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Thursday, January 17, 2019

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that “professional agitators” bore much of the blame for violence at his rallies as video showed a protester being beaten and another apparently being grabbed by Trump’s campaign manager.

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Trump defended campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and declined to condemn supporters who have attacked protesters at his increasingly chaotic rallies.

Nor did he back down from his warning that there would be riots in the streets if the Republican Party denied him the nomination for the November election, despite his being the most popular candidate among Republican voters.

Senior figures in the party are openly plotting to prevent Trump from becoming the nominee because they view him as insufficiently conservative, and Trump was due to privately meet with some party leaders in Washington on Monday, the Washington Post reported.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I will say this, you’re going to have a lot of unhappy people,” he said on “This Week,” predicting anger at the party’s national convention in July should someone else end up the nominee. “I don’t want to see riots, I don’t want to see problems. But you’re talking about millions of people.”

Scenes of mayhem have become increasingly common at the billionaire New York businessman’s rallies, which have been frequently interrupted by protesters, many of them Democrats, who say Trump’s controversial remarks on immigrants and Muslims are dangerous. The 69-year-old candidate has sometimes encouraged his supporters using violence on protesters, and on at least one occasion said that he would like to punch a protester himself.

Television footage from an Arizona rally on Saturday showed a man punching and kicking a protester as he was led out of the event. Another video appeared to show Lewandowski grabbing a protester by the back of his shirt.

Trump declined to condemn the violence and said it was often provoked by protesters, who briefly blocked a highway leading to an Arizona rally on Saturday.

“These people are very disruptive people. They’re not innocent lambs,” he said.

He also defended Lewandowski and said a security official had actually grabbed the protester. Lewandowski also manhandled a reporter last week, according to the Washington Post.

“I give him credit for having spirit,” Trump said of Lewandowski.

Republican leaders have said Trump needs to more clearly discourage his supporters from engaging in violence.

About two dozen senior Republican figures will meet with Trump at a law firm near the Capitol on Monday afternoon in what the Trump campaign described as an effort to improve “party unity”, the Washington Post reported. The newspaper did not say who would be attending.

Candidates were also required to submit their most recently monthly financial disclosures to the Federal Election Commission on Sunday.

Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic Party’s nomination, raised $30.1 million in February, according to filings, about $12 million less than that raised by chief rival, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the same period.

Clinton began March with $31 million in cash on hand, according to filings.


(Additional reporting by Andrea Shalal, Ginger Gibson and Susan Cornwell in Washington, and Jonathan Allen in New York; Editing by Louise Ireland and Jonathan Oatis)

Photo: A member of the audience (R) throws a punch at a protester as Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event in Tucson, Arizona March 19, 2016. REUTERS/Sam Mircovich

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46 responses to “Trump Refuses To Condemn Violence At His U.S. Presidential Rallies”

  1. greenlantern1 says:

    Trump Claims that his rallies are on his property!
    When did he buy the USS YORKTOWN?
    Ever hear of Ray Kot, Sunnil Rattu and Martin Caballero?
    They were murdered at Trump Taj Mahal!
    Adequate security?

    • Leftout says:

      He paid for the Yorktown as we all did and it is his his prorperty since he contributed more to THE boat.

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        So that means we can all throw Trump off OUR property. Get off the Mr. Universe BS …Trump doesn’t pay nearly as much tax as you do. I should know…I’m in the state (NJ) that is paying the taxes he never did for his now closed casinos.

        • Leftout says:

          He allowed The payment of taxes
          By providing jobs through the casino industry , I also Have lived therr AC was very unattractive The casinos Did initially have some Entertainment attractions but hey died out. Some Upscale restaurants were ok, It could possibly be revived ? Maybe fast rail. It is isolated.

        • dpaano says:

          And you wonder why he won’t show his tax returns…..same thing with Mitt, and you see where that led him!!!

