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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Much attention has been paid to the awful moment during Tuesday’s proceedings at the Republican National Convention, when two delegates threw nuts at a black CNN camerawoman and told her “this is how we feed the animals.

To the GOP’s credit, security swiftly ejected the two bigots from the convention and the party put out a statement condemning the embarrassment as “deplorable” and “inexcusable.” But the Republican party does not seem willing to confront the larger issue: This convention and the party it reflects have a serious race problem.

The RNC has made a concerted effort to highlight the party’s inclusiveness by giving prime speaking slots to Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mia Love, Brian Sandoval, and Condoleezza Rice, among other speakers of color. That diversity is not reflected in the startlingly monochromatic convention audience, however. Although the RNC does not keep exact demographic statistics, The Grio reports that various counts show between 28 and 47 black delegates at this year’s convention, out of 2,286 total. That’s less than 2 percent.

That lack of diversity is also reflected in polls of the presidential race. Mitt Romney, who quickly identified immigration as an issue where he could veer to the right of his opponents in the Republican primary, now trails President Obama among Latino voters by a 39 point margin. His standing among African-Americans is exponentially worse; according to one recent poll, black voters favor President Obama over Romney by a 94 to zero percent margin. Yes, a major party candidate for president of the United States is polling at zero percent among African-Americans.

Rather than reach out to minority communities, however, Romney and the Republicans seem intent on belittling them. Much of the 2012 convention has been devoted to widely debunked lies that President Obama has eliminated the work requirement from welfare, and that he’s robbing Medicare to pay for the Affordable Care Act (which right wingers consider to be the ultimate government handout.) The message could not be more clear: Obama is giving your hard earned money to indolent, dependent blacks.

In a telling exchange on Wednesday, would-be first lady Ann Romney tried to woo Latino voters by telling them to “wake up” and “get past some of their biases” and vote Republican. In her mind Latinos are the ones who are biased against Republicans. One wonders where she was when Puerto Rican National Committee Woman Zoraida Fonalledas’ convention speech was interrupted by delegates chanting “U.S.A.!”

As Ron Brownstein of National Journal and others have reported, Mitt Romney likely needs to win about 61 percent of the white vote in order to capture the White House. As this campaign and convention show, he is going all in on that gamble. But as one Republican strategist told Brownstein, “this is the last time anyone will try” to win an election with an almost completely segregated constituency. Even if Romney does squeak out a narrow win with a white supermajority, the long term damage done by his campaign’s race-baiting may take years for Republicans to reverse.

Photo Credit: AP/Charlie Neibergall

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  • old_blu

    They are just hoping that there are enough “good ol boys” *spit* to counter the real Americans.

    • That’s the tragedy here; before they pushed themselves to this extreme of pandering to the Old Boys’ Club of rich folk, the Republican party tried to at least entertain the notion of inclusiveness.

      Back then, they accepted that people that weren’t WASPs were “real Americans”, but I don’t think they do now.

      (That’s White, Anglo-Saxon People, these days they’ve pretty well dropped the Protestants.. *shaking head in disgust*)

      GOP, Short for:

      • Dan: Another rendition: GOP~ Grand standers-Obstuctionists-Plutocrats

      • DStaton

        Is Artur Davis a White Man?
        Is Ted Cruz not Hispanic?
        And Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval?
        Mia Love, a black candidate for Congress in Utah, was also ignored by you libs,
        Governor Luis Fortuno’s speech will it be aired?
        Condoleezza Rice is also slated to speak at the convention, will here speech be a White speach???
        How about Luce’ Vela Fortuño is she white?
        All of these had speeches at the convention that liberal media outlets decided not to air. It seems to me like the libs are just trying to invent some minority issue where there is none.

        • morgan520

          Tokens – there was still only 2% (total) of “non white” delegates (at most 48 people) out of over 2,000 at the convention – seems a minority issue to me!!!

          • DStaton

            And there will be 90% minority speakers at the DNC???
            The DNC is not run by a bunch of old monied white guys???
            Have you ever looked at the personal background of 85% of your beloved DNC congress persons???

            You find OLD MONEY white guys and gals running the show and calling the shots.

            MINORITY ISSUE???
            The DNC needs to clean their own house I’d say.
            LOL Senator Robert Byrd from West Virginia, Grand Wizard of the KKK for over 30 years 15 of which he was also in office.

          • morgan520

            Hey, I’m not saying either party is not full of big money old guys!! what I’m saying is: the repugs are catering to the “old guard” you know – old white guys with billions of dollars – only 28 people of color at their convention???? just saying!

        • You need to look up the word “token.” When people of color or women
          speak from the Republican microphones, they are cited as proof of
          tolerance. When people of color or women speak from the Democratic
          Party microphones, they are often among the majority. There’s the rub!!

          • DStaton

            You need to look up the word “Moron” as the very fact that there are ANY minorities speaking proves the article and your assumptions wrong. Inclusion is not exclusive to the DNC. But the DNC is also likely the first place in which a White, Straight, Married Male, would not only feel uncomfortable but would also likely be openly attacked.

          • old_blu

            Because they are more diverse? I am a ‘White, Straight, Married Male” I don’t think I would be at all “uncomfortable” around people who are more diverse.

            (less than 2% come on man)

          • DStaton, JFK, LBJ, Carter, and Clinton aare just as comfortable speaking to a Democratic audience as Barack Obama is. The difference is that while Whites, African Americans and Hispanics speak on behalf of their party, the small number of minorities in the GOP know they are being showcased to project an image of inclusion that is inconsistent with reality. BTW, would you mind citing an example of people like the Clintons, Kerry, or any other white being attacked during the DNC rallies they participate in?

