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Trump Seeks 20 Percent Tax On Mexican Imports To Pay For Wall

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Trump Seeks 20 Percent Tax On Mexican Imports To Pay For Wall


MEXICO CITY/PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – The White House said on Thursday that President Donald Trump wants a new 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico to pay for a wall on the southern border, deepening a crisis after a planned summit between the two countries’ leaders fell through.

Trump wants the measure to be part of a broader tax overhaul package that the U.S. Congress is contemplating, White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters on Thursday.

Explaining how the tax would work, Spicer said: “We have a new tax at $50 billion at 20 percent of imports — which is, by the way, a practice that 160 other countries do right now.”

“Our country’s policy is to tax exports and let imports flow freely in, which is ridiculous. But by doing it that way we can do $10 billion a year and easily pay for the wall. Just through that mechanism alone,” Spicer told reporters traveling with Trump to Philadelphia.

No further details were available.

News of the tax proposal widens a rift with Mexico which earlier on Thursday scrapped a planned summit between President Enrique Pena Nieto and Trump over the Republican’s demands that Mexico pay for the border wall.

Pena Nieto wrote on Twitter that he was pulling out of a planned meeting with Trump in Washington next week.

He was responding to an earlier tweet from Trump who said it would be better for the Mexican leader not to come if Mexico would not pay for the planned wall.

(Additional reporting by Roberta Rampton in Washington and Frank Jack Daniel, Dave Graham and Christine Murray in Mexico City; Editing by Alistair Bell)

IMAGE: (L-R) U.S. President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan greet one another on stage during the 2017 “Congress of Tomorrow” Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. January 26, 2017. REUTERS/Mark Makela



  1. Lynda Groom January 26, 2017

    Lets see. We export $236 billion in goods and services to Mexico and they send us $295 billion. If this idiot indeed gets his wish for a 20% tax on imports just what the hell does he think will happen to the $236 billion worth of American goods going south? This is pure fantasy at best, or just insanity. We are still in week one and he’s going about destroying American jobs….or at the least potentially!!!

    1. Mama Bear January 27, 2017

      write on the board 100 times, Lil’ Trumpie, “I am incompetent”

      1. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

        Trump punishes. Once you see the gravity of allowing such maniac in the White House, you see why he said in 6 different interviews he thinks “torture” is okay. So did Hitler.

        1. Mama Bear January 27, 2017

          Trump is very sick. That is what we should focus on and not the “lies” he tells. To him his has not lied. And that is what is the most frightening part.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

            I am not in the least worried that one of his own won’t get caught leaking information. That’s the kind of thing that happens to CEOs all the time when they get too mouthy, too nutty and too power happy.

            What I recall of the CEO beehive is that the CEO tends to begin to be drunk with power and like the Enron Boys did, starts to make unlawful demands that his lackies know won’t throw him in prison…it will throw them in prison. That’s when they bail and when they do, out comes all the corporate dirt.

            I testify to this because I worked for such a VP. He was a hatchet man who was so drunk with power and in the end? He was forced to resign when he crossed the wrong whistleblower one time too many. He left in disgrace with his tail between his legs. Since he was a VP, you can bet no one in any other company trusted him again. The last time I saw him, he was working as a bagger in a ShopRite.

          2. Jmz Nesky January 27, 2017

            His excuse for the lies not being lies? “It’s what my dumb ass followers wanna hear”.

          3. Mama Bear January 28, 2017

            It is far more complicated than that, Jmz. But it you are more comfortable simply calling him a liar then pay no attention to me.

  2. I Am Helpy January 26, 2017

    Huh. Of course, he flatly can’t do that without abrogating NAFTA completely (which is not within his power to do) – that’s the sole reason that the markets didn’t collapse today. Next week, when he issues his lunatic call for a return to the gold standard or whatever, we won’t be so lucky.

    1. More FAKE NEWS, by a FAKE web site and a FAKE “everyday American”…just what I was talking about, thanks for the example…hyperbolically stupid assertions by those so lame they cannot see.

      1. Yes I get that you’re so stupid you think calling something “FAKE” makes it so. It’s because you’re an un-American traitor, traitor.

