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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Romney, Ricketts Repudiate ‘Swift Boats On Steroids’

Mitt Romney and conservative billionaire Joe Ricketts are both distancing themselves from a proposed anti-Obama ad that is being described as “Swift Boats on steroids.”

According to Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg of The New York Times, the Ending Spending Action Fund — a Super PAC bankrolled by Ricketts — wants to “do exactly what John McCain would not let us do,” and remind American voters of President Obama’s ties to his controversial former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. To do so, they commissioned Fred Davis (of “I’m not a witch” fame) to create “The Defeat of Barack Hussein Obama: The Ricketts Plan to End His Spending for Good.”

According to the ad’s storyboard, which was obtained by the Times, it would feature a number of absurd shots at the President, emphasizing his ties to Wright (who the ad calls “the inspiration for [Obama’s] life,”) claiming that he begs, kneels and apologizes for America (a claim that has been repeatedly debunked,) and mixing in footage of the September 11th attacks for good measure.

The advertising plan also contains preparations on how to respond to the inevitable charges that it engages in race baiting by accusing Obama of buying into “black liberation theology:”

The group suggested hiring as a spokesman an “extremely literate conservative African-American” who can argue that Mr. Obama misled the nation by presenting himself as what the proposal calls a “metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln.”

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  • Mari Johnson

    If they do it, the Christian group on the right will have to bounce over to the Obama side. This disgusting unGodly behavior out of our party of Lincoln is simply too much for Christains to embrace!

  • Namaste_u

    never seen such hatred in this country, President Obama is bi racial, sometimes I think we are back in the sixties when cowards were wearing white hoods and destroying people, yeah very “Christain” what is wrong with the Republicans, tea Party etc? keep it up, and everyone will see who is really “bankrupting ” this country. Even Jesus would say shame on you!!!

  • peteserb

    Pravda, The National Memo strikes again. The memo maligns all conservative citizens whether they back this PAC or not. It’s not unusual since the Memo backs anything (lies, innuendo and distortions) that the left generates. Perhaps the memo could give the truth 2% of the time and call itself a real news organization rather than just another tool of the left.

    • rmarqua2921

      If these articles are “lies, inuendos(sic) and distortions” maybe you could tell us the truth? I am so tired of your kind calling everyone else liars and everything else lies, without backing up your claims! I am ready to say to you and all your kind, if you have no facts to back up your allegations, then “shut up”. The first amendment was not meant to be used to berate and falsely criticize others or make derogatory statements about others without proof! It was meant to protect me when I told the truth or tried to expose the truth! The First Amendment was not designed to allow people like you to make unsupported allegations!

  • These constant attacks only make me want to vote Obama back in office. This pointless hate who had to clean up Bush’s mess is so racial you can touch it. If they did this with Bush – the real culprit – I must listen to why they’re griping but alas, it’s because he’s a Brown man with power over Caucasians.

    Obama 2012!!!!!!

    • ROCKY2

      Bush mess after 4 years of destruction of the economy, unemployment , housing foreclosing, you are full of s…..t , racial who in hell wants a black gay to keep governing our country… go ahead and give him your dam vote, anyways in Nov. we will give these bastard DEMOC-RATS, a lesson to remember…!

      • rmarqua2921

        The economic policy of the George W. Bush administration was a combination of tax cuts, expenditures for fighting two wars, and a free-market ideology intended to de-emphasize the role of government in the private sector. He advocated the ownership society, premised on the concepts of individual accountability, less government, and the owning of property.

        During his first term (2001–2005), he sought and obtained Congressional approval for tax cuts: the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002 and the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003. These acts decreased all tax rates, reduced the capital gains tax, increased the child tax credit and eliminated the so-called “marriage penalty”, and were set to expire in 2011.

        The last two years of his presidency were characterized by the worsening subprime mortgage crisis, which resulted in dramatic government intervention to bailout damaged financial institutions and a weakening economy.

        The U.S. national debt grew significantly from 2001 to 2008, both in dollars terms and relative to the size of the economy (GDP),[1] due to a combination of tax cuts and wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Budgeted spending under President Bush averaged 19.9% of GDP, similar to his predecessor President Bill Clinton, although tax receipts were lower at 17.9% versus 19.1%.[2]o

        Sorry dude these are the facts, you have anything to dispute them! I’d rather have a gay-friendly and black president, who has brought us from the debts of hell, to a point where we can again hold up our heads in this world! You clearly are a Republican! A question: What is the difference between Romney’s economic policies and those of George Bush? You think you can answer that without name calling every one who is not a Republican? Oh, another question: Where are all the jobs George Bush and the Republicans promised from all the tax breaks to the rich and corporations?

        • joyscarbo

          What in the hell are you talking about? Bush nearly destroyed our country.

          George W Bush and his administration passed laws to protect credit card companies from its own customers allowing them unfettered control over interest rates, fees and collections. They then took away the teeth of the bankruptcy protection laws making it harder for the middle class who came upon hard times to recover. Then the death blow, George W Bush and a Republican Congress for 6 out of his 8 years in office took our budget from a surplus to a 17 trillion deficit. Throwing away money on a war of CHOICE, and more tax cuts for the wealthy again leaving 95% of Americans behind.

