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Friday, March 22, 2019

The National Rifle Association is back on the airwaves, with a new ad targeting Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for his unsuccessful effort to expand gun sale background checks.

The 30-second ad, titled “Tell Manchin to Stand with West Virginia,” begins by showing a clip from a 2010 ad in which Manchin declares his support for the Second Amendment (while shooting a copy of the “cap and trade” pollution control bill with a rifle), before slamming the conservative Democrat for teaming up with President Barack Obama and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg on gun reform.

By attacking Manchin — who will not face re-election until 2018, and holds an A rating from the NRA (although that is certain to fall in the wake of his background check push) — the NRA may be trying to send a message that no supporter of gun reform is safe from attack.

The gun lobbyists have faced a swift backlash for the ad. Manchin quickly fired back at the NRA in a statement to Talking Points Memo:

“The Washington NRA could spend one hundred million dollars on ads against me; it still won’t make what they say true,” Manchin said. “If they were honest with their members they would see that my bill not only protects Second Amendment rights, it enhances and strengthens them.”

“Unfortunately, the NRA leadership in Washington has lost its way and is more concerned about political power than gun rights and gun safety,” he continued. “I am the same proud gun owner and NRA member that I have always been and I believe that criminal and mental background checks are a common-sense approach to protect our neighbors and children without infringing on our Second Amendment rights. I think most NRA members agree with me.”

Manchin isn’t the only person to object to the commercial. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough took issue with the way that President Obama is shaded in the ad, suggesting that the NRA intentionally made President Obama’s skin look darker than usual — just as Time magazine once shaded O.J. Simpson’s mugshot.

“Let’s just look at this and let it breathe for a few seconds. This picture and the Photoshopping brought to you by the National Rifle Association of Wayne LaPierre,” Scarborough said.

Video of the segment is below, via The Raw Story:

Correction: This story originally misstated Senator Manchin’s rating from the NRA. It is an “A,” not an “A+”

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15 responses to “WATCH: NRA’s Anti-Manchin Ad Draws Racism Charge”

  1. old_blu says:

    Good for you Senator Joe Manchin I agree with your stance and I am glad you are standing your ground. BRAVO

  2. bpai99 says:

    A principled stand by Manchin. A shame he will become another example of NRA roadkill. The message is clear: if you want a career in politics, don’t cross the NRA. The NRA cannot be beaten and resistance is futile.

    • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG says:

      When will the people realize the NRA represents gun manufacturers and does not care who gets hurt. The idea that the NRA supports people on the terrorist watch list, who can not fly, but can go ahead and buys weapons. There was an article a few days ago in the National Memo titled: You Have To Read This Letter From A ‘Lifelong
      Criminal’ Thanking The NRA For Making It Easy For Him To Get Guns
      That is who the NRA is.

      • DEFENDER88 says:

        FYI Those *Letters* are bogus and not real.
        The criminals dont operate that way and sure are not nearly that literate.
        The letters are full of dis-information and just plain wrong information.
        Cant remember the name for this particular dis-information technique.
        There are plenty of reasons to not like the NRA but these letters are not one of them.
        To whoever wrote these(my guess – someone on staff here)(they are at least well written), my congrats on fooling some of the people. But, really, you should not have to stoop that low in trying to forward your gun control agenda. You are doing a disservice to the discussions toward solving the real problems.

        • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG says:

          It was not my intent to fool anyone, FYI those letters appeared on the same site you are reading now. How am I stooping so low? If the letters are “dis-information” than contact The National Memo and ask them to prove it or retract the story, but do not attack me. I stand by my comment that the NRA represents gun manufacturers and do not care about anything else.

          • DEFENDER88 says:

            Did not say *you* were trying to fool anyone.
            Read all of what I said again, in order.
            Not saying YOU were stooping low, or trying to fool anyone.
            I said to *whoever wrote these(the letters)* was doing that.
            I am trying to tell YOU that I(and others) believe these letters are bogus. And written purely to forward a gun control agenda.
            I *am* saying you should not believe what is in these letters.
            As for the NRA, they do have ties with the gun makers and their political positions are arguable but there is a lot they do toward gun safety, safe handling and training that you are probably not aware of. They set the standards that most Police are trained by.
            If NRA *Firearm Training Standards* were followed by everyone there would be be no more
            – Accidental shootings
            – Or murders

          • disqus_fsqeoY3FsG says:

            Until someone produces proof that the letters are bogus or National Memo prints a retraction, I will consider the letters as information. I have and will continue to have a negative view of the NRA, Pepe la Pew is interested in one thing only – the money he is paid by the NRA and keeping the gun manufactures happy.
            The NRA once was interested in promoting and being a part of gun safety, now they are just plain Political and pimps for the gun manufactures.

          • DEFENDER88 says:

            You are entitled to your opinion. And I am entitled to disagree.
            So I will agree to disagree if you will.
            As for the NRA, I know, for a fact, they still manage the qualifications Required to teach gun safety,handling, etc as recognized by the various states and Law Enforcement – since I am currently taking *another* Instructor course and must go thru them to be a *State Certified* Instructor for these particular firearms subject areas ie State Carry Permits and Home Defense.
            No insurrections, NO politics whatsoever, just gun safety, handling, marksmanship, the current laws, etc. Just like a factual college class. ps these standards are nationwide and not just in the south.
            Like I said, their politics are very arguable but their training materials are the Standard and non-political in any way,

          • DurdyDawg says:

            Ah, yes.. But the CEOs and butt sniffing suits at the top aren’t training you and the policies they create are two fold.. One for the continued status of applied training and the other who knows what. It’s like blaming the production staff for the corruption of the managers.

  3. Robert P. Robertson says:

    It just goes to show: A fool and money are soon departed. The NRA and their lobby is blowing tens of millions of dollars on a losing proposition, the same way the Kochs and their billionaire lobbies blew hundreds of millions in a failed election in 2012. They should put that money back into America than throw it away.

  4. Catskinner says:

    An article in last month’s “Harper’s Magazine” pretty much explains why gun laws are becoming obsolete. And, following that, the gunman in Santa Monica, CA proved if by using a weapon that was assembled using parts imported from multiple sources.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    The NRA …a league of angry white bois, grossly insecure from ultra conservative states and towns ..NRA..National Racist Association. Another good ole bois network straight out of the antebellum era.

  6. stcroixcarp says:

    The NRA is a supporter of mass murderers, suicidal maniacs, homicidal maniacs, spousal abusers and killers, child killers, drug users and drug cartels, armen robbers, rapists, neo-nazis, regular nazis, domestic and foreign terrorists, and the criminally insane, These folks need their 501(c)(4) for all the social work they do.

  7. howa4x says:

    Then new incoming president of the NRA is calling for armed insurrection. Now there is a reason to own a Bushmaster AR-15. He is from Alabama which shows that the NRA is hunkering down south of the Mason Dixon line. It is silly to attack Manchin, especially if he survives and gets stronger. His election is a long way off. The more he fights the NRA and shows no fear then other on the fence senators might join him if they smell NRA blood. We may find the NRA is actually like the wizard of Oz. Just a few older white men behind a curtain.

  8. Chris Carpenter says:

    The NRA is millions of law abiding Americans who are tired of the media and liberal elitists telling them that conservative values no longer have a place in today’s world. We believe that people are responsible for their actions. That hard work, family values, and honesty still matter.

    Senator Manchin thinks he is “moving up” and cashing checks from bloomberg. He will be voted out. Funny how these people forget about their “lowly” constituents when promised big checks from outsiders. They will remember soon enough.

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