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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Yesterday, Mitt Romney asked the President to stop talking about his business record and tax avoidance. But we had no idea how far Mitt would go to change the subject. He actually picked Paul Ryan.

After a blasting in the polls and a haranguing by right-wing pundits, Mitt Romney decided that he should use the biggest statement of his primary campaign to try to win over a group of voters that never wanted him: right-wing Republicans. It’s exactly what John McCain tried to do. And I’m trying to remember: How did that work out for him?

Paul Ryan is the choice the Wall Street Journal editorial board, the choice of the same self-satisfied right wing intelligentsia that still thinks the Iraq War was a good idea. These are people who think that RomneyCare is worse for Mitt than the Ryan Budget will be. In short, they’re the same crew of Bush-Cheney backers, boasting decades of unmatched experience in being wrong about everything.

Yesterday we said that Mitt wouldn’t pick Paul Ryan. And if he did, it would be an awful choice. Conservative blog The Blaze said that Ryan should stay right where he is because his plan has become the platform of the Republican Party. Conservatives on Twitter who launched the hashtag #GiveUsRyan are calling this their Christmas morning.

What these “conservatives” don’t know or don’t care about is that pollsters have already determined exactly how embracing Ryan will hurt Romney. In a recent series of surveys and focus groups, Democracy Corp discovered revealed the toll that the Congressman from Wisconsin might have on the Republican ticket — even if he weren’t on the ticket.

President Obama’s lead against Romney more than doubles when the election is framed as a choice between the two candidates’ positions on the Ryan budget– particularly its impact on the most vulnerable. The President makes significant gains among key groups, including independents and voters in the Rising American Electorate (the unmarried women, youth, and minority voters who drove Obama to victory in 2008). This is an important new finding; highlighting the Ryan budget’s impact on the most vulnerable seriously weakens Romney.

By picking Ryan, Romney has made this case for the President. This is why our Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason has called Barack Obama “the luckiest politician in the history of democracy.”

The notion that Mitt Romney needs a smug, young guy who thinks retired people, students and the poor have it too good is something that could only occur to billionaire-funded right wing thinkers, those who believe that the lesson of 2004 is you can’t win on wanting to vote someone out. You need to give people something to believe in. And what Paul Ryan believes will appeal only to people who hate government with a passion.

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  • TB2871

    This looks like another McCain/Palin duo, where Palin was a horrible choice for McCain, Ryan is a terrible choice for Romney. Ryan cares little for the Senior citizens of this Country, or the young people who are dealing with outrages College tutitons and loans that will put them in debt for years to come. This is truly a class war. The Middle Class who worked hard their whole lives are now being stepped on by the right wing Republicans! They only care for their rich pockets and they want to make more riches for themselves.

    • NutCutter

      Aren’t you guys tired of being a bunch of broken record players…’repukes hate this and hate that’…. selfish this and selfish that. What a bunch of nonsense.

      To those who want a higher education…let them pay for it themselves….or find a way. I did. Expecting others to pay your way…what a bunch of selfish leftists bull.

      • NutCutter

        Not only are you guys selfish…but irresponsible in the idea that you want others to pay your way.

        • Michael Douglas

          Congratulations but a question how did you “pay your way” for higher education, did you take out a loan, did you have a job that paid for this, did your parents help in any way, or a spouse? I hope you did not take any government money. And what degree did you receive? What do you do currently anonymous NutCutter? We can continue this discussion after these questions are answered and some words from my sponsors.

          • NutCutter

            I actually wrote a long reply…but I decided to truncate it greatly. I went to land grant…it was what I could afford. I received maybe $3K in total from my parents. I had several scholarships. I had a work study for a bit…until I figured I could make a lot more mowing grass for little old ladies. I wore out several lawn mowers. I received two BS degrees. I got out with about $2,000 in credit card debt. I guess because I went to a land grant that disqualifies me and makes me a hypocrite? That’s a bunch of bull…as that is still an option for current students now…and there are more opportunities than ever in existence. Lottery scholarships is but one example that comes to mind. The qualifications for that are pretty low…and yet people drop off all the time. If people cannot take advantage of whats there…they really don’t deserve to go on. And they certainly don’t have a right to a completely free ride…which is what the point you all are trying to make. Catering to a bunch who are losers because they are lazy, unmotivated, immature and unwilling to take their own destiny in their hands and at least try is a mistake. If you want a better educated society…then address the shortcomings in primary education…where you will have the greatest effect. I like that because we’re already paying more than most for it.