          • DStaton

            People like Clinton and Kerry don’t get attacked because they have secret service protection. It’s the average guy who gets attacked and the news media does not report it.
            If you don’t have money, and lots of it, you don’t get to speak at the DNC Covention or the RNC convention. Besides the minorities that speak at the DNC are just as much “tokens” as those that speak at the RNC. Your about as smart as any liberal dingleberry I’ve ever talked to, you should know the rules by now. Or are you still under the impression that politicians want to “help” you?

            A politician is a lot like a used car salesman, they talk a good game, but they will rob you blind the first chance they get. They will say anything that will convince you they are on your side, but in the end they work for themselves not you or anyone else.

            You must be a politician the way you spout your Democratic lies.

            As for me, I wouldn’t trust a one of them to do anything for me.

            You should learn something before you speak again there Junior!

          • grammyjill

            There was an attack at the RNC, live on TV. A couple of the holier than you threw nuts at a black woman cameraman and yelled “that’s how we feed the animals.”

          • Man that was a great way to illustrate their ignorance …They don’t even know what MINORITY means …They sure know how to play the race card though . Their media knows how not to cover things like people of color at the RNC also . Seems they want the sheep to believe that their are no people of color in the GOP . They shamelessly cut away anytime a minority is on stage . They also dont want to talk about jobs or the economy the real issues in this election because they know Obama’s can’t run on that , hasn’t tried to run on that and it would be a cake walk if he tries that in the debate . Since all the debates will be moderated by Liberals you can expect that they won’t ask himthose questions in the debates . They instead will throw him softballs while throwing High heat at Romneys chin . Just like they screwed Hillary in the DEM Primnary debates in 2007 .

        • DStaton, the reason the GOP is having so much trouble with women and minorites has nothing to do with the fact that a few African Americans and Hispanics joined the GOP and are doing well, but their policies. What minorities object to are policies that benefit the wealthy, often at the expense of the middle class and the poor, policies that undermine their interests and rights, and an attitude that until recently was clearly antagonistic towards them. It is good to see that they finally saw the light, but it will be a long time before people forget the recent past and some of the tenets in their 2012 political platform.

        • grammyjill

          I have wayched the convention on msnbc and saw all that have spoken so far. They all come from poor people that magically got rich during the depression.As for minority issue. Romney only has 22% of the hispanic vote and 0% of the black vote and 28% of the female vote. I”d say he has a big problem and I hope it stays that way.
          I saw him as govenor. He sucked! Just as bad as Sununnu here.

  • Yes, and their attempts to appeal to women and minorities are likely to fall on deaf ears.

    • onedonewong

      Gee barak has his own war on women with over 1,000,000 loosing their jobs since he became president

      • Women and Blacks have fared the worst under Obama Trickle to the Govt Economics . Also he and the DEMS are supprting gender based Abortion

        • Michael I am sick of you men assuming you know what women think and feel. I feel as a woman the Republican Party’s good old boys are a disaster to women, children.They are ignorant, bigoted, greedy, immoral, unethical louts. I am afraid Mitt will come and beat me up and forget it ever happened. You have no say what a women has to do with her body that is her right and her beliefs not yours.

          • When did I say anything about what a women does with her body ? Other then to say Obama the DEMS and Planned Parenthood were busted supprting gender based abortions against females . Women and Blacks have born the most job loses and unemployment rates under Obamanomics . I have a quaestion for you . At the upcoming DNC Haj and Anti American Jihad in which the Muslim Brotherhood will be invited guests how will media lobotomized Liberal women balance the fact that Muslims kill and rape their women in honor killings . They make their women walk behind them . They can go only go out with a make relative . They make them wear burhkas . How will you justify that ? That’s Ok right ? What do you think will happen when the Muslim Brotherhood wants to stone to death your keynote female speaker ..a 30 yr old Harvard Law student ( and if she is so brilliant why isn’t she done with college ) who wants other people to pay for her lifestyle choices ? who do you think better represents American Woman . How do you balance your Keynote Speaker Slick Willie Clinton and the fact that you want to believe the DEM party respects women ?

          • Lynnpower

            Michael – this is the stupidest post I have every read. What the hell …….. this country is made up of so many different religious groups guess they all will take over the country (Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Hindus, Lutherans, Catholics, Amish, etc. ) and what do these religious have to do with the women’s rights and the fact that we have a separation of church and state….oh yes forgot RNC doesn’t believe in that – they want to spread their dogma – people like you scare the hell out of me.

          • onedonewong

            We have a understanding in this country that murde is wrong and should be punished and not encouraged. But killing babies is OK how SICK

          • onedonewong

            Murder is still murder and has nothing to do about womens rights.

        • OK, Mr. Mike…… Prove it. Show me the proof. What are you sources? What’s your data? Gender based abortion???? WTF is that supposed to mean? And again….. prove it. Show some tangible proof that this bit of tripe that you’re repeating here has any basis in fact. And I would presume you could do better than mitt by just having us take your word for it. Show us the proof. You must have some facts to back up what for all the world sounds like another vacuous bunch of republican minted BS. But you have proof, right? Facts, Right? Or are you operating on the new republican meme that facts shouldn’t get in the way of telling a good story? How very modern of you.

          • onedonewong

            Are you that obtuse?? It means killing a baby cause its not the right sex. we also have abortions so that stem cells and bone marrow transfers in families .
            Yep that’s SICk and the dem’s idea of a master race just like barak’s idol Hitler

        • valnintee

          This started way before president Obama stop blaming him for what the the republican have never been popular with and still not !!!!this did not start with president Obama ..if mitt romney comes in he will hurt !!!children, seniors, woman, middle class.It will be the worst for all of us who is not rich..We are the working call !!!!mitt means omit everything !!!!!!!!

