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Friday, January 18, 2019

“Come on, team, let’s get mean!”

This is not the chant of rabid football fans, egging on their favorite team to crush the opponents. Rather, it’s the raucous war cry of far-out right-wing ideologues all across the country who’re pumping up Team GOP to pound the bejeezus out of America’s millions of unemployed workers. Far from a game, this is real, and it’s a moral abomination.

I’ve been unemployed before, and I can tell you it’s a misery — all the more so today, when there are far more people out of work than there are job openings. This leaves millions of our fellow Americans mired in the debilitating misery of long-term unemployment.

But that’s not miserable enough for a feral breed of Ayn Randian political zealots who are lobbying Republican governors, legislators and congress-critters to punish the jobless for … well, for their joblessness. In this perverse universe, the conventional wisdom asserts that unemployment benefits and other poverty-prevention programs are sapping our nation’s vitality by allowing “moochers” to live the Life of Reilly and avoid work.

The GOP’s budget demigod in the U.S. House, Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), expressed this dogma in a fanciful homily deriding America’s safety net as “a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency.” This from a guy whose family’s wealth was gained from government contacts and who has spent practically all of his adult life in the sweet-swaying hammock of congressional privilege, presently drawing $174,000 a year from Old Uncle Sugar.

As ridiculous and just plain mean as this attitude is, it plays well in the insanity that now defines “the debate” in Republican primary elections. So, state after state (as well as Congress) is succumbing to this pound-the-poor, right-wing screed by frenetically slashing unemployment benefits.

Behind this faux-philosophical push are the smiling barons of corporate America. Without jobless payments, you see, desperate millions will be forced to whatever low-wage, no-benefit, dead-end jobs the barons design.

What’s at work here is a profoundly awful ethical phenomenon that has seeped into the top strata of American society: Our nation’s corporate and political elites have developed an immunity to shame.

It has become morally acceptable in those lofty circles to enrich themselves while turning their backs on the rest of us. Even more damning, they feel free to slash America’s already tattered safety net, leaving more holes than net for the workaday majority of Americans who’ve been knocked down by an ongoing economic disaster created by these very elites.

For a look at how shameful these privileged powers have become, turn to North Carolina. Until recently, this Southern state maintained a fairly moderate government with a populist streak, taking pride in its educational system and other public efforts to maintain a middle class. No more. A shame-resistant political leadership has recently taken hold, consisting of corporate-funded Tea Party extremists who loathe the very idea of a safety net.

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59 responses to “The Mean Team Piles On Jobless Americans”

  1. Joseph Squerciati says:

    These are the SAME Tea Partiers who wanted the Government to keep its hands ooff their Medicare . I would suggest that every legislator who voted for this bill be forced to live on it for a month .

    Did these ‘good” Christians ever hear of the Sermon on the Mount ?

    What people forget is if you were lucky enough to have health care your Cobra payment to continue will likely exceed two weeks Unemployment .Too make matters even worse the Federal government taxes your unemployment (thanks to the Gipper) . Talk about KICKING a Man when he’s DOWN

    • Catskinner says:

      Have you ever heard of a “good christian?”

      • Allan Richardson says:

        The really good Christians tend to be agnostics or atheists, or have a less tyrannical image of God in their minds than the Christian Taliban.

        “We’ve prophesied the way true peace will come at last:
        When OUR loving God kicks YOUR loving God’s a**.”
        — song heard at Unity Clearwater years ago by guest performer

        • Crooked Bridge says:

          Do not let the poor deeds of bumper sticker Christians characterize all Christians. There are many Christians willfully and lovingly doing many good things to aid the poor. (There are many other religious faiths doing many good things as well, so I am not implying it is just Christians.) They just do not make a big deal about which is actually they way it is supposed to be. Trust me, as a ‘christian’, there is nothing more frustrating than hearing from/about those who proclaim a christian faith and proceed to ignore the teaching of Christ. The may have a faith, yet it is not Christ-like.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            Read the description of judgment day in Matthew (the one about the sheep and the goats, I’m sure you know it). See any mention of “faith,” or “belief,” or dogma there?
            You have your answer about those with “faith.”
            Likewise, I’m sure you know the part about not being like the hypocrites who love to be seen, etc.
            You are, of course, correct, but I believe the people you mention are a drop in the “Christian” ocean (“Not all who say to me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven”).

