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Friday, October 28, 2016

Tea Party Nation Still Trying To Make Romney President

Tea Party Nation Still Trying To Make Romney President

After President Barack Obama was re-elected with a decisive 332-206 victory in the electoral college, many prominent Republicans decided that their party needed a new strategy. Adopting extreme right-wing positions and opposing Obama on every issue, no matter how trivial, hadn’t worked; as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal put it, the GOP must “stop being the stupid party.

Clearly, Judson Phillips never got that message.

Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, is still refusing to give up on his dream of removing President Obama from office. If the voters won’t do it for him, Phillips and his far-right allies will just have to do it themselves.

That’s the message of Phillips’ newest op-ed for the conservative website WorldNetDaily. In the column, Phillips explains how “we can still pull this election out and make Mitt Romney president in January.”

According to the 12th Amendment, for the Electoral College to be able to select the president, it must have a quorum of two-thirds of the states voting. If enough states refuse to participate, the Electoral College will not have a quorum. If the Electoral College does not have a quorum or otherwise cannot vote or decide, then the responsibility for selecting the president and vice president devolves to the Congress.

The House of Representatives selects the president and the Senate selects the vice president.

Since the Republicans hold a majority in the House, presumably they would vote for Mitt Romney, and the Democrats in the Senate would vote for Joe Biden for vice president.[…]

Mitt Romney carried 24 states. We need to have conservative activists from all over the nation contact the electors, the Republican Party and the secretary of state in all of these states and tell them not to participate in the Electoral College when it meets on Dec. 17.

If we can get 17 of those states (just over one-third) to refuse to participate, the Electoral College will have no quorum. Then, as the Constitution directs, the election goes to the House of Representatives.

Phillips goes on to urge his readers to pressure their local officials to deliver the presidency to Romney, and to convince other Republican groups to do the same. Phillips seems to anticipate this being a problem, having somehow come to the conclusion that “far too often the Republican Party seems more interested in losing gracefully than winning and governing.”

Phillips’ plan has very little to do with Romney himself; indeed, he writes that “Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate, and he will not be a great president.” Still, Phillips evidently hates Obama enough to try and steal the election anyway.

This represents an important step for the Tea Party; if his campaign catches on, it will be the movement’s graduation from fringe political movement to genuine insurrectionists. The voters have overwhelmingly picked Obama; Phillips’ attempt to pressure electors to abstain from the political process, and allow the House of Representatives — which the Republican Party controls largely due to creative gerrymandering — to pick the president is an open rejection of democracy.

Considering that Phillips has argued in the past that only property owners should have the right to vote, however, maybe his willingness to cast aside the will of the people should not come as a surprise.

Update: Phillips’ column has been updated with the following editors note, explaining that Phillips misread the Constitution:

Since this column was posted it has been discovered that the premise presented about the Electoral College and the Constitution is in error. According to the 12th Amendment, a two-thirds quorum is required in the House of Representatives, not the Electoral College.

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  • The man has mental health issues. Perhaps someone in his crowd will seek help, but in the meantime they are providing so much amusement and fodder for the late night comedy shows. Ignorance, arrogant and stupid is no way to travel through life. Perhaps he and his ilk should change to decaf?

    • The Pee Party Needs To Get A Real Life Spit Out The Sour Grapes And Move On !!! President Romney Is Never Going To Happen!!!

      • BDC_57

        They are going to eat crow for thanksgiving.

      • DontWorryImFromReddit

        Is it really necessary to capitalize every word? Doesn’t that take longer to type? Were you never taught proper writing?

        • old_blu

          We Like Fern The Way She Is, Leave Her Alone.

          • idamag


    • Don


      • Riobound

        That would be President Hillary Clinton and the First Lady’s Man! [Disclaimer: I’m only teasing. I really respect President Bill Clinton!] He can take a joke. He HAD to deal with Congress afterall.

        • TZToronto

          Can I send in my absentee ballot for Hillary now?

    • idamag

      Hitler had mental issues, too, and he managed to get a following. I do not think they are amusing.

    • zola98

      This man needs to be charged with treason, the people have spoken and as per the Constitution, PO won the ECV and the majority vote. He readily acknowledges that Romney would make a terrible candidate and would not be a good President, yet wants to overthrow the country to place him on the throne, what’w wrong with that picture?
      Someone please take this man out of his misery.

    • JackieAllen

      ..but first, I would like to ask everyone to stand, take a moment of silence to
      give credit where it is due. It isn’t very often that a political party(GOP) has achieved so
      much with so little to work with. Imagine the training required to allow the brains
      of those so bereft of of substance, to short circuit by merely pushing the button of
      Here in the Great and Soverign State of Texas, we once had a Colony For The
      Feeble Minded. I know not why they closed it? A little job training, in a confined
      space, couldn’t hurt. I doubt that the Tea Baggers have had much time to work, what with the responsibility of rearranging our democracy to suit themselves.
      On second thought, I think I’ll have the fence around my home electified.