        • JP Grattan

          Your comments are bad and you should feel bad. College tuition was low enough for the baby boomers that you could work hard through a whole summer and come away with enough money for the next years tuition, that same tactic today only covers the books and forced online course materials.

          Get up from your chair, go down to a local college and ask them how much their tuition is, instead of haranguing about how you did it all on your own. I seriously doubt you could raise the 70K it is going to cost me to complete my degree set, and I’m going to a modestly priced state school.

          Times have changed and you need to realize that the debate about student loans isn’t one where we don’t want to pay for our own schooling, it is one where we have no choice but to take these loans so stop fucking us in the ass with them please.

          • NutCutter

            Oh for crying out loud. I am an ‘X’r.

            I have a second cousin who, last year, started an engineering degree in aerospace. He is doing just fine on paying his own way. Of course, he has earned a lot of scholarship money. He worked his but off in high school, and he he works his ass off during the summer. Last year a life guard…this year…something a bit better. The bottom line is, he works his ass off…at school…and at work. Opportunities come to those who are willing to roll up their sleeves and just do something…anything!

            If he can do it…anyone can.

            I have a lot of personal examples I can bring up. That aside…there are so many opportunities…if you cannot make things work in todays environment…then you do not deserve that degree. Or you chose the wrong one. And that’s your fault.

            Price of $70K for a degree…so what? If you are anything competent…it should not be a significant barrier. If you stick to it and actually get that degree..than the $70K should be nothing. If it is…then, again, you are choosing the wrong degree.

          • JP Grattan

            For the record it isn’t one it is a dual engineering major, average price these days for an engineering bachelors is about $40-50K. I understand completely what I’m entering into, I work my ass off to pay what I can and save so that I can have a way to pay for the loans while I get my feet on the ground outside of college, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit idely by and watch them raise the rates on the loans I must take out to carry on this education. As I said, the problem isn’t with the loans themselves it is with not holding us all hostage by them.

            You don’t see me going out partying every night, I study, I work, and I do my job as a student. All the while watching the pigs on the hill on both sides of the aisle play with my future like it is some game of monopoly.

        • probablyasocialistbastard

          It ‘s guys like you that will run the once-great USA into the ground. With this attitude only a small (and shrinking) % will receive a higher education, while in a large part of the world more and more people will get a very good education, at a fraction of the cost.

          Guess why the USA isn’t seeing any economic growth. You’ve stopped growing in a lot more areas than just economics.

          You guys are fucked!

          • NutCutter

            Funny you bring up cost of education. How is the success of our public school system? What is our ranking in the world vs. how much we spend in primary education per student? If you actually look it up…the performance is pathetic. And that pathetic nonesense is continued by all those who think we, the tax payers, should pay for their advanced education in full. If you cannot gain that advanced degree in our current system…then you do not deserve it. And throwing good money after bad seems pretty stupid to me.

      • You’re wrong. The Democrats do not want others to pay for their education, they want everyone to pay for everyone’s.In short: “EDUCATION AS A HUMAN RIGHT”. In one word: “SHARING”.

        • Syno86

          I hope when you get old and sick they let you die, because you can’t afford the care

      • Welcome to life in a compassionate society. If you prefer anarchy (in which everyone fends for themselves, which I think is what you want), then go for it. Some of us prefer civilization.

        • NutCutter

          I didn’t say anarchy. Kids who have initiative deserve to go on. Those without should not. There are so many opportunities for further education….without this nanny state BS of everyone getting a free higher education. Here is a thought…If you want a better educated society…maybe you guys should start with primary education. How much do we spend per student for primary…and what is the result? What is our standing internationally on these numbers? It’s pathetic. If we are failing the general population on primary education…then why ignore that and pretend we’ll make it up at the higher level? Throwing good money after bad to those who don’t deserve it.