          • Independent1 says:

            Sand_Cat, you sure got that one right – Small is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life AND FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT. It’s truely sad that so many millions upon millions totally forget those words spoken by our Lord. Anyone who loves what the GOP stands for is as Faux a Christian as Fox News is a Faux News channel. Those looking to find true salvation should not lose courage because of the millions upon millions of Faux Christians that make total hypocrites of themselves by aligning themselves with the GOP.

          • Joseph says:

            Of courser ther are many people that are simply vile bigoted and ignorant. They use their professed Christianity to hide their true beliefs and Christianity, being extremely flexible and poorly defined enables them to do that. Given the general behavior of Christians across the country, I would be loath to admit I was Christian lest people think the worst of me.

          • Crooked Bridge says:

            I agree with you on the first part, and see where you are coming from on the second part, yet I am not going to let the acts of those who are Christians of convenience or of politics to shame my faith. Also, I am too concerned what someone thinks of me if they do not know me. Lastly, I am not sure “general behavior” is apt. The media promotes fear, anger and ugliness because that is what angry, scared and ugly people want to read about. I am confident there continues to be great deal of “quiet good” that still exists.

          • Joseph says:

            If you are satisfied by being known by the company you keep, God bless you. For me, someone telling me they are a Christian raises red flags because it is unnecessary to share your faith and actions speak louder than profession. In addition, I simply don’t implies that I should draw conclusions from that bit of information. The conclusion I constantly draw from the Christians I meet are I need to keep my hand on my wallet and back slowly toward the door with my back tot he wall. A good person is a good person and closely held supernatural beliefs are irrelevant.

          • Crooked Bridge says:

            I am satisfied being known by the company I keep because the company I keep are not with the ones you think. I do not keep company with them either. Point is, the Christians you have been around are not indicative of all Christians. They are just better at talking than doing.

          • Crooked Bridge says:

            …not too concerned…

        • Mark Forsyth says:

          It is reported that Ghandi once said that he would love to become a true Christian if he ever met one.

      • stcroixcarp says:

        A “good christian” is the same as a ” compassionate conservative”.

        • Independent1 says:

          Sorry, but a conservative can never be a true Christian; Jesus was not a conservative. Conservatives by definition are more concerned about how their actions affect themselves than they are about how their actions affect others. The total opposite of what Jesus taught – we should live for others and think more highly of others than we do of ourselves. No conservative would ever truely believe that statement. The term Conservative Christian is an Oxymoron.

          • stcroixcarp says:

            Jesus taught generosity and grace. All four gospels tell of him feeding 5000 irresponsible people who should have packed their own lunches for a day at the beach. He healed people on the Sabbath, which should have been his day off. When he sent his disciples off on missionary work he instructed them to take nothing with them not even a spare cloak or sandals and to stay with people and share what they had to offer. He gave forgiveness and abundant life. rather than austerity and grace beyond the law.

          • Independent1 says:

            Yes, and you notice that it’s those less advantaged folks that Jesus fed with the fishes and bread that today’s GOP loves to vilify – harping on – all the worlds problems are THEIR fault – let’s give more subsidies to the rich so those benevolent souls (gag) can trickle-down their excess to all you unfortunate slobs. Sometimes their rhetoric makes me want to vomit.

            And it was just after that episode with the little conservative rich guy who couldn’t part with is wealth that Jesus said words similar to these “It will be harder for a rich man to get into heaven than for a camel to jump through the eye of a needle.” My translation: “It will be impossible for people who insist on filling their lives with worldly things, a la Mitt Romney, to get into heaven.” It’s not being rich that’s really the problem, it’s loving being rich and living for all those worldly things that’s the problem – and Mitt obviouslly does that – loves flaunting and increasing his wealth.

  2. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Time for a reality check. The groups like Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity (theirs, not yours) are founded by rich men. Big billionaire rich fat cat men. I urge all Americans to review their US history under Woodrow Wilson and see just what happens when rich men become so rich they create their own little government of themselves, for themselves, by themselves. Some right wingers hate this president because like Teddy Roosevelt he stands for equality for all Americans and not an elitist class of rich men who think they ARE the only government. When money begins to drown out the voices of taxpayers, how close are these rich fat cats and their sidler politicians to monopolies and back to the Wilson days of private trusts that sink the rights of individual voters?