        • Only women can get abortions so how is it gender biased

        • Another nonsensical reasoning to evade the real issue!

      • valnintee

        and that is his fault hell no! this started before president Obama stop blaming him for your problems.. go get a job!! learn the fact about what the republican has been doing for that longest and still doing to this day..get your facts right!!!! stop the lying !!!!!!! ..

        • onedonewong

          It Alllll happened on his watch and due to his policies. Barak and the dems took control of the congress in 2007 and this is the result of their legislation.
          Why would I get a job barak is sending me a check for 2 years not to work

      • Beautiful way to evade the real issue !

        • onedonewong

          and abortion is the real issue?? hardly the killing of 1,000,000 babies a year is just MURDER

    • Have fun watching the Muslim Prayer and the Jihad against America at the DNC

  • First, let’s at least get the facts straight. The CNN report quoted here described the two folks who threw peanuts as “attendees”, not as convention “delegates”. Why does the writer of this piece need to make these two jerks seem like important spokespersons for the GOP?
    Second, it is obvious that the GOP would love to break-up the monolithic voting block of African Americans for Democrats. African Americans voted 96% for Obama, and that is not going to change as long as Democrats like Joe Biden continue terrorizing black Americans that Republicans are “..gonna put y’all back in chains!” Mitt spoke at the 2012 NAACP convention while Obama snubbed them – but I guess any attempted outreach by the GOP will never be enough.

    • TheSkalawag929

      The two people that threw the peanuts WERE delegates. Inconvenient fact number1.

      It is not so obvious that the GOP wants a piece of the black vote. As a matter of fact their actions indicate the opposite to be the case. Inconvenient fact number 2.

      Sure Romney went to the NAACP Convention and we saw how that turned out.

    • Tom_D44

      Bill, that’s because this website is nothing but propaganda, designed to write subjective and misleading articles and get the people reading this all heated up. I guess having speakers on stage from virtually every ethnic background was not enough, because liberals are not open minded and would still see this somehow as racial or manipulative. Chris Mathews……Need I say more?

      A note to Henry Decker – the message you refer to, which is ever so clear, has been muddied up by the bias of your own beliefs and agenda. You are the one who injected the words “Obama is giving your hard earned money to indolent, dependent blacks”. Your buddy Chris Mathews makes every critic of Obama a racist regardless of the issue that is being criticized. Criticize Obama for easing restrictions on welfare or deferring to the states and immediately it must be because he is black – bull crap. The only people that keep bringing up the race issue are the liberals – over, and over and over. No one, not one conservative that I know, has ever said anything like you just did in your article. And if they ever did make a remark with respect to free-loading or manipulating the system for free benefits it’s always the liberals that add the words in like you just did. There are free loaders in every ethnic group but you and your friend Mathews always make it about black people because it suits your purpose since we have a black president. As they say, garbage in, garbage out.

    • That right any attemp won’t be enough! because it is a hollow Gesture most people in the GOP will except Blacks in their ranks no matter what they do.So yes it won’t be enough.

    • Bill: If it walks like a Rupublican, quacks like a Republican, throws nuts complete with racial indignities, it must be a Republican. You won’t see these grotesque outrages at the Democratic Convention, next week . . .

      • DStaton

        Nope you will see Men gropping and snogging their male lovers, you will see women gropping and snogging their female husbands. You will see MUSLIMS by the thousands with their wives in Burkis, and their stinking body odor. You will see women with their breast bare for all to see. And you will see Pot smoking inside and outside the convention center.

        You will hear the nastiest foul language and vulgar jokes being told and shouted from the floor and in the halls of the convention. You will also find message boards at the entrances that will have posted notes from willing sex partners looking for a convention fling.

        The sale of pornographic movies and videos will skyrocket during the DNC, and the rate of public intoxication will break records. There will be more back-room sexual perversion practiced during that week in that city than has EVER been seen in it’s history.

        So, yes the DNC will be a GREAT meeting… If your a pervert,Drunkard, Homosexual, Muslim, or Pot Smoker.

        But if your concerned about this country… You had better look elsewhere.

  • Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day…..

  • Dionesius3

    Is Artur Davis a White Man?
    Is Ted Cruz not Hispanic?
    And Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval?
    Mia Love, a black candidate for Congress in Utah, was also ignored by you libs,
    Governor Luis Fortuno’s speech will it be aired?
    Condoleezza Rice is also slated to speak at the convention, will here speech be a White speach???
    How about Luce’ Vela Fortuño is she white?
    All of these had speeches at the convention that liberal media outlets decided not to air. It seems to me like the libs are just trying to invent some minority issue where there is none.

    • old_blu

      @DStaton– 2% ……….. Really? Those people you mention are just tokens, and I like Condoleeza she did a great job last night, could have had a little less lip stick, but a great speaker. I wish Romney would have picked her for VP.

      • grammyjill

        she said no.

        • old_blu

          I told you she was smart.

      • DStaton

        Just like the “Tokens” to be found in the Democrat party. Starting with the President and comming on down the list…

  • the_uglydog

    That’s a rather racist comment! The true racists find race in everything even when it’s not there!