          Jobs left, opportunity left, false wealth exploded, risk exploded, oversight and regulation was non existent. And as always happens sooner or later when irresponsible behavior rules it came time to pay the piper. So by 2008 it was clearly evident to all with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

          President Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and took quick, decisive action to stop the bleeding. Many banks were saved, The stock market had recovered 50% of its losses. The amount of job loss has been reduced. An auto industry who’s collapse would have cost millions more jobs was averted. Home sales are up, home values are up. Cash for Clunkers gave a huge shot in the arm to the auto industry. Finally the middle class got a tax cut.

          More of Bush’s Greatest Hits…
          *Not focusing on the real war, which was in Afghanistan. Instead, sacrificing thousands of our troops in Iraq, using manufactured, false “intellegence.”
          *He couldn’t dispatch with Osama Bid Laden- the real threat to our national security and architect behind 9/11. In fact, Bush said, “I really don’t think about it much.” Thanks, W, what a patriot- NOT!
          *Engaging in torture and defying the rules of war that were established by the Geneva Convention shortly after WWII, in response to the attrocities comitted by Nazi Germany.
          *Halliburton overcharged our army for fuel to the tune of $61 million- twice the going rate at the time in 2003. We taxpayers ate that. Coincidently, Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton and had dealings with Iran.

          You know I could go on and on because there is literally SO much illegal and unethical crap that occured during the George W Bush administration.

          I can do this all day, so BRING IT ON. You have nothing at the end of the day.

          • rmarqua2921

            I am confused, my comment was not in favor of George Bush! Did you read the entire comment…I totally agree with everything you are saying!! I am a die hard Obama fan!

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            joyscarbo wrote, in response to rmarqua2921:
            What in the hell are you talking about? Bush nearly destroyed our country.
            George W Bush and his administration passed laws to protect credit card companies from its own customers allowing them unfettered control over interest rates, fees and collections. They then took away the teeth of the bankruptcy protection laws making it harder for the middle class who came upon hard times to recover. Then the death blow, George W Bush and a Republican Congress for 6 out of his 8 years in office took our budget from a surplus to a 17 trillion deficit. Throwing away money on a war of CHOICE, and more tax cuts for the wealthy again leaving 95% of Americans behind.
            Jobs left, opportunity left, false wealth exploded, risk exploded, oversight and regulation was non existent. And as always happens sooner or later when irresponsible behavior rules it came time to pay the piper. So by 2008 it was clearly evident to all with the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

            President Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and took quick, decisive action to stop the bleeding. Many banks were saved, The stock market had recovered 50% of its losses. The amount of job loss has been reduced. An auto industry who’s collapse would have cost millions more jobs was averted. Home sales are up, home values are up. Cash for Clunkers gave a huge shot in the arm to the auto industry. Finally the middle class got a tax cut.
            More of Bush’s Greatest Hits…
            *Not focusing on the real war, which was in Afghanistan. Instead, sacrificing thousands of our troops in Iraq, using manufactured, false “intellegence.”
            *He couldn’t dispatch with Osama Bid Laden- the real threat to our national security and architect behind 9/11. In fact, Bush said, “I really don’t think about it much.” Thanks, W, what a patriot- NOT!
            *Engaging in torture and defying the rules of war that were established by the Geneva Convention shortly after WWII, in response to the attrocities comitted by Nazi Germany. *Halliburton overcharged our army for fuel to the tune of $61 million- twice the going rate at the time in 2003. We taxpayers ate that. Coincidently, Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton and had dealings with Iran.
            You know I could go on and on because there is literally SO much illegal and unethical crap that occured during the George W Bush administration.
            I can do this all day, so BRING IT ON. You have nothing at the end of the day. Link to comment

          • CPANY

            The problem is that some of those posting comments are so anxious to vent their anger that they don’t bother to read the other posts carefully.

            The result is their posts don’t make any sense.

            Solution: Take a deep breath and think before you write.

          • I think he meant to reply to Rocky2’s comment, not yours. We all agree with you and not Rocky2. All they do is yell, they have no facts to back up what they are saying. They just don’t want to admit GW did this to our country and President Obama is doing the best he can with an obstructionist elected body of representatives, senators and congress.

          • sonorasue1

            or Emil Chavaz

          • All true and joyscarbo and rmaqua2921 are in agreement AND I don’t know how I got put on here as Antonio Gonzalez( al2469)

          • bonnieparmenter

            Most of what you are saying is true and that is why I did not vote for Bush or the Republicans in 2008, but it was under the Clinton administration that the deregulation of the banks took place and that is the true cause of our economic disaster. Congress was run by the Democrats under Bush and that is their department and responsibility to keep an eye on the economy.
            Most of the tax cuts Bush initiated did help business growth, such as the accelerated depreciation. This gave businesses incentives to up-grade equipment and expands and that is necessary for the US to be on an equal playing field with the rest of the world. Decreasing the income taxes from 70% to 35% on over a million incomes was a little stretch and should have been around 50-60%. Reducing capital gains from 18% to 15% was a good incentive for people to invest more. I personally don’t think unearned income tax should be less than earned income tax but the idea was a good thought. I have a hard time thinking anyone in the real world could think the laws passed under Obama are good for our nation. We have to realize unless we want all business and industry out of the US we need a different approach than what Obama is doing. To date Obama touts creating over 3,000,000 new jobs but the job losses are even more under their own statistics and these statistics are very fudged since they don’t count all the unemployed no longer on unemployment and the self employed not working or not working nearly as much.
            It is his administrations attack on small business that I don’t understand. Nations who chose no bailouts are recovering much faster than the ones who chose bailouts and they are not leaving their children and grandchildren a legacy of debt to payback.

