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5 Reasons Republicans Will (Mostly) End Up Backing Donald Trump

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5 Reasons Republicans Will (Mostly) End Up Backing Donald Trump

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump looks to the cameras at the back of the arena during a rally at Clemson University in Pendleton, South Carolina, in this February 10, 2016 file photo. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/Files

The Republican Party’s immune system — which once fought off David Duke and Pat Buchanan with relative ease — is completely failing.

Decades of serving their base a toxic blend of white-identity politics and ridiculous promises — spiced with a paranoia that instructs them not to trust anyone who doesn’t tell them exactly what they want to hear — has left the right-wing army of older, angrier, whiter men vulnerable to an interloping con artist with a powerful sense of how to get inside his marks’ brains. And because Donald Trump tells the GOP base exactly what they want to hear, every attempt to signal his danger to the the Republican Party — and the nation — sounds like a “nattering nabob of negativism.

The Trump virus arrives at the worst possible time for the GOP elite. On the whole, conservatism is on the rise, controlling not only both houses of Congress but more state legislatures than at any time since before the Great Depression. And with the American public rarely willing to give one party more than three consecutive terms in the White House, they have a real chance to elect a president who could set the course of the Supreme Court for decades.

But the death of Antonin Scalia, combined with the surge of the most unpopular major presidential candidate ever, has only underlined that the party’s commitment to destroying norms in the name of revanchism is blowing up at exactly the wrong time.

“Playing base politics — tolerating nativism, birtherism, and promising obstruction at every turn — could cost Republicans the presidency and threaten control of the Senate,” David Axelrod wrote.

And if Trump continues to repulse women, he could even threaten a House majority that has been insulated from practically all political reality by gerrymandering.

It’s far too late, but Republicans are attempting to marshall their resources to deny Trump the nomination on the first ballot, opening the process up on the floor of their national convention as the whole world watches them self-destruct. Many elites have decided that losing with Ted Cruz might finally silence the Tea Party without the division that a Trump nomination would unleash.

Here’s why the GOP will mostly give up the suicidal urge to deny Trump the nomination, and will end up backing him in November.

  1. There won’t be an acceptable replacement.
    Who should the party turn to if it successfully dislodges Trump, who has won more delegates than all his opponents combined? Senator Ted Cruz is the walking embodiment of the GOP base’s worst instincts gone wild: an anti-intellectual Ivy League snob who believes there is a secret majority of Americans who want to elect a guy who would ban all abortion and all background checks for guns — though only 10-20 percent back these extreme views. But it’s not policy that makes him unacceptable to GOP elites — it’s his tendency to torch other Republicans and march the party’s dead-enders into the abyss. Gov. John Kasich is a conventional Republican running George H.W. Bush’s 1988 campaign for president in 2016. He plays moderate on TV but has waged a one-man war on reproductive rights and starved small-town Ohio by slashing taxes for corporations. Kasich sounds perfect for this GOP, but he accepted Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, which basically makes him a double agent. House Speaker Paul Ryan could step in as a GOP savior again — and shows every sign of wanting to do so this year. But anyone who turns on Trump becomes the embodiment of the evil establishment, a role Ryan has somehow avoided after decades of embodying the Republican establishment. If Ryan were to step in, he would be the leader of a minority party that has basically told one-third of its supporters that the party would rather burn it all down than nominate their choice, Trump.
  2. Bet against the GOP being able to unite.
    FiveThirtyEight has laid out a strategy for how Cruz and Kasich could team up to deny Trump the delegates he’d need to cinch the nomination. And it might have worked, had the party leadership tried it last January. The safest bet in 2016 is against the GOP demonstrating any ability to coordinate resources against Trump. And there’s a reason the GOP hasn’t been able to rise up and unite to take on this bigoted demagogue…
  3. Trump is very popular among the party’s base and pretty much a conventional Republican.
    Birtherism is a mainstream belief in the Republican Party. Trump is about as popular at this point in the nomination process as Mitt Romney was in 2012. And Trump’s beliefs — besides some bluster about trade and earned benefits like Social Security — are boilerplate Republican. After all, John McCain won the nomination in 2008 on “Build the danged fence.” Trump is a climate science denier who opposes Wall Street reform. And his tax cuts would be perhaps the biggest giveaway to the rich… ever. He alienates exactly the voters the GOP needs to win over, and aggressively so. But so does the standard GOP platform. And what do issues matter? Today’s GOP has one unifying core belief: oppose Obama, belligerently. And who does that better than Donald Trump?
  4. They hate Democrats more.
    Some Republicans will not be able to cast a ballot for Trump based on his willingness to rile dumb hate and his proud ignorance of the nascent sort of fascism he threatens. They’ll turn to a #NeverTrump candidate, perhaps the Libertarian party’s nominee. But it’s not likely they’ll back a genuine third-party candidate for one simple reason: They’ll be running against a Clinton or a Democratic Socialist. That will be more than enough to unite the Republican Party.
  5. Trump has given the loyalty pledge that matters most.
    This hasn’t gotten a ton of attention, but Trump has taken what may be an unprecedented move in the history of American politics. He’s already named judges he’d appoint to the Supreme Court and is allowing the Heritage Foundation consult on a final list of 10 “conservative approved” nominees, all of whom would certainly be against voting rights, reproductive rights and the huge advances in LGBTQ rights made in the last eight years. But even more important to conservative donors, these Justices would continue the decades-long effort to undo the New Deal via the courts. With our campaign finance system, Affirmative Action and the Fourth Amendment already gutted, the Court can focus on destroying what’s left of the government that preserves the middle class — public labor unions, Social Security and federal regulations on everything from carbon emissions to the minimum wage. If Trump represents a chance to continue this Long Con, they’ll take him over allowing Clinton or Sanders to fill up to four vacancies.

Ultimately, the quickest way to unite the Republican party is to elect Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat in the general election, as anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson points out.

And what’s a better path to that than nominating Donald Trump?

Photo: Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump looks to the cameras at the back of the arena during a rally at Clemson University in Pendleton, South Carolina, in this February 10, 2016 file photo.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst/Files



  1. Dominick Vila March 28, 2016

    Make no mistake, most Republicans will vote for whomever their nominee is, and most Democrats will vote for whomever our nominee is…if we get off our butts and vote.
    Like most politicians, of either party, Kasich is far from perfect, but he looks like a subliminal gift compared to Trump and Cruz.
    The same can be said for Clinton and Sanders, but neither of them would promote the socio-economic changes being proposed by Trump and Cruz, and would not nominate extreme ideologues to the Supreme Court.
    We are approaching the point of having to decide between the need to preserve what our ancestors, and us, have fought and struggled to accomplish for decades, or ending what contributed to the rise of the middle class, a better standard of living, and economic prowess in the pursuit of a chimera driven by fear bordering on paranoia, ignorance, and prejudice.

    1. FireBaron March 28, 2016

      And, ironically enough, the Republican party still receives the support of the very demographic it has fought so hard against (white, male, blue-collar) through their opposition to unions, universal health care, pension reform, Social Security and Medicare, tax breaks for the top 1% and reduced taxes on corporations that off-shore their operations (resulting in more job losses for those same white, male, blue-collar workers).
      At some point this group is going to realize that Ronald Reagan isn’t around anymore, and his successors have been allowed to screw their supporters over seven ways to Sunday!

      1. Jinmichigan March 28, 2016

        And they are still against this group at every turn. Simply amazing.

