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A Brain Scientist Explains How To Turn Trump Into A ‘Loser’

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A Brain Scientist Explains How To Turn Trump Into A ‘Loser’


“A majority of voters saw Trump as a racist,” FiveThirtyEight‘s Harry Enten tweeted. “They also found him to be one of most moderate prez nominees in a generation. Circle that square.”

For George Lakoff, a Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics at UC Berkeley, this paradox is evidence of something he has been arguing for decades: political “moderates” exist but “There is no consistent political ‘middle.'”

Ah, the middle! The mystical gloryhole that Beltway insiders with elaborate plans to “fix the debt” imagine most voters want to crawl into for the nirvana of tax and “entitlement” reform. It’s a kinky fantasy on par with a Republican Congress that cares about deficits when a Republican is in the White House.

“A moderate conservative has mostly conservative views, but some progressive views,” Lakoff wrote in his post-mortem of the 2016 election “A Minority President: Why the Polls Failed, And What the Majority Can Do.”

Trump’s “progressive” views included promising to preserve Social Security and Medicare while raging against outsourcing, despite his own company’s record of prodigious outsourcing.

So what what were Trump’s “mostly conservative views,” you and many #NeverTrumpers may be wondering?

Understanding that requires seeing politics the way George Lakoff does.

In the 1990s he began asking himself a series of questions that have perplexed liberals for years. Like: “What does being against abortion have to do with being for owning guns?” or “How can you be pro-life and for the death penalty?”

It all came down to metaphors. America, in our brains, is a family.

“The conservative and progressive worldviews dividing our country can most readily be understood in terms of moral worldviews that are encapsulated in two very different idealizations of family life: The Nurturant Parent family (progressive) and the Strict Father family (conservative).”

Trump can’t quote William F. Buckley and likely prefers Barry Manilow to Barry Goldwater, but he may be the most brazen “Strict Father” candidate ever. His fixation on “winning” and dominating his opponents reinforces the hierarchical nature of conservative thought. His vile preening may have repulsed your “Nurturant Parent” brain but it offered his voters “self-respect, authority, and the possibility of power.”

Last summer, when many experts were still wondering how a non-doctrinaire conservative like Trump could win the nomination of a GOP that had gone so far to the right that it has to urinate at 90 degree angle, Lakoff laid out how Trump’s bullying bombast appealed to Evangelicals, Pragmatic Conservatives and Laissez-faire Free Marketeers. He saw Trump exploiting elements of the conservative worldview — including the “country as person metaphor” and simplistic “direct causation” — that the right has spent hundreds of millions of dollars nurturing.

In addition to his mastery of the broad strokes of the right-wing politics of dominance, Trump’s decades of experience selling crap taught him how to use your brain against you, including repetition, framing like “Crooked” Hillary, and “truthful hyperbole.”

Lakoff also explained how Trump could win over people who had voted for Barrack Obama, despite being a birther who represented the exact opposite of Obama’s nuanced, systemic thinking.

“Many union members are strict fathers at home or in their private life,” he wrote. “They believe in ‘traditional family values’ — a conservative code word — and they may identify with winners.”

This brain scientist’s insights into American politics first came into vogue during the George W. Bush era, when he pointed out that approaching voters as logical issue-weighing machines gave Republicans — who employ the same marketing techniques that sell cars and timeshares — a huge advantage.

And he thinks Democrats made that mistake again in 2016, though Lakoff — like pollsters and much of America — didn’t see Trump’s narrow Electoral College win coming.

“They failed to understand unconscious thought and moral worldviews” he wrote. “While hailing science in the case of climate change, they ignored science when it came to their own minds.”

Instead of building upon the progressive frame, Democrats unconsciously aided Trump.

“They kept running ads showing Trump forcefully expressing views that liberals found outrageous,” he wrote. “Trump supporters liked him for forcefully saying things that liberals found outrageous. They were ads paid for by the Clinton campaign that raised Trump’s profile with his potential supporters!”

So how to defeat a master of self-promotion like Trump?

Start by pointing out that Trump is the biggest popular vote loser ever to win the Electoral College.

“Don’t let anyone forget it,” Lakoff suggests. “Keep referring to Trump as the minority president, Mr. Minority and the overall Loser. Constant repetition, with discussion in the media and over social media, questions the legitimacy of the minority president to ignore the values of the majority.”

Trump’s unique status as the most unpopular man ever to enter the White House can chip away at his core “Strict Father” appeal, which explains why pointing it out irritates him so much.

“There are certain things that strict fathers cannot be: A Loser, Corrupt, and especially not a Betrayer of Trust,” Lakoff writes.

Trump’s conflicts of interests and their potential for corruption are also unprecedented in American history and any retreat from his promise to preserve Medicare must be framed as a catastrophic betrayal.

But Lakoff warns Democrats against “showcasing Trump, keeping him in the limelight” and urges them to instead to focus on reinforcing the values of the “American Majority” movement.

“The idea that must be brought across is empathy for those in your in-group, your town.”

Empathy is conservative Kryptonite.

But in order to use it effectively, progressives need to understand that the things that repulsed them most about Trump are what he used to bring out the conservatism in swing voters’ brains.

IMAGE: President Barack Obama meets with President-elect Donald Trump to discuss transition plans in the White House Oval Office in Washington, U.S., November 10, 2016.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque



  1. dtgraham November 28, 2016

    “Trump would never ask for a recount if he lost, but won the popular vote by more than two million votes.”

    — clinically insane Trump voter.

    CNN breaking news:
    President elect Donald Trump takes credit for vanquishing Fidel Castro, and strongly denied any link between Castro’s death and the idea that Castro couldn’t stand the thought of Trump being the U.S. President who might attend his funeral.

    1. Carleyrlopez November 28, 2016

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    2. dpaano November 28, 2016

      It’s funny that Trump is calling the recount by Stein & Clinton a “scam.” I bet if the shoe were on the other foot and he lost, he’d be screaming for recounts from every state! I just hope the recount shows him that he didn’t win and the Electoral College sees this and votes accordingly!

  2. Michael Allen November 28, 2016

    “…gone so far to the right that it has to urinate at 90 degree angle….” Excuse me? Say what?

  3. LCR78 November 28, 2016

    I often wondered why the Democrats kept running ads that seems to reinforce Trump’s message. I wouldn’t have don’t anything to give him more air time. That was what he wanted and he very smartly used the mainstream media as free advertising.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

    This was NO election of the people, FOR the people, BY the people. It was rigged by the Republicans who knew they would NEVER win by popular vote. 17 candidates on their stage proved that. So, the minute the Penthouse Emperor of NY City handed the $100 million RNC bribe to allow him to do what he has wanted to do since he was married to Marla, his 2nd wife, become the most powerful man in the world. And we all know what happens to power addicted men.

    It is kind of funny that the Republicans are using him to get rid of everything President Obama tried to do in the past 8 years. The ones who always end up hurting the most are NEVER the DEM states. It is always states like IA, KS, OK, TX, WVA, NC, GA and AL that end up worse off.

    But, now the shoe is on the other foot. When these GOP states used their “states rights” to avoid obeying federal laws, now Dem states get to do the same in spades.

    There is no doubt the Penthouse Whoremaster rigged this election using the Electoral College. There was no hope he would win popular votes. So the RNC had no choice but the gerrymander and redistrict their voting poll maps all while they kept the country busy with Benghazi and EmailGate.

    Oh the games little boys play. Until Mommy has to straighten them out on a few points like rigging an election can be proven and has been by the right wing’s boy genius, Snowden. Mommy has to “correct” her little boys who try to put one over on her by using foreign hackers to steal DNC email information they used to alter or delete votes. Mommy has to put a stop to the little boys when they think all they have to do is butter a few electoral college electors palms and who’s the wiser? Mommy is…that’s who!

    1. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

      WikiLeaks emails PROVED it was the DNC that rigged ekections, why Debbie Wasserman Schultz & Donna Brazile were forced to resign, & CNN was caught lying! Once again you have trouble facing reality!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

        Nice try liar. Do you mindless robots of the right EVER get anything straight? Wikileaks was in cahoots with the Russian hackers who were the ones who hacked the DNC Emails. How in the hell did you manage to twist that truth like a pretzel? Furthermore, even Comey now admits that he shouldn’t have released the Clinton emails 11 days before an election when he refused to release the emails hacked by the Russians. It was CrowdStrike before Snowden, who discovered that the Russians hacked into the DNC emails. Not to find out what the DNC was up to. To get hold of names and other information so they could alter and delete votes. Now, in WI it was just found during the recount that over 2,000 votes never made it to the voting tallies.

        Once again you are a liar. http://www.mintpressnews.com/snowden-leak-nsa-hacking-tools-russias-warning-us-government/219660/ …More…https://www.wired.com/2016/07/heres-know-russia-dnc-hack/.

        Why do you lie? Is it because your mommy and daddy never taught you right from wrong? Or you are just insisting like all mental patients always do that only you know it all?

        1. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

          Wow, you are such a gullible, ignorant fool. Who cares WHO hacked the emails sweetie, it is the emails themselves that proved the scandals, corruption & lies of Hillary, Obama & the entire Democrat-Socialist Party.
          One more thing, your admitting the Russians hacked Hillary’s emails makes her even more unfit to be President & shows the danger to our National Security, because Hillary unlawfully used an unsecured, private server. Get it?

    2. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

      Your problem is there are fewer and fewer Dem states to matter. You, as well as they, will fall into line very shortly dear. Get over it……lol

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

        No YOUR problem is rigging the Electoral College through redistricting maps that bloated the number of electors in TX in 2000 from 23 to 2016’s 34. Got an explanation for that?

        The Electoral college votes are supposed to protect the states with the smallest populations from always being outvoted by states with the largest populations. But the Republicans reversed that by jacking the number of electors even though the math with their population numbers do not add up.

        You need to get remedial math education. You stink at figuring out that we KNOW how your Republicans end up with more red states…it’s called gerrymandering. Games up for you boys. Mommies are not happy you rigged this election. Mommies are going to have to punish your little boys for that little trick.

        1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

          Yeah right Ellie! You “mommys” best get back to what you’re good at. Then when your done make me a sammich…….

          1. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

            Maybe that’s why you are a lazy bum? Your Mommy overindulged you like Trump’s mommy Mary Ann did until his daddy had to send him off to militiary school to separate Mommy from her little boy?

            I was a tough love mother. You try pulling BS with me and you get to learn what deprivation means. That is exactly what we Mommies plan to do to you little boys now. We will deprive you of the benefits of our hard work and those nice second incomes that let little boys like you sit all day and play on computers.

            Not to worry. I am sure with that Greek last name of yours, you will be deported and when Greece rejects a lazy bum like you, The Penthouse President will make sure you have a job in those newly opened coal mines in Siberia. Just make sure you get aboard those cattle cars on time.

          2. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            My daddy happened to do the same thing and am I glad he did. Mommy, like you, had nothing to say about ANYTHING and is perhaps the reason you’re such a man hater. No one listened to little Ellie while getting coffee for the men at work and nobody listens now. You tell those cats to behave Ellie!!!!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker November 29, 2016

            Awwww…Come now Greek boy. My Daddy was Italian and he always said how you and your dirty Greeks like to make liars of yourselves. Must be why you think you are some ROCK star. Please…you are about as much a Greek god rock as Ted Nugent is a Wango Tango boop a doop boop a doop boop a doop nut.

            I have lots of male friends. Just not BS artists like you. And all of them have REAL jobs. Not like you. Lay around all day and play on a computer and then maybe earn a few hundred a week pretending you are a rock star.

            As for your Mommy, from what I hear tell about Greek women they have a special affinity for being “rear ended.”

            Tell your Mommy to open her mouth and take your Daddy’s fist out of it. You talk big. But you don’t dare come to the Metro Area where you know your big mouth would end up with a fist in it. Now do go stop trying to be a bad little boy no woman would go near with a 100 ft. pole.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

    The idea that Americans will accept what right wingers call truth only proves where these people come from and who raised them. They don’t know the difference between facts and lies. Yet, they fully expect all of us to blindly accept their BS posts.

    The reality is that the Penthouse President is not a president. He is a billionaire tycoon. He has a right to run for president and be president. ONLY if he follows the oath of office that is based on his swearing to protect the U.S. Constitution.

    So now we get a bunch of wayward hicks who have no jobs, don’t want any jobs that takes them away from their Great White Angry Boy Act and then they just expect us to sit back and tolerate their BS.

    The only accomplishments they have are as expert liars like their Penthouse President of the Penthose Whorehouse.

