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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Washington Post-ABC News poll released Tuesday finds that President Barack Obama’s approval rating is holding steady, despite the Republican Party’s accusations of scandal gaining traction among voters.

According to the survey, 51 percent approve of the way that Obama is handling his job as president, while 44 percent disapprove. These numbers are nearly unchanged from the researchers’ previous poll in April, which found Obama’s approval at 50 percent, with 45 percent disapproving.

That the president’s approval has held steady is somewhat surprising, in light of the public’s receptive attitude towards the GOP’s claims that the White House is trying to mislead the public with regards to two “scandals.” Respondents agree that the Obama administration is trying to cover up the truth about the IRS’ scrutiny of Tea Party groups by a 45 to 42 percent margin, and they say that the administration is covering up the facts about the Benghazi attack by a 55 to 33 percent margin.

Although voters believe the Republican story about the Benghazi attack and its aftermath, the GOP is seeing next to no benefit — 45 percent say that congressional Republicans’ Benghazi inquiry is “just political posturing,” compared to 44 percent who say it’s raising legitimate concerns. Furthermore, voters seem to consider the investigations to be a distraction. Just 33 percent say that congressional Republicans are mainly concentrating on things that are important to them personally, while 60 percent say they are not.

President Obama fares far better on this question; 51 percent say he is concentrating on things that are important to them, and 44 percent say he is not.

The steadily improving economy is likely stabilizing the president’s approval ratings. The poll finds that 56 percent say the economy is on the mend, which is the highest number to say so in a Washington Post-ABC News poll since 2009. Furthermore, voters are now split at 48 percent on whether they approve or disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy, representing a net 9 percent improvement from one month ago.

When asked who they trust to do a better job handling the economy, 46 percent say Obama, while just 37 percent say congressional Republicans.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll is the latest in a string of surveys to find President Obama’s approval unharmed, despite the popular narrative that the White House is on the defensive. The results strongly suggest that the GOP would be better served by confronting the White House with a compelling economic argument instead of an impeachment hearing — but, given the party’s recent history, it seems unlikely to learn that lesson until it’s too late.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

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17 responses to “Poll: Obama’s Approval Holds Steady Amid Economic Optimism”

  1. It shows the difference between those who are informed and those who are not; those who see things clearly and those whose eyes are encrusted with cat shit; those who are outside of the box and those who are confined to it.

  2. I don’t know about anyone else, but the fact that most Americans approve of President Obama’s policies, support him and like him does not surprise me. He has done a splendid job in spite of continuous obstructionism, outlandish claims, and well coordinated and financed efforts to damage his record and derail his agenda.
    The only ones that are interested in the ongoing charade are the members of a party whose record is a national and international disgrace, a party devoid of ideas and a vision, and a party more prone to pursue their goals by demonizing their opponents than offering something positive to further improve our economy, stimulate job growth, and maintain our national security.
    Republicans, especially Tea Party zealots, are desperately trying to project an illusion of chaos and corruption when most of us only see hope, something we thought we had lost forever 5 years ago.

    • middleclasstaxpayer says:

      So you think the Republicans record is a disgrace, huh? Have you forgotten who championed the civil rights movement in the 1960s, and passed most civil rights laws while DEMOCRATS fought desegregation & the new laws continuously??? If it weren’t for Republicans, you wouldn’t ever have a dark-skinned president, as ineffective as he is. The only question about our “commander in chief?” is, is he completely inept or simply a liar….I think BOTH charges apply. He’s “commander” of the world’s largest & most powerful army & navy, yet when asked about Benghazi, he claims “We didn’t Know”????? Well if our “leader” didn’t know, then WHO DID??? And of course, how could he possible know what HIS OWN IRS was doing….not his job, I expect? And gaining illegal & unprecedented secret info on journalists…how could he possible know this???? Do you think everyone is stupid, or just you gullible Democrats???

      • ralphkr says:

        Interesting outlook, middleclass, that is very reflective of someone with an extremely short memory. You find it amazing that “We didn’t know” about Benghazi while completely forgetting that we immediately “knew” that the Oklahoma bombing was done by Muslims (could not possibly have been done by white supremists), Reagan didn’t know that ordering our troops to carry unloaded weapons in a war zone would lead to a truck bomb blowing up over 240 US service personnel in their guarded hotel. Bush didn’t know that embassies would be attacked (often) with deaths (many). But, I know that it doesn’t count if it is a Republican president that “didn’t know”.

