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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Representative Steve King’s Greatest Hits–Part Two


Representative Steve King (R-IA) is at it again, with a new series of crazy accusations and bigoted statements. Earlier this year, we highlighted some of the most outrageous comments made by this far right Tea Party politician, and his recent remarks are more of the same.

From immigration reform to climate change, here’s more lunacy from Steve King.

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  • D.Forrest

    I think he has strapped down his comb-over too tight. And wtf is with that doo anyway?
    It’s not like he’s got anything in his head to protect…

  • InsideEye

    Allison, Steve King is anti-ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, as is 80% of USA.

    • Dominick Vila

      I don’t know about 80%, but there is no question that a large number of Americans are against immigration reform and will punish those politicians who support it. That is why Sen. Rubio backed off from his initial stand and is now trying to demonstrate his conservative credentials by calling for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, and it is the reason so many House representatives don’t want to touch this issue with a 10 foot pole. The issue for many Americans has little to do with fairness or the need to improve our immigration process, for them the goal is to keep people who are culturally different from mainstream Americans away to preserve our traditions and the status quo.

      • InsideEye

        Many want to keep their cultural values in tact, that is why we have little Italy, China Town , Pollocks and Honkies lived here, Irish lived there in every city etc. but when we had to come together , particularly war- time ….we all did the right thing. We all met in grammar school and found out that we were more alike than different. Today we are accentuating differences rather than similarities. ..Seems back then……we learned from each other rather than be forced to be with each other.

      • stcroixcarp

        You said it correctly, just another way of defining systemic racism and white privilege.

      • dalnb

        True, very true!
        When we were being told there was somewhere between 16 to 18 million illegals in the U.S. the media was saying that 92% of the people were against any form of amnesty and that we need to deport those here illegally.
        Now that the idea of amnesty will gain votes for certain people and wealth for CEOs of big companies, farmers and manufacturing CEOs the efforts to change America’s thought pattern are at full speed ahead. I believe there are more than 11 million illegals here but supporters of Amnesty know they could never gain any backing if the truth is known.
        When the “pathway” became the keyword we were suddenly being told there are 11 million illegals here. When amnesty became the keyword we were suddenly being told they would help our economy and fill the jobs that American industry can not find workers for (even the fact that many big companies could not find the educated or skilled workers to fill the jobs; I don’t know where all those kids graduating from college went or why the illegals are considered so much britter than our own people. Pew research says that of the 11 million illegals 3,300,000 have no education of work experience/skills)
        I honestly believe if it was possible to ask the American people rather than rely upon polls tainted by special interest groups and paid teams of amnesty supporters we would find that the huge percentage of Americans still oppose any form of a pathway to citizenship. I believe they still support the fact our current law provides a legal pathway and that those who prefer to violate our laws are not deserving of any special privileges over those who elect to comply with our laws when they seek legal migration here.

  • Dominick Vila

    If Republicans in the House don’t share Rep. Steve King’s views on immigration reform, why do they follow his lead? The truth is that most Republicans, and some Democrats, are not interested in immigration reform for the same way they opposed minimal gun control reform: they are afraid of the backlash they will get from their constituents. Most politicians are well educated and intelligent people, unfortunately, they are also very ambitious and will stop at nothing to achieve their political and personal goals.
    Under normal circumstances, immigration reform and goal control reform would be no brainers, but these are not normal circumstances. Greed, the election of our first African American President, the pervasive influence of big money in our political process, and ethnic and cultural prejudices that have existed since the beginning of mankind, continue to dominate the agenda. People like Rep. King seldom voice their real beliefs, they simply address the convictions and expectations of their constituents to remain in office and be elected to higher office. They are political prostitutes who sell their moral values and principles to the highest bidder.

    • InsideEye

      Dom, I believe that both Democrats and Republicans in congress are being influenced by PACs and not the everyday working constituents. It is time for a drastic sweeping out of congress. Elect and not broker candidates. The everyday man in the streets is not heard except on these forums.

    • stcroixcarp

      If most politicians are in fact well educated and intelligent, why do they act out of ignorance and bigotry?

      • Dominick Vila

        To appeal to their uneducated and dumb constituents.

        • barneybolt12

          Steve King gives true meaning to I.O.W.A. Idiot out walking around.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Rep. King must be a really good actor then, because he just seems thick as a plank to me.