    Some nitwits forget that the Democratic Party is the “Party of Slavery”, the party that formed the KKK to keep blacks from voting for Republicans, the party that blocked the Civil Rights Act for years, the party that bugged Dr. King’s office by order of Democrat Attorney General Bobby Kennedy. The party hasn’t changed it’s still using racism and hatred to control people. They are the ones who say if you’re Black, you can’t do it on your own, if you’re Black you need welfare, if you’re Black everyone judges you by your color not your character! I think everyone is the same and should be judged that way. I think when someone says welfare, you shouldn’t think they are referring to Black people, but instead to ALL people who need help financially.

    Some people forget the roots of the Republican Party; Founded by Abolishionists, The first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln, one of his top advisors was Frederick Douglas, an escaped slave who was self educated and is considered one of the top Constitutional Scholars of all time, an advisor to 5 Presidents and an Abolishionist who helped form the Republican Party. He refused to ever consider voting for a Democrat. Then there’s Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. A Republican who also knew where the real racism lies.

    Call me a Racist if you want, but you who scream “racism”at anything are the real racists. My friends and family make up ALL races and I judge no one by their color, only their actions and their character.

    • grammyjill

      check your fantacies dear. alot has changed in the past hundred years.

      • DStaton

        Yes, now old white ladies like you think your beyond racism. But the truth is your more racist than ANY Plantation owner ever was.

        It is QUITE evident in your use of the english language.

        • grammyjill

          Oh, in my use of the english language huh? And who told you I was white? I happen to have hyspanics, blacks and asians in my family. Racism just wouldn’t work here. But the GOP does seem to have a problem with anyone that isn’t white. Just an observation.

          • DStaton

            So you think because your a person of color your immune to racism???

            Just goes to prove how lazy you are mentally as well as being a racist.
            You liberals are so predictable, and so lazy mentally it’s just like talking to a robot.
            Racism has NO color boundaries, people of ANY color can be racist.
            If you are so ignorant that you don’t recognize that fact, then you might just as well return to your mental stupor.

            And you have the gall to call yourself intelligent???


  • I told you what the Mormon belief system is. Check it out for yourself. The race card is there because Mormons don’t believe blacks are equal to whites due to the fact that God gave us black skin to punish us. They are playing it down and in an TV special recently that aired on Current channel on Cable, Mormons had two African Americans speaking up for mormonism, one was black woman who was married to a white man and another was a black man who was singing in the church choir, he was married to a white woman as well. He appeared to be the only black in the Mormon Choir that I saw. I could be wrong. My apology if there are others in the choir.

  • “A National public policy on black people: American businesses played a role in tailoring the national policy on blacks to their wealth-building interests. They formulated new economic principles of capitalism that defined blacks as human commodities and their labor as cheap tools to produce great wealth. White society used government power to enhance or maintain their own privileged positions and to reduce the social and economic status and potential of blacks. Government guaranteed white control over the fruits of black labor and control over the work process. Government later sustained the inequities by perpetuating the myth of equal opportunity.”

  • howa4x

    The Base is very white, and in order to truly lock them down, an appeal to minorities is out of the question. They are still skeptical of Romney and think is is a closet moderate, so even with the selection of the controversial Ryan they are still not completely satisfied so there is a constant need to reasure them of Mitts right wing credentials. I’m sure this is not the place Mitt wants to be now. He needs to tack to the center but can’t get there. No the focus will be on Ryan so no matter what Mitt says Ryans record will be in play. Republicans make up only 28% of the population and that number is shrinking. With the Tea Party coup, moderates have no where to go. It will get worse since the TP’s control the nomination process at the state level that shuts out anyone that dares to say compromise. They say they are not racist but eveyone remembers the picture of the president sitting in a grass hut with a bone in his nose at anti health reform rallies.
    Another problem is what the States are doing. Todd Akin makes a ridiculos statement about rape and it’s viral in seconds. Arizona and Georgia enact anti Latino laws to turn their police into a gestopo type organization Veh r your Pappers! Joe Arppio is cited by the justice dept for civil rights violations against hispanics, Va tries to enact a law mandating that women undergo a vaginal ultra sound probe prior to having an abortion, and Pa does a similar thing. Rush that basition or morality, the convicted drug user, and 4 time marriage failure, calls a college student a slut on national radio, Republicans in the house oppose contrception, and hold a hearing that no women are invited to testify at. All republicans are homophobes.
    Mitt being ever fearful of loosing that base says nothing to say about any of thses acts. So is it any wonder that Women, Gays, Afro -Americans, Latinos, Asians, young people are avoiding any accociation with the Republican party!
    It’s sure not the party of Lincoln anymore.

  • “Plutocracy!”

  • AS Pres. Obama contends, there is only the United States of America –unless you are a Republican and see only the lily white as true Americans. How sad.

  • desertdustoff

    Any one of color, any minority, any women, any one who is gay, lesbian, transgender etc., if you vote for any rethuglican, you will deserve what happens to you if these repugnican, American taliban, talibangelical, tea baggin’, white bigots get their way.

  • JLP

    Is this the only way to win an election? Calling the other side racists?
    Obama seems to be a decent man, yet I don’t feel he’s the man for the job any longer.
    He couldn’t do what he said he was going to do for the first four years, do any of us really believe he’ll be able to do it in the next???
    It’s not about what the color of your skin is, it’s about who will be best for our country.
    Obama is half black and half white, yet to me he is playing the race card to get the black votes. I do hope we are smarter then that.
    This is about who will get the job done.