      2. itsfun March 28, 2016

        Don’t you thing the blacks in American can say the same things about the Democrat Party?

        1. charleo1 March 28, 2016

          Why on Earth would you even think such a thing? That Blacks in this Country would be as dumb as these poorly educated, angry White Turkeys voting for Christmas on the Republican ticket. A Party that has worked against their wages, their benefits, and best interests for the last 100 years. Has vociferously protected tax breaks that reward companies that ship their jobs overseas. Has worked tirelessly with big money to eliminated their voices, and power in the workplace. Passed pension laws in ways that allow their retirement funds to be liquidated as company assets When the company they may have worked for 30/40 years, given up countess pay increases, is bought out by a hedge fund, and their pension is divided up between buyers, and sellers. And now the GOP shamelessly cries crock tears over the lack of income improvement for labor. Pretends to care about their healthcare, and wants to, “save,” SS by handing it over to the same thieves that got their pension. And these Redneck Rubes believe them!

          1. dtgraham March 28, 2016

            Angry white turkeys voting for Christmas. Another gem. I’m still chuckling.

          2. itsfun March 28, 2016

            Just check the stats on how much the blacks have lost in the last 7 years. What have they gained?

          3. charleo1 March 28, 2016

            Better than that, check the record of all the gains they realized because of the Democrats, the Republicans are trying to eliminate, or roll back. I believe that as a group that supports Democrats by whopping 96% and continues to support Obama by more than that, the Black Community clearly understand who’s got their backs.

          4. itsfun March 28, 2016

            In my neck of the words, there is more poverty and unemployment in the black community.

          5. JPHALL March 28, 2016

            Usually thanks to Republican policies especially under BushII. Since the 1960’s, Black and Latino Americans have almost turned their economic lives around 180 degrees. More are graduating from both high school and college. More are working in higher paying jobs than ever before. You can look it up. From nearly 70% living at or near the poverty line to 30%.

        2. Buford2k11 March 28, 2016

          Ummm…in short NO…

    2. babumjane March 28, 2016

      Kasich is lost in the l970’s and that good old boy I am so good routine is about over. I am 82 and sick and tired of hearing what he did way back when. It was a different country then, with different problems. he ke eps talking about then, what about now, he wants open borders and he is so far behind in his thinking he scares me.

  2. FT66 March 28, 2016

    Republicans have no easy option. If they will deny Trump to become their nominee they will lose the election as his supporters will depart with him and won’t support any person chosen/selected by the party. And if they will put forward Trump as their nominee, they will lose as well because Trump will not get votes from: women, latinos, black voters, muslims to mention the few.

    1. FireBaron March 28, 2016

      From your lips to God’s ears!

    2. babumjane March 28, 2016

      Don’t be so sure about the women vote, the Spanish that are legal may not want illegals here taking jobs. That is if they put America first and not their own selfish views.

      1. charleo1 March 28, 2016

        And you know this because you are one of the few legal, “Spanish,” voters? Really????

        1. babumjane March 28, 2016

          No because I am a woman who speaks to Spanish women who are here legally and they do not want illegals coming here.

          1. charleo1 March 28, 2016

            And so, that’s how you refer to them, as “Spanish Women?” Me thinks you greatly exaggerate your common cause with your hired help’s willingness to speak frankly about their legality, or anything else for that matter. What they most likely object to, if at all, is the continued use of more, and more illegal labor that’s harming their own wages. But support nothing resembling the general crackdown on brown skinned people Trump is calling for. I’m talking common sense here. Would you support some rich white guy calling for a crackdown on persons like yourself, in the off chance it might help bolster your take home pay? Again, really??

          2. Tiger Fan March 28, 2016

            Mr. Trump has only called for the deportation of illegal immigrants not “brown skinned people” or people of any particular race or nationality. Yes he talked about illegals from Mexico because that is where the majority of our illegal immigrants come from right now. You criticized an earlier poster because of the use of term “Spanish women” but you referred to them as “Spanish voters” yourself. Why would one term imply no actual connection to the people being referred to, yet the other when used by you, means you are some sort of expert on the subject. You denigrate people just because they have different opinions from your own. The Hispanics who have worked hard to become citizens of this country, are the very people who suffer the most from the influx of illegal immigrants because they must compete with them for jobs and low cost housing. Also because most of those illegals are hispanic, they tend to live in and hide out in hispanic neighborhoods which means any of them which are drug dealers or hardened criminals bring those problems to those neighborhoods.
            Just this morning it was reported that the Mexican drug cartels are sending huge numbers of illegals across our border to keep the scattered border patrol guards busy and away from certain sections of the border fence. They then cut through the fence and drive their vehicles filled with narcotics through with impunity. So our lax border security means more drugs and more illegal criminals which we the taxpayers have to support in terms of their healthcare and welfare in most cases. The border guards have also been catching more and more mideasterners crossing our southern border over the last few months.
            Mr. Trump is the only candidate who was willing to face this problem from the start of the race and he alone has a workable solution to it. Now that his solution is sudden seen as viable, the other candidates like Parroting Cruz suddenly are calling it their own.

          3. latebloomingrandma March 28, 2016

            Workable solution? A wall that would cost billions and take years to build, assuming the Congress authorizes it, as Mexico will NOT pay for it. And deporting 11 million illegal immigrants? That will also cost billions, not to mention the visuals. It will be another Trail of Tears, or resemble the Nazi cattle cars. The Donald has no solutions.

          4. charleo1 March 28, 2016

            The people being singled out by the Trump hate wagon are absolutely the immigrants from Mexico. He, and a lying bunch of sleazy would be white supremacists, and like despicable ilk, are playing on the same bigotry used in the Southern Strategy after the Civil Rights Bill against Black people, and the Klan after the Civil War, to scapegoat the Mexicans, and other Latinos today. Who are by overwhelming majorities not rapists, drug dealers, or even criminals. Unless one counts the duel criminality of crossing a border they’ve crossed for generations to apply for a job, and then being hired by employers seeking higher profits via lower wages. Yes, Americans spend billions on drugs the government forbids, and the cartels supply that illegal demand. No Ebola, no ISIS, nothing but a thing happening that has happened for years.
            Congress has flat refused to further regulate it, track it, or move to stop the illegal unregistered hiring.
            So, I have another idea. Why not roll up and jail these scofflaw employers? They are already registered, have addresses, and there are far fewer them than 12 million. So it would be a lot cheaper. Stop the jobs, and the border situation clears up. Instead of building a nonsense walls, and using billions of scarce police resources, chasing an entire race of otherwise decent, hard working Christian people around the Country? While trashing everything this country has always stood for. I’ll admit that doesn’t work nearly as well politically for the Right. But it’s still the right thing to do. The right way to secure our borders, and the correct way to make sure immigration laws are followed.

