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Thursday, March 22, 2018
New York police department
NYPD barrier

NYPD Sued After Kicking Wrong Family Out of Home

Austria Bueno returned home after picking up her sons from school to find a stack of legal papers and two neon-colored stickers taped to her door.

April 13, 2016
A man wrapped in a Belgian flag sits next to a statue as people gather on the Place de la Bourse to pay tribute to the victims of Tuesday's bomb attacks in Brussels, Belgium, March 26, 2016. The writing reads, "Brussels, I love you". REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

Over Here: Competence Amid Repulsive Politics

Over here, there’s a bizarre split screen of an intelligent response to a serious terrorist threat and a major political party descending into unbridled stupidity. Would either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz please get a grip and say something grown-up like “I refuse to discuss my wife or yours”?

March 29, 2016

Concealed-Carry Crazy: What Gun Lobbyists Mean When They Tout ‘Gun Safety’

Even with the best training, studies show that police have a very hard time hitting their intended targets. New York City’s Police Department has some of the best-trained officers in the country. But when 12 Brooklyn cops opened fire on a fleeing gunman last month, only one of 84 shots fired hit the suspect.

October 10, 2015

NYPD Officers To Begin Wearing Body Cameras As Part Of Settlement

By James Queally, Los Angeles Times Sixty New York City police officers will wear body cameras as part of a pilot program in the wake of a federal lawsuit challenging the department’s controversial stop-and-frisk tactics and the recent death of Eric Garner during an arrest, city officials said. Police Commissioner William Bratton announced the program […]

September 5, 2014