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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Demands Review Of Voter ID Restrictions

Today the Pennsylvania Supreme Court vacated a ruling upholding the state’s controversial Voter ID law, ordering a lower court to ascertain whether voters actually have liberal and easy access to the required photo IDs.

The law, purportedly created to combat voter fraud, has been criticized by voting rights advocates who contend that it will disenfranchise thousands of voters who will have difficulty obtaining the right kind of identification. The groups that would be most affected — such as the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and racial minorities — tend to reliably vote Democratic.

In August, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson ruled the law constitutional, stating that it was “neutral, nondiscriminatory, and applies uniformly to all voters.” Today’s four to two decision by the state Supreme Court returns the case to Judge Simpson’s court for further review.

Despite its potential to be a significant factor in November’s election, Pennsylvania’s voter ID law’s ultimate fate remains uncertain. The high court has requested Judge Simpson’s opinion by October 2. If Simpson finds that the ID’s can be easily obtained, and voters will have no difficulty casting a ballot on Election Day, then the state Supreme Court will let the law stand.

Addressing questions of ID accessibility, the high court wrote the following in its decision (emphasis added):

The Law contemplates that the primary form of photo identification to be used by voters is a Department of Transportation (PennDOT) driver’s license or the non-driver equivalent provided under Section 1510(b) of the Vehicle Code, 75 Pa.C.S. § 1510(b). Furthermore, the Law specifically requires that – notwithstanding provisions of Section 1510(b) relating to the issuance and content of the cards – PennDOT shall issue them at no cost . . . . As such, the Law establishes a policy of liberal access to Section 1510(b) identification cards.

However, as implementation of the Law has proceeded, PennDOT – apparently for good reason – has refused to allow such liberal access. Instead, the Department continues to vet applicants for Section 1510(b) cards through an identification process that Commonwealth officials appear to acknowledge is a rigorous one. 

Generally, the process requires the applicant to present a birth certificate with a raised seal (or a document considered to be an equivalent), a social security card, and two forms of documentation showing current residency. 

The criticism, mainly from Democrats, is that such a “rigorous” identification process is sure to dissuade voters of lesser means from the ballot box. Meanwhile, Republicans like the House Majority Leader of Pennsylvania, Mike Turzai, openly admit that the Voter ID law will be instrumental in helping presidential candidate Mitt Romney win the state.

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  • We need all the help we can get because it seems that the more bizarre Mitt’s behavior and statements are the more support he gets from the party faithful. According to some of the latest polls President Obama is leading by only one point. Hard to believe!

    • BamBam30

      Whatever we all can do to help with bringing back “CIVILITY” into this process of DEMOCRACY, I am all for it! I was appalled at what Mitt said on the video and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is NOT the man for the job! A President is to serve ALL the people, not just SOME of the people. Pennsylvania, I say to you, STAND up and be counted, let NO ONE “BULLY” you from voting, this is your God given constitutional right! It is very hard to believe that the once respected Republican Party has gone as far as they have in trying to suppress the vote of the People of these United States. Sure, one should vote your conscious, but one should always remember that FACTS are FACTS and TRUTH DOES ENDURE! Is Mitt’s bizarre behavior any different from any other bizarre behavior on the right that has gone extreme? NO! It is unfortunate that Mitt, a man who is supposed to be devoted to his faith in God, has stooped so low in moral values, that he is playing with “undevoted” people who care less about others, except what they want out of the presidency? The Office of the President cannnot be bought! This reminds me of the Al Capone days where they tried to buy off the jury! America, we are better than this, and other countries are seeing us as “WEAK” not because we do not lead, but because we are “bickering” among ourselves and will not stand up for what is right. I do hope that all those TEA Party/Republican people get out of office and “CIVILITY” will return! We are the hope of FREEDOM, what has happened to us?

    • Gather your family and friends and give them the following statistics regarding the efficiency of the democrats in running the country: 1) jobs created: a) Republicans in 28 years: 24 millions jobs; b) Democrats: Democrats in 24 years: 42 million jobs; 2) Stock Market: a) On the day of the inauguration of Obama: about 6,500 points; b) Presently: about 12,700 points; 3) If you are unemployed: a) Republican Bush lost 19 million jobs in his 8 years; b) Obama has created 4.6million jobs in 3 years and has created jobs continuously in the last 30 months. 4) If you are an investor: a) Republicans contract the market, less investments during Republican governments; b) Investments grow when Democrats run the country; 5) if you are poor: a) Republicans want to destroy the social network; b) Democrats will keep the safety network for the poor. This is important because a capitalist system like ours do not create one job for each available person ready to work. In the best times, when you hear we have a 5% unemployment, it still means there are 7 to 10 million people who cannot work even if they want to work; 6) if you are on social security: a) republicans want to destroy it; b) democrats will strenghth it. 7) if you are a woman: a) republicans will impose their tiranny about no abortions; b) democrats will protect the right of the woman to decide. Democrats do not favor abortion, Democrats just give the woman the right to decide. I will tell you more later on.

      • Been there, done that. Bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of the people that plan to vote for Mitt Romney are not interested in statistics, facts, policies, proposals, the character of the two candidates, their records, or who is responsible for the mess we are in. They are voting for Romney, and would vote for Mickey Mouse if he was President Obama’s opponent, because they hate Barack Obama, the person, and everything he represents to them.
        For them, this election was well beyond ideology, values, what is best for us or merit; for them it is a last desperate attempt to go back to an America that no longer exists and a way of life that has no place in the 21st century.

        • You State ” Bear in mind that the overwhelming majority of the people that plan to vote for Mitt Romney are not interested in statistics, facts, policies, proposals, the character of the two candidates, their records, or who is responsible for the mess we are in. ”

          I agree, but I also believe that people do not act without reason, IT IS MY BELIEF that, that reason is Racism. There are many that can’t stand the idea of a Black Man in the White House. You also Stated;

          ” this election was well beyond ideology, values, what is best for us or merit “for them it is a last desperate attempt to go back to an America that no longer exists and a way of life that has no place in the 21st century. ”

          Yes, the Jim Crow Era.

          • dham69

            simple you are an idiot

          • Hey Asshole It’s Now Feb 6, 2013 Romney And Ryan LOST BIG TIME!!! LMAO!!!

          • dham69

            Hey fern baby, Romney didn’t loose big time, obummer barely won. Bigger picture is the country lost and unemployment is still going up and the debt is still rising and the typical socialist wants to raise more taxs, and the health care will cost every family 20,000 at the end of this year (IRS pointed this out) it appears you like socialist and marxist and that is exactly what obummer is. He does nothing but lie and you just keep kissing his ass. wow, talking about brain dead.

      • You need to recalculate: Obama may have created many jobs — But he sent them to other countries. Repubicans — Kept those jobs here in the U.S.A.
        The actual unemployment is upwards of 23%. That includes those that are no longer collecting benefits and those that have given up looking.