          • You’ll certainly get no disagreement from me that we should invest more in K-12 education. That said, I don’t approve of using tax funds to pay for private schools, most especially religious ones. But as for general public education, I entirely agree. I don’t think much of that is directly germane to the original topic of discussion however.

          • NutCutter

            According to some sources…we already spend more per student than all but one other nation (which pretty much ties us) on our primary education. Our ranking based on academic results does not come close to reflecting our ranking on how much we spend. So…if other nations can do it for less…and get better results…then why can’t we? Heck..I would be happy if we kept our current spending level and we were in the top five…but we aren’t close. I find it distasteful to reward mediocrity with more money.

            Those sending their kids to private or religious schools still have to pay their ‘fair share’ in taxes to support schools that their kids aren’t going to. Same goes for home schoolers. Is that fair?

          • zeluha

            You mean like Pell Grants? The very thing this VP is trying to reduce? It’s one thing to say for us to fend for ourselves with opportunities, but it’s another to say that then agree with a person that is taking every opportunity of that away.

            Education in this country is disgustingly under-regarded and under-appreciated! Teachers are underpaid and overworked with huge classrooms with a curriculum based on how to pass a test instead of what to learn. Standardized testing that proves hardly anything about a student other than how to follow instructions is NOT how you get by in life- it’s why college is a huge challenge to most of the brightest high school graduates in this day and age.

          • Teachers are overworked and underpaid? I’ll take an 80k a year job where i have to work a full nine months out of the year. Standardized testing wouldn’t be necessary if the schools did their job. Teacher unions have created a class of protected non performers by spewing this kind of garbage. Colleges get rich off Pell Grants. Take ’em away and tuitions will drop.

          • MBM

            Craig your not right on about this. 80k yeah if you are a teacher perhaps in a wealthy district most don’t make that until they have taught for 15-20 years. Then they are given a 200 year salary to buy their own supplies for 30 students. Then depending on what age. If you could take two 8-12 year olds who have no respect for you and no backing from the government, and alot of times parents for 8 hours a day and add at least 10 more out of 30. Every day, then lets see you talk. Why is china, japan and the whole other world education system way better than ours. Hell why are some third worlds better than ours. Its because its taken seriously given the attention to and what money and time they do have the give it to the schools. That’s why 80% of the scientists and engineers come from other countries

          • Nobody’s taking away any opportunities. What you’re unfortunately not understanding is that colleges are in business to make money as well, their “nonprofit” status nonwithstanding. They don’t give away education, and their goal is to increase their endowments by making a profit on their services.

            When the government creates a program that enables students to pay a reduced portion of their educational expenses (Pell Grants) the colleges don’t just sit there and say “that’s nice” — they JACK UP THEIR TUITION so they make EVEN MORE. Thus, the Pell Grant is simply a funnel moving taxpayer money into institutional cash balances.

            What we’ve reached in this country with education is another state of nonsense, like we have with health care and housing, where the govt causes an inflationary spiral by “helping” people afford something they otherwise would have to scrimp to afford.

            FOR EXAMPLE, in Canada, their FLAGSHIP UNIVERSITY, the University of Toronto, rated just a tad below places like Harvard and Yale, costs only SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for Canadian resident students.

            Like housing, and like healthcare, you’d think we;d look north of the border for solutions, wouldn’t you? But NOOOOOO—- we just keep on making things worse.

            And people like you., who don’t understand economic cycles, are part of the problem..

      • perplejado

        Nutcutter: I doubt very much that you paid for the total cost of your education. If you went to a state sponsored institution, taxpayers picked up most of the cost of your education. If you went to a private institution, such as Harvard or Yale, your tuition helped pay for the cost, but without generous endowments, financial aid (either government or private) paid for the balance. So, I guess you owe us. Randian individualism should take its place among the pantheon of other myths such as Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny. None of can truly exist as an individual where we can set our course through life and achieve everything we want. Its pure nonsense.

      • Don’t worry nutcutter; you will pay with your life, like we all do.

      • awakenaustin

        I am willing to bet money you did not pay for it all by yourself despite the fact you say you did. Even students attending private colleges don’t pay the entire bill for their education. Of course, if you entered a public university or college, then the argument is over now. Did you pay for your elementary, middle school and high school education? No assistance at all from your parents? If any from them, then for others it is a matter of failing to pick the right family to be born into.
        No Republicans don’t hate everything, but they appear to loath and care nothing for those they feel are morally inferior to them. They view pretty much everyone who doesn’t agree with them or who isn’t as successful as they view themselves as being as morally inferior.

