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LOL Of The Week: Reince Tells Republicans Not To ‘Cry Wolf’ As Obama’s Approval Rises

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LOL Of The Week: Reince Tells Republicans Not To ‘Cry Wolf’ As Obama’s Approval Rises

Chairman of the Republican National Committee Reince Priebus gavels the Republican National Convention open in Tampa, Fla., on Monday, Aug. 27, 2012. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

In Aesop’s fable, “Boy Who Cried Wolf,” the boy gets a few free cries before all his credibility is gone and his flock becomes wolf snacks.

The Republican Party cried its way to Bill Clinton’s ridiculous impeachment, the Iraq War and dozens of fake Obama mini-scandals, including those focused on the president’s birth certificate, his religion, his father, Solyndra, trips to India, a beer summit, a hip-hop barbecue, golf,  “You didn’t build that!,” the First Lady’s diet, her sleeve length, and — most recently — umbrellas.

Amidst this constant, all-engrossing whining, three “real” scandals have emerged in the last few weeks.

Republicans have been so thrilled that the media has finally bought into their constant scandal narrative that they’re already planning which “NOBAMA!” t-shirt they’ll wear to the impeachment.

“I will tell you, as I have been home in my district, in the sixth district of Minnesota, there isn’t a weekend that hasn’t gone by that someone says to me, ‘Michele, what in the world are you all waiting for in Congress? Why aren’t you impeaching the president? He’s been making unconstitutional actions since he came into office,'” Michele Bachmann (R-MN) said at a rally on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

Sensing that his party was about to blow it, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus — and expert in blowing it — issued a warning to his fellow Republicans — especially Bachmann — to turn the crazy down a bit.

“We have to be persistent but patient,” Priebus told Politico Thursday. “I think where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If we present ourselves to the American people as intelligent, we’re going to be in a great place as far as showing that this administration is not transparent, is obsessed with power and hates dissent. But you don’t call for impeachment until you have evidence.”


Evidence! Republicans have all the evidence they need to impeach Obama: He beat them twice — in public!

What Priebus senses is that instead of turning on Obama, which the public never has, these “scandals” are much more likely to turn people against the GOP. And there’s no better sign of this than the fact that President Obama’s approval rating has shot up five percent in one poll and two percent in another since these “scandals” first broke.

This could have to do with the public taking a look at the accusations or their realization that these attacks are just more of the same old empty flares the GOP fires out as they work endlessly to limit women’s reproductive rights and lower the tax burden on the richest and corporations.

Regardless, most of meat on these so-called “scandals” has already been chewed away.


  1. elw May 19, 2013

    “Priebus told Politico Thursday. “I think where there’s smoke, there’s fire. If we present ourselves to the American people as intelligent….”

    Sorry Priebus, it is much too late for that, you and your members have already demonstrated that intelligence is a missing component in the Radical Right.

  2. Lynda Groom May 19, 2013

    Time marches on…and so does the stupid party.

    1. Glen Moegenburg May 19, 2013

      Yeah, we are stupid. Stupid enough to have a job, pay taxes, obey the law. and do the right thing. The very things your side impunes. If the choice is progressive wing-nut or this kind of stupid, I’m proud to be a part of the “stupid” America.

      1. Me Notyou May 19, 2013

        I’m glad you are admitting what a complete and utter unconscionable easily manipulated moron you are Glenny. That is the first step.

        The second step is to stop sounding like a generic, squawking, whining, Republican parrot. Thinking for yourself is hard Glenn, but maybe you can try it!

        1. idamag May 19, 2013

          If you remember, if Glen is a good Republican he will not be allowed to think for himself. They have a set of rules about what you can think. They all sign pledges to a Nevada gaming owner. What does that say about where their loyalty lies?

      2. Dianne Cox May 19, 2013

        I am almost 70 and I have a job, pay taxes and am a viable member of my community. Granted I have only worked part time since age 64, guess that makes me a slacker. Oh yeah and I am going to stop working for pay as soon as I reach 70. I am such a lazy bum! Your belief that only Republicans work shows just how stupid you really are. This is why people don’t like the GOP, your smug arrogance is tiring not to mention the fact that you and your cohorts are extremely poor losers. Still can’t believe President Obama won again, can you?