          • sonorasue1

            Wait a minute! The Congress was run by the Republicans for 6 years under Bush. Thy spent us into a huge deficit.
            There was plenty of money under “Clinton.

            By the way. Has any one stopped to realize that it takes money to run a Country. You cannot just keep cutting and cutting taxes. However, the wealthiest and corporations should receive tax increases, because they have proven time and time again that they do not use the extra money to create jobs. They horde it. They are getting fatter and fatter, and cutting employees from their work force, in most instances.

          • bonnieparmenter

            I agree that the weathest get the biggest tax breaks and that is not right but that is different than tax incentives for businesses so they can be competative with the world. The US now has the highest corporate taxes in the world. Many countries such as Switerland have no corporate income taxes in most cases. Their economy is good and unemployment is under 3.5% . I agree that under Clinton the budget was balanced but Clinton himself has said he just let the Republican handle the finances.
            Clinton himself signed the law de-regulating the banks. I have never understood why they cannot keep the good Bush tax cuts and up the tax on individuals making over $1,000,000. Most peoples retirements are in funds that the taxes would
            increase and that would hurt a lot of people. Government needs to just stop bailing out and spending insanely and recklessly.

          • joyscarbo

            No matter what way you want to “spin” W’s administration, he’s still the worst president in the history of the US. In fact, I am convinced that even W knows it too. He’s laid low since leaving office and has stayed out of the public eye. He’s only come out in support of Romney recently. If I had my way, W and his entire corrupt administration would be charged with war crimes and sent to prison where he and his administration belongs. To not be absolutely certain with his “intellegence” and rushing into war with Iraq and sacrificing American lives is not to taken lights, forgetten or forgiven. PERIOD.

            I believe that Barrack Obama has performed to the best of his abilities given the state of our nation. There is solid proof of recovery of our nation’s economy, although slow. More could have been accomplished but republicans provided absolutely NO cooperation. It was either their way or the highway. The republican’s behavior is inexcusible and I hope that voters prove that in the fall.

            As for Romney, I am unable to comprehend how this represents the best that the republican party has. He doesn’t want to say how he’ll improve the condition of the economy because he’ll figure it out when he gets there…REALLY?!! That’s the weakest platform I’ve EVER heard and those who are republicans are saying, “Okay with me!” WHAT?! It’s insanity. He hasn’t the ability to muster up a cogent thought or idea. He is completely disgenuine. I don’t see the American people falling for more “W” like politics.

          • sonorasue1

            More reality! Good! However, the right wing Extremists wouldn’t believe it if they were personally involved in those decisions!

        • joyscarbo

          I must profusely apologize. I realized that I misread your statement after I posted my rant and I tried to delete it but it still appeared! I’m so very sorry. I know that your comments were of agreement. I need to save my ire for those who deserve it. We do have some “righties” cruising this site. Again…I’m sorry.

        • sonorasue1

          Right On!

      • chap

        Where were you 4 years ago?? In some vacuum universe where we all watched George in his flight jacket and proclaim MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

      • So typical of far right wing folks Lets review some actual facts
        US has lived 30 yrs under Bush 1 & 2 GOP Reaganomics fat cat favoring policies- 2 long wars based on lies – killing- wasting trillions – UNfunded corp cuts- massive greed- deregulation of Wall ST – banks – airlines – trucking- Led to worst crash in 80 yrs 1929 -1930’s
        Bush even kept war debt OFF BUDGET Read Use logic Check facts Ignore Fox Hannity Rush & 800 con radio talk shows who spew same old lies-smears BS Since Obama 2007 campaign

        • sonorasue1

          I agree whole heartedly with your statements.

      • DorisFreed

        So you are an open bigot, how old are you? I have a long history in this Country, I have lived through the various crises, from World War TwoThe Korean War. The cold war, the Vietnam War ,The voting against it, the 60s, the lying of Reagan, Nixon, the disastur of the Bushes, the voting of Woman, Desegregation of schools. And now you have an obviously young person with little personal history of these events, spouting his fathers and grandfathers racial prapaganda. So sad to read, the same old same old.

      • kerotom

        Hey Rock – get your head out of your bass and go fishin’ in some other pond.
        What are you going to do – leave the country when Bo gets elected again this year??
        Christ what the hell are you going to do when Hillary gets elected in 2016????

      • jebediah123

        Rave on, Mother!! I really would like to know your hat size. I’ll bet it’s pretty small.