        • NutCutter

          I am hesitant to respond because it’s clear your really not worthy.

          Because I went to a land grant uni…that means that you should get 100% of your education paid for by the tax payers? That also means that I have no right to raise an issue? Thats a nice little brown shirt you got on there.

          Primary education…explain to me why we spend more per student than all but one country iin the world…and yet our scholastic ranking comes nowhere close to reflecting that expenditure? If you want to lower the societal cost of an advanced education…then get the primary schools to do a better job on the remedial stuff.

          Advanced degrees are a right…and the cost should be shouldered by all? Okay. Fine. Let’s start with reimbursing everyone alive who successfully graduated for all their out of pocket expenses first. That reimbursement should be the cost adjusted for todays dollars. After all…they were unfairly punished for paying anything for their degree and we cannot have them loose economically. Those currently in school should be reimbursed for all of their out of pocket expenses incurred to date. Because that’s unfair. Everyone with a student loan…wash that out in it’s entirety. How do you propose to handle those who earned scholarships? They already have a free education…should they be forced to give up those scholarships? If those were private scholarships…then that money should be returned to those who were granting them. How do you do that? How can you hold some one accountable to pay for something that is a right? It costs to live while in school….so a monthly stipend is a right also. That stipend should cover the cost of a house, car, insurance, gas, medical, drugs, food, utilities, birth control and beer. You have a right to pursuit of happiness. Shit…I’ll just sell the business and go to school for the next 40 years. After all…that’s my right.

          • awakenaustin

            Worthy? Really?

            So you are an Aggie. When I taught briefly at TAMU it wasn’t uncommon to run into people who justified their status as a reflection of their own personal hard work and moral superiority. By the same token, they almost always saw the misfortune of others as a reflection of the other’s moral inferiority. It made it easy for them to argue they had no responsibility for others because it was always each individual who determined his or her own fate. The only problem is that it is a false reality. The truth is that success is determined by many factors and maybe character and hard work are the least significant of these.

            Did you determine how smart you would be?

            Did you determine your parents? What their social position, education, and wealth would be?
            Did you control where you lived? The country you would be born in?

            Did you pick your schools, your neighborhood, your teachers?

            Did you pick your height, weight, physical condition, health?

            Did everyone else have exactly the same advantages, opportunities and abilities you had?

            Did they just chose not to be successful? Do you really think it is really just a choice and some folks opt for poverty?

            Everyone pays taxes in some form or the other. (Please don’t raise that canard about only some percentage paying all taxes. The Federal Government isn’t the only government in this country and the federal income tax isn’t the only tax.) Of course, you have a right to raise the issue and you have a right to not be very smart about it. I don’t recall saying you couldn’t raise the issue, I did challenge your thinking on the issue.

            Brown shirt? Do you accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being a fascist? I don’t think I will spend any time on just how ahistoric the use of that expression is in this context.

            You understand, don’t you that no one has ever made the argument you are attacking. I don’t know anyone who has said advanced degrees are a right. I do know lots of people who support the position that those desirous of and capable of getting a college education ought to have the opportunity to get one.
            Explain what is morally suspect about that idea. If talent can come from anywhere, then maybe anywhere ought to get a chance to go to school.

            You must really hate paying taxes and driving on good roads and having fire fighters and policemen and stop signs and emergency services and clean water and clean food and (relatively) safe medical drugs, etc..

            Let us talk about misleading statistics. The U.S. should spend the most on education – it is after all the richest country in the world, it has a very large population, and people involved in the system ought to earn a living wage. However, the U.S. ranks 37th in the world (tied with Estonia and Austria) for amount spend as a percentage of GDP. That ranking is well below our international academic ranking. I am amazed at the number of people who complain about the low quality of education in the country while simultaneously believing that good teachers ought to work for nothing or very little. Teachers should be dedicated to their profession and their students even if they don’t get paid enough to buy a house or have any job security. These same folks are not so conservative when thinking about how much they should get paid for whatever it is they do and none of them ever devoted a thought to being a teacher. (Couldn’t make enough money.) But, of course, unlike teachers , I am sure they do really important stuff.