    • idamag

      They are about as much amusement as a bunch of pointed heads in white sheets.

  • What you are nuts, you are nuts.

  • Isn’t suborning and conspriring to suborn the Constitution during wartime (We are still at war against “Terror”, right?) an act of treason? If so, then guess what? Judson Phillips is now guilty of treason by his own admission!

    • old_blu

      Fair assesment you’re right. *hang him*

      • jarheadgene

        Hang him….Shoot him….Electrocute him….Give him the Needle…who cares….TREASON is punishable by DEATH. The TEA bag NUTJOBS
        need to come to terms with REALITY.

        • Don


          • Riobound

            Dropping garbage into the Boston Harbor is just not right. FUN. But not right.

          • old_blu

            Did you look at the picture? There is not one smile in the whole bunch, angry looking lot that’s for sure, they look pretty scary.

          • TZToronto

            Any active brain cells there?

          • old_blu

            Sure don’t look like it huh? hahaha

          • patuxant

            Not only that, but do you see anyone of color?

          • old_blu

            Oh no they can’t have a black man as president they sure aren’t allowed at their rally.

            sarcasm off : ))

          • patuxant

            I try not to let these morons upset my equalibrium but sometimes I fail to stop gritting my teeth when I hear this nonsense. Have a great Thanksgiving!

          • old_blu

            I’m with you on that, I also grit my teeth a little, and sometimes they just make me laugh. You have a great Thanksgiving also my friend.

          • BDC_57

            They have to get use to it.

          • neece00

            great point

          • idamag

            Old Blu, auchtung and sieg Hiel, you are right. They are scary.

          • not a smile OR a drop of melanin to be seen. Yeah, no thanks.

          • old_blu

            Yeah what are the odds 40-45 people (most likely in a southern state) and not even a gram of ‘melanin”

          • one_veteran

            perhaps they just realized most people on welfare are in the south and white???

          • AdamMos

            The civil war is coming. It will be led by the Tea Party.We need to figure out how to stop it. Angry, stupid and armed is a terrible combination.

          • Andrew_C

            If we throw bags of Cheetos at them they’ll just sit on their fat asses and lose interest.

          • They don’t look all that scary,just a bunch of nut jobs. These fools need to be put away for good,during the mid-term that is.

          • Yojimbo Biff

            Not one black face in the whole bunch either!

          • jetfuel4

            Yep….and there’s about 59 million more of them too

          • old_blu

            I’m not scared.

          • All that’s missing are the Torches and Pitchforks!! 8|

          • old_blu

            Hahaha that’s funny, you’re right you can just picture them with them.

          • BDC_57

            And the white masks.

          • The Tea Party is a party of haters. How poetic their lives are so full of misery now that Obama won. Karma, baby!

          • old_blu

            You are absolutely right, nice moniker BTW, and Happy Thanksgiving.

          • Amigdata

            you’d be mad if someone stole your chance to make tax free millions off the working class

          • AttilatheBlond

            Hey, it’d be a good way for them to sort out that whole witch or not a witch thing too! Grand idea, Don.

          • one_veteran

            Make it chalinging, plastic handcuffs and shakles with a concreate block tied to their ankles.

          • And all those who sink get to stay?

        • Will Whiteside

          Do be careful when you wave words around like this. You’re only giving the opposition more ammunition to use against you. You’re only making them conform to their beliefs more firmly. Obviously free speech should be respected, and political opposition should not be met with physical violence.
          Obviously, this plan is laughable, and it will never work. There are criminal penalties against electors being faithless, and the argument was later redacted because it was factually inaccurate. If a per-state quorum must be met in the electoral college for the , why would this strategy not have been used before?

          The answer: It can’t be used this way. The rule they are referring to DOES NOT EXIST. The CONGRESS needs a quorum to utilize its tie-breaker power. Should it fail to achieve one, believe it or not, the speaker of the house becomes president, and I doubt that Boehner would have the nerve to stab Romney and the American people in the back like that, had there been a tie. The ELECTORAL COLLEGE, however, does not need to achieve a quorum.

          Now, it should say something about the constitutional knowledge and journalistic restraint of the WND et al. that one of their key contributors not only knows so little about the constitution that he would make such a mistake, but would be willing to pounce upon the idea without actually researching it any further.

          • idamag

            most of the tea baggers know about the 1st and 2nd Amendments. I say, “about’ because they have also interpreted some of that. They have no idea the depth of the constitution as they have read the words. It takes more than reading the words to understand the constitution.

        • Sand_Cat

          As much as this could be considered “poetic justice,” and we might jokingly suggest it, these are the type of thoughts and acts which are the reason we oppose these morons. Let’s not start to act and sound like them.

        • one_veteran


      • Andrew Eisenberg

        Uhhhh…you can’t be serious. Stupidity is not a death sentence.