        The real scandal about the IRS was that they allowed ALL the conservative PACs with their illegal campaigning for traitorous Republicans get tax-exempt status while they did bar one PAC because its purpose was to educate & help Democratic women run for office. Well, what would expect from an outfit run by a Bush executive.

        RE: phone records of journalist. How can you say that it was illegal & unprecedented? The records were obtained with a court order. The only thing “unprecedented” was that under a Democratic administration it was done through legal channels while under a previous Republican administration it was done with out getting a court order, i.e. illegally.

        No, I do not think everyone is stupid except for the radical folks who swallow the swill put out by uber-conservatives such as Ryan, Nugent, and the TEA Party.

        • middleclasstaxpayer says:

          CORRECTION….the “court order” was processed IN SECRET, which is completely unorthodox, unwarranted & unprecedented.
          The administration KNEW it was VERY questionable so attempted to HIDE the fact from others. As usual, the constitution is irrelevant to Obama & co. Simply trample on civil rights when it’s to further liberal agendas or suppress opposition, just like WWII Nazi’s.

          • ralphkr says:

            CORRECTION??? What on earth do you mean by CORRECTION??? I never said that court order was NOT done in secret (I dare say that by far the majority of court orders for wire taps or, in this case, phone records are done done “in secret”). I did say that they obtained a court order for the records. By the way, that IS the legal way to get a wire tap, records, search warrant, etc. in the United States.

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            It is EXTREMELY unusual for this type of court order to be done in secret. Administration was attempting to hide their involvement, supersede the constitution and basically spy on legal journalistic activities protected by our first amendment.

          • ralphkr says:

            I do not know what country you live in, middleclass, but here in the US the authorities are definitely not in the habit of dropping by and letting you know that they are going to go to a judge to get a wire tap or a search warrant, etc. For that matter, it would certainly defeat the purpose of such an order if the subject was warned before hand.

            Now, if you are referring to the way Republican administrations operate then you are correct that the Republican method of obtaining wiretaps, phone records, etc. without bothering to get a court order (they just did not want to inconvenience a judge?) is superseding the constitution.

          • plc97477 says:

            Do you think most people who are getting a court order for anything call the people being investigated to let them know they are coming? Not much would get done in your world would it.

          • middleclasstaxpayer says:

            Even the ULTRA-LIBERAL NY TIMES has stated that it is HIGHLY UNUSUAL for this type of court order to be placed in secret. Court orders are never divulged to the ones being investigated, but ARE open to other scrutiny, which this court order, because of the secretive nature of submission, was unable to be judged by other responsible parties. Govt KNEW it was acting in violation of the First Amendment regarding freedom of the press, but moved ahead anyway IN SECRET!.

  3. idamag says:

    It might be that the people can see through these endless attacks and distractions.

  4. I am happy that a Muslim( Obama president of USA) shows that he can do it . The economy is up and USA is doing better then before but this was the case long time ago and I see the trade boom not just one person doing the lift up. We assume too much too fast that Obama has lifted the economy. The Middle East still bleeds and no one seems to care. BRIC is coming up fast and the all of a sudden indices sacre many. We have never ever seen these so fast go up. Is it possible that we are going too fast to fall back? I await some one to tell me that I thank you FirozaliA.Mulla DBA

  5. I will support President Obama until someone gives me concrete proof he is in the wrong and it better a pretty grievous wrong! So far, the GOP is blowing hot air, hatred, and just plain jealousy!!

  6. Republicans do not care about the people of this country the only people that the matter to them is the 1% the so called job creators what a lie…and they haven’t don’t anything to improve the economy.. only obstruction and distortions.

  7. angelsinca says:

    Not to dispute the author’s data, but to supply additional information, here is what Gallup reports for the week May 13-19, 2013:

    1) Obama’s approval rating: 49%
    2) Approval term avg to date (Jan 2009-present): 49%
    3) Highest approval: 69% (Jan 22-24, 2009), lowest: 38% (Oct 2011)
    4) Avg approval US presidents (1928-2013): 54%
    5) Avg elected president’s 18th quarter in office: 54%
    6) Other presidents (1st May after relection): Bush 48%, Clinton 57%, Reagan 55%, Nixon 45%, LBJ 70%, Ike 62%, Truman 51%

    Margin of error ±3 percentage points

    Adults following/not following Bhangazi and IRS stories:
    1) Not following stories closely: 46%
    2) Following stories closely (Benghazi/IRS): 54/53% [Dems: 40/44, Reps: 67/66]

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