    1. Dan S November 28, 2016

      I like that nickname Penthouse President. While I like the idea that there’s a recount being done in 3 states I have no illusion that we’re stuck with the dumpster as Prez for now. I honestly think he won’t finish his 4 year term if he can’t separate his business empire from his duties as President. There’s too much of a conflict of interest & we’ll have a President Pence sooner rather than later. Trump simply will be overwhelmed & will likely resign before there’s any talk of impeachment. One can only hope

      1. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

        As opposed to the conflicts of interest when HilLIARy was SOS? You lefties just don’t get it. The more you rant and the more the MSM bashes President Trump, the more the middle class voters see through the BS. The Dems lost because they focused on bathrooms and not jobs or the economy.
        If President Trump accomplishes 30% of what he promised, Obama will be the last Dem president until at least 2028.

        1. Dan S November 28, 2016

          Wrong again asshat. Trump lost in the popular vote which makes him a minority President. As part of the middle class I saw thru his BS long before he ever entered the race. He’s a conman who’s going to give nice big tax cuts to the very rich & guess what ? If you’re part of the middle class you too can actually see your tax rate go UP. And believe me when I say by the time Trump gets done screwing everyone over & breaking a good deal of his campaign promises Americans will quickly vote a Democrat back into the WhiteHouse in 2020. After the next census once gerrymandered districts are abolished the GOP can kiss their House majority goodbye in 2022

          1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Here you start the name calling again. You sir are the asshat! You saw through his BS….what you “see” is the country repairing the damage over the last 8 years and for some reason it makes you mad. On the dole are ya? I’be happy to pay a few more bucks if they go toward the people who need it and if tat were to occur so be it. Did you not pay attention to the map posted above? Half of the morons that voted for the cankle queen live in the BLUE gimmiedat areas of which you must be a part of. Your party is DOA as of this election. America will be America again in a few short months!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

            Awww…Now you play victim? After 8 years of trying desperately to call our President Obama every name in the book? Funny how you men with NO balls seem to hate the idea that the shoe is now on the other foot.

            Now, all that states’ rights BS is back at ya! Now, all that blowhard bluster is in your faces and you don’t like it. Awww….boooo hoooo!

          3. Dan S November 28, 2016

            Ok smart guy the last 8 years was repairing the damage left by President Obamas predecessor. He inherited an economy in shambles with banks needing a bailout to stay open. The economy is finally doing well with low unemployment & a record high Dow. Wages are increasing for the first time in a long time for the middle class. I’ve never been on the dole nor has my wife who’s a nurse by profession that own our home. We pay our taxes unlike Trump who avoids paying them at all costs. He lies so much promising to bring back jobs that’ll never return. It’ll just take time for those who voted Trump to realize they’ve been conned & will gladly vote for the Democratic nominee in 2020. As for name calling that all started with your beloved President Elect calling people losers, calling Jeb Bush low energy & Senator Cruz Lyin Ted. I actually felt sorry for the other GOP nominees having to listen to that loudmouth ????

          4. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Are we still blaming Bush at this late stage? I was no fan of his but when is enough enough? Unemployment is not low. Don’t believe the hype. What did the banks do with that money? Paid their executives for a job well done? Ha! The Dow has been propped up with 0% interest and wages for service industry employees are going up to 20K year. I’m all choked up…..

            Will you admit it when jobs do come back and the economy is humming along at 4 or 5% growth and admit that you are the one who has been conned for many years as a democrat?

          5. Dan S November 28, 2016

            I’m citing the fact that the Bush recession was President Obamas inheritance when he took office. I’ll grant you I’m not thrilled either the big bank payouts to their CEOs & if there’s another meltdown the government may not bail them out again. With Trumps talk of deregulating them once more is cause for concern. For those who can’t or won’t adapt to the new global economy yes they’ll be stuck at $20K a year. The promises by Trump of bringing back outsourced jobs isn’t going to happen. So yes they’re the people that are being conned

          6. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            I asked if you’d admit that you were wrong about him if he does what he says he’ll do….believe me, I will be here screaming as loudly as you if he doesn’t and will admit I was conned. Just like I have admitted for months that I was conned by Obama in 08

          7. dpaano November 28, 2016

            I agree with you, Dan, about Trump not bringing back outsourced jobs…..heck, he hasn’t even mentioned bringing back his clothing line from China, nor have we heard anything about Ivanka bringing her jewelry manufacturing back from overseas! Funny, we never hear anything about Trump’s outsourcing!

          8. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            “Will you admit it when jobs do come back and the economy is humming along at 4 or 5% growth and admit that you are the one who has been conned for many years” Sorry i can’t include “as a Democrat” Because I am not.

            Gladly will I admit it if we still also have clean water and air which you’ll have to excuse me for thinking are more important than corporate profits.

          9. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

            Oh, does that mean we can use the excuse IF anything would not work, we can also use the excuse of using 8 years to undo the damage caused by Obama? Since Obama was such a huge failure & created unbelievable debt, maybe we can use 16 years. And here we heard you Liberals claim everything under Obama was just so peachy! LMAO.

          10. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            “America will be America again in a few short months!” hahaha.
            C’mon Jim get serious. Even if Trump was as smart as he claims (no evidence for that) he will accomplish nothing “in a few short months”.

          11. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

            Can’t we take a wait and see attitude here?

          12. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            We don’t have much choice on that do we? What should be addressed now is Trump’s absurd contention that the president cannot have a conflict of interest. There is a big difference between what is allowed by law and what is ethically correct though for Trump if he thinks he can get away with it he will do it.

          13. dpaano November 30, 2016

            The “wait and see” choice is ridiculous. To date, Trump has backtracked on many of the lies he told his followers. It amazes me that they still want to believe him despite this fact. For example, he said he was going to clean up Washington, D.C. and get rid of lobbyists and Wall Street bankers….sure, he cleaned them up all right….they’ve all been most nominated for his cabinet. To my way of thinking, that isn’t the way to “drain the swamp!” Putting them in charge of very important departments is NOT how to run this country…..they’re goals will cause this country to go back into a major recession. I just hope when all this happens and his followers realize the error of their ways, they will be able to weather the store of the “wait and see” BS that they keep spouting! When they no longer have Medicare, lose some of the important parts of the ACA, lose consumer rights that were granted to help the American people from being screwed by some consumers, have to deal with pollution in their water and their air, etc., they will see the truth!

          14. The lucky one November 30, 2016

            “they (Trumpsters) will see the truth!” That would be a bigger miracle than water into wine. Trump will blame his failures on whatever scapegoat is handy, including those he has chosen, and the majority of them will lap it up like they did his other absurd excuses like “the media is against me” & “3 million illegal voters chose Hillary in CA”.

            I used to have a rather large garden. You can take a wait and see approach when a woodchuck invades your garden. Maybe he is a benevolent groundhog and will only take a small share but you won’t be eating many vegetables that year.

          15. dpaano November 30, 2016

            You’re probably right about the Trumpsters seeing the truth….they’ve believed all his lies up to this point and they’ll continue to believe them even when they are proven so wrong! It’s pretty sad that they are lemmings going over the cliff after their demagogue!

          16. PrecipitousDrop November 30, 2016

            The cult of Trump.
            Oh, well…
            If Charles Manson, Jim Jones and Sun Myung Moon could develop a following, I guess he can, too. Some people prefer to be led by the nose.

          17. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 1, 2016

            DONNY DUMP has his scapegoat from the start where should one start ? first and on top he will blame all failed thing on the stupid brain dead clowns that voted him into office (with good reason there for sure ) then he will say you put me in the house and you all knew I never held any type of office before in my life (the only thing the clown holds in his EGO and that if he cant get the right results he either pays people of fire’s them . and he will also say are you all kidding me ? I was just doing a free clown show for the country and its the people that loved my clown show . (little did you all know the free clown show I was giving all you brain dead morons will cost you all dearly ) the DONNY DUMP will say yes my EGO and my clown show was mine . but its YOU THE PEOPLE that are the FOOLS

          18. dpaano November 29, 2016

            I agree, he’s already found out that many of the promises he made to his erstwhile followers can’t be done for various reasons! Apparently, he thought that being president would be much like being a CEO…..that you can do anything you want without any restrictions. Boy, wait until he realizes that being president is a 24/7 job! That’s definitely going to cut into his businesses quite a bit!

          19. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            Wow are you out of touch! President Trump will most likely not run for reelection in 2020, as he’ll be about 74. Mike Pence will win in 2024 and …. the GOP victories will just keep piling up.

          20. Dan S November 28, 2016

            Wow and you think you’re an informed voter ???? I don’t think Trump will even finish his first term leaving Pence to be the GOP standard bearer in 2020 not 2024. The Democrats won’t make the same mistake twice leaving a sparse nomination field & there’s several names already being mentioned. Regrettably Clinton took her eye off the ball & while winning the popular vote by around 2.5 million she didn’t campaign in states like Wisconsinthat were crucial. Lessons will be learned & guaranteed the mess Trump will leave is on the GOP & another Democrat will once again clean up after the mess they leave.

          21. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            Talk about being out of touch and low information. HilLIARy did campaign in Wisconsin. She, her movie star “friends”, and family campaigned in all the swing states. Guess what? They lost every damn one of them!
            On the morning of the election, your lefty pundits said HilLIARy has at least 238 electoral votes so the path for President Trump’s victory would be slim. Well, HilLIARy didn’t even get 238, so she lost a state that she had locked up!
            President Trump got the blue collar and middle class. Even Bernie said he was embarrassed they lost those voters. When the economy improves and the 8 terrible years of Obama, those same voters will come back to reelected the GOP.
            Here’s a map of interest.

        2. 788eddie November 28, 2016

          Reminder: Donald Trump LOST the popular vote by more than any other president in out country’s history!

          Please repeat; He Lost!

          1. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            When the illegal votes are subtracted out, President Trump will have won the popular vote.
            BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER! President Trump will take over for that jerk Obama on January 20. Think I’ll light up a big VICTORY cigar!

          2. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

            Another completely out of touch with reality loser.

          3. dpaano November 28, 2016

            Actually, he hasn’t really won yet…..it’ll be up to the Electoral College, and they don’t vote until January! He may be in for a surprise if they vote per the Constitution. Remember, the Electoral College was set up to keep this country from electing a demagogue for president….if this isn’t that time, than I don’t know what is!

        3. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

          Time for you to get off that Clinton bashing of yours. Now, it is OUR turn to bash your choice for president. Who may not even get to take the oath of office if he refuses to end his business interests.

          Your Penthouse President has already realized there is NO way he can deport anyone. He has to have full consent of the House and the Senate and not just the Republican Majority. Not stupid. How about the trash you call a first lady?

          Your boys lost the popular vote. The RNC knew they would NEVER win the popular vote. So they rigged the Electoral College votes by getting Russian hackers to hack into the DNC emails which now even Snowden admits was all done to get information on Hillary’s voters to delete and alter her votes.

          The recount has already shown that WI didn’t count over 3,000 Clinton votes.

          Come up north to NJ. I dare you. You hicks will get exactly what you asked for.

          1. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            Why do you insist on proving you’re low information and now you are a LIAR.
            Spoiler alert, the state of Wisconsin announced a few minutes ago that they will START the recount process on Thursday. SO, how the hell can the “recount has already shown that WI didn’t count over 3,000 Clinton votes”? THEY CAN’T and so you’ve been exposed as a liar. Now tell me again how your education and good job ever existed. We all knew you were nothing but a second level clerk, and the majority of those workers voted for President Trump.

          2. Paul Anthony November 28, 2016

            Why would any sane person go to NJ?

      2. dpaano November 28, 2016

        I agree, but Pence would be even worse!

    2. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

      Talk about hicks with no jobs, look at Obama’s inner circle. Not a one worked more than a few months in a job that was considered a real job. They were all on the lifetime payroll as typical for most Dems. Even your measly background showed you were on the public payroll and never really worked.
      Get over it. President Trump won a mandate. Read it and weep. And this author has no idea of what he wrote. The more the MSM attacked President Trump, the more the middle class swarmed to him. They are smart enough to know when they’re being scammed.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

        You already live in a grey zone…Your brain dead grey matter. Hillary Clinton WON over 2 million MORE popular votes …And anyone can rig the Electoral College with a $100 million bribe from your hero.

        There will never be any jobs up north in coal mining, fracking or oil rigging. We already all have jobs you lazy bums don’t have brains to do.

        1. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

          You seem to be mathematically challenged young missy. HilLIARy will win California (via the several million illegal votes) by about 3 million. Throw California out (or even NY) and President Trump has the popular vote. If the popular counted for anything, President Trump would have campaigned there and the delta would have been much smaller.
          So it would appear that your job as a low level clerk must not have included working with numbers. What’s that you say? You just fetched coffee for those who really had a meaningful job! Got it.

          1. Jon November 28, 2016

            Hey stupid where’s your proof of several million illegal votes? You’ve been licking Trump toads again haven’t you?

          2. dpaano November 28, 2016

            Hey, Jon, if Trump says it…..his followers think that it must be the gospel! This just goes to show how they have never had a single thought of their own in years! They probably don’t even know what critical thinking is!