        • old_blu

          , but treason is a death sentence.

        • idamag

          Treason is.

    • Ben

      I say we let him go down like Limbaugh instead of going out a marter

    • BDC_57

      You got that right.

    • David Conrad

      I don’t think you know what “suborn” means.

    • idamag

      Yes, before he does any more damage to our Democracy, charge him with treason.

    • Tiy B.

      There is one problem with that. We are not in an official time of war. Congress would have to have declared war. They have not done that sense WWII.

    • oldtack

      suborn – to incite a person,usually by bribery, to commit perjury or other unlawful acts.

      I don’t think suborn is the word for what you wish – but – I’m behind you 100% in your desire and intent.

      There should be a lawful way we can “hang” someone like this. I live right in the midst of Tea Party Country and if I didn’t know this diatribe was from the head of the Tea Party I would think It was from my “friends” and neighbors, Erma and Eloy.

  • Sand_Cat

    And who is it who hates America?

  • nobsartist

    This is the moron that named the party the “tea bagger party”? Hey dumbass, we all own PROPERTY and everyone that does not belong to your party named after a sex act also have brains.

    Thats why your idiots lost.

    Man up. Now go tea bag your fellow “property owner”.

  • Judging by the results of this election, it is evident the future of the Tea Party depends strictly on the Confederacy and the Bible Belt. Their views – and candidates – were rejected by a plurality of Americans and it is doubtful they will make any inroads in states with an above average level of education and sophistication. The Tea Party’s calls for austerity, which guarantee a sequel to what happened in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, can only appeal to people without an ability to think rationally. Yes, we must reduce government spending and increase revenues to, as a minimum, reduce our budget deficits, our willingness to pay for things we engage in or need using borrowed money, and the subsequent accumulation of debt, but that must be done slowly and very carefully to avoid another Great Recession.
    I expect true GOP social and fiscal conservatives to prevail in moving their party to its traditional center-right positions, but that is going to take a lot of courage, especially for politicians from red states who will be immediately targeted by the TP when they run for re-election. Hopefully enough of them will remember the oath they took when they were elected, and put country ahead of personal political ambitions. Otherwise, the GOP will become irrelevant at a national level.

    • Landsende

      The problem is, which oath will the teapublicans honor. The one they made to the voters to work in their best interests, or the one they made to Grover Norquist and his bosses to not raise taxes. They seem to be more afraid of Norquist than the voters if you go by their past performance. Hopefully, the voters will take the power away from Norquist in the midterm elections and vote all of them out.

  • Exactly the type of stupidity we’ve come to expect from the Tea Party.

  • Wow. Now I see why those people are referred to as the retarded right!!

    • TZToronto

      Don’t insult the intellectually challenged. The Tea Party appears to be further down the smartness scale than those to whom refer.

  • You just can’t fix Tea Qada crazy and stupid.

    • jarheadgene

      TEA QADA …. I Love it!!!!

      • Sand_Cat

        How about the Tea-liban?

    • AaronNashuaNH

      You’ve hit on a good designation for this social anomaly called the “tea party” Henceforth, their official name should be “Al-TeaQaida”.

  • Tea Party people want to be in the news, Romney never was the man for the Tea Party and those fanatics do not want to understand the American voter rejected their agenda. Romney and his family are in reclusion they cannot understand how is possible that expending million and million the dollars they lost the election. I believe the Romneys were dreaming with bringing all his people into the White House and create a dinasty.

    Most American do not want to tell the truth about Romney and the reason is because we are an educated society, but speaking the truth many Americans were terrified of thos Mormons in the White House and that is why million white Americans did not show to the polling place and voted.

    I am happy he lost the election because there were people playing the race card against Obama and the Democrats never use a racial issues against Romney religious believe and most people knows Mormonism is not a Religion.
    Note: Hopefully he and his five boys will go to Africa and spend some money building schools and helping with food to those that are less lucky!

  • Ron

    Just when people think tea partiers are idiots, They open thier mouths and prove it.
    What part of the President won the election dont they understand?

  • Fun fact: a majority of the smallest 17 states’ worth of people is only 2% of the population.

    We have a bit of a problem if we think a loophole that allows a group smaller than the margin of victory to ultimately decide an election is any way to run a democracy.

  • William Deutschlander

    The Republican Cartel has no relevance !

  • old_blu

    Sounds like someone is choking on desperation, this will be the death of the tea baggers as we know them, I can’t believe they would even attempt this, I guess they didn’t get the memo the majority voted for Obama, and we stand behind that vote no matter what they say.

    • BDC_57

      They dont like playing by the rules.

  • Ah, the Tea Party. Still a fringe, lunatic group, with a lot of hate for anyone not white. Or sharing their level of “religion”.

  • At what point should Judson Phillips be “Removed” from office? Does the American political system and the American people have to wait for his term to expire?
    Is there another option, method for his removal? Does American progress have to suffer and go in the “Wrong” direction with his negativity until another election process?
    Imagine the “Stife” and damage he “wishes”, “chooses”, to create!