  2. Dominick Vila says:

    Insinuating that the violence in his rallies is due to leftists carrying signs so offensive that he could not repeat what they said requires a redefinition of cynicism.
    Not only did Trump’s rhetoric incite violence, he relies on controversial issues such as this to remain on the spotlight. He is playing the media and public opinion like a bunch of dummies, and we are all dancing to his tune.

    • Independent1 says:

      Good morning Dominick! I agree with all your comments except for your last phrase “and we are all dancing to his tune.”. Unless of course you consider people who are trying hard to put an end to the Trump farce – dancing to his tune. I think the majority of Americans, and even the rest of the world outside of America, are flat out fed up with the tune Trump has been playing.

      • Dominick Vila says:

        That is definitely true for the rest of the world. I watch foreign TV almost every day, and they cannot believe so many Americans support Trump.
        Unfortunately, there are indications that many blue collar workers Democrats support Trump. Needless to say, The Donald has not said anything that suggests he has a realistic solution to bring manufacturing jobs to the USA, other than raising tariffs, which would have an immediate impact on our exports and manufacturing base.

  3. Leftout says:

    Trump will never condemn anything but the protestors , because he knows the media are suckers for this type of news , and this plays into his hands, of getting free attention. His supporters keep getting larger because no one in the media has any credibility and this has been so for many years. The media has been playing cutsie gotcha journalism??? And it is obvious and laughable. This election is not a Domald Trump issue , it is an underlying disgust with all politics and is the result what made America not so great .The voters are reacting to set things straight.

    • paulyz says:

      Great insight !

    • Jinmichigan says:

      Actually no. his supporters are not getting larger. He’s stuck at less than 40% of the repub voters.

      • Leftout says:

        The percentages will remain the same but the total count has increased, until another person drops out , but this is unlikely since all current candidates have loyal supporters . The present republican candidates garner 99 % of the votes and no republican olde guard can nominate anyone that these voters will support .

    • dpaano says:

      And, who owns the bulk of the media??? Maybe you need to research that because most of our media today is owned by conservatives!

      • Leftout says:

        The party of NO will be no longer. Obamas polices were not the American way of life , the republicans gave Obama everything he needed anyway. The republicans are not even obstructionists they pander and now will pay with their jobs. They , olde guard reruns could not even place anyone in contention , the people want a change for a none corrupt government .

        • dpaano says:

          It’s interesting that you apparently haven’t been around much the past 7+ years OR are so severely brainwashed by the GOP mantra that you can’t tell the truth from lies!!! As for President Obama’s policies not being the “American way of life,” not sure which Americans you are talking about since most polls show that some of the things he put forth were things that most Americans wanted to see put into effect! Gun control is one thing that the GOP, the NRA, and the American people don’t agree on…..even NRA members were FOR better gun registration regulations, just to name ONE item. And, most people are clearly FOR Obamacare (with some tweeking) despite the lies that the GOP seems to keep spouting to their uninformed masses! Trump thinks there would be a riot if he’s not the nominee…..wait and see the riots when 20M people have their healthcare taken away!!!

  4. paulyz says:

    The Planned, Leftist Disrupters are the ones that need condemnation, they are NOT just peaceful protesters! They are just instigators trying to stop peaceful rallies by Thousands of Americans that support him. Trump is getting support from many diverse groups as well, absolutely nothing racist about it, the racism is by the disrupting agitators and also Illegals flying Mexican flags, while others stomp on OUR American flag. These leftists just increase Trump’s popularity, more Americans now clearly see how the Left AND the Establishment won’t allow the Voice of the People to interfere with their control of the Country!

    • FireBaron says:

      Really? Why is it if someone shows up with a sign merely stating their opposition to Trump in accordance with their own 1st Amendment rights, that person gets the sign ripped out of their hands, and often finds him or herself on the receiving end of a beating?

      • Eleanore Whitaker says:

        The right wing has been spoiling for another Civil war since Bush took office. It’s almost comical how the minute the swaggering, drawling jackass was elected, all the rebel boys immediately thought “mission accomplished” and their power was assured. Nothing a snot nosed punk can stand less than not being allowed to obey the laws that keep our society civil. But then, who expects apes to know civilized behavior?