        1. Dominick Vila May 19, 2013

          The worst part is that most of the welfare recipients I know are Republicans! I worked 44 years, was never unemployed, paid taxes all my life, satisfied my FICA contributions long before the end of the year, and never sued anyone. Many of my GOP friends have received MEDICAID, food stamps, and are constantly suing people or their employers. Don’t forget, these are the guys that accuse Democrats of being socialists because Obamacare forces the uninsured to get coverage from for-profit insurance companies, while they get communist freebies at the nearest ER! No wonder they call the states where they reside “red”.

          1. latebloomingrandma May 20, 2013

            Yes, I have a friend who constantly bashes Obama, and she gets a disability check every month.

          2. angelsinca May 20, 2013

            Is support for Obama a prerequiste to accept public assitance? My obese next door neighbor LOVES Obama and he literally BRAGS about recieving a disability check for his diabetes.

          3. latebloomingrandma May 20, 2013

            Of course not, but I am really weary of hearing about the democrats on the dole, while the republicans are the hard working real Americans. What a bunch of nonsense. I know plenty of Republicans who trash the gov’t while extending their hands.

          4. angelsinca May 20, 2013

            “I am really weary of hearing about the democrats on the dole”

            Agree. Both sides seem to grasp sterotypes that don’t help cooperation.

          5. angelsinca May 20, 2013

            “most of the welfare recipients I know are Republicans!”

            Again, your world is not representative of the 100 million Americans call themselves Republican. You are invited to stay with as long as you wish (in the SF East Bay) and you will see a completely reversed demograhic enjoying the entitlments and legal system abuse.

      3. plc97477 May 20, 2013

        I am glad you are proud of it cus you sure are a part of it.

      4. angelsinca May 20, 2013

        You know Glen, everytime I see a liberal spout off on how stuipid republcans are, I can’t help to imagine what true bliss is really like. It’s tough to read blank stares and chanted murmurs.

  3. Dominick Vila May 19, 2013

    My guess is that Priebus concluded that the strategy suggested by the Heritage Foundation is flawed and bound to turn the GOP into the laughing stock of the nation. If it wasn’t because every terrorist attack is a tragedy to be lamented by every civilized person, the Benghazi obsession by the party that presided over the worst terrorist attack in history and a dozen terrorist attacks against our embassies and consulates during George W. Bush’s tenure, would be funny. Suggesting the efforts of the FBI to track phone calls made and received by persons who traveled to Islamic countries is something unprecedented is worthy of those who started a movement exonerating Jahar Tsarnaev from his crime because he is cute. The ultimate act of desperation is insinuating wrong doing by the Obama administration because an IRS unit in Ohio did something that may have been inappropriate or a violation of established policy. Obviously, if a civil servant (s) did something wrong that person (s) should be disciplined and probably fired, but insinuating the President – any president – is responsible for the misdeeds of a person or small group of people from among a civil servant workforce of 1.2 million people is nothing short of bizarre.
    The pseudo scandals created by the GOP are designed to damage President Obama’s outstanding record of accomplishment, discredit Hillary Clinton, and create enough smoke and mirrors to derail the President’s second term agenda. Our job is to remain focused, do what is right for the country, and make the cynics claiming victimhood have something to feel sorry for.

    1. Glen Moegenburg May 19, 2013

      Presided over the 9/11 attacks??? Only the far-looney left has even suggested that anyone saw that coming before it happened. There is nothing that Obama could do that would shake your ilks support. Even a crap-weasel, as long as he keeps the gravytrain rolling is better than someone who would shut off unchecked illegal immigration, the money drain to public employee unions, and get our fiscal house in order. Your allegiance is pathetic.

      1. Me Notyou May 19, 2013

        Yeah you are right, George W. Bush never got a memo that said “Bin Laden determined to attack targets in Amerca.” That literally never happened. You are completely right.

        Your entire belief system is pathetic Glenny boy.

        1. angelsinca May 20, 2013

          Sure, and Obama never got the call about the Boston bomber bros, or the ‘please help us’ call from Libya or the IG report on the IRS or the findings of the DOJ trash raids at FoxNews & AP or the manipulated Oct Jobs report or the memo on the Arapaio document fraud investigation or demands from the grieving parents that his assigned muslim cleric had disrepected their children’s military funerals or a picture of the shiney new empty Solyndra building I drive past everyday or the puzzled look on reporter’s faces everytime Carney spills more BS ‘directly from the president’.

          Trust; it has mostly evaportaed and all the misdirected blame and wishful thinking in the world isn’t going to bring it back. Sorry, no room for this one at Rushmore. Maybe they’ll christen a new boat for him on the It’s a Small World or Pirates of the Caribean rides. It’ll be the one that keeps jumping off the preferred track to try and sink the older, more reliable boats.