  • howa4x

    I think the tea party in republican run states should push them to refuse all federal aid. That will really punish Obama

    • AaronNashuaNH

      That’s a great suggestion!! Let’s see how long those nice folks will last w/o aid from the federal gov’t. I hope they don’t expect Romney to step in and pay their doctor bills or help buy their meds.

  • supremebuddy

    Those who lives a delusional life will eventually dis-illusion themselves in the process.

  • These people should be stripped of the right to vote and sterilized.

    • Sand_Cat

      Come on, let’s not sink that close to their level!

  • In an effort to survive the crashing wave of irrelevancy the tp resorts once again to the pseudo intellectualism that appeals to shallow thinkers who suppose they have the insight to solve the ills they perceive around them. While they and others of their ilk continue to complain and obstruct, the rest of us continue to move on, looking forward and accepting that society, laws and governments evolve as our world changes. So long, you provided us with some good laughs and bad ideas.

  • lol another missive from the STOOPID party…

  • Don


  • ococoob

    This people should be “certifiable” mental wackos!

  • Romney LOST!! Obama won BOTH Electoral & Popular vote.

  • adriancrutch

    This guy’s probably got a great big closet full of weird shit! Musselini hats, SS dress uniforms, Eva Braun’s mountain maiden dress,etc. etc.

  • Yes, let’s put in power the man who was not democratically elected. Romney lost by 3% of the popular vote and over 100 electoral votes. He embodies the thing he hates so much, theocratic rule.

  • zeldaq

    good morning,
    in the story above bobby jindal states, ”the GOP should stop being the party of stupid”. what he is saying to the GOP must calm down on the retoric, and sugar coat the lies. he, and the GOP believe that if they can trick enough voters to take over in 2016, that the GOP can then create the ideal world. like enacting laws, so only votes for the GOP count. the GOP has already demonstrated that they have no boundries for the truth. jindal is in the news more often now, because beginning his campaign for the white house early. voter suppression will play a big part in the 2016 elections if something isn’t done about it before the elections. it doesn’t really matter who runs for POTUS, for the GOP. if they win, the tea party radicals, and grover norquist will call the shots, and pull the puppet strings.
    please don’t be fooled by jindal’s soft spoken manner. he is still a member of the GOP.

  • Someone needs to committ this man and do it quickly. You talk about someone being off their rocker. I guess that includes those that support him in this farce. Wake Up, YOU LOST!!!!! We the People decided just like the constitution says!!!!!!

  • Wonder what cox has been drinking or smoking. He is a sore loser. If he think that Romney was not the right candidate for the Presidency, and he hate Obama probable he is black (a racist). The Republican party, tea party should revamp and change their attitudes about different groups. At least Obama did look at all groups and went after them. Republicans are still stuck in the Bush era which in my opinion doom them. Get with the times and stop looking back, the world is changing to fast to sit back and look and do nothing.

  • Riobound

    I’d prefer to watch them drown in their own anger. Then fade away out of the media spotlight and into the dustbin of history, not with a whimper but a sigh of relief.

  • Hahahahahaha!! Teabaggers. Loving an imagined made-up Constitution since January 20th, 2009.

  • Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. The average American clearly doesn’t know what is best for him or her if he voted for Obama. This whole “democracy” thing is over-rated. A small group of smart people with good intentions (and without input from the uneducated masses) will rule better and more efficiency than this silly notion that everybody gets to vote.

    • AKRNC

      I said the same thing in 2004 but I would never have advocated taking away the will of the people. We put up with Bush for 8 years. President Obama was re-elected, deal with it.

      If by smart people, you mean the current GOP, you’d be dead wrong since the vast majority of them were in office when Bush was President. They are the ones who ran up the deficit with two unfunded wars, Medicare Part D, unfunded tax cuts and a couple stimulus packages that they were all in favor of when we had a Republican President. They flip-flopped on all their former ideas when a Democratic President came into office.

      The one thing I’m absolutely positive about was that Mitt romney didn’t give a damn about the average American. We dodged a bullet by not putting him in the Oval office.

    • old_blu

      Joe, geeez put the pipe down, Joe that stuff aint good for you.

    • BDC_57

      You need to stop crying like a baby because you didnt get your way.

    • idamag

      Joe, your description of average American who doesn’t know what is best for him, is the ones who did not vote your way. You didn’t let me win, waaaaaaaa.

    • idamag

      Joe, I wish you people, who are against Democracy, would just go away. It was Stalin who said the masses did not know what was good for them. South America has a lot of unclaimed land, you and your tea qaeda could colonize.

  • Another bitter old white man!

  • jesus christ what morons!