        • Presidents don’t outsource jobs, CEOs and business owners do.

          • In Fact That’s Just What Romney Has Done Stripping And Shipping American Companies And Jobs!!

        • We miss Bush and Dick so muccccccch, just think we could have had Sarah and no unemployment because work as a comedian would have increase ten fold.

        • faxt42

          Keep your blind eyes and deft ears to yourself, do not write. Where are the BAIN COMPANY….

        • S-3

          Stop saying things you know nothing about, sir, please…

          • S-3 Mr Johnny know the true, He is a Tea Party Republican
            What he trying to said if you close your eyes and listen to his lies your brain will automatic shut down and believe everything He & Republican say.

            Bush was in office when 65% of Big Business start to outsource and downsize Jobs. Bush tax cut is what help Corporation finance or had the funds on hand to ship jobs oversea. I know retired from GM in 2005 work Part time for GE both company ship jobs oversea with a Bush Tax Break…. GE is now bring there product back to USA because of too many complaint.

        • Peoples425

          That’s quite surprising considering that there are many here in the country who have gainful employment with the policies and requirements that have been instituted by POTUS Obama. Republicans have stopped the jobs bill, have blamed the citizens who’s lost their jobs about being lazy and continued their rampant mendacity and miscalculations.

  • oldtack

    If you have any money at all to spare – please donate to the Party to fight such things as this.

  • msrita

    How about follow the constitution Voters Rights Act 1965. Know one can keep Blacks from Voting. What are they trying to do steal this election. I would a fair Election not a fraud Election.

  • According to the Motor Vehicles they could only accommodate 6,000 people by election day. There are 800,000 who need i.d.’s. Therefore, this law needs to be amended and reviewed after the election.

    • The Only Way Romney Can Win Is To Lie, Steal And Cheat!! The GOP/Tea Party Is Just A Bunch Of Lying , Blocking, Stealing, Cheating Low Life Thugs Remember Bush In 2000? They Are Only In Office To Get Money !! They Give Less Than A Damn About America Or The American People Their Only Agenda Is Control, Power, And Money Most Of All MONEY!!!

      • You are seeing your and obama’s faults in others that ONLY want to further help what is left of our great nation. It is you and those like you that can only feel better when degrading another human being.

        • No You The Troll That Getting A Kick Out Of Being A Damn Fool Believe And Drinking The Venom These GOP/Tea Party Snake Oil Salesmen Are Selling You!! Do Your Self A Favor Don’t Talk To Me You Can’t Bully Me And I Will Never Buy Your Bullshit!! Or Maybe You Want Me To Pull Out The Violins!! LOL Romney Has Degraded Himself Years Ago When He Start Sellout And Ruining People Lives For A Living!!!

          • dham69

            Hey fern wank, why don’t you try the truth and stop with the pure hatred. The tea party and the gop have more going for it than your socialist democrat party or the marxist in office. By the way, this article is about keeping dead people and illegal aliens from voting. which is the only way obummer can win

          • The Koch Brothers Are Calling You They Need Their Asses Kissed!! Romney To Busy Cleaning Up The Crap He Made To Do It!!!

          • that’s a good one fern

          • wow such a idiot

          • dham69

            You do NOT live in reality

          • dham69

            Koch brothers really, wow, any way what about the communist party they support obama, what about the socialist of america, they support obama, then lets talk about corruption, the unions they and soros and all the others who you have forgotten. fern wank, try to read a little try to look up some facts. You are listening to nbc chris no brains mathews and rachel madcow, if you do your research you will find that every time they open their mouth you will see and hear nothing but lies. But you won’t you are just a fine comrad

      • Fern you hit it out of the park. Keep fighting.

        • Always I Love My Country And I Never Want To See A Thug Like Romney Running It In The Ground!!! We Had Enough With Bush Crap!! Romney Is Bush On Crack, Meth And Steroids!!!

          • dham69

            Lets see thug like romney, wow, but yet you allow this marxist just do what ever he wants, along with his pet biden which he is a joke all by himself. These two idiots are destroying this country and the only thing you want is a free hand out.

          • Got any more unsupported accusations and sweeping, unsubstantiated generalizations to share, dham?

          • TARZAN69U2


          • dham69

            Your right middle class is allot lower thanks to obummer. class war fare really, ooo poor me that person is making more than me pooor me. shut the hell up and make something better for your life. You are saying that if you make it in america its not theirs its yours. Not considering the long hours it took to get their. Really is that where this country is. a bunch of winning ass idiots who want hand outs. get lost

          • johninPCFL

            So says the teabagger moron. You must have missed the part where the 47% includes retired old folks who mostly vote for Romney, students and the working poor who get their tax money back but still pay SS and Medicare (Mexican Mitt doesn’t BTW), and the couple of thousand millionaires who, like Romney, find enough deductions to avoid paying taxes.

          • Not free handout, just want a fair election and it would not be if their will be voter restrictions. Republican/tea party want that because they knows that they would not have a chance of winning for Romney if everyone has a chance to vote. Are they afraid yes they are afraid of what would happen. And what the senator said.” Republicans like the House Majority Leader of Pennsylvania, Mike Turzai, openly admit that the Voter ID law will be instrumental in helping presidential candidate Mitt Romney win the state.” Can you say rigged if it passed.

          • And By The Way Your Boy Romney Is A One Man Wrecking Crew He ‘s Screwing Up He Own Run For President Every Time He Open His Mouth Either A Lie Come Out Or He Tells Some Low Life Act On What He Did Or How He Feel Either Way He Loses Voters!! LOL

          • st louis sue

            The free hand out is going to Romney – who wouldn’t like paying only 13% in tax – freedom is not free – if you want to live in America keep your money here!!

          • dham69

            His doing just like so many dems before him. You fail to mention the many many dems who have been caught not paying any taxs. You don’t talk about the many charities romney donates to, unlike biden and obama. You fail to mention that your not paying income tax, your not saying anything about who’s money it is. Its not the governments money, they didn’t earn it. so this class warfare you love. get a job make a better life for yourself and be part of the 1%. The united states have created more millionairs than any other country.

          • MinMoody

            There are lies & there are LIES that are
            planned and ment to destroy a persons character.Until of late in america you had to identift your race. I am 67 years of age in Feb. I think I mentioned this before but I will state it again. Noting that my ancestors can be traced back thirteen generations gives me the right to prefer to be called American. Not afro-american. negro & black to mention, Just american which is my nationallity. Amertca & the majority of americans are God fearing people who love this country as well as all of the other americans who have been born here On the other hand there are those who feel that america belongs to people of white skin, blue eyes. A DNA test may help them determine who they actually are. Some would have a great big surprise. Dr. ML King said that the day would come in America when all people would be known by the content of their character, so do I. If not soon America & Americans will suffer.
            We The People have the Power of the Vote. many died for it of all reces. The Struggle for the Vote was fought by many Races. Those who were not ** so called black) . They felt our pain, Respected our struggle as well as us as a people. There are still those (so called whites) that stand hand in hand with us. May Godbless them and may God bless Oue
            AMERICA. Home of the Brave. Vera

          • dham69

            I love it, I hate when people say I am an african american, i am a mexican american. this is perpetuated by the left. to segragate us. You are right, black, white, purple, pink, brown. We are americans and together we can NOT be defeated, devided is exactly what the left want. God bless you and your family.