      • Dominick Vila

        On a more positive note, we need more ambassadors of hatred, like Rep. King, to set a record in 2016.

  • Allan Richardson

    Talk about violent cultures, the British Isles were rife with English oppressing Welsh, Scots and Irish, and each of those groups fighting back; Scots-Irish Protestants vs Irish Catholics; Stuart-favoring Scots vs Parliament; Puritans killing the King; etc. And where did America’s original white population come from? The most violent of the above groups. The Scandinavian countries that try to get everyone else to make peace today are the homes of the Vikings, some of whom mixed in with the English (and, ironically, the Russians also), and in their day would have made the Vikings football team look like a debutante’s coming-out tea.

    All of these formerly violent cultures (except perhaps the IRA and the Orangemen) came to America and, eventually, built a relatively peaceful country (but still much more violent that Norway, for example, or even Germany, with whom the rest of the world had a couple of spats in the last century). The violence in Latin countries has historically been the result of peasants occasionally rising up against dictators, first Spanish then native-born. The more RECENT spate in violence in Mexico, Colombia and Peru is the result of criminal gangs supplying DEMAND FROM THE U.S. for illegal drugs. We have tried to stem the demand by imprisoning users, but that has not worked. The War on Drugs is a failure, but that is another issue.

    And by the way, the biggest of our lower 48 states was FOUNDED by illegal immigrants; illegal immigrants INTO Mexico (OK, they were allowed in, but did they “fit in” with Mexican culture? No, they fought against their newly adopted country).

  • Marilyn

    Steve King’s comments about the Dreamers, especially the comparison of the number of valedictorians vs. drug smugglers is particularly stupid. Obviously, there can be only one valedictorian per graduating class regardless of where that valedictorian comes from whereas the number of drug smugglers depends on the market for those drugs and I don’t believe that any nationality has cornered that market. But there is a huge number of young people who occupy that vast middle ground between academic stardom and criminality. Most are just decent young people who would like to better themselves and take part in the society that they have grown up in.

  • ococoob

    Why in hell is this man even voted into office!!!???

  • Pamby50

    I am so glad no one showed up at that rally in Virginia. People just need to stay away from the lunatics.

  • dalnb

    I do not care for King but I strongly support his efforts to see this Immigration bill does not pass as it is written.
    We need more Congressmen to stand against the bill. It has the same defects the current law has in that it allows appointed federal and state managers to apply only those parts of the law they like and in the flexible fashion they desire. This discretionary application of a federal law is what has allowed the invasion of our country.
    We do need Immigration reform BUT only (of the three parts of this bill – legal immigration reform, Amnesty, and border security) the only parts that need agreed upon and passed is the Legal immigrants and Border Security portions. Any and everything suggested, debated, considered or planned regarding amnesty (in any shape or form or under any other manipulated term) MUST NOT be passed. Passing anything that affords any path to citizenship is not in the best interest of our country. We need the jobs not the illegal aliens, we need the stable economy not one where the illegals send portions of their income back home reducing local, state and federal taxes needed in our communities, we need to reduce our social welfare systems not enlarge the recipient benefits as has been pointed out by both PEW Research and the CATO institute.
    King is obviously not well liked by many people but he must have been doig something right to get reelected, In this case king him has noting to do with the issue – caring for America, concern for our economy, jobs and quality of lifef has to be the main concern. King is right in saying this bill MUST NOT PASS> Don’t like him if that suits you but for the best interests of America do what you can to see this bill does not include any pathway or amnesty for the illegals in our nation!

  • howa4x

    Republicans in the house can either call him out for a public scolding or get behind him. King is only saying publically what they all are doing just getting more attention. It is great that he is the face of the tea party. Now even kids in 5th grade science class can boast that they know more than he does. Just when the republican autopsy revels that they need the Latino vote he is running around disparaging them. The leadership the GOP is sitting on a mountain of jell-o and it is squishing out all over. King, Cruz, Lee just pick anyone of them. all good for a laugh.
    Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up

  • imabrummie

    Whilst I do not agree with the ridiculous statements made by this sorry excuse for a politician, there are many of us who came here by the legal route who are upset by this whole conversation about “creating a path to citizenship” for those who decided that it was A-OK to sneak into this country and not go through the process to gain legal status. If, in fact, there is currently no “path to citizenship”, then perhaps those of us who went through the long process to become a citizen could be given an explanation as to exactly what path it was that we followed.