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5 Ways Republicans Are On The Verge Of Unprecedented Political Domination

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5 Ways Republicans Are On The Verge Of Unprecedented Political Domination

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump reacts to balloons, confetti and electronic fireworks as he stands with his son Barron (L) at the conclusion of the final session of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

You have to give the Republicans who have decided not to get on the #TrumpTrain — possibly the world’s all-time worst metaphor given Trump’s unique appeal to hordes of online antisemites — a little credit.

Sure, they’d love to accomplish all the things Trump would have to do as president to avoid an inevitable primary challenge, including gutting Medicare, slashing taxes for billionaires and their kids, and guaranteeing that big oil will be able to accelerate climate change by slashing regulations. But they’re willing to risk all that because they’re clear-headed enough to be scared shitless by him. They recognize Trump’s unique disregard for the truth, societal norms, and the institutions that have kept the world from avoiding World War III.

Even if Trump weren’t the nominee, America is on the verge of a massive decision, unlike any we’ve faced in our lifetime.

More than fifty years ago, conservatives began a quest to reverse the gains of the New Deal, the Great Society and Civi Rights movement by fighting for an agenda that would gut the federal government’s powers to guarantee benefits, establish parity between workers and basses, and protect individual rights. And they’re on the verge of achieving the power necessary to do all of that and more. That the party is still on the verge of a crackup given the enormous spoils of a convincing win in November is a tribute to the unique threat Trump presents.

Here are five ways the GOP will achieve almost unprecedented political domination of the United States of America.

  1. An executive promising to take executive powers beyond even Nixon at his worst.
    In case you missed it, the theme of the Republican National Convention is that the GOP’s chief political opponent should be jailed for an offense a Republican FBI Director said no reasonable prosecutor would ever indict over. But Trump isn’t just planning to use the enormous powers a president has to go after Hillary Clinton, he’s also vowed to go after other opponents like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. And he could. “Under the unitary executive, President Trump would control all of federal law enforcement,” Orin Kerr writes in the Washington Post. “He would have more than 100,000 armed law enforcement officials working for him. He would control the Justice Department and its lawyers, who would be working for him (and he wouldn’t even have to pay them).”
  2. A Congress intent of revising government’s role into one that primarily comforts the comfortable and afflicts the afflicted.
    If Trump wins, the GOP will continue holding its largest majority in the House since before the Great Depression and would have a Senate majority willing to forget the 60 vote majority they suddenly decided was necessary for any new legislation when Democrats took the Congress in 2007. Since 2011, Paul Ryan has been releasing revised versions of his budget that he’s adapted to make easier to defend to the credulous press but nevertheless hit a few key themes: “It calls for a reduction in taxes that, if implemented, would likely give a disproportionate share of benefits to the wealthy. It calls for radically reducing discretionary spending, so that it is less than 4 percent of gross domestic product by 2050. And it calls for transforming Medicare into a voucher system,” Jonathan Cohn wrote in 2012 and it hasn’t changed much since. Republicans in Congress are absolutely unified with Trump in the promise to strip at least 18 million American of the health insurance. And they will certainly all unite to to prevent the government from doing anything to prevent climate change or regulate Wall St. And whether or not Trump is campaigning on Ryan’s budget, it’s his agenda whether he likes or not.
  3. A Supreme Court willing to toss out precedents.
    Three more Samuel Alitos or three more Ruth Bader Gingsburgs. That’s the choice of this election. Republicans have already taken the unprecedented step of trying to maintain conservative control of the nation’s highest court. Meanwhile, Trump has taken the unprecedented approach of outsourcing his Supreme Court picks to conservative activists who will certainly continue the right-wing attack on workers’ rights, women’s rights, LTGBTQ rights, voting rights, environmental regulation, and the expansion of heath care through federal programs. We’ll see more decisions like Citizens United that purposely expand the purvey of the court to throw our precedent and achieve conservative policy goals that would never be possible to achieve through democratic means. In case you’re wondering, that’s how the far right has plotted to destroy extraordinarily popular innovations like Social Security, the Environmental Protection Agency and minimum wage laws. And just one more Samuel Alito would be enough to make that happen
  4. Total Republican control of a majority of states.
    Since President Obama has taken office, Republicans have gained 913 legislative seats. And that’s just one way to try to grasp the enormity of their gains. “Republicans now control more than 4,100 seats  — their highest number since 1920. After taking over 11 legislative chambers from Democrats in 2014, Republicans now control 30 state legislatures completely — and have full control of state government (state legislature and governorship) in 23 states,” the Washington Post reports. “Democrats, by contrast, have full control of 11 state legislatures and total control of state government in just seven states.” This is partly normal. The presidential party tends to see some attrition. Some is also a reaction to President Obama’s race and success at achieving his agenda, which has motivated the right enormously. It’s also a sign that an increasingly liberal Democratic base has trouble showing up or getting Democrats to show up in off year elections. But mostly, it’s a tribute to the millions and millions of dollars the right has spent building up an infrastructure of foundations and “social welfare” non-profits that now dwarfs any institutional power on the left, even labor unions. The right spends efficiently in small-dollar elections that have huge gains in shaping electoral maps and laws to guarantee further victories. And if they can win with the most unpopular nominee ever, it means they can almost do anything — possibly even call a Constitutional Convention that would put the radical refiguring of the Social Contract into our founding document.
  5. A victory that would mean mass deportations and a culture of vengeance towards non-white Americans.
    Both parties have campaigned on the theme of “taking our country back” but not since George Wallace defended segregation has those implications been so dark. If Trump wins on a platform of deporting, banning and imprisoning unfavored Americans, it would transform this nation into one where your skin color becomes your credential for being seen or not being seen as a “real American.” We cannot underestimate the way this would empower bigots who see a fading a white majority as a threat akin to genocide.

Every election is opportunistically called the most important of your lifetime.

That may actually be an understatement this time.