          5. Tiger Fan March 28, 2016

            Oh aren’t you the logical one, got it all thought out and know just what the answer is don’t you. So because the laws have been ignored for so long, we should keep on ignoring them and not have any kind of borders around our country. That really makes sense, if you from outside this country. What about slavery, that existed for thousands of years, and for 100’s in our country, so we should have just let it go on as well according to your logic. We never should have passed laws against it or fought a civil war over it since we had already ignored it for so long, right?
            As for charging employers who knowingly hire illegals, that is fine as far as it goes, but the current administration has made it nearly impossible to check up on workers to find out if they are here legally or not. Also major printing operations have been found which create fake green cards and papers for the illegals.
            Many employers, especially those in the agricultural industry, have no way of finding out if their employees are here illegally.
            Then there are the ones who come here, not looking for jobs but to smuggle drugs, commit crimes, and enjoy our welfare and health care system for free. The American taxpayers should not have to support criminal trespassers who compete with our own impoverished classes.
            Lastly there is the threat to our national security and the very lives of our citizens, which are threatened by the possibility of terrorists crossing our borders. The people of Belgium, unfortunately learned that lesson all too grievously and we are the stupid ones if we ignore it as you suggest.
            That being said, I am ending this conversation. I learned a long time ago, it does no good to argue with mules. They are too hard headed, closed minded, and unable to be reasoned with. Good night.

          6. charleo1 March 30, 2016

            That being said, you have much to learn about an immigration problem you seem to be so adrenalized about.

      2. johninPCFL March 28, 2016

        You do know that just under half of the “illegals” here flew in from Europe and Asia and overstayed their visas, right? You do know that Cubans cannot be here “illegally”, right (they’re legal as soon as they’re out of the surf)?

    3. Tiger Fan March 28, 2016

      I know many women, myself included who support Mr. Trump. Women who want their children kept safe by denying possible terrorists and illegals entry into our country, women who themselves want or want their husbands to have high paying secure jobs, and women who have looked at Mr. Trump’s actual business record of hiring women. Women make up some 43% of the Trump employees with many of his corporate CEOs being women and some of them actually having higher salaries than their male counterparts.
      Have you noticed that the media has quit reporting on the demographics of the Trump voters as shown by the exit polls done in the states where he has won? I wonder if that is because he is doing so well with women, latinos, and blacks?

      1. charleo1 March 28, 2016

        Yeah sure, it’s the media. Trump actually loves women. That’s as long as he can bs them into worshipping His Majesty. If not, they must be on their period, or their female hormones are affecting their judgement, making them unreasonable. If they don’t think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, well, they’re fat pigs, ugly, and unworthy of being treated with respect, and obviously dead wrong. Just the kind of adolescent bully frat boy as a Father I always hoped my daughters would drop like a hot potato the first time I met them.

      2. johninPCFL March 28, 2016

        Let’s see, about 3500 Americans killed by terrorists since 2000, and about 10,000 Americans killed by their neighbors every year. In the last few years (including the Texas massacre), each year Americans have murdered 1000 times the number killed by terrorists.
        Seems like your priorities are a bit whacked. Your neighbor is 1000 times the threat of a Saudi jihadi.

      3. Ginger March 28, 2016

        I agree Tiger Fan. In fact, in Florida, there was a black female who showed up at one of Trump’s events stating that she needed a job, and he hired her on the spot. The media don’t like to cover those kinds of stories, but I agree that I like the fact that Trump is a business man, and he has his whole family working in his business, and has maintained civil relationships with his two ex-wives. I think if Donald offered to hire more women on the spot he could get even more support. Go Trump!

        1. rat618 March 29, 2016

          Staged hiring no doubt.

  3. charleo1 March 28, 2016

    Donald Trump will never be President of the United States. And how do I know this? Because I used to be exactly the kind of voter he’s going to need to win in Nov. I used to be a moderate. A real committed, uncommitted. Believing it was most important to vote for the best, most qualified person, not the Party. All this, before an off the deep end, radical, and frankly bonkers GOP, turned me into a straight ticket, Democrat who would gladly go to hell before voting for Christ Himself, if He ran as a Republican, (He never would.) As our friend Dominick Vila rightly points out, if one still considers themselves a Republican after G.W. Bush. After watching the GOP implode, radicalize and put the country thru their past two totally insane nomination processes that has Donald Trump, of all the nitwits in the World, now winning this latest one by a landslide. If they are still proud Right Wingers after the last 8 years. Then they’re going to go out and vote for Trump, or that numbskull Cruz, or whatever shill/shyster/con man they finally manage to put up, before ever voting Democrat. That part is a sad given. But the good news is, the moderates, the middle of the roadies, those Americans like I used to be, who never start paying much attention until October, will never, ever in a million years go for Trump.
    Now, these Moderates may not especially like Hillary Clinton. They may have Clinton fatigue, Democrat fatigue, be uninspired, or aphetic. They could be all those things the pundits keep talking about. But they won’t be able to vote for gadfly, reality star, Mr. narcissist extraordinaire. And, as it turns out, Donald ‘freaking,’ Trump, the demagoguing bigot, the obviously ignorant, obviously lying, empty suit for the President of anything but his own fan club.

    1. Carl Sdano March 28, 2016

      Charleo1, I hope you’re right.!

      1. charleo1 March 28, 2016

        You need not trust me on this one. Trust the bean counters at the RNC. The media folks are trying to add some drama for ratings, as they will. But the GOP have already lost this one, and they know it. What they don’t know yet, and are crapping their pants over, is how badly they are going to lose with El Trumpo heading the ticket. Or how badly they will splinter, if he’s not.

        1. oldtack March 28, 2016

          Well put Charlio

    2. Buford2k11 March 28, 2016

      Yep…I am a “straight ticket Democrat”…as well…the gop has proven that they cannot and will not govern in a Constitutional manner…NONE of them…we must acknowledge that the GOP has been fractured into some basic parts…one of those parts are what some call the “Tea Party” is really the “Koch Party”…these guys have been damaging our democracy in the States for a long time now, and they are increasing their effort…I hope that there is a Down Ballot Wave to rid us of these corrupt folks…there are no longer any Republican Moderates…they have all gone to the Dark Syde….

      1. charleo1 March 28, 2016

        I believe that’s exactly the situation. And, if it proves to be true, it could not come at a better time, if we’re thinking of what’s best for the Country. In fact, I believe it was the Koch political apparatus that the Party leadership dumbly crawled into bed with after the election of Obama. That has served to make them the radical, one dimensional failure of a political organization we see today. The disaster that is going to nominate Donald Trump. Ironically, or perhaps not so ironically, an almost identical third twin of the Bricher/bitrher/anti-gov./anti-establishment Fred Koch, who famously accused Eisenhower of being a Communist Plant. Now is right up front, where the inherent ugliness, racism, nuttiness, and divisive anti Americanism, is in it’s unvarnished and un-spinable state.

    3. Ginger March 28, 2016

      Speak for yourself. I was born in a Democratic family, who hosted an event for President Jimmy Carter when he was first running for the White House, and I worked for President Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992. Yet, I am a Trump supporter. How did that happen? Because I’m an Independent voter. Like you said, Al Gore was a “phony kisser” and John Kerry was no better, so though I strongly supported Bill Clinton, and he is still one of my favorite presidents, I sat out the elections in 2000 and 2004 because I didn’t want to vote for either the Democratic or Republican candidates. Al Gore lost me when he tried to distance himself from Bill Clinton. You can’t trust those phony two-faced people like Al Gore and Mitt Romney. I like candidates I consider to be authentic, honest, and for the middle class. That’s why I liked Bill Clinton, even though he had some flaws. However, Hillary is the exact opposite to Bill, which is why he has probably had a history of cheating on her. Hillary is more like Obama, phony to the core. I’m now embarrassed to say I voted for Obama twice, because I supported the idea of having the first black president in 2008, then in 2012, I couldn’t stand Mitt Romney, so I supported Obama again. Though I could accept his first term, this second term has been, as Bill Clinton said “awful”. Hilarious that they had Bill Clinton calling Bush and Obama years as “awful” and I agree. Bill Clinton left the country in much better shape than we have today. Many people feel lied to and betrayed by Obama, and I am one of those. He ran as a person to support the middle class, and has failed us miserably. What has made the difference? Much like Hillary raking in the doe from the well off, Obama caters to his big donors and special interest groups, not to the middle class voters. That’s why I can’t support Hillary. The only two candidates who are truly Independent from the elitist money are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. And, that’s why I support both of them. Go Trump and Sanders!