          3. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            Hello racist and bigot; it’s not surprising that low information lefties think the same. But just because 1000 people say a lie is true, does not make the lie the truth. Perhaps you and Jon can share one of those crying rooms for the next 4 years?

          4. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            Testimony from folks who live in CA support massive numbers of illegals voting. Even Obuma encouraged illegals to vote. Put in voter ID and see what happens to the vote count. President Trump should request a recount in CA. According to national requirements, during a recount, verification of citizenship is required. Guess how the count will come out then.

          5. Jon November 28, 2016

            You licked Trump toads while watching InfoWars didn’t you? You are as delusional as your source. Alex Jones lost contact with reality long ago and you have joined him.

          6. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            And your proof that I licked Trump toads is?
            I’m still waiting for you to produce facts, any facts, that show that America wanted HilLIARy president. All you got is the CA and NY vote. We’ve already destroyed the logic that popular vote for president is a good thing. You crybabies just have to go out and burn more stores and destroy more police vehicles because you’re the party of love!
            You’re pathetic.

          7. Jon November 29, 2016

            Look at the popular vote you ignoramus. It is taken in all 50 states moron. Licking Trump toads has fried your little brain.

          8. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            Why look at the popular vote? It does not count for anything. Each state uses their own popular vote to determine their winner of their electoral votes. President Trump won the popular vote in way more states than HilLIARy did. She LOST. So it must be you licking HilLIARy’s toads!

          9. Jon November 29, 2016

            Hey you of very short attention span you were the one who said that all Hillary got was NY and CA. I suppose you were hallucinating from licking your pet Trump toad but there are actually 50 states that make up the United States. When you look at the total of the popular vote from all 50 states Trump lost in a landslide. Thanks to the anti-democratic Electoral College the biggest Loser ever to run for president will become president. Okay get back to licking your Trump toad. You’re gonna get so high.

          10. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            You must be bleeding from your eyes. I NEVER said that the only states the HilLIARy won were CA and NY. You must be licking HilLIARy’s toad too much.
            President Trump won 306 votes to HilLIARy’s 232. She supposedly had 238 locked up so what does that tell you? Voters soundly rejected her and Obama’s policies.
            Here’s another expert and vetted link that proves that President Trump has a mandate.
            I can still provide directions to the crying rooms at a college.

          11. PrecipitousDrop November 29, 2016

            The Electoral College (with a boost from the Supreme Court) elected Bush 43.
            The Electoral College is like training wheels for Republican presidential candidates.
            You just can’t occupy the Whitehouse without the assist.
            Your president-elect did not win the popular vote.
            THAT’S pathetic.

          12. InformedVoter November 30, 2016

            Once the 3 million illegal votes have been backed out of the popular vote totals, President Trump will also have won the popular vote. Yes, the Electoral College elected the President, just as they have done for 200+ years! You just finally figured that out? Amazing. You most certainly are a produce of common core education. Your amount of knowledge is what’s pathetic!

          13. PrecipitousDrop November 30, 2016

            There were no “3 million illegal votes.”
            There was no “letter” from the NFL regarding the presidential debate schedule.
            Thousands of US Muslims did not celebrate 9/11.
            Your Glorious Leader lies like a rug.

          14. InformedVoter November 30, 2016

            It’s amazing how you keep proving you’re part of the low information crowd. The 3 million illegal voters has been called wrong, but by whom? Why it’s the same MSM sources that paid pollsters to produce FAKE poll results that showed HilLIARy in the lead. Even the NYT has admitted they used the paid for fake polls in an attempt to discourage GOP voters from going to the polls. The NYT recognized that the ground swell of the middle class would take HilLIARy down.
            Regarding the 1000s of Muslims cheering, it was true. I have relatives who live in Michigan. The noon-time news reports from the Detroit area TV stations showed 1000s of folks celebrating in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit. By the time the 5 PM news shows started, the TV stations, fearing that 1000s of citizens were thinking of going into Dearborn and take on those celebrating, removed any coverage of the cheering. The footage is still available, but on a restricted basis.
            So it would appear, that once again, you have been bested by the true informed voter.
            Knowledge is a powerful thing and weapon. Too bad you are so lacking in knowledge.
            I can provide maps to find one of those crying rooms that the wimpy colleges set up so you little boys can cope with the beating HilLIARy and the Dems took.

          15. PrecipitousDrop November 30, 2016

            InfoWars is not your friend, Misinformed.

          16. InformedVoter November 30, 2016

            So you’re going to cling to the MSM as your information source. Even though they lie to their readers. The NYT admitted they paid for fake polls and published them. When are you going to wake up? Perhaps I’m giving you too much credit. You’ve accepted the MSM story that HilLIARy was winning; you accept global warming as settled (no way Jose); must you keep proving yourself to be one of their sheeple?
            Now you believe the recount will be good. Everyone seems to say “it will not change anything”. So why it is being done? Stein collected $3 million for the presidential race – in total. She’s more than doubled that because low information fools think a miracle will happen. Stein will use the money to challenge Dem candidates in upcoming elections. How dumb does that make you.
            Also, it appears that the money Stein will pay WI, PA and MI will only cover about half what the cost will be. MI is saying that if Stein requests the recount, it will cost the taxpayers $1 million to cover the estimated $2 million cost. Stein will only pay $900,000. This should really please the folks in MI. Similar numbers are quoted from WI, where the recount will start Thursday.
            And to show how low information your crowd is: Eleanore claimed on Monday that WI already had counted 3,000 Clinton votes that were missing. You probably provided that information, but the joke is that the recount won’t start until Thursday. You lefties keep shooting yourself with your low information knowledge base.

          17. dpaano November 30, 2016

            Agreed…..he singled out 3 states, all of which are very good at keeping track of votes and voters. California did NOT have any illegal votes, and our governor is quite upset at Trump’s comments, as are the governors of both of the other states mentioned! But, like Trump, his followers tend to believe everything they’re told despite the fact that none of it is true!

          18. PrecipitousDrop November 30, 2016

            I’d like to know why Republicans foster this misinformation. These are not nuances of tone or perspective. These are flat-out, cast iron lies.
            And they know it.

          19. dpaano December 5, 2016

            But, PD, they’ve been brainwashed to believe the conspiracy theories, false news stories, and the other lies and misinformation that Trump and his cronies have fed them all during Trump’s campaign. I’m just wondering how long it will take before they start to realize that he lied to them! Every day something he does shows that he lied, but they keep making up excuses for him. I’ve heard from a couple of my so-called “Republican” friends who are angry as hell at some of the things that he’s doing despite the promises he made. They are wondering now WHY they voted for him…..maybe the rest of his so-called “followers” will see the light soon also!

          20. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 6, 2016

            here’s something I texted about many time that will turn into facts >> A desire to fix any billionaire deficit may account for Trump’s decision to stock his administration with real-life tycoons. The way it works is that they cut him into their deals and he lets them influence tax and regulatory laws. This assumes that Trump might participate in such an unseemly trade, heaven forfend. << ill bet he learned this from his B/F Russia's PUTTHEAD he is and will make the USA the biggest joke of the world . heck while he may even be getting the country into wars . because the 5 time draft dodging coward likes to fight (SO THE CLOWN COWARD SAYS ) he isn't even in office yet and look at where he is and where his plans are going its not the DONNY DUMP plane crashing into a wall its the all of America plane he is crashing into the wall

          21. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 6, 2016

            as for all of the DUMPSTERS brain dead followers thy are too much of idiots and just enjoy the FREE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . but even them are too stupid to see it will cost them and the whole country

          22. dpaano November 30, 2016

            Personally, I think that’s the reason why he doesn’t want the recounts….he’s going to find out that he didn’t win by as much as he was led to believe by his “handlers.” He didn’t win the majority vote, he doesn’t have a mandate, and his election was NOT a landslide as he would like to believe it was! Like his followers, he tends to only read anything that makes him look good even tho’ it’s fake news and unsubstantiated! His followers tend to do the same!

          23. PrecipitousDrop November 30, 2016

            What more can we expect from the Birther-in-Chief?

          24. dpaano December 5, 2016

            You meant the “twat” that “twitters?” That’s what I call him…..

          25. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            “Alex Jones lost contact with reality long ago and you have joined him.” I disagree. I think Jones as well as Trump is very much in contact with reality. The reality is that there are a very large number of not very intelligent people out there looking for simple answers to the many things that befuddle them. Jones makes a living off those dupes and Trump just became president with their support.

          26. Jon November 29, 2016

            Maybe you are right. They may be crazy like a fox(news) playing these rubes for all their worth. Jones’

          27. dpaano November 29, 2016

            I think many of them have been reading the “fake news” that has been going out on much of the social media. If they had a brain, they would quickly realize how stupid some of these things are, and if they even got off their lazy butts and fact checked most of them, they’d know for sure how wrong these “news bits” are! But, as usual, they just tend to believe everything they’re told because that’s what brainwashed people do!

          28. Jon November 29, 2016

            The first thing they hear that is not in conflict with beliefs they hold is accepted as fact no matter how outrageous or demonstrably false it is. I wonder how much is due to the cognitive dissonance that seems deeply rooted in them. For those who are not as affected by cognitive dissonance, I agree that they are too lazy to do a minimum amount of fact checking. They believe some very bizarre tales.

          29. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            Her job came with knee pads Informed which is why she is such a bitter woman with all those cats

          30. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            Poor Elle, she is such a low information person. She is so easy to destroy. I just caught her in a yuge lie. She claimed that the recount in WI showed HilLIARy getting 3000 new votes. The problem is that WI announced this afternoon that the recount would start on Thursday. I really her lying butt on that one.

          31. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

            She is such a bitter tw^t….but the liberal in me actually feels sorry for a woman like her at times

          32. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            ” the liberal in me” Huh???

          33. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Jim: Who’s a “liberal twit?” If you’re talking about me (and I don’t know because I have your comments blocked), then you are probably so right…..I AM a liberal (not a twit)! And, at least I’m smart enough to know that your wonderful president-elect is going to take us down! Unlike you and the other trolls on this site, you don’t bother to check the actual facts and keep spouting BS that you’ve heard and have been brainwashed to believe! Give it a rest, okay?

          34. palsifar November 28, 2016

            Ha … throw California and New York out and Mexico would indeed be paying for a wall … to keep you and yours from trying to migrate there in search of a better life … those blue counties you disparage are the economic engines of this country & subsidize all the SSI Disability, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, rural clinics & infrastructure all you down-home sorts are gobbling up at our expense …

          35. dpaano November 28, 2016

            Definitely…..if California and New York were to secede from the U.S.A., the rest of this nation would be hurting! I think Washington, Oregon, and California should secede together and build a wall to keep the rest of the Trumpsters out…..we can do well without his government!

          36. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            Hello racist and bigot; As I informed palsifar, since he’s obviously even lower information that the average lefty, both CA and NY are nearing a death spiral. They have more collecting from the state than paying into the state funds. If the trend continues, they will be asking the central government for bailout. Just look at Detroit, the Dem model of entitlements. They kept increasing the rolls of those on the entitlement bandwagon and finally, when the state got tired of supporting them, they filed bankruptcy. So all those poor workers, who paid into their retirement plans had to take a pension cut. And these were folks whose pensions were between $1,000 and $1,500 per month – and they took a 10% cut! Meanwhile, those freeloaders who bankrupted the city will continue to get their entitlements. I have to believe these folks (mainly black and female) voted for President Trump. The demographic numbers from Detroit certainly show a big swing from those who voted for Obama who didn’t vote for HilLIARy. I know, you’re going to call them racist.

          37. InformedVoter November 28, 2016

            I didn’t say remove them from the union, I said if you ignore the vote margin for EITHER of these states, that President Trump wins the popular vote. Apparently you are not aware that President Trump didn’t campaign in CA because he knew the fruits and nuts would vote for poison if HilLIARy told them it was OK to drink. Had President Trump campaigned there, the margin of victory would have been less and he would have won the popular vote too.
            Economic engines? Hardly. Both NY and CA are on the brink of a death spiral. They have more collecting aid than are paying into the system. Soon they will be asking for more from the central government to stay afloat. Please don’t try to profess that you have knowledge that you obviously don’t possess.

