, more of your BS presumptuousness…check my FB page if you dare hot shot..Quite a few are men and women…Doesn’t say much for a bookworm, number cruncher like you who works to make wealth for greedy men. You fool no one Joi Boi…your attitude is the reason you can’t hope to EVER have a woman in your life…Unless some dippy Daisy Mae is your favored arm candy du jour, that is.

            Perhaps with that need to be a male gamer, you might consider membership in ISIS? You’d be the perfect hateful, angry man try again Mr. MANhood.

  • booker25

    Yeah cuz shutting down the federal government worked so well the last time, not.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Republicans love to spout off that the gov’t is corrupt and can’t do anything right or efficiently. Then they get into office and prove it is so.

      • It works both ways. I don’t like republicans that much, but like what the liberals have done even less.

        • dtgraham

          You’ve got me a little curious kenndeb. I always thought you were Republican of course. You say that you’re actually a Democrat but you don’t like the communist liberals. You’re saying that the Democrats have moved so far to the left, in your eyes, that you can no longer support them, otherwise they’d be your party of choice. Is that what you meant?

          • Ahh. A rational person.
            I registered as a democrat when I turned 18. I’m definitely part of the problem, in that I have always been complacent . I pretty much always voted party line. In reality, it never seemed to matter to me who was in power. Democrat or republican, neither really effected my life. And usually it was a choice of “Who” and “Who Cares”. We haven’t had a good choice for decades. I was really sick of Bush and his tyrannical ways. When the Emperor talked about “hope and change”, I, like so many others, wanted to see that happen. I think that was what allowed someone of his background to get elected. A totally transparent government is what was promised. I certainly haven’t seen that. After his second term started, I started to see all the lies. He was certainly like Bush in many ways, in that he wanted power. He was much different in that he wanted to change our country into something that resembled a communist state. Yes, I would much rather support the democrats, but I will not support the liberal agenda which looks too much like that of the old soviet union. Indoctrination of our children, the plan to disarm the American people, the overall lawlessness of this regime. Right now, as I see it, the republicans are the only American game in town. I will not support a communist agenda.

          • dtgraham

            Cleared me up.

          • bobnstuff

            I have heard a number of times how Obama wants to change the country in to a communist state. The only problem is that there is no proof. His so called crimes are pretty much what every president has done. If he’s lawless then every president in history was lawless. Never in the history of our country have people been afraid to let the president speak to our school children. Never has a president been so badly treated by the other party If anything he’s a moderate. Had the republicans chosen to work with him they would have gotten 90% of what they wanted. He has no plan to disarm America only try to keep people from using our kids for target practice. People need to stop listening to hate radio and look at the reality of the country. Your rants are nonsense. You have lost no new rights only the one you gave up after 9/11. He is working very hard to keep us out of war. The ACA is anything but communist. Look at the real world.

          • dtgraham

            I knew I was going to regret asking kenndeb about who the communist liberals are, but I had to ask. Communist liberals?

          • WhutHeSaid

            Oh my, you silly goobers!

            Do you really think that you can sashay out here telling such obvious whoppers and people are actually going to believe you? You aren’t a Democrat, and you never voted for Obama. I’ll bet you even have at least one snake flag flying outside your trailer.

            Go back inside that pig-stye of a trailer and behave yourself.

  • dana becker

    Let’s get Obama a Congress he can work with for the betterment of this country and for the long term solutions to the problems we face from infrastructure to energy. So much time has been wasted all in the name of brinkmanship and game playing. Real people’s lives are affected and it has to stop.