          • MinMoody

            As long as the money is going to him & his family it’s fine. He will say & do whaever it takes to sell himself. He has no character only the one he is playing at the time. Close the deal Mittster. I pray that people see tru him. Remember the main reason he has for wanting to win is to make Our President, for whom he shows no respect, a one term president. I pray that true americans can see the harm that the hard right & crazy hateful tea baggers have done to america. I feel that the # of americans who are racists is small. They would vote for Romney simply just because the President is ( so called black). Only in America would this be permitted. America has a lots to do in the area of justice.equality & fair rights. Nevertheless it is my country & is not for sale. Yes I believe in American Exceptionalism, in this way. Every person is of great value. From the trash collectoe to the best Dr. or Rocket Scientist. All Races United make America exceptional. Yes. there are some slackers, but they are few in number. And the word of God says that the poor we will always be with us. We are our brothers keeper. Any country that feels that it is permitted to own people or their country needs to make ammends to its people/ That Country & any
            others like that needs truth. For the TRUTH will set us free. All Rases United for Peace in America.
            Thank you all for reading this. Vera in Pa..ARUFA

          • cynthiawoodall

            You u people are always blaming Obama for this counties economy, but you fail to forget that it was already mess up before he came into office. In my opinion no matter who runs the country Americans will complain! Obama is the leader of this country, and you can not do anything about as of this moment!

          • omg really no one is looking for a damn handout from anyone let’s get it right,such stupid and idiotic bullshit

          • dham69

            Oh realy do you live in the real world, there are people who think and do get from the government and want more for nothing. get real adn get a clue moron

      • dham69

        Let it go sister, we want socialism in this country hell lets go all out and let the marxist in office just do what ever the hell he wants. O wait he is. and you blindly follow. Just like sheep to the slaughter house. America is waking up and we don’t want what the socialist democrats are selling

        • johninPCFL

          Jackass, this is about the GOP trying to steal the election by intentionally eliminating 10% of the voters, most of whom happen to vote Democrat. Will you be OK when the tables are reversed and your franchise is stolen from you?

          • dham69

            No, its about stopping the socialist democrats from allowing dead people to vote, its about stopping illegals from voting, its about stopping people from votting for those who they are not. Voter ID, why not, you have to have an ID to get food stamps, cigerettes, booze, to get into a bar. So why not. The socialist in this country just can’t allow this, how would they win anything

          • johninPCFL

            Jackass, 86 cases in 350 million votes cast, and suddenly it’s about vote fraud? Spending tens of millions of dollars to eradicate a problem that’s a rounding error in the tenth place behind the decimal?

            Get your head out of Koch’s ass. Why is the process that has worked for 250 years suddenly, just this year, exactly RIGHT NOW not good enough only when the GOP guy is a few hundred measly votes behind? It’s transparent vote theft, just exactly as Turzai says it is.

          • What You Bet 85 of Them Was GOP/Tea Party Members?? If There’s Fraud You Can Bet The American Taliban Members Are Behind It Remember Bush 2000??

        • Jan

          Let it go brother. We don’t want someone like Romney. At least Democrats have something to sell. Republicans take your money and give you nothing in return, except people who don’t need it. You greedy, self serving bastard…

          • tax payer

            Why are there so many experts here yet they vote for losers?

          • dham69

            Well I think the tide is changing more and more people aren’t buying the BS from the socialist democrat party

          • So Why Is Romneyhood Down In All Of The Polls Even 4 Of The States He Call Home????

          • MinMoody

            Why what Polls ? The ones that Romney pays for!

          • dham69

            The only thing the democrats have to sell is your sole, which they will also own. The socialist democrats all they want is power, do you really think they even care about you. If they can buy your vote with other peoples money they will. The gop has more people more generous with their money than all the socialist democrats you can find. By the way their is a study backing this up.. socialist democrats will only use other peoples money to spread the wealth, they never use their own. Wake up

        • Romney Is Not Going To Help You Ass Unless You Got A 7 Digit Bank Account Fool He Will Screw Your Broke Ass Also!! All He Want Is Your Vote Then It’s Game Over!! His Plans Is Building America For The Wealthy Only Fool!!

          • dham69

            hey moron, the better question is why isn’t obama higher in the polls ??? could it be that more americans don’t want what he is peddling. He is going against the consitution. and by the way, when people have money to spend the economy does great. Look at reagan and look at bush and look at clinton towards the end of his 2d term. Republicans got in their and turned things around. Remember clinton the era of big government is over. You really need to wake up and search for your self. I don’t under stand why so many morons are with obama, he lies biden said we where in a depression. so how about listening to at least rush you will actually learn something. Hell you would be better listening to Beck, he actually got it right in the middle east. white house and the socialist democrat party all they to is lie

        • MinMoody

          WE the people who voted for Our President have no problen with letting him know. The tea party & the hard right has almost destroyed America, to have their way, What an example they gave set for our children & for all the other countries, not good. America needs to get their act together & first make ammends. The hard right reflectd HATRED, FEAR & division of
          Our Great Country America. How can we win? Only with respect of our fellow man & Our Country. Drop the hate & try a little Love. Tenderness and respect, A positive outlook goes a long way in Uniting all
          People. Word of God ” A house divided against it’s self will not prosper.”
          When Americans come together United. Then and only then will we be
          exceptional, free, worthy to call America our country. When some people say taking THEIR COUNTRY BACK what do they mean? ARUFA, Vera

          • dham69

            Hatred from the tea party really, you can NOT name one time there was hatred, however, I can on the left, Chris Mathews, Ed Schultz, Madcow, walk on wallstreet crowed. and the list goes on and on and on. Yea take this country back, put it back where the constitution meant something, take it back away from the path to socialism, take it back from the communist sitting in office (czars), Take it back from the likes of you. Socialism doesn’t work never has never will. This country is going in the wrong direction. The hard left has taken over the democrat party. The progressives in both parties will destroy this country. We are taking out ours, the tea party movement. You don’t understand what it is or what it is about. You listen to msnbc, cnn, and the other looser news agencies, try listening to rush, hannity, beck, lavine, I know you will learn something. And the best part, do your own home work. Then we can take back this country against the socialist/marxist movement. We are a divided nation, this is exactly what the progressives want. They want people like you blinded by ingnorance

      • beeze14219

        Must be hard being so angry? I could care less who wins the issue is the need to have ID and I think all should have one makes perfect common sense.

        • johninPCFL

          Great. It’ll take the Penn DMV a few years to get them all issued. Go sit out the next few election cycles while they do.