Photo: Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump reacts to balloons, confetti and electronic fireworks as he stands with his son Barron (L) at the conclusion of the final session of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



  1. Dominick Vila July 25, 2016

    Vladimir Trump’s chances to win in November should not be dismissed so readily. In addition to promising socio-economic changes that appeal to those who, ironically, prefer a handout or a miracle to doing something to overcome their limitations and inability to get ahead; in addition to promising the de facto destruction of what even Reagan called the safety net; and in addition to replacing our values and traditions with a culture driven by insults, vulgarity, and myopic “solutions”, Trump now enjoys the full support of Russia.
    The recent revelations involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz asserting that Sen. Sanders was an atheist, not a Jew; and that he was an axx, are trivial considering the way our political campaigns are run. What is not so trivial, and should concern every single American, is the Russian involvement on behalf of Trump.
    Are we going to remain ambivalent to what is happening, and let the “Evil Empire” influence our elections and advance their interests without firing a shot, or are we going to respond in kind? We need a massive turnout in November. If we don’t vote, and continue to engage in childish disagreements, we will have nobody to blame for what will happen, but ourselves.

    1. Godzilla July 25, 2016

      Why do so many think of Russia as the enemy? I guess it’s because they put their country right in the middle of all our military bases in Europe. Trump is not the evil person the Left wants everyone to believe. Clinton, on the other hand, is a scandal with feet. She has the worst decision making ability in politics, should be in jail for mishandeling Top Secret materials, as any other person would be, not to mention she is a worse liar than Obama.

      On a lighter note, I think our whole political system is corrupt, regardless of political beliefs. All of them are the problem.

      1. Linda July 25, 2016

        Wow, Godzilla – you truly do not understand the world – Putin is a dictator. Why don’t you move over there and see what life is like under dictatorship.

        1. Box July 25, 2016

          But you wouldnt mind Hillary as a dictator, yes? That would be different, right?

          1. Grannysmovin July 25, 2016

            Have you seen the Republican Party’s platform? They want to bring Republican Sharia Law to this country. Dictator fits Trumpy , have you listened to his speeches?

          2. charleo1 July 25, 2016

            I had not seen that. But it sure fits. I mean I knew it before. But this could not be clearer. Well done, Granny!!!

          3. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            Even with all his faults, Hitler was not ALL wrong

          4. jmprint July 25, 2016

            Tell that to his followers and doers of bad, that are still alive and in prison.

          5. charleo1 July 25, 2016

            Wow! That’s it for you ever being considered a decent human.
            That you’re so in the tank for Trump says a lot, a whole lot!!!

          6. Grannysmovin July 25, 2016

            Seriously – the man committed genocide against men women and children because they were Jewish. How do you look yourself in the mirror and say that.

          7. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            Granny, the man wanted to bring back respectability to the German people which the Treaty of Versailles took away. I don’t agree with all his methodology and blaming the Jewish people was absolutely wrong but something had to be done to reverse the catastrophe that had befallen the people of Germany because of it. Trump will not repeat that part of history by properly vetting the immigration to America of refugees which the MSM is misinterpreting to the lemmings who are only hearing what THEY want you to believe

          8. Grannysmovin July 25, 2016

            Well he didn’t bring back respectability to Germany just the opposite. Your hero Trumpy Dumpty is destroying the respectability of the United States. Trumpy is a hate and fear monger and he is a racist, bigoted, misogynist pig – did I leave anything out. Exactly what are his policies other than building a wall he won’t say how he will pay for and deporting millions of immigrants and their families and not explaining how and where he will get the money to do this. But your parties platform is bringing Republican Sharia Law to our Country.

          9. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            You mimic the MSM of which I speak. He’s said nothing racist or bigoted that I’ve heard. Misogynist? His credentials don’t show that. Calling people out? Yes, male or female. His shortcomings pale in comparison to Clinton

          10. Grannysmovin July 25, 2016

            MSM has been on the side of your hero from the beginning. I suggest you research you friend and you will see his racism. Shortcomings? I suggest you listen to his speeches over again. Look you vote for Trumpy Dumpy, not me I will not vote for a racist, bigoted, misogynist who is so thin skinned he can’tt control himself – watch that button. Have a trumpy dumpty day.

          11. CrankyToo July 26, 2016

            While the Treaty of Versailles was certainly a bitter pill for Germany to swallow, it didn’t rob the German people of their respectability. Nor did the ensuing war, which resulted in the deaths of 60 million people, restore it.

          12. Bill P July 25, 2016

            What was he right about? Other than the extermination of Jews, Gypsies and other groups.

          13. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

            Well, actually a few things that are used in our and other governments today Bill. One thing that comes to mind is the start of a social welfare system. A system in which they stole from citizens to give to the less fortunate. Sound familiar? Others include an anti-tobacco campaign, animal conservation and were the inventors of modern rocketry and jet propulsion to name a few

          14. Bill P July 28, 2016

            Nothing is being stolen, taxes are paid by people in this country even non-citizens. Part of the revenue is paid to help those who don’t have enough money to pay for the necessities of life – wow what would Jesus say about that? Here is one to start ” Luke 6:20-21 Then he looked up at his disciples and said: ‘Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.
            ‘Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you will be filled. ‘Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.” You fail to mention corporate welfare given to major corporations in the form of tax exemptions, grants, etc, even when their profits are in the billions. Isn’t that stealing form the citizens to give to a corporate body not a person. You also forget to acknowledge that the less fortunate are also citizens.
            Your last sentence I’m assuming is in reference Hitler and mention a few things that were accomplished by Hitler’s Germany. I guess you think that counteracts that fact that 6 million Jews were killed, 5.7 million Soviet citizens, 220 thousand Gypsies, 2 thousand Jehovah Witnesses, 1.8 million non-Jewish Polish civilians, 312 Serbian civilians, 250 thousand handicapped people in institutions and there is more. Over 12 million people killed by the Hitler gov’t. not counting those in the Allied forces who died fighting in WWII. That sound like a regime worth emulating, that’s saracasm on my part

          15. Linda July 25, 2016

            You guys are really too much. You know some Russian people and since you like them you decide that Russia is not a dictatorship. Well, I know some Iranians and they are all very nice people – but, their government is still a dictatorship – a religious one but a dictatorship. I suppose you like the idea of The Donald as the authoritative daddy in your life.