  • atc333

    The solution is simple. Get out the vote. There are more moderates, and liberals than there are conservatives in this Nation. Those who consistently do not vote in midterm elections need to wake up, and realize that they fail to vote at their own peril. Those who rely upon a kinder, gentler government need to understand the consequences of their apathy. Those living in the Southern Red States have to be rudely awakened to realize that things are only going to get worse for them should the GOP carry the Senate, and gain more seats in the house. The GOP has become the party of the top 2%, who fund their forays into misleading the public. 20 years of GOP leadership during the Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II Administrations have seriously wounded this nation, far more than any terrorist attack. We have seen the middle class shrink, the working poor expand greatly, with almost 47% of all Americans living just above, at, or below the poverty level. We have seen almost 38% of all of America’s wealth redistributed to the top 2%, the GOP’s financial base since 1968., and we have watched Federal Deficits expand beginning with Reagan, thanks to his tax cuts for job creators, continuing through Bush I, and Bush II, culminating with the Bush II almost Second Great Depression, all proving without any doubt that trickle down economics is a massive failure for 92% of all Americans.

    So, by all means, stay home, don’t vote, allow the GOP to win more seats in the Senate, and don’t bother to vote any of the Radial Right out of office in the House. You think times are rough now with GOP in Block and Stall mode now? Just wait until they get control of the Senate. If you are not one of the top 4%, you are in for a very rude awakening! Shutting down Government to coerce their policies? That is only the beginning.

    This is the New GOP, no plan, no solutions, no answers, only winning, at any cost, as they refine the act of selling their souls and the best interests of the People of this Nation in exchange for larger and larger political contributions. As Marie Antoinette once said, “if the poor have no bread, let them eat cake”. This is how they view Romney’s 47%.

  • Blueberry Hill

    It cannot be any plainer that we need to get all the Dems out to vote. We need to go into areas like Ferguson and register voters and make sure they get out to vote. They have a right to use their voices, and we need their voices too. These past 6 years have proven over and over that the tbagger/thugs don’t give a crap about the American people of this country. They cater only to the big corps with lots of money to spend on this election. WELL — OUR VOTES ARE NOT FOR SALE! Let them waste their money. VOTE BLUE!

    While we still have the right to vote, the baggers are trying to take that right away too. COME ON, ALL DEMS, GET OUT AND VOTE THESE LUNATICS OUT!


  • howa4x

    It helps McConnell that he represents one of the 10 dumbest states in the country scholastically. These are people who are more comfortable supporting slogans than policy and have a long history of voting against their family’s interest. If Republicans do control both houses and start to enact their right wing agenda then they will pave the way to a Hillary landslide. Think of what they promised already. Defunding Obamacare, roll back of any restrictions on coal, drilling in the artic, approval of Keystone XL, no restrictions on guns of any kind, privatizing social security, turning Medicare into a medial voucher program, trying to pass new restrictions on abortion, access to contraception and gay marriage. They will spend most of their time trying to figure out ways to keep minorities from voting, and don’t forget the war on Latinos will go into high gear. All the stupid seniors that support these politicians will wake up to a short changed Medicare program and if the experts are correct after investing SS trillions in the stock market, which will create a giant bubble, that will burst ala 08 and loose 1/2 its value.
    So I welcome a take over by the republicans because America will finally wake up to the importance of voting, and will use that power to turn the GOP into a minority party whose strength will only be in the stupidest states in the country. Be careful what you wish for GOP because outside your echo chamber the majority of Americans don’t agree with you.

    • edwardw69

      You forgot a few: eliminate the EPA and OSHA; deregulate the banks; mandate prayer in the public schools; cut taxes on the richest 2%; go to war with Iran.

      • howa4x

        I know thanks

    • 5612jean

      Well said.

  • The G.O.P. not only failed to notice that the shutdown was unpopular, they also failed to realize they couldn’t blame it all on Obama while members within their own ranks like Michele Bachmann and Ted Yoho were openly celebrating the shutdown.

    If the G.O.P. wins the Senate in November, it should be taken, if nothing else, as an indication that the states which made the takeover possible are full of raving anarchists which, the next time they threaten to secede if we vote for a Democrat, should just bloody be allowed to do so already so they can kill themselves without dragging the rest of us down with them.

  • ulfur

    The simple truth is that Republicans hate Obama more than they love America. Think of the guy that kills his family to show them that he is in charge. Then kills himself when he realizes that he has killed the only people that cared about him.