        • I’m Not Angry Not At All Just Tried Of The GOP/Tea Party Bullshit, Day After Day After Day Declaring War On Their Own Country And People!!! If Their Were Allow To Vote All This Time Without New Rules Being Enforced Then Why Enforce Them NOW!!! This Just To Get That Thug Ass Romney Low Life Ass In The White House You Nor Them Are Fooling Nobody But Yourself!! And Day By Day This Crap You Terrorists Keep Pulling ( Thank You Lord) Is Just Blowing Up In You Guy And Gals Racist No Good Faces!!! LOL

    • Ed

      This law has to be sequestered until after the election. The politicians bragged about using it to keep people from voting for Oboma!

      • And Everyday That Goes By This Little Low Life Tactic Is Blowing Up In Their Faces!!!LOL

    • beeze14219

      where do you get 800 ooo who need ids? State your crediable source.

      • dham69

        they have no credible source, they just lie to them selves and keep lying so that they can believe that the socialist of america will honro them one day

        • beeze14219

          I feel like calling names does no good, but to throw out opinion and have no facts, accept hear say tends to confuse the situation. What we need is a good honest debate. I don’t see how you can say disenfranshised because they have to get an ID. I bet if it was an ID for free food no one would be complaining, the reason I know that is because they do need an ID for free food. I guess in some folks minds free food is needed but voting not and that is what is so confusing.

      • johninPCFL

        Links don’t post. Some estimates are 750k, but the lawyer arguing the case before the PennSC put it between 100k and 500k. When your guy is losing by just a few measly hundred votes, that’s enough, right? Plus, the good news is that the DMV offices in many counties are only open one day per week and it takes two trips to get an ID, so there’s virtuall no chance at all that more than a few hundred can get IDs in time.

        google “pennsylvania voter id” and take your pick from the 8,000,000 (yep, 8 million) hits

    • NHsS

      Identification Card $13.50 = PAY to Vote!!!

  • I pray that the Republicans do not steal the election.

    • tax payer

      The Democrats stole it last election, so what is the difference.

      • The difference is that didn’t happen outside of your head, whereas this voter supression effort is happening outside your head in the real world.

      • From a genius like Sarah no less, oh and John

    • S-3

      You and me both, ma’am…

  • William Heiland

    The state of Pennsylvania is responsible for seeing that all registered voters have the ID they require for voting! Before said law is put into force. This is not difficult because all current registered voters are on record. An, the state can contact them to see if they have the proper ID. If not, the state should see that they acquire it. Before the election!

  • Salop88

    I just do not understand the continuing extreme resistance to these law by the Dems (well, I do, but it is not rational OR logical). Come on, rigorous? If they already do not have a valid drivers license, since most of these fine Democrats in question do not work, they have all the time to stand in line at the DMV for their FREE ID card. Birth certificate??? I thought we ALL had to possess these since 9/11, as we need them for, among other things, A DRIVERS LICENSE. Social Security card??? Since most of these fine Democrats in question already collect this, should they not already possess a card (and didn’t they need a birth certificate for this benefit, and if not, why not?)? And if not, they are replaced, again FREE by the gub-ment. Two docs with current residency??? Even these fine Democrats in question MUST have bills of some sort (electric, water, sewer, gas, phone, cable). And if they truly do not possess any of these items, they MIGHT THEY JUST BE ILLEGAL, AND INELIGIBLE TO VOTE??? Which is what the laws are intended to prevent IN THE FIRST PLACE. This simply shows that the Democratic Party HAS to resort to underhanded tactics (dead voters, illegal voters, multiple votes cast by one voter) in order to win elections. Which is why they are against ANY type of law which would force some level of honesty and accoutability in the voting process. They are pathetic crooks.

    • NO Salop88, they are not necessarily illegal nor pathetic crooks. Example:
      An individual lets their current driver license lapse, and doesn’t have a copy of birth certificate. This is a catch 22 to obtain, because you can’t one without the other, maybe you can, but it take a lot time to clear a matter like this, so it is not right even if it only effects a few, to hold an individual back from voting.

      • Salop88

        And just how many Democratic voters are caught in the ‘catch-22’ conundrum that you describe? I think these laws will stop many more fraudulent voting incidents than will prevent a well-meaning yet lethargic individual from exercising their right. Sometimes a person’s own lack of attention to things causes them to miss out on events they otherwise would be welcome to participate in; that’s life. Maybe next year your theoretical ‘victim of the law’ might pay more attention to maintaining a few key pieces of identification? I still believe the law is by no means a rigorous one to adhere to, and will do much, much more good than harm. I don’t think it’s too much to ask of a citizen to provide a valid ID in order to exercise a right as important as casting a vote. In this case, I think the benefits to society in general outweigh the inconvenience to a very few. And that is a basic principal of Democracy; what is best for the majority. Oh, and I was not refering to affected individuals as being pathetic crooks; that was aimed at the Democratic Party itself.

    • Javier Lopez

      Conservatives interpret these laws incorrectly. Precisely because voting is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution is why the State may not place unreasonable burdens on citizens who want to exercise their Constitutional right to vote. Given that the incidence of voter fraud is minuscule to non-existent, the State cannot make a good case in support of voter ID laws, that is, in support of placing considerable burdens that will keep voters from the polls. Most of the “voter fraud” cases that have been reported have, upon investigation, proven to be inadvertent mistakes. The cases that can be considered intentional fraud have mostly been stunts performed by persons, usually conservatives, who are out to prove that the system can be subverted. Of course the system can be beat; that’s not the point. The point is that the state cannot prove that anybody is trying to win an election by committing voter fraud.

    • roguerunners

      You are so ignorant by choice. If it were the Democrats doing this you would obviously be against it. And talk about “underhanded tactics”, why is this just now, in this election year at this late date being pushed through? And the Pen. State Majority Leader openly states that the voter ID law will be instrumental in helping Romney win the state! And the PennDOT would not be able to process all of the applicants in time! And you sit there in your ignorant judgment saying that Democrats are pathetic crooks??? The fact that the GOP didn’t put this up 3 years ago at least so that those who needed an ID could acquirer one looks vividly to this Independent voter that the pathetic crooks are none other than the GOP!!! You need to step back and look at this logically! If that is possible. Or just be ignorant. And by the way, you wrote of honesty? Seriously!?! Get a GRIP!

      • Salop88

        My biggest beef with the opposition to these laws is that they always argue that it is nearly impossible for SOME voters to meet the set requirements. Do you really believe that the forms of ID required by the law are truly that onerous for anyone to produce? Seriously? As far as the timing in PA, yes, that may be suspect, but even AFTER this election season, it would be a good thing to enact. And as someone else here stated, even thought this may not have been a big issue yet, the system can be beat. So why not be proactive, rather than wait until there really is a big problem? It simply seems to me to be a trivial but good law and it gets an incredibly inordinate amout of hostility from one party. That is all.