        2. mike May 21, 2013

          You forgot to add that Clinton(97)had the same message, and what protection did he put into place? What serious preparation did he make?

          I have always wondered if Gore had won would it still have happened? We will never know. I believe it still would have happened, our different agencies could not talk to each other so more than likely we still would have been caught flat-footed.

      2. Dominick Vila May 19, 2013

        If W was unaware of the Fatwah issued by Osama bin Laden promising to attack us at home, he – and you – must have been the only Americans unaware of that fact. If he didn’t understand the warnings of an imminent attack against the USA passed on to him by the departing Clinton administration, and reiterated during the daily National Security brifiengs given to the president, he should have applied to a different job…something like chopping wood in Crawford or a janitorial job in Dallas.
        President Obama is among the best half dozen Presidents in the history of the USA. As far as I am concerned he is right behind Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton. Fortunately, for the USA, most Americans do not share your convictions and support our president and his policies.

        1. Terri Johnson May 20, 2013

          You could not have said it any better for me. Thank you so much Dominick Vila. President Obama has been put through the mill and back so many times, and his is by far the best right up there with all you named. Thank you so much.

        2. Harriett Heath May 20, 2013

          Dominick … I Love the way you think!!

        3. angelsinca May 20, 2013

          “most Americans do not share your convictions and support our president and his policies”

          According to the RCP daily poll, at best, there is a 2 point margin between those that approve of Obama (48.7%) vs those that don’t (46.8%). Combined with the HUGE disparity of those that think the country is on the WRONG track (59%) vs those that actually believe Obama is taking them to the promised land on the RIGHT track (33%). it looks like MOST people don’t really appreciate where the country is being led.

        4. mike May 21, 2013

          Now there you go again with the truth. The daily briefings never said “imminent’ , but one said “could be imminent” most briefings were just “warnings” and were never given specifics. What specifics did Clinton put in to effect or pass on? What you forget to say is the FAA and FBI did send out a warning to the airlines.

          So, Bush should have told the Nation that we are going to be attacked SOMETIME, SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW and be on the look out, which would have paralysed the country. Real smart.

          As to Obama’s place in history we will wait and see. I don’t think he will be even close to any of the 3 you mentioned.

          As to Obama’s management skills, go read Dana Milbank of the Washington Post, The Uninterested President.

      3. Dominick Vila May 19, 2013

        Terrorist attacks during George W. Bush’s tenure:

        2001 – World Trade Center, New York, and Pentagon, DC; 3,000 killed.

        2002 – U.S. Consulate in Karachi Pakistan. 12 killed; 51 injured.

        2003 – International Compound, Saudi Arabia, 17 killed .

        2003 – U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 2 killed.

        2004 – U.S. Embassy bombed in Uzbekistan, 2 killed 9 injured.

        2004 – U.S. Consulate, Saudi Arabia, 8 killed.

        2006 – U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 4 killed including a U.S. diplomat.

        2006 – U.S. Embassy, Syria, 1 killed and 13 wounded.

        2007 – Grenade launched into the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

        2008 – U.S. Embassy, Serbia, no one killed.

        2008 – U.S. Consulate, Turkey, 3 killed.

        2008 – U.S. Embassy in Yemen bombed, 13 killed.

        Terrorist attacks during George
        H, W, Bush’s tenure: 12 Embassy attacks with 60 killed.

        GOP reaction: George W. Bush transformed into a war President. Neither nor Cheney can travel abroad for fear of being arrested and charged with crimes against humanity.

        1. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 20, 2013

          You know Dominick, I posted that very same data about a week ago and it was totally ignored as it will be now because the right isn’t interested in facts or what happened when Bush was President! They want the public to forget all that and concentrate on ALL the evils this administration is foisting on the public! I never was too much interested in the workings of government and the party system until I gained some age and with that age I have become very disallusioned about our so called Democracy. I have always been an Independent, but with these past 2 elections and all the shenanigans that went on throughout that time, I haven’t been able to find a middle ground. The GOP are completely mind blowing, insane, etc. How does one get past all this inanity and purposeful ignorance?