  • Mark

    Isn’t it amazing how every Republican troll on these pages is long on Obama name calling and short on facts. If any of them ever have an intelligent thought in their heads (doubtful) the country would fall over in shock. You little darlings don’t like Obama, we get that. Problem is, your temper tantrums have resulted in government by paralysis. You refuse to provide ANY legitimate legislation, choosing instead to propose programs which would take us all back to the 1800’s. In which dictionary will this appear as the definition of “governing?” None that I can think of.

    • Why is it that when bills do go to the senate, Reid trashes them because they do not follow his agenda? Perhaps if Reid and the Emperor would actually talk and compromise, something might get done.

      • Independent1

        As you rightly know, YOU CAN’T compromise with someone who has come right out in public and said they are going to do everything they can to destroy you!! Stop bringing up this insane nonsense.

        And you know full well why Reid is sitting on all that TOTALLY WORTHLESS GOP LEGISLATION!! BECAUSE THE GOP CREATED IT INTENTIONALLY TO NOT BE UNPASSABLE IN THE SENATE!! They added poison pills to every piece of legislation – knowing full well the Dems wouldn’t buy it just they and the vile trolls like you could try to put the blame for holding up legislation Reid!! Go bury your head in the sand idiot!!!!!!

        • bobnstuff

          I have taken the time to read some of these bills and most are truly worthless. You will notice the always say how many there are but not what they are. Personal I think the Democrats should release them all in October so the voters would see the truth.

      • Mark

        Why is it that you trolls talk about someone’s “agenda” every time you talk about Obama? First, what about the Republican agenda, you know the one they set up on election night, 2008, when they basically said “the hell with governing, we’re just going to obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.” THAT’S an agenda. What agenda are you talking about when you mention the agenda of “the Emperor?” What agenda is Harry Reid supposedly pursuing, and where does it differ from the agenda of “the Emperor?” Time to put up or shut up. Tell us all about these agendas.

  • ms

    Remember this in November. This guy needs to go. Now.

  • exdemo55

    The indictment on Friday of Texas Gov. Rick Perry on charges that he abused his powers is an outrageous—but not unprecedented—abuse of prosecutorial power. And it may come back to haunt those responsible.

    The indictment itself caused a storm of denunciation, including by liberals. Former Obama senior adviser David Axelrod dismissed it as “pretty sketchy.” Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said this is “what happens in totalitarian societies.” The Washington Post, Boston Globe and New York Times were critical.

    The events that led to these condemnations can be traced to April 15, 2013, when Travis County (Austin) District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested for drunk driving. There was an open vodka bottle in her car and her blood alcohol was nearly three times the legal limit. She abused her jailers, had to be restrained, and was fitted with a spit mask. It’s all on YouTube. Ms. Lehmberg pleaded guilty and served 45 days in jail.

    Since 1982 the Travis County district attorney has supervised the state’s Public Integrity Unit. Mostly funded by the legislature, the office investigates public corruption in state government. Rightly believing Ms. Lehmberg had lost the public’s confidence, Mr. Perry and other state leaders demanded she resign. The governor apparently signaled that he would appoint her chief deputy, a Democrat, to replace her. Ms. Lehmberg ignored the calls. On June 10 the governor threatened to veto the Public Integrity Unit’s appropriation unless she stepped down. She refused, and he vetoed the funding.

    Enter a left-wing public interest group, Texans for Public Justice, funded by personal injury lawyers, George Soros and liberal out-of-state foundations. Mr. Perry and the trial lawyers have a long, fractious relationship because of his strong support for legal reform. TPJ filed a complaint and found a judge willing to appoint a special prosecutor, Michael McCrum, who took the case to a grand jury. It indicted Mr. Perry on two counts. The first, “abuse of official capacity,” was for vetoing the funding. The second, “coercion of public servant,” was for demanding Ms. Lehmberg resign.

    This is ludicrous. Mr. Perry was acting within his broad constitutional power under the Texas Constitution to veto legislation. Speaking out about the controversy hardly qualifies as “coercion.” According to Mr. McCrum’s logic, Mr. Perry’s veto is a criminal act because he announced what he was going to do. If he had simply vetoed the appropriation without comment apparently he would not have been charged. Since when is political free speech a felony?