        1. I’m just a “feeble traitor” and yet you spend your whole night salivating for a chance to come up with a comeback better than “No! You are!!!”.

          Tip for Dummies!!! All your bellyaching isn’t going to right the wrong you will never overcome – Hillary lost – plain and simple no one liked her and she failed at the political brinkmanship – thank god, she was never FIT to be President in the first place. And why you guys pushed her onto that pedestal is beyond me, but I thank you for doing it, made it all that much easier for us to defeat you. THAT is the definition of pathetic. IF ONLY your reality was a big as your imagination Sparky, you might actually be “overseas” where you think that somehow makes you somebody, because here for the next 8+ years, you’ll always be a nobody.

          Have you even noticed the Republican Party is IN CHARGE of the House, Senate, and Presidency?!?! Like I said before – Sucks to be you…you got bupkis.

          But feel free to keep up with the infantile attempts to rile me, you’re still at the starting gates with your hands in your pockets. EXACTLY where you’ll be in 2020! AGAIN – PLEASE HAVE HILLARY AS YOUR CANDIDATE, she will be the first THREE TIME LOSER in American Politics, give her a story to tell her grandkids.

          Not really Sparky, I’m just kidding, we’re all Americans and you know I love you like a brother. No hard feelings and may the best MAN win next time -just like HE did on November 8, 2016!!!!

          1. OK soггy KKKomяade

          2. When we go low, you guys go lower (Page 1 of the Liberal Democratic Playbook). I love it…please have another slice of humble pie.

          3. I’m not really sure what you’re talking about, but that’s hardly surprising since you’re an inarticulate moron. Sorry you’re a traitor, KKKomrade! This time the South is going to be sown with salt.

          4. More references to your bigotry, none are so blind as those who won’t see. BTW – who write 22K comments they’re so ashamed to allow others to read…I Am Helpy…even you don’t stand behind your own thoughts. How do you expect anyone else to?

          5. OK sorry you can’t make any sort of cogent point. Probably if you hadn’t dropped out of junior high you might be able to articulate your dumb imaginary grievances better – although, to be fair, who cares what Nazi traitors like yourself think about any topic.

          6. Pick a point besides childishness and I’ll ground it into oblivion.

            All you got so far are a bunch of infantile taunts we all used in grammar school…not much to be proud of but understandable considering your inability to communicate on matters beyond those of ephemeral value.

            I’m waiting for you sweet cheeks, spread your argument out there for me and I’ll be glad to pierce it with my intellectual sword.

          7. OK Buddy, I’m done, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun, so I leave you now and offer you the olive branch that we might live together in harmony and put your loss behind you. I really do love you, your opinion is important to me and I hope you took none of this seriously. I’m sure you’re a fine fellow and I wish you all the luck in the world with your impressive overseas work. CIAO!

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 26, 2017

    Larry, Moe, and Curley congratulating themselves. Trump’s narcissism has had another layer peeled back, now that we know that the Mexican President FIRST informed Trump that the meeting was cancelled unilaterally by Mexico. and not Trump.
    So, with egg on hi face, Donald lied that he and Mr. Nieto mutually agreed in conversation to cancel the upcoming meeting.
    What we have here is the trend we knew would define Trump—If someone rebuffs him, it will trigger him to respond to cover his exposed backside, fabricate a lie, and say all is well because he presented himself well in a mano a mano manner. Nothing could be further from the truth to think that Trump could weather any stinging and firm rebuke.

    Hopefully Mexico will take this approach from this moment on, look the bully Trump straight in the eye, and dare him to blink. That’s the only way to thoroughly potty-train Donald or any bully. A coward and bully needs lots of “space” between himself and those he wishes to cower to be effective — cowardice and peevishness are just two of the consequences of being pampered and catered to all one’s life. Hopefully, young Barron somehow can escape the fate of dad.

    1. dbtheonly January 27, 2017

      Daring the bully to blink is not particularly wise when that bully has a gun or Atom Bombs at his disposal.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 27, 2017

        Although Donald is in the final stages of what a complete mental breakdown, I don’t think he’s yet at little Kim’s stage of emotional imbalance—Donald has a slight variant of emotional dysfunction.
        Now, if the two of them were on the line together, then I would worry.