        • roguerunners

          I have no problem with it…AFTER THIS ELECTION! Otherwise it really looks like a very desperate attempt to disenfranchise voters.
          I actually think that every US Citizen 18 and older should be required to have a form of Legal ID. And it should be free of charge.
          Problem solved! 🙂
          And remember…the hostility just may be coming from a very relevant place. Step back and look at both sides…

    • DukeDacat

      Hey Sallopees, the only thing “pathetic” is you……………………………..

      By the way, have a nice day……………….

    • johninPCFL

      Idiot. The problem is that with the GOP just barely behind in the polling, this is the time – RIGHT F__KING NOW – that it ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE IMPLEMENTED to eliminate the 86 votes that have been cast illegally out of the last 350 million votes cast. What it will do is cut 730,000 voters from the rolls in Pennsylvania, most of whom typically vote Democrat.

      Past identification was a water or power bill in your name delivered to the same address as on your voter registration form. Fraud, then, would require someone to steal your bill from your mailbox (itself a Federal crime) and show up as you to vote (yet another crime.) Now, a couple of days spent in the DMV between now and the end of October is required to get your shiny new ID. The DMV can process about 6000 cases per day (so about 3000 voters per day – it takes two trips) and must process about 730,000 voters.

      So, it seems like Pennsylvania needs to delay the presidential election by about a year to process the voter ID applications. That OK with you?

  • “Meanwhile, Republicans like the House Majority Leader of Pennsylvania, Mike Turzai, openly admit that the Voter ID law will be instrumental in helping presidential candidate Mitt Romney win the state.” Yes siree, the biggest voter scandal in the past ten years happened in FL and obviously went the way of the GOP. Mr. Turzai is not the first GOP leader to go on record as saying these kinds of actions would all but assure Willard’s victory. The vote is all we have between us an tyranny. And with this kind of mind set and the ravages of Citizens United, even that thin barrier is weakening. Good for the PA Supreme Court. Let’s hope this holds. Here in MI we have had to take matters to that level everal times this election cycle and it is always the result of obstructionist GOP activities, which, by the way, end up wasting huge amounts of TAXPAYER money!

    • JimmyNV

      Here in Nevada whole busloads of people have someone vote for them while they stand in the voting booth because they can’t read, write or speak English.

      Stopping this fraud will help Romney.

      • robrothman

        Wrong JimmyNV. Since a name is a name it doesn’t matter what language a voter reads in, he/she can tell the difference betweem Obama and Romney.

    • After This Election Is Over They All Should Have Charges Bought On Them And Go To Jail And Be Lock Up And Made To Pay Back All The Money Wasting Taking The Fake Charges And The Low Down Tactics To Courts All Over The USA!!!

  • keysalio


  • keysalio


    • nonhater1

      quit shouting

  • tax payer

    If someone is too lazy to go and get an ID Card then it is their fault and they don’t have to vote.

    • johninPCFL

      Hey dumbshit, it will take a year to process the rolls for Pennsylvania. Past identification was a water or power bill in your name delivered to the same address as on your voter registration form. Fraud, then, would require someone to steal your bill from your mailbox (itself a Federal crime) and show up as you to vote (yet another crime.) Now, a couple of days spent in the DMV between now and the end of October is required to get your shiny new ID. The DMV can process about 6000 cases per day (so about 3000 voters per day – it takes two trips) and must process about 730,000 voters.

      So, it seems like Pennsylvania needs to delay the presidential election by about a year to process the voter ID applications.

      • tax payer

        S.H.I T. is what comes out of your filthy mouth P.C.F.L.

        • johninPCFL

          and what fills your head. At least it’s not empty. Well, maybe that’d actually be an improvement. Facts can fill a void. You’d need to stick a hole through one of your ears…and then there’s all the mopping and cleaning…probably just not worth you learning anything new, huh?

        • V105

          Right you are tax payer
          Anyone in the US should be able to identify him or herself by whatever acceptable means. For voting in local or national elections it should even be mandatory. Whether one should let receiving “entitlements” influence his vote is his business.
          Of course there are “Career Collectors” of which we know how they vote.
          Get yourself into trouble with the police, and you had better produce I.D.
          By the way, in my opinion, Obama is a failure and should he reign another term, I think your kids, grandkids and their offspring will never experience the United States as they once were.


  • Frankly I STILL do not understand why requiring someone to identify themselves at voting time is an unfair burden. Many people died for this right, but now we really don’t even KNOW who is voting – we just take peoples word for it.

    Do we take peoples word for it for any other transaction in this world today? Hah! Please tell me. WHAT?

    This country is FULL of hypocrisy on both sides, but I do not understand this.

    • johninPCFL

      There is no problem. They’ve been doing it for centuries. The problem is that with the GOP just barely behind in the polling, this is the time – RIGHT F__KING NOW – that it ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE IMPLEMENTED to eliminate the 86 votes that have been cast illegally out of the last 350 million votes cast. What it will do is cut 730,000 voters from the rolls in Pennsylvania, most of whom typically vote Democrat.

      Past identification was a water or power bill in your name delivered to the same address as on your voter registration form. Fraud, then, would require someone to steal your bill from your mailbox (itself a Federal crime) and show up as you to vote (yet another crime.) Now, a couple of days spent in the DMV between now and the end of October is required to get your shiny new ID. The DMV can process about 6000 cases per day (so about 3000 voters per day – it takes two trips) and must process about 730,000 voters.

      So, it seems like Pennsylvania needs to delay the presidential election by about a year to process the voter ID applications. That OK with you?

    • From Ben Franklin until today, no one needed state issued picture ID to vote in Pa whom knew who they were. It’s not just any ID you must have Birth-C and SS card to get said ID, if you are married they wont match, if you live in Philly and never drove you just don’t have drivers lic. pic ID. The leader of the PA repub Mike Turzai said what they were doing was making the state winnable for MITT by passing those laws. YOU KNOW HOW RIGHT WINGERS LIE WHO BELIEVED HIM. Many black folk over 60 born in the south were not allowed in those good ole red state white people hospital, mid wife did not give out BIRTH-C. Every since the days of Jim Crow the conservative have been trying to oppress some one or some body. Just think about those poor blacks who move to Pa to get away from JAMES, him just followed them up north. THIS IS FOR YOU TOO taxpayer.

  • This is a no brainer so it will probably fly right over the heads of Progressives . If you want fair and ethical elections you would be for voter ID . If you support Illegal Aliens , the DEAD , ACORN and its still functioning ooperatives , The Black Panthers , and Eric Witholder in their efforts to steal and defraud elections then you support elections that arent fair or ethical . Since Obama is going to need all the DEAD and Illegal voters to stand a chance I dont expect Liberal minds to get it . I am a Brain Eating Zombie ….Relax Liberals you are Safe

    • roguerunners

      However, had the GOP put this forth at least 3 years ago it wouldn’t be an issue because the PenDOT would have enough time to process all of the applicants! To this Independent voter it looks like a very desperate attempt to disenfranchise voters. Just saying…
      In all fairness, it should be put on the back burner until after this election.

