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Friday, October 21, 2016

The two biggest-name Republican candidates clearly don’t like each other very much, but in the wake of the tragedy in Roseburg, Oregon they do appear to agree on one thing: There’s nothing we can do about mass shootings.

During a phone interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Trump was asked what measures he would advocate for in order to prevent these events, such as more stringent background checks for gun purchases.

“Well, first of all, you have very strong laws on the books — but you’re always going to have problems,” Trump answered. “I mean, we have millions and millions of people, we have millions of sick people all over the world. It can happen all over the world — and it does happen all over the world, by the way — but this is sort of unique to this country, the school shootings. And you’re going to have difficulty no matter what.”

Upon some further questioning by panelist Willie Geist, as to whether Trump was saying that people will simply “slip through the cracks,” Trump agreed with that phrasing: “You are going to have difficulties. You are going to have difficulties with many different things — not just this. And that’s the way the world works — and by the way, that’s the way the world always has worked, Willie.”

So who could possibly outdo Donald Trump in his blasé reaction to mass murder? Why, none other than his establishment GOP arch-nemesis, Jeb Bush.

At a conservative forum in South Carolina on Friday, Jeb had this to say, after an audience member complained about liberals’ insistence on gun control. (The questioner also lamented that there weren’t prayer vigils at schools before these events happen — since that would be a more useful way to prevent school shootings.)

We’re in a difficult time in our country, and I don’t think more government is necessarily the answer to this. I think we need to reconnect ourselves with everybody else. It’s just — it’s very sad to see. But I resist — I had this challenge as governor. We had — look — stuff happens — there’s always a crisis. The impulse is to do something, and it’s not always the right thing to do.

The short version, “Stuff happens,” quickly went viral online.

Here is video that’s been posted online. (Note: Audio quality is poor, with very low volume.)

When asked afterward whether what he had just said was a mistake, Bush stood by it: “No, it wasn’t a mistake — I said exactly what I said. Why would you — explain to me what I said wrong… Things happen all the time — ‘things,’ is that better?”

Well, at least it’s good to know that someone named Bush thinks it’s wrong, after a terrible crisis, for the government to take a drastic, unconsidered action simply to satisfy the impulse to do something.

At President Obama’s press conference Friday afternoon, Jonathan Karl of ABC News read back a key part of Bush’s response, and then asked Obama for his reaction.

“I don’t even think I have to react to that one,” Obama answered curtly, to laughter from the press corps. “I think the American people should hear that, and make their own judgments, based on the fact that every couple of months we have a mass shooting. And they can decide whether they consider that ‘stuff happening.'”

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  • Last week his concern was ‘free stuff’.. Now it is ‘stuff happens’.. This guy is full of.. stuff.. Easy to say such meaningless ‘stuff’ when much of your family is protected by the secret Service for life to protect them from some of the very nut jobs whom the high paid lobbyists, who’s legislation folks like Mr Bush signed off on, helped enable a ‘free for all’ for culturally – if not legislatively. As a guy who has always made the extra effort to be responsible with my own firearms when I had them (I sure never would celebrate or glorify my ‘stuff’), I am getting fairly angry at the authoritative aloofness of some others who don’t seem to get it is not ‘black and white’. WE have a SERIOUS problem.. What do WE do about it? ‘Stuff happens’ is so VERY ‘Bush’.

    I am surprised that as his brother alluded to after 9-11, he didn’t just tell us all to ‘just get over it and go shopping’.

    • joe schmo

      Don’t worry….he too shall pass. He is NOT who conservatives have their eyes on!

  • bcarreiro

    Government is to protect its people Jeb that is the objective. Trump u have quality start showing it.

    • joe schmo

      Oh but he is:)

    • idamag

      We now have government that is protecting the bank accounts of the uber rich and sniffing crotches to make sure people are moral.

  • Sandra Chung

    The current laws regarding firearms aren’t strong at all, once again showing that Donny-boy has nary a clue.

    Yes, more gun control would work. Look up Port Arthur Massacre. One mass shooting in Australia. the CONSERVATIVE Prime Minister enacted strong gun laws, very strict, even ammo is regulated. Australia used to have the same lack of national gun laws. Did the ammosexuals pitch a fit? Oh hell yes! Still, laws were changed, and guess what? There hasn’t been another mass shooting since, and this was back in 1996.

    “Stuff happens”? Really, when you and other NRA backed politicians have blocked each and every effort to curb unfettered gun sales under the guise of one section of the 2nd amendment, while ignoring the rest of it?
    “Stuff happens”? As long as it happens to those not born into wealthy families, and not to you and your inner circles, it’s just a passing rain, right?
    I’m not sure how much more out of touch John Ellis Bush could be regarding mass shootings, but I’m sure he could easily show us.
    Oh yes, and before I forget.. Screw you, John Ellis Bush. Screw you.