      • That’s what it is all about isn’t Rocky2? Thar’s a nigga in the White House and we cain’t stand it. You racist, bigot, pig, and lily white trash. Yes, I can call you that, I am white too, but I am definitely NOT a prejudiced racist, like you and the rest of those right-wing conservative, repugnant republicans.

      • rocky2 I am really sorry for you because you need a change of HEART!

      • You must be one racial bastard if you think that way,i for anybody that has the balls to step up to the plate and do that job and do it well and your not one of them.

      • Joseph Kelsall

        Vas te faire foutre!

      • hdges41

        ROCKY2, why dont you find another country to your liking.. You certainly don’t belong here.

      • patuxant

        go for a run rocky 2,,,hope you drain out your testerone pipes somewhere else other than with ration people…

      • sonorasue1

        Sounds as though you are just full of hate, period!

      • mncold

        You are exactly why the Republicans will lose – keep going you’re doing a good job for the Democrats!!

      • You should be careful and remember the same God that breathes the breath into your norstrils breathes the breath into President Obama’ s and God love Mr. Obama as much as you think he love you. God always got the final say esp. to those the thing themselves to be smarter and better than someone else all because of the color of a person’s skin. So be careful because what goes around also comes around God declares that vengence belong to God. Instead of wasting energy hating us energy to love God and prepare for the day of the Lord which is at hand. Let us all as human beings and creatures of God PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER REGARDLESS OF THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN LET US LOVE AND PRAY AND SHOW CONCERN FOR ONE ANOTHER. EVEN THE ANIMALS CARE MORE FOR ONE ANOTHER THAN THE HUMAN AND GUESS WHAT THE HUMAN THINK THAT THEY ARE SMARTER THAN THE ANIMALS AT LEAST THE ANIMAL KNOW HOW TO CARE ABOUT ONE ANOTHER. THINK ABOUT IT.

      • D.

        You sound like a typical Romney supporter….no brains, no headache!

    • brotherscoe

      Mitt Romney is no better than John Edwards. Remember how Edwards ran for president an all american goody two shoes, who espoused good wholesome family values, now look at him, campaign contributions being used to cover up his infidelity and his babys mama is telling it all. Just think if this sly devil would have made president, he makes Obama look like a choir boy. The critics make excuses for Romney against Gays, saying it was a long time ago, but they hold Obamas feet to the fire on everything about this blackmans life, this is why I going to vote for him again.

    • cgent47

      Consider that the unemployment rate was 4.4 percent when Pelosi was sworn in back in January 2007. When she gave up the gavel four years later, the rate was a staggering 9.4 percent with over 8.5 million more people out of work.

      Let’s understand that the economy was booming when the Democrats and Pelosi took over Congress in 2007. By the end of their first year in charge, a recession began that many claim to be the worst since the Great Depression.

      But that‘s not Pelosi’s only “accomplishment.” The budget deficit before she became Speaker was a mere $160 billion. When she stepped down, the deficit had increased tenfold to an almost unthinkable $1.6 trillion.

      The total federal debt when Pelosi was given the gavel was $8.7 trillion. When she handed it over to current Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.), the debt had increased 61 percent to $14 trillion.

    • D.

      Amen to that…

  • yep that is a good reason for voting Obama back for another 4 years – these morons need to learn that America is not only white but multi national with a people that has learned tolerance over the last 200 years….. shame on these idiots…..

    • 2flutes

      And the news today is that “Whites” are a minority in the United States. I still suspect that underlying “most” anti Obama sentiment is racial. And many call themselves Christians? Martin Luther King where are you”

      • lexi001

        I happen to be white but I couldn’t have been happier at the news that the white’s are now a minority!! For Christs sake you racists need to let go of this KKK mentality you have been carrying around since the Civil Rights Movement. Your hatred is felt all over today. You all hid it pretty well until we elected an African-American President. I knew it was always out there. I’m sure you’re all loading up on ammunition just panting waiting for your idea of Armageddon.

  • ‘Tis Moi

    Ricketts & Romney- 2012’s version of Pontius Pilate

  • The rich and privileged will stoop to any level to keep their financial power over the poor and middle class. They view us as the sheep who need to be sheared. Plutocracy is alive and growing in America; the rich really have gotten (a lot) richer while the poor and middle class have gotten poorer (look at the statistics under Bush). It is unbelievable that a majority (the 98%) have continued to put up with this attack on the hard working people of America. (i.e., a sizeable fraction of the middle class and even some of the poor vote Republican, against their own interests) This is perfectly explainable by P.T. Barnum’s quote , “you can fool all the people some of the time (republican propaganda in elections) and some of the people all the time (middle class Republicans).

  • Wayne Bushnell

    Anyone who knows anything knows that Obama has distanced himself from Rev Wright since Wright’s insane tirade. Sure we all have had our “church homes” but that doesn’t mean we agree with everything spewed from the pulpit. Anyway, an advertisement as venomous as this one sounds may just be “the kiss of death” for Romney.

