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Seven Muslim ‘Conspirators’ Even Michele Bachmann Won’t Call Out

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Seven Muslim ‘Conspirators’ Even Michele Bachmann Won’t Call Out


Thank you, Michele Bachmann. For too long the SHARIAstream media has been silent about the increasingly obvious fact that radical Muslims may have infiltrated the highest levels of the United States government. These accusations are based largely on hunches and guilt by association. Does that make them trifles to be pushed aside while we worry about actual issues? No, good sir or madam of Anglo-Saxon heritage. The Bush/Cheney lesson on 9/11 cannot be forgotten: any accusation that involves Muslims will do.

An exclusive National Memo investigation can now revealed serious questions about the loyalty of several prominent so-called Americans— including many who have had access to top-secret information.

Just as Rep.. Bachmann asked the U.S. government to investigate “policies and activities that appear to be the result of influence operations conducted by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood,” we urge a wide-ranging inquisition against the following people—and their families, of course.


  1. Joyce July 25, 2012

    This woman is dangerous she needs help lest she becomes a danger to herself and society.

  2. Dominick Vila July 26, 2012

    It would not surprise me if she proposes legislation banning the metric system…

  3. chisolm July 26, 2012

    You have got to be joking, right? What drivel!!!!

    1. George July 26, 2012

      Of course he’s joking! It’s called satire! Satire usually does require some degree of truth, though. And the truth in this satire is how ridiculous Michelle Bachmann’s Muslim-terrorist witch hunt is.

      1. johninPCFL July 26, 2012

        Well, except for the part about Norquist. I take that seriously.

        /sarc off

  4. JacobL July 26, 2012

    It’s called satire. The funny thing is these links are just as valid as the silliness propagated by Bachman.

    1. K3HY July 26, 2012

      Hey!!! Don’t accuse Republicans of not having a sense of humor.

      One of their best jokes is Mitt Romney.

      1. TheOldNorthChurch July 26, 2012

        IMHO – the best Jokes are: The Progressives – Defuss MCcain & Collins.

    2. Karen Brown July 26, 2012

      Actually, the thing is even funnier. Most of these people would be, by the standards and DOCUMENTS referenced by Michele Bachmann as her ‘proofs’, be even more closely tied to the Muslim Brotherhood than Huma Abedin. Simple as that. If she is to be considered ‘tied’, their connection, by Bachmann’s ‘logic’ (loosely defined) practically collaborators and members in good standing.

  5. middleclasstaxpayer July 26, 2012

    You criticize some low-level elected officials regarding Muslim associations, while your own president BOWS to the King of Saudia Arabia, while refusing to do the same for the Queen of England, our staunchest ally???

    1. Dominick Vila July 26, 2012

      Perhaps you missed it, but the President that declared Saudi Arabia a Most Favored Nation for trade purposes, immediately after Saudi Wahhabists struck the USA on 9/11, was none other than former President Bush. Yes, the same one that ignored warnings of an impending attack and continued reading a primer after a Secret Service agent whispered in his that the USA was under attack. We don’t bow to anyone, but it is apparent that some of us are willing to pull a Judas and sell out the memory of our dead in exchange for lucrative contracts to our oil companies.

    2. metrognome3830 July 26, 2012

      What the hell is wrong with you? Does your Mom know you are playing with the computer again?

  6. supercarp July 26, 2012

    Just what we need; newfangled witchhunts

  7. middleclasstaxpayer July 26, 2012

    You may not bow down, but your president BOWED DOWN to the King of Saudi Arabia for ALL the world to see, while insulting the Queen of England by refusing to do so. But then, your president wrote in HIS OWN BOOK, “I will side with the Muslims if things turn ugly.”

    1. johninPCFL July 26, 2012

      As did Reagan and GWB. GWB even gave him a kiss, for God’s sake.

    2. Penelope Forrester July 26, 2012

      He’s your President too.

      And, I’ve read both his books and your “quote” is absolutely untrue.

      Geo. Bush KISSED the Saudi King AND allowed him and his family to leave the U.S. on 9/11 when all other planes were grounded.