          16. jmprint July 25, 2016

            She is a leader, proven leader and not a dictator.

          17. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            Oh really. A proven liar perhaps. What accomplishments has she made?

          18. jmprint July 25, 2016

            She doesn’t lie anymore then Trump, but the low bar on him doesn’t matter. She has worked endlessly for the under served. She fights for people’s rights, equal right, women’s rights, insurance for all. Many people have been listening to the republicans lies for years, they have been trying to take this woman down. People will say she is corrupt, but when asked “at what”, they don’t really know or have an answer. They just know the the republicans said she was corrupt. Condoleezza Rice was secretary of state when 9/11 happened, why did 9/11 happen? It shouldn’t have happened, but I don’t see anyone calling her corrupt. Condoleezza Rice used her personal email. but I don’t see anyone calling her corrupt. There were 13 embassy attacks under Condoleezza Rice, but I don’t see anyone calling her a crook, nor a liar. So please tell me; Why don’t we use the same standards for republicans.

          19. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            She has fought for nobody but herself jm! You must not be paying attention if you haven’t seen it. Watch the new movie about her at a theater near you.
            I’m not a fan of either party in general as they both have been in it for themselves. That’s why I’m a Trump fan, he’s really not a Republican if you’ve heard his views on many issues

          20. Jan123456 July 26, 2016

            That’s the problem with the right and its attitude towards Hilary.

            1. How do you possibly use commercial entertainment as factual research on her?

            2 The right makes up lies (or at least exaggerations beyond all credibility) and promotes promotes promotes until people begin to believe.

            3. When anything (and most does) gets debunked, they still promote the lies.

          21. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

            I’m sorry you’re so blind to the FACTS that are brought out into the limelight Jan. Even the msm must admit to her shortcomings at this point, they’re too obvious. Jim Comey came short of indicting her legally but did a wonderful job of indictment in the only court that REALLY matters. The court of public opinion.

          22. Jan123456 July 26, 2016

            Eight congressional investigations run by the GOP costing billions came up with exactly no wrong doing on her part…yet the right still yells “Benghazi”. They need that to keep up the myth that she can’t be trusted.

            Christopher Stevens’ family has directly asked the right to stop using his death to promote their false beliefs….yet that doesn’t stop them. They need to keep up that myth too.

            Vince Foster’s family has said he committed suicide (as did three investigations) and the right should not only get over it, but stop using his death as a political football. Yet the right still talks about “the bodies”. They need that myth.

            Whitewater investigations came up with no wrongdoing on the Clintons’ part. But that lore continues to exist in right wing land.

            Regarding the server. She has admitted that she should have used a state.gov address. However, the theories made up by the right dominate the conversation and even though Comey (who as admired and respected by the right UNTIL he came up with a conclusion different from what they wanted) said no e-mail had the standard classified marking on header or footer and the three e-mails that were classified had only a “(c)” as a text marking. Yet for that they want her jailed. Hell, Gen Patraeus who admitted he gave his lover classified information KNOWING full well it was wrong only got a misdemeanor.

            You’re just mad that the right has another futile attempt to try to falsely discredit her.

          23. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

            If you believe in coincidence much of your statements ring true. Too many though and I must have pause. Coincidence that our attorney general just happened to want to speak the former president about their grandchildren at a happenstance meeting at the airport? Or Obama and Hillary making travel plans for his official endorsement days before the Comey speech? Comey did announce that no one had heard the decision he laid down on that day. How about the direct lies to the families of Benghazi victims so as not to hurt the chances for Obama in the upcoming election? Do these actions not count when determining unethical, if not criminal behavior?

          24. Jan123456 July 26, 2016

            How about the direct lies to the families of Benghazi victims so as not to hurt the chances for Obama in the upcoming election?

            Not plural “families”. Only one of the four says she talked about the video. That’s the one relentlessly promoted on Fox. The other three you hear nothing from regarding her purportedly talking about the video. They even have been interviewed and claim no mention of it at the meeting.

            Coincidence that our attorney general just happened to want to speak the
            former president about their grandchildren at a happenstance meeting at
            the airport?

            She did not want to speak to him. He made the overture and she did not reject him…as she probably should have. From what I understand, that is something he has been known to do with other people.

            Too many? Only limited by the number of faux scandals the right has made up and successfully promoted.

            Or Obama and Hillary making travel plans for his official endorsement days before the Comey speech?

            What’s your point here?

          25. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

            Knowing full well that no indictment was coming, travel plans were made. Had one been coming Obama would have distanced himself from her.

            Faux scandals? Are you actually not seeing a pattern of corruption with this woman after all these years?

          26. Jan123456 July 26, 2016

            So you think Comey lied when he said no one knew when he would come out with his data? Don’t you think that they planned it so the California primary would be over and Bernie wouldn’t be able to say that no every voter got a chance for input?

            Now, that being said, I believe they had it planned well before the CA primary. They did know that no indictment was coming, not because Comey told them, but because of legal precedent. Only those in the Fox News informational bubble believed she would be indicted.

            Yes, faux scandals. We have agreed that the e-mail server was not her best moment. However, so many scandals have been investigated and came up empty…factually speaking.

            We already know that Benghazi went pfffffftttt. Same for Whitewater and the Vince Foster thing. Show me the specifics of this “pattern of corruption” that you appear to believe in.

          27. Jim Samaras July 27, 2016

            Benghazi went pfffffttt only in the minds of Hillarys supporters and the left wing media. Ask the men who were there. What could she possibly say to Wall St backers in a 30 minute speech to earn $200,000 per? Do you really believe no favors were expected?

