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Monday, April 23, 2018
Iraq crisis

To Defeat ISIS, Ignore Partisan Alarmists And Send Smart Diplomats

It is entirely appropriate that the appalling crimes of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which openly declares genocidal intentions, have inspired demands for forceful action to destroy the terrorist entity. Impatient politicians and belligerent pundits express frustration with President Obama because he isn’t bombing more sites or dispatching U.S. troops to Iraq or […]

September 2, 2014

Iraq’s al-Maliki Offers Amnesty To Opponents

By Shashank Bengali, Los Angeles Times BAGHDAD — Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki offered amnesty Wednesday to tribes that fought his government, a conciliatory gesture as he struggles to keep the country from falling apart and secure a third term in office. While the pardon did not extend to tribes that have “shed blood,” al-Maliki’s […]

July 2, 2014

As Iraqi Militants Launch New Attacks, Maliki Rejects Unity Government

By Shashank Bengali, Los Angeles Times BAGHDAD — Embattled Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Wednesday sharply rejected calls to form a national unity government, striking a defiant tone in the face of U.S. pressure to share more political power as a rebellion by Sunni Muslim insurgents threatens his grip on the country. Maliki’s rivals have […]

June 25, 2014

ISIS Takes Last Government-Controlled City In Northern Iraq

By Mitchell Prothero, McClatchy Foreign Staff IRBIL, Iraq — The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took control Monday of the last major city that had been held by the government in northern Iraq, forcing hundreds of families to flee for the safety of nearby areas controlled by Kurdish militias. ISIS’ capture of Tal Afar […]

June 16, 2014

U.S. Ready To Discuss Iraq Crisis With Iran, Official Says

By Paul Richter, Tribune Washington Bureau VIENNA — The State Department’s No. 2 diplomat arrived in Vienna on Monday prepared to discuss possible collaboration with Iran on dealing with the crisis in Iraq, according to a senior administration official. The official said Deputy Secretary of State William Burns flew to Austria to join international negotiations […]

June 16, 2014