        1. dbtheonly January 27, 2017

          But they are on the line together. Trump has asserted that the DPRK will not be testing any more missiles. Won’t happen.

          This is typical Trumpian bluster. But what happens when the next missile test occurs? Trump back down? Kim forego another test?


          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 27, 2017

            At this stage in humanity’s social evolution, the scenario of mutual destruction is a greater possibility than in the 60’s.

      2. Jmz Nesky January 27, 2017

        … AND a degenerative majority congress to back him up.

        1. dbtheonly January 28, 2017


          My response is more relevant to the DPRK, yours to Mexico.

  4. I visited this web site for the first time back in September re another “Wall” story. Funny thing is that it’s just another of the many “fake news” sites that propagated lies and distractions during the presidential campaign and now is composed of “hangers on”. Comments from three of those folks below, all lamenting Trump as if HE is the problem…NONE confessing to the realities related to the problems created under the previous administration.

    OCD is a strange disorder, not the least of which is a repetitive regurgitation of the same old stuff the Democrats love without reason. Seek help folks, because no matter how many times you repeat “Hope and Change”, none of that wishful thinking ever delivered anything other than an attempt to stop the ship from sinking, never seeking to correct the ship’s course. (I’m immediately reminded of the old saying “Poop in one hand and wish in another and see which one fills up first” – What’s up with that!).

    1. Thoughtopsy January 26, 2017

      Nice attempt at looking like you’re not a Troll.
      “tick verified” in your name looks a lot sadder when you realise you typed it in there yourself to artificially try to give yourself credibility.
      You know who is desperate for credibility?
      Trolls and astroturfers.

      The rest of your ridiculous drivel is the standard barely plausible Astroturfer playbook.
      – Pretend objectivity.
      – Gentle condemnation
      – Key Fox News talking points.
      – Passionate plea for sanity.

      Go f**k yourself, paid Troll.
      What does the binder of responses sitting next to you suggest you say to that?

      1. I Am Helpy January 26, 2017

        No no we have to passively let the Russian collaborators take control of the US government because of some spurious lies about Obama. It all makes sense!!!1

        1. More hyperbole without an ounce of substance, just your witless opinion.

          1. Yes your feeble abuse sure makes a compelling counterargument, KKKomrade.

      2. You have to listen to me because I added a checkmark to my username!!!!!!!!1

      3. “Paid Troll” is your brother below with 22K comments…just another “average” activist Hillary supporter now looking for work. haha

      4. Mama Bear January 27, 2017

        page 4 of the training manual…”delete comment at this point”

        1. Thoughtopsy January 27, 2017

          Hahaha So true.
          Apparently that’s his “response”…

    2. I Am Helpy January 26, 2017

      Hmmm yes your asserting a bunch of lies somehow makes them true.

      1. Guess you’ve never watched Clinton News (anything goes) Network?

        1. Yeah you probably thought that made sense. Sorry you couldn’t back up your assertions! You lying conspiracy theorists never can, of course, because you’re delusional.

          1. Right haha, and Hillary always tells the truth…that’s a knee slapper.

          2. Sorry you couldn’t back up your lies and had to resort to baseless smears, impotent liar!

            It’s only because everything you believe is dumb moronic nonsense.

            I hope that helps!

          3. It’s OK Sparky, I know you’re still hurting from that stinging defeat…haha. And I suspect you’ll still be wearing a “Growing Together” hat for the next four years. Good luck with that.

          4. OK sorry you got nothing, traitor.

          5. Still mad huh bro. Sucks to be you, what else can I say.

          6. Why would you think I’m mad? Your idiotic campaign to destroy your economy literally caused exponential growth in my bank account in the last month.

          7. PS: I don’t live in the US, and I’ve literally made millions from the business currently fleeing the US. I spend more on my annual PC upgrade than you make in a year.

          8. Awwww such pain. You totally missed the part where I am the happy one homey.

          9. Sorry you couldn’t come up with anything good. Let me know when you think of a good comeback in a month or so.

          10. 10th or 11th grade Sparky? Doesn’t matter Junior Varsity at best.