      1. Dominick Vila July 26, 2012

        …and W bowed to the Chinese communist leadership when he attended the Beijing Olympics while the Tibetan people were being slaughtered, after giving Angele Merkel a back rub, and after his daddy puked on the Japanese PM’s lap.

  8. TheOldNorthChurch July 26, 2012

    Lesson learned – stay out of the affairs of other Nations and we will remain free. Why does the USA defend Europe when NATO is no longer needed? What would happen if the GDP-Euro contributed by the US defense and so-call humanitarian donations went instead to paying down the US-Debt?

    Defense money should be spent on Defending the USA First and only.

    1. Dominick Vila July 26, 2012

      I agree. NATO became obsolete the moment the Soviet Union collapsed. The only reason it is still in place is because it ha become a convenient tool to legitimize wars of choice and adventurism. While at it, we should shut down about one third of our military bases overseas. Most have been rendered obsolete by technology and no longer have the strategic importance they once had. The money saved could be used to pay off part of our national debt, or for desperately needed investments in infrastructure.

      1. Alan Yungclas July 26, 2012

        Wait … the generals like their military base golf courses on Okinawa and in Germany.

      2. tokoloshi27 July 26, 2012

        Have you not updated this opinion since Bosnia?

      3. dragonflya37 July 28, 2012

        All of the good soldiers stationed in europe and other places doing a job you could not do, or would be afraid to do would you give up your job for any one of them if the bases are closed? Be willing to pay for their relocation and giving them a job?

  9. joyscarbo July 26, 2012

    Look at our former “great leader” Reagan, cavorting and giving millions of dollars to people who later killed thousands in the WTC attacks. And the majority of Americans still thinks he’s one of our country’s greatest leaders of all time. I bitterly disagree.

    1. tokoloshi27 July 26, 2012

      The operative word is “later”. FDR gave billions (current dollars) to Stalin; whats a little context between friends.

      1. coraktp July 28, 2012

        The difference is that Reagan did it secretly, without telling Congress, as with the Contra scandal. He broke the law and because Congress never punished him for that we now have established precedent that says the President can do just about anything he wants militarily or with foreign policy without the approval of Congress. The Reagan presidency vastly increased the powers of the office. Not to mention kicking off the move toward a two tiered American justice system – one law for the rich, powerful and connected – another for everybody else. I think Reagon is one of our worse Presidents even giving him full credit for the massive military spending race that helped implode the Soviet Union and end the cold war. Our country is fast becoming a fascism – a dictatorial merging of money interests and government. Reagan’s role in undermining the power of Congress (the voice of the people in theory at least) seriously pushed that agenda along.

        1. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

          mr. obama took millions from the so called rich last election, noe they are dirt,well well no more money from the rich.

          1. Tom Roberts November 11, 2012

            Stupidity must be bliss

          2. LKLSPEEDY November 11, 2012


      2. Merl Allen August 10, 2012

        I don’t remember when Stalin attacked NYC, if you do, seek help

        1. Phillip P Sage September 16, 2012

          Really no Stalin just killed over 60 million of his own citizens and pushed us into the cold war which killed millions more around the world. He help Moa take over china and kill over 50 million more people. So come on think out side of your limited liberal box. There is a large world out there and your liberal heros are really the villians.

    2. Joe Williams July 31, 2012

      and yur point is? come to think of it, maybe you would enjoy it better in afghanistan

      1. joyscarbo July 31, 2012

        And your point?! Or perhaps we would have been better off with a leader who didn’t fund the Taliban…you remember them, right?

    3. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

      whats wrong you had to go to work

      1. joyscarbo August 4, 2012

        I’ve been a hardworking, taxpaying citizen since I started working at the age of 16 at a local Denny’s restaurant. I earned scholarships and financed the rest of my way through college and have been an RN for over 17 years!!! I’ve raised three children, partly on my own and have been married for the past 20 years.
        What’s wrong with you, jerk?!! Take your big, arrogant, rightwingnut head outa your ass before you start making stereotypical suppositions.
        Reagan was no HERO, period. He was an actor, and not a very good on at that. Obviously you fell for his schtick. He and his administration traded arms for hostages in Iran and financially backed the Taliban to fight the so-called “red threat” of communism. Reagan was not one of the greatest presidents in history- not by a long shot.