    The US is now at THE most dangerous turning point. No American citizen or taxpayer can afford the luxury of allowing this greedy regime to continue. There is power in numbers. Stand up for what you believe in before it is wiped out from under all of you.

    • JDavidS says:

      The sad part is that the Tea Clowns are either too stupid, or are willfully blind to the fact that they are supported and encouraged by the 1%, like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, who couldn’t give a rats’ ass as to whether any of them lived or died. So they continue to get dressed up in their ridiculous little tri-corner hats and the rest of it, strut around and imagine themselves to be patriots. Like the adage says…”There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        The Tea Party, like Americans for Prosperity are the brain child of billionaires. Now just why might we all wonder would billionaires have ANY interest in these special interest groups, enough to pour millions of dollar every year into them? Does buying your rights remind you of anything? These are rich men whose power has gone from their heads to the raisins in their jeans. Which accounts for all that swaggering and bluster and bloated egos.

        I am never ever impressed with celebrity, rich bois or powerful men. I know they put their pants on like we all do…one leg at a time. So their posturing is boring and their addiction to power falls on deaf ears….mine.

      • Russell Byrd says:

        As your adage indicates, right-wing hatred is willful. Ignorance maybe, but willful nonetheless.

        It takes morals and a conscience to be liberal, progressive, or whatever choice of word one uses for open minded, forward thinking people. As for the American conservative, it takes absolutely no morals, no conscience, and no common sense to hate anyone that is not like you. Add to that lying, as well. When conservacons are confronted with the facts, they just indignantly deny them.

    • Russell Byrd says:

      I think Teddy Roosevelt is very pertinent today. He probably saved this nation from anarchy and revolution. The result is the filthy rich hate him even today.
      Yet, what if he had done what the corrupt moneyed interests had wanted. We would probably be an entirely different country. The history of the entire world, but especially Europe, would be totally different.

      The thing that bothers me, is that the rich, greedy, corruption that feels it owns this nation, and us, is using methods that will turn this nation into a powder keg. Are they thinking what will happen to their accumulated wealth when we cannot tolerate them anymore? Or do they think they can keep us in check by force?

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        You are soooo right. But, the ill equipped rich bois who have languished in luxury and ostentatious BS for decades forget one thing: They are not capable of fighting their own battles. So what are they planning to do? Send out Eric Prince’s pathetic privatized military miscreants to have at it with the entire Middle Class who outnumber the rich bois and Prince’s XE thugs?

        Greed can only go so far. We know this from the history of the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks. Not a single one of these countries is today what it was in ancient times when their rulers lived off their slaves work. Money always, always, always runs out and when you consider the fast and loose games the rich are playing, too many of us are already refusing to trust them as far as our elbows extend. In effect, they are now on their own. And they will fail. None of the wealth of the Goulds, the Rothschilds, the Carnegies, the Mellons or the rest of the Robber Barons is what it once was in their days of theft, deception, fraud and corruption.

        • Russell Byrd says:

          Excellent reply. Only, I would rather not see the country that I love torn apart by the greed, misused religion, and fake patriotism of the right-wing. I fear all the destruction to our people and nation that will be caused ridding ourselves of this rot. The right-wing has no such morals or conscience. They see oppression as necessary to get what they desire. Yet, as you have said, they will eventually get something they don’t expect or want.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            There’s a difference between maintaining the courage of your convictions and following your principles, ethics and morals. You don’t need religion to tell you what is right and wrong. That comes with the free will we are all born with and the intellect only a few of us choose to rely on for guidance to stay on the right path. All…without self-righteous proclaimations, validations and justifications. Right isn’t a gender, a race or even a creed. It is what it is. Even the youngest child knows when they’ve done something that’s wrong. It’s called conscience. Greed is evil. The world lives with good and evil. Evil cannot be reinvented as good for one simple reason…it’s the antithesis of goodness. When these clowns of the right latched onto that iconic “Greed is good,” BS, they tried desperately to make it so. Didn’t work. It is up to moral, intelligent Americans to stand united against what our consciences tell us is evil. Greed is a form of murder. It kills more than just the goodness inherent in all of us. It kills our ability to be just, honest human beings.