    • Daniel Jones


    • joe schmo

      And the NRA and the citizens who own arms will continue to fight you lunatics in lalaland. Chicago has the strictest gun laws and it has the most violence. Why not head back to Communist China and try to make ‘stuff happen.’ LOL

      By the way, most of the ‘rich families’ in this country = liberals. So screw you!

  • Daniel Jones

    Just a thought from the Department of Redundancy Department:

    When we say “Jeb Bush”, we’re actually saying John Ellis Bush Bush.

    It’s no wonder the delusional screwhead is doubling down on all his brother’s worse policy stances.

    • joe schmo

      🙂 Jebby is only at 4% and goin down………

  • Dominick Vila

    Yes, there are mentally ill people worldwide, there is violence worldwide, but when massacres take place people in countries like Norway and Australia put in place common sense, effective, gun control laws and law enforcement improvements to ensure they don’t reoccur. In our case our “solutions” range from arming everyone to have a good old fashion shootout when necessary, or simply throw our arms up and admit that “stuff happens”.
    The only thing that is happening, and is likely to continue, is the fact that the arms industry has managed to indoctrinate millions of Americans who are convinced that leaving home without an arsenal may prevent them from fighting the boogeyman, and that the only way to survive in a world dominated by evil Muslims and an occasional commie is to own as many semi-automatic weapons and ammo as possible.
    Maybe we do need a Dr. Carson after all…

    • TZToronto

      I saw Trump on Meet The Press yesterday, and he claimed that these mass shootings are, in part, copycat events. People see these shootings on TV and then go out to do the same thing. Right . . . The interviewer missed his chance to ask why, if it’s a copycat thing, these shootings don’t happen in Canada. After all, people in Canada see the same news (and on the same networks) as Americans. Trump might have made the fatal error of saying something like, “Well, they don’t have as many guns in Canada.” Unfortunately the question was not asked, and the gaffe was not made.

      • Dominick Vila

        Anything but the truth.

  • yabbed

    We don’t have strong gun laws. And we have recalcitrant redneck law enforcement chiefs who declare they would not enforce gun laws. We don’t need “revolution” in this country by the right or the left. We need some consideration and respect for the common good of our nation and we need laws that direct us there. I’m a liberal Democrat who owns no guns. I don’t feel the need to arm myself against boogymen. I am disgusted by Trump’s and Bush’s cavalier attitude about gun massacres in our society. I am repelled by Bernie Sanders’ defense of why he voted against a Democratic gun control measure following the slaughter of small children in Newtown. He said, “well, hammers kill people, too”. These politicians are repugnant to American life and we need to shun them all.

    • joe schmo

      Buddy, you just go ahead with your head in the sand and don’t own any guns. One day something may happen to you that WILL change your mind or you may be killed merely because you are unarmed. Go ahead, you just stay unarmed but don’t you dare condemn us for trying to protect ourselves and our families. Especially now, when things in this country are going array. Our Constitution does not have a 2nd amendment in it for nothing. If you feel so strongly about being an ‘uber’ liberal fool then why not immigrate to Europe. I have family there. Believe me it is chaos!

    • idamag

      I own guns. However, I am not a scared, paranoid, who needs to carry them around iwth me. You, your children, an d your grandchildren are safe from my guns.

      • bcarreiro


  • pjm19606

    Dozens of school children have died in school shootings and this is the response of Presidential candidate Bush? Wow!

    • joe schmo

      Don’t you think we should put armed police on every campus? Should never have happened.

      • pjm19606

        What does that have to do with what Bush said?

        • joe schmo

          Has to do with the fact that your media construes the truth all the time. One of Obama’s directives was to finish off the Constitution and by that, eliminate the 2nd Amendment. Bush really does not have much energy. Just another mundane RINO who is going down in the polls because of Trump. Good riddance……stuff happens…..

          • pjm19606

            My media? Truth about what? Obama’s finishing off the Constitution. That was actually his predecessor’s aim. The Bush Administration eviscerated the Constitution.

        • idamag

          Just ignore him. His parents were nazies who excaped from the communists. He did not grow up with a good understanding of Democracy.