    • grammyjill

      Obama has aready done quite alot for us. It would have been a whole lot more if he had a congress that was willing to work. Didn’t you see Mitch Mcconnel on tv? He made just about every news station. He said their only job was to make Obama a one term president. That was the day the congress quit working for us. Everything the president put forth, they said no. They wouldn’t raise th debt ceiling, so for the first time in history our credit rating went down. Obama had been on them for two months to do that job but they wouldn’t. Then they blamed Obama for it. They have had the american jobs act since june 7. They won’t even look at it.
      What have they done? Well, Ryan and Akins bill HR3 has been passed. That says that rape is not rape unless the woman is shot, stabbed or beaten badly, so therefore it is just another form of conception. There have been 8 anti abortion bills. Three bills denieing women preventative health care, and HR212 which gives all rights to a fertilized egg. Therefore, even if it’s the morning after pill, without knowing for sure if there is a pregnancy, the woman can be arrested for murder.
      Obama has been trying to do everything he can for us. And I do think it has something to do with the color of his skin. Clinton also had a republican congress but they worked with him, but not with Obama when we’re in worse trouble. And Obama is trying to follow Clinton’s plan. That worked really well.

      • DStaton

        There is no such thing as a “fertilized egg”. There is an egg and there is sperm, when the two are combined you don’t have a fertilized egg, you have a human being plain and simple.

        Just like you can’t be “kind of pregnant” you either are pregnant or your not pregnant, there is no kind of anything.

        And as for your “womens health issues”, that is just another way of saying you want to allow women to be in the place of “God” and have the right to decide who lives and who dies.

        The mythical women who gets pregnant and must decide between her life and the life of the child does NOT EXIST!!!

        Besides, if she were a “real” mother she would choose to die in place of her child.
        I know that every mother I have ever asked said they would gladly choose to die in giving birth rather than have an Abortion.

        Their may be some who would make the other choice, but they are at best selfish and self centered.

        As my granny used to say, “If a woman was really a woman, she would die a hundred times to see one child of hers survive.”

        • grammyjill

          You are still in the last centery. The idea is that Ryan wants to stop contriceptives for women. If a woman has a heath problem that will kill her if she gets pregnant, then if she dies that fetus is gonna die too. You have your ideas but they are not mine. I will save the child that is already here and yes that prospective mother IS someones child.
          The wording in HR212 is fertilized egg. Don’t complain  to me. The author is Paul Ryan,. Bitch at him for his faulty language.

          • DStaton

            No you are in the 1st. Century A.D. When the child was the same as chattel property. And the pater familias could do as he pleased with the property. He could induce labor early and feed the child to the dogs, or he could wait till the child was born naturally and then feed the child to the dogs.

            Abortion is just that, it is a return to 1st. Century A.D. Roman rules and morality.
            And the Government should not be in the business of providing contraceptives or abortions to ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. Your child who presumabley can’t get pregnant due to “health issues” should go to a doctor and have her tubes tied.
            Or else, not have sex, or use any one or two or ten of the numerous other means of contraception that are readily available to anyone.

            You Liberals can make up more “bull crap” to justify your moral defects than anyone.
            I know several Obgyn doctors who have seen and have delivered thousands of babies, and they all say they have NEVER once seen a legitamate “life or the mother vs. life of the child” pregnancy.

            It is as rare as getting struck by a meteorite if not more rare.

            We are talking 1 in one billion odds here.

            So wake up from your stupor, do a little research, and learn the facts before you spout off about the numerous women who will die if abortion and contraceptives are not handed out by the government.

            Your lies are exposed, and your true colors are showing for all to see.

          • grammyjill

            Around here they won’t tie her tubes until she is 31. Four more years. She does take contriception as her husband probabl wouldn’t like the no sex option. And do you know or even care how many tubal pregnancies happen per year. Many. And if it is not taken out the woman dies in horible pain. Don’t supose you care anything about that though. You are either stuck in the distant past or a priest. Don’t want to talk to either one anymore.  Bye

  • sabahdabby

    With the changing demographics, this may be the last election that the Republicans can win with a party driven by angry white men.

    The Democrats would be well served if they recruited moderate Republicans such as Olympia Snowe.

  • Bob Williams

    In the last general election, about 95 percent of black voters voted for Obama. The other 5 percent were at the convention. This was a convention for the “Tax Payers”. The convention for the “Tax Takers” is coming up soon.

  • This is NOT just about Republicans, the Republican Party, or campaigns. It will take ALL OF US
    many years to escape the “long term damage done by his campaign’s race-baiting.” That phrase is,
    sadly, right on target.

  • I am voting for Obama, I am not a conservative but I have to say this — sans the bigots and Archie Bunker types, what is wrong with having a white political bloc? We have a Hispanic bloc, a Woman’s bloc, black bloc, a youth bloc but I think it’s discrimatvie to deny caucasians the same right to free association and free speach. Our society has been conditioned to think of anything ‘white’ as discriminatory, derisive, unequal, illegal and immoral and by association have condemned the entire white race as being ths same. If you are a true liberal and truely believe in fair play and equality for all, then practice what you preach.
    So what if the GOP is almost all white. I don’t think they are the party of the people, I don’t like 95% of their politics and I truely believe they are dangerous, hypicritical but that’s anotherh matter.

  • onedonewong

    Only taxpayers were allowed to attend, unlike the dem convention where only folks on the dole will be seated

  • DStaton

    Their past???

    The past is the fact that Republicans are the reason there is no slavery, ( the Civil War), there are no Jim Crowe Laws, (the Civil Rights Movement) there is no more USSR, (the Cold War) there is National Parks, (Teddy Roosevelt) and many more things that you Dems and all minorities have conveniently forgotten.

    What is the Past of the Democrat Party, humm… Let’s see; they were for Slavery, Against Civil Rights, Against the Cold War, and Against the establishment of the National Parks Service….
    It seems we have a clear picture here of which party is for minorities.