            I think you are jealous. For some reason and without justification, you believe others might get for free what you had to pay for.

            Why don’t you do that. Sell your business and go back to school for forty years. This time stay awake in class and pay attention.

          • NutCutter


            early on a couple of people have written posts that I read as ‘college should be free to anyone who wants it’. Some of the rationalization from some of the posters has been that society benefits from an educated population therefore we, as a society are better served by everyone getting a college education. After all…we already provide primary eduction…and education is a right. Since society is better served…education is a right…society should foot the bill in it’s entirety. It is that, the idea that everyone has a right to a free advanced education which I think is BS. And, because I went to a land grant…which means tax payers subsidized part of my tuition…that means I have no right questioning the idea of free advanced education for all…and should STFU? That’s where the brown shirt came in. I make no apologies for it.

            Show me where I said teachers should receive less for their contributions. Projection on your part.

            On primary education…your GDP example is wrong to use as a comparison. Show me a link that makes a case for GDP being used as a proper measure for the cost of eduction. A more fair and proper measure is actual cost…how much do we spend per person and what is the result as compared to whomever you want to compare…normalized or whatever the most current buzz word is of course. Even within our own system…some of the places where we’ve thrown the most money at per student…the results have been abysmal and counter to that idea. Washing DC school system comes to mind and provides evidence that more money isn’t necessarily the answer. Anyone who really thinks the solution for all problems is to throw more money is delusional at best. If we want a better educated society…let’s get better results in primary education. Colleges will have to do less remedial training. We’ll have a better, more broadly educated population. And we’ll set kids up for a better success in college…or anything else they may want to do. In the end though…college is not a right…and nor should it be free for all and the bill footed in it’s entirety at tax payers expense.

            I am out of time for the rest. Gotta go and see what I can do to lose more money.

          • awakenaustin

            Do you always view someone telling you that you are wrong as telling you to shut up? When people tell me they disagree with me, I generally view it as an invitation to continue to speak my mind. You should try that attitude on and drop the poor, pitiful me routine. An apology of any sort was the very last thing I would have expected or care to receive.

            So you have chosen to argue that the position of a few people in no particular position to affect outcomes represents the thinking of everyone who advocates higher education being available to those who want it and can do it.

            This nation has a stake in the education of its youth. The question may be do you want it to be available to as many as possible regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. The counter may be to argue it should only be available to those whose parents can afford to send them or those with some special talent which allows them to qualify for a scholarship, or those who have special friends. Maybe the question is should we continue to narrow the life opportunities for some based, on their or their parents incomes.

            It makes no sense to me to underfund public schools and then complain about outcomes. It makes no sense to say well we have much better test results in Westlake than we do in Reagan and ignore the amount available to spend on one set of students and the wealth of the parents in one area as compared to the other. You can continue to pretend, if you wish, that outcomes in this society aren’t sharply influenced by money, position, color, or culture and a lot of other things the individual has no control over, but it is pretending.

            We live in a very wealthy nation with a high standard of living and high cost of living. You are comparing apples and oranges when you compare our costs per pupil with the costs per pupil spent by other nations not as wealthy as us. You run into similar problems comparing small nations and small populations with larger populations and nations. Generally speaking valid statistical comparisons need to hold pretty much everything else which can effect outcomes constant while it compares two things at issue. Failure to do so means you ignore all the other factors which may affect your outcomes.

            Oh, by the by, you aren’t the only person who works.

    • onedonewong

      Yet Palin murdered Biteme in the debates. You won’t see biteme doing any VP debates this time around

    • What nonsense. Members of the middle class know that America needs JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, and that there is no way known to man where the middle class prospers while the upper class does not.

      (This idea that prosperity is a zero-sum game, where other classes suffer BECAUSE one class prospers, is not only antihistorical, it’s antirational, exposing those who believe it the intellectual equivalents of Neanderthals (no offense to the Neanderthals).