  • The Republican Party has become mostly a confederacy of unAmerican radical cults whose decadent efforts to win the Presidency are an embarrassment to all patriots regardless of ethnicity, religion or party affiliation.

  • Maricia12

    HO HUM, yawn, Who cares about Jeramiah Wright? That’s old news and was worn out in the 2008 campaign. Besides, why would Romney, with his belief in magic underwear, really want to go toe to toe on religion. I think the American people have had four years to know what President Obama is all about. He has not made the country a Socialist nation. He has not insisted the country bow to the Muslin religion. He has not taken away our guns. He has not made the country Communist. He has not been accused of adultry. The only thing he is accused of is trying to help Americans and ensure health care for all. The Republicans, with all their millions or billions, have no credibility when it comes to honesty. They have no plan to fix the economy or the problems that exist. They only know how to say no and do nothing in Congress while they plot to put extremeist in office in every state so they can screw Americans in the middle and poor class and take away women’s rights. They want to take away medicare, change social security and do away with many social programs people need. If you are so wealthy you will never have to worry about needing help and you do not care about others who are less fortunate, then go on and vote Republican. I am sure there are a lot of Americans who thought they would never have to worry about having a job or losing their income and homes who are now on food stamps. We need better accountability for these programs not do away with them. This is a wealthy country and we cannot afford to send aid to other countries, subsidize big oil companies, fund pork projects like bridges to nowhere, while we let our own people suffer.

  • GOP will get so comfortable that they have this race in the bag (especially Mittens) they will run racist ads on the airwaves or behind the scenes….*Pssssst we have internet, iphones, etc, that carries out the hate message now and people will be turned off by all the smear hate mess! I was going to stay home but this makes me get out the vote even more!!!!!! Obama 2012!!!

  • Landsende

    In Texas conservative republicans are running ads against Lt Governor David Dewhust calling him a “moderate” republican as if that makes him the devil. The republicans only want candidates that will go along with whatever the tea party says and anyone that won’t they will do everything they can to defeat. I’m an independent and will vote for whomever will put the best interests of the country first, be they republican or democrat. To bad there aren’t many politicians that are willing to forego partisan politics and work together to solve the problems facing our country, maybe then we could go back to being the greatest country in the world.

  • Can’t blame Mitt there! Do not agree that it has anything to do with race. This isn’t the 50’s and do not believe being black is the reason he was elected. We need to let loose of those old thoughts! THIS is politics. Politics is not nice. They do not care who you are…they want to win any way they can. I cannot understand why people keep getting wrapped up in what race someone is any more. Who cares? Believe it or not, we have a lot of equality and there is less stress about who you are and more about how far you can go but more stress on whether or not you have money! Money is the culprit here, not race. Race is an old story. Some people just use it now to get their way. Everyone is so sensitive about who they are. Let’s give our selves a break and get back to the real culprit….money, POWER, and greed.

    • Lenie Adolphson

      Patti, I agree everything is not about race, but racism is still a major problem in the U.S you may want to read the yahoo comment page anytime there is an article about race, a minority, or a story that tangentially relates to a minority, or anything about Obama and the racism flies to the point that you would think it was 1912 instead of 2012. There has been change, but there is a very large group of bigots who happily express their viewpoint behind a computer.

  • This is just a sign of things to come., its going to be mud slinging . I am going to vote for Obama, I dont care what the naysayers and haters say.

  • You got’a be kidding me… Talk about running a campaign of character assassination, this so-call anti- Obama advertising sounds like something you would expect to hear at a Ku Klux Klan ralley.
    What’s worst is the fact that manage to find an “Uncle Tom to be the narriator spokesman for this stupid and racist advertisement. I’m not buying Romney’s and Ricket’s claim of distancing themselves from this and I will be closing out my TD Ameritrade account.

  • William Deutschlander

    Romney and Ricketts responses are blatant lies, anyone with a small portion of a brain knows that this is their plan of attack!

    These ANTI AMERICAN TRAITORS OF DEMOCRACY, encouraged by the “Supreme? COURT”, should be incarserated and tried for TREASON!

    PUTIN is VERY PROUD of ROMNEY and his Republican Conspirators!

  • ChristoD

    I heard that Romney was ahead in a national poll taken today. WTF is going on here ? Why in God’s name would people even consider voting for a person who is part of a political party that is so full of hate. WTF is going on America ? Wake up before these folks take control of our country and put us back 75 years.

  • Agrelou

    These ads just will not work. Four years ago when he was an unknown they may have painted Obama as something he is not. America knows him now and will not be influnced by craziness. All these will do is make haters hate more

  • Mitt ‘s a coward Would not stand up to Rush’s filthy comments or any right wing hate talker . Mitts super pacs say whatever he approves of They do his dirty work
    GOP Baggers have called Obama every slimy name in the book already So This will not change anything except for the folks who already hate Obama .