  • ChristoD

    Judson Phillips is proposing treasonous activity and as such should be tried for treason. The entire Tea Party and Republican party, in general, should be tried for treason based on their unwillingness to accept the majority choice for President in 2008, and now in 2012, and obstructing and wasting 2 plus years of vital time to work with the Democrats to govern our country. I say we should ship them all back to the countries of their ancestors, that is assuming thses countries would accept treasonous ‘alternate reality’ nitwits.

  • Pathetic – and funny.

  • mc1964

    You know what? I think the Tea Party is a good thing. It gives people an easy way
    to identify the extremists and nutcases.

  • Ed

    The right continues trying to find ways to destroy this country.

  • AttilatheBlond

    One more GOP/TP dim bulb fails to recognize the importance of fact checking and accurate labels. The Electoral College is not the House of Representatives. Math also matters, but some bigots are just not that into ‘word problems’.

    Any bets on how many FOX ‘news’ viewers go all rabid to try and stop their states from engaging in the electoral college?

  • Sounds like a tempest in a Tea Pot

  • idamag

    This is a dangerous entity. We have always had the right to vote for president and until now that vote put a person in office and then we settled down to run the country. These people are a peril to our Democracy. They are trying to take away our right to vote and to take away our elected official. They should be charged with treason. If Germany had noticed what was going on, they might have averted the tragedy of Hitler.

  • patuxant

    What rock did you crawl out from under?

  • FredAppell

    They should stop this nonsense and get a job. After all, that’s what they told the OWS protesters to do. After close examination of the picture I say we demand that the protesters return their SS benefits. I also think the Fed should be watching Judson Phillips very closely. He sounds like the kind of man that would advocate for an armed revolution.

  • dellmartin

    What is wrong with these people? The president won the election, fair and square, and these delusional nut jobs think they can change history because they don’t like him? If congress would work with President Obama instead of fighting him on every issue, we would be in a much better place right now.

  • Judson Phillips ,,<< another air head GOP that air got too low in their tire air head . time to go to the air pump . your rideing on your rim

  • dwharbin

    When democracy doesn’t do what you want undermine it,,,,that is how it works right?

  • Mimi2kool

    Who do these arrogant so and sos think they are, to undermine the votes of the majority of the people of this country? Romney lost the popular vote and the electoral college vote. They need to take their meds and come to terms with reality.

  • Dear Mr. Phillips: please take your Haldol. The Affordable Care Act will even foot the cost for you.

  • let’s put the Tea party in front of a firing squad and see what happens

  • tabster

    This article proves two increasingly obvious points: Tea Party supporters are fascists (overthrow a legitimately elected President) and they’re also stupid (oops Judson misread the Constitution).

  • And “they” condemn Liberals for interpreting the Constitution… when “they” aren’t even able read it exactly as it is written!

    • idamag

      Daniel, as I said before, functionally illerate.

  • And “they” condemn Liberals for interpreting the Constitution… when “they” aren’t even able read it exactly as it is written!

    • idamag

      Daniel, I would hazard a guess that most of the tea baggers are functionally illiterate. They can read words and write their names, but cannot process what they read. That is why they get their news from hate blogs and faux news.

  • fuck the Tea Party. EOM.

    • idamag

      Marvin, no, I am too fussy.

  • I already knew that the Tea Partiers were nuttier than a pecan orchard. They are full of anarchists, hate, bitterness, violence and revenge. They have no morals or values. If they cannot achieve power democratically, then they are going to usurp it by violent methods. Even though they are beginning to lose power and becoming insignificant, they are willing to employ Marxist, Communist, dictatorial tactics to achieve their ends. What a very scary bunch of characters they are! These are the very people that the Republican party embraces and welcomes into their fold. The problem with the Tea Party is that their policies and ideas are so right-wing and extremist. The majority of Americans soundly rejected their ideas. Judson Phillips sounds like Charles Mansion and a reincarnation of Adolph Hitler. Anyone advocating the violent overthrow of a democratically-elected government is guilty of treason and needs to be tried and put in prison. These people are home -grown terrorists. Why anyone would remain in the Republican party, after Tea Partiers have infiltrated it and spread their poison, is beyond me. If anyone had a reason to overthrow a government it was Democrats in 2000 and 2004 when Republicans and the Supreme court stole two elections. Democrats never resorted to the kind of rampant and vitriolic actions that Republicans are Tea Partiers are resorting to. Demographics have changed and the country has changed. Republicans can no longer expect to win national elections by the good ole Southern white boy strategy. They must appeal to all demographics by their policies and actions. What I see is that they are still clinging to their antiquated policies and ideas even believing more that they only need to repackage their message.

    • FredAppell

      I think if push came to shove and these people became violent most of them would give up and go home. There would be a small number of die-hard fanatics that think their going to go up against the mite of the federal government but I don’t think they would even get past their own local enforcement. For the most part they really are just a bunch of pissed off knuckleheads who have been whipped-up into a frenzy by a bunch of wealthy, lying cheats who are using them for political control of the country.