      • TB2871

        OK , so we need JOBS,JOBS,JOBS, was that not the reason good old Bush signed the tax cuts into the law , he forgot to close the back door loop holes that the Romney rich hide their money in. The so called tax cuts were suppose to have a trickle down effect and help produce new jobs and low and behold it has not done that!! Romney does not want to show his tax returns because it would show where he is hiding all his money and what jobs has he created? The middle class is not asking for hand outs ,they are asking for fairness, Good old Congress went on vacation for 6 weeks still doing nothing for the country.

        They need to repeal the tax cut for the 2% fat cats, repeal the the loop holes where the fat cats hide their money and keep the tax cut for couples who make less than 250,000/yr.

    • ALLEZ!!!!Exactly,more ignorant and dangerous than quitter loon Palin.

  • upstategal1

    Stop talking about his business record? I thought that was the entire basis of his campaign!

    • me too upstategal1 and now we get the flip-flop.this is what he said but we talk about his business’s that he sent oversea’s oh we need not go there.

  • Just publish the impact of the Ryan budget on the middle class and seniors, as well as all those he would fire, and 10% of the “undecideds” will decide to vote for Obama.

  • It is now clear that the Republicans are not interested in the Presidency; their target for this election is the House and Senate seats, where they can truly control the outcome of policy driven agenda. It is clear that the path to the presidency is not going to be easy for the republicans this year; however, if they can win both houses, then it will be an easier path in 2016, where they can control the whole Government. A nice plan, indeed…

    • so true we have got to vote these people out of office the sooner the better

    • I am afraid the election is already lost thru the voter suppression. The Republicans are not waiting for the issue to be voted on in the Voting Booths this November !

  • William Deutschlander

    Paul Ryan a Vice President of the U S A?!

    The numb skull who would put the country 4 Trillion Dollars deeper in debt, cut the safety net for 98% of our citizens and lower taxes for 2% of the Ultrs Wealthy, wow!

    Anyone , other than the 2% Select, who vote for this disasterous combo is in very serious need of mental treatment!

    Thank you President Obama and your Administration for restoring our Democracy after the Republican Cartel nearly decimated our Democracy.

    The ONLY HOPE for our U S A is the REELECTION of President Obama, electing a Democratic Senate Majority and electing a Democratic Majority in the House of Reps.

    The REPUBLICAN CARTEL, a GRAVE DANGER to the United States of America!

    • Whittier5

      The story is even worse than you paint. Beside Ryan’s proposal for the Future Debt, he’s up to his ears in W’s ~$7T Debt. And, as a self-proclaimed Catholic, he worships at the altar of Ayn Rand. He took in more from that book than from all of his college courses. After getting his opportunity for schooling from FDR’s Social Security Survivor’s Benefit!?!?!?! There is a warped mind in there.

      Don’t think that they automatically pick up the votes of the 2%, over even the 0.2% because at least 40% of them are Dems, who don’t join in at the Kroch bros picnics.

      You are totally correct about the “Grave Danger”. A look back to the past 110 years reveals Democrats have been the Best Party for Growth. AND, every Democratic Administration has managed to Pay Down on the 1st Great GOP Depression and WW II Debt. Only Ike, a nominal Rep, did. Reagan, Bush41 and Bush43 ran up ~$15T in National Debt – PLUS Compounding Interest!

    • sigrid28

      Paul Ryan’s appointment to the Republican ticket is Mitt Romney’s largest concession so far to the Koch brothers’ investment in his campaign, because Ryan is their creature.

  • pit fall for Romney..and as he rightly introduced Ryan as president instead
    of VP shows his lack of cognitive dissonance..
    let the games begin

  • sayrock

    For those of you on the West Coast who didn’t get up early enough to watch the live stream . . . you missed that resounding noise in the background. It was the sound of Florida switching from an indecisive yellow, to a solid Bright Blue.
    Game over!

    • S-3

      One can only hope – and not just with other states seeing the evil at work here, sir. Stay hopeful, though. That’s what drives life in the end run…

  • It’s a sorry sight when you see a draft dodger and another person who did not serve in the military use the backdrop of a retired battleship to heighten their appearances. Poor choice folks.

  • Secular_Humanist

    What happened to humanity? What happened to the Ten Commandments? What happened to Christian values? What happened to decency?

    Money has become mightier than God!

