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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Trump, White House

Is Trump Really Running The White House?

Last weekend, Trump attended the Red Cross Ball at his Mar-a-Lago resort and watched the Super Bowl at his West Palm Beach golf course. As he left Florida on Monday, news emerged that he will probably return this weekend for golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Does Trump think being president is a part-time job? And is Trump the one doing the job? There’s no clear answer to either one.

February 9, 2017
Japan, Shinzo Abe, Obama, Pearl Harbor

Japanese Prime Minister Offers ‘Everlasting Condolences’ At Pearl Harbor

Abe and Obama commemorated the dead at the USS Arizona Memorial, built over the remains of the sunken battleship. Abe became the first Japanese prime minister to visit the memorial, a centerpiece of the historic site.

December 27, 2016
Abe first Japanese PM to visit Pearl Harbor

Shinzo Abe: First Japanese PM To Visit Pearl Harbor

“This will be a visit to console the souls of the victims,” Abe told reporters on Monday. “I would like to show to the world the resolve that horrors of war should never be repeated.”

December 5, 2016
Confusion over Trump's first talks with foreign leader

Confusion Over Trump’s First Talks With Foreign Leader

Uncertainty over the talks shows the difficulties in turning Trump from a freewheeling businessman into a sitting president with a watertight schedule and a fully functioning administration by his inauguration.

November 17, 2016