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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Six Republican Presidents Who Would Get Crushed In A Modern Primary

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said this morning that both George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan would have struggled to win the presidential nomination in the current, far right-wing Republican party.

Although Bush went on claim that President Barack Obama is somehow to blame for the Republicans’ attitude that “bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view,” he does have a point: there is no room for moderation in the current hyper-partisan GOP.

Here are some reasons why six of the most famous Republican presidents wouldn’t have had a prayer at winning the 2012 nomination:

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37 Responses to Six Republican Presidents Who Would Get Crushed In A Modern Primary

  1. jeb bush dont know crap. he cant find the window, much less the opportunity to jump through it. you think carter would make it today? wait, i think he did….and the results of the second coming of carter may be the same as they were the last time. hold on tight, we might have the decade of mitt. where is bill clinton when we need him? damn it, why did we limit the president to 2 terms?

      • … And your point? Joy was referring to Romney AFTER she gave her respect to Carter and I agree with you joy, when he got in office and showed his humility, the toads and vultures swarmed.. Believe it or not, Jimmy Carter was too honest to be president (Ford as well).. People say they were inadequate but I say it was like hiring a devout catholic to run Alcatraz and there’s nothing as corrupt in society as the political arena.

    • You can’t compare Jimmy Carter to Mitt Romney. Jimmy Carter was a really good man who just wasn’t good as president. Yeah, he was a peanut famer, but he has many time more the integrity that Mitt will every have. Jimmy also won the Nobel Peace prize and is a well-known and respected humanitarian and leader all over the world. Mitt will never be regarded in this way by history.

      • uhhh… Joy…. let me remind you that Yassar Arafat (yeah, that one, the terrorist who bombed women and children in open air markets by the thousands) also won that worthless Nobel Peace Prize. And so did Obozo for doing NOTHING.

        Claiming that someone is a decent person by virtue of the fact that they won such phony joke of an award is like claiming that he’s smart because he breathes. One has nothing to do with the other.

        For Mitt’s sake, I hope he never wins such a dubious and worthless distinction.

        I hope you are well today, my friend. Have a great day, Joy! 🙂

        • Just because you don’t value the work that Jimmy Carter did to EARN and DESERVE the Nobel Peace Prize doesn’t make him any less a man who has PROVEN himself a man of honesty and integrity. And your words don’t diminish the importance of the award. It’s still an honor no matter what you say.

          Mitt Romney can’t identify with the common American family, muchless attempt to broker peace in the middle east. He’s arrogant and insulting to his own supporters.
          Mitt hasn’t shown that he even has integrity. So what he’s a mormon? You know a tree by the fruit it bears, so says the Bible. What is Mitt’s fruit? Being a successful businessman doesn’t make him a good and decent human being. He’s a man that refuses to admit his shortcomings in life, which is reason to question his character and integrity. I don’t think I’ve ever heard this Mitt’s real opinion or feelings about anything because he contradicts himself all the time!!! He changes his mind to suit the occasion. Are those the characteristics of a great leader?!!! I think you know the answer to that.

  2. Today’s Teddy Roosevelt would be in the pocket of Robber Barons.
    All this press around Jeb is clearly an attempt to keep him legitimate so he can one day be president. Let’s hope we band together and reject that nonsense as a society.

  3. There are no more republicans like my father. Pragmatic but fair. Teaparty crazies have taken over with the blessing of Cheney, Rove & Norquist. There will never be a respectable, moderate American Republican party again….

  4. My mom loved Eisenhower, even she was born and raised a Democrat. She said she was the only republican who cared about the middle class

  5. This is a ridiculous comment. Ronald Reagan would have won the presidential nomination with ease. He inherited the same over regulated economy from Carter that Obama is going to hand off to the next president, given he loses this upcoming election. Regardless of anyone’s political preference, we need conservative leaders to cut regulations because we simply CANNOT NOT AFFORD ANY EXPENDITURES, OR UNNECESSARY REGULATION CRIPPLING OUR ECONOMY!!