        1. LKLSPEEDY August 6, 2012

          try that now,4 years of deomagry,house controled, senate controled, and president[partying] where are where is your head. not even a budget for 4 years,spent money like a drunk sailor.everything behind doors. you are the hipocriet. sure you earned your way, raising 3 kids, who you kidding

          1. joyscarbo August 6, 2012

            You’re an idiot. Where and how was the president partying?! Bush was on vacation more than he was doing any kind of work for this country and you expect ANY president to turn this ship around in 2 years with a like-minded senate and congress…AND…a congress that vows to do nothing but discredit him??!! You’re the only one chirpping the Fox New and Neo-Con party line. Get you head outta your ass!

        2. Phillip P Sage September 16, 2012

          Joyscarbo, I think you have been drinking the cool aid a little to long. I praise you for raising your family and all the good things you did. But to be so hostile toward Reagon show’s you have a closed mind (or you are a left wing radical) and an extream liberal bias. Reagon was a very good president and the arms were not done to trade hostages. They were released just before he took office. I like the so called red threat line. If you have any sympathy for communism then you really need to ge educated Please. Communism was a very real and dangerous threat to the US and your life style.

          1. joyscarbo September 16, 2012

            I stand by my opinion, which is based in Reagan and his administration’s policies and actions.
            I am most offended by his illegally trading arms for our hostages in Iran. At least Jimmy Carter waged a covert operation that honorably failed. Reagan lambasted Carter for that and then turned around and engaged in dirty dealings all so he could “appear” to be some sort of hero. Sorry, I don’t see him as some hero.
            Furthermore, just because I don’t like the Ronald Reagan does not make me some gullible, follower. I have political views that are across the spectrum- from conservative to progressive, to moderate and to liberal.

    4. Phillip P Sage September 16, 2012

      Hey Joy,

      first the taliban didnt kill our people in the WTC. osama bin ladin did. They allowed allowed him a safe haven. It was Mostly saudi’s.
      Second, you must be some left wing extremist. I bet your heros are Bill Clinton and Obama. come on get serious. Clinton is a womanizing accused rapest. He allowed our top secreat research facilities to be opened to the chinese. What a joke of a president. and the great economy he had was because of newt gingrich.

      1. joyscarbo September 16, 2012

        I think that it is you, Phillip, who has drank the right wingnut kool-aid. And it’s obvious that you’re nervous and scared. Your party is, again, in disarray. Mitt is more than dropping the ball. He can’t state clearly what your neo-con party platmorm is on anything-the economy or healthcare. Worse yet, he’s completely inept on foreign policy. He’s downright dangerously ignorant. You know you can’t trust Mitt! He claimed he, “…ran to the LEFT of Ted Kennedy.” He has been for every single position that the’s now against. He doesn’t have a prayer of winning this next election, unless you repubes figure out a way to steal the election. I can’t wait for the debates because Barrack Obama is going to make him look like the fool he is. I guess you have reason to be nervous…your party is at the brink of extinction. Eisenhower and Lincoln are turning in their graves witnessing the way the republican party had gone. Good luck to you.

  10. Marilyn Furrie July 26, 2012

    id guess if one wants to believe in conspiracy theory these are as good as the first. put forth by the batcrapcrazy

  11. middleclasstaxpayer July 26, 2012

    It’s IN OBAMA’s Book, in HIS OWN WORDS….anyone can prove it to themselves by going to the library and reading it. (Sorry for the bad news!)

    1. edwardw69 July 26, 2012

      Absolutely wrong. Debunked time and time again. In your next post, give us the entire quote that contains those words. The whole quote.
      We’re waiting.

  12. Jcarroll Barnhill July 26, 2012


    1. edwardw69 July 26, 2012

      Yes, yes, Dear. Now take your pill and go lie down.

    2. Rvn_sgt6768 July 26, 2012

      Ah shouldn’t yo be sitting by the front door with your shotgun ready to kill anyone you deem threatening instead of being distracted by posting your gibberish here? Better yet follow edwardw69’s advice and take ur meds and go to bed.