          38. palsifar November 28, 2016

            ok reality check … California has the sixth largest economy in the entire world and is currently running a multi-billion dollar budget surplus … California also subsidizes the failed GOP economies of the red states, receiving only 79 cents in federal spending for every dollar it contributes in federal revenue … if you want to see some states that are truly in fiscal death spirals, try googling Kansas & Louisiana … just to start

            at this point I’m convinced your moniker is meant to be ironic … so why not actually educate yourself before posting such embarrassing nonsense for the whole world to see … here’s a start … https://wallethub.com/edu/states-most-least-dependent-on-the-federal-government/2700/ … cheers

          39. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            Nice try, but your dog don’t hunt! Your site is concerned with Federal dollars from contracts, Federal government jobs, etc. CA has crossed the point where more are collecting benefits than are paying into the system. It’s just a matter of time before CA, NY, HI (that’s Hawaii so you don’t have to get into a tizzy trying to look it up) are others that are nearing the death spiral.
            A factor in President Trump’s mandate victory is the economy. Obama’s economic policies have been a disaster for the middle class. As Bernie lamented “we lost the blue collar and working class”. These Americans have truly suffered under the policies of the past 8 years. HilLIARy and co. concentrated on bathrooms and not jobs.
            So you might try going to the closest Target and use the ladies room. Don’t worry about any crowds. Even though it’s holiday shopping season, Target’s sales have plummeted since their “one bathroom for all” policy. If not, just go to the nearest wimpy college and look for a safe zone. Perhaps your picture is included in this one. Enjoy your good cry.

          40. palsifar November 29, 2016

            some death spiral …
            California 2015 GDP … $2.49 trillion … 2015 pop 38.8 million
            United Kingdom 2015 GDP $2.86 trillion … 2015 pop 65.1 million
            France 2015 GDP … 2.42 trillion … 2015 pop 64.4 million

            meanwhile … in Red State America …
            one out of every eleven adults of working age (18-64) in West Virginia is on SSI Disability …
            of the ten states with the highest proportion of their working age populations on SSI Disability … nine are under complete GOP control, while the 10th has a GOP governor … eight of the ten voted for Trump, while the other two (VT & NH) are more than 95% white …

            *now* you are informed as to which states are the providers and which are the moochers …

          41. InformedVoter November 29, 2016

            You’re not much of an economist are you. So CA has big income, but they spend almost more than they take in. It’s like someone earning $100,000 a year and spending $101,000. Big income, but a piss poor job of balancing their budget.

            So now you want to pick on those who are on disability. It must be comforting for you because you are healthy enough to work. Shame on you. So I’d love to see your stats that show the workers having to go on disability is directly related to GOP governance. I await you learned response.

          42. palsifar November 30, 2016

            California is obligated by its Constitution to balance its budget every year … which it does, and currently has $6.7 billion in the bank … so once again, one minute of research on the Google would have spared you from embarrassing yourself online here …

            And yes, I stand by my statements on SSI Disability … given the demographics of who actually receives it and how the requirements for eligibility are left up to each state, it has essentially become lifelong welfare for white people in rural areas … check it out … http://247wallst.com/special-report/2013/05/20/states-with-the-most-americans-on-disability/3/

            so you still may be not be informed but you have been schooled …

          43. InformedVoter December 2, 2016

            Once more you rely on left-leaning sites for you misinformation!
            CA, HI, NY, IL have unsustainable economies. They have more collecting than paying in. It’s just a matter of time before they can no longer expect those paying in to continue to pay more. That’s what happened in Detroit. Blue states are installing right to work and other actions to cut their costs lest they end up like CA, etc.
            Stop believing the left-leaning sites. These are the same sources that showed HilLIARy winning in a landslide and retaking control of the Senate.
            REALITY CHECK: HilLIARy lost!
            It’s comforting to know that you like to condemn those on disability. I hope you never get to the point when you physically can’t work. But then you can join the “lifelong” collectors. For the record, why would you even think that ONLY white people are on disability? Please provide sources of that bigoted information.

          44. PrecipitousDrop December 3, 2016

            Of the states you mention, only Illinois has budget difficulties. CA has a $4 Billion state budget surplus. NY and HI have a $1 billion budget surplus, each. Blue states are not “…installing right to work…”
            Your propaganda is too easily erased by fact.

          45. InformedVoter December 3, 2016

            Sorry PD, but your numbers DON’T match the numbers others have provided in response to my predictions. Perhaps you guys are quoting from different lying, left-leaning sources?
            Anyway, none of you geniuses got the true information about the election polls being FAKED and that President Trump was ACTUALLY ahead. Fortunately, I did receive the true information and you low information lefties chided me. So now I have warned that the states I mentioned have more collecting benefits than paying into the benefit program and that their economies are not sustainable. You low information dummies keep saying they can do this forever! Just like the election polls, don’t say you weren’t given a heads up.

          46. PrecipitousDrop December 3, 2016

            Since when is Associated Press a “left-leaning” source?
            Of course, if you want to, you can go to AP’s sources — the states themselves — and read the same reports their legislators do.
            You can’t accept the information because it doesn’t suit your narrative.
            It doesn’t matter.

          47. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            I stick by the AP numbers and Carrier numbers. You just can’t seem to accept that 1000 jobs were saved, along with the 5000 Ford jobs. And President Trump still has 6 weeks before he takes office.
            In Obama’ 8 years, he destroyed the US economy. Record number on food stamps, record number on welfare, record number 95 million American citizens not working, doubling the debt to $20 trillion. You’re too afraid that President Trump will succeed.

          48. PrecipitousDrop December 5, 2016

            Source regarding your economic numbers, please, Misinformed.
            P.S. There are many things to fear from a Trump presidency. Unfortunately, “success” is not one of them.

          49. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Yes, you are afraid he’ll succeed!
            The Democratic Party admits the economy is in bad shape and it cost them the election.
            Some charts that show how the economy has not improved.

          50. PrecipitousDrop December 5, 2016

            Your “charts” are cartoons from a dope who goes by Deplorable Rodent on Twitter. Anybody who wants to can make that stuff up.
            As usual, Misinformed, you got nuthin.
            Thanks for the laughs.

          51. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            So you would prefer to believe the cartoons the MSM published? Obviously you do.
            All the following statements have been proven to be true.
            There are a record number on food stamps; there are a record number on welfare; there are a record number on assistance; there are 95 million American citizens not in the job market.
            So with disastrous facts like that (and they’re true!), how can you keep a straight face and say the economy is OK.
            Even the Dems admit it’s not. Annual growth <2% in Obama's terms certainly don't show a healthy economy.
            Should need to find one of the crying rooms at a university.

          52. PrecipitousDrop November 30, 2016

            California’s $4 billion budget surplus is evidence of a “death spiral”? Hawaii and New York also have $1 billion budget surpluses. Should we call the doctor?
            The president-elect did not win the popular vote. He has no “mandate”.
            Exactly which Obama economic policy was a disaster for the middle class? Was it by saving the auto industry and about 2.3 million direct and related jobs? Or was it the Republican economic policies under Bush 43 that resulted in massive job loss — 2 million in the last QUARTER of 2008 — and historic loss of homes, home equity, and retirement investment values — about $13 TRILLION dollars worth at last count.
            Target’s sales and earnings are up — way up — regardless of who visits which restroom: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/11/16/target-reports-third-quarter-2016-earnings.html
            Try not to cry as you enjoy your humiliation.

          53. InformedVoter November 30, 2016

            You are drinking from the MSM trough of lies. Businesses are leaving CA, NY and IL because of recognizing that they can’t maintain their economic death spiral. You quote surpluses that are not really there. 306 to 232 is a mandate. The MSM, the same media that used paid for FAKE polls, etc announced that HilLIARy, on the morning of the election, already had 238 electoral votes. What? Where did the 6 for sure votes go? The Detroit Free Press, announced, around noon, that HilLIARy won Michigan. What? Where did the 16 for sure votes go? Despite campaigning in all the swing states, HilLIARy lost. Even Dominck, who lives in FL, is upset and confused how she lost a blue state. So look at the results: WI, blue since 1984; Michigan blue since 1988; FL blue since 2008. The list of states that swung from blue to red, because of the working class voters shows a definate mandate for policy changes. This link proves the mandate is there! After you read these links, go to the crying room and have a good cry. Apparently that’s what all big boy Dems are doing these days.

            Obama’s failed polices? Just about ALL of them.

          54. dpaano November 29, 2016

            There’s a good book that I read many years ago entitled “The Last Days of the Late, Great State of California.” It was written as if the state had dropped into the ocean after a large earthquake. I was amazed at how important this ONE state is to the rest of the nation. The book was written in 1968; however, if we were that important then…..think how much MORE important we are now! If California were a separate country, we’d beat out many other countries as far as economy.
            As for Kansas and Louisiana….their governors decided to give “trickle down economy” a try, and where did it lead them? It lead them into the pits! The Kansas governor (Brownback) had to “steal” from other funds to keep the general fund going to pay their regular everyday bills, which means that they stole from the education fund, the Medicare fund, and a slew of other funds. Their schools are now the worse in the nation….maybe in the entire world! There are probably some third world countries that have better schools than Kansas! Their people are the poorest in the nation and they have an overabundance of their population our of work and on welfare! Guess who pays for that? So, that “little” experiment certainly didn’t work for either Kansas or Louisiana, did it? It certainly WON’T work for Trump since that’s what he’s been touting with his “new” tax plan! When his followers realize that lowering the taxes for the upper 1% is going to cost the poor and the middle class to pay MORE taxes….things are going to get fun!!!

      2. Jon November 28, 2016

        Hey moron the only mandate Trump won was from large uninhabited sections of land. If you are as dumb as a rock like Trump, then your argument that rocks should have a greater voice in the electoral college than people makes sense. Those who value the wishes of people over those of rocks disagree with you and Trump.

  6. Todd Nelson November 28, 2016

    This article shows the desperation of the left. Trump hasn’t even enacted anything yet, but somehow he is evil. Demeaning people, like saying Trump lost the popular vote, is childish at best. With all of those votes coming from 2 states, New York and California, the reasoning for the electoral college has been totally justified. It was to keep the large populism states power in check over the smaller ones. And then you have George Soros having an ownership stake in a company that counted the votes in 16 states. Not tot mention the 3 million illegal aliens that voted, most assuredly for Mrs. Clinton. Give it up Trump won, you lost, now live with it. Get over the 5 staes of grief soon, and come to the acceptance one as soon as possile.

    1. Jon November 28, 2016

      Your justification for the existence of the electoral college is wrong. I don’t know if it is your ignorance, revisionist history, right wing propaganda you are reading or listening to, or an ordinary lie you are telling. In case you didn’t notice Trump lost the popular vote by more than 2 million votes and it may climb to 2.5 million votes. If popular votes don’t mean anything as you imply, why do we use it at all? Your argument is based on false beliefs and a disdain for democracy. You would prefer North Korea, Russia, China or any other nation that despises democracy.

      1. dpaano November 28, 2016

        Todd is just one of those uninformed “followers” who believes every word that comes out of Trump’s lying mouth…..typical! By the way, Hillary is already up 2.5M in popular votes over Trump!!!

        1. Jon November 28, 2016

          That is an astonishing loss for Trump. Losing the popular vote by at least 2.5 million votes proves that love does trump hate. Chief wacko Alex Jones of InfoWars is claiming millions of illegal votes were cast. He is a favorite of Trump and Jones admires Trump for repeating every bizarre story he feeds him.

          1. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Trump put out a tweet the other day saying that he actually won the popular vote but due to “illegal voters” in three states (including California), it doesn’t show up that way. I thought that was interesting and our California governor is appalled that he would say that about this state. Our voting laws are very strict and our polls are scrutinized closely….there were NO “illegal voters” voting in California, and I doubt if the other two states had the same problem. Trump lost the popular vote….he needs to deal with it! He wasn’t elected with a “landslide” vote…..and if it weren’t for the Electoral College, he’d be out on the street and Hillary would be the one being president!

          2. Jon November 29, 2016

            Officials in Virginia and New Hampshire denounced Trump’s lie in their states too. The problem is that once he tweets or speaks a blatant lie, his sheep adopt it as truth and no amount of trying to show them he is lying does any good. It’s really a shame that the Electoral College thwarted the will of the majority this time.
            Yesterday and into this morning I was in a war of words and trading insults with a troll who calls himself ImformedVoter which is really ironic considering how uninformed and delusional he is. Anyway he was trying to defend the Electoral College with false statements and a map that purported to show areas that voted for Trump and those that voted for Hillary. His map was misleading but to his disadvantage.
            He falsely claimed that the Electoral College was put in the Constitution to give smaller states an equal or greater voice than those in more populous states which is pure hogwash. The concessions to the least populous states were counting slaves as 3/5 of a person to raise their population numbers and guaranteeing that every state was given at least 1 member in the House of Representatives and 2 Senators.There was never an intent to let the minority control the majority.
            I also pointed out that his reasoning gave vacant land and rocks a greater portion of the vote than people. I explained that Wyoming has 3 electors while California has 55. If the number of electors each state got represented an equal number of people, California would have at least 198 electors. That means that Wyoming rocks carried more proportional weight in the EC than people in California did. Californians get about 27% of the electors they should. To be fair that means that California either gets all of the 198 electors it should get or Wyoming only gets 27% of its electors which would be 0.81 electors.