  • if I was going to vote for Mitt Romney this would change my mind . I would not vote for Paul Ryan for Dog Catcher . Anybody that wants to do what he wants to do to SS and Medicare does not care about us Seniors at all. Give the store to the wealthy I don’t thank so. Thanks Mitt for making up my mind for me .

  • These are the people who accuse us that we bought “HOPE & CHANGE”. Now they want to convince us that we should buy what Paul Ryan has written on paper without achieving anything??? Come on folks, they are making our brains wake up and think deeply. We are not going to buy what they want to sell to us either!

  • boulcut

    Well, he just got my vote.

  • Let’s stop here and think for a second. Yes, Ryan is a bizarre choice to help a prez candidate with nonexistent principles and policies, and, yes, Ryan and his views are repulsive even to some conservatives. But if you take the Pew Research Political IQ Quiz then read the report, you will see that, if you pay attention to things, you will for instance know that the Democrats generally support social programs and the Republicans generally support minimal government intervention in social issues. But the report will tell you that around only 65% of other Americans know this. You will also see that a lot of our fellow voters don’t know which party Boehner belongs to. In other words at least 30% of voters don’t see real differences between the parties. They just are not paying attention. Now add to this the Republican campaign to purge the poor and minorities from the voter rolls in swing states, the very persons whose lives the Ryan budget will ransack. Thirdly, Ryan will stir up the frightwingers who, we are told, do get out and vote. It could be very close in some swing states. Enough to turn the election? I doubt it. Enough to put the fear of the Lord into us? I sure hope so.

    • sigrid28

      We truly need to get souls to the polls.

  • desertdustoff

    Assholes seek like assholes!

  • desertdustoff

    Well boulcut, assholes seek like assholes!!

  • Randy4846

    When extremist have taken power or were waning just before they took power, their strategy was to go even more extreme. When they finally gained control, they exercised their power with unyielding authority to devastate the status quo. The current version of the Republican party has a mantra that the country needs leadership AND they will not support any effort that the president supports. This means that the only leadership that the Republican Party is willing to endorse is dictatorship. I give you Wisconsin.

  • a1b5jj

    Thank you thank you thank you, now Ryan Romney will have no chance to finish George W Bush’s project to destroy America. Republicans – the party that brought you THREE Great Depressions since 1890, and who have demonstrated economic performance in only ONE area – making the rich richer while everyone else suffers – now bring you the Ryan Budget! Thank you Ayn Rand. I always knew anyone who thought Ayn Rand was an intellectual must be pretty naive or stupid. Paul Ryan and Alan Greenspan prove that in spades.

  • sheilab2

    Christmas came early forthe Democrats. I couldn’t name a worse choice than Paul Ryan. He wants to gut Medicare, aid to students,Medicaid, etc. I caould barely believe my ears when his choice was announced – ah yes, just another gaffe by the man who only opens his mouth to change feet. I am picturing in my mind the VP debate – Joe Biden is going to chew this guy up and spit him out.

    • Not so sure about Christmas coming early for the Democrats. I have a feeling ,the Republicans have other tricks up their sleeves, not including voter suppression. Now that the Tea Party is on board this middle class could be in Big trouble !

  • One thing for sure is that Mitt won’t have to try and come up with his economic plan. It never existed in the first place, but by picking Ryan he now has to defend the indefensible. If folks are paying attention it should be clear to them that Ryan is no more interested in solving the deficit and debt problem than any of the rest of the crowd in Congress. His plan does not come close to closing the deficit for another three decades. In the meantime the debt will continue to grow and grow. For those with any math skills it’s obvious that cuts and cuts alone can not reduce and eventually eliminate the deficit and debt problem. Ryan’s plan is a stunt to satisfy his handlers and the owners of thie country. Give aways to moneyed interest is just dancing with those who paid your way to the ball.

  • This is why they picked Romney because he does what he is told. Remember Grover Norquist said: “We want the Ryan budget. … We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don’t need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.” “The requirement for president?’ “Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States. So according to Norquist we will have a Republican Regime for 20 years if they win in November, a budget based on the writings of an Athiest, a government that has been put up for the highest bidder and a Regime that suppresses American’s right to vote.