  3. Lorr says:

    The Republican Party Is owned by the Koch Brothers, Walmart and others. They want Education Budgets Slashed, so they can keep a flow of potential low wage earners coming. They want safety net programs cut so they can hire people at what ever low wage they want, no benefits, no paid vacation, no paid sick days etc. so they can pull in more profits. Only the elite will obtain a good education, so they can continue to grow the Upper Class and continue to push the Middle Class to the Poverty level or below.

  4. judi says:

    Got to keep those people people poor, desperate and dumb. All these FX watchers and RW conservative radio listeners have NO clue…all they get shoved down their throats is “that black guy is taking us to hell in a hand basket” and they believe it because…they, too, are white. The “grassroots” Tea Party (pardon me while I gag) is being used by the KOCHS and their ALEC (just like the Catholics that they do not even like) to push their control and more money for me agenda. And that’s all their freaking abortion/contraception war is about: control of women and birthing more idiots like themselves. (The Kochs could care less about religion, it’s all a ruse to them.) Once you’re born…into a poor family probably…….you’re just another mouth to take food out of ……

    • Russell Byrd says:

      Probably you have too, but I have had a number of Teapubs preach to me about the benefits of the Capitalist “system.” What strikes me as odd is almost every time they seem to be reading lines off of a cue card. They seem to mouth the words as if it were a Mantra. They must be the “successes” of news spinners such as Faux. Yet, they do not seem to know what any of that crap really means. Only that it is the cure-all for all our ails.

      I am all for free enterprise, though I am anti-Capitalist. I am disappointed that the average right-wing fool cannot see that they are not at all the same thing.

  5. montanabill says:

    Everybody should be in favor of getting goodies from ‘Uncle Sugar’. Oh wait…

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      MontanaBill…Do you want to admit that your state has more people getting “goodies” from Uncle Sugar? Or is the meth business in Montana now the main source of income these days? Montana WAS a beautiful state until your conservative government destroyed it. What did people in Montana think would happen when they handed over their rights to right wing conservatives? The first thing that always happens…lower incomes. So while Montanans live on $40K a year, people in other states have to supplement your state’s revenues with regular infusions of tax subsidies or else the high number living in poverty in Montana have to “get goodies” from “Uncle Sugar” …oh gee…that’s why my states only gets 61 cents for every dollar we pay in federal taxes…”WE” are “Uncle Sugar.”

      • montanabill says:

        Regrettably, I simply have to label you as clueless. You obviously have no first hand knowledge of Montana, at all.

        • Mark Forsyth says:

          What do you consider to be appropriate Montana knowledge?

          • Sand_Cat says:

            He can spell it? Come one, what do you expect?

          • Mark Forsyth says:

            I’m stumped Sandy.Maybe he thinks that only Montana residents know anything about the state or qualify as having first hand knowledge.I don’t have any problem getting info on or from that state.I’m in frequent contact with Montana Senator Jon Testor who seems at this point,the best thing that Montana has going for it.Politically speaking.I know that the minerals interests and groups such as the stockmans lobby still have considerable sway in that state when it comes down to a great deal of legislation and provide ample evidence of corporate influence over public concern.

    • Allan Richardson says:

      General Electric, for one, got a lot more “goodies from Uncle Sugar” than anyone I know! Socialism for the rich because if they fail the rest of us bail them out; capitalism for the middle class and poor because if we fail we starve.

  6. Catskinner says:

    What’s happened all across the nation is people who had good paying jobs before 2008 are finding that unemployment compensation pays more than the jobs that are available now. The incentive, then, is to stay on unemployment.

    They need to restructure unemployment compensation so that it has diminishing returns. Like when a person has to get an extension, pay 90% of full benefits, then 80%… Until it actually pays the person to go back to work.

    • Russell Byrd says:

      Rather than dicker over the merit or lack of in your proposal, why don’t we ask the most pertinent question. What jobs are all those people going to go to? Fast food? Work for a couple of months and then take a couple more to get your unemployment back. There are not enough jobs to even cover a fourth of all those people.