      • idamag

        Fred, it is like the Chinese proverb, “A man is brave while yet a mile away from the tiger.” I am sure these people are cowardly.

  • corwdcontrol1978

    Folks, this is what treason looks like.

  • Definitely mental health issues !!! And their followers are not far behind !!

  • tampajim

    Stupid is as Stupid does……….typical brainless tea party thinking.

  • Take a look at that picture every one of them are white bigots. I am beginning to be very disgusted with my own race.

  • Given the current GOP-elite’s FLIGHT FROM ROMNEY, it would be the mother of all ROTFLs if, by Phillips’ “logic”, the House of Representatives meeting in accordance with the Constitution and after prudent deliberations …………….selects Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States!

    Sometimes, it requires almost superhuman fortitude to say, “….I’ll fight to the death for your RIGHT to be STUPID”………..

  • The TeaBaggers and the GOP live in the Fear based lies of the fairytales that the fundemental churches have long pushed out onto the mass for their own personal wealth and control.
    If all the hypocritical slef appoint hate mongering godly (i think ungodly is more like it) dissappeared in a flash of light like the fairytale stories they buy into in fear the world would be at peacea with all being abundant in all areas of life…

    • idamag

      Kev if those hate-mongering Bible thumpers are an example of Christianity, I wouldn’t want Christianity.

  • one_veteran


    • WIN AT ALL COSTS!!!!

      Then try to justify it with the “RELIGIOUS RIGHT”.

      Yes, teaching good Christian values to the children. What better message could he possibly send?

  • If this happened, and the House elected Romney over Obama after what was a clear Democratic victory, there will be a civil war, and Romney would be one of the first casualties!

  • “We can still pull this election out and herp derp.”

    — MrJM

  • S-3

    These scum need to be hunted down and killed for denying me decent healthcare in South Carolina, as far as I’m concerned. Their BS is the reason my education and other necessities I need cost too much as well their voting against stuff we need and could put our taxes toward is disgusting and must be silenced, simple as that.

    They, besides trhe people we vote in like this, are the reason we as Americans cannot have nice things like the rest of the world!

  • If this idiot get this done, we the people will just have to remove their president the old fashion way….with a bullet in his head.

    • Paul Kennedy


  • Just another dumb Republican interpreting the Constitution to what he WANTS. He should be charged with treason!! Unfortunately, some Republicans listen to and believe this type of crapola from people like this idiot!

  • So let me get this straight. The a leader of the party whose members sleep with a copy of the Constitution under their pillows and claim to live and breathe it, he’s the one who got the 12th amendment wrong. I guess there is a difference between reading and understanding. The irony, it burns so.

  • Michael Kelley

    Apparently, this guy is too big of an idiot for even World Net Daily. This appeared at the top of the article:

    “Editor’s note, Nov. 20, 2012: Since this column was posted it has been discovered that the premise presented about the Electoral College and the Constitution is in error. According to the 12th Amendment, a two-thirds quorum is required in the House of Representatives, not the Electoral College.”

  • Does Judson Phillips not realize that the only reason he can spurt this garbage is because this is a free country? The majority of Americans will not allow this sub-human to rule us. It is frightening and distasteful to have this ilk among us, but our country will not become a haven for mad men. There are too many of us who are grateful to be Americans.

  • anyasnote

    Boobby Jindal (LOL) is up for reelection so he have to ponder and change his tune. Not long ago he was ALL FOR R/R. When comes to their own job they will turn on their own and pretend to line up with the middle. ALL LIARS and HYPOCRITES. VOTE THEM ALL OUT and start fresh. That also goes for the WEAK SPINE DEMOCRATS OR DINO’s. Just watch and see, some will stand with Repukes on Taxes/Cuts and will help with sinking the ship to get rid of the captain.

    • idamag

      Any, I think Bobby Jindal is gearing up to run in 2016. The tea party won’t like his skin color either.

      • anyasnote

        He will have a competitor Marco Rubio another flip flopper, liar and what the hell I am doing/saying here!! LOL 2nd it would be Chubby cheeks Chris Christie and also Mr Vagina Intruder. LOL Who knows maybe CRAZy Michelle Bachman will try again, Santorum, Mr Nin Nin Nin. The best choice would be Huntsman, the only one SANE in this circus. Don’t exclude the WEEPER Bonehead. LOL.

        • idamag

          I like Jon Huntsman, too.

  • stcroixcarp

    It’s time for the republicans to drive these nuts out of the party, and then rebuild the GOP from the ground up with sane and sensible people. The tea party is mostly old while guys who will start dying out soon.

  • Ron

    Those Tea Party guys make the whole bunch of them look like plain loosers

  • Chuckl8

    Even more evidence of the Tea Party insanity will surface when we see how long Phillip’s “plan” is mentioned as a solution, even after it was factually debunked in the article update.