          1. Dominick Vila May 20, 2013

            I thing ignorance is too benign a term to describe the GOP behavior. Politics is, indeed, a very disgusting business, and what the GOP is doing is far from being unprecedented. Similar attacks, although perhaps not as vicious or desperate, were launched against previous Democratic presidents. Some, such as the attacks on Clinton, with a high degree of success..
            The saddest part of what is going now is that the attacks are being directed against a man who, when compared to other politicians, has a remarkable ability to keep his composure, remain focus, and do everything he can to improve our international credibility, strengthen our national security, and ihelp those who need help the most. Sadly, it is precisely his traits and character that are inflamming passions among those who consider honesty, hard work, and willingness to find middle ground as signs of weakness and an opportunity to advance their agenda, even when that agenda has proved to be flawed and most Americans have rejected it unequivocally. The disciples of the anti-Christ are enjoying the fruits of their evil doing, but they will ultimately be thrown out of the Temple the same way their predecessors were a few millennia ago.

          2. angelsinca May 20, 2013

            “The disciples of the anti-Christ are enjoying the fruits of their evil doing, but they will ultimately be thrown out of the Temple the same way their predecessors were a few millennia ago”

            Yeah, that sounds like a relevant and reasoinable position. Cute and clever, yet so ridiculously immature and mostly dumb.
            Your argument is attempting to hang responsibility for the foreign attacks on the president. Really. Again, you do NOT UNDERSTAND (or, more likely, you refuse to acknowledge) the reason the Benghazi issue will not go away. It’s the TRUTH, Dominic, the bloody thing that Obama is unable to concoct since it doesn’t earn any political captial.

          3. plc97477 May 20, 2013

            To a large extent the gop are also older males and dying off. Maybe not as fast as some of us would like but they won’t be around long.

      4. Jilli May 19, 2013

        Those of us on the looney left measure most comments in inches. This one equals one silly millimeter.

      5. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 20, 2013

        There is an article that I read that states there were advance notices to the 9/11 attacks – here is just one paragraph of the article.

        “New documents uncovered by investigative journalist Kurt Eichenwald show that despite repeated, urgent warnings from intelligence officials about an impending Al Qaeda attack, Bush did nothing because his neoconservative advisers told him that the threats were merely a “ruse” and a distraction.”

        The article is: ‘He Kept Us Safe’: Bush Ignored Repeated Warnings Of Terrorist Attack”

      6. Angela Walker May 20, 2013

        We have “allegiance” only to factual reality. You apparently do not, Glenny 😀

      7. Barbara Morgan May 20, 2013

        George Walker Bush was told by the CIA at least three times there was going to be an attck on the US in the US and Bush did nothing to try and stop such attack and didn’t have the warnings investgated farther than they already had been. So yes Bush 2 and company presided over the September 11,2001 attack on US soil because despite warnings by intelligence agencies he did nothing to try and stop the attack. Also he helped Bin Loden’s family fly out of the US on September 13, 2001 when no one else was being allowed to fly within the or out of the Country.Also the only gravy train that keeps rolling in this Country is corporate welfare for big corporations, oil and farming.You are pathic, your believeth in a party that only cares about the top 1% in this Country which I am sure you are not part of. You don’t realize that the only time that people like you ( I take you to be middle class) crosses any Republican politican’s mind is at election time and only if you live where you can vote for that politican. Wake up and grow up and start researching for yourself to see what damage has been done to this Country just since 2001 by the Republicans.

        1. Terri Johnson May 20, 2013

          Well said! I wonder how Bush can sleep at night. With 911 and the Iraq war.

    2. mike May 20, 2013

      We will wait and see what the outcome of these investigations are.

      When Dan Pfeiffer tells the Sunday News Shows when asked where Obama was the night of 9/11 and his reply “is an irrelevent fact” and when asked about IRS and if laws had been broken his reply again “the law is irrelevant” Something very fishy is going on. “Most transparent Administration” I don’t think so.

      When you have the CEO of AP saying that journalist have taken a real hit, and people are afraid to talk to them now because of govt. monitoring of them, AP phone in the House of Representatives press gallery was tapped, you should be alarmed. The scorched earth phone tapping was Unconstitutional, plain and simple. It was intimidation of the American Peoples First Amendment rights.

      As to “presided over” comment, remember Clinton had the same info since 97,98 about bin Laden wanting to attack, and what procedures did he put in place. Take the time and National Security Archives and learn the truth.

      The longer this goes on the deeper the lies by Obama admin. will become evident.


      1. Angela Walker May 20, 2013

        Yes, mikey, considering your fact free, reality stretching, Fox News influenced notion of the real world I’d say “DRIP” is a pretty accurate description of your personality.