      1. charleo1 March 30, 2016

        Well, you seem like an intelligent person that cares enough to think about these things. And so, you’ve got realize that by not voting you’re letting others who may not have thought about these matters at all, vote for you. You say you believe President Obama has failed you miserably, but you don’t say why.
        What was it you expected, you didn’t get? Or how you feel he has lied to you. You do say you voted for him twice because you liked the idea of an African American President, and he’s still President, and African American. He has also been a President for most of his time in office without an accommodating Congress to work with. In fact the Congress itself is made up of men, and women trapped in a pay to play system blessed, and largely created by a very Conservative Supreme Court that has deemed corporations people, and the influence of unlimited money on public policies to be as sacredly protected by The Constitution and infinitely inexhaustible as the Right of free speech, or expression, or the Right to worship, or equal to any of the other Rights protected therein. So again, I really haven’t seen an instance where President Obama, who has spoken out many times against the Citizens United decision and other decisions that empowered these big money special interests. Or as you claim, “cater,” to these particular interests over those of the Middle Class. Where has this President taken up the side of the 1% at the expense of the lower income groups, is my question.

        The fact is, any President may only sign those pieces of legislation that pass thru Congress and come to his desk. These bills have said, no, we will not raise the raise capital gains taxes, change carried interest rules, crack down on environmental polluters, address global warming, stagnant wages, support a living wage, raise the minimum wage, or even fund the government if you veto this appropriations bill, and insist we do any of these things. Then Mr. President, the gov, will close down, unemployment checks will stop, Gov. contractors will not get paid, National Parks will close, and we might default on our debt. And the People, which are not paying attention, will blame you, Mr, President, and by association, the Democratic Party you now lead. I think to be fair, we need to ask ourselves what we would do, to strongly lobby for the Middle Class, given the limited power of the office?
        Which bring us to Trump, To which I believe you need to think long and hard about your support of a man who greatly exaggerates what he’ll be able to do as President. That he isn’t simply telling you in a very convincing way what he’s figured out you want to hear. And if you think you’re disappointed now, just wait.

  4. itsfun March 28, 2016

    If Trump is stopped at the convention, we may see a very powerful TEA Party as a result. I think Trump supporters would migrate to the TEA Party. If either Hillary or Trump is elected, then we will have at least 4 more years of very little compromise between the two parties. The Republicans hate Hillary and the Democrats hate Trump. The opposing party will do every thing they can to make life miserable for the new President. Their unfavorable’ s and lack of trustworthiness will make it almost impossible to lead successfully. Perhaps the only 2 current candidates that may get along with both sides are Bernie and John K. of Ohio. There seems to be absolutely no compromise being offered in the immigration, ISIS, health care issues. If we think there has been a division the last 7 plus years, just wait until the next four.

    1. charleo1 March 28, 2016

      The GOP are in an impossible situation. Where they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t select idiot Trump at the convention. And it’s not as if they are innocent victims in this, not in the least. They are trapped in a house they’ve been trying set on fire for the past 7 years. The situation they find themselves in is most ironically, an exact replica of the box they tried to create for Obama. Demand he solve a problem, do everything possible to block his solution, then claim he lied about what he was going to do. Then call him feckless, clueless, over his head, and the worst President in history. So who’s crying now? Not Obama. Yes, there is a God.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2016

      Wrong. The Donald doesn’t EVER take on solid radicalism. He is as fly by night as a billionaire gets. Unlike the obedient and malleable Reagan, the kinder, gentler to the rich Bush ’41 and the best little toy soldier frontman Bush ’43, Trump takes NO Orders from anyone. He only gives them. Ask anyone who has had the misfortune to believe Trump employment would actually mean some level of equality. Trump will do exactly as he pleases. He has since he was a small tot.

  5. plc97477 March 28, 2016

    I am sorry (actually I am not) gotp but trump has you by the short hairs. There is nothing you can do but ask how high when trump says jump. He has bought you

    1. yabbed March 28, 2016

      Actually, I think Trump is paying them with feel good bonus points.

  6. yabbed March 28, 2016

    Trump gives Republicans the nonsensical, know nothing, tough talk they are attracted to. Of course he’s going to be their nominee.

  7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 28, 2016

    Not to single out a particular party, but the general ethos of what has been forged from the fire of “American Essentialism” which had its genesis in the early settlement of America by “immigrants” from across the Atlantic, and was later incubated into a refined(?) expression of rugged “individualism” and avarice, has led to a macabre form of isolationism that has given birth to a dangerous version of what sociologist and psychologist have termed “Minimum Group Paradigm”(MGP). (The phrase “…to carve a new life out of the American Indian…” from “Firesign Theatre” ‘s “Waiting for the Electrician or Someone like Him” describes in one way the mentality of “American Essentialism”).

    This paradigm(MGP) refers to a latent human tendency that’s encoded in all the members of the human family across the globe, and which has given rise to “racism”, an overweening pride in one’s nationality, ethnicity or one’s tribal affiliation, and an odd cousin of racism called “Colorism”; “Partisan-politics” is a more recent addition to this limiting and paralyzing pattern of human behavior.

    Therefore, partisanship in America, jihadist nihilism, worshipping of totalitarian systems, the idolatry of “Alpha Dog Worship”, and similar decadent concepts that are terminally ill, have to be shed and discarded in the dustbin of antiquated concepts, in favor of an entirely new System that is based on principles that transcend the distorted notions of human reality that exist presently.

    The use of biological analogues to describe the decaying of the American social/political landscape is most appropriate to describe the rolling disaster we witness daily.

    As long as we continue to hold onto old Systems and Institutions, entities that are not able to fully address the unique spiritual/social conditions of this particular Age, then we will see our potential well-being flow down-river.

    “The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. This unity can never be achieved so long as the counsels which the Pen of the Most High hath revealed are suffered to pass unheeded.” (Gleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah)

    1. Phil Johnson March 28, 2016

      … from this Catholic’s point of view, sounds like we are similarly destined, as the Jewish nation was, to chaotic failure because we, like they, forgot who they were (children of a loving God), where they came from (God’s creative desire to share His love) and where they were going (“it is appointed that men die and then the judgement”). Most of all, we are forgetting to be grateful for the many gifts and blessings He has showered on us, which makes all (including myself) arrogantly sure we can determine our own fate. I think He is still waiting for us to come to our senses, but who knows how long that respite will be?

      Talk to God in whatever form He represents Himself to you and ask for enlightenment — and forgiveness. We all need to do this. On a daily basis.

      Grace and peace.

      1. Mark Caponigro March 30, 2016

        Thanks for that word of wisdom, and best wishes for a good Easter season.

    2. Mark Caponigro March 30, 2016

      A fair reading of the evolutionary biology of our species can explain this well-done and thoughtful collection of sociological phenomena. Male human beings at least have tended to transfer their most primitive behavioral legacy, originating in their nature as individual animals competing for limited resources, and more specifically as male individuals competing for sexual favors from females, to their more recent situation as members of a species of clever, political social primates, by identifying with one particular group (tribe, hunting party, team, army, political party) understood to be in competition with others, and holding in check their individual wills so long as the group identity serves their needs.