    • SaneJane

      Voter fraud is an imaginary problem. Perhaps you stop eating brains and grow one.

      • If There Any Fraud You Can Bet The GOP Is Behind It!! Remember Bush 2000???

        • SaneJane

          I agree.

    • Two black panther standing in front of and all black voting place YES making racist statement about white folk who were not there. If they really wanted to suppress the white vote they should have looked at some tapes from the sixties to see how the master of voters obstruction in those red state did it. IF PICTURE ID IS SO IMPORTANT WHY DID THE DIXIE – CAN REPUB NOT USE THE PICTURE ID IN THEIR JUST COMPLETED PRIMARIES? There is no such thing as voter fraud at the voting place, the same person is going to come back to the same place 1 2 3 times who make this happens? Who would waste time doing this when 40% of voting age American are not registered to vote. About Acorn, there IS voter registration fraud you hire unemployed mostly street people and pay them for every person they register, they register mickey mouse and daffy duck etc and hope yon don’t notice before you pay them daily. I know this because I ran voters registration drive. This happen to both demo and repub. However there have been ballot box stuffing after the pole close, if you trust all your co-workers you can vote for any of the folks who did not show up that day, anyone who want to chance jail time can try this.

    • johninPCFL

      Ah, bullshit. 86 cases out of 350+ million votes cast, and suddenly the GOP has to spend millions of dollars to eliminate the problem. Oh, and in addition to solving the 86 votes cast illegally, they’ll also disenfranchise 10% of the voters, most of whom just happen to vote Democrat. Just in time for the presidential election. The one that Mexican Mitt is just barely losing.

      Nothing to see here…move along…

  • If they have a different set of tricks for every state, it’s almost sure that the Republicans will steal the election. This is dictatorship any way you dress it up. Fern Woodfork said it all, and very accurately. This is not freedom and when the American people finally realize this, different means to return our country to freedom will probably take place.

  • Most of my adult life I lived in places where I could not have presented such proof of domicile for various reasons. Either I shared a place with someone in whose name the bills were made or I rented and the same would hod true. My birth certificate was locked away in a safe deposit box and my Social Security card says right on it, “Not for Identification” I am an educated person and now I vote absentee due to spending my retirement years abroad, but even if I flew back to Pennsylvania I could scarcely qualify to vote because the bills at my residence are in my sisters name, and my driver license expired years ago while I now have a DL from the country where I live as a long-term tourist. That ID is not so readily available and the very process is designed to disenfranchise poor and city dwelling Democratic voters.

    • roguerunners

      Maybe the fact that the GOP has put this forth now, as apposed to maybe three years ago and the PennDOT cannot possibly process all of the applicants before the election? Think about it…
      By the way…My Mom is 91 years old and did not renew her driver’s license when she turned 90. She is of sound mind and body and she will vote in this election. Because her driver’s license is expired, if she lived in Pennsylvania, she would not be allowed to vote. She didn’t serve in the military, but she worked her but off in a factory making the things needed for World War II. She also had to line her shoes with cardboard because there were gaping holes in them during the depression. BUT, by your standards, she should not be allowed to vote?

  • Voting is a constitutional protected right and any impediment to that right should be strictlly construed.

  • I voted in New Hampshire recently in this month of September and was told I needed an I.D. . It amounts to a drivers license or other form of I.D., in my case what was used was my V.A. card. It has my picture and other information on it. This bull of being: poor, the elderly, the disabled, and racial minorities is just that, it is bull. The poor just like those that are not poor need Picture I. D. at the bank. The elderly and or the disabled need the very same for the same reason. The racial minorities if they are receiving government financial assistance also need to have the very same I.D. . So, where in hell is all this misinformation coming from IF it is not from the democrats in office at this time.

  • An easy and simple solution to this number from the Republican/Tea Party Acme Bag O’ Tricks is to REGISTER so that a giant boulder could drop from the sky and land on their heads in a cloud of dust.

  • Jaki White

    Go Pennsylvania!! The “do the right thing” state. Alright, FB family & friends. No Excuse..get to those polls and vote. Which ever way you do vote, please exercise and voice YOUR opinion and show those persons who perpetrated this fraudlent, purposeless law that they can not keep a good American down. No weapon formed against you (Isa 54:17) can keep GOD’s good from you (Rom 8:28). Halleujah, praise the LORD!

    • jarheadgene

      The TeaParty part of the GOP has hijacked it. They make claims to be righteous Americans.
      They claim they Love America. What they don’t say is they hate Americans. Romney finally said it….he hates 47% of Americans. ROMNEY and the Tea Party, America can say about you, what Jesus said about pharisees….”They honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.”

  • Regarding the comment by Johnny, I would like to see where you are getting your information.

    Might it be from one of the far right commentators, or is there an actual, independent report that you are quoting from?

    When you state that President Obama sent the jobs that were created on his watch to other countries, I would like to know how many jobs he sent to those other countries, and which countries actually benefited by them.

    As for the Republicans keeping the jobs here, that may be PARTIALLY true. Except for all the jobs that were lost on the Republican watch.

    Also, Bain Capital is on record as a company that made outsourcing jobs to China a very high priority. Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself.

    Or, just make up some more gossip to spread around.

    • lol! Johnny gets his info from FAUX News!

  • This, voter I.D. law, in Pennsylvania, had nothing to with voter fraud. It was all about race, to keep, blacks, poor, and elderly people away from the polls. The last time, there was any voter fraud was in Florida in 2004. When, W. Bush stole the presidental election . On some hanging chads , b.s.

  • There will be riots in the streets if legal citizens of the U.S. can’t cast their vote. It’s all well and good to say the state will provide free photo I.D. BUT in order to get a birth certificate cost MONEY and takes weeks for it to come in the mail. I know because I just had to apply for my Mother’s birth certificate. This is voter supression at it’s best. Why all of a sudden do we have ALL these Republicans Govenors in so many states all at once requiring a Photo I. D. to vote? They know damn well what they are doing. (and the courts ought to be ashamed of themselves….) And why is it in toss up states? Why didn’t we think of photo I.D. in say 2004? You guessed it… president! Riots in the streets, you mark my words!

    • jarheadgene

      RATHER THAN RIOT…….VOTE!!!! Vote a straight Democratic Ticket, let’s show these elitists how a DEMOCRACY stands up to let it’s voice be heard….”WE the PEOPLE” We are America not rich snobs like Romney that hate 47% of Americans. He boasts of singing “God Bless America” on road trips….give me a break…Reminds me of what JESUS said about pharisees….That is “They honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.” That is ROMNEY and America.

  • mugwort2

    What an incredible coincidence. It just so happens states that require or thinking of requiring photo IDs are run by Republican governors. The populations most hurt by these laws are most likely to vote Democratic. Do you see a pattern? I sure do. If this isn’t obvious politics then Martin Luther King was a Republican.