        1. mike May 20, 2013

          Now Angie, no stretching the truth or fact free.
          Danny Boy was on all the 5 news shows and sure didn’t help the administration on their scandals. It wouldn’t hurt to turn the TV on or better yet Google him and watch the videos. No stretch there.
          Huffington Post has CEO of AP article on their site. No stretch there.

          NY Times had quite a negative article this morning about the people under Obama. Showing the disservice they were doing to Obama.

          It probably wouldn’t hurt to look at Aug 6th 2001 papers released and how far back Clinton knew of Bin Laden and what he said. Again, no stretch.

          Oh, you forgot the other two DRIPS, how could you.

          Have a wonderful day!!!

      2. plc97477 May 20, 2013

        Maybe you should see a doctor for your dripping problem. Could be sinuses.

        1. mike May 20, 2013

          Thanks for the concern.

          It looks like the problem is in the White House. What the hell is going on? White House lawyer doesn’t give her boss a heads up on IRS investigation results and he goes out and says it is the first time he has heard about. What a disservice to her boss.

          Holder never told his best friend the President he had recused himself from the AP investigation and Carney with a straight face says WH never knew, claiming it is an independent organization like the IRS, State Department, DOJ. Not likely!!

          What is the White House involved in?

          Do you not see a pattern???

          New phrase: BUCK STOPS, UH, OVER THERE. Obama to cool, too distant, too arrogant, to get involved.


          1. Mimihaha May 23, 2013

            You’re a loonie.

          2. mike May 24, 2013

            You are hilarious!!!

            It seems you either don’t know what is going on or can’t refute the facts.

            Obama’s WH lawyer knew back in April about results of IG investigation of IRS. She never told the president.
            Holder recused himself, period, and in his conversations with Obama(they are best friends) never mentioned the AP investigation into National Security, NATIONAL SECURITY. Give me a break.

            How are the clouds up there??

          3. Ken Sargent May 24, 2013

            The AP investigation was done at the request of congressional Republicans – shows what happens when you listen to those clowns. The IRS responsible party was a Bush political appointee who had been (foolishly) held over. The fact is that the IRS investigations of right wing fanatic groups was started in 2007 – two years before BHO took office. Benghazi was a tragedy but the “scandal” is greatly overstated. But, by all means, keep crying wolf – if the President’s approval ratings are any indication, you are doing him nothing but good in the arena of popular opinion. The sepaku of the right continues.

          4. Ken Sargent May 24, 2013

            Keep dreaming, Mike. In a few years, when we are enjoying the second President Clinton, you will realize that you have been made a fool of. But – pray, continue.

          5. mike May 24, 2013

            I think you are the dreamer.

            Time will tell if there will be another Clinton.

            As to your “fool” comment I think you have been played well by Obama and his ilk. He has already disappointed so many on the left and it will get worse.

            I bet you are searching everyday for some positive news on your Messiah haven’t you. How’s going?

          6. Ken Sargent May 24, 2013

            Disappointing though his administration might be – he is much, much better than either of the two alternatives the other side has offered. I’ve been following politics for more than 40 years and I have learned to not expect too much from our system. It is always a choice between the lesser of two evils. The idea that a person who believes what he is fed by the conservative entertainment media accusing another of being “played” is laughable. The only people I have ever heard call the President “Messiah” have ben right wing nut cases, btw. I don’t believe in Messiahs in any context – political or otherwise.

          7. mike May 24, 2013

            I was with you up until the the two evils. I have and continue to believe Obama is an inept leader and manager of the govt.. and these crisis makes my point. Chris Matthews said it best. “he doesn’t like to deal with his own cabinet, members of congress,either party, doesn’t like the press, doesn’t like giving orders. He doesn’t seem to like being an executive.
            He has played you and it’s not laughable, but sad you can’t see it.

            Messiah, lets see who has called him the Messiah, Newsweek, Jamie Fox, Michelle, Farrakhan, Danish newspaper Politiken, venders at the DNC convention. They sure don’t look like right wing nut cases.

            Probably the most troubling is what Obama said:’he said individual salvation depends on a Collective Salvation for the country”. This places him above all religions, as well as the Constitution. Social justice and government supersedes the rights of the individual, therefore, the individual liberty means nothing.

            Again, you have been played.