          11. See, this is why I said to wait till you think of something good; you’re massively outclassed. This pathetic (and unpunctuated) effort is just wasting everyone’s time.

          12. I love your presumed arrogance and yet, it’s just so plastic and unnatural…just like Hillary. I get it though, you got no game so your best effort is to punt.

          13. OK thanks for explaining how your neo-Nazi fee-fees got hurt, guy who is so incredibly insecure that he manually added ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ to his username in a vain attempt to appear important.

          14. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

            The right wing lives in Alternate Reality they create. Insane people always do. That’s why they are declared insane. They simply cannot accept reality.

            But with Trump being so egomaniacal, the real danger is that he will become as vile as Hitler if he has to. Madmen always do.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

        Alternate facts. Trump stays up till 5 AM to Tweet, watch CNN and scrounge up every tiny bit of criticism so he can play he Party of Opposition games.

    3. I Am Helpy January 26, 2017

      Also, how lame would you have to be to add ✓ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ to your Disqus username.

      1. dbtheonly January 27, 2017

        Gee Helpy,

        It went from blocked, my choice, to deleted. Must have been some vile stuff you were slighting through.

        But regrettably, now we’ll never get to quote Ronald Reagan to him on the benefits of Free Trade.

        Tarfffs. Everything old is new again.

        I’m willing to bet Trump won’t go down the gold standard road. He’s too tied in to the credit society. He knows what a gold currency would do to his wealth.

      2. Mama Bear January 27, 2017

        This is a newbie…he is in training and his “trainer” has access to his account until he is able to handle things on his own. Whenever you see this kind of deletion it’s because his manager told him to take it down and then spends more time training him. If you see one of these new names try this: “Whatever you are trying to do you are not being effective”. On several occasion I have seen this exact text pop up by accident when the trainer replys to me as well as his trainee. That is apparently the communication for him to delete his post. I have done it several time and guess what….the post gets deleted!

      3. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

        People who have to hide their identity are people who have a REASON to hide their identity. I’ve spent the last month digging up dirt on some of those right wing sites. I managed to find the culprit of one of them, John Hawkins, a NC hick with very little education. The other 4 I’ve been trying to out won’t even identify WHERE the sites originate. So much for the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

        These people are DIRTY almost as dirty as their Scumbag in Chief. But, not to worry…in order to best him, they’d need 3 or more decades of lying, cheating, stealing and being Putin’s bed partner.

      4. Jmz Nesky January 27, 2017

        Why is this fool dog even around, doesn’t he get the message that nobody wants to read to his Nazi BS..?

  5. Trumpastairia on this web site…nothing more, nothing less…my way or else I’m the bigot…hillaryous hyperbole. SCWBMHRMEBDTMC (Smugly chuckling while bobbing my head, rolling my eyes, and being dragged to my car). Arf arf arffffff owwwwweeeee!

  6. I of John January 27, 2017

    Look for extremely high prices.

    1. Dominick Vila January 27, 2017

      Exactly. One day Trump claims American taxpayers will not pay for his beloved wall, the next day he proposes imposing a 20% on all Mexican imports to pay for it, which would result in a 20% increase in the cost of products bought by American consumers. Not too bright.

      1. Jan123456 January 27, 2017

        Exactly! That 20% doesn’t come out of the Mexican treasury. It comes out of our pockets.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

          More of it will come out of TX and AZ. Why? Take a look at the total number of undocumented maids and landscapers they hire or the huge number of Big Oil cheap labor.

  7. Mama Bear January 27, 2017

    dialogue next winter: “Dad….can you get us some oranges and maybe an apple or two?” “Sorry kids, we can’t afford it this winter and stop complaining about the pain and tenderness in your arms and legs…it’s only rickets”

  8. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

    There you have it folks, in that photo…the real AXIS of EVIL. Ryan with his determination to steal SS and Medicare we already paid for, Pence ready to jail women who are raped and have an abortion and that phony Celebrity TV host of the most vile show in US history, The Titan of Trickery. Just look at that phony grin on his face.

    He’ll smile and smile and behind that smile is the evil he manages to so deftly hide.

