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Monday, March 19, 2018
Hate Speech
Trevor Noah explains why he worries about Michael Flynn, incoming National Security Adviser

#EndorseThis: The Tremendousness of Michael Flynn

You may have forgotten why President Obama fired Michael Flynn as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. You may not recall the hate messages he promoted on Twitter. But Trevor Noah will remind you.

December 2, 2016
Donald Trump Islamophobia

CAIR Denounces Trump After A Big Night For Islamophobia

“We’re tired of all this extremist rhetoric about Islam being at war with the West and vice versa.”

March 10, 2016
Chuck C. Johnson has been effectively banned by Twitter for hate speech, after he threatened a civil rights activist. This is the first major example of a high-profile user being suspended by the platform.

Conservative Troll Chuck C. Johnson Essentially Banned From Twitter

The notorious conservative troll Chuck C. Johnson, known for going after social justice warriors, politicians, and anyone who disagrees with him, was essentially banned over the weekend by Twitter following a threat to a civil rights activist.

May 27, 2015
Free Speech, First Amendment, Civil Liberties, National News, SAE, Hate Speech, Racism, Media

Oklahoma Frat Fallout: Some Speech Protected, Some Punished

Free to offend: Strong support for First Amendment rights makes it difficult to sue for hateful speech.

March 23, 2015