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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
presidential trump

The American Media’s Endless Search For A “Presidential” Trump

Eager to bestow a mantle of seriousness and normalcy upon him, some commentators rushed to proclaim the U.S. military strike on an airfield to be a defining presidential moment; to stress how the bombardment meant that Trump had elevated himself in stature and was now conducting himself in a somber, statesmanlike manner.

April 10, 2017

Black Day For Ukraine Military Ahead Of Key Vote

Volnovakha, Ukraine (AFP) – Pro-Russian rebels firing mortar shells and grenades killed 14 Ukrainian soldiers on Thursday, the blackest day yet for the military and a dramatic ratcheting up of tensions just three days before a crunch election. The attacks in the eastern industrial belt near the Russian border underscored the difficulties of the embattled […]

May 22, 2014

Egypt, International Groups Weigh Value Of Observers For Election

By Amro Hassan and Laura King, Los Angeles Times CAIRO — Egypt’s presidential election next week presents a quandary for both international observer groups and the military-backed interim government. To Egyptian authorities, the presence of prestigious outside observers gives the election a stamp of legitimacy, even in the face of the government’s harsh crackdown on political […]

May 20, 2014