    If Mr. McCrum’s logic was applied to the U.S. Congress, any member who threatened to cut an agency’s funds over leadership issues could be charged with “abuse of official capacity.” And any member who browbeat agency heads over their actions and attached riders to appropriations bills prohibiting or requiring certain practices could be charged with “coercion of public servant.”

    Texas courts have already considered the coercion issue in Texas v. Hanson , according to UCLA Law School Prof. Eugene Volokh. A county judge (the Texas term for county executive) threatened to end funding for salaries of two county employees unless the district court judge fired the county auditor and forced the county attorney to revoke a local misdemeanant’s probation. In 1990 the Texas Tenth Court of Appeals found these coercion charges were “unconstitutionally vague” and had “a chilling effect on the exercise of free expression.” It upheld a lower-court decision to dismiss them. The remedies for those who don’t like a governor’s veto are clear: override, impeachment and the ballot box. They don’t include indictment.

    Travis County’s Public Integrity Unit has a long-standing reputation for partisan witch hunts. In 1993, then-Travis District Attorney Ronnie Earle indicted Republican U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson on charges so flimsy he did not proceed with the case. His 2011 conviction of House Republican Leader Tom DeLay for election-law violations—also prompted by a TPJ complaint—was thrown out on appeal two years later for insufficient evidence.

    Mr. Earle’s reputation was ruined by his abuse. The same will happen to Mr. McCrum, a fitting reward for a prosecutor who shamefully tried to criminalize political differences.

    It is never ideal for a political figure to be indicted. But this indictment is so unfair that Mr. Perry has become a sympathetic figure. He’ll be even more so when he beats the rap.

    • ExRadioGuy15

      LMAO…a REPUBLICAN Prosecutor convened the grand jury and two REPUBLICAN judges, both appointed by Bush 43, signed off on this. So, there goes your partisan argument, exdemo55…exactly what I expect a Republican to do: buy into Fascist propaganda, false equivalency and other FRWNJ media propaganda to justify continuing to be a Republican. Your post is shamefully fact-challenged and should be dismissed for the BS it is 🙁 ssmdh

      • exdemo55

        You obviously didn’t read the entire post and have no clue what’s really going on. It’s just another attempt by the left to criminalize opposition. The post is factual.

      • exdemo55

        President Obama has few remaining friends—either in his own party or in the media.

        That’s the unmistakable conclusion of two pieces this week in the New York Times. Just about everyone, it seems, is down on his single, solitary nature.

        I’ve been saying for a year now that the president’s liberal media allies have soured on him. It started with the ObamaCare debacle and continued through his seeming passivity or slow reaction time in the wake of the VA scandal, the Bowe Bergdahl mess, the military collapse in Iraq and so on. At this point they’re basically Waiting for Hillary.

        What is striking now is a growing sense, fairly or unfairly, that Obama is not capable of rising to the occasion, that he just doesn’t like politics, that he’s disengaged, that despite his soaring rhetoric in 2008 he has a passion deficit.

        All the criticism about him playing golf and being at Martha’s Vineyard is kind of a code for his supposedly being unplugged from the job.

        A Times news story opens with a killer anecdote about the president meeting with Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, which turned to Democratic complaints that the GOP was bottling up a number of Obama’s ambassadorial nominees.

        “Mr. Obama quickly dismissed the matter. ‘You and Mitch work it out,’ Mr. Obama said coolly, cutting off any discussion. Mr. Reid seethed quietly for the rest of the meeting.”

        Wow. And the nut graph: “Nearly six years into his term, with his popularity at the lowest of his presidency, Mr. Obama appears remarkably distant from his own party on Capitol Hill, with his long neglect of would-be allies catching up to him.

        “In interviews, nearly two dozen Democratic lawmakers and senior congressional aides suggested that Mr. Obama’s approach has left him with few loyalists to effectively manage the issues erupting abroad and at home and could imperil his efforts to leave a legacy in his final stretch in office.”