          28. Jan123456 July 27, 2016

            You think Benghazi couldn’t find any pattern of corruption because of the media? Eight GOP led investigations came up with nothing. They would have given their eyeteeth to find something on her. They spent billions of dollars in desperate search of evidence. Did you watch the hearing last fall? The obvious plan was to gang tackle her and grill her for hours (eleven!) in the hopes they could get her to slip up…and she didn’t. Trey Gowdy left that hearing with his tail between his legs saying he got nothing.

            Now for Wall Street. I agree with you that $200K for a speech is ridiculous. However, that is not atypical on the speakers circuit for someone of her stature. Others, such as Rudy Gulliani, Mitt Romney, also have commanded large speaking fees. And it’s not whether “favors were expected”, but were favors given. When she spoke before them, she was not in any kind of office so had no authority to do anything.

            From the Washington Post:

            “The fracas about Clinton as a
            million-dollar speaker is merely name-calling, ad hominem attacks, and
            political maneuvering masquerading as legitimate criticism.”

            I will be glad to address anything in the “pattern of corruption” that you can bring up. As I said, and the Post confirmed, the overwhelming majority (not all) are “political maneuvering masquerading as legitimate criticism.”

          29. Jim Samaras July 27, 2016

            I never said Hillary wasn’t a pro at lying and evasion Jan, she is. As a matter of fact the only indictment of her there were her lies to the families that were clear to anyone watching.

            Please look into the Uranium One deal which gave a big stake in the US mining industry to the Russians. Many state departments had to sign off on that deal, one of which HC was in control of AFTER receiving large donations to the Clinton Foundation. Not to say that Obama is not implicit in that traitorous action as well! I know, more coincidences! how many does one need? Jan, the road to corruption is paved with Clinton wrong doings and is clear to anyone with a jaundice eye. I’m sorry you refuse to look into it and probably were moved by the bullsh^t spewed by our former president last night on all of his wife’s “accomplishments”.

          30. Jan123456 July 27, 2016

            I never said Hillary wasn’t a pro at lying and evasion Jan, she is

            I know you never said that, but you don’t use evidence to support it. I can supply you with congressional reports that support what I say…reports by people who would have loved to have been able to bury her.

            For the third time, not “families” in the plural. Show me ONE person who can substantiate what that one family said. Again, the other three families disagree. I know the right is very good at faux scandals as it never mentioned it was only one out of four. And who watched? Do you have any substantiation that there was anyone besides the four families at that meeting?

            Your statement about Uranium One is a bit hyperbolic. That being said, what did SHE do? I have read about it. So please don’t tell me as right wingers are wont to do, look it up myself. What do you believe and why? You said “many state departments”, as far as I know, we only have one.

            I never said “coincidence”. I take each occurrence one by one and either substantiate or refute based on the facts of the individual issue. So far, with the exception of the server (which by the way the right has also inflated…no evidence it, like the state.gov e-mail system was ever hacked.) you have yet to provide evidence to support your “pattern of corruption”.

          31. Jim Samaras July 27, 2016

            Very technical Jan. I’m sorry, I meant the deal had to be approved by a committee comprised of many government agencies of which the State Dept. which was headed by HC was one.

            SHE is part of the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton is part of the same foundation. Shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock. More coincidence?

            Whether the donations played any role in the approval of the uranium deal is yet to be proven. The Clintons are very good at covering their tracks and deceit but the episode underscores the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation, headed by a former president who relied heavily on foreign cash to accumulate $250 million in assets even as his wife helped steer American foreign policy as secretary of state, presiding over decisions with the potential to benefit the foundation’s donors.

            Now come on Jan, are you really that far in her corner that this does not raise an eyebrow?

          32. Jan123456 July 28, 2016

            OK, I didn’t want to respond to you until I had the opportunity to read about this from multiple sources. (Breitbart just does not strike me as particularly impartial or factual.)

            And I must admit you have a strong point. Although this whole thing started years before she was SoS and it appears the Russian government has screwed over the private investor, there were large donations to the Clinton Foundation con concomitant with the investment in the uranium mines.

            The FBI has received a referral on this issue to see if there was actually any quid pro quo. Now I am sure that since Comey would not indict her on the e-mail you have little faith in them anymore, but the FBI would have the ability to get to a more granular level of detail

          33. Jim Samaras July 28, 2016

            I expect no charges coming frankly as it just seems that EVERYONE seems to coddle the Clinton family Jan, most importantly the media taking their side EVERY time. Dating back to their days in Arkansas, the women who have come forward to report an affair (which to me is no big deal) to allegations of rape. Then allegations of Hillarys condemnation of the accusers to outright threats. Then there’s this guy Byrne who was a Secret Service agent assigned to the WH during the Bush Sr years through the Clintons who had nothing good to say about HC although did say that Bill could charm the pants off of anyone. There just seems to be a pattern of one scandal after another followed by another to take the public’s eye off the previous one. The new movie by Dinesh D’Souza is actually more damning of the Democratic party than of HC herself but shows another pattern of deception that has permeated the party since the beginning and makes one wonder how anybody, let alone the black community, can pull the lever for any democrat in any election again.

          34. Bill P July 25, 2016

            I love the jumps thes asisnine trolls make. If you like Hillary he you want her to be a dictator. Not sure how this leap works.

          35. Jan123456 July 28, 2016

            No, in the United States we have a president who is the head of one of three branches of government. That’s different.

      2. Box July 25, 2016

        We grew up in the times starting with the Cold War and right through to Reagans “the evil empire.” I believed it too. When I was a student the second time I gathered scores of Russian friends and even went to work for a Russian company in the US. It was then I saw the glaring lie—Russian people are fantastic, fun, ultra smart, math whizzes, and know world history better than Americans. The LIE revealed was that the problems were with government to government, not the citizens. Those Russians, that time, they were as scared of me as I was of them. Until we knew each other and both saw the LIE. Turns out its true everywhere. Any citizen is great, the governments are the evil and I doubt every one of them doesnt know it too.