          3. dpaano November 30, 2016

            I agree…..the uninformed followers of Trump are just that…..uninformed (much like he is). I’m seriously waiting for them to realize that all his so-called “promises” were out and out lies. So far, he’s stepped back on immigration, building the wall, prosecuting Hillary, “draining the swamp,” (he’s hired nothing BUT lobbyists and Wall Street bankers for his cabinet), screwing around with Medicare and Social Security, putting people back in jobs, and I could go on and on. One of these days, they’re going to see that they were conned by the ultimate con man, but until then, they’ll just go on believing his every word.
            I just read that he was able to get Carrier to stay in Indiana…..however, his method of getting that to happen included bribes and threats that he’d take away their contracts with many of the aerospace companies that they rely on. All it ended up doing was keeping 1,000 people (who already worked at Carrier) on their jobs. To my way of thinking, that’s NOT putting unemployed people back to work! It won’t be too long before people get wise to the fact that they voted in a demagogue with absolutely NO idea how to run this country and who won based on out and out lies! In the meantime, the rest of us have to just hang on and hope for the best, but it looks dire for the next 4 years!
            As for “Uninformed Voter,” he and the rest of his troll cohorts will eventually learn the truth about their choice, and I’m sure they won’t be as happy as they are now….which his still “uninformed.” They must read the same newspaper that Trump reads….the National Enquirer, and listen to the same “false news” that shows up on most of the conservative websites. But, then again, as I’ve said often, they have been totally brainwashed by the GOP to believe anything that they’re told to believe……to heck with critical thinking or fact checking! They’ve become complacent and lazy when it comes to really using their heads and doing their homework.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

      You want to help us in NJ pay off the 6 corporate bankruptcies Trump dumped on us? Big mouth?

      1. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

        And don’t forget the costs of all those golf trips & exotic island vacations of the Obamas & their entourage. Hee hee.

        1. The lucky one November 29, 2016

          How about the costs of a commuter president? That okay with you?

          1. PatrickHenry November 29, 2016

            So far he takes his own Jet, & won’t take the Presidents’ salary. Send Trump a Thank You card!

          2. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            Which I’m sure he is billing the government for just like he does the seats of the Secret Service agents protecting him. I haven’t heard anything about refusing his salary which he is not yet entitled to anyway. If that’s true it’s because he knows the leverage his position will give to his business interests will far outweigh a salary he views as chump change. trump is a grifter par excellence. As Trump says “The president cannot have a conflict of interest” It’s all fair game for him.

          3. dpaano November 29, 2016

            I heard that not only is he billing the government for the Trump jet, but he doesn’t allow the journalists on the plane with him, which is usual procedure. He DID say he would take $1 in salary, and I agree with what you said about how much more money he’s going to make with the pay-to-play between his presidential position and his developer/real estate position. We can only hope that the Ethics Committee puts a short leash on him when it comes to his business with foreign businessmen!

    3. Gerry Francis November 28, 2016

      See, it’s not just US that lost – you lost too. All those people with “Hillary for prison 2016” and the ‘help’ he was going to give the middle class (now he wants the “Head of Household deduction” taken away) – the two floors the CIA will have to rent at 1.5 million per year each – YOU and ‘us’ will have to buck up about 12 million extra just to keep his penthouse safe. And that claim he made during the campaign that he’d ‘fight’ the Trump University lawsuit – SETTLED. How about the 100 million of his own money he claimed he’d give to his campaign? Only short by about 60 million. And, most amusingly, wher’s the ‘proof’ he promised about 2 months ago. Face it – you’ve been conned and we all lost.

    4. dpaano November 28, 2016

      What 3M illegal aliens that voted? What are you talking about? If you think that these are from California, you’re very much wrong! But, as most followers, if Trump tells you that he actually won the popular vote, then you’ll believe him even when it’s a big fat unmitigated, unsubstantiated lie!
      By the way, Hillary is now 2.5M votes OVER Trump in the popular vote, and these were NOT illegal aliens voting! You need to get over it…..he was NOT voted in as the popular candidate!

      1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

        There would be no question if voters needed ID. How does one buy alcohol or rent a car or room without one? But let em vote without one. I say free ID to ANYONE who bothers to register to vote…..if citizens that is

        1. The lucky one November 29, 2016

          “I say free ID to ANYONE who bothers to register to vote…..if citizens that is”

          OK you finally said something I can agree with. Cheers

          1. dpaano November 29, 2016

            I, too, agree, but the GOP didn’t make it very easy for people to get ID’s, especially people who were born in Appalachia or other out-of-the woods areas and didn’t get birth certificates. OR, the people who couldn’t get to a county office to apply for an ID because of a disability, lack of vehicle, no money, etc. So, what needs to be done is a way for even THOSE people to be able to get an ID so they can vote in future elections!

        2. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

          Yep – I agree. There should be some type of voter ID. It may have even kept some of you Trump supporters from voting twice.

    5. The lucky one November 29, 2016

      “Trump hasn’t even enacted anything yet, but somehow he is evil.” There is some truth in that but his statement regarding Presidential conflicts of interest and his appointments thus far indicate that he will be the leader of the most corrupt administration in over 50 years. It’s too late to close the barn door after the horse is out.

    6. dpaano November 30, 2016

      You need to come to the acceptance that your elected demagogue lied to you and the rest of his followers. So far, he’s backtracked on immigration, building the wall, prosecuting Hillary, keeping lobbyists and Wall Street bankers out of government (apparently, that’s all he’s hired so far), not messing with Social Security or Medicare, repealing Obamacare, and I could go on and on. One of these days, you will all see the light…..especially when you see his cabinet members take away your medicare, your healthcare, etc. So, believe what you want to believe, but the day will come when you will regret that you voted this unqualified, narcissistic, mentally challenged individual as your president! When that day comes, we’ll all say “we told you so!” However, by then, it’ll be too late and Trump will have taken this country down!

      1. PrecipitousDrop November 30, 2016

        Everything that goes wrong in Trump’s first term is — obviously — Obama’s fault, or Clinton’s, or Pelosi’s.
        There is no such thing as “personal responsibility” for Donald Trump!

  7. 788eddie November 28, 2016

    Okay, they (Trump supporters), are screaming, “We won! Get over it!”

    Okay, let’s see what they can do. There is now no one to blame if they can’t pass budgets, avoid shutdowns, deal with sequestration, replace Obamacare, destroy ISIS or reverse the continuing loss of manufacturing jobs.

    If the deficit goes up, it’s on them.

    If unemployment starts going up again, it’s on them.

    If climate change gets worse, it’s on them.

    If Syria continues its downward spiral, it’s on them.

    If more countries acquire nuclear weapons, it’s on them

    My prediction is that by next year, a large percentage of GOP voters will be denying that they ever voted for Donald J. Trump

    But it will still be on them!

    1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

      Actually a very acute statement! It’s ALL on the Republicans now. But will you admit it when they accomplishes his goals?

      1. 788eddie November 28, 2016

        IF they can replace ObamaCare with something that is fair to all citizens, and complete the rest of the list, then I will be first in line to say “Thanks.”

        1. PrecipitousDrop November 29, 2016

          What makes you think the GOP is at all concerned with fairness?
          Or workers?

          1. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Exactly!!! And what makes ANYONE think that Trump cares about fairness or workers…..he never has in his business dealings, and he won’t now! He’ll continue to be the ultimate con man that he’s always has been. A leopard doesn’t lose it’s spots, and Trump won’t change!

    2. dinabee November 28, 2016

      Things will get worse and they will blame the State Department and liberal professors.

      1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

        Not once tenure is a thing of the past for those dandruff laden, Hush puppy wearing a$$ clowns they call professors.

      2. dpaano November 28, 2016

        They’ll blame anyone but where the blame belongs…..heck, they’ll probably still try to blame Hillary even tho’ she’s not involved in politics any longer!

        1. PrecipitousDrop November 29, 2016

          How come arenas full of people didn’t chant to lock up Gen. Petraeus for four months?

          1. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

            Funny thing is Mr. Trump crapped all over the folks who chanted to lock “Lock Her Up” when he backed off his campaign rhetoric of appointing a special prosecutor. I’d like to say that the joke is on you, but you Trumpers screwed us all.

          2. dpaano November 29, 2016

            As I said many months before the election, Trump thought that being president allowed him to do anything he wanted (much like he does as a CEO), but I think he’s since found out that a lot of the things he promised his followers cannot be done for various reasons; i.e., unconstitutional, downright illegal, etc. There are a lot of things that his followers are NOT going to see accomplished, and they aren’t going to be happy, but they were the ones that listened and believed this con man! Good luck with that!

          3. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

            I think NOBODY will be happy with what Mr. Trump actually delivers…..unless you’re rich that is.

          4. dpaano November 30, 2016

            No, they won’t, but by then, it’ll be too late. He’s going to take this country back to the 1950’s and thinks that this is a good thing. People are going to suffer greatly, most of them are his so-called followers who believed all the lies that he fed to them….all the conspiracy theories that the RW media fed to them….and all the other BS that they were fed by the GOP! The day will come when they will realize that they voted for the wrong person, but, as I said above, by then it’ll be too late!

          5. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Your guess is as good as mine…..because Trump thinks Petraeus is one of those wonderful “warriors.” It doesn’t matter that he committed treason and was charged with this. I don’t think he’ll get through the security clearance with that on his record. We can only hope!

    3. Eleanore Whitaker November 28, 2016

      These are the same loonies who are now telling us to just go along with a man who refuses to even abide by the oath of the presidency which is to protect the U.S. Constitution. He has already violated it by bogus campaign donations that number over 1100 according to the FEC. Some of his donations exceeded the limits by over $1 million per donation and some were added as “anonymous.” Not allowed.

      Now, he is saying that he can do “anything he pleases” because he is president and that conflict of interest with his businesses do not apply to him. Wrong. The U.S. Constitution’s emolument clause states otherwise. So if he is saying he refuses to separate his businesses from his presidency, he cannot take the oath of office.

      1. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

        IF Trump does “anything he pleases”, then you can thank Obama for showing us how.

        1. Gerry Francis November 28, 2016

          He got a lot through Congress, right? Remember Bohner saying that the Repubs wouldn’t support ANYTHING he asked for? How about his Supreme Court Nomination? Mr. Obama ran that one right through. Wake up jakazz.

          1. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

            Guess I have to again spell it out to you dense Libs. Obama had his 2 Liberal Supreme Court nominees, even though Sotomayor is biased by her wise Latina comment, & Kagan had conflict of interests with her support of Obamacare. Last Supreme Court pick Obama wanted was at end of his term, so it was wise to let next President pick. It could have been Hillary.

            Uh jackazz, remember Obama saying he has a phone & a pen, his many Executive Orders, some unlawful, which he himself stated. His first 2 years with COMPLETE control of Congress, when they rammed through Obamacare when Nobody had even read it. You are such a typical fool, through anything out there to see if it sticjs, but there are many of us more savvy & intelligent than you & your obvious tactics. LMAO.

          2. Gerry Francis November 28, 2016

            You just keep on laughing. If Congress had met him half way then the executive order wouldn’t have been needed. President Total Orders Order Number Range
            George H. W. Bush 166
            William J. Clinton 364
            George W. Bush 291
            Barack Obama 235.
            As you can see – Mr Obama didn’t sign any more than recent past Presidents – in fact, he signed fewer than Bush Jr. As far as the end of Mr. Obama’s second term – Reagan did the same thing when he appointed Anthony Kennedy. Like I said – wake up jakazz.

          3. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

            Listen fool, it isn’t the number of Executive Orders that are important, it is the Lawfulness of them, not the politics of them for ideology.

          4. Gerry Francis November 28, 2016

            As per politifact:
            How many of President Obama’s Executive orders are illegal?
            “None. All of his executive orders, while sometimes considered unpopular, are completely legal. The candidates you’re referring to basically consider his whole presidency one illegal statute after another. You know how some groups started hating Nickelback and then it just became popular to hate Nickelback? That’s what the republican base is like, and that’s who the candidates are speaking to. These are the same people that still believe Obama is a Muslim or that he’s setting himself up to be the dictator”. Smell that coffee yet Mr. Henry?

          5. Paul Anthony November 28, 2016

            The courts have stopped many of his executive orders. Doesn’t that make you wonder if they were legal?

          6. PrecipitousDrop November 29, 2016

            It means that the courts did not and did not want to do the legislature’s job through judicial activism. The Executive Orders are legitimate. The courts would prefer completed legislation instead.

          7. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

            You really need to do a little more research – For starters, in eight of the cases, the alleged overreach occurred under President George W. Bush, as did the court cases that challenged the administration (United States vs. Jones, Sackett vs. EPA, Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School vs. EEOC, Gabelli vs. SEC, Arkansas Fish & Game Commission v. United States, PPL Corp. vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Horne vs. USDA, and Bond vs. United States). Bush’s Justice Department handled the initial court proceedings in most instances.

          8. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Once again, the trolls have NO idea what they are talking about….they probably heard something like this on some conservative website and believed it…..as they do EVERYTHING that they’re told despite the fact that most of it is wrong or a made-up conspiracy theory by the GOP! What ever happened to “critical thinking…..?” I think these trolls are still being brainwashed!