    As we already know, facts are never part of the TeaParty mindset. Like dogs chasing cars for no apparent reason; … loud, obnoxious and completely pointless, … unless you’re another dog.

  • rr3A

    for what we can see from all Tea party members, we now know that stupidity is an incurable disease….they will never get over it….why?….because they don’t want to!!

  • None dare call it treason.

  • william templeton

    Sad but true, deep hatred like deep pain can over time become comforting, so let them remain comfortable. America, the majority needed have spoken and as always we will recover and prosper. God Bless America!!

  • BrooklynLass

    Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, liked Obama or Romney, if all American citizens are reading articles such as this one, if you are analytical and little less political thinking, you may realized that America may have dodged a really big bullet if Romney was elected.

    These loony, unhinged people were Romney supporters and followers. In addition to them, many of Romney advisors were from Bush Jr.’s term. Rove’s millionaires and billionaires who spent nearly $400 million on his campaign (one alone spent $70 million), do we really think they expected not to get anything from Romney for that much money?

    With Bush Jr. advisors on board, I and I am sure the international community, were worried would Romney start a war? Remember, Bush Jr., had Cheney who did whose knows untold damage to America’s reputation. And this is the irony for me, supposed pro-lifers, didn’t seem to care how many lives were destroyed when they started that unnecessary war in Iraq, literally killing hundreds-of-thousands.

    Yes, we and the world are a lot safer without being led by a man who would have been led by the delusional, the rich fat cats for who no what reason, and Bush Jr’s old conspirators who would have made the world a lot less safe.

    The world can feel a bit safer that Romney did not win. Thank the Lord!

  • We agree with the Tea Pary. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan should be inaguraded in January. Brack Obama cheated to win. Cheaters should not win. Barack Obama should be impeached regarding his position on marriage. The majority of the country want only marriage between a man and a woman. Also DOMA should be upheld.

    • BDC_57

      where is your prove that Obama cheated? go some place else and spread your lies. your sore loser.

    • idamag

      diana, you didn’t let me win, waaaaaaaaa. You are a brazen, bare-faced liar. There is no proof of any voter fraud that gave Obama the election. There was some fraud in voter registration, especially in Florida. How about the guy going from door to door registerting voters and someone saw him throw a bunch of papers in a dumpter and called the police. All of those registrations were Democrat. Now, i know your kind are not good readers, but 51% of the populous favors gay marriage. As far as i am concerned, it is none of my business whether gays marry or not. Get your nose out of their crotches and you will rest easier.

  • glad I finished high school-unlike these moronic Tea Party losers.Also proud to be a Son Of The American Revolution,a Son of The Confederacy, Hawaii born and raised and EDUCATED.
    A DEMOCRAT who devoted time to keep America safe,a literate father,athlete and college
    educated voter with educated parents-not in the immoral Tea Party where the worlds stupidest
    losers congregate on their agenda of nothingness-stabbing themselves in the back and a disgrace
    to my homeland.

    • myfanwy

      I’m glad to have found someone who can spell “loser” properly. You’ve made my day!

  • Since when has the Republican party been “interested in losing gracefully.” I’ve never seen such a bunch of infantile sore losers in my life.

  • Truthhurts1970

    He actually states Romney would be a bad president, yet still wants him elected? What a bunch of idiots….

    >>What the GOP lacks is vision for the American people, they always bumping their gums bout GOP ideology not reality, the GOP only visualizes what they feel this country should be without ever asking or seeking to find out what the People desire …
    >>The Tea Party, the Extremists in the Republican Party, The Ultra Conservatives, etc., is all bout a party platform not about the issues that require strategies and plans that work to resolve them. They’re all a bunch of rich misfits, they’re passe, out-of-date, flinstones …
    >>This is why OBAMA WON because the Republican Party is too dumb, too selfish and too ethnocentric to focus upon other people that constitute the United States of America …

  • the people spoke! Get over it gop!

  • This stupid a*s Judson Phillips, should go hide his head up inside a camels back side and let the camel poo…so Judson could eat more S***………then he should have his B***s cut off and shoved up his A** so deep so that we can remove him from the human race once and for all……

  • THELeftyGrove

    The ‘baggers are totally off the rails, and quickly veering towards irrelevancy.

    I love it.

    The Republican Party is dead. Hallelujah!

  • elindio1

    Judson Phillips, and his flea party Baggers Nation, can go back in to the storm- drains, from where they came from!!!

  • Not only is he guilty of treason he obviously didn’t understand the 12th amendment very well either. He is too stupid to kill. Let him and his party of nut bags go the way of the dodo bird!

  • HERE IS THE PROBLEM PEOPLE . Grover Norquist has hijacked the Republican party now and they all work for Grover ,he tells them what to do .He says the tax breaks are for everyone but seems to me it is mainly for the rich . He is also very much for deregulation , but the problem is deregulation mainly helps big business not small . When deregulation is in they are not being checked so they pretty much charge what they want. That is why Gas ,medical, insurance and food , and utilities are so high right now we have had 12 years of deregulation . This will end the last of this year ! When most necessities cost so much no one has any disposeble income . This hurts small business and in turn no jobs because small business provides jobs .The republicans are sending all the money to the top through tax breaks and deregulation .!