        1. charleo1 July 25, 2016

          This most of us realized this about the 8th grade. So what took you so long to figure this out? That the Authoritarian Government under which the Russian People labored, and struggled without liberty, without civil Rights, was a large part of what the cold war was all about. And do not delude yourself today into thinking things have changed all that much. Or that we only need discard our respective governments, us ours, they theirs, and we could sing Kumbaya all the live long day. With enough nuclear arms pointed at each of our heads to bring on Armageddon. I respectfully ask that you grow up, and use the good common sense that God gave you in defense of liberty. And quit letting Trump of all idiots, lead you around by the nose.

      3. charleo1 July 25, 2016

        Aside from Trump being a complete narcissistic imbecile, who is not qualified run a home owners association, nor honest enough to work at McDonalds. Your, light as air accusations of Hillary Clinton, and “lighter note,” musings on the political system are total non sequiturs, and beside the point. That Trump is evil is not what is being debated. That he is both ignorant, and temperamentally unfit for the office is the issue.

      4. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

        You are correct on all of your points. Russia may not be the boogieman we’ve been led to believe! Trump is a patriot and not an evil person. Hillary is the worst person to EVER run for president as D’Souzas’ new movie points out to any thinking individual who takes the time to watch it. The whole system is corrupt and all are afraid Trump will change that! This is the most important election in my lifetime and most of these poor saps think not only that Hillary will win but would be a better choice. Fortunately Trump will win in a landslide and by 2018 the repair of our country will be under way.

        1. charleo1 July 25, 2016

          You know that kool aid you’re swilling by the gallon, is what has given you that raging case of diarrhea?

          1. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            You’ll see no bump in the polls after this convention for your girl. She can’t hide her evil doings any longer. Relax though, Trump will be a benevolent king, even to the morons that don’t vote for him…lol

          2. charleo1 July 25, 2016

            You’re hilarious! In a perverted, sick, S&M kind of way. Your magic crystal ball foresees Hillary’s evil doings finally brought to light, as we bask in the benevolences under King Donald Trump.
            If I’d have said anything like that about a benevolent King Hillary, your head might have exploded.

          3. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            These writers are getting more nervous by the day and so are the robotic followers of this nasty woman. Get used to President Trump. The sky will not fall

          4. charleo1 July 25, 2016

            In this Country we don’t elect people that talk like Trump. That advocate for the unAmerican ideology Trump stands for. I know he calls it America first. And I can call a skunk a rose blossom.

          5. jmprint July 25, 2016

            The sky won’t fall, but even you will be standing in line for bread crumbs.

          6. Grannysmovin July 25, 2016

            No it sill blow up.

          7. A_Real_Einstein July 25, 2016

            Unfortunately he is right. I do not see Hillarys numbers improving at all. She becomes more unelectable by the hour. This is exactly how someone like Hitler came into power. We are on our way to a fatal accident. Hopefully at some point in the future either a true progressive party will emerge or the current dems hit rock bottom and quit catering to the plutocrats. Hillary is the worst nominee possible in this outsider cycle. We are all going to pay a huge price. Hopefully we can win and keep the Senate for 4 years which will minimize the damage. Hillary is going to lose badly.

          8. charleo1 July 26, 2016

            No, I don’t believe either of your crystal balls. It is on the Right after all, where the center hasn’t held, and an unelectable candidate has been nominated. Hilary Clinton, all ridiculous RW bashing, and demonizing aside, is by far the most qualified person, with the most experience in government, and World affairs to fulfill the duties of the job, since Eisenhower. I believe you’re a good guy that cares a lot, but who’s judgement of this election has been thrown off just a bit by your emotions. By your emotional investment in Sanders, which is perfectly understandable. Talk to me in a couple of months, when I’m guessing you may see this all a little differently. Fair enough?

          9. A_Real_Einstein July 26, 2016

            The electorate is not interested in experience. They want an outsider who is not on the take. Hillary reeks of the establishment. No crystal balls but I can read the polls. It is going to be a very difficult four years. I hope I am wrong and you are right.

          10. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

            Spot on! The “experience” is a killer in this election especially when you’re talking about perhaps the most corrupt candidate in American history. Even the most liberal democrats must have pause before pulling the Hillary lever. I believe/hope you will be very wrong about the next four years as Trump does things to bring back the voice of the people albeit in a different manner than we’re used to.

          11. charleo1 July 26, 2016

            Common sense tells us everyday that experience matters. I understand the Progressive Left’s reluctance to back Hillary Clinton, because I consider myself a part of that LW faction. Long before Hilary, and after much frustration, leading to anger at the duopoly, to looking around for alternatives. I have had to face the truth about my own politics. About my own, Liberalism. All leading to the conclusion that the Country in general, that part of it that wins elections, that middle of the road, more corporate friendly, tax averse, big government cynical. However one might characterize it, is just a lot more Conservative than I am. So I get it. Why Hillary is the nominee, and Burnie Sanders is not. I just can’t see common sense, middle of the road Democrats being so mad, they lose their minds, and run out and elect a buffoon, such as Trump clearly is.

          12. A_Real_Einstein July 26, 2016

            It will be the independents in the swing states that will decide this election. They are mostly white and dislike the establishment which works against HRC. This is why the polls are so close and why Bernie would have won in a landslide. The dems will unite but that may not be enough. I personally do not know any Bernie supporters that are not going to hold their nose and vote for HRC.

    2. itsfun July 25, 2016

      Dom: Name calling is beneath you. Its Donald Trump not Vladimir.

      1. Box July 25, 2016

        I never call names or even deliberately misspell names. Lets be respectful always. I dislike Obama but personally reel from Obummer and the like. Two wrongs dont make a right.

        1. jmprint July 25, 2016

          So vote Hilliary and you will right your wrong.

      2. Grannysmovin July 25, 2016

        Sorry I am guilty I call him Trumpy Dumpy and won’t apologize, I have no respect for him.