      Hence the moral oracle: “Competitiveness is the root of all moral evils.” It’s true that in biblical texts one hears of pride, or money, being so described. But they are just particular manifestations of competitiveness.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2016

    If ever anyone wanted to see what happens when the GOP reaps precisely what it sowed since they finagled the 2000 election, you are all seeing it now.

    What a radical extremists wants, he/she always gets with strings attached…The Trump strings are now so wound around their necks, their choices are virtually non-existent.

    Who thought a bunch of extremist Mutton Chops and Great Depression Era Corn Pones could possibly have attracted to their ideology the single most devastating persona of their radical attempts to reinvent the country?

    If Trump manages by some novena to the patron saint of all that is unholy to become president, there won’t be a U.S. as we know it. I find it ironic that the back room RNC, who were so badly burned by Nixon’s resignation for his part in WaterGate and who set out to NEVER again allow any GOP president to make his own decisions, ends up with the most deceptive, unruly, disobedient and unlawful miscreant to come down the pike.

    1. Ginger March 28, 2016

      Wow Eleanore. You sound a little wound up and may need to take a chill pill. All of this dire talk about if Trump gets elected, the country will come to an end. Nonsense. We have survived almost 8 years of Obama, and there is a looming recession and a $20 trillion debt that will be left for the next president to deal with. I am much more concerned about someone like Hillary getting elected who will try to continue with Obama’s strategy and lead our country to total anarchy and bankruptcy. Hillary has collected so much money from Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street as well as Big Pharma and now Hollywood with the likes of George Clooney, she won’t have any room to do anything for the middle class. Much like Obama doing the tango while American citizens are getting killed in Brussels. Sort of reminds of you of Marie Antoinette saying “Let them eat cake”. Obama and Hillary have had the worse foreign policies leading us to have the growing threat of ISIS and more terror attacks. And, John Kerry over in the middle east pandering. We have given Iran $150 billion so now they can develop their own weapons and terror attacks. Crazy. We have definitely been much more at risk under this current administration and if Hillary ever makes it to the White House. Trump is not interested in creating more wars, and wants to focus more on domestic policies. He is not a politician, he is a businessman. I for one am more in favor of him cleaning up the mess in Washington, and getting the focus back on improving the circumstances for the middle class, and that is why he has been winning primaries. Bernie Sanders is also for helping the middle class, and I think that Bernie and Trump are the two best candidates this year.

  9. Jerry Rivers March 28, 2016

    The party selects the nominee, not the voters

    They will not give him the nomination no matter what. They write the rules so they can change them or break them however they see fit. Even moving the goalposts, if he comes to Cleveland with ‘enough’ delegates, will not assure Trump the nomination.

    Unfortunately, Cleveland will pay a heavy price.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2016

      That’s very true. There are heavily influential party bosses in each party. They already have the template for the ideal candidate. From what those of us in NJ have seen of The Donald, he is always switching tracks and never ever finishes what he started. He leaves that for his serfdom to do.

    2. Tiger Fan March 28, 2016

      Last I looked, the party is made up of the people, the people who decide just whether or not that party is worth following.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2016

        Last you looked? Looked at what? Men going apeshit control freak crazy since 2000? Come off it. By your view, only middle aged white males are who the people choose. Really? Think again. The people are not the party bosses. The party bosses in 1994 refused to allow Cheney to run for president because they knew he was like Nixon..a domineering man who doesn’t take orders. Was it a shock he used a back door through Halliburton to become VP and manage to be the back room president?

    3. pisces63 March 28, 2016

      Now they want to carry guns at the convention. Not far from where I work, at that.

      1. stcroixcarp March 28, 2016

        If I were you I would plan my vacation during convention time and take my family on a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters. If you can get vacation call in sick from a safe place like Syria.

      2. Jan123456 March 28, 2016

        If I were a betting man, I would say that “2nd amendment rights” won’t count. Sort of like in Georgia. Its Supreme Court said “guns anywhere” were OK…except at the Georgia Supreme Court.

      3. Ginger March 28, 2016

        Well, the secret service already shot down that idea that guns will be allowed at the convention. And, I think that is a good idea. It would be crazy to allow guns at the convention, especially during this election cycle.

  10. Tiger Fan March 28, 2016

    Mr. Trump is leading in this race because he has shown he understands the problems the people are facing, he is willing to face those problems and will bring in the right type of people to find answers for them, and he will work for the people not the big money special interests or the party bosses. If the Republican party wants to survive in any way, shape, or form, its members have to unite with the American people and support their choice of Mr. Trump. Unity is the only thing that matters here people, if we are to defeat the Democrats and end their era of draining the hard working citizens of this country, not only of their wealth but of their power to be a controlling factor in our nation’s future path. The people will rise up if the Republican elitists try to deny them their right to choose their next leader. We will remember who stood against our choice when those people call for our support in the next elections. Trump is standing up for us and we shall stand by him in this fight for the control of our nation.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 28, 2016

      Does he indeed? You know nothing …NOTHING…about The Donald. He built 2 casinos here in NJ. Paid zip in business taxes, ended up having to close one of them due to his refusal to abide by federal laws and left our state with thousands unemployed and businesses related to casinos shut down.

      There is NO Republican party. Admit it. Trump is the most ruthless, more ruthless than any Republican can ever hope to be. He strikes like a thief in the night. He lies and calls it the “art of the deal.” It’s the Art of Trump BS.

    2. charleo1 March 28, 2016

      The Republican Party haven’t been united with the “American people,” at least since Eisenhower. So why would they go and do something like that now? No, the GOP will continue to dance with the big money funders that brought them. They may do no other. And Trump will continue to spin fanciful tales of his riches, and the not seen in years opportunities for advancing White power, he promises to that same handful of hateful, spiteful Americans the GOP has been catering to, and lying to, and screwing over for years. And in this respect Trump will be no different in his representation. The American people deserve, and will secure for themselves, and for the Country, much better than this joke of a man. For in fact his Presidency would bring with it the destruction of what makes America the envy of the World. Why the World wants to come, contribute, and prosper in America. Those very things that continue to make America the greatest Country in the World, Trump would bring low, to the level of the hater, the demagogue, and the self serving megalomaniac who holds nothing in esteem but the advancement of his own power for power’s sake.

    3. The lucky one March 28, 2016

      “he will work for the people not the big money special interests” Trump IS a big money special interest. “Trump is standing up for us” That is quite possibly the most naive statement i have ever read here.

      1. 1standlastword March 28, 2016

        SHhhhhhhhh!!! We need his energy!

    4. stcroixcarp March 28, 2016

      Trump does not know or care about the struggles of hard working Americans. Can you tell me one thing he has talked about that will actually put more money in your pocket? Has he ever talked about how to help hard working Americans better and less expensive health care? Has he ever said how he will support or make live easier for families to raise their children? Has he ever talked about how he will improve education for all kids? Has he ever talked about how he will promote world peace so that YOUR kids will not have to fight in no win wars? Has he ever told you where the money he supposedly collected for veterans was actually used? Has he ever talked about making sure that you have clean water and breathable air? If you think Trump cares about you, you are a chump.

      1. Ginger March 28, 2016

        If you think Hillary cares about you, then you are a real chump. Check out where she is getting her big donations from and see who she answers to.