      And as I can attest to personally, a lot of companies that claim to have openings, never actually hire anybody to fill the positions. That way, they always have openings statistically, but in fact there isn’t a job. Often, this is due to budget constraints, but often is due to the bonus expectations of a department head. There are certainly other reasons, but the fact is, a lot of jobs listed on paper do not even exist. Even if they did, there still is an impossible shortage of jobs, especially ones that pay enough to live on.

      • Allan Richardson says:

        The new fashion is to require ALL resumes to be submitted on the web site. They take applications online even for jobs that are already filled, but applicants never hear back because they are only “banking” those applications. And when they have too many “banked” they switch to a deliberately buggy web site with edit criteria on the applicant-entered data that make it impossible to finish the online application. They know the web site has errors in it; that’s what they want for now, and if they EVER run out of applications they will install the version that works properly for a while.

    • Allan Richardson says:

      Why not make JOBS PAY MORE? The minimum wage WOULD BE about $42 right now if it had been indexed to inflation. Even the Democrats’ proposed $15, opposed by ALL the Republicans, would still be UNDER POVERTY.

      I know, the excuse is that jobs will disappear; but that is only if minimum wage earners save every penny. Guess what? These are people who have NOTHING LEFT TO SAVE after just barely getting by! They WILL spend it, and that will create MORE jobs at all levels (who buys clothes at Wal Mart? Waffle House employees; who dines at Waffle House? Wal Mart employees).

      And yet the Republican-choked House will not even consider taking TIPS (which servers are not actually getting any more) out of the minimum wage law. Would you work for $2.13 per hour plus tips?

      • Russell Byrd says:

        You know Allan, it is all about who gets what and who has to pay. The rich would rather have us all live in misery than to give up that extra nickel. That would take a little extra effort and create extra risk for them.

        Most of our economic superiors, those “we built it” types, those “job creators,” are not only not very intelligent, but are rather lazy as well. What they are, in spades, is self-important and aggressive. Maybe, we need that kind of personality to keep our “system” going, BUT the risk is only worth it if we keep a close eye on their activities.

        And no, I would have to be very hungry before I would work for tips. That is generally a hard life doing the jobs that pay only tips.

      • Catskinner says:

        You might be right, Allan. We might have finally reached the point where it simply doesn’t pay to work.

    • LotusJoan says:

      While there might be an economic incentive for some to stay on unemployment, the reason we continue to have high unemployment is that there are no jobs. I am a college graduate. There are no jobs to be had in my specialty and I can not get a non skilled job as I am “over qualified.

      I saw an ad the other day for janitor that paid $9.00 an hour and there was a two years experience pre- qualification!

      I am aginst anything to futher penalize people who are unemployed when unemployment rates are so high.

      I am glad that you have a job and wonder why you want to injure me because I do not. Just remember I qualify for unemployment because my previous employers (and I) paid into the system.

      • Catskinner says:

        Yeah, I’ve had that happen to me as well, Lotus, back in the 80’s. And I don’t object to people drawing unemployment compensation. What has been done since 2008, however, is to grant extension after extension with no provision for getting people off of the system.

        In many states, unemployment pays better than working for the kinds of jobs that are out there now. The good paying jobs that were lost are never coming back. Some of that has to do with outsourcing, but a lot of it has to do with technology.

        For example, at one time in my distant past I used to run a finish motor grader. I was in high demand and the job paid very well because not very many people could do it. Today, however, a finish motor grader runs off a laser beam–and sometimes even GPS. Anybody who can drive a farm tractor can basically do it. I either had to find a different profession or work for peanuts.

  7. howa4x says:

    The billionaires found a group that is so stupid it will vote against the welfare of their own children and grand children. How idiotic can you get? Cutting school aid only hurts their children, cutting environmental protection only hurts their own children by exposing them to toxins, having a work for less economy only hurts their children’s long term job prospects. This is what happens when outright fools take over government. Why don’t they want to tax every job that is being outsourced? The Tea party is like the American neo Nazis because all their policies are designed around hatred of a group. Singling out one group for retribution is just like pre WW 2 or how Afro Americans were treated by the KKK. Ayn Rand’s writings have become their new Mein Kamp. So instead of race war or religious war, now we have economic war. Maybe the governor will make all the unemployed wear a yellow U sewn onto their clothing so all the good Christian white people who have jobs can publically shame them.