    And just as a side note, which party supported giving Women the right to vote????

    Was it the Democrats???

    NOT A CHANCE, it was the Republican party.

    • ralphkr

      Yes, indeed, DStaton, I agree that the Republican party has fallen far since the 1800s. In the 1800s the Republican party was the radical party while the Democratic party was ultra-conservative and fought every change.You seem to have forgotten that Teddy Roosevelt was the last of the decent Republicans and that he left the Republican party because it was fighting his unAmerican changes such as food inspection, regulating railroads, trust busting, etc. and started the Bull Moose party. By the way, Lincoln only freed the slaves in Confederate States but not in the North nor any area under the control of the United States government. The Democrats battling against civil rights were the racist Southern Democrats (Republicans in disguise) who joined with the like minded Republicans in trying to keep Civil Rights Act from being passed. The 21st Century Republican party would definitely disavow Lincoln, Eisenhower, and the Tea Party would definitely fire Reagan because he did raise taxes during his tenure.

      • DStaton

        Here my friends is what you call a “revisionist” historian. And he is a great example of the genius called “Bardus stupidus” . Look it up in a Latin to English translator.

        The Democrats both northern and Southern were for the continuation of slavery. There were a few both from the north and the south who were against it, but they were the vast minority. Your history lesson is both “Ignorant” and “Lazy”.
        Your assertion about Teddy, is both “wrongheaded” and “simplistic” He left because he wanted total control over the platfrom. And lastly, simply reading the notes and records of the U.S. House and Senate from the 1960’s will show you that it was NOT just the SOUTHERN Democrats it was the MAJORITY of Democrats from all over the nation. And it was the Republicans who fought tooth and nail against this racisim. As to your stupid assertion that todays repubican party would disavow Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Reagan is both funny and a perfect example of the myopic view that ALL Democrats exhibit.

        The ONLY party that hasn’t disavowed it’s racist and sexist past is the DEMOCRAT party.

        • ralphkr

          Well, DStaton, if I am quoting revisionist history I am not surprised because this is what I was taught in schools by super-conservative teachers (other than my statement that in the 1800s that the Democrats were the conservatives and the Republicans were the radicals and that is self-evident when you look at their actions then). The people in my area were such strong conservatives that they shut down the town to have a huge celebration when FDR died. Off-hand, I would say my teachers were somewhat to the the right of the current TEA party. They even felt that Goldwater was too far left.

  • DStaton

    Hey Villa(ge Idiot),

    Their past???

    The past is the fact that Republicans are the reason there is no slavery, ( the Civil War), there are no Jim Crowe Laws, (the Civil Rights Movement) there is no more USSR, (the Cold War) there is National Parks, (Teddy Roosevelt) and many more things that you Dems and all minorities have conveniently forgotten.

    What is the Past of the Democrat Party, humm… Let’s see; they were for Slavery, Against Civil Rights, Against the Cold War, and Against the establishment of the National Parks Service….
    It seems we have a clear picture here of which party is for minorities.

    And just as a side note, which party supported giving Women the right to vote????

    Was it the Democrats???

    NOT A CHANCE, it was the Republican party.

    • old_blu

      Those things you say (past) were long before they had to cow down to the tea baggers.

      • DStaton

        The things you say indicate that there exist between your ears, NO BRAIN WHATSOEVER, and that your are without a doubt actually dumber than a “Bag of Hammers”.
        You exhibit the falacy of “Modernity”, let me explain so that you will not have to look up the term, “Modernity” is a mode of thinking in which the person ASSumes that today we are “Smarter” than we were yesterday.

        A person who tries to live under this ASSumption discovers eventually, that not only are they wrong, that the real truth of the matter is that as a whole humanity is at a low point of learning that has not been seen before.

        You believe that Republicans have one goal in mind, You also believe that the Democrats do not have the opposite single goal mentality.
        But your ASSumptions are just that, they are at best, ASSumptions.

        The facts are that both parties have one goal and one goal alone in mind at ALL TIMES. That one goal is to be in control of as much as possible, and to conserve that control, and to expand that control, as often as is humanly possible.

        When you wake up, ASSUMING that you ever do, you will discover like MANY of us have, that both political parties are a sham, a ruze, a scam, perpetrated by the Monied few who really run things in this country.

        And it is only because WE allow them to do so by buying into their scam by being the partizen hacks.

        WAKE UP!!!! There is no political party who cares ANYTHING about you, your comunity, your neighbors, or your needs!!!
        You are the one responsible for ALL these things, not a government, a political party, or your local government.

        I am Morpheus from the movie The Matrix, and I am offering you two pills, one will wake you up from the fake dream world in which you live, the other will let you slumber on in blissful IGNORANCE,

        Which one do you choose????

        • old_blu

          Although I think you are rude and foul, I agree with you on the two party system, and I am wondering why you had to be so rude about it, I ASSume you must be a tea bagger and that is the nerve I hit. I too think the two party system sucks, I don’t think either one is trying to do whats best for America, and the tea baggers are trying to make it worse, a three party system, and they need to go away, I usually don’t vote along party lines, but I will vote against anyone the tea baggers back.

          I just suport the fact that I am doing better than I was four years ago, but not as good as I was when Clinton was in office.

          Now if you want we can go into name calling just let me know if that’s what you want, cuz stupid or not I am very good at that.