          9. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

            They’d need a brain first before it could be washed…….they just drank the wrong flavor Kool Aid.

          10. PatrickHenry November 29, 2016

            We certainly have seen the hatred & intolerance of the Democrat-Socialist Party after Trump was elected President, haven’t we?

          11. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

            And it would have been a different scene by the Republican-Fascist Party had Mr. Trump lost?

          12. PrecipitousDrop November 29, 2016

            Warning, Patrick.
            Check your facts now, please.

          13. Paul Anthony November 28, 2016

            If Congress had “met him half-way” he could have been the dictator he wanted to be. You liberals loved that he ignored the Constitution in favor of policies you liked, but you’ll accuse Trump of ignoring the Constitution if he undoes the unconstitutional actions of your beloved President.

          14. dbtheonly November 28, 2016

            If Congress had met President Obama half way, he wouldn’t have been a dictator. Dictators don’t rule with the consent of the freely elected Legislature.

          15. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

            We’re not there yet as far as Mr. Trump goes. However, you really need to consider the campaign promises he’s already backed away from to get a better idea of his character. Then look at his proposal to eliminate the head of household deduction that will cost the average middle class taxpayer who avails themselves of it about 1200 dollars more per year – his idea of helping the middle class. And the poor fare even worse. Yet, huge windfalls for the rich so they can ‘create jobs’. Meanwhile…the ONLY thing that creates jobs is demand. So – pick your pocket for 12 hundred bucks and you’ll have MORE money to spend? Yeah, sure – makes sense.

          16. dpaano November 29, 2016

            It’s interesting that GWB tried to lower taxes and ended up costing jobs rather than creating them. Plus, look at Kansas…..they did the same thing Trump is thinking about doing with taxes. He says that lowering the taxes on the rich will help “create jobs.” Well, it hasn’t done it for Kansas, and it ain’t going to do it for the nation! The only thing that it WILL do is give bigger raises to the CEO’s and less raises to the actual people that do all the work! These trolls may want to fact check the problems in Kansas due to the “trickle down economics” that they put in place.

          17. dpaano November 29, 2016

            What “unconstitutional actions” are you speaking of…..President Obama has done nothing unconstitutional. If he had, he would have been hit by the Ethics Committee! Do you think that a president can just willy nilly do whatever they want without anyone monitoring them? Even Executive Orders have to be within constitutional boundaries!

          18. dpaano November 29, 2016

            This is just a typical troll thing….they twist the facts (or the lack of facts) to their way of thinking. As FAUX News always said….”we don’t need no stinkin’ facts!”

          19. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            Why was it wise for the congress to not perform their constitutional duty of vetting Obama’s SCOTUS nomination? Prudent for the GOP as a self-serving entity sure but not wise for the country. If the same thing happens at the end of Trump’s, or more likely Pence’s term, the GOP will be whining big time.

          20. PatrickHenry November 29, 2016

            The Democrat-Socialist Party WILL do the same thing.

          21. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            Dems may do the same thing but that’s just speculation. We KNOW that’s how the GOP works.

            BTW There is no socialist party in the USA, just a duopoly that serves the oligarchy each in its own way.

          22. PatrickHenry November 29, 2016

            There are over 70 Socialists in the Democrat Party. And don’t forget Bernie.

          23. The lucky one November 30, 2016

            I believe your numbers are outdated (2009) and also based on the claim of a group called “The Socialist Party of America”. Any group can claim people as members. How many self-identify as socialist. Sanders is the only one I know of and it is disingenuous to not specify that he is a Social Democrat. Socialism in a pure form would intend the total replacement of the capitalist system. Sanders and no other prominent Social Democrat that I am aware of advocates this.

            IMO we could use more congresspeople with socialist views to offset the extreme capitalism, very close to fascism, personified by Donald Trump and the people he is bringing into his administration.

          24. PatrickHenry November 30, 2016

            Here is info from 2015 about the Democrat Socialists.
            Sanders 1 of 69 Democrat socialists in Congress – WND.com

            You may call them not PURE Socialists, but Vladimir Lenin stated, “The goal of Socialism is Communism”.


          25. PrecipitousDrop November 30, 2016

            World Net Daily is a fake news site, Partick.
            They are not your friend.

          26. PatrickHenry December 1, 2016

            CNN & MSNBC are the Fake “News” organizations.

          27. The lucky one November 30, 2016

            Your link is to a page with many articles. Can you be more specific? Lenin’s quote is irrelevant. No Social Democrat follows Lenin or is an advocate of communism.

            Here are a couple other quotes:
            “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone. – John Maynard Keynes

            “In the Soviet Union, capitalism triumphed over communism. In this country, capitalism triumphed over democracy.” – Fran Lebowitz

          28. The lucky one November 30, 2016

            Here is a better and more accurate quote from Lenin. “Fascism is capitalism in decay.”

            This one is my favorite on the difference between capitalism and communism.
            “Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it’s just the opposite”. John Kenneth Galbraith


          29. PatrickHenry November 30, 2016

            Your favorite? Glad you hate our American Government so much, that you admire Community is leaders. Another quote by Lenin, “The way to crush the bourgeoisie, is to grind them between the millstone of taxation & inflation.” Real nice ideology you anti-American fool, crush the middle-class by high taxes & inflation. Thanks for showing us your true allegiance. Guess we now understand why Obama raised our taxes & debt, why we lost so many jobs, allow so many unneeded & unskilled Illegals here. Under Communism, Government exploits man, got that right.

          30. The lucky one November 30, 2016

            Wow, I realize that someone as misinformed as you equates liberal and communist but no, Galbraith was a liberal Canadian economist, not a communist. Don’t try to put your words in my mouth. I know that’s the only way a fool such as you can win an argument, at least in your own mind or what passes for a mind with you, but anyone can see through it easily. I knew Galbraith’s witticism would go over your head but I tried to bring some enlightenment into your knucklehead. I’m sure I wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to fail at that.

            You like quotes so I’ll leave you with one last one before I begin ignoring you. “Loyalty to my country always. Loyalty to my government when it deserves it.” Mark Twain.

          31. PatrickHenry December 1, 2016

            And here is a fact for you, Liberalism leads to Socialism leads to Communism. We have seen it happen. I don’t have to put words into your mouth, you have clearly shown what your real ideology is, whether you realize it or not.

          32. The lucky one December 1, 2016

            No, that is your opinion, not a fact. As much as right wingers try to pretend their opinions are facts, they are not. In most cases they are not even based on facts, your opinion that ‘Liberalism leads to Socialism leads to Communism” being a good example.

            Were Mao, Castro and Lenin liberals?

          33. PatrickHenry December 1, 2016

            The countries they dictated over were already brought down by Socialist/liberal policies, made it easy for them to take over. Many times it’s a gradual transformation.

          34. The lucky one December 1, 2016

            You better do some research if you think the communist governments of China (Chiang Kai-Shek), Russia (Tsar Nicholas II) and Cuba (Fulgencio Batista) were preceded by liberals. All were military minded authoritarian dictators.

          35. PatrickHenry December 2, 2016

            You didn’t get the point, the people in these countries, not having much in the way of individual, or local Liberties, we’re at risk of losing their freedoms.

          36. The lucky one December 2, 2016

            You’re right that I didn’t get the point and still don’t see that you have made one in either post.

          37. dpaano November 30, 2016

            Unfortunately, most of the Trump followers don’t know the difference between Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and Fascism. They don’t realize that much of this country is socialist; i.e., police departments, fire departments, our military, etc.

          38. The lucky one November 30, 2016

            If you are interested in understanding the nature of Social Democracy check out the following brief article.
            “Social Democracy Is 100-Percent American”

          39. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Oh, you can bet on that one!!! I often wonder why the Supreme Court, who’s job it is to maintain the Constitution, didn’t do something about Congress’ not doing their job! It clearly states that President Obama had the right to nominate someone to the Supreme Court and NOTHING was said about not being able to do this during a president’s last few months in office! They failed to do their job, and because of that failure, we’re going to be stuck with uber conservative idiots on the Supreme Court that will do away with EVERYTHING good that has been done in this country in many years! The most we can hope for is that the Democrats in Congress will block any nomination and do their best to stop Trump from filling the court with these kind of judges!

        2. The lucky one November 29, 2016

          No, I think Reagan was the mentor on that. Each president since then has expanded on it including Obama.

          1. PatrickHenry November 29, 2016

            Our Government has gotten out of hand, why we need to drain the Swamp of special interests, earmarks, Federal government growth. Why we also need term-limits on ALL of government.

          2. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            “we also need term-limits on ALL of government.” I agree 100% on that.

            “we need to drain the Swamp of special interests” Agree with that too but we won’t see it with Trump and wouldn’t have seen it with Clinton either.

          3. PatrickHenry November 29, 2016

            Trump & some Republicans, had said many times how they want term-limits, & want Bills from Congress as “stand-alone-bills, no earmark pork added. Trump also wants to downsize the Federal Government & leave the States that are more representative of the People, in charge of more. The Democrat Party always oppose such policies. Who do you believe would get these items passed in not Trump?

          4. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            “leave the States that are more representative of the People, in charge of more” Hmm let me guess, those would be the states that went his way with the largest margins right?

            Repubs are just as much guilty of pork barrel politics as Dems.

            Sanders would have tried but obstruction form the oligarchs would have doomed his efforts. Trump won’t succeed with that and i don’t expect him to even try to reduce the influence of special interests though he may try to shift them to those that would more positively impact his investments.

          5. PatrickHenry November 30, 2016

            I was discussing letting the Citizens of each State make more of their own decisions in many cases, not 1 size fits all mandates from the Federal Government. Why let a few bureaucrats make decisions that affect Millions, in States that are different. I am not talking about National Security etc.

            Both Partys do engage in pork barrel politics, why term-limits are needed, but the Democrat Party NEVER even brings that, or a Balanced-Budget Amendment up. Term-limits could be set to go into effect in future years in order to get the greedy politicians in now to agree to it.

          6. The lucky one November 30, 2016

            Again, I’m with you 100% on term limits. The Repubs likewise make no attempt to enact them. They talk about a balanced budget but are unwilling to reduce spending in their pet areas or reduce pork barrel in their own districts, hypocrites.

            Even with state governments making the decisions you advocate we will still “let a few bureaucrats make decisions that affect Millions”. I agree that some things should be shifted back to the states but remember if we took a hard line as so-called strict constitutionalists among the Repubs want we would still have slavery.

          7. PatrickHenry November 30, 2016

            I have heard Trump, Pence & Paul Ryan discuss pushing for term-limits. Remember, Trump is a non-politician & critical of the Republican Establishment. Why some oppose Trump, they don’t want to upset their gravy train for votes. You know as well as I that the Democrat are completely opposed to either of these two policies.
            We have much more say & influence at the State level where bureaucrats have less power over us. As for slavery, that is a cop-out excuse to maintain the Federal Government status quo. The United States did end it after being established well before we became an Independent Nation.

          8. The lucky one December 1, 2016

            Talk is cheap. Trump may actually favor it since it wouldn’t affect him personally but I’ve never seen any push by leadership of either party to enact term limits.

            “We have much more say & influence at the State level where bureaucrats have less power over us.” I don’t believe that is true except in the sense that a state rules over fewer people than the Federal government but the ability of either to take away your freedom is the same.

            Trump is a politician and has been involved as manipulator of political office for his private gain for a very long time. He as much as bragged about that fact at the first GOP debate.

          9. PatrickHenry December 1, 2016

            Of course the people in control of OUR Government hasn’t pushed for term-limits, they have too much to lose as career politicians. Why Trump will be much more likely to get this accomplished.
            It is much more likely to be represented at the State & Local level than the bloated, out-of-touch, Federal Government. A few bureaucrats making decisions for 320 Million People of diverse States is bound to not represent most.

          10. The lucky one December 1, 2016

            “Of course the people in control of OUR Government hasn’t pushed for term-limits, they have too much to lose as career politicians.” Okay we do agree on something. Most career politicians are opposed to term limits regardless of party affiliation.

            Will trump try to change that? Maybe since it wouldn’t affect him but he will not be the CEO who can just bark an order and make it happen. His own party won’t support him on that issue and in fact would mutiny if he tried.

            “It is much more likely to be represented at the State & Local level than the bloated, out-of-touch, Federal Government.” That’s arguable but most state bureaucracies also cater to the rich and are out of touch for most citizens.

            I’m all for state’s rights as long as they don’t trample on the rights of American citizens. There would be some good results like when a state or locality says no to fracking or other highly toxic enterprises they couldn’t be over ridden for some vague “national interests”, euphemism for corporate profits.

          11. PatrickHenry December 1, 2016

            I could also give lots of examples as well on how States could do much more good, but without the environmental connotations.