        1. itsfun July 25, 2016

          That’s up to you.

      3. Dominick Vila July 25, 2016

        The name of our President is Barack Obama. I don’t recall you or anyone else correcting those who post ridiculous imitations of his name, insult him, and denigrate him.
        I don’t make a habit of engaging in name calling, but in this case Vladimir Trump is in a class of his own.

        1. itsfun July 25, 2016

          Dom: Some are always going to call names. I don’t like or respect Obama, but still call him Obama. I just feel you are above name calling and you have have shown to much class to engage in that behavior.

          1. jmprint July 25, 2016

            Fits him perfect. Trumpf senior was a friend of communism, his wife was a communist, and Trumpf (John and Barron) wants to be like Putin.

          2. itsfun July 25, 2016

            I Wasn’t aware that Trump senior was running for President, might be hard to do from the grave. So what if his wife came from a communist nation. She had to be a communist while living there. She is a American Citizen now and has taken a oath to defend America. You have no idea who Trump wants to be like. Just another made up story for you.

          3. jmprint July 25, 2016

            But you do, you have an idea of what Trump want to be like, are you sleeping with him? Quote: “I alone will fix America?”

          4. itsfun July 25, 2016

            nope Are you sleeping with Hillary?

        2. Insinnergy July 25, 2016

          I prefer “Dumb Donald”… the man-baby appears to have only limited intelligence and attention span. And, yes, I mean that literally.
          (Oh… not the man-baby part… that’s simply an accurate metaphor)

      4. charleo1 July 25, 2016

        We wouldn’t want to get all “politically incorrect,” by calling Trump a fitting name instead of his con name. Now would we?

        1. itsfun July 25, 2016

          How much respect you show to others is up to you.

          1. charleo1 July 25, 2016

            I went to the Trump school of public manners. I have none. I believe it best to get down in the gutter with my enemies, and bring my friends with me in case I need the help. I Insult their wives, their Fathers, their children. I mock the disabled, I disrespect the war vet. I settled my personal vendettas, and old political scores in the public arena by making libelous claims, and calling their reputations into question. I demonize, scapegoat, and blame entire populations for the actions of the few. I am politically incorrect, crass, vulgar, unfair, and proud as hell of being so. Does you want to mess with me? Well, you had better just get ready!!

          2. itsfun July 25, 2016

            Like I said; its up to you.

          3. charleo1 July 25, 2016

            You bet it’s up to me! And I’ll make sure you do exactly like I tell you, or otherwise, you’ll be next! Or, like I was trying to demonstrate, it’s not as innocuous as simply saying, it’s up to you. When the man using the bully language, that will set the tone for the Country, could be the next leader.

          4. itsfun July 25, 2016

            Those next mean i will be one of Hillaries victims?

          5. charleo1 July 25, 2016

            Right! One of Hillary’s victims. You are too much fun.

  2. Phil Christensen July 25, 2016

    So are we “recoiling” or on the cusp of GOP “domination?” This site can’t seem to make up its mind.

  3. I of John July 25, 2016

    the sky is not falling.

  4. Box July 25, 2016

    A very angry, paranoid and refutable article that kicks the desire for Hillary success into the next gear as Trump continues to climb to the top. Even just an early refutable point about antisemites. How can that be when Trump has repeatedly said he supports Israel? This article is fear-baiting and hate-baiting at its best. Cant imagine what they will be writing the week before the election when the polls are 50/50. Liberals long accuse GOP of fears that the sky will fall tomorrow morning but then what is this? Oh…sorry sorry i had to wake up just now….its politics.

    1. charleo1 July 25, 2016

      You said everything but that the article is wrong in it’s assessment of what a Trump Presidency would bring. If you support that, it only seems overblown. Keeping in mind, it’s not paranoid to consider that it’s only fools who rush in.

  5. CrankyToo July 25, 2016

    Note to author: The word you were looking for in subparagraph 3 was “purview”, not “purvey”. Moreover, your work is rife with misspellings and misuse of grammar. May I suggest a remedial English 101 course?

    Note to the National Memo: If your goal is to persuade thoughtful people with your “journalism”, you should approach them with, at the very least, a modicum of scholarship. May I suggest you hire a competent proofreader?

    This ain’t rocket surgery, people.

    1. 1standlastword July 26, 2016

      And the author used the colorful metaphor “sh.tless” to drive his point! I use a variation of the same word earlier and I got the infamous “clock” and the notification of waiting for review before my comment was dissolved.

      If it weren’t for some of the good people in this community of posters I’d beat tracks outta here and not just because of the biased sensor but also the running ad-pornography that overwhelms all browsers.

      1. CrankyToo July 26, 2016

        Yeah, what’s up with that? I can only assume it’s Disqus doing the censoring, since the Memo can’t even seem to police the reporting of its “journalists”.

        The ads used to drive me right around the twist when I was using IE as my Memo browser, but I don’t have any performance issues since I switched to Firefox with the Ghostery add-in. I still use IE for a lot of other surfing, but not for reading the Memo.

        And like you, I’ve often thought about giving up on this rag (due primarily to the dearth of competent writing and editing). But, also like you, I stay because I enjoy the comments of some of the good people. And, truth be told, I have to admit that I love to hate the bad ones. Call it a character flaw…

  6. Box July 25, 2016

    But see? Trump is accused of trying to become president to award fat contracts to himself and others. Dont know how any human being could predict the future like that. But then, Hillary is actually doing it?

    Not to mention that the Convention Chair resigns over wimpy emails but Hillary wont resign over important emails? Somethings wrong.

    1. jmprint July 25, 2016

      Contracts are the least of the problems, we listen to what Trump says, and want no part of his fixations. What’s wrong is, some whites can’t see beyond the color of their skin.

      1. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

        If you really LISTEN to what he says and not the media you would understand that Trump will do more to help blacks in this country than any democrat since JFK

        1. jmprint July 25, 2016

          Jim I DO listen that’s why I am able to have an opinion. Trump will follow the agenda that Lind WIliams preaches. No thanks! Don’t need one race thinking they are superior, when they are not.

