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Thursday, June 21, 2018
US government

Official Involved In Bush-Era Purge of Gay Employees Now Working For Trump

A little-noticed inspector general report, released in 2013, depicts Trump appointee James Renne as a central player in an anti-gay purge at the Office of Special Counsel during the Bush administration. The report found that employees were targeted for no legitimate reason, pointing to “facts which reflect that…Mr. Renne may have been motivated…by a negative personal attitude toward homosexuality and individuals whose orientation is homosexual.”

April 10, 2017
Danziger: Trump in a china shop

Danziger: Leaving Broken Crockery (And Bullsh*t) Behind

The federal government isn’t exactly fragile but — as Danziger observes — a stampeding demagogue can still be expected to break a lot of its institutions. And leave a smelly mess of b.s. wherever he goes.

January 24, 2017