          12. The lucky one December 1, 2016

            Fair enough but would you agree that my example is a valid instance of where local and state rule is superior to Federal mandate?

          13. PatrickHenry December 2, 2016

            On most issues that do not interfere with National Security, or aren’t specifically required in our Constitution, is, and had been, expected to be the States responsibility. The Federal Government took on too much power which is a danger to our Liberty, a major concern of our Founders.

          14. The lucky one December 2, 2016

            I agree on both counts. Do you agree that my example, as with fracking, is a valid instance of where local and state rule is superior to Federal mandate and should be able to determine whether or not to permit dangerous extraction techniques to be used in their jurisdictions?

          15. PatrickHenry December 2, 2016

            If it is legitimately discovered & verified by both sides, without political manipulation.

          16. The lucky one December 3, 2016

            Not clear what you mean by “both sides”. Do you mean that the party employing the dangerous techniques would have to agree that the methods are toxic to the local environment in order for the state or local government to ban them?

            Evidence can always be found or manufactured to support either side of an issue. Isn’t what you have argued for here is that the smaller version of government, state or locality,is the best method to effectively represent citizen’s interests? If so then isn’t it up to them to decide what evidence “counts” and make their decision without coercion from Federal government of big money representatives.

          17. PatrickHenry December 3, 2016

            By both sides, we must ensure there isn’t any crooked local or State politics as well. Why there needs to be independent verification, not political ideology.

          18. The lucky one December 3, 2016

            Who would do the ” independent verification”?

          19. PatrickHenry December 4, 2016

            Possible known, respected and honest non-partisan Citizens from communities. I understand that there are many people with Special Interests, why that makes it harder. Also why we need term-limits, remove the Career Politicians that benefit from Special Interests.

          20. The lucky one December 4, 2016

            I think the Citizen’s Committee would need to be elected from within the district and their recommendation would still have to be voted on by the constituents of that jurisdiction in order to have the best chance of reaching a non-corrupted decision.

            I’m all for term limits but that alone won’t stop corruption.

          21. PatrickHenry December 4, 2016

            Exactly, what I also believe to be the best way. Could be a problem in “some” communities though if a large majority are TOO partisan. Human Nature being what it is.

          22. The lucky one December 5, 2016

            I think we are in agreement but wonder why you enclosed “some” in quote marks.

            If you are correct about GOP leadership and Trump favoring term limits we should see some action in the next year since they control the presidency and both houses but I don’t think we will, nor would we if it was the Dems in control.

          23. PatrickHenry December 5, 2016

            I am optimistic Trump & his supporters will support term-limits & go for it, it is the GOP Leadership & Democrat Party that will try to block them. By “some” I just meant there are some communities that may be too partisan in ideology to consider fully what’s best for the Country without any biases, either way. I suppose we already have referendums for these things, as long as they are presented honestly.

          24. The lucky one December 5, 2016

            We’ll have to wait and see but frankly I’m not optimistic that Trump will have any accomplishments I would consider positive. Term limits would be good though and if he accomplishes that I will give credit where it is due.

            Most people will try to choose what they think is best for them, their family and their community in that order. Considerations of “what’s best for the Country” will be much less important. I know that can sound selfish but as I believe you’ve noted previously national concerns are more subject to corruption, propaganda and ideology. I think the key is we the people must stay involved in our governance and not either give up because our choice didn’t win or smugly assume all is good now because our choice was realized. As they say, we get the leaders we deserve.


          25. PatrickHenry December 5, 2016

            Yes, we’ll have to wait and see. More Citizens need to be better informed with what’s truly happening in OUR Government, but with Special Interests, misleading news, & people’s selfish behavior, it is hard to get the the Country & Leaders necessary. Even our Founders realized how hard that can be. Best chance would be less Federal power & growth, along with term-limits, but like we both agree, will be hard to change the status-quo, corruption, & greed.

          26. dpaano December 5, 2016

            Much like the State of California….we have very strict environmental rules and regulations and our governor has said that he will abide by the state’s laws despite anything that the Federal government does. California, I have to admit, is one of the more better governed states in this country….others should take a gander at how well we’ve done and follow suit! We have very little pollution, control fracking in our state, limit oil drilling off our shore, etc.

          27. dpaano November 29, 2016

            I agree somewhat, but we can’t know what Hillary would have done, and I resent you for saying this. Other than that, I agree.

          28. The lucky one November 29, 2016

            It is my opinion which I stand by but of course we will never know for sure.

          29. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

            His planned appointments sure don’t look like swamp draining.

          30. dpaano November 29, 2016

            Actually, the only way he’s “draining” the swamp is by nominating everyone IN the swamp to his administration. Maybe his followers didn’t realize that this was what he meant by “draining the swamp!” I certainly wouldn’t put it past him!

        3. pisces63 November 29, 2016

          No, every president since Washington has used it. some over 1, 000 and you and other right wingers blame Obama with 261, Roosevelt over 3,000, Obama 261. Really? You wonder why I see this as the black man did not have the right and no other bogus reason?

      2. 1standlastword November 28, 2016

        I think Trump should turn over his enterprise to the litigants/ dupes he paid off for buying into false promises that IS the Trump University scam


    4. ORAXX November 28, 2016

      That’s what should happen, but I’m less than optimistic Trump supporters will ever recognize what they did to the country. If told to blame Obama for the impending disaster, they will. They would blame Jimmy Carter if told to do so.

    5. PatrickHenry November 28, 2016

      We could just do what you Liberal fools do, blame someone else, like Obama, LMAO.

    6. Gerry Francis November 28, 2016

      I’m not so sure it’ll take a year before the denial starts. Remember how he was going to ‘help’ the middle class? Taking away the head of household deduction as he plans, will ‘help’ the average middle class taxpayer that avails themselves of this line pay another 1200 a year in income taxes. This from a guy who didn’t pay any taxes. Nice.

    7. dpaano November 28, 2016

      Unfortunately, by then it might be too late!

    8. pisces63 November 29, 2016

      0I tell them they didn’t. they just got the electoral vote but WIN, uh, no. Trump understands that or wouldn’t be caterwauling on twitter.

  8. dinabee November 28, 2016

    Please correct the misspelling of Obama’s first name in paragraph 13.

    1. dpaano November 28, 2016

      Definitely…..it’s pretty ridiculous that after almost 8 years, someone can’t spell Barack’s first name! Seriously?

  9. Jon November 28, 2016

    Trump has been a loser his whole life. With 6 bankruptcies and dozens of failed business ventures, he was a proven loser long before his announcement to run for president in 2015. He lost his presidential campaign in the 2000 election. He is losing the popular vote by more than 2 million votes which may rise to 2.5 million votes. Trump’s millionaire father repeatedly bailing him out of financial disasters and taxpayers repeatedly paying the tab for his bankruptcies are all that kept this disaster of businessman afloat. Like the blind pig that manages to find an acorn once in awhile, Trump had so many opportunities at success, sooner or later he was bound to get lucky.

    1. Jim Samaras November 28, 2016

      It’s always “luck” with you people! Hard work, perseverance and making right choices in life are NEVER the answer. “You didn’t build that” is what all the losers in life say, just like your dear leader said.

      1. dbtheonly November 28, 2016

        There’s a beautiful picture of a guy with his “I built this” sign from four years ago.

        Regrettably included in his picture was:
        Publicly paved roads
        Publicly funded electric lines
        Publicly funded telephone lines
        A publicly supported school
        A US Government mail truck
        and a publicly funded police car.

        Yeah, you built that all by your little lonesome.

        1. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

          Of course everyone has help (most of which they pay for in the form of payroll or taxes) building a business. Anyone who has done so knows the sacrifice they make to do so like going without a paycheck when business dictates it while making certain the employees get theirs. Working long hours to accomplish an end that many times results in failure. You get what I mean. They take all the risk then to listen to our president say “You didn’t build that” is a slap in the face to those who did and was a statement made to pander for votes to his working class constituency.

          1. dbtheonly November 29, 2016

            Indeed. But you need to be fair to President Obama and not take the one sentence out of its context. The President’s point is that no one is strictly on his own. Did you build your house? Lay the water and sewer pipes? Run the electricity? No, we do not live in a Randian fantasy world, we live in a community.

            And business owners do not assume all the risk. Losses are tax deductible and generous bankruptcy laws limit the downside.

          2. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

            One still has to have a fair amount of cash in invest in a business. How much is determined by the business. It’s always at risk. The bankruptcy laws protect you from the lenders and if not for tax advantages many wouldn’t think of starting one. Without entrepreneurship there would be no jobs.

            That statement was pandering to his constituency. It did not take place at a business forum if you didn’t notice

      2. Jon November 28, 2016

        Who is my dear leader? It is blatantly obvious that Trump is your Glorious Leader.
        If you had any ability and mental capacity to view things objectively, you would know that Trump has never got anything honestly or based on ability to deal honestly with others.
        Get back to practicing your goosestepping.

      3. Alejandro Moreno S. November 29, 2016

        ”you people” – what is it with people who insist on talking this way? Every time you see ”you” in front of something like ”liberals”, or ”people”, ”muslims”, it’s code for ”I’m of an us vs them mindset, and I see the world in all-or-nothing, black&white terms, because I’m not able to wrap my head around anything that doesn’t fit neatly into MY preconceived notions of what reality is and should be.”

        1. dpaano November 29, 2016

          I agree…..there’s no such thing as “you people!” We’re ONE nation and one country. There should be NO “us vs. them” situation and, like you, I’m getting tired of it!

        2. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

          I forgot, “you people” is a dog whistle for racism, xenophobia, etc……When I said you people I meant the far left liberals on this site. Yes, it seems to be an us vs. them mindset between conservatism and liberals. Even now that the election is over we can’t come together. Sad really.

          Why is it a preconceived notion to want Americans to stand on their own two feet, legal immigrants to assimilate to our culture (isn’t that why they come here in the first place?), defend our land and constitution from illegal immigration and deny people who may do us harm from entering. Is that a hard request?

          1. dbtheonly November 29, 2016

            No one objects to keeping people who would do us harm at bay.

            The problem is when you define all 1.5 billion Muslims in the world that way.

          2. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

            Why would you want to let people in who REFUSE to assimilate to our culture? Islam is not only a religion but in certain sectors a form of government (see Sharia). I like ours and have zero interest in theirs! How does one tell the difference?

          3. dbtheonly November 29, 2016

            Dropping the “do us harm” argument? Okay, that’s a start.

            Read George Washington’s letter to the Hebrew Congregation of Providence. That says everything that needs to be said about religion.

            Our culture? The Irish Catholics who celebrate 3/17? The Italians who celebrate 10/11? Look around, just at the restaurants. Greek, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, and Vietnamese. That’s just within walking distance. What is “our culture”?

            Instead, I submit that “our culture” has assimilated any number of earlier immigrants, each with their own culture and beliefs. Why do you want to pull up the ladder now? Why are you so afraid?

          4. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

            Name one from the past who wanted to bring their form of government with them and have openly said their religion allows them to “kill the infidels”.

          5. dbtheonly November 29, 2016

            The Spaniards starting in 1492.

          6. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

            Oh, do you mean 600 years ago before our nation was formed and barbarianism was the norm? This is one of the reasons our Constitution was formed and people want to come here, to escape that type of behavior. Come now, be real here

          7. dbtheonly November 29, 2016

            You asked, I gave you,

            English in 1605?

            Every group that had immigrated has tried to keep its culture. That’s why we have Little Italy or Little Lithuania neighborhoods.

            And every one has been willing to kill the infidels. Indians in specific.

          8. Jim Samaras November 29, 2016

            The only one that could be considered who came here with a form of government could be the Italians who brought us the Cosa Nostra and it took us about 100 years to figure out how to contain them. The rest were either Christians, Jews, Hindu or other PEACEFUL religions. Don’t argue that Islam is a religion of peace. It is not!

          9. dbtheonly November 29, 2016

            Back to saying 1.5 Billion Muslims are out to get you?

            If that’s true, you might as well pack it in, because you can’t kill that many people fast enough. they’ll get you regardless.

            Don’t like Italians either?

          10. Jim Samaras November 30, 2016

            You don’t just let them in your house though. Love Italians….married one

          11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 30, 2016

            Bully for you.But that doesn’t give you the excuse to betray your Religion by demonizing entire groups. You need to take time to think before you post. Otherwise, you say things that show you have no real connection with what you profess to believe in.
            So far, you’ve only proven to be a “card-carrying” Christian. Time to move beyond that status, Jim—no matter who you’re married to.