        1. stcroixcarp March 28, 2016

          I think that Hillary and Bernie both care about the same issues that are important to me. I care about equal pay for men and women. I care about jobs that pay a living wage. i care about excellence in public education. I care about social Security and Medicare. I care about healthcare for all
          Americans. I care about fair and merciful treatment of refugees and immigrants. I care about racial equality. I care about the environment. i care about climate change. I don’t care if Hillary or Bernie use these issues for political gain as long as they are addressed. I don’t care if any politician cares about me, as long as he or she cares about making our country a better place to live for all our citizens.

    5. 1standlastword March 28, 2016

      YEAH!!! Count me in man! Trump the destroyer…Trump the builder…but Trump the unifier…dunno Fred!

      No…I like what he’s doing but for different reasons than you. Trump is NO great white hope….

      People will see

  11. paulyz March 28, 2016

    Once again the National Memo plays the race & gender card. They ignore the facts of large increases in Republican voters, many that are Black, Legal Hispanic, women, union workers, youth, middle-class, etc. Exactly what transpired under Ronald Reagan. The NM constantly divides by race, falsely calling Republican Voters (angry White males), playing into the hands of biased Democrats, right Eleanore!

    1. pisces63 March 28, 2016

      How many did so to get trump the nomination. Deliberately In some exit polls this was admitted to. I will take a wait and see attitude. wait to see how many of those ‘new’ voters will indeed, vote for trump!! The vote proves who they are, angry white males who see themselves no longer in charge and most definitely no longer numero uno and that the demographics of this country will soon change much to my delirious glee.

      1. paulyz March 28, 2016

        Such anti-White hatred. So your idea of unity & tolerance is out numbering Whitey, wow. Well if you get your wish, you will be living in a 3rd. World hell-hole like the places some of you were lucky enough to leave. Europe is declining as well. Tell us how wonderful it is in all the places where you are numerous uno.

    2. charleo1 March 28, 2016

      Exactly what numbskull is telling you these fairy tales? Let me punch you in the face, or say I would approve of it being done. Then go out and tell people how you really like my style! How your wife really likes it when you talk that way about her. Even thinks your kids are getting a super eduction on how to talk about women’s fat bodies, and their competition’s penis. And this is how we make America great again? Really?

      1. paulyz March 28, 2016

        What has all your meaningless blathering have to do with the NM playing the race card?
        Still time to get on the Trump Train, whooo-whoooooo! Don’t get left behind!

    3. Diane March 28, 2016

      You are dreaming, paulyz.

      1. paulyz March 28, 2016


    4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 28, 2016

      Once again, paulyz has been left at the train station—he just can’t get his clock set properly.
      His “facts” are illusions and delusions, the incessant fawning over a partisan-political entity is nauseating, and his thinking capacity has been so crippled to the point that no earthly healthcare system can repair it.

      But one thing we can bet the farm on—he’ll keep reading “The National Memo” with delight and gusto while expressing distaste for it.
      Now, where’s the logic and intelligence in that?

      1. paulyz March 28, 2016

        It is always entertaining to see you Socialists use the same obvious tactics to twist reality & try to persuade others to join you. Fortunately, those like you, are in a minority, & myself & others can show those undecided, the real truth.

        All Aboard the Trump Train, now or later, whooo-whoooooo!

    5. Independent1 March 28, 2016

      So you think Trump can win with a 29% positive and 68% negative rating in a Bloomberg poll taken at the end of last week?? Dream on!!

      See this clueless: Poll: Clinton would crush Trump in general election

      According to a Bloomberg Politics poll released Wednesday, Clinton leads Trump 54 percent to 36 percent in a contest between the two front-runners.

      Also troubling for Trump, only 29 percent of likely general election voters nationally have a favorable view of him, compared to 68 percent who view him negatively. Trump’s favorability rating is at an all-time low in the survey, while his negative rating has gone up 13 points since November and has hit a new high.

      For more go here:


      1. paulyz March 28, 2016

        Again with your stupid polls? Reagan was way behind too, so what?

        Your believing Hillary can win with 147 FBI agents on her lying ass is further evidence of your Communist brain disease. After Trump is the nominee, he will systematically show everyone how unfit she is to be President / Commander-in-Chief. She is getting all soft-glove treatment for months while everyone has been attacking Trump. The big Federal government isn’t your friend, unless you’re a loser. Well, you are, you are a Frickin Communist, & a Big Dummy.

        1. Independent1 March 28, 2016

          That 147 FBI agents is a right-wind media fabrication.
          But here’s what you need to answer:
          HOW LOW CAN THE GOP GO???

          1. paulyz March 29, 2016

            Once again the Dummy Communist refuses to see the truth when many publications have printed the reports of the 147 FBI Agents. The Dummy gets his “info” from the dailykos, lol. Can’t fool people anymore with propaganda pal when everyone has access to the Internet. Here Dummy, check it out!

            There are 147 FBI agents involved in the Hillary Clinton …

            https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/there-are-147-fbi-…The Washington Post

            23 hours ago – There are 147 FBI agents involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The inside track on Washington politics. Be the first to know about …

            The FBI Has Lots of Agents Investigating Hillary Clinton


            Mother Jones

            18 hours ago – The FBI Reportedly Has Lots of Agents on the Clinton Email Case … email server and maintained it—after Pagliano told a Congressional panel in … was supposedly briefed on the FBI probe, says states that 147 FBI agents …

          2. Independent1 March 29, 2016

            So I say that the 147 agents are media fabrications so you post me two media publications to prove me wrong?? Really??

            Remember when the NY Times and even I believe Gowdy claimed that the FBI was going to indict Hillary and then we found out it was nothing more than a fabrication created by the editors of the Times??

            Does it really make sense to you that the FBI would really tie up 147 agents on something as nonsensical as reviewing Hillary’s emails?? If they are in fact doing that, I think taxpayers should stand up and demand a refund from the nonsense of spending possibly millions of dollars, when you take into account the time being spent by all these FBI agents and the other government personnel they would have to interrogate over a bunch of very silly questions.

            This whole e-mail fake scandal is just one for GOP contrived fiasco!!!

          3. Independent1 March 29, 2016

            And by the way, I’m not the only one who doesn’t really believe that the FBI is expending this kind of agent coverage – see this excerpt from an article published by Mediaite.com:

            “One hundred forty-seven FBI agents have been deployed to run down leads” could mean, say, ten agents working the case and 137 running down a lead apiece, or it could mean anything in between. We don’t know, and the WaPo reporter just printed what was spooned into his hungry maw. What we do know is that the people hyping this development, as with much of the hype surrounding this “scandal,” is that they don’t seem to believe it themselves. In this case, I don’t think anyone really believes there are anything close to 147 FBI agents working on the email story, because if they did, they’d be raising holy Hell that those resources aren’t being devoted to fighting the terrorism they all say they’re worried about.


            So this 147 agent fiasco started with the reporting OF ONE Washington Post reporter’s writing??? Hmmm!!!!

          4. paulyz March 31, 2016

            But Dummy, this was even reported by Ultra Leftist News!

          5. Independent1 March 31, 2016

            Read this and weep:

            It turns out there weren’t ‘147 agents’ looking at Clinton’s emails? Go figure

            The Washington Post has retracted its anonymously sourced claim that 147 FBI agents are detailed to the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, and is now reporting that the real number is fewer than 50.