  • blueskies13

    Fern Woodfork, you are absolutely right on! I almost feel sorry for the GOP because all they have is a third rate candidate like Mitwit. I mean, come on guys, that’s the very best that the right wing could come up with? Oy vey! I have issues with Obama and the current administration. They haven’t done enough, but they are fighting a dug-in and stubborn Republican majority Congress. This country has not been this divided since the Civil War!!

  • MasterKanoda

    No, this shouldn’t be an issue anyway. The fact that people have to fight against this says somethings wrong in America. It seems that every war that has been settled long ago in this country suddenly has reared its ugly head. Conservatives have turned me into an Independent who leans liberal now, as I am sure they have done with anyone with a half of brain.

  • ih8aloss

    The bogus law needed to be rescinded by the higher court, it’s a waste of my tax dollars when more pressing issues need to be addressed in the courts.

  • Another court loss for ALEC and Tea Qaida.

  • dham69

    bush first 6 years of his presidency 4.5% unemployment, the last two years was courtesy of the socialist democrat party ran by read and pelosi. hey fern, wake up who do you think the war is on by the dems They ahve destroyed the middle class for a reason

    • jarheadgene

      Bush and the GOP got their clocks cleaned in 2006…..number 1 exit poll reason for voting… send a message….”GET OUT OF IRAQ” ! Did anyone in D.C. listen?…hell no,
      instead we had 2 more years of Unregulated banks and UNFUNDED war in IRAQ, we see what that lead to. And people wonder why voters get upset and disenfranchised.

  • ” Bush’s Justice Department made prosecution of voter fraud a priority. They spent a lot of resources trying to find it and what happened was that in the entire nation they came up with about 120 cases over a five year period and about 85 were convicted. ”

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  • • Bush’s Justice Department made prosecution of voter fraud a priority. They spent a lot of resources trying to find it and what happened was that in the entire nation they came up with about 120 cases over a five year period and about 85 were convicted.

    ” If it ain’t broke, DON’T fix it.”

  • lana ward

    The dems depend on the dead, illegals, criminals, and animals to vote–thats how they win most of their elections. I bet they have to show ID for most everything else, their just the party of fraud

    • jarheadgene

      Where as the GOP will just plain old steal and Lie “the good old fashioned way” to get votes …. oh and then there is the hanging chards.

    • The Dems don’t need to depend on the dead, etc. Voter fraud (if any) is very, very rare. Now, Mitt Romney may need these dead, illegals, etc. folks to win the election! The GOP should be ashamed trying to deny people their voting rights. This is the same party that’s always whining about their rights being taken away. The law needs to be thrown out and I hope it is thrown out.

  • Michael Stoll, you might find my previous comment pertinent.

  • @ sSalop88, I oppose the laws because there is no need for them unless you’re trying to disenfranchise voters.

    ” • Fraud by individual voters is both irrational and extremely rare.
    * Many vivid anecdotes of purported voter fraud have been proven false or do not demonstrate fraud.
    * Voter fraud is often conflated with other forms of election misconduct.
    * Raising the unsubstantiated specter of mass voter fraud suits a particular policy agenda.
    * Claims of voter fraud should be carefully tested before they become the basis for action.
    • Legitimate cases of fraud that could be addressed by a photo identification requirement are proven to occur approximately as often as Americans are struck and killed by lightning.
    Bush’s Justice Department made prosecution of voter fraud a priority. They spent a lot of resources trying to find it and what happened was that in the entire nation they came up with about 120 cases over a five year period and about 85 were convicted”

  • Renata5585

    The new Republicans in office in PA will do anything…… or illegal to keep Democrats from voting. They should all be impeached for fascist activity to control our elections in favor of their candidate who wouldn’t win with the real VOTER FRAUD ……..ID’s for no reason. There has been maybe 10 total cases of voter fraud in this country for 12 years . Republicans are trying to keep people from voting without giving them a chance t o get these cards.

  • @ Johnny, you say you voted in New Hampshire, be made aware that all States aren’t as lenient as Connecticut is when it comes to what form of ID you can use. You wouldn’t have been able to vote in my State with a VA card. ( Fortunately a Judge put a restraining order on the law before the elections )

    • So glad I’m a Connecticut resident born and raised!

  • 1lindheim

    I think that voters suppression is one of the most disgusting movements initiated by the Republicans. I am an immigrant to this country which I always considered free with justice for ALL!!!
    To see this fundamental right undermined is hard to believe and has to be faught.

    • lana ward

      Dead people, illegals, criminals and animals vote when the ID law isn’t enforced

      • This is a ploy by the GOP to stop Americans who are prone to vote Democrat from voting. No one should be denied the right to vote, period. Dead people and illegals have nothing to do with this. Besides, the GOP never gave a hoot before. I hope this unfair law gets thrown out.

  • sidycat411

    This ridiculous law needs to be thrown out ASAP.

  • Nothing wrong with the “law’. However, it should not be put into effect until after this Nov. election. Unless, of course, all 800,000 who need it can be accommodated before the election. Right?

  • hollier7

    Fern, you are on it. Couldn’t said it better myself. Keep up the fight.

  • It is pretty clear from the facts that the Pennsylvania law is designed to swing the election by altering the voter pool. Voting laws that rig the outcome should be unconstitutional in most States, and also probably violate the 14th amendment on the matter of “equal protection under the law.” It is doubtful that any lawyer would accept both the assertion by the Pennsylvania House Majority Leader about the purpose of the law and the DoT statement of incapacity and still believe the law should be operative in the coming election. Nominally, no voting rules changes should be allowed that cannot be fully incorporated before election day – especially rules for voter identification.

    Perhaps the transparent attempts to steal the election, and the misrepresentation of the record, and the failure of the numbers to add up, will combine to give Democrats a sweep. The only way to fix the country now is to strip Republicans of all Federal power – Senate seats, House seats, and the White House. The damage they have done to the country is a mere prelude to that which awaits if the Republicans still have power in Congress next January. The weakness of the economy is almost entirely the result of their efforts. They lie about what they will do when elected – not one jobs bill from the House for an entire session, when jobs was what they ran on and lack of jobs is what they blame on the President. They attack the debt not at its source, excess appropriations and inadequate taxation, but at its conclusion, bond sales to cover the cash shortage. The consequence is greater, not lesser, cost to government, with no reduction in deficits whatsoever.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

    • jarheadgene

      I am PUNCHING a STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC TICKET ….. ALL GOP Congress needs to be F I R E D !!!!!!!!