    His days of combativeness are beginning to crumble. He opened his stupid mouth about “voting fraud” based on people being registered in 2 states and it turned back on him because Spicer, Tiffany Trump and Bannon, were ALL registered as voters in 2 states. When he was confronted with that he did what all evil bastards do…denied, denied, denied.

    If you are not aware of how CEOs operate, as someone who had to work at the desk next door to 4 CEO offices, I can tell you they love the idea of “keeping their employees on their toes” by being so unpredictable that no employee or even the rest of the executive board knows from minute to minute what Mr. CEO Big MAN’s next step is.

    Why do they do that? Simple…It’s how they keep THEIR jobs. It’s a form of micro control they invest in so no one but they know what’s next.

    1. Jmz Nesky January 27, 2017

      Greet the photo shot as the new millennia’s current three stooges. Not funny at all they but stooges none the less.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

    Guest so obviously deleted all those posts because Guest is afraid some of us know hackers who can read their computer keyboard keystrokes like casino card readers read cards. Right Guest?

  10. stsintl January 27, 2017

    We all know POTUS is a dumb idiot when it coms to international affairs, but where are his “fabulous and smart” cabinet members? Didn’t they advise him that 20% tax on imports from Mexico will be paid by US consumers and not Mexico? May be he got this advice from Kellyanne Conway with her “Alternative Facts’. So, Americans will still be paying for his stupid WALL, which will not make Chicago any safer than it is now.
    May God bless America, in spite of who is in the White House.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker January 27, 2017

      In just 2 years, there may be no Republicans left. They thought those protests were all a “one day” deal. Now? There are protests on a state by state level in county, municipal and state office. These are out and out revolts. When you see the signs they carry, the righties love to say the “causes” are all over the place. That only shows how ignorant they are. Every one of the causes are those the Mentally deranged Baron of BS is trying to deny Americans.

      1. dpaano January 27, 2017

        Those that marched need to contact the DNC and offer any assistance they can give. The DNC was not able to get names of some of the groups that put together these marches, and they need to be able to get in touch with them so they can have assistance in getting voters out, fighting for what is right, etc. So, if any marchers are reading this…..who ever gathered you all together, PLEASE get in touch with the DNC and offer your services in any way you can!!! We can win in 2018 and get the majority in the Congress BACK, but we need to ALL work together with the Democratic party or nothing will change!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker January 28, 2017

          Actually, the groups responsible for those marches are on point. Here in the Metro area and Philadelphia, the protests continue at state houses and in local towns.

          I agree that all who believe this president is illegitimate, should stay in contact with the DNC and also their state Attorneys General. The next leg of the take down of our government by the Republicans is to shut down media, remove SS, Medicare and Medicaid and literally keep Americans in contant division.

          The only reason I mention contacting your Attorneys General is because they can stop the flow of federal funding that ends up supporting Republican states. Once Americans realize that sometimes you have to call Republicans bluff when they stand on THEIR states rights, we must now take a page from their book and do the same.

          If Ryan and McConnell want to play tough guys, let’s see how well they do that when DEM states stop flushing money to the fed that always ends up in their states.

          1. dpaano January 30, 2017

            I agree with you…we ALL need to stay on top of our respective Senators and Representatives, as well as our state’s Attorneys General! But, we also need to contribute to the DNC and allow them to do their jobs when the midterm rolls around! I can guarantee you, by then, 45 (which is my new name for the idiot) will have pissed off enough Republicans that some of them won’t WANT to be re-elected! I hear that he’s already pissed off the Congress by going ahead and doing things without consulting them. That’s NOT the way this government works, and they need to get serious and remind him of that! I’ve already mentioned this to my Senator (Kamala Harris), but she already knows this…..we have to let the others know and push them to act on it! Congress HAS to put a leash on his actions somehow and remind him that he is NOT the king of this country and there’s a certain way that this country is run!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker January 30, 2017

            I think maybe this was some bizarre power game between a crooked CEO and an even more deceptive corrupt Republican Party. The Republicans thought they got away with WaterGate and have been smarting ever since trying to prove they are the smartest people in the country. They met their match in Trump The Know it All. Trump has often said many times in the past that if he can’t get cooperation, he will “do it myself.” That’s what he is doing right now, aided and abetted by his sons, daughter and those Nazi Roy Cohn style cronies like Bannon. Trump has never in his entire life not smelled the almighty dollar where he could scrape it up.