          8. Ken Sargent May 25, 2013

            Mike- – I will ignore your silly personal insults and respond to one of your points: YES! Social justice does indeed outweigh the rights of the individual as does government at times. A few examples: the Civil Rights Act of 1964 restricted the “right” of individual business people to refuse service to minorities. I don’t think any reasonable person (except perhaps a few kooky libertarians) who thinks this is a bad thing. The government restricts the “rights” of groups (i.e. businesses) to dump toxic waste in rivers. Is that a bad thing? Worship at the altar of radical individualism leads to catastrophe; had we had this insane idea of individualism 70 years ago, we would have never prevailed in WWII. If you study the history of that era, you learn very quickly that community needs have to supersede individual needs at times. We accomplish the most when we work together – the moon race, the development of the Internet, and so on were done by government and could only have been done by government. We are facing environmental challenges now which are going to result in policies which are going to restrict actions in the future – that is inevitable now that we have sat on our thumbs for so long. We have serious problems with income distribution (the disparity we currently have is not sustainable – it never has been historically). So don’t lecture me about individualism – it is fool’s gold and always has been. The nation has only done great things when it worked together.

          9. mike May 25, 2013

            There is not a personal insult in any way shape or form.

            I never said “radical individualism” and never said Govt. didn’t have a role. WW11 was life or death, freedom or slavery, it had nothing to do with individualism. Again, space was a fight for survival, internet had military implications, all for security of the country which is one the duties of the govt.. Not political.

            Obama wants a Socialist society and we see how successful they have done historically. Everyone the same, no personal initiative, all the same, no growth, just look at Greece.

            You and your ilk wants the govt, to control every aspect of your life, the other side doesn’t.
            60% of Americans say country going the wrong way, that should tell you something.

          10. Ken Sargent May 25, 2013

            Mike: where to begin? First – Historically, the President is governing like a center-right Republican. If you study the Nixon administration, you will quickly come to the conclusion that Obama’s policies are to the right of the ones advanced by that and most other conservative administrations. Anyone who characterizes the current administration as “socialist” is simply advertising that they do not have a clue what the word “socialist” means. The U.S. is nothing like Greece and never will be – except in the fantasyland of talk radio and Fox “News.” I don’t want the government to control every aspect of my life. But I do want it to protect the environment, sensibly regulate business, and provide a solid social safety net. That is not remotely socialistic – but it is progressive, moral, and inevitable.

  4. Glen Moegenburg May 19, 2013

    I guess its good enough for you meatballs that Obama won’t even say where he was the entire evening of the Benghazi attack. Using the IRS as an attack dog against the opposition wouldn’t have the leftwing media in full, 24-7 howl mode for the last month (c’mon, admit it, you know its true)? Truth be told, you clowns are all sitting on pins and needles, deathly afraid of the next shoe to drop. And with this lawless gang of Chicago hoodlums, drop it will.

    1. Me Notyou May 19, 2013

      You do realize the IRS investigated liberal groups too as well, right? And that many of the groups on the far left want them to investigate even more liberal AND conservative groups? Right?

      Of course you don’t. Because you are a partisan moron.

    2. Jilli May 19, 2013

      You’re starting to cough up blood on the front of your shirt.

    3. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG May 20, 2013

      3 Groups Denied Break by I.R.S. Are Named – article New York Times.

      Portion of the article: “We’re all small organizations,” Ms. Middleton said. “We train about 25 Democratic women each year in each state where we work, and we don’t engage in any work that involved candidates or campaigns.”

      “The I.R.S. has approved five other state Emerge organizations — in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Wisconsin and Kentucky — as advocacy groups.
      “It’s just bizarre,” said Kimberly Ellis, executive director of Emerge California. “Nevada has been around and waiting for approval for the last five years, and in the interim, Oregon and Kentucky are established and file for their approval — and Kentucky gets it but Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts don’t.”
      Tea Party applications were delayed, but how many were denied? Do you honestly believe that these Tea Party Organizations or Groups are not Political? All these Super Pacs and Groups formed by Republican’s and Democrats should not receive Tax Exempt Status.

    4. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 20, 2013

      You wish! No shoe except the one that slapped Bush in the head! You lost!!

    5. Barbara Morgan May 20, 2013

      Why do you want to Know where the President was the entire evening of the Benghazi attack? Also the ones that were targeted in the IRS deal was mostly Liberal organizations, remember that the commissioner of the IRS at that time was a Republican. So yes the opposition was attacked, the Democratic opposition. You didn’t read that part of the report did you?None of us are stitting on pins and needles because we know that the lawless gang was voted out of the White House in 2008 and kept ourt in 2012. You really need to stop watching Fox not News and listening to Beck and Limbaugh and drinking the tea party tea and do your own research like we do.