  • I used to be a GOP voter till I looked at GOP policies of last 30 yrs and where they led us as I look back to 2008 crash / depression I see we are moving in right direction in spite of GOP blocking stalling and filibusters- GOP vows to crush Obama – cause his Waterloo any sneaky devious way they can

    • What scares me is the Electoral College. Why we are not allowed to vote popular vote ? We inherited Bush #2 when the votes were put on hold in Florida until it was to late to continue … Bush did not win the popular vote and he still got in ! I have a feeling that the Repubs. have even more tricks up their sleeves and Mitt will be the results.

  • DorisFreed

    Thank you, you are more articulate than I am. Good for you.

  • bigspender7

    Republicans have shown us they are totally without scruples when it comes to dishonest campaign messaging. But for some the “swift boat” kind of scurrilous attack ads have an effect, especially on those already inclined to believe any ridiculous lie about the opposition candidate. For some reason this president seems to bring out the worst in these airheads who have been poisoned by too many hours watching FOX.

  • DorisFreed

    Thank you for stating the facts.

  • Renegade conservative PAC activity may be the best thing the DNC ever dreamed of.

  • Lenie Adolphson

    I would not pay much attention to national polls in May, there is a very long way to go, for those of us old enough to remember Michael Dukakis was up by 17 points against George H. Bush in August, we all know what happened. Romney still has to go through national interviews where he will be questioned extensively about his business, his plans ect.

  • nysgb

    Obviously Romney doesn’t feel he has a record that is strong enough to garner enough votes, so he is going to hide behind lying cowards who attack the president with no regard for truth.

    • The One




  • You can’t change idiots, most can see through the retric.

  • I have never in my 58 years in America heard the like of crying and whining, blaming, finger-pointing, and slurring of a President as I have heard about Obama. 98% of which comes from the GOP. It is absolutely sickening! You lost the election folks, get over it! Leave the President alone, he is working hard to clean up the mess the last guy took eight years to create. Now you want tell lies about the man and say he is the one who created the mess. You are wrong and you are pathetic. This propaganda that has been spread over this last 3 1/2 years needs to stop. You all sound like a bunch of kids who didn’t get their way. It’s time to GROW UP!!!!

  • msblkwidow

    Are these people Americans? Apparently they missed out on learning about the great values this country died for and live by. These type of tactics ( race baiting and fear) are so outdated and wrong. We live in a country filled with people who are spiritual (christians, Jewish, Muslims) and also atheist or agnostics who deeply love this country. If this group decides to play these cards, I pray that these tactics will be the catalyst that destroys Romney’s bid for the White House. He will have deserved it. BTW, I don’t think Romney know what he’s doing. He can’t seem to make any decisions on his own. Will he have to wait on his staff to tell him what to do and when to do it if he becomes president? That’s not good for America. How in the heck did this man create all those jobs he claimed to have created? That is the question that boggles my mind.

    • The One

      Don’t you just love the way Romney and Ricketts were behind it and doled out the money for it before they decided it was wrong. It’s called Plausible Deny-ability! Obama is 10 times the man Romney is!

  • jackpold2

    anything that will help get rid of this terrible president is great , obama fooled and lied to us ,should never have been elected john

  • ok emill,

    1 Cor 6:9-10 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. NIV

  • Joseph Kelsall

    What a cretinous bunch Republicans are. No man is a hero to his valet, but Republicans are not fit to attend on Obama. AND. The people are beginning to realise this. Compared to Bush, Obama is America’s saviour.

  • DurdyDawg

    (sniff! sniff!).. I’m smelling a backfire on this idiocy.. This will be the stink smelled all over the nation.. Romney is wise to get far away from this stench. I can’t wait to vomit. These buttheads thinks they’re going to win by money alone.. If Romney wins then it should be on his merits and not on the shirt tails of a multi-million dollar rag ad. At least HE recognizes the B.S.

  • hdges41

    KOMOO. You are an insult to every rsational American. Go spew your crap somewhere else.

  • hdges41

    Problem is, Gary there are just too damn many idiots and the gOP can play them like a fiddle.

  • hdges41

    Sort of like FoxNews, eh peteserb?


    What a bunch of sleazeball hypocrites. First, Mittens and his plutocrat scumbag buddies commission a screed by somebody like Karl Rove, then they take the “high road” by disavowing it.

  • Hahahaha….Well this is beyond stupid. Is he kidding about the 204yrs till 1trillion in debt ( we’ve flushed down the drain about that much every 10yrs just in pork alone…)
    There is no super rich person with the best interest of all americans in mind. Only someone who has navigated his way up the food chain himself, and proved himself capable in the process can lead this nation. That’s it in a nutshell, Clinton could do it because he was bottom up, Bush couldn’t because he was top down. We have learned our lessons well from these so called well meaning “americans” there are no facts; let’s take it back to the schoolyard and start a rumour, please! This would have worked if we were still letting the tail wag the dog, but after watching congress for the last 4yrs. I’m ready to back the president even more, at least he worked for all of us i can’t say that about the otherside. -allencovington-

  • bonnieparmenter

    I don’t think the American people really care much at all about any of this. We just want a President that can get our country out of this financial mess. Obama’s solutions so far has been to just keep handing over more money to the banks, and spending more money on welfare and unemployment. This is a recipe for disaster. There is also a continued assault on small businesses while large industries are getting away with murder. I know this is true because I own a small business and have been audited and fined and taxes from every government agency out there. I also know of many other small businesses experiencing the same thing. All the laws being passed from the Food and Safety Act
    to the Financial Reform Act where drawn up by and catering totally to big business while
    they are harming small business with more restrictions and burdensome paperwork. I am disgusted by the Democratic Party for being so hypocritical.