            I agree. I left the GOP because after 33 years all I saw and heard where MEN always acting as if they were the last word women and children need to hear.

            However, Trump is a maniac. As such, he is in cahoots with Putin another micro control freak. These guys make the laws and do not abide dissent. Putin put ’em to death. Trump will too.

  11. stsintl January 27, 2017

    Here is Warren Buffett’s proposal for “Congressional Reform Act of 2017”

    1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman / woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office.
    2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security.
    All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
    3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
    4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.
    5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
    6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.
    7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 3/1/17. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.

    Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work.

    1. Jmz Nesky January 27, 2017

      And the neocons say this guy is worthless..His plan, once in effect, would save America Billions in tax dollars every year.. Worthless my ass hairs. Worthless has initials and those initials are “G.O.P.” ..

  12. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 27, 2017

    Can we wait for a Congressional Reform to effectively neutralize Donald J. Trump? I don’t think so.

    Consider this: The volatile chemistry of Trump, his Cabinet, the recalcitrance and mean-spirited nature endemic in the GOP and its base, DPRK’s experiment with nuclear capability, Russian meddling at cyber-level, Pakistan/India tensions, an ever-present despair of war and conflict and consequent displacement of populations, religious fanaticism, unequal distribution and poisoning of resources, are all a toxic blend.
    Any one alone, or in combination with one or more other points of tensions, are quite capable of eradicating humanity. And that’s no hyperbole.

    “The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. This unity can never be achieved so long as the counsels which the Pen of the Most High hath revealed are suffered to pass unheeded.”

    1. jmprint January 27, 2017

      Thank for sharing, I had never seen this, it is uplifting. I know many, many good people of every color, this world will survive, but like she says, we must stop them, that discriminate.

  13. LCR78 January 27, 2017

    Personally, I am not willing to pay an extra 20 percent for fruits and vegetables imported from Mexico for a wall, especially since Congress won’t even made e-verify a mandate for all employers in the US. For all you guacamole lovers, that’s all the avocados during most of the fall, winter, and early spring before California avocados come on the market. Same for winter tomatoes.
    I also am sure Mexico will impose an equal tariff on US products. Since Trump never read a history book in his life, I would suggest he get one on the consequences of the

    Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930. Since he can’t read, someone should can read him the next couple of sentences so he can understand.
    The Smoot-Hawley Act increased tariffs on about 900 products. Other countries immediately retaliated by increasing tariffs on US products and world trade plummeted by the end of 1934 some 66 percent from the 1929 level. Most economists and historians think the Smoot-Hawley Act was one of the major causes of the Great Depression.

    1. prenestino January 27, 2017

      According to the guy who ghost wrote Trump’s book The Art of the Deal, Trump never read book. Period. During his campaign he said he learned all about foreign policy by watching shows on TV

      1. dpaano January 27, 2017

        I read something yesterday that said that his administration has a hard time keeping him from the TV. He watches cable TV constantly, and they have to keep him moving or he would sit and watch TV all day and get nothing done (which might not be a BAD thing). It’s pretty sad to think that he has such a short attention span that he gets wonky if he has to sit through any briefings more than 15 minutes. He was even noted to be fidgety at the inauguration when he was waiting to take his oath!!! Pretty childish for someone who’s the president of a whole nation!

        1. prenestino January 27, 2017

          This was revealed at the beginning of his campaign by the person who ghost wrote his book; everything you just wrote. It is the main reason why I thought we would never elect him to office

          1. dpaano January 27, 2017

            Unfortunately, he conned enough people in the Rust Belt with his “alternative facts” that they voted for him, plus you have to put some of the blame on Comey for “suddenly” coming up with the so-called e-mails on Weiner’s laptop that had NOTHING to do with anything! The most we can hope for is that we can prevail in the midterm elections in 2018 and get some of the Republicans OUT of the Congress. There are ALOT of Republican seats up for re-election either due to retirements, term endings, or whatever. If we could only win those seats, we could put a big stick in Trump’s plans!