    6. plc97477 May 20, 2013

      No actually we are really enjoying the gops show of crazy as they slowly commit suicide.

  5. Jilli May 19, 2013

    The last 5 years of Obama’s presidency have been dramatic for the conservatives. During the Bush years they were drunk on vengeful bloodlust & convinced themselves they had just ushered in a 1,000 year reign & began to culturally enforce the their peculiar form of chauvinistic patriotism and insisted on unquestioned submission to the power of the state. They insisted we all trust president Bush, a man they deified as a warrior god, and condemned anyone who who questioned his traitorous decisions. Today, they are hunkered down in a paranoid crouch, convinced that the country has been stolen from them by a usurper-a man so illegitimate they stupidly & embarrassingly believe he isn’t an American citizen. We are all now watching the train wreck that is now the GOP. After all, Obama beat hell out of them twice and he did it publicly instead of in the Bush-Cheney well known secrecy.

    1. Terri Johnson May 20, 2013


  6. 4sanity4all May 19, 2013

    As much of a fool as Priebus is, and the rest of the Republicans, their fans still stick with them. The rest of the country, the ones with brains, will have to make sure to vote in EVERY election, send messages and calls to elected officials, and hold their feet to the fire. I am in awe of how much President Obama has accomplished, even with all of their shenanigans. I wonder how much better off our economy would be now if congress had actually gotten to work, compromised, and passed jobs bills and a sensible budget.

  7. itsfun May 20, 2013

    More poll results from newsmax
    CNN is not known for being a conservative leaning network

    Poll: Congress Not Overreaching on Obama Scandals

    By Greg Richter
    A new poll found that Americans by a large margin believe that
    Congress is not overreacting to the burgeoning scandals plaguing the
    Obama administration.

    A CNN/ORC poll found that 54 percent of Americans don’t believe that
    Congress is overreacting to the IRS scrutiny of conservative groups,
    while 42 percent said that it is. By an even larger margin, 59 percent
    to 37 percent, respondents said that Congress is making the right moves
    on the administration’s actions regarding the Benghazi terror attack.

    The poll came as White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer made the round
    of Sunday talk shows, defending President Barack Obama over charges that
    he was unaware of the IRS scandal until hearing press reports.

    “Here’s the cardinal rule … for all White Houses,” Pfeiffer said. “You
    do not interfere in an independent investigation, and you do not do
    anything to give off the appearance of interference in an independent

    Pfeiffer said Obama learned about the IRS scandal on May 10, the same
    day as the public, even though Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Rep.
    Darrell Issa, a California Republican, were aware of the probe earlier
    but alert the White House about it while the investigation was ongoing.

    The White House might not have commanded Internal Revenue agents to
    target conservative groups, but a “culture of intimidation throughout
    the administration” made them think it was acceptable, says Senate
    Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    The Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Communications
    Commission, and the Securities and Exchange Commission all have targeted
    groups with a right-wing bent, McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, said
    on “Meet the Press” Sunday.

    “What we’re talking about here is an attitude that the government knows
    best,” McConnell said. “The nanny state is here to tell us all what to
    do, and if you start criticizing you get targeted.”

    The IRS admitted that agents singled out groups with “tea party,”
    “patriot” and other conservative key words for additional scrutiny when
    they applied for 501(c)(4) status over the past two years. The status
    allows the groups not to pay taxes, keep their donor lists private, and
    engage in some political activity as long as it is not the group’s main

    A clip of McConnell on C-SPAN from June 11, 1987 showed him critical of
    such groups at the time, when he feared liberal organizations could use
    the status to hide donors who were contributing to political causes.
    Now, it is clear that the federal government is trying to target people
    on donor lists to shut them up, McConnell said.

    “I was wrong 25 years ago; I’ve been right for the last two decades,”
    McConnell said. “The government should not be trying to intimidate
    citizens who criticize the government from exercising their First
    Amendment rights.”

    Pfeiffer found some welcome news while on CNN’s “State of the Union,”
    which reported Obama’s job approval at 53 percent. The numbers were up 2
    percent from early April, and up 6 points from their low of 47 percent
    in mid-March.

    “I think the American people have great faith in the president,” Pfeiffer said.

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  8. latebloomingrandma May 20, 2013

    Republicans have never been able to get over the stain of Watergate and desperately try to even the score when we have a Democrat in office. They wasted so much money and years trying to “get” Clinton. The thought of having the most popular ex-President back in the Whitehouse as “First Dude” is just a nightmare for them. So—the games are beginning. The heck with doing the actual country’s business. Where are the jobs, Boner? While all this drama is going on, the President has to refocus on the issues. Make them look like the fools that they are. The Congress should be able to do investigations and craft legislation at the same time.