    The Republican Regime will: legislate what religion everyone must follow, legislate morality (God gave us freedom of choice, but the Regime will take it away), they will institute, Huge new tax cuts for the super rich on top of extending the Bush tax cuts, Do away with EPA Regulations that protect us, Turning Medicare into a voucher program and repeal Affordable Care Act, Making massive cuts to vital programs like Medicaid, food stamps, Pell Grants, and job training ,• New increases in military spending.

  • Most Americans like the Ryan (now Romney) budget. Until they hear whats in it. Then not so much. This Tea Party GOP has, for the second time nominated a Presidential candidate they can’t stand, and to appease them their candidate has once again chosen a VP the rest of the country can’t stand. These Tea Party people, sheesh

  • JackieAllen

    Ann Ryn believed deely in the self fulfullment possible a captiolist society. Ann Ryn also
    believed in moral imperatives which are missing in a capitolistic society without
    intergity. Mr. Ryan missed the point, or perhaps forgot how honesty plays into

  • probablyasocialistbastard

    I’m following the elections from The Netherlands, where I live. I feel bad for you guys. In our country it’s unthinkable that politicians can be as corrupted as the motherf#ckers you have for presidential candidates.

    It’s like watching a very long, boring but terrifying movie..

  • Can you say “Scott Walker” and “Wisconsin Recall”? Hold to your chairs lefties … this is going to be a fun one.

    • 1TexasHoney27

      Shoot Straight….. Wisconsin n it’s people are just one state. Can you count to “49” which there are that many ” left ” that can vote with out being told how to vote as was done in Wisconsin. You go ” right” on believing the rest of the 49 states will follow as Wisconsin did then the joke will be on you.

  • onedonewong

    What a great pick Mrs Rescue and Recovery. Finally the dark days of Obama are over as a new team that understands economics will be in place Jan 2013!!!!

  • bigspender7

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have one thing in common. They are both egg-sucking, chicken stealing gutter trash.

  • the insurance industry is in his pockets, and he is talking about morality? ayn rand lived out her days on govt. socialism, and he is extolling her virtues and arrogance?

  • Ryan is a horrible choice. Mitt Romney just lost my vote just as McCain lost my vote when he picked Palin. I won’t be able to vote for Obama this time so I guess Mickey Mouse is going to be my write-in vote.

  • Dukakis.

  • You can not legislate Religion or Morality.

  • Diogenes67

    How’s Rafalca doing?

  • TRAILER PARK TEABAGERS : if they can out bred you !………they can out vote you !

  • old_blu

    Hey! It’s Palin with ‘NADS’. (Of course I think the real Palin has nads too.)


  • AliceR51

    Is Romney making a fool of himself??By the sounds mabe.Once many see what Ryan is doing,they will stop & say NO more.

  • tranz2deep

    Empty Mitt has just proven himself to be a nothingness-filled sock puppet for the right wing, even more so than Bush was for Cheney.

    The battle is now (finally) plain and clear; Democracy vs. Plutocracy.

  • Does this mean that Ryan will finally work at getting rid of his 5 O’Clock shadow? That look went out with Tricky Dick in 1960.
    Realistically, though, here is another career Washington Pol trying to run as an outsider. The only people happy about his nomination are John Boehner and Eric Cantor. Now they don’t have to worry about Ryan taking either of their jobs come January.

  • So the Republicans want what is basically an Oligarchic Anarchist. Anyone who sees Ayn Rand and her philosophy as anything other than “there should be no government, and everything should be controlled by the rich” really hasn’t read her writings.

  • WizdomManifest

    Romney/Ryan makes a pretty good duo. They agree more than they disagree. Plus, Gov. Romney needed something to spark his campaign & shift the focus away from his tax returns. Will they win? Fat Chance. The Republican Agenda offends too many people across the board. Moderate Republicans may very well become “Obama Republicans”, in the same vein as “Reagan Democrats”… In any case, the debates should be entertaining

  • well this about says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Only in the echo chamber of the Left is Ryan part of the “far-right”.

  • Ryan the cut,cutting everything ,except his own wallet and that of his wife’s $500M.Long live President Barack Obama…

  • claryce lauer

    Ryan? Smart on their part. Now we must hammer constantly at the flawed frontrunner ,Rommy & his extremest teaparty & Koch backed running mate.