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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Javad Zarif

Iran Nuclear Deal Threatens Israel’s ‘Survival,’ Netanyahu Says

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday renewed his harsh criticism of the preliminary nuclear pact with Iran, declaring it a danger to his country’s existence.

April 3, 2015
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Marathon Talks Produce Broad Outline Of A Nuclear Deal With Iran, Officials Say

After days of negotiating, a momentous preliminary deal was struck during the Iran nuclear which includes removes some sanctions while enforcing strict oversight of the overall program.

April 2, 2015
Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif in Geneva on January 14 for a bilateral meeting to provide guidance to their negotiating teams before their next round of discussions, which begin on January 15. U.S. Mission/Eric Bridiers via Flickr

Iran Leader Says GOP Senators’ Letter Implies U.S. ‘Not Trustworthy’

Is this mission accomplished for the Senate GOP?

March 10, 2015