        Sounds like a dysfunctional marriage. And what is noteworthy is the number of Democrats quoted on the record as trying to diplomatically discuss the problem.

        Claire McCaskill: “For him, eating his spinach is schmoozing with elected officials.”

        Joe Manchin, asked to describe his relationship with Obama: “It’s fairly nonexistent. There’s not much of a relationship.” And: “Some Democrats say, they have just learned to accept the president’s solitary nature and move on.”

        All of which means the failure to get Congress to do much of anything in the second term can’t just be blamed on obstructionist Republicans.

        Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who’s already been down on Barry, uses the story to ratchet up her complaints:

        “The man whose singular qualification was as a uniter turns out to be singularly unequipped to operate in a polarized environment…

        “Why should the president neutralize himself? Why doesn’t he do something bold and thrilling? Get his hands dirty? Stop going to Beverly Hills to raise money and go to St. Louis to raise consciousness? Talk to someone besides Valerie Jarrett?

        “The Constitution was premised on a system full of factions and polarization. If you’re a fastidious pol who deigns to heal and deal only in a holistic, romantic, unified utopia, the Oval Office is the wrong job for you.”

        To be fair, there are benefits to having a president with an even temperament, one who doesn’t get mired in the muck of partisan politics. But why Obama doesn’t court Democratic pols who could help him, have them over for a movie or up to Camp David, remains a mystery. The office rests on the power of persuasion.

        At Yahoo News, Matt Bai riffs on the complaints about Obama’s style:

        “What we really need, I guess, is an executive in the mold of a Chris Christie or an Andrew Cuomo or a Rick Perry, all of whom are more extroverted and more brazen about wielding their power as governors than Obama is — and all of whom, not incidentally, are now fending off prosecutors and investigations while scrambling to keep their national ambitions afloat.

        “And this illustrates an interesting paradox of modern politics: We love this idea of the ruthless and effective political operator, right up until the moment we’re confronted by the reality.”

        To those who say Obama should be more like Lyndon Johnson, Bai quotes LBJ biographer Robert Caro:

        “Johnson’s life is filled with incidents of cruelty — savagery, really — that go beyond any specific relationship to a noble cause. There are things Johnson does that you would just recoil at, no matter how used to ruthless politics you think you are.”

        Okay, so Obama doesn’t have to threaten to break any arms, like LBJ did. But how about inviting allies to play a little golf?

  • ExRadioGuy15

    Sen. McConnell’s words are a huge mistake…this is a problem with the GOP Cons these days…while what they say SEEMS intelligent, anyone with intelligence and sanity can see right through his Fascist propaganda for what it really is: Fascist propaganda.
    What McConnell is hoping is that a fired-up insane base of the GOP act upon his words and vote GOP. He’s also hoping, however, that GOP Moderate and Progressive voters are too stupid or apathetic to hold him responsible for what he said…which is yet another reason why GOP Progressives and Moderates need to show the intelligence and courage of their 1930-1966 forebears and launch the 2nd Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution starting this fall by voting for the party that truly represents them now: Democrats.

  • Blueberry Hill

    Here is a petition that all Dems should be interested in. Please sign and pass on. Thanks.


  • Bill

    Do we really have to have a train wreak for people to wake up to the GOP?

  • Blueberry Hill

    Here is a petition every Dem should want to sign. Please sign and share everywhere you can.


  • greenriverkate

    I honesty thought this man was evil but after reading this, I now know he is senile as hell. He just doesn’t learn anything, lost his thought capabilities and refuses to see what his ideals have done to the U.S. Good grief, he and boner must go!

  • mdbill

    if we elect republican leaders we deserve what get. the middle class sheep won’t realize what went wrong until it’s too late

  • CPAinNewYork

    I don’t like the GOP. I think they’re a bunch of elitist pricks. Unfortunately, they get votes, frequently from the people who will suffer financially from GOP fiscal policy.

    So, what is to be done about people who are so naive that they consitently vote against their own financial self interest?

    Send your suggestions to me at this website.