    3. metrognome3830 July 26, 2012


    4. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

      love that one

  13. Nancy July 26, 2012

    Voters of Wisconsin! Do ALL of America a favor and replace this Twit with someone who has a heart and a brain!

    1. Rvn_sgt6768 July 26, 2012

      You mean Minnesota dear.

      1. tokoloshi27 July 26, 2012

        Maybe not. Its more likely she just thinks shes right. She don’t need no stinkin’ facts.

  14. Germansmith July 26, 2012

    Bachmann achieved what she want it…..publicity and divisions
    The best way to deal with her is to dismiss her comments as if she was a spoiled child

    1. Rvn_sgt6768 July 26, 2012

      You are absolutely correct! She lost the limelight she craves and is a tough race in Mn. so she needed something to put her face on the news again. What a gas bag. I wish the people of Mn. would show some sense and like Palin put this queen out to pasture hopefully forever.

      1. George September 11, 2012

        Like Palin? Palin wasn’t put out to pasture by voters; she quit! If voters had the opportunity – after her fiasco as VP nominee — I’m sure they would have voted her out, so I get your point!

  15. Ann July 26, 2012

    Everybody knows that Backman, Romney, and all the neo cons are from the planet Mongo. They will take over the planet and force us all to work for them at 2 dollars a day.

    1. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

      makes you mad, you might have to work for a living after obama is gone.

  16. TheOldNorthChurch July 26, 2012

    Four Countries get the support of over 60% of Americans for support; Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Israel. Only eight more get a majority of support; South Korea, Bahamas, Panama, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Mexico and Italy.

    None of these Countries have Muslim based Governments – yet we are involved in over 55 Countries.

    Americans can no longer count on the Political Class. We are the ones who truly want progress, and – despite what Politicians would lead us to believe – we are the only ones willing to make the hard changes needed.

  17. tokoloshi27 July 26, 2012

    Dear All: we must have been reading different articles. Comments don’t seem to address this ‘libelous’ screed that happens to be titled, “Seven Muslim ‘Conspirators’ Even Michele Bachmann Won’t Call Out.” My (very worn and presumably pre-political correctness dictionary) defines “conspire” as “1. To plan secretly, esp. to commit an illegal act; plot. 2. To combine or act together.”

    Since these dastardly deeds are ascribed only to members of Ms Bachmann party or moderates (sarcasm added by the author) of whatever stripe, in a very circuitous and supercilious tone; perhaps the real joke should be on @lolgop for coming unarmed to a battle of wits.

  18. middleclasstaxpayer July 26, 2012

    OK, so now you’re admitting Obama DID SAY IT, but in a context that justifies this unpatriotic remark. How about YOU giving us the entire text, including my original quote, and let the people decide. But remember, honesty is the BEST policy!

    1. edwardw69 July 26, 2012

      Who are you talking to? This post is in reply to whom? And where is that quote I asked for?
      I assume you would be in favor of arresting all muslim Americans and putting them in camps, just like happened to Japanese-Americans in WWII? That’s what Mr. Obama was referring to in the quote you took out of context.

  19. middleclasstaxpayer July 26, 2012

    I think if you were honest with me and yourself, you’d give us all the ENTIRE context & quote. Thanks

    1. edwardw69 July 26, 2012

      “Audacity of Hope” pg. 261. Look it up yourself, not that you would be able to understand it.

  20. JMKaussieamerican July 26, 2012

    You have to be kidding, right?…Your “evidence” for these so-called conspirator accusations, is so tenuous and in most cases bigoted and illogical that it AMAZES me that National Memo allowed you to publish it on their page.Shame on you National MEMO!!!. Should my husband denounce me because I am from Australia, an Australian American?…neither should Grover Norquist denounce his wife for her ethnicity!!! Only 1.6% of Americans are Muslim, and they are Americans first…I am sure the Muslim Brotherhood is astonished at your claims of these 7 connections.
    Being American means to accept and include people of all faiths and ethnicities in the pursuit of the American dream… and of course watch out for the occasional wacko who tries to spoil it.