  9. Pi_Boson May 20, 2013

    Interesting that it is only the Tea Party’s guilty conscious regarding the IRS as liberal organizations were also targeted, it just isn’t good media for the GOP. The biggest cover-up or sham is the failure of the US House of Representatives to act on the people’s business. That is the big “missed story” of the decade. At Karl Rove’s direction, the GOP is doing their best to makes stories, deny the facts, and not tend to We the People.

    1. InsideEye May 20, 2013

      We should all take more care of our business . Everyone should make themselves more self reliant as our pre—-deceasers did, They came off the boats looking for a chance and here we are. Have we failed their expectaions of us….cry babies????? It only took less than a generation to achieve a great living standard for many. no English , degrees paid for by loans and working … Even Asians….very unique language, can learn English and be Valedictorians….We have to expect more of OURSELVES and then we will get whatever we WORK for , Earning not taking and excel as well , but…..Everyone must get off their BUTTS already, instead of whining.

  10. donbronkema1 May 20, 2013

    Alright, already!…here’s a Lifetime Leftie who agrees: find the guys who made Cincinnati look bad, punish ’em acc. to law [if they broke it] & let’s get on w/the 2 generation task of nat’l reconstruction imposed by 36 years of supply-side/trickle-down greed, pluto-subsidies, theft of trillions during 5 episodes of criminal enterprise [S&L, etc], failure to address 87+ trillions in unfunded liabilities & suicidal hegemonism abroad…Arab Muslims don’t hate democracy, as Arbusto Segundo speciously asserted [they scream for it], but they detest our petrol-military presence [Osama’s founding complaint, remember?]…then there’s our guilt-driven seizure of the southern Levant in 1948 [imagine the absurdity of restoring, world-wide, the ethno-political boundaries of 537 BPE]…this octogenarian brain reels!

  11. Kim Jones May 20, 2013

    What has happened to the GOP. They think they are hurting the President but they are committing political suicide. How is pushing fake scandals going to help them win in 2016. They look more foolish, unreasonable and crazy each day. There is no leadership in the current GOP and they need to stop living in their FOX NEWS BUBBLE. Vote them out in 2014, the country needs politicians that focus on the economy not impeaching the President.

  12. ococoob May 20, 2013

    Folks, get out there in 2014 and get rid of dem bums!

    1. Archie's Boy May 20, 2013

      Yeah, what HE said!

  13. stcroixcarp May 20, 2013

    The three scandals are (1) Benghazi. Compared to the Iraq war which was caused by Bush/Cheney/ Rumsfeld/Rice deliberate lies about weapons of Mass Destruction which caused over 4,000 American service men and women to die and another 40,000 to be injured, Benghazi is insignificant in lives lost and people injured. Hell, more people are shot to death by illegally procured guns in 24 hours in America, than killed in Benghazi. (2) the AP phone records scandal. What did the republicans expect when they pushed through the Patriot Act which allows for wire taps without warrants in pursuit of terrorists? Wasn’t the justice department trying to catch terrorists? (3) The IRS targeting right wing 501c4 groups. If I were head of the IRS I would certainly investigate any 501c4 group that claims that collecting taxes is the same as stealing, and advocates “Second Amendment Solutions” (shooting people you don’t like) Wasn’t Al Capone brought down by the IRS? Why shouldn’t these domestic terrorists expect to be investigated? I think that all 501c4’s should be suspended immediately until the law can be clearly defined. They are tools for legal bribery and money laundering.

  14. Keith Robertson May 20, 2013

    Apparently, it has escaped the obamalemmings here that the major media outlets as well as Democrats in the U.S. House & Senate have joined the Republicans in condeming these actions, particularly those by the overzealous and politicized IRS as “chilling”. And still, you obamalemmings chatter on in idolatrous outrage, repeating the WH talking points like the intellectual robots that you are. Must be embarassing to be sucked in by a Cult of Personality; to be so emotionally invested in a politician that you become unhinged and argue against the very principles that you claim to stand for simply because he’s “your man”. Fascinating to watch, really…aggravating, but fascinating.

    1. Mimihaha May 23, 2013


  15. hotflashweave May 21, 2013

    Wolf snacks?? Will go to bed with that image, and smile in my dreams!


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