          1. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            I’m not familiar with Lind Williams but I have not heard one thing Trump say that leads me to believe he thinks any race is superior to another. I agree that they are not

          2. jmprint July 25, 2016

            Read up on him, he is an author, and is a scary creep.

          3. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            I’m finding a William Lind, is that him?

          4. jmprint July 25, 2016

            Yes that’s the creep, preaches the 4th generation war.

          5. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            Well, just a quick Wikipedia look says he was against the Iraq war which gives him credibility in my book. What’s your beef with him specifically?

          6. jmprint July 25, 2016

            The fact that he wants get rid of majory blacks and wants to drive the left over back into slavery. Is that ok with you?

          7. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

            If that’s the fact jm, no it’s not okay with me. However it’s the democrats with their policies of welfare to the blacks that has actually enslaved them over the past 60 years.

          8. jmprint July 27, 2016

            You know Jim in this world we do have lazy people and we also have people that are in need, and in every organization there will be those that take advantage or create fraud. But welfare has helped MORE people to rise to the level that they are self sustained. Our Judge Sonja Sontamayor, is one of those and there or millions of stories like hers. The “enslaved” mimic is a republican way of undermining this program that has helps millions, just like the trickle down, nothing ever trickles down, proven time after time, but the republican keep pushing that at our face, it doesn’t work. Thank God I am Blessed and have never had to use the system, but am at peace that if I needed help, this great country would be there for me, since I have given a lot to society. I am proud to be a Democrat TODAY!

          9. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            Everything the fourth generation war embodies is occurring as we speak. He doesn’t preach it he predicts it

        2. Insinnergy July 25, 2016

          You mean that act where you turn off the critical part of your thinking and just let the word salad percolate through you without resistance?

          You do realise that this guy is too stupid to use proper English?
          And I don’t mean missing the odd “effect” vs “affect”, nor do I mean he’s acting low-brow for effect… I mean he talks like a 7 year old on drugs. All hyperbolic adjectives, half sentences, and limited comprehension.

          I dare you to actually read… or try to read… a transcript of any of his speeches. Maybe when it’s starkly in black and white in front of you, you might come to understand how stupid this narcissistic leech is.

          1. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            I think “stupid” is the wrong term. Is he inexperienced in public speaking? Definitely, but he speaks to the average American that is tired of the double speak of traditional politicians and can relate to the messages he delivers. You say that message is hatred. It comes off as common sense to the common man.

      2. charleo1 July 25, 2016

        Absolutely! If it were only no bid contracts Trump was talking about.

    2. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

      Unfortunately you’re wasting breath with these people. Don’t cloud their heads with facts, their minds are made up….lol

      1. charleo1 July 25, 2016

        I still waiting for my head to be clouded with facts by you guys. What facts do you have that Trump will do any of the things he says, since he can’t go 30 seconds behind the podium without lying about something.

        1. jmprint July 25, 2016

          I see you didn’t get a response and I did, he doesn’t know who Lind Williams is.

          1. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

            No I don’t. I’ve Googled him or her and can’t come up with a thing

          2. charleo1 July 26, 2016

            I must admit to you I had not heard of Lind Williams. But thanks, I’ll put him in my ever expanding RWNJ file, I keep right next to the garbage disposal.

          3. jmprint July 27, 2016

            FYI: It is WIlliam Lind. I posted incorrectly.

        2. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

          You’re really going to lecture about lying when your candidates name is Hillary Clinton?

          1. charleo1 July 26, 2016

            I am absolutely aware of the Republican’s proclivity for transference.
            Whatever their problem might be, and it’s usually credibility. Their spin masters, and propagandists, launch relentless concerted efforts trying to discredit their opposition. And Trump lies more than any person I’ve ever heard run for anything, and I’m 62. Trump has managed to take the dishonesty, already a huge problem, to new unprecedented levels.
            So yes, I’m lecturing the RW about truth telling. And about the consequences of constantly lying to one’s base rank and file, only to be caught when the lies catch up to the rhetoric. The consequence’s name is Donald Trump.

          2. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

            Our spin masters and propagandists? Oh please! While I’m a fan of neither party really I must disagree that the republicans are worse. Trump has had no chance to lie to the American public at this point as he has never held office as an elected official. Hillary however lies to the face of the families of dead heroes and faces zero repercussions from you or other leftists?

          3. charleo1 July 27, 2016

            You disagree Republicans are worse? Then they found those WMDs?
            Those radical tax cuts for the rich paid for themselves? Wall Street’s rising tide has lifted all boats? President Obama was not born in U.S.? America is not a great Country? Trump alone can fix America? One needs to hold public office in order to lie to the American Public?

          4. Jim Samaras July 28, 2016

            At worst they’re even charleo. Nothing more than the same though with a Hillary vote, that’s a given. Trump is a wild card, granted but the worst that can happen is not what is spewed on these boards

          5. charleo1 July 28, 2016

            It’s easy to guess they’re even, Jim. when you your guesser is no better than to think Trump would probably be no worse than a harmless. “Wild Card.” IMO it’s very reckless guessing.

          6. Jim Samaras July 29, 2016

            Reckless huh? Take an hour of your time to watch the free video on U-tube “Clinton Cash”. After watching that, where they name names and connect the dots, tell me who would be a more “reckless” choice for president. The Republican party is wasting their time on the e mails when the REAL indictment is right before their eyes. It could be because EVERYONE’S hands are dirty imo which is why Trump is really the only choice

          7. charleo1 July 29, 2016

            Ah yes, a giant mass money conspiracy where everyone in America’s hands are too dirty to take on the graft, except Donald Trump’s. And how do you know this? You saw it on the internet! Do you listen to yourself?