          2. prenestino January 27, 2017

            You put your finger on the biggest problem: People don’t vote in the mid-term elections. Even Black people turned their backs on Obama, causing loss of the House first term, then the Senate in the second term. Trump is so bad that we can hope that enough people are horrified by him that they will do as you say. Propaganda has caused all of us to be focussing on this “legal immigrant” problem way out of proportion to what it deserves. The masses are so malleable that they can be molded by anyone who first arouses fear in them, then offers solutions they can understand to these ‘fears.

          3. dpaano January 30, 2017

            I think, this time, you’ll see quite a few out there voting during the midterms! We have to energize the DNC, as well as the rest of the nation. By the time 2018 rolls around, I think more people will see the damage that has been done by this current president (whom I now call “45” in lieu of his name). To date, he’s managed to piss off even his own party and those in Congress…..I don’t think it’ll take too long before many of them cross over to the Democratic side when it comes to voting, and we ONLY need 3 of them to become more moderate!!!

    2. dpaano January 27, 2017

      I agree with you, but unless it’s show on TV or he can read it in the National Enquirer or FAUX News, it won’t get through to him. His cronies are all “yes” men; and Bannon, in particular, is his “handler” and go-between with Putin! He tends to listen to ONLY what his cronies tell him or what he hears on TV or reads in the Enquirer and refuses to listen to people in the government who know what they are talking about. He gets “bored” with intelligence briefings mainly because he doesn’t understand a thing they are saying! I don’t know how long it will take before his followers realize that he is totally unqualified to run this country and start to regret their vote! Hopefully, some of them aren’t as stupid as he thinks the rest of us are!

  14. prenestino January 27, 2017

    But isn’t the 20% tax paid by the American consumer? Doesn’t that mean that the wall will be paid for by Americans, and not Mexico? Isn’t this 20% just an added tax on us? We all know Trump is a con man, but I think (I really hope) that Americans are not too stupid to not see this. If I am wrong here, someone please explain.

    1. dpaano January 27, 2017

      I’ve been saying this all along…..it will end up being the hard-working tax payers who will pay for this wall by having to pay higher prices for gas, automobiles, produce, etc. But, apparently, Trump doesn’t seem to understand this or he hopes that most of the nation won’t understand this! It’s just another con job to placate his uneducated, uninformed followers.
      He wouldn’t have to build a stupid wall if he worked with Mexico to strengthen their economy. By allowing some manufacturing in Mexico by U.S. companies (auto companies, etc.), it helps the Mexican economy. Mexican people have decent jobs, can support their families, and in the end, they don’t have to worry about coming across the border to the U.S. to make money! Additionally, the border is ALREADY protected by a joint effort between the U.S. Border Patrol and the Mexican police…..the number of illegal aliens coming across the border has decreased significantly since 2009 (when there were approximately over $176,000 illegals coming across) to 2016 (when it was down to less than 75,000). Why do we need to spend unnecessary taxpayer money on a wall that will NOT work and would not be needed if we worked WITH Mexico rather than against them!! Hopefully, most of the nation is a little more intelligent that his followers and see that this is just a major con that will end up backfiring!
      If Mexico decides to work with China in a trade deal rather than the U.S., Trump apparently isn’t aware of how many jobs will disappear in the U.S. Even Texas is having a fit because this wall would seriously hamper their economy along the border. IF Texas is mad about this….you can be assured that it’s finally getting through to them that the GOP’s methods are NOT in the best interests of the rest of this nation!

      1. prenestino January 27, 2017

        STOP!!!!! I wasn’t expecting an answer that made obvious sense. I wanted an answer that reflected the “new reality” we seem to be living in now.

        1. Mama Bear January 27, 2017

          d has more brains in her left index finger than the entire staff at the WH.

          1. dpaano January 27, 2017

            Thank you….I like to think that most of the posters on the site have the same amount of brains and logic as I do…..we see things for what they are and not what Trump THINKS they should be! I figure if Trump pisses off Texas, then you KNOW something is wrong!!

  15. dpaano January 27, 2017

    The picture with this article looks like the three idiots conspiring as to what more they can do to piss off another country!!! Would you call this a “gaggle” of idiots?


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