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Monday, October 23, 2017

A funny thing happened to Donald Trump after the controversy of his loud, public crass remarks aimed at Fox anchor Megyn Kelly: He’s still blowing the competition right out of the water.

A set of national polls conducted through online panels all show The Donald up, with some variation in the field directly below him — but all with strong showings for other anti-establishment candidates like Ben Carson and Ted Cruz as well — and a lousy time for the main establishment candidate Jeb Bush. In addition, Carly Fiorina seems to be doing quite well, benefiting from a wave of publicity after her impressive performance at the underdogs debate.

The NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll released Sunday evening has Trump at 23 percent, Cruz with 13 percent, Carson at 11 percent, and 8 percent each for Fiorina and Marco Rubio. (Bush missed out on even the top five, getting 7 percent.) The poll was conducted Friday and Saturday.

Morning Consult has Trump at a whopping 32 percent, way ahead of Bush at 11 percent, Carson with 9 percent, and Rubio and Scott Walker with 6 percent each. The poll was conducted from Friday through Sunday.

The new Reuters/Ipsos poll has Trump with 24 percent among Republicans, Bush at 12 percent, and 8 percent each for Carson, Mike Huckabee, and Rubio. This poll was conducted from Thursday night, post-debate, through early Monday.

Another poll, conducted via phone by Democratic-aligned firm Public Policy Polling, has Trump ahead in the crucial early state of Iowa: Trump 19 percent, Carson and Walker at 12 percent each, Bush 11 percent, and Fiorina 10 percent. The poll was done Friday through Sunday.

Photo: U.S. presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump answers a question at the first official Republican candidates’ debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland, Ohio, in this file photo taken August 6, 2015. (REUTERS/Brian Snyder/Files)

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11 Responses to The Donald Way Up In Post-Debate Polls — Really!

  1. Trump way up. Right.

    He’s now up to possibly less than 70 percent of Republicans don’t support him. Other polls show 80 percent don’t support him. A true runaway train.

    Brilliant reporting.

    • That’s like equating him to the lead steer in the feedlot. None of them are going to come to any good (other than being put on your dinner plate in about a week).

  2. The fact that Donald Trump owes his popularity among a significant segment of the Republican party, after all the bizarre statements and threats he has made, or more accurately, because of it, says more about what today’s GOP stands for than about Donald Trump.
    Trump is a businessman accustomed to pursuing goals, often at the expense of others, and without the slightest concern over human and moral values, let alone civility. What he is doing is consistent with what he has done throughout his life, and acting surprised make us look cynical. The truth is that he knows how to get the publicity he needs to rise to the top, and stay on top. He currently controls public attention, the media, including the National Memo…and the agenda.
    To his credit, he doesn’t even bother to hide his true feelings or goals. He is, in fact, proud of being a despot and a narcissist. The latter, by the way, is a positive attribute in the age of selfies.
    Will his attacks against other candidates, and the Republican party at large, defeat him? I doubt it. He has gone as far as insulting a disabled American veteran, he has done a 180 on abortion without anyone raising eyebrows, and he has even endorsed Universal Healthcare without a question from those who have been demonizing the ACA pseudo socialist goals.
    At this point, even tangible proof of him being a Democratic party “plant” is likely to be ignored by those who are determined to take America back to an era that is a sad chapter in our history books, even if doing that requires supporting the Devil himself.

  3. I hope Trump gets the GOP nomination. He IS the Republican party and as such deserves to be their candidate. Trump is a blowhard, say-anything-do-anything, it is all about me and forget anyone else, type of guy who thinks all women are here just to please men, poop people are inferior and that the only immigrants who deserve to be here are white. In other words, the typical Republican voter and the typical Republican politician and that is why I say he IS the Republican party of today, a party that doesn’t know how to govern so they resort to just throwing rocks.

  4. Trump’s act reminds me of a professional wrestler’s. As we all know, Professional Wrestling is entertainment, performed to bring in a paying audience. It’s the same for Trump, all the “bad boy” posturing is part of the act. The staged and orchestrated “bout” with Fox moderators, all part of the show. Spectators getting all riled up as if it was all real. This all serves Fox’s political agenda and ratings. But just like professional wrestling, today’s good guy is tomorrows bad guy. They are the puppet masters.

  5. There is one reason Trump’s numbers are up post-debate. He got more laughs. That is what energizes the Repub base. I wouldn’t vote for any of those yahoos, except maybe Kasich so I am somewhat objective regarding their performance and Trump absolutely bombed the debate. Based solely on the debate he should be at the bottom. Never mind the phony flap with Kelly he has no platform, at all, no record of leadership, no original ideas, nothing really but a lot of money (the amount of which he grossly exaggerates), a big mouth and an even bigger ego. His pouty face is even more laughable than his hairdo. It’s like a weak imitation of Mussolini.

  6. According to Gallup 25% of American voters are registered Republicans. Another 16% identify as Republican and vote that way. So Trump has 25% of the 25% for the primaries and caucuses. Will that 16% of lean GOP voters cast their ballot for Trump if he is the nominee? More likely no than yes. All Trump can do is drag down the GOP and the longer he is in the more the other hopefuls will put on their crazy hats and say stupid stuff to get attention.

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