    1. johninPCFL July 27, 2012

      Look up “satire” in the dictionary the next time you get a chance. You may find that a modern web-based one will use a link to this article as its example!

    2. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

      dont turn your back

  21. middleclasstaxpayer July 26, 2012

    No, she thinks I’m napping. Be honest, do all grownups get this excited over absolutely nothing? Thanks for sharing, I’m going back to my room before she finds out what I did.

  22. D July 26, 2012

    Just goes to show you…you can’t say anything without it coming back to bite you in the ass…

  23. howa4x July 26, 2012

    Republicans have always been hypocrits on so many issues so why change now?

  24. Donnie Toby July 26, 2012

    The Muslims have been fighting the Christians since the 12 century. Do you think it is any different now. These people will just wait and take their time and in about 50 or so years their impact will become apparent and very visitable. America cannot be everything to everyone. It is either denyh admission to certain groups or America, get ready for a country to end up just like Iraq and he middle east with various factions occupying various portions of the US. Bank on it.

  25. Don B July 26, 2012

    How far can Michelle stick her foot in her mouth? All those “righties” and conservative “saints” playing footies with Muslim extremist groups when Reagan and Bushes 1 and 2 were in office….My my my………Thgese should all be cross-examined throughly (maybe even renditioned?) so they tell us what they know…….A-holism has no bounds on the right.

  26. BettyBenson July 26, 2012

    If you cannot see this article for what it is, then you need to educate yourself on propaganda designed to give your citizenry an enemy – make this “enemy” so feared and hated, that when you declare (or not) war on them, you won’t mind killing millions of innocent men, women and children. And who is behind this movement to make you hate and fear a whole culture of people? The country that is most in fear of them – Israel – through her Lobbyists, her Hasbarat network, and her financial backers who are buying our politicians in the GOP.

  27. Frank Cannon July 26, 2012

    Read and think for yourself.

  28. Valerie Bock July 26, 2012

    Could be a great article, once it’s EDITED. At one point there, on page 1 or 2, I couldn’t even decipher the sentence you were trying to get out, and your conclusion ends with another editing problem, detracting from any intended crescendo.

    Still, good information that is need-to-know stuff for the Tea Nutzis and the people they influence.

  29. fedupwiththisstuff July 27, 2012

    It seems to me that everyone and every country is cowtowing to the muslim community because they are afraid of them

  30. Maynard July 27, 2012

    The Zionists and Mormons beat them to it.

    1. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

      dont forget harry reed and 3 other liberals are MORMANS. open mouth stick in foot

  31. ridemybroom July 27, 2012

    I just cant believe that Norquist’s wife is Kuwatian…what a %%% joke….and these repukes want us to take them seriously…..give me a break !……now we know how the Egyptians threw a coup on the country…..and Christie….what a traitor to his own country !!!! what a piece of **** !…a whale of a fat ass….Glad i am a liberal….you repukes have nothing on me….no wonder this country is in a shamble the way it is…

    1. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

      i bet you are wellfare and food stamp liberal. keep showing people

  32. Fern Woodfork July 27, 2012

    Michele Like Sarah Both Are IDIOTS I Wonder How Many Butts Did Each Of Them Suck In Order To Win Their Offices!!

    1. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

      oh name calling you must be A LIBERAL

    2. LKLSPEEDY August 12, 2012

      you ought to know you were in front of tham

  33. JMKaussieamerican July 28, 2012

    OK, so I was taken!!! Of course you are kidding!!!…mmm… satire! I couldn’t see that National Memo could be serious here nor how Bachmann, baffling as she is, would throw all her heroes under the bus like this but…all the links made are so illogical, bigotted, and typical of both right and left ideological fanatics, I allowed myself to suspend belief and be fooled! Good job!…perhaps too Good a Job for simpletons like me!