    • Allan Richardson says:

      I remember a very well done double length episode of “Star Trek:Deep Space Nine” in which a starship carries the DS9 crew to Earth for a Star Fleet meeting. After the landing party beams down, the subspace radio traffic goes silent, except for Klingons near Alpha Centauri. Investigating, they learn that the away team was beamed down to San Francisco in the PAST and changed history for the worse so that Earth never developed warp drive. They had to beam down another away team to the year 2012 (written in the 1990’s) when authorities in America had fenced in a neighborhood of SF with no water or electricity as a prison for what they called the “dummies” (handicapped, mentally or physically) and the “gimmies” (unemployed for ANY reason, in a failing economy), just as the Tea Party proposes. I suggest that EVERYBODY who believes in Tea Party economics find a copy of that episode and view it.

    • Harold L. Harris, Sr. says:

      I have to agree with your view; I once made a point to someone that I am over 65 years old and that my baby grandchild is only six. I could declare that by the turn of the next century, everyone I know will most likely be dead and that just maybe I don’t care what happens to this planet. I was told to reflect on just how selfish that sounded and I smiled slightly and said, isn’t that what the Oil Companies and other polluters are saying? Why would you expect for me to care about your family future if you show no interest in mines? I guess it hit home because the person said; you know what, I never looked at it that way. That is the thinking of the very rich, they live in the moment and that is the only thing that matters to them. They want us to live for the afterlife while they live for today. I say to them, don’t preach to me about my children future when I know that you only care about your “today”.

      Of course I care about my family’s future, that is why I worked hard to make a future for them, but please don’t tell me that I must sacrifice my today or my family’s future so you can collect your wealth and power today at my expense. I don’t buy it for a minute, so these Conservatives can take their (God is my savior message) and hide it away with their money. And believe me, I am not some poor soul that needs a handout or even help, I am a person that worked from the age of 13, served in the military, worked as a public servant for both the State and the Federal Governments, saved and now live a rather comfortable life, but I don’t see fault in others that I refuse to recognize in myself, therefore I don’t see the poor as lazy, I see them as someone that require a little help.

      So yes I agree with you, the haves hold nothing but contempt for the have nots and without seeing them as stupid people, I see them as a people that have to find someone to blame for their feeling of failure and the GOP have brought them to the edge of my community and and pointed an accusing finger and said; “There is the reason you can’t achieve, blame them, not us.”

  8. Harold L. Harris, Sr. says:

    Reading much of this information about the GOP, I can’t help
    but think about how this plan is being worked out. First we pit American against American,
    divide them first by political affiliation, then by economics and finally by
    racial issues. It’s working because
    nothing that happens to me is ever my fault, there is some external force doing
    this to me. It’s about that Mexican
    taking away my job, that uneducated Black advancing through Affirmative Action
    or that Woman being given an opportunity because the Glass Ceiling is holding
    her down. “They are advancing and
    leaving me behind to carry them on my shoulders” is the prevailing attitude.

    Let me be clear, I have worked for a few Women and found
    them to be very capable leaders, Justice Thomas is a product of Affirmative
    Action and I don’t think anyone can mistake him as some super Liberal, as for
    Mexicans or Hispanics, do we resent them because they; like the Asians has
    found a way to unite for the most part to achieve their goals. This seems to be a problem with some on the
    right because “they” seem to think that this nation was designed just to meet
    their needs with everyone else working for them.

    When I go to the Grocery Store, I refuse to check out at the
    Self-Checkout registers; why because when I do it, I am taking a job from
    someone. In my local Wal-Mart, there are
    eight self-check points with a single person monitoring and yet there are
    lines. This single individual is doing
    the work of eight potential employees.
    Can anyone see the problem here?
    I have a close friend that just can’t stand Mexicans because they are
    stealing our (Blacks) jobs. I try to
    point out to him that the Jobs many of our South-of-the-Border neighbors are
    performing are jobs that most of us seem to think we are too good to do in the
    first place, so how are they stealing if they are providing a service that we
    won’t provide for ourselves? Of course,
    he has no answer, but he is still stuck in his thinking. The GOP had done a great job of directing perception
    into fact.