  • sonorasue1

    Although I am a Democrat, I have to admire Mr. Romney for refusing to buy into the dirty ticks philosophy, that the right wing is so famous for!

  • Mic

    Typical right wing!

  • Tracie Staggers

    There is not one president that has done an absolutely perfect job at being the president of the united states. All of our president’s even before we were born, made multitude of mistakes, and still kept America going. Our president’s are not gods, they are not Jesus the son of God. They are human beings that makes mistakes. I will admit some president’s had better Ideas than others, but Democrate or Republicans have all made mistakes. And how could a person play the race card? There is no pure race on this earth. everyone is mixed with something; so to attack a mans or women’s because they are not what we expect them to be is plan raciest. The presidents that we have had has been part German, Irish, Swedish you name it some parts of them has some body elses blood in them that has been president. So what are we going to start doing asking them what they blood line is in, order to be our president? So before you play the race card, or point the finger who can run this country, can you cast the first stone of being perfect.

  • Tracie Staggers

    And Im sorry, United States should have been capitalized, sorry I am not perfect.

  • LadyCreole

    Why can’t those who R so down on, The Obama’s Administration get a grip –

    The United States was in such a Mess when he took office – This mess was not made by him or the Democrats – Clearly, the Mess was made by the Republicans, Rich and Poor –

    Maybe the time has come for each of us(American Citizen who feel that we as Tax Payers are paying too much money anyway for persons elected to Office to take care of ALL people in the United States of America) to really consider taking away the benefits, perks, stipens, and large salaries we pay these people including the Healthcare benefits, travels, and housings and use this money to put back into the programs to help fund Healthcare, Social Security, Education, Housing, and Nutritions for all people in need – I do believe that money should not be an issue in a Presidental Race(it should be opened to the person who is qualified and willing to serve the people as a whole and not just a few) – Those that commit themselves to serve the peoples should do just that and stop feathering their caps at the Tax Payers expense – Why not consider living and minimum wages or NO wages at all as so many Americans are forced to do(let those who choose to be paid by the Tax Payers try walking a year in our shoes) –

    And another things, it is time to remove the sealing that was placed on how much a patient can sue a Hospital and/or Doctor for mistakes made while a patient is in the Hospital under their care – Especially when a patient loses the use of a limb, hand, foot, or eye – The Hospital and/or Doctor should be held accountable –

  • LadyCreole

    It should have read – Let those who choose to work in Public Service try walking in the shoes of those who don’t have a job or those who earn minimum wages or just above and/or those who can’t get full time work because a many of companies only hire worker for so many hours a week to get out of paying benefits such as Medical, Dental, and Eye Care benefits – Come on – And you all calls yourselves Patriotic, please go try and sell that somewhere else because we are tired of hearing the BULL…. – Stop the lying and playing with peoples lives – So many are not even considered during the voting period and so many of those who votes are forgotten after the voting is over as well as many of those who are embraced by those we vote for, they too are forgotten when the number count is over and done with –

    All of us need to stand up and be counted for what is right in the Country in order to give this Country a chance to excell in taking care of ALL its PEOPLES –

  • mncold

    This may back fire on the Republicans – I’m personally sick of their rhetoric lies and absurd statements.

  • America! America! What happen to wanting God to bless America, God is a God of Love, not a God of hate. America! America! Let us stop hating one another and start praying for one another. It is not going to matter what the economy is like in a little while when the Lord come. What really matter now is that when the Lord come we should be found in him not having our own righteousness but the righteousness which is through the faith of Jesus Christ the righteous Son of God, which is the righteousness of God by faith, let us seek to know the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffering that we might be made conformable unto his death. There is coming a day that all in the graves is going to hear the voice of the Son of God and they that have done good (what God call good) will rise to everylasting rejoicing and they that have done evil shall rise to everlasting damnation. So LET US SEEK THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY GOOD EXCEPT GOD’S WAY.
    May God richly bless each of you and let heaven shine upon you all and give you peace in the name of Jesus Christ the righteous Son of God.

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  • D.

    I have to say that the more I see or hear of the type of campaign that the Republicans are turning to, it only strengthens my belief that President Obama deserves another term.