      • Otto T. Goat says:

        You don’t have a First Amendment right to disrupt Trump’s event.

        • dpaano says:

          Yeah, we do!!! ALL American have rights under the Constitution and the Amendments therein.

          • Otto T. Goat says:

            There is no constitutional right to disrupt a private event.

          • dpaano says:

            Some of these protesters were doing nothing disruptive other than holding up signs and they were STILL removed. This is a violation of free speech! And, his rallies were NOT private affairs by any definition!

          • Otto T. Goat says:

            Trump’s campaign rented the venues, they are private events. Signs were against the rules, and you don’t have free speech inside a private event.

          • dpaano says:

            WHAT????? Boy, are you misinformed. Free speech is universal and it doesn’t matter whether you’re at a private event or not!!! What world are you living in (or what country)? So, what you’re saying is that, for example, I’m at a private party, I don’t have any right to say anything I want? The difference is HOW you say it, and if you protest (or speak) quietly, then you have just as much right to that speech as the next person. Some of these individuals were protesting by showing signs OUTSIDE of the venue (they certainly would not be allowed inside with them). Some of them were standing quietly at the back of the auditorium (or wherever) and were thrown out just because of their color and the fact that they had “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts on, which doesn’t count as “speech” to my way of thinking.

          • Otto T. Goat says:

            You’re really clueless. If you are at a private party you can be kicked out for saying things the host doesn’t like, because you don’t have free speech in private venues. Try to a protest a movie from inside the theater and see what happens.

          • Otto T. Goat says:

            Protesters outside do have free speech, as long as they are peaceable, no one disputes that. Unfortunately the anti-Trump protesters have a penchant for illegal activity, like blocking streets and throwing bottles at police and Trump supporters.

      • Leftout says:

        It was a private event as I hear tell. You can protest but the protestors really push it .

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      Really PaulyZ? think it’s okay to be a bigot? To publicly make statements YOU know incite riots? Trump is a liar, a cheat and a scumbag. I should know…I live in the state with 2 of his casinos and know more about Trump than YOU hot shots of the right EVER will.

      The illegals come through the US through a Republican state in droves…TEXAS the state that gets part of $50 billion a year from WE the people for border patrols.

      Trump has NO popularity among educated people..only men like you with an ass axe to grind and a pathological need to get even with some imagined slight you fabricated in your spiteful little boy mind.

      • Independent1 says:

        What’s amazing to me is that, these small-minded bigots like Paulyz are so blinded by their own small-mindedness, that they can’t see clearly the racism, hate, bigotry and outright hypocrisy in virtually every word that Trump speaks. And the enormous damage that Trump’s hateful speech is doing to America’s image, especially in the eyes of virtually the rest of the world.

        • Leftout says:

          What is bigotted about protecting the country from Moslems coming into this country to create mayhem, or druggie terrorist types from crossing the borders. The rest of the world , Europe , is now experiencing the base, Moslem hoard . I see this S a security issue Only , but this has been distorted by the media of course to a Political game as usual .

          • Independent1 says:

            What’s wrong with it? The fact that what Trump says is a lie! Fact is, there are far fewer ‘druggie terrorist’s’ crossing our borders than there are just growing up and becoming ‘druggie terrorists’ within native-born Americans. Fact is, that illegal immigrants commit 1/8th to 1/10th the crimes that do the crooks that are native-born in America. And when they do commit a crime, the crimes they commit which require incarceration are 2-3 times fewer than those committed by ‘native-born Americans’. So if you really want to have fewer ‘druggie terrorists’ you’d have to ask women who are American citizens to stop having babies.

            And no one has ever suggested letting Muslim’s into America that aren’t vetted. Fact is, that any refugees that are admitted to America have to go through around 7 years of vetting; and the crimes in America that have been attributed to Muslim’s, including refugees – pale in comparison to the crimes that are committed by, YOU GUESSED IT….NATIVE-BORN AMERICANS. EVERYTHING TRUMP IS SPEWING IS A LIE!!!.