          • DStaton

            I have not up to this point called you any name. I have stated the facts as they are readily appearent to anyone who cares to read your post so far.
            I have no interest whatsoever of calling you or anyone one else a name. I will state the facts, and when you make a false, stupid, or simple wrong statement I will pointedly call attention to those details which are outside the bounds of thruth, sanity, and reason.

            Do do hope that you are a person who does not vote party lines. Those are the most IGNORANT people I know of today.

            As to your ASSumption that I am a “tea bagger”, I don’t exactly know what you mean by that, Are you referring to the slang term, or are you using slang to designate your political opponents?

            Either way, your ASSumption would be incorect.

            And I don’t know what you do for a living, but if what you do Prospers under Democratic Presidents and suffers under Republicans, then I strongly suggest you change professions.
            It has NEVER made ANY difference whatsoever who was in office as to how well I was doing in my work.

            I’ve never seen a president whose actions effected, or affected, anything in my work.

    • grammyjill

      Ok, think about this. I have a daughter that was born with a heart problem. If she got pregnant it would mean her death. But the republicans feel she has no value unless she makes babies. The doctor will not tie her tubes until she is 31. That’s still almost four years away. She takes contriception so her and her husband do not make what to her would be death. The republicans want to stop all contriception and if she got pregnant they would force her to try to carry that baby until it killed her.
      Before you start insulting me, I saw Paul Ryan on the house floor trying to close the life of the woman clause.
      Think about that. They want to kill my child.

      • DStaton

        Have you heard of “Negro Spotting?” It’s a liberal game on Twitter. Libs see a black person at the Republican National Convention and they laugh and laugh at the hilarity! Why, there aren’t a lot of black people there! That must mean Republicans are racist! Ha, ha, ha! This actually tells you a lot about how liberals think — or more accurately, don’t think.

      • DStaton

        Have you heard of “Negro Spotting?” It’s a liberal game on Twitter. Libs see a black person at the Republican National Convention and they laugh and laugh at the hilarity! Why, there aren’t a lot of black people there! That must mean Republicans are racist! Ha, ha, ha! This actually tells you a lot about how liberals think — or more accurately, don’t think.

      • DStaton

        Get to know a real Doctor who actually delivers children in a hospital. When you do get to know them ask them how many times the life of the mother was at stake in a birth. You will have a VERY hard time finding a doctor who has ever seen a case like what you describe.

        And if your daughter has a heart problem that might kill her if she gets pregnant then she should either not have sex. Or she should get sterilized, or she should use the birth control implants.

        There is NEVER a legitimate reason to have an abortion. Because there is never a legitimate reason to end a human life for the sake of convienience.

        And your claim that repubilcans want to stop all contraception is STUPIDITY, they want the government out of the business of providing contraceptives. Which they never should have started in the first place.

        If your old enough to have sex, your old enough to buy or steal a condom.

        This is not rocket science, if your STUPID enough to let yourself get pregnant then you deserve to have to pay the consequences of that stupid decision.
        And it’s not my, the taxpayers, nor the governments responsibility to fix your stupid mistake. It is your responsibility to take care of the human being you have created by having sex outside the bounds of reason and responsibility.

        Get a grip on reality, and stop livingin your fantasy land where womens lives are at stake every time they screw around and get pregnant.

  • The KKK Convention.

  • The GOP hates women, blacks, Mexicans, the middle class and poor people. Every move the GOP makes shows that. They could care less who they offend…they feel they can cheat at the polls and buy elections so they don’t have to care about how the voters feel. What a black heart, evil bunch they are. They will bring our country into poverty and the rich if we give them the chance.

    • DStaton

      How many Mexicans do you have living in your home since you have such a wonderful and caring heart???
      How many poor children have you adopted since you so love and care for them???

      How much extra do you send to the IRS each year since you so believe in the wonderful government and all it’s programs???

      How many black persons do you transport to and from polling places on election day since you so love their right to vote???

      How many businesses do you boycott to show your disdain for their profiteering???

      By the way, where do you buy your clothes, food, prescription drugs, Gasoline, heating oil, electricity, etc., etc. , etc., ???

      If you really believed the “Bull Crap” you say you believe in you would be doing all of the above things and a whole lot more besides that. But alas, your actions betray your true beliefs.

      Just as they do for all Liberals. You talk a good game, but when it comes time to do the work, you hire an illegal alien.

  • Well if you watch NBC or MSNBC who puposely switch from the stage everytime a person of color speaks I can see why you would think this . Arthur Davis who supported Obama in 2008 explained why he would back Romney this time . He went on to detail all of Obama’s mistakes in Policy that have crippled business and jobs . But your media doesn’t want to show people of color on the Rep side they want you to think the Party that was founded to end Slavery is just a bunch of white guys . They also dont want to cover anything on jobs or the economy or you Dems would switch sides . You see they are lying to you and covering for Obama . If you are a Sheep or you like News that lies to you or colors things the way thay want you will like the increased Brainwashing . Lets see Condi Rice , Mia , Cruz , I can go on and on ..they don’t want you to see those people so they cut away . They don’t want you Libs thinking about Jobs or the Economy either . They dont want you thinking about the adult issues .

    • grammyjill

      I watched every word of Condi’s speech. She was good. I would almost vote for her. I say almost because she was there and approved Iraq and Afghanistan. And that was on msnbc. The RNC is just mostly pushing religion. I guess none of them have read the constitution. Separation of church and state! We are supose to have religious freedom in this country but they are trying to shove theirs down our throats. That I do not like at all. And no one should!

