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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Rudy Giuliani must be able to communicate with the dead, who apparently turn out in droves to vote Democratic in elections. This is the only reasonable explanation for why he felt the need to disturb millions of American’s Sunday morning by once again appearing on CNN and telling Jake Tapper: “I’m sorry, dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans.”

The former New York City mayor and Trump mouthpiece was trying to bolster Trump’s evidence-free claims of widespread, Democrat-controlled voter fraud, which he continued to spout at rallies and on Twitter. Giuliani went on to claim that Republicans rarely cheat, because, “they don’t control the inner cities the way Democrats do. Maybe if Republicans controlled the inner cities, they’d do as much cheating as Democrats.”

Whoo boy, that old barely disguised racial code, “inner cities,” those hell-holes.

In addition to the undead, Giuliani went on to claim that illegal voters (presumably live ones), would be bussed from polling place to polling place, a practice he claimed he saw in New York City before he became mayor.

Giuliani did backtrack enough to note that said cheating would only impact close races. He allowed that if either candidate won Pennsylvania “by five points” the cheating he is so obsessed with would not have much of an impact. Meanwhile, Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence claimed that he would “absolutely accept the result of the election.” He may be the only one on Trump’s team who would do so.

Watch Giuliani’s full appearance here:

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Photo: Albert H. Teich /

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45 responses to “Rudy Giuliani Sees Dead People – Voting”

  1. Jon says:

    Are those the polls he learned about on Infowars with Alex Jones? Who else has proof? Where is the proof? Which cities is he talking about? In which years? If he saw fraud occurring years ago, why has it taken him this long to come forward with the allegations? Has he condoned the voter fraud since he witnessed it? Has Rudy completely lost his mind or just his ability to tell the truth?

    • Independent1 says:

      I’ll go for both on your last question: Rudy clearly lost his mind quite some time ago; and he’s proven a number of times that he can lie a lot.

    • theresa perry says:

      But Jon, Rudy got his information from “they”. You know. The same “they” that spotted all those pet alligators that are now 7 ft. monsters in the NYC sewer system, and the same “they” that knew about a woman going to Macy’s and gets bitten on the arm by a spider, which forms a blister and exudes baby spiders (at least that is what “they” heard). Rudy’s source of information is mind-boggling, and not in a good way.

      • Jon says:

        As his Glorious Leader says people are saying, these are the best people, very, very smart people, these great people are saying Rudy is a loyal loon.

  2. Rudy, Chris, Carson, Trump, Melania, Paul Ryan, Pence, Cruz, Rubio, etc—-the list of “Who’s Who Among GOP Psycho’s ” is a mile long and boggles the mind.
    Carson has strange explanations of historical events, Chris goes bananas whenever Obama’s name is mentioned, Rudy imagines the dead voting, Pence claims to have evidence to repute Trump’s psychotic behavior towards women, Melania dismisses sexual assault as “boys will be boys”, ad nauseam.

    Add a few characters who periodically show up here, such as AgLander, “itsfun”, Box, and the “InformedVoter”, and one can open up a museum highlighting these characters and have a booming business. Using the theme “A Cavalcade of Right Wing Nuts” the museum might have to tightly schedule visits, with a Special Movie on Halloween showing, “Election Night of the Voting Dead”, may prove to be a blockbuster.

  3. Dominick Vila says:

    What Rudy sees is his chances of being the next U.S. Attorney General slipping away.

  4. charleo1 says:

    Trump says: I’m the Republican Nominee, and the systems’ rigged! So we know there’s at least one screw loose somewhere in the system, and we’re looking at it.

  5. Mama Bear says:

    Seriously….really…is he all there?

  6. jmprint says:

    Goes to show even the dead people have better functioning brains then the deplorables voting for Trumpf.

  7. Lynda Groom says:

    When I see Rudy I see dead people in the Twin Towers. Just why did he have the response team put in the Twin Towers? Will this man ever take responsibility for his actions and his words?

    • charleo1 says:

      He put the response team in the probable target of a terrorist attack, against the advise of the experts in the response team. Because it was close to his downtown office. Because it was convenient for him.

  8. idamag says:

    Rudy Guilliani and a whole host of right wing hate mongers have watched too many zombie movies.

  9. AgLander says:

    Pugh Research has the numbers as at least 4 million deceased individuals still on the voting rolls…most of them in inner city precincts controlled with by long running iron fist thug Democrat politicians. Things that may one go hmmmmmmmmm.

    • Thoughtopsy says:

      And every election all those dead people rise from their graves and vote.
      It’s just physics.

      Also 4 million does sound very impressive…. until you divide that by the number of precincts. Then, whether the dead rise or not, it’s irrelevant.

      Compare this to the 5-10% suppression of poor and minority votes that has been already statistically verified in States that implement “Voter ID” laws… as already admitted by various Republicans… to ensure they win.

      Begins to put it all in perspective, doesn’t it.

    • bobnstuff says:

      The Clerk of Wills doesn’t talk to the Bureau of Elections so there is no system for taking the names off the list when people die. In Pa you have to sign your name to vote and they check the signatures if they don’t know you. To cheat you must forge the signature with out knowing what it looks like. Dead people don’t vote in Pa.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      OK thanks for the racist conspiracy theories. You’d have to be a literal moron to believe this stuff, but … oh, wait.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      PS: It’s great that you’re getting your info from The Stupidest Man On The Internet.