      • Independent1

        Yeah! Why don’t we just turn America into a carbon copy of Honduras where there’s virtually a armed guard on almost every street corner, in every retail store, in every school, government building, you name it – and with all that Honduras still has the highest murder rate on the planet. Sorry lowlife, but turning our schools into quasi prisons would not solve a thing. That’s why the states in America with highest murder rates are also the states with the highest gun ownership. When are blind morons going to wake up to the fact THAT GUNS DO NOT PROTECT THE AVERAGE CITIZEN FROM ANYONE!!! IN FACT, THERE MORE THAN A SIGN OF IMPENDING DEATH THAN THEY ARE A SIGN OF SAFETY TO ANYONE BUT AN EXPERT USER OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Max_

          If you disarm Americans Armed thugs on every corner is exactly what you will get you stupid fcking moron.. You have got to be the dumbest S O B that I have come across anywhere anytime… You truly seem to have absolutely no knowledge that is true and or real…

  • bobnstuff

    Does anyone else find the fact that people will claim to be pro life and anti gun control.

    • Daniel Jones

      ..hypocritical? Yes.

    • Rusty Inman

      The American Right has absolutely no problem with using whatever means necessary to achieve their ends. Lying is okay as long as it is them doing it. Hypocrisy is built into their policy construct. Yes, one would think they would be both saddened and outraged at the lives lost to gun violence. But their focus is not on lives lost as long as the life has already passed through the business end of the birth canal. Their focus is on making sure there are no efforts to adopt reasonable, common-sense ways to regulate who purchases weapons and what kinds of weapons they purchase in this sad, sad country.

    • idamag

      good point.

    • plc97477

      The pro-life part is mostly to control women’s bodies and has nothing to do with the life in pro-life.

  • patrick g van meter

    Hospital in Afghanistan with doctors without borders was bombed by US killing 16.
    Stuff Happens.

    • dtgraham

      Well, at least the American forces were trying to do the right thing no matter how much they royally screwed up. Easy for us to say though. Makes you wonder why anybody is still there.

    • Independent1

      Yes, stuff does happen during war which should not be happening in a school!!!!

      • patrick g van meter

        To have a war in school everyone would have to be armed. This was a massacre or slaughter. Big difference.
        So it is OK as long as military requested it. Collateral damage. I understand. Do you know this to be a fact? Or are you believing the news? Your Gov’t wouldn’t lie, would they?
        The stuff happens was a comment made as a joke about what J. Bush said about the Oregon massacre.
        BTW, Wars shouldn’t be happening anywhere but they do. Schools and hospitals become targets. You can excuse this if you like. I refuse to.

        • Independent1

          I didn’t say that what happened was okay. I was simply pointing out that it wasn’t like the U.S. mistakenly bombed the hospital while trying to hit another target. One article I read recently said that the hospital had in fact been taken over by the Taliban as a command post when they just took over the city. And the Taliban was using the hospital to fire upon Afghan troops who were trying to take the city back.

          The cause for the carnage could be two things 1) the Taliban intenionally was using a hospital as a command point thinking it was a safe place to be and 2) being as the Taliban were using it to fire upon their troops, the Afghan troops may not have realized or thought about the fact that there may still be a lot of patients and doctors still in the facility when they asked the U.S. for an air strike on what was a hospital.

  • joe schmo

    ….and Obama wants to take our guns? Ain’t happenin!

    • John Murchison

      no, it isnt.

  • dtgraham

    “I mean, we have millions and millions of people, we have millions of
    sick people all over the world. It can happen all over the world — and
    it does happen all over the world, by the way — but this is sort of
    unique to this country, the school shootings.” —- Jeb Bush.

    Actually, this doesn’t happen all over the world at all. It just happens in America. The school shootings aren’t just unique to this country; the bi-weekly gun massacres are. Whether they happen in schools or elsewhere, this is completely unique to America.

    The Republican response to this is: “Stuff happens.”

    • Otto Greif

      I know, you never see any mass shootings in places like France.

      • dtgraham

        We saw one last year in France, and that was a foreign driven Islamic extremist thing. That was extremely unusual.

        There was one in Great Britain in 1996 and one in Australia in 1996. In both instances, major gun control legislation was brought in and there hasn’t been anything of the sort since.

        In 2007, Finland had one and there was a swift response. At the time, foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja said that “no one in a country like Finland needs to have a gun at home.”

        There was one mass shooting in Canada in 1989. At that time, the RCMP were instructed to bring in huge changes in gun legislation, and did. There hasn’t been anything since in Canada.

      • Independent1

        Is it your intent to make yourself look like an even BIGGER MORON than your past posts already have??? Because you’re doing a good job of doing just that!! MORON!!!!

  • We needs more gun control

  • idamag

    What have we become when mass shootings become stuff that is going to happen? Our streets, movie houses, malls and schools have become war zones. Blood baths are the norm? Stuff happens.

    • neeceoooo

      We are not a 3rd world country, we are the United States of America, we are better than that.

  • Otto Greif

    Jeb is right for once.