  • this age and time people still harbour hate in their minds is rediclous. That delegate might not be speaking or acting on behalf of all other white people. Let us pray for that individual so God will touch her soul Iam black but I am a registered republican

    • Im a black man from Los Angeles, thats the problem with the republican party and I might add the tea party! They are not inclusive enough… They have tried to dehumanize an demean President Obama from the beginning! They have portrayed him as Hitler a Monkey,communist,socialist,Muslim and not a citizen of this country! So i’m not suprised to hear of those two delagates who threw nuts at that black camra woman! saying this is how WE feed the animals! You keep voting republican while they are still around, because if they don’t become more tolarant of other races, They will in the next 15 to 20 years from now become EXTINCT

  • bjay59

    Mitt is a 2 to 1 underdog to President Obama to win the election according to Las Vegas oddsmakers. All of you who think Mitt will win then go to Las Vegas now and put your money on him, you can double your money but make sure you have a way to get back to the skid row room that you will have to live in when you lose all of your money. Vegas doesn’t give out those odds because they think you will beat them. Get my drift?

  • We’re with you Barack Obama. You are cruising to the 2013 as the second term President of the United States Of America. Yee ha.

  • dsand1445

    To Mr.Stoll comment: You can’t blame the media for the lack of support from minorities for republicans they can roll out all 12 or so African American and Latino politicians. It will not change the fact that the GOP just wrote the black and Latino vote off. No one is buying what Author Davis is selling. I f you get a chance watch the audience at the democratic convention and see how diverse it will be. Isn’t strange how no one mention Bin Laden oh thats right the republicans didn’t have any involvement in that. I wonder is bashing Obama and talking about how doom and gloom things are is enough for Romney to win.


    • DStaton

      Your doctor (after looking at an X-ray of Rick Eakin’s head) : Man!, your head is as empty as … A black hole, no wait a minute those things suck in things so that won’t work…Hummm…I know your head is as empty as a fat mans refridgerator, No wait a fat man will at times have something in the fridge…..Humm… I got it, your head is as empty as the United States Government Treasury!!!…No wait they have borrowed and printed money so technically there is something there….Hummm….Well your head is without a doubt the emptiest I have ever seen!!!

  • Romney’s bet isn’t that he can win with only whites voting for him. It’s that he can win because only whites will be allowed to vote. Forget any speaker or speech that appeared at the convention; his real trump card is Voter I.D.

  • Steve if you weren’t so busy watching MSNBC you would know this . Be an adult not a media lobotomized Lib . GOOGLE it . Don’t ask me to do your research . Be an adult and be self reliant anf responsible for yourself . GOOGLE it . Planned Parnenthood was caught on tape and exposed supprting a woman who wanted to know the sex of her baby and if it were a girl to abort it . Just like they do in China . Planned Parnenthood was all to happy to help her . You may not know this but the DEM supported Planned Parenthood was founded by Margret Senger who’s goal was the genocide of the black race . Look it up . Seems the DEM and her plan is coming to fruition as 43% of black pregnancies in NYC end in abortion . And you people try to portray a Party that was founded on the premise to end slavery as white racists . You libs really need to do you homework . Start with History .

  • Steve if you weren’t so busy watching MSNBC you would know this . Be an adult not a media lobotomized Lib . GOOGLE it . Don’t ask me to do your research . Be an adult and be self reliant anf responsible for yourself . GOOGLE it . Planned Parnenthood was caught on tape and exposed supprting a woman who wanted to know the sex of her baby and if it were a girl to abort it . Just like they do in China . Planned Parnenthood was all to happy to help her . You may not know this but the DEM supported Planned Parenthood was founded by Margret Senger who’s goal was the genocide of the black race . Look it up . Seems the DEM and her plan is coming to fruition as 43% of black pregnancies in NYC end in abortion . And you people try to portray a Party that was founded on the premise to end slavery as white racists . You libs really need to do you homework . Start with History .

  • Let me see if I got this right ? You are equating Clinton and Kerry to Arthur Davis and Mia ? Uh excuse me they are white wealthy 1%ers

  • Right on DStaton , Just remember you are trying to argue with media lobotomized liberals

  • Have any of you BACF s ever read the 15th admendment of the constitution something about all US citizens have a right to vote no you dont have to pay 22 dollars for a Texas state ID

  • Its training in lieu of a job thats been severely distorted by right wing nuts. Give a man a fish he eats for a day teach a man to fish he eats for a life time. I personally knew a woman that was on welfare in the eighties VA offered her training she refused so Va forcedher to take NA nurses aid training she became an NA for a while until she realized more traing is more money so she studied to become a LPN and later a RN ultimately she became self sufficient and receives no welfare benefits. SO whats wrong with the states offering or supporting traing? Lets quit distorting the facts.

  • The republicans of the 19th century were progressive and the democrays were conservative ln the 20th century these rolrs were reversed its ideology not party for the ones of you whom can finally figure it out.

  • Roe versus Wade settled this issue a long time ago and I thought the 15th admendment circa 1870 and/or the voting rights act of 1965 resolved who could vote in the US and who could not not Mississippi or texas georgia or any other conservative state. I dont remember any admendments to the constitution to overturn the 15th admendment or the voting rights bill of 1965

  • The only ones doing the race baiting here are the liberals and democrats! Just because the republicans disagree with policies set forth by this president, they are labled racists. When we want to talk about medicare and entitlement programs, which effects EVERYONE, we are labled racists. When we vow to undo Obamacare, which affects everyone not just those of color, we are labled racists. When we vow NOT to increase taxes on the ANYONE making more than $250,000, we are labled racists, like there are not ANY minorities in sports, entertainment, media moguls, actors, etc., that make more than $250,000 a year! When 95% of the black people vote for a president just because he is black….now that is racist!