          6. 788eddie March 29, 2016

            Sorry, Independent1, there is no reasoning with the likes of Paulyz. I have tried, but it’s hopeless.

            The only cure (and even then it’s just a maybe) is when the election finally takes place. The sane among us can, indeed, read the handwriting on the wall.

            I take comfort in the idea that a Democrat will be picking the next few Supreme Court justices. And, you know, even the likes of Paulyz will benefit.

        2. Independent1 March 29, 2016

          And by the way, prove that Reagan had the same situation when he ran for the presidency against Carter in 1980. Reagan’s popularity was atrocious in his 2nd year in office when it hit 35% the lowest of any modern day president in their 2nd year in office!!!!!! Because he was a total fraud as a president!!!!!!!

          1. paulyz March 31, 2016

            And Dummies like you liked Jimmy Carter? Mr. Malaise that gave us 17% interest rates, gutted our military, was insulted by Iran taking 144 American hostages, & gave away the Panama Canal.

          2. Independent1 April 1, 2016

            Yup! You got it!! Given that the economy under Carter beat the pants off of anything done by Reagan – I would say that Carter was a far better president than Reagan ANY DAY!!

            Unlike Reagan who turned America into a debtor nation by tripling our debt in 8 years, Carter actually managed things in a way where America reached the lowest debt to GDP ratio in our history during the 1900s and later at around 35%. And while doing that, 10 million jobs were created in Carter’s 4 years in office while only 4 million were created in Reagan’s 1st four years. And if that’s not bad enough for Reagan, America’s GDP grew at a 10.89% average rate during Carter’s 4 years while it only grew at a 7.3% rate over Reagan’s disastrous 8 years in office.

            And the Iran hostage crisis under Carter pales in comparison to the Iran/Contra fiasco under Reagan which ended up with more people in the Reagan administration ending up indicted for felonies than under all the previous presidents in office since 1900 combined – more than 130 of them!!!

            But then when you’re stupid about reality, you’re just plain stupid period!!!

          3. Independent1 April 1, 2016

            And by the way, you’re lying about the 17% interest rates being under Carter – when Reagan took office, the prime rate was about 10-11% and the unemployment rate was about 7%.

            It was Reagan’s 2nd year that the prime rate hit 16-17% and mortgage rates were around 21%; and the unemployment rate hit 10.8% before the idiot Reagan decided to do something about the recession. And what did he do?? The absolutely wrong thing – instead of applying stimulus, he cut the max tax rate more than in half – from 70% down to 31% so he and his rich buddies could keep more money in their pockets!!

            And then when he realized that the country needed more tax revenues, he raised taxes more than 10 times over the next 6 years – raised them especially middleclass taxpayers, which is what started today’s enormous income inequality.

            Reagan, America’s worst president EVER!!!!

            Just check out on the chart below when the enormous share of monies in recoveries all started going to the upper 10% – starting in 1982!!!!!!!!!

          4. paulyz April 1, 2016

            Only a Communist Dummy like you actually try to bullshit people that the economy & satisfaction were good under Carter! The Prime Rate under Carter reached 21.5%, the highest rate in U.S. History under ANY President. Remember the Malaise, poverty, misery, I do, I suffered during Carter’s years. Under Ronald Reagan, we had the 2nd. highest peacetime economic expansion inU.S. History. Under Reagan, the Misery Index shrunk to the greatest improvement since Truman left office. Scum like you lie to mislead uniformed readers to advance your Socialist ideology, not caring how it ruins their lives. Carter was a Liberal & total failure! ! And you know it!

          5. Independent1 April 1, 2016


          6. paulyz April 3, 2016

            Well, at least you admitted a well-known fact about the prime rates, but then make excuses for everything good that happened under Reagan & using assumptions. You should mention how terrible the economy had gotten in every way under Carter, making it take longer for Reagan’s policies to materialize.

          7. Independent1 April 1, 2016

            And if you don’t believe the economy under Carter beat the Reagan economy, check out this chart that shows the economy under Carter was the 3rd best since Hoover was in office.

    6. Independent1 March 28, 2016

      And by the way, the notion that Trump has inspired new voters to come out for him is nothing more than a fairy tale created by the right-wing biased media that’s always looking for more ways to make more money.

      1. paulyz March 28, 2016

        Your fictional right-wing biased media has been working hard to Stop Trump, where have you been Dummy? They have zero influence on Trump like they do on ALL the others, ESPECIALLY the 2 Democrat-Socialists that are taking in Many MILLIONS in special interest money, which you phony hypocrites claim to hate.

    7. JPHALL March 28, 2016

      There have always been those groups of people in the GOP. In fact, Blacks were once a big GOP block thanks to Lincoln. FDR started the change and Johnson finished it.

      1. paulyz March 28, 2016

        Now Obama caused many to see that Liberal policies have failed them.

        1. JPHALL March 29, 2016

          Only many on the right. That is why his approval rating has risen above 50%.
          Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Reasons Republicans Will (Mostly) End Up Backing Donald Trump

    8. Ginger March 28, 2016

      I agree with you paulyz. I was raised as a Democrat, but now consider myself to be an Independent, and I tend to vote mostly Republican. What Republicans need to realize is that many women and minorities actually share the same values as those in the Republican Party, but if you keep pandering to the elite establishment trying to keep the Good Old Party a Good Old Boy’s network, then I guess you will continue to see the GOP as just a bunch of white men. The GOP would receive so much more respect from all voters if they allow the voters to choose their candidate during the primaries, then have the GOP stand behind the candidate. That shows that you are respecting the voters, not trying to go to back rooms and decide who you want to be the nominee. If the GOP keep listening to the likes of losers like Mitt Romney and Jeb! they will continue to lose elections. Listen to your voters. I am one of those who likes Trump, and will vote for him in the general election if he is the nominee for the GOP. I also like Sanders, but see the Democrats trying to crown Hillary as the nominee, and I think that will turn off many Bernie supporters, and some within that ranks are considering Donald Trump. People want to feel like they have a voice in the election, so as long as the GOP gives them that voice, and it appears that the DNC is taking away that voice, the GOP will have the advantage.

      1. paulyz March 28, 2016

        I grew up in a factory town & worked as a union member most of my life. I woke up when Reagan ran for President, voted Republican ever since. The Establishment, media, & big Frderal Government Liberals control our Government, not the people anymore. Glad you will support Trump, but even though Sanders is seen like an outsider, his entire life has been in politics. If you are disappointed in the direction of our Country, especially under Obama & the Democrat-Socialist Party, Sanders’ Socialism will make it even worse. Glad to see you interested in our Country.

  12. 1standlastword March 28, 2016

    Evil is a snake that ultimately swallows itself! Trump was born for this moment in American conservative politics….

    Given the history of the republican party things are just as they’re suppose to be….

  13. Romney’s Mormon Theocracy v. Democracy

    Romney is an agent of the Mormon Church. He cares not what Republican voters want.

    In Utah, there is no separation between Church and State.

    Get an existential understanding of the cult that produced Mitt Romney, read The Assassination of Spiro Agnew, available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

    It will knock your socks off.


  14. greenlantern1 March 28, 2016

    President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, after he bolted from the Republican party, to form the UNION party!
    He chose Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
    The RADICAL REPUBLICANS, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
    President Teddy Roosevelt was shot, when he bolted from the Republican party, to form the BULL MOOSE party!
    The Republican party had great men.
    Ike was one of them.
    However, after Nixon, who is left?