    People out of work are lazy, yet this Administration is
    doing nothing to create Jobs. How can we
    have it both ways? Lazy people can’t get
    the jobs that are not even there in the first place. I have another friend, from the military who
    accepts my being entitled to Disability based on a Service Connected injury,
    yet under other circumstances, entitlements are wrong. My friend deserves it yet others don’t, how can
    both be true. Disabled is disabled,
    Social Security is Insurance, not an entitlement, and Government Pensions are
    promises made by the “People” to reimburse an employee for longevity of
    service. But now that these people are
    starting to collect, those who squirreled away the funds, now want to find ways
    to deny it to the rightful recipient.

    Of course we want to find a name to put on this, some way to
    exact blame, but truthfully, it’s very simple, nothing but plane old “Greed”.

  9. Paul Meade says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Jim Hightower’s assessment that the conservative powers that be want to develop a workforce willing to take a job at any level of income. Otherwise why would there be such a seemingly all pervasive effort to gut the unemployment benefits and other protections, as well as destroying the education system of the US. Not to mention the reluctance to enact meaningful immigration reform. Trample the less educated populace down enough and they will be willing to take any job, no matter what the wage. This is a conspiracy theory that might actually hold some water.
    All these so called good Christians who elected these tea party republicans and would be fat cat politicians, live in a sort of bubble world where they actually believe that the poor should be poor but it would never happen to them. They have a teenage/sophomoric type of ideation that makes them think they are immortal and immune from something bad happening to them. When it does they turn the blame on the “class” they are now forced into.

    For them it is past time for a “reality check”

    • howa4x says:

      I agree and what I was thinking about today is if everybody is part of a work for less culture who is going to buy all the consumer goods this economy needs to keep going?

  10. Jack Ragan says:

    In my 91+ years dealing with the world in general, I have found that a big percentage of us can be easily swayed because of their gullibility. You have to look further into what the Pols say and not blindly vote. That is the reason so many of our seats are filled with people who should never have been elected.

  11. moderationpreferred says:

    And this is the party that pretends to be so ‘Christian’ yet denigrates everything about those that Christ ministered to calling them worthless, lazy trash. They can quote scripture all day but pick and choose small quotes leaving them out of context and twisting them to mean something that supports their bigoted minds rather than what was actually meant. These hypocrites do not listen to or live by the actually words of Christ. I’ve seen more moral, ‘Christian’ atheists than I have among those
    who actually claim to be Christian.

    Jesus depicted in the New Testament repeatedly reaching out to those at the bottom of the social pyramid–poor people, women, Samaritans, lepers, children, prostitutes and tax collectors. Jesus was also eager to accept people who were well-placed, but he made clear that all, regardless of social position, needed to repent. For this reason, he invited the rich young man to sell all of his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. (Matthew 19:16-30,Luke 18:18-30, Mark 10:17-31)

    Jesus commanded, “Love your neighbor.” When asked to define “neighbor,”
    Jesus expanded the traditional meaning of the word–defining our neighbor as
    anyone who is in need, including social outcasts: “But when you give a
    banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be
    blessed.” (Luke 14:13)

  12. Hankster says:

    I’ll never understand the working stiff that votes Republican!!!

    • Mark Forsyth says:

      Doesn’t make much sense,does it?

    • Guest says:

      It’s simple. He realizes that it takes hard work and innovation to become a prosperous human being, and even though he may still be a working stiff, he accepts that he has or hasn’t taken the actions and made the decisions that will get him what he wants.

      He refuses to become dependent and rely on having others do his pillow-fluffing with their wealth. He takes responsibility for his actions and believes that all should love each other and allow them to be rewarded for what they have worked for. He knows each person has to find themselves and their path, and that a state can’t support them – they won’t find true fulfilment, only subsistence.

      He believes that he has to earn his success through hard work, and that it is always possible to free himself from the life of a working stiff, whether or not he himself has been able to muster up the creativity and effort to do so yet.

  13. angelsinca says:

    A shallow article with limited fact about reduced UI benefits in N. Carolina with no reasons provided except that the GOP are meanies. This isn’t reporting, it’s a personal rant. The imaginative liberal mind will no doubt use this tripe to wage an unrelated off topic attack against Christianity and conservatism. Nero fiddles as the fools gloat.

  14. commserver says:

    If the Tea Party is interested in getting people off the unemployment line then jobs should be created.

    It is ironic that the sequestration is resulting in job losses. But, that is all in a day’s work. Let them get to work doing real work.

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