  • JH

    The stupidity on this conservative side is astounding. Sometimes one wonder how they where able to procreate, but i gusess that part can be written down to instinct…

    • idamag

      JH, even insects procreate. That doesn’t take intelligence

  • It’s amazing to me how these people can profess their concern and love for the country and it’s institutions but continually ignore the most important one. DEMOCRACY!!!

  • Daydreaming is futile except for the mentally sick or obssesed with one single far fetched project.Let Mr. Phillips walk about dreaming all kinds of dreams-that may cure him a little.If not, he would wake up to the reality, painful to him ,and in time readjust or else continue hallucinating!

  • ddnutzy

    It seems like Judson Phillips just can not get the fact that the better man won and that maybe those nut cases in the tea party may be gone some time in the future.

  • All of these crazy, angry, old white folks, misinformed by their “news” shows and willing to overturn democracy because they are so consumed with hate for one man, Barack Obama. This is sad and it’s a shame.

  • jstsyn

    If these people cross the line much more they could be committed as a danger to themselves. Only problem is Ronnie RayGun closed down all the mental hospitals. Maybe these folks are the ones from the mental wards he closed. There has to be some explanation for their mindless mischief.

    • idamag

      jstn, you do have a point there.

  • Just shows the arrogance of rightwingers in general. If you don’t think like they do, you either shouldn’t be allowed to vote or your vote should be negated by whatever fraud they can come up with to steal the election. They can’t win elections based on their ideas.

  • It seems that the teahadis all believe in the Constitution and the democratic process only when it suits them. When it doesn’t they want to go for the fascist like coup, just like Prescott Bush and the Business Plot in the 1930’s. Come to think of it the Republican Party back then had the same reaction to FDR that the Republican party has now to Barak Obama.

  • I have no recollection of the Republican party EVER losing nicely, quietly, respectfully, or graciously. It disgusts me that beautiful, wonderful animals like elephants are their symbol. I cannot think of any animal disgusting enough to be their mascot. Maybe a flea.

  • Fuck Phillips, fuck Romney and all the other god damn Republicans

  • realitista

    I don’t know why I’m surprised that people are still agreeing with Philips in the comments, even though the editors have proclaimed the entire premise of the article to be false, but I am.

    Guess it shows that the depths of their stupidity goes deeper than my ability to cope with it. I’ll have to adjust my expectations.

  • Rezon1

    These guys are so full of themselves that they claim to be the only true patriots, but they aren’t even capable of reading the Constitution!!

  • These Tea Party goons are a proto-fascist minority that WAS underwritten by a handful of reactionary corporate (finance and media) interests – the latter NOW understands (albeit begrudgingly) that NO ONE else likes their agenda, the former are delusional fools with an over-inflated sense of self-purpose.

    The Tea Party WILL wither, die, and become the insignificant but obnoxious margin-dwellers that is their due. In the meantime, enjoy the show.

  • bpai99

    Just call what does Phillips is attempting to do by the correct term: treason.

  • Katstiles

    Did Democrats throw a big hissy fit after Jeb and George Bush stole the election from Gore in Florida? No, for the sake of the nation Dems let America move forward and get done with the election. The majority of American voters and the electoral college have spoken. These Baggers need to get over it or go crawl into their bomb shelters for next four years while the rest of us get on with living and reality.

  • jwuor111

    Wow, I know that the Tea party is made of hateful people. But to go this far,is way beyond my imagination.We will see.

  • jwuor111

    Voters have eyes and ears, We are all alert. we know who is who, If these politicians will allow the TEA PARTY to destroy their future, then so be it.

  • OMG. Another total idiot. Isn’t there some way we can get rid of this jerk?

  • Oh, the stupid just never ends, now does it….

    Question: why can’t Teabaggers actually READ the Constitution first?

    Answer: their knuckles hurt too much from dragging on the ground all these years, that they can’t turn pages anymore….

  • Mr. Phillips is a true conservative. He is yearning for the pre-1776 years, when we discarded his beliefs and threw out their proponents. What a jackass. I am not surprised he did not know the Constitution, he does not believe in its principles anyway and his kind are not really tied down by uncomfortable facts.

  • CB123

    Well, hey, they can still pull it out if they can convince 63 Democratic electors not to vote for Obama. And hey, I could go to bed with Gabrielle Union. I suspect the former scenario is about as likely as the latter.

  • Darn it, I was so looking forward to the Tea Party making an even bigger spectacle of themselves. Now it just turns out they’d don’t know how to read so well, something we suspected all along.

  • Who’s this Judson Jerkoff?

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