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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Keep Your Smartphone At 100 Anywhere With These Deals

As powerful and wondrous as smartphones have become, these seemingly indispensable aides become nothing more than expensive paperweights without any juice. You can make sure your tech buddy always has a healthy supply of power with this array of smartphone accessories at between 40 and 85 percent off right now in The National Memo Store. […]

July 21, 2017

4 Deals for Avoiding Texting Tickets And Car Accident Disputes On the Road

Right now, 15 states prohibit drivers from texting on a hand-held device for any reason while driving. And a majority — 36, to be exact — have some laws governing how and when a driver is able to access their phone while on the road. Considering those numbers are only likely to rise in both cases, check out these popular deals on some of the best hands-free driving aids that money can buy.

June 2, 2017

3 Deals for $20 or Under That Every iPhone User Should Buy

We all rely on our smartphones for pretty much everything these days. So turn into the skid and pick up some essential accessories that’ll have your phone fully charged, securely in position and snapping some amazing images, thanks to this trio of deals from The National Memo Store. 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack These 10 […]

May 3, 2017
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The Thrifty Traveler: Maximizing Your Smartphone’s Travel Potential

How does your average person function with a smart phone on the road, capturing as many memories as possible while still keeping their device safe and secure?

December 19, 2015

Happy Holidays! Now Ditch The Smartphone

Google predicts this will be our most connected holiday season ever, a trend that worries some who see tech addiction as an increasing threat to work-life balance.

December 9, 2015
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Free Travel Apps That Save You Money, Time

With these ten apps, let your smartphone take care of the small or unexpected details when you travel.

May 14, 2015

Amazon Expected To Unveil Its Own Smartphone

New York (AFP) – Amazon plans a mystery unveiling — widely expected to be a smartphone — on Wednesday to delve into a super competitive market dominated by Apple and Samsung. The company has given a hint as to what is in store and invited a small group of media to the Seattle event to […]

June 18, 2014

Smartphone ‘Kill Switch’ Bill Passes California Senate Vote On Second Try

By Jessica Calefati, San Jose Mercury News SACRAMENTO, California—Several weeks after voting to squash a bill that would require anti-theft technology in all California cell phones, the state Senate Thursday morning voted to advance the “kill switch” bill. The legislation got a second chance when Sen. Mark Leno, a Democrat, asked his colleagues to reconsider Senate […]

May 9, 2014

Smartphone ‘Kill Switch’ Bill Will Have Another Shot In The California Senate

By Jessica Calefati, San Jose Mercury News SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With law enforcement warning of an epidemic of smartphone thefts, the California Senate this week will be asked to reconsider a proposal to deter robberies with a bill it once killed under pressure from the telecommunications industry. State Sen. Mark Leno plans Thursday to reintroduce SB962 […]

May 6, 2014

Scalia Set To Play Key Role In Supreme Court Smartphone Case

By David G. Savage, Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON — Justice Antonin Scalia, the Supreme Court’s new champion of the Fourth Amendment, is likely to play a crucial role Tuesday when the court hears this year’s most important search case: whether the police may routinely examine the digital contents of a cellphone confiscated during an arrest. Civil […]

April 28, 2014