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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Meet The New CPAC Speakers, Same As The Old CPAC Speakers

Does the Republican Party care what the American people think about them? Do they want to change their unpopular ideas to get votes the democratic way instead of gerrymandering, rigging the electoral college and making it harder for people to cast a ballot?

If the Conservative Political Action Comittee 2013 (CPAC) speaker lineup is any indication, Republicans don’t even want sort-of-popular people to present their unpopular ideas in primetime slots (Marco Rubio will get 15 minutes in the afternoon before Rand Paul takes the stage). Instead, this year’s CPAC is dredging up the usual suspects whom the American people have already decisively rejected, including the biggest loser of them all — Willard Mitt Romney.

The chosen speakers demonstrate that the GOP has clearly not learned any lessons from their historically bad election results in 2012, despite all the talk of “rebranding.” But perhaps more disturbing — it’s as if an election never even took place.

Here are the five least popular speakers at CPAC, ironically dubbed “America’s Future: The Next Generation of Conservatives.”

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