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Friday, March 23, 2018

Sunburn Treatment: Can’t Rush Healing, But Use These Tips For Comfort

Unfortunately, there’s no fast-fix sunburn treatment. Once you have sunburn, the damage is done.

July 8, 2015

What You Need To Know About Sunscreen

Ingredients and labeling are not severely regulated in the United States and Europe, which leads to confused customers buying ineffective and possibly harmful sunscreens.

May 27, 2015

F.D.A. Moves Forward, Finally, on Regulating Sunscreen

Sunscreen manufacturers have historically had free reign to claim they are “waterproof” (when this is impossible) and that they offer “broad-spectrum” protection (without a clear, nationwide definition of what this means). Since the late 1970s, the Food and Drug Administration has been pressured to step up its rulemaking on the subject, and it finally did […]

June 14, 2011