    • Bill P says:

      So has anyone provided real proof that any of these alleged 4 million dead people on the voting rolls ever cast a vote “after” they died? You offer no proof of this, so you are just repeating the same bullshit that a conspiracy theorist did on a talk show.

      Here are a couple of results of actual voter fraud investigations:

      News 21, a national investigative reporting project funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, found 150 alleged cases of double voting, 56 cases of noncitizens voting, and 10 cases of voter impersonation across all elections from 2000 to 2011. Many of these allegations never led to charges, while others were acquitted or dismissed.

      Justin Levitt, a professor at Loyola Law School and an expert on voter fraud, found an even smaller number: 31 credible incidents out of more than 1 billion votes cast from 2000 to 2014. So these investigators found basically an infinitesimal amount of actual voter fraud over an 11 year to 14 year time period, not just one election cycle.
      All you have is innuendo not provable facts of voter fraud.

  10. Dan S says:

    If the dead are voting for Democrats then they’ve obviously learned something from the otherside. The live people voting Trump are certainly braindead ????

  11. Box says:

    There is a video of YT of a young blond kid who has become a star in the campaign for registering thousands and thousands of new voters– all dead people. It doesnt come as a surprise that he wasnt kicked off the campaign but really, how do they expect to vote these dead people except by fraud?

    • bobnstuff says:

      They can’t vote but if the kid got paid per registration so he made good money. The poll workers do a good job and it’s tough to slip one past them. In Pa, they don’t take the dead off the books automatically so unless they have been dead for a while if some one tried to register them it would show up.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      OK thanks for sharing how gullible you are.

    • jmprint says:

      So when these dead people to to the polls, do they have to show there expired license?

    • Independent1 says:

      You’re just a fountain on nonsensical rambling idiocy these days. But then, the total nonsense of what you’re posting is no worse than your clearly demented mental state.

    • Independent1 says:

      Here’s something that actually is backed up with some evidence:

      From addictinginfo:

      Shocker: Republicans Account For Most Cases Of U.S. Voter Fraud

      (It’s actually Election Fraud as true voter fraud is very rare)

      The irony of the big GOP push for voter ID laws seems to be that when it comes to actual voter fraud, Republicans are often the ones who are most responsible. Consider the following examples of voter fraud that have been committed over the past few years:

      The Republican party is certain that U.S. elections are rife with voter fraud. How are they so sure of that? Apparently because Republican operatives are the source of most of it.

      This past Tuesday, Adam Ward of Bassett County Virginia pleaded guilty to 36 counts of voter fraud and perjuryin connection with an attempt to help Newt Gingrich reach the number of signatures required to appear on last year’s Virginia presidential primary ballot. Ward collected over 11,000 signatures on behalf of Gingrich, over 4,000 of which, according to investigators, could not be verified. According to RawStory, the Virginia campaign of Texas governor Rick Perry faced a similar dilemma, with almost half the 11,900 signatures collected on his behalf failing verification. No Perry supporters are currently facing criminal charges.

      The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has recently closed two cases involving Strategic Allied Consulting, a Republican hired vendor. Although investigators found at least 11 voter registration forms that were of questionable authenticity, no charges were filed due to lack of evidence. Strategic Allied Consulting is the subject of three ongoing cases in Florida. A FDLE spokesperson said that no details could be provided regarding those cases.

      Last November two Republican voters in separate states decided to prove how easy it would be to vote illegally. Both were arrested and charged with voter fraud. In February 2012 a jury found Indiana’s Republican secretary of state, Charlie White, guilty on six counts of voter fraud, theft, and perjury.
      Four staffers of Republican congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) were indicted last August, charged with submitting over 1,500 “forged and falsified” signatures in what the Michigan attorney general, also a Republican, called a
      “blatant” and “disgraceful” attempt to qualify the congressman for last
      year’s ballot.

  12. Box says:

    wikileaks about hillarys health and all seems to be explained here. I wont speculate about whats life threatening on the list but i know people much older who dont have half her problems. She is a generally sick, and very sick, old woman. Huma asked for a shortened debate because Hillary wont have a podium to lean against. What more needs to be said? Everyone expects health and some level of vibrancy in a leader and she isnt it. But stop saying the health talk was a GOP conspriratorial lie. The only lies were among the liberals who have been trying and failing to hide the truth.

    • I Am Helpy says:

      Yes it’s great to know that you’re a credulous mouthpiece for Putin.

    • jmprint says:

      How what’s with Trumps snorting every time he has to inhale?

    • Independent1 says:

      Again. You can’t actually believe that Assange is posting real Hillary emails?? Surely you’re aware that Faux News fabricated supposed White House emails during the Benghazi fake scandal so as to support the propaganda they were spewing about the attack!! Come on!! Get a life and wake up to the lies coming from virtually every right-wing related rag!!!

  13. Box says:

    Liberals pepper-spray children at Orange County. Nice, wonderful. You are really proud of yourself arent you. Why dont you pick on someone your own size?

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