    1. LKLSPEEDY August 3, 2012

      i bet you believe the lies obama screws, it was on the news lastweek[nbc] that germany,chancelor stated that within 10 years moslems will out number tham and probably make shorea law. they have average 8.3 children per. the rest are not having any . watch out america. because american women are not having children. but we keep 250000 green cards every year. most spanish. so why speek english. they want a better life, all they do is make our country like the one they left.and if a cross offends one moselem,oh my goodness. whewr is majority rules. sorry only for certain things

  34. thomas July 28, 2012

    I believe Reagan’s famous statement re “the moral equivalents of our founding fathers” was made in reference to the murderous contras he was supporting against the democratically elected government of Nicaragua. Am I correct?

    1. George September 11, 2012

      I think it was to the Afghan insurgents who were fighting – with our help – to expel the Soviets from Afghanistan.

  35. Danny Ballard July 30, 2012

    If the Klux Klux Klan can do it, then any other racial or radical group can infiltrate our government…DUH!

  36. SAKhader01 July 31, 2012

    What is wrong with Republican candidates what schools they go to, if this is the way our leaders are then we are here for surprise. She has no knowledge what she is talking about, Sara Palin saw from he back yard Russia, I wonder what Michelle Bachman saw fron her back yard, what a shame. Syed Khader, Atlanta, GA.

    1. LKLSPEEDY August 12, 2012

      ok theres a link at the bottom of the page for you. HOW WOULD LIKE TO BE A MUSLIM than you can die for 6 virgins. the had a religous war for begining of time. think anything is different now

  37. John Bball August 6, 2012

    The article is over, can we turn SARC off now?

  38. taalibdin shabazz August 9, 2012

    I am a Muslim and

  39. taalibdin shabazz August 9, 2012

    I am a Muslim and also an American Patriot, I served two tours in Viet Nam as a combat
    soldier in Infantry. I’ve notice that both the Reublicans and the Democratic parties are demonizing the Muslim using AL- ISLAM as fodder to gain one upmanship. It would be better to
    stay with the facts it will serve both sides better just advice for those who consider themselves intelligent.

  40. Merl Allen August 10, 2012

    crazy lady supports the MEK, so does the Moslem Brotherhood, I think we need to arrest crazy lady right away.

  41. fuda August 16, 2012

    In the world, there are bad people & good people, like wise there are good Muslims & bad Muslims. Capitalism allow one to gamble on where to gain from investments. America also gain from Muslim countries resources. Americans have a right to socialize & work with whoever they wish to & trade with, it is a constitutional right, you can’t deny them !

  42. Dave Roberts August 21, 2012

    Here I thought Michelle had gone too far, when actually she hadn’t gone far enough! Thanks for pointing out these additional Muslim conspirators in the top ranks of our government!

  43. Ron Tuttle September 16, 2012

    You must remember that they were fighting against the Soviets and remember who recently said that the greatest enemy of the US is the USSR. Mr. Romney in his ever forward thinking wisdom strikes again. He couldn’t be thinking of arming the Taliban again could he?

    1. patuxant October 29, 2012

      Romney is a moral and political lightweight. He is playing a shell game, living in the house of mirrors, and now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t. He could be the ringleader in a circus! If the people of this country vote him in, this is what they will get in the end.

  44. Jeremy Crowley September 22, 2012

    this article is plain retarded, rabble rousing bullsh*t. Loose, extremely thin connections maybe?? His wife is from Kuwait and so he is a sympathizer of radical Islamist? I seriously can’t stop laughing, maybe you would be better off writing for action, conspiracy movies?? Seems more appropriate.

    1. patuxant October 29, 2012

      No funnier than Huma, Weiner’s wife! That is the point of this article.

  45. tao99 September 28, 2012

    John McCain is as loyal as they come ; a true American. Anyone who contends otherwise should be condemned and out-sourced

  46. peter September 30, 2012

    hold on to your kids..sharia law is coming to a town near you..you better watch out and keep your eyes wide-open for THOSE people..yes sir, the Russian’s are coming

  47. El Infidel October 9, 2012

    Question: Are there any muslims in the US Government?
    Answer: Yes
    Question: Are all muslims required to perform jihad for the defense of Islam?
    Answer: Yes
    Question: Is it necessary to actively work for the subordination of the US Constitution and replace it with Sharia according to the koran and hadith?
    Answer: Yes
    Conclusion: peaceful muslim is an oxymoron.


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