          8. Jim Samaras July 29, 2016

            Are you replying BEFORE even looking at it? Under normal circumstances I would take it with a grain of salt if it did not name names and connect the dots as well as he has. EVERYTHING is verifiable! We the people have NO IDEA how deep this corruption within our government goes! This may just be the tip of the iceberg for all we know but maybe it’s just the Clinton’s whose hands are in the till. Please check it out before your blanket condemnation charleo, or are you one of those that just buries his head in the sand or retreat to your safe space?

          9. Jan123456 July 27, 2016

            Hillary however lies to the face of the families of dead heroes

            Please, not families in the plural. One out of four of the families claims she lied. This is the one relentlessly promoted by Fox News. The other three do not agree.

            Christopher Stevens’ family has asked the GOP to stop using him as a political football. They say he knew the risks in traveling from the Embassy in Tripoli to the outpost in Benghazi and did it anyway. They don’t blame Hillary. I doubt respect for them will stop the right from continuing to yell, “Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!”.

          10. TiredOfTheHaters July 29, 2016

            Jim, you’re on the wrong page if you’re expecting fans of the Con Don!

          11. Jim Samaras July 29, 2016

            I know that Tired! I’m trying to educate the Hitlery fans

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 25, 2016

        We’re still waiting for you to same something, anything, that’s worthwhile and relevant.

  7. Dr. Samuel Taddesse July 25, 2016

    You are absolutely correct! We should not allow Trump to be president and we should also take back the house and the senate. It is absolutely important for the sake of averting unintended third world war and civil unrest and civil war in the United States.

  8. Box July 25, 2016

    I dont care who dominates as long as they remain subservient to the Constitution.

    1. 788eddie July 25, 2016

      Agreed! But unfortunately, Trump has already stated policies that went against our Constitution.

      I see him as dangerous

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 25, 2016

    Now that the “New Yorker” has exposed the superficiality of Trump, courtesy of the ghostwrite who wrote the fairy tale “The Art of the Deal”, we’ve learned that Trump has ADD, can’t keep still for a moment(much like a little boy with a bladder problem), and has a host of other character flaws too dangerous for a head of State.

    The part of the article that described Trump’s offices as being devoid of books of any kind is a stark indication of the darkness between his ears and being mentally hamstrung by a profound ignorance of anything aside from how to enrich himself.

    Yet, so many people are fascinated with the idea of a person sitting in the White House who is incapacious, juvenile, and filled with insecurities about himself.

    Some unfortunate cad below talks about subservience to the Constitution as though this is an Almighty standard that should supplant the virtues mentioned in all the Holy Books with political jargon and purely secular concepts. The Constitution is the work of a group of men whose world view and understanding of humanity and its needs were proscribed by a purely “European” mode of thinking. It is an admirable piece of work but it’s by no means “The Standard” for the planet.

    1. Jim Samaras July 25, 2016

      If our Constitution, along with our way of life which is a direct result of it’s principles, is not “The Standard” for the planet why is it that so many risk life and limb to come here?

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 26, 2016

        Don’t be deceived, like so many other conservatives, by surface perceptions, Jim. “The Standard”, as you define it, is relative and a mirage in reality. The grass is always greener on the other side, especially when the other side has better choices than one’s own immediate surroundings.
        That the Constitution stands out so clearly is due to the simple fact that all other creations of governance are woefully behind in what they provide. But don’t be fooled into thinking that America is free of defects merely because of a Constitution, a document founded to a large extent on the false premise that only certain people “are created equal”. Those of darker complexion and of different religions learn if this disparity in the Constitution once they arrive to these shores. Those who look sufficiently “White” benefit the most from this flawed document, while those who are darker get a different treatment.

        Surely, you must be aware of what even a high school student can discern.

        1. Jim Samaras July 26, 2016

          I disagree vehemently Aaron! I never said it was free of defects nor did I define it as “The Standard”. That was YOUR term. However there is no premise that only certain people are created equal. It’s up to the individual to sometimes create their own opportunities. Unfortunately, there ARE color barriers, but many intelligent people have broken through to become highly successful. Effort must be exuded by ALL to realize the American dream and giving away freebies in exchange for votes is no way to motivate a person to put forth that effort, human nature being what it is!

          A high school student may not know much about human nature at that point in their lives but surely an adult, such as yourself, does or should.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 8, 2016

            You may disagree all you wish, it won’t make a satanic creature into a saintly one, or at least one with ideals that don’t extend beyond narcissism and such inordinate egoism. Can you not align whatever Christian sensibilities you may have with all that I’ve commented on over the past several months?

            Don’t worship a Party over the worship of religious ideals, Jim.
            Otherwise, it will lead you to an abysmal ending.

          2. Jim Samaras August 8, 2016

            Aaron, as I’ve mentioned before I’m not a fan of either party and certainly pay no attention to “religious ideals”. There is no room in politics for such foolery!

            I never really mentioned “race” when I spoke of effort needed to get someplace in our society. We have evolved past the Victorian English way of thinking where they looked at Irish as inferior regardless of what they did. We, as Americans with few exceptions, do not hold back individuals who want to make something of themselves. What DOES irritate us is somebody using race as an excuse, for something that occurred 200 years ago, as to why they can’t get ahead in this land of boundless opportunity. A black man in America or any immigrant for that matter has the opportunity to make a better life for himself by exuding a little effort, sacrifice and a willingness to adapt to the American customs and way of life

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 8, 2016

            Was it not you who used the term “Standard” and linked the Constitution to said “Standard”. All I’m saying to you is that you’ve locked yourself into a box–a box called “The Constitution”, a man-made concept. I’m trying to steer your vision upwards so that you may discern the highest and TRUE Standard.
            Will you not allow yourself to see?

  10. christine.scherrer July 26, 2016

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  11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 8, 2016

    From another perspective, domination of affairs by any group, no matter if political, religious, academically, social, is a recipe for disaster.
    A brief look at powerful entities in the past will show the devastation and decay that follow in the wake of those who seek to rule and control affairs in an oligarchical and unilateral manner.


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