    • Too much of anything is too much ! Too much water, food, money, hate, control in our Government, Religion,exercise,sitting in front of the TV, working, wars etc. etc.etc. Moderation is the only way for Democrats or Republicans.

  6. Lincoln was a liberal, the republican party was liberal. All smart people know that labor is the most important part of our democracy. It is what made the US the riches nation in the world.

  7. And then came Obamamania, a single handed one man wrecking crew. Not sure of the purpose of this article. The second coming of Carter?

    Preemptive common sense concludes that in three an one half years he has undone much of the good these preceding presidents including democratic presidents accomplished.

  8. That was the Republican party before the south joined it and teamed up with western conservatives like the Goldwater group. Nixon opened the door to the evangelicals that were put off by the womens rights and ani war movements, and now the witches brew was starting to congeal. The only moderating force in the party was from the coasts. Of the five mentioned in the more modern era after 1900. TR was fron NYS, WB Bush was origionally from Conn., both Nixon and Reagan were from Calif. and although Eisenhower was from Tx he spent time in Europe and dealt with different cultures. The Republicans in the northeast are usually socially moderate same as those from the west coast.. Even McCain was not a reactionary. What we see as irrational core of the republican party today is still from the south, joining evangelicals from the west the mid west , religious zelots from rest of the country, as well as rural dwellers, whose life is focused around the church.

    Cynical leaders of the party like Rove minipulate these groups through media types like Coulter, Hannity, Beck, Rush, Palin, and groups like focus on the family etc.
    This is all being done at the behest of large corporations that want to be free of regulations that protect the consumer, the environment, support workers and labor, protect children, and are paying these mouth peices big money to work their voodoo magic on scared and struggling people

    What really seperates the Republicans of the past from now, is that they put the interests of the country 1st.

  9. This Tea Bagger run GOP is greedy , extreme, does not compromise even on bills like road repair . They make threats , and do not represent the middle class voter. Congress has been taken over by greedy lobbyists, con judges , big corp interests , and Tea Baggers. 2010 voters really screwed up our country . As if GOP Paulson Bush worst crash in 80 yrs & 2 very long wars based on lies & war profits was not enough .

  10. The extreme right-wing has definately tainted the Republican Party. If they take over, America is doomed. We’ll be right back to Jim Crow laws and the Great Depression.

    The article does not mention FDR, if he ran for president today the Republicans would probably burn him at the stake.

  11. It seems that more and more sensible republicans are disowning the modern GOP. How stupid do you have to be to sign a pledge that restricts any future decisions on revenue just because a clown like Grover Norquist told you to do so. Clearly tea party republicans put party ahead of country and that makes them scum.

  12. A note from Moochelle Obozo:

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    • Or, in the case of the American Taxpayer, as the unsavory alternative to “grin and bear it”, “green and bare it”…

  13. You left out Dems who would be crushed by todays socialist dem party.
    Bill Clinton
    Andrew Jackson

  14. I think that Jeb Bush’s comment was interesting in that he blamed President Obama for making the GOP swing far right. I think that the one major mistake that President Obama made was GWB (governing while black). It amazes me to see how many right winger are still angry about having a black man in their white house!!!

  15. My dad had been a Republican his entire life. After the 2010 vote, my 87 year old father had me drive him to the voter registration office so he could change his party affiliation. He said they had gotten, in his terms “as crazy as ape sh-t!” Unfortunately, we lost him just a few months later and he was never able to vote his new party, Democratic!

  16. I don’t agree with this article at all.. Give any one of those so-called has been’s the money that’s spent on elections today and any one of them would kick everyone’s ass. MONEY buys elections today and the face, the suit.. the mouth is inconsequential.

  17. Hey Obozo (ka village idiot),
    Your, “A note from Moochelle Obozo:” comment:
    Truly shows what an Ignorant, Bad-mannered, Vulgar, In the dark, Boorish, fool you really are. I did not think that you could sink any lower, I was way, way wrong, you outdid yourself you village idiot.
    By the way “have a nice day”

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