  15. Bren Frowick March 28, 2016

    Trump will lose worse than Cruz would. And they say HILLARY has an “enthusiasm gap”. Both Trump and Cruz are universally loathed outside their immediate circles of frantic lunatics; bigoted buffoons eager to commit genocide for the one, and religious fanatics dying to impose their own Christian version of Sharia Law for the other. Exaggeration? They have both quite openly proclaimed their goals, deny it at your own risk.

    1. Ginger March 28, 2016

      I strongly disagree. I’m one of those Independent voters, who unfortunately voted for Obama because I couldn’t stand two-faced, lying, RINO Romney. However, now I realize that Romney and Obama are very similar. I am planning to vote for Trump if he gets the nomination, and I think the Republicans would be smart to back Trump. People are tired of Obama, and want real change. Hillary is not the answer. And, now the FBI are planning to question her about the e-mail scandal, and indictment is always a possibility for Hillary. So, this is definitely a good time for the Republicans to take advantage of Trump’s appeal with Independents and moderate to conservative Democrats and stand behind Trump. Cruz would never win. I would consider voting for Hillary if Cruz was the Republican’s nominee. I don’t even believe Rafael Ted Cruz should be allowed to run for president. He is not a natural born citizen, I don’t care what anyone says. Anyone who would maintain a Canadian passport until 2014, well into his 40’s, was not letting go of that Canadian citizenship. Yes, his mother was an American, but everything else about Rafael Ted Cruz makes him Canadian. Nothing wrong with Canada, I actually like Canada. But if you are running for President of the United States, your loyalties should be strictly with America. So, GOP if you want to win the White House back, stand behind Trump, and assure that he gets a good running mate who can balance him out and appeal to the GOP establishment, then go for it. Otherwise, expect to lose again listening to bozo losers like Mitt Romney, Jeb!, and Lindsey Graham (please stop).

      1. Jost1 March 29, 2016

        Those who are planning to vote Trump, are those who are too afraid to admit that they really would want Sanders.

        1. Kriis March 30, 2016

          Are you really dumb enough to believe that?

          Those voting for Trump are red blooded Americans who want jobs brought back and the border protected. We want ISIS defeated and conservative judges protecting our way of life.

          Sanders is a socialist who wants to take the hard earned money from working Americans – after paying burger flippers more than most of the Military makes – and give FREE COLLEGE FREE HEALTHCARE FREE BENEFITS! Don’t mention the fact that we are already 19 trillion in debt…

          If you can’t tell the difference, maybe you are stupid enough to believe it…

          1. Jost1 March 30, 2016

            I suppose your kind of language shows pretty correctly how you relate to intelligence.

          2. Kriis March 30, 2016

            My language does show it… it shows well thought out intelligent words.

            God forbid people actually use their brains and realize what a scam Bern and what a failure socialism is.

            But… you go ahead and “insult” my intelligence while completely ignoring any thoughtful response. With your posts, I don’t blame you for staying away from reasoned arguments… They obviously aren’t your strength.

            It’s the common defense of a libtard. Can’t defend Obama? RACISM! Can’t defend KKKilary? SEXIST! Can’t defend BerndOut? JEALOUSY!

          3. Jost1 March 30, 2016

            You don´t need me to insult your intelligence. You manage perfectly well on your own.

          4. Kriis March 30, 2016

            Swing and a miss… again… still no intelligent response or actual response to any points made. “Ur dum, me no respond” isn’t exactly proving your point.

            It might be all you can do after you got your common core degree… but prove your point it does not.

          5. Jost1 March 30, 2016

            The case is, that the common Trump-supporters are exactly those people Bernie Sanders are promising to take the fight for. In the few cases were Donald Trump is talking about real politics, and not bashing around with misanthropic nonsense, he is quite similar with Bernie Sanders in the stances.
            The difference is, of course, that there is far better odds for seeing Bernie Sanders doing as he speaks, than there is for seeing Donald Trump doing so.
            Donald Trump is an ideal figurehead in the exposing of flaws in the american democratic system, but as President of The United States of America he will become a disaster, not just for americans, but for the entire rest of the world.
            Now is a time that the world needs competent leadership, and because of that, there is no room for an erratical populist in The Oval Office who changes his mind from lunsj until dinner, and has a very mentally flawed relationship with foreigners and neighbors.
            But of course, a democracy always gets the leaders it deserves…

          6. Kriis March 30, 2016

            I just can’t see Trump Supporters being behind what Bernie is promising… I don’t know if I’d say their ideas are oil-water, but they don’t mix.

            Sanders is Socialist… higher taxes, free college, replace Obamacare with Single Payer Option, Amnesty, etc…

            Trump is Protectionist… lower taxes, border protection, get rid of the deals that are sending our jobs over seas/to mexico, replace Obamacare with increased competition and transparency – not government… Definitely not amnesty…

            Those are two VERY divergent policy paths… maybe some of the goals are the same (Education, well paying jobs, etc) – but the path to get there are in no-way-shape-or-form every going to mix.

            Unless you think that, since they have the same ideas, Bern supporters will vote for Trump? I hardly think so…

            I’ll agree 100% that we need leadership… Obama’s inaction and inability to say “Radical Islam” has empowered ISIS and global terror. His “achievements” include cowing to Iran, Cuba, etc and turning his back on Israel, our staunchest ally.

            The part where I completely divert is where Bern is going to be that leader… He’s had rally’s shut down by BLM. He’s caved to their racism lock, stock and barrel. His achievements in congress are up there with Cruz: Not much. He’s as left as they come (vs Cruz being as right as they come) and as such won’t be able to do anything in any sort of bipartisan way… Hell, I doubt he’d get a consistent level of support from Democrat leadership (Like Cruz…): the parties hate them.

            I just don’t see where he’ll get anything done in any sort of way this side of a super-majority in both houses… and that’s not leadership…

  16. batteur March 29, 2016

    This base-politics-on-crack thing which has taken the Republicans this far is precisely what is causing the present total disaster– it made this downfall inevitable. It’s not bad luck with the timing of a Trump-like candidate, and it’s not something they could have won if they had just kept it together with an electable candidate. The strategy itself meant that was eventually going to be impossible.

    I look at it like if the Germans had conducted a rational war in the USSR they could very well have won, but the hubris that led them to invade in the first place made that impossible, and eventually you got Stalingrad, and the string of disasters that followed. That’s the type of dynamic we’re looking at here, though I’m not sure if the present situation is comparable to the battle of Stalingrad or Berlin. I guess we’ll see by the state of the party in 2017.

    I’m a Democrat and I’m totally cool with this, by the way. It’s better for the country for right wing base politics to be utterly crushed politically.

    1. Kriis March 30, 2016

      Hillary is a criminal. Bern is a socialist. Both are “rich white” politicians that the liberals claim they hate. Both support RacistLivesMatter at the expense of any semblance of law. Hillary is a walking talking scandal. Bern is “Community Organizer” 2.0 – aka nothing accomplished to make anyone think he can actually accomplish any of his promises.

      Don’t think the Democrat party is sitting pretty… Their lead is a person who was sure to win the last election and lost to a no name senator… and this time, making sure no real competition was in the race, can’t secure the win against a socialist. The election is running at HIS pace and according to HIS talking points… With as much as everyone center and right hates her, you think she’ll win, much less bring us together?

      I want what you’re smoking… it must be good…

      1. batteur March 30, 2016

        Of course you’re not going to agree with me. Good luck with this.

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