  • Consideration1

    This takes me back to Bible days. No one wants to be responsible for the truth. The whole idea of this voter ID is to block voters who are likely to vote for Pres Obama from voting. We all know that it is difficult to obtain the ID for many persons. For example I am from Texas & must apply to that state for my raised seal birth certificate. Plus the fact that I was born at home with my Greatgradmother as Midwife. I have a medical problam that makes it difficult to get around & there is the time & cost factor. What about all the caucasians of all countries who are part of the party that is demanding this. They have a way made for them although they were not even born in this country. What a shame that because of the color of my skin & the color of the skin of our present President we have this problem made for us. Even though I can trace my family tree back six generations & others in my family ten generations we have a problem. We are more American than the people making the rules & demands on us. Why dosen’t someone tell Mr. Mitt Romney that America is not for sale at any price. I pray that one day my grandchildren & great-grand children can live in a color blind America. I am 66 years old & do not like being called Black or African American. Plain old American is what I prefer. Especially since my ancesters (all mixed-race ) were here far longer than those like Mr. Romney & his family. How about some true & meaningful conversation. I am sure the THE TRUTH WILL HELP TO SET US FREE !!

    • jarheadgene

      I love your post. I have talked to many people that just don’t understand what constraints this can put on some people. Please forward you issues to Judge Simpson as he now has the ball back in his court. If you need assistance voting and are in the Philadelphia area please post as a reply and I will personally help in any way I can. VOTING is an American RIGHT!

    • Well stated! I feel the same way.

  • Consideration1

    No matter how we feel about each other we are all sisters & brothers, says the Creator despite our color or nationality. I but the lack of real concern or love for mankind frightens me. I like a good lifestyle, education, travel , sports etc. Not any amount of money or material gain tops the needs of
    those that we share this planet with. We know that there are those who try to use the system. I am sad that they feel the need to do that in America. They give up so much to get so little. The poor are not worth consideration from Mitt Romney,but they are good enough to fight all the wars that
    are started for Greed & Power.

    • Excuse me but the middle class are not worth consideration from Romney either.

  • If Simpson finds that the ID’s can be easily obtained, and voters will have no difficulty casting a ballot on Election Day, then the state Supreme Court will let the law stand./// easily obtained thy say ????????? whats easy with getting a ID that ones has to even leave there house and waste there time to do when thy never had to do this before ? if thy want to change the rules in the middle of a game its not right of fair to every one else that,s been voteing the same way pretty much ones whole life . if it was to be changed and there is good reasons to change it (witch there isnt ) then it should be delt with right after one election is finished . and then if these GOP ding dongs want to waste their time ant the time of the courts and country never mind thew money ity cost to try to fix something that isnt broke . dosent the country have better things to do with its time and money then to take away ones right to vote ? GOP DING DONGS and the air head courts and judges . there,s not a probmel here nothing is broke only maybe the country is going broke . but thats another story . do you bring your car to get it fixed if theres nothing wrong with it ? im sure if you do auto. repair places love you for it . well if the GOP DING DONGS bring their cars toi get them fixed and there,s nothing wrong with them thy shouldnt be able to write it off on there taxes

    • jarheadgene

      YOU are right …. and that makes it so much more important to be sure and vote….and for the first time in my LIFE….I am voting a straight TKT…..I am punching The STRAIGHT tkt DEMOCRAT.!!!!

  • yes all should be done at no cost to get an ID but its the time frame that mattersa if thy want to play this game (the GOP DING DONGS ) then wait until the election is over and start fresh for the next election . but by then the GOP DING DONGS might very well have flip floped and state that its not need then . sure if thats the anwesr then who better to follow then the anti-christ romney in his fav. flip floping mode

  • a native american needs an ID heck thy been here longer then most of the others that came here with chris columbo

  • mcfriend

    If you have to have a copy of a birth certificate with raised seal this will be a cost and is no longer a free ID card. If I am homeless whether by choice on non choice I have no way to prove place of residence, but still am a citizen with the same rights given by the constitution.

  • Don

    What about thise in nursing homes? Some may still have their driver’s license or ID card my mother had when she was alive and in Texas she and I went to the polls in September, with time to allow all to go to the polls

  • The residents in the State of Pennsylvania should have the right to vote, weather you are Democrat, Republican or Independent. Why the voters ID, I find that outsered. I believe they do anything to get Mitt Romney to win the state, but that is not going to happened. One vote for each person.

  • I have to ask myself a question, why do the residents of Pennsylvania to have an ID to vote which they already have IDs? That is foolishness, the residents have the right to vote weather you are Democrat, Republican or Independent. I think this is a waste of time for applying for IDs to vote, they need to stop this theory and allow the people to vote this November.

  • Mitt the Twit will need all the help and cheating he can get!

  • st louis sue

    Look at what happened in WI when the college students, moving back home for the summer, were not allowed to vote! These laws are set up for one purpose and one purpose only – if a candidate can’t win one way they will pay for ways to make voting impossible for the average American – this is one way the Koch brothers were able to buy WI using their puppet Scott Walker!

  • smartdee

    I know because I live in Wisconsin where they bought Scott Walker back into office…one of many injustices going on here. Our voter ID law is in the courts now and is still being batted about. Our forefathers would be in shock if they were alive today to see the kinds of crookery in politics…what a shame! The American people need to stand up for their God-given rights and the rights of democracy and stop this insanity!

  • LadyDeb

    I have been trying to get my 86 year old Mother a photo ID. Its been a year and many hours. She finally got one, but the name is spelled wrong. Now she is on the do not vote list. This will be my 7th time. This law has got to go.

  • FAREED511

    This comment is directed to all, but especially to JHAM69. Where do you get the audacity to call our President and Vice-President a marxist an idiots? What have you done to make this great country a better place for all Americans? It amazes me how some Americans can so easily characterize and sterotype other Americans because they don’t follow their views in lock step order. We all pay a price to keep America strong, safe, and secure. So before you go calling names, just remember those three fingers pointing back at you.

  • Melford

    Well, the truth is this:

    People who should not vote *do* vote. Some people vote multiple times. You can argue that the proportion is *not* significant (and I don’t think I am alone in *not* buying that, since almost every election has some report of more votes cast than there are people in a voting district…) but the argument can also be made that rigorous vetting will *not* be a significant factor for a large number of *legal* voters. It *will* inconvenience many. Both those who have a legitimate right to vote, and a large number of those who should not be voting — even rigorous vetting will not catch all of them! Those “Get out the Vote” teams that attempt to *screen* potential voters could be put to better use by having them help secure the required documentation and present it properly. I know, I know, that would be burdensome and would diminish their ability to *screen* voters for their candidate. After all, legally or not, groups like ACORN are dedicated to only one thing: Putting votes (legitimate or not) at the polls where they can dilute the honest voters into insignificance!


  • MinMoody

    Thank God for His devine intervention. Now we must take the ball & run. It is time to VOTE & turn out like never before. We The People have the Power.. VOTE, this country can’t be brought it isn’t for sale at any price.

  • MinMoody

    Romney is determined to kill the middle class one way or the other. He will cut every deduction that we have on our income tax. He will make sure to protect the rich & the oil companies.All of those who are bankrolling his Campaign. He is hell on earth, a very dangerous individual. I can not call him a man. He is heartless, it isn’t a act. He is the real Bain.