          • Leftout says:

            Respectfully I have read surveys that were contrary. I worked on the border 2011, and many offenders were just released and returned to Mexico. Surely American drug users certainly commit crimes. It is an exponential increase , it takes one drug runner to supply hundreds of users in the US.

            It takes 7 years to be vetted…that is comforting , I will feel better about going to the movies. Moslems do not assimilate due to their dual allegiance to their insane religion/ theocracy…. as in Europe. What is really annoying is that there is utter silence from the Moslem communities when there is an incident. Even last week , the Paris Terrorist was being hidden in a Moslem enclave tip dicovered by the gendarmes.

          • Jinmichigan says:

            Delusion runs deep in this comment.

          • Leftout says:

            Make a point , no name callings.

          • The Shadow says:

            They can’t name or repeat one racist statement, except “the wall” “the wall”, or “vet the Muslim refugees”, those two thinggs have been BLOWN so completely out of proportion as to be ludicrous, But they will support to the death people who consider their wifes lower than dogs, and BLM fools who threaten to kill people on a daily Basis for no other reason than they are white, the words Liberal and logical are an anathema never to be used or seen together..

          • Jinmichigan says:

            Your entire comment takes a great deal of effort to figure out what you are attempting to say considering all the grammar and spelling errors. And as for name calling, re-read your own comment.

          • Eleanore Whitaker says:

            I think I’d rather throw out all of the Corn Pones and Mutton Chops than the Muslims. You nut freaks Below the Mason Dixon line are not just are freaks of nature who have a false sense of superiority your Grandpappy Mutton Chops taught you.

            Since it is a well documented fact that Texas and Arizona are MOST at fault for illegals entering the US, how about you go to TX and AZ and tell those jerkoffs there to stop flooding the country with illegals? Or don’t you coward men ever take responsibility for what YOU and no one else is responsible for?

            Just as a reminder dipshit…on 9/11, 221 “moslems” were also killed in Tower 1 and Tower 2…now shut your punk boy mouth before have to stuff a sock in it that sewer hole you call a mouth.

          • Leftout says:

            I be a Notherner. Moslems in the US are considered a part of the citizens by their these POS terrorists and the Terrorists care not, except for themselves. The AZ people are rousted by the Fedeeals if they obey immigration laws that are on the books. I personally was there in Naco helping the Minute Men . Your attitude must give Erectile Dysfunction to any male , do you have any children .

    • Jinmichigan says:

      Kool Aide drinker.

    • Otto T. Goat says:

      Bernie and Hillary need to condemn their supporters who illegal block roads and illegal disrupt rallies.

      • HoboMac says:

        The left are always the violent intolerant fascist bigots, Its amazing to me that they think they can do all the things they accuse other people of being and doing,, but because its them that is doing it its all justifiable good A-OK. Insanity pure insanity..

  5. Tess says:

    Once again drive by media has it wrong. Here’s what an off duty police officer said after attending Arizona rally- and explains his entire experience.

    • Leftout says:

      That says it all , Great.

    • Max says:

      The modern left is insane, but there is a method to their madness, they have hoards of brainless foot solders at their disposal, and they know if they call people racist sexist fascist etc etc enough that they can convince these blind ignorant fools to go after them with no real evidence of racism sexism etc etc, its all in Saul Alinsky rules for radicals , even the fact that the left has hoards of brainless foot solders and just how to manipulate and use them ….. This is all a text book attack..

  6. dpaano says:

    I’m sure that if Trump doesn’t get the Republican nomination, he’s going to incite riots! He has the ability to do that. For some reason, he thinks “free speech” means he’s the only one who’s free to speak… hell with the opposition! If anyone wants to protest, even quietly, at his rallies, he has them manhandled and thrown out oftimes for no reason whatsoever except that they are holding a sign! It’s pretty ridiculous and childish, but then again, that’s his typical way of doing things!!!

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