  • It always comes down to one thing, and it never changes. Racial hate of Obama by the KKK, oops, sorry, GOP. Tell me something, o great mighty GOP, if Obama is so wrong, why is it that you blame Obama for what your guy , GW, did in the 8 years that he shouldn’t have been in the White House? People like to say that Obama should be replaced. Why? I believe the House is controlled by the GOP, and they have made it their mission from January 20th, 2009, to make sure that ANYTHING the President(and he IS the president, whether you like it or not)wants to get done, is not going to happen. They truly are”The Party Of NO”. You keep yelling that Obama isn’t trying to do anything. We have tried things “The Republican Way”. The rich get richer, the middle class and lower class get overtaxed, and that’s the way they want it. They let jobs go overseas because they don’t want to pay Americans a decent wage. They are a greedy group who feels that only the rich should have the American Dream, and they are doing everything in its power to keep the middle and lower class from advancing. Their motto: “I have mine, now you get yours, and I am going to do everything in my power to keep you from getting it.” They want to privatize public schools, make it hard for high school graduates to go to college by making student loan interest extremely high. For those who can’t find work, they make it heartlessly tough for them to get on welfare and unemployment(but Romney loves to fire workers. He gets great laughs from doing it. He said it himself),they want to eliminate Roe v Wade, take away rights from women(that alone should have every woman running to join the Democratic Party). What’s next? A new Amendment that says that only old, rich , white men can be President? By doing what they have been doing, the GOP has been showing us all how racist their party truly is. Oh, and for those of you who feel that will say “there are blacks in the GOP”. Ask yourself why. Quite simple. Are they truly members of the GOP? Of course not. They are “window dressing” to show the rest of the country that they aren’t racists. DON’T YOU BE-LIEVE IT! As long as they have enough cash in the pockets , Swiss banking account, etc, they could care less about this country , and the people in it. If Romney or whatever brainless twit they nominate gets in, there will be a class war in this country. How much of their way of government do they think the middle and poor can take? The protests across the country should tell everyone that enough is enough. Wake up, KKK, oops , sorry again, GOP. Why don’t you think about this country and the people in it for a change? After all, people do die, and you can’t take that money you have to the grave with you.

  • venusspace14

    These biased racist assaults must end. President Obama is doing everything he can to save America. We were in two wars, that were started by the previous president. It tore our country apart. President Obama is very intelligent, caring, and patient. There is money in the world, but the controlling people do not want to release it because a Black man is president, in the meanwhile the whole nation is suffering. Mitt Romney is clueless, he has no idea of the average working person, their needs, their goals He is like being on another planet. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LET ROMNEY IN. STOP THIS SENSLESS PREJIDICE.

  • hahahhahaha…this is hilarious…what else can they do …the people did not buy it before and what makes this mudsling will do now that it could not do before

  • mugwort2

    I would rather vote for a stove pipe hatted Barack Obama then Mitt Romney who was an executive at Bain Capital who fired workers willy nilly. Who as a typical Republican endorses the Ryan plan. This budget slashes social programs while giving the superrich a tax decrease. Plus being for voter IDs that stop many low income people from voting. Don’t get me started on Romney’s view on women’s issues.

  • I wonder if Romney wants the focus to shine on his Mormon religion? If he attacks Obama and religion, then he is going to have to answer for all that the Mormons think and do. Does he want folks to know that his son’s can go on a mission for the church but not serve a mission for this country? Does he really want folks to know that he did the same thing? Does he want folks to know that HIS RELIGION is based on a horny man wanting to screw many women but couldn’t find a way to do it back in the 1800’s without getting tarred and feathered? So in order to relieve tension, Joseph Smith had a vision (really an erection) and came up with the grand solution to his problem –develop a “religion that allows multiple women and one man.” And because, in the 1800’s, women without husbands didn’t have any means of support, they sold themselves to this man for food and shelter. Does he really want the world to know that his Mormon religion believes in second class status for women, that it is attracting men who want and need to dominate and control others (women) because they aren’t powerful in their own right? Does he want the world to know that his religion views women as baby makers and once that purpose is finished there is no use for them? (Wonder what those women who can’t have children do—get booted out?) Does he want the world to know that in the 60’s when churches were threatened with losing their tax exempt status the Mormon leaders had another “vision” to let black people in to sit in the back of the church? Does he really want the world to know that the Mormon God is a racist, discriminatory God and women, when they die, must wait on a MAN to call them to heaven or they stay in limbo for eternity? (I guess Mother Teresa is floating around somewhere waiting for some man to call her to heaven.) Does he want the people to know that a lot of Mormon stuff is NO DIFFERENT than the Muslims? Does he really want everyone to know that all Mormons wear funny underwear (I guess to help keep the men from dropping their drawers and sticking it where it doesn’t belong and it helps the women keep their legs closed–funny though, it doesn’t seem to work). And finally does anyone other than a truly ignorant person listen to their pastors, priest, minister’s about anything? Is so, why are so many people still cheating on their spouses, stealing, committing murders and committing all kinds of sins? Didn’t they listen to their preachers? Bring it on Mitt because when the country gets through with learning about your Mormon religion, your tithing, their practices you all may need to go into hiding.

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  • Regardless of the political tricks that each party can play with words on each other, the bottom line still comes to the fact “Who is telling the real truth” since the Civilized World is watching. Unfortunately the United States has one of the highest iliteracy of the civilized world where a great majority of those who go to the polls to vote, have little understanding of the requirements of the job of President of the United States and are easily swade by cheep tricks advertising. HIGH EDUCATION should be one of the top concerns of any administration. Only then can you have a progressive country where its resouces are properly distributed for the well being of all.

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