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Friday, March 23, 2018
political ads

Study: Political Ads Dwarfed News Stories About Actual Political Issues In 2014

These stats will make you even more depressed about the 2014 elections.

March 19, 2015

Endorse This: Another Singing Politician?

Is this musical ad awkward, or awesome?

October 9, 2014

WATCH: Hagan Pushes Moderate Record In New Ad

Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) released a new ad on Tuesday, highlighting her moderate credentials and record of working across the aisle. The ad, titled “Same Team,” is a clear attempt to push back against months of attack ads that have painted her as a rubber stamp for President Barack Obama’s agenda. “One of the things […]

July 29, 2014

The 5 Craziest Political Ads Of 2014 (So Far)

When it comes to truly entertaining ads, forget the Super Bowl and look no further than political campaigns. While politicians aren’t always as effective as Coca-Cola or Budweiser in convincing consumers — or in this case, voters — to buy what they’re selling, their efforts are often far more amusing. This year’s midterm elections have […]

June 25, 2014