          12. Jim Samaras December 1, 2016

            I am a card carrying agnostic sir! I believe in a higher power but also believe in common sense and will demonize those who have shown a propensity for murder and barbaric actions

          13. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 1, 2016

            Being a card-carrying agnostic tells me a lot about your affliction—little wonder you have trouble being decent. Who is the higher power you’re speaking of—is it Zeus, Trump, Ronald Reagan, Gozer the Gozerian? Or maybe this higher power is just a figment of your imagination and unable to produce “fruit” that benefits all of humanity. Agnosticism has reduced you to being merely a materialistic person with no moral compass except what you personally conjure up as moral with the help of this vain imagination you call a Higher Power.
            Please explain what motivates you, and what inspiration drives you to aspire—or maybe aspiring simply means what helps you foremost, just like Trump.
            Did your parents believe in the same higher power?

          14. Jim Samaras December 2, 2016

            I don’t need a fictitious man in the sky who is all knowing and all seeing but has a money problem and is always begging for it to tell me in which direction my moral compass is heading. All the things you mentioned were and are reprehensible and contain no “common sense”. You’re right, I have no empathy or compassion for those who are unwilling to help themselves. Unable is a different story and hope that a Trump administration can disseminate the two.

            Religion transcends from being brainwashed and beguiles the mind and heart and leads one away from pragmatic, realistic thinking.

          15. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 2, 2016

            Who said anything about a fictitious man in the sky? Do you know the difference between an “Unknowable Essence” and a Man in The Sky?
            Jim, you’re confused as usual. By the way, what does your Higher Source look like or what is its nature? Is it just a figment of your imagination?
            What is realistic thinking, Jim, and how do you define “real”? Is it something confined to the 5 senses?

          16. Jim Samaras December 3, 2016

            How do you know that the messengers your religion preaches weren’t aliens from other worlds sent here to teach the Golden Rule to mankind? After all, that’s what the Bible teaches in reality. Those who don’t follow it should be eliminated and it seems that today’s most notable despots are following the Islamic faith

          17. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 3, 2016

            That’s easy to answer, Jim. I let my heart and my mind be my guide, I use my faculty of intuition, inductive reasoning, and I read many sources from different Religious Texts, Traditions, and I talk and interact with people of all races, and interact with people of a variety of cultural, and religious backgrounds—I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Canada, France, Nigeria, Liberia, Zanzibar, Chile, Brazil, Oman, Israel, and Qatar. From these experiences and foremost from what Baha’u’llah has clearly and with eloquence and reasoning written in Arabic and Persian, I am able to ascertain what my intuition as a child began to inform me of long ago— that all the Messengers were born on this planet, which historical records and oral information substantiate. Besides, does it matter if They came from another planet? All sentient beings in the universe, Jim, originate from the same Source, which in English we call “God”.
            Let me reiterate a quote from Baha’u’llah on the subject of these Messengers:
            “…And since there can be no tie of direct intercourse to bind the one true God with His creation, and no resemblance whatsoever can exist between the transient and the eternal, the contingent and the absolute, He hath ordained that in every Age and Dispensation a pure and stainless soul be made manifest unto the kingdoms of earth and heaven. Unto this subtle, mysterious, and ethereal being, He hath ordained a two-fold station: The physical, pertaining to the world of matter, and the spiritual which is born of the substance of God Himself…”
            From this excerpt you should be able to infer that all of the Messengers are intermediaries between us ordinary humans and the Creator who is exalted beyoud direct human comprehension and therefore these Luminaries, such as Muhammad, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Abram, Moses, and now Baha’u’llah have appeared at various time in himankind’s evolution. There were many others sent and whose records we don’t have becomes of geological upheavals and the tenuous nature of handing down information orally before the skill to write evolved universally.
            (You might be able to infer that this pattern should play itself out in a similar fashion throughout all the inhabited worlds in the universe).
            Once you’re able to comprehend fully what I’ve written you should be able to progress from the plateau of purely man-made philosophies and limited understandings and adopt as your Standard for knowledge what Jesus, Muhammad, Baha’u’llah, and all the other Messengers have taught. They differ only in name and in the intensity of the Messages.
            That Christiendom has committed atrocities unspeakable against indigenous peoples across the world, or that Protestants suggested that the famine in Ireland should be allowed to run its course against the Catholics was not due to a fault of Jesus but due to errant Christians warping His Message; the same is true with Islam and the behavior of jihadists which you shouldn’t foolishly imply that their behavior represents the Essence of Islam. Do you get my point?

            Don’t hesitate to ask further questions. Your question is a good one.

          18. Jim Samaras December 3, 2016

            Aaron, when “Christiendom” were committing those atrocities man wasn’t far removed from the invention of the wheel! I’m not aware of any Christian or any other religion at this point and time who are still committing these acts of violence in the name of religion.

            I do get your point and it is well taken. Patience and tolerance are not working and perhaps another course of action should be considered

          19. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 3, 2016

            Jim, one doesn’t have to declare that they are lynching someone for looking at a white woman and declare “Jesus is Great” in the process. The very fact that atrocities were created no matter in what era of Christianity’s influence in the world matters doesn’t excuse Christendom because the deeds were done during the time of Columbus onward—a period thousands of years after the Pharoahs used wheels for their chariots.
            Refer to the “Doctrine of Discovery” to get a sense of the extent of suffering endured by Native Americans—a doctrine concocted by the Catholic Church giving Columbus, Pizarro, Vasco Da Gama, and other explorers the right to exterminate “heathens” who stood in the way of European conquests of foreign territories. (The Protestants in England pursued the same line of thinking when dealing with the “backward” Irish Catholics. Refer to the book “The Famine Plot” by Tim Coogan for the enlightening and nauseating details.

          20. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 1, 2016

            What is your Religion? Are you your own Religion? Did your parents teach you about Religion, or were they w/o Religion?
            If you want to talk about Religion, then you should learn about Islam from unbiased sources. All of the previous Religions taught peace, if you had taken time to study about the essence of those religions. But you’re a lazy person too busy the learn for yourself.
            Islam is a Religion of Peace–it’s just that many followers have become corrupt, just like many Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Buddhists have. But that doesn’t mean that any of those Religions stood for hate or taught it.
            An agnostic like yourself is in no position objectively to comment on any Religion.

          21. Jim Samaras December 2, 2016

            As a matter of fact I went to a Lutheran day school K-8 and am fairly well versed (more than most less than others) on the subject. Critical thinking skills however dictate it as a sham to control the unwashed masses and acquire easy money. Islam is not a religion of peace! Never has and never will be Aaron.

          22. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 2, 2016

            You say that from a point of utter ignorance—you’ve never troubled yourself to learn the real information on Islam. So, how can your ignorance of Islam be considered “critical thinking”?
            When you show some ability to explain Islam from an objective perspective rather than based on what you were spoon-fed, then we can have a conversation. Until then, you’re just blowing smoke and calling it thinking.

          23. thewendyb November 29, 2016

            All Christians. You worship a vengeful, bloody God.

          24. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 30, 2016

            Jim, it should be clear from all the responses you’ve gotten that you have been woefully lax in reading about the bloody history of Christians when they encountered other people.
            There are plenty of books on the subject, so visit your local library.

          25. Jim Samaras December 1, 2016

            Right Aaron, there are comparisons to 400 years ago today…in your liberal mind only!

          26. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 1, 2016

            What is a “liberal mind”? Did Jesus have a “liberal mind”? Is “liberal mind” some biological entity? You think too much in black/white terms, which is a handicap agnostics have to suffer with.

          27. pollywoggoo December 2, 2016

            Caucasians from England/Europe decimated Native Americans and their culture.
            They guaranteed the destruction of Native American religions by setting up Indian Schools run by, mostly, Catholics.

          28. Jim Samaras December 2, 2016

            More Indians died from infectious disease brought here from Europe than from barbarous acts. Not denying they were mistreated in a big way but it wasn’t as much because of religion

          29. pollywoggoo December 2, 2016

            You know not of what you speak. I’m a Turtle Mountain tribal member and do.

          30. dpaano December 5, 2016

            Pollywoggoo, can I be one of the ones that apologizes to you and your tribe for the atrocities that were done to your tribe? I cry whenever I think about what was done in the name of nation building. I’m not an Indian, but I respect all Indians, their ways, and how they feel about the land, the sky, and the air. I wish everyone could see the good in that. Unfortunately, the Trump gang want to take away the land, the sky, and the air not only on Indian land, but everywhere! They’ve even said they are going to drill for oil on Indian reservations and privatize the reservations. I’m not sure if that’s something that would be good for the tribes, but I don’t think so.

          31. pollywoggoo December 2, 2016

            Additionally, re: infectious diseases… Caucasians used them as biological weapons against Native Americans.
            That IS barbaric.

          32. pollywoggoo December 2, 2016

            “a big way”? More like a genocidal way.

          33. WoozyCanary December 3, 2016

            Everyone is ignorant about many things. Most people don’t make it a point to shamelessly broadcast their dangerous ignorance to the public.

            How embarrassing for you.


            …Conversion to Christianity was also deemed essential to the cause. Indian boarding schools were expected to develop a curriculum of religious instruction, placing emphasis on the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes and Psalms. Implanting ideas of sin and a sense of guilt were part of Sunday schools. Christianity governed gender relations at the schools and most schools invested their energy in keeping the sexes apart, in some cases endangering the lives of the students by locking girls in their dormitories at night — meaning they could not get out, even in the case of fire. There were, however, ritualized social activities such as dances and promenades.

          34. dpaano December 5, 2016

            And, now, one of Trump’s new nominees wants to “privatize” Indian reservations so that oil companies, etc., can come in and drill on their land! Just another way of stealing from the Indians despite the laws against it.

          35. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 29, 2016

            Why do you insist on being an isolationist who has trouble assimilating with anyone who doesn’t share your myopic view of humanity?

          36. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 1, 2016

            Jim—You, Trump, and others like you are the ones who need to be scrutinized. Neither of you has a moral point of reference—your religion is your own self. What a abysmal condition that is, and one which will prevent you from being of any benefit to society.
            How have you assimilated except assimilating with people who look like you?? Shari’ah is something you don’t have in-depth knowledge about, aside from what biased media tells you. Nor do Muslims who clamor for it know what it means and don’t realize it is inappropriate to apply in this Day and Age.

          37. Jim Samaras December 2, 2016

            Looks have nothing to do with it! Like minds, common goals and the ability to be tolerant of other peoples PEACEFUL beliefs. If it were a common goal of mine to suppress women and throw gays off of buildings I would assimilate with Sharia and the Islamic religion and support their cause tomorrow. But since I don’t I resent the fact that my government is aligned so closely with nations that do and want no part of those beliefs in my country

          38. WoozyCanary December 3, 2016


            Whose? Christians? Libertarians? Buddhists? Nudists? Catholics? White supremacists? Vegans? Armed white nationalists? Rastafarians?

            Who, exactly, represents “our culture”?

          39. Jim Samaras December 4, 2016

            Actually, all the ones you mention! They are not promoting a form of government

          40. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 29, 2016

            You just don’t know when to quit—what are you trying to prove aside from the fact that you insist on putting groups into little boxes you’ve contrived??

      4. The lucky one November 29, 2016

        Yes I’d say not just luck but also a lack of any scruples or ethical sensibility contributed to Trump’s success. Of course it’s true that had he not had his father’s fortune to start with we would never have heard of Don Trump. Self-confidence is also important and Trump does have an over abundance of that.

      5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 29, 2016

        Still thinking in terms of us versus them. No wonder you’re attracted to Trump and the GOP. They’ve been working hard to drive a wedge between people in America, and you’ve fallen for the bait. Is that how you understand the message of Jesus, as one of “Us Versus Them”?

        1. dbtheonly November 30, 2016

          Hey Aaron,

          I can’t understand how worshipers, of He who taught us to love one another, can hate so completely.

          If there’s a truly Anti-Christ philosophy, it’s Ayn Rand’s Libertarianism. Can’t really see a Libertarian in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 30, 2016

            This is why I have to remind the “holier-than-thou” about their own beliefs from time to time.
            As you’ve noticed, they are in a fog as to what is expected of them, and no little of the atrocities committed in the name of all the major Religions of the past—clearly in contradiction of what all the Religions teach.
            Not that I’ve achieved a status that I’ve made it, but I at least try to show that all the Religions come from the same Source, that humanity is one family, and that good deeds speak louder than pious words with no action. So far, this sentiment falls on deaf ears of the likes of Jim.

            Fare thee well, friend.

  10. dpaano November 28, 2016

    Tell all this to the journalists who followed Trump around and gave him tons of unprecedented notoriety during his campaign! Tell THEM to call him the “minority president.” Maybe if the journalists of this world would get off their krumpets and do their job, we can get rid of this guy in 4 years!

    1. Gerry Francis November 28, 2016

      Minority? He plans on being a ‘part time’ president because he claims he can run his business AND run the country perfectly.

      1. dbtheonly November 28, 2016

        There are major tax advantages if he remains a real estate developer.

        1. dpaano November 29, 2016

          He should have thought about that before he ran for the presidency…..apparently, he didn’t realize that being president was NOT an easy job and was a 24/7 position! As I said earlier, he can’t do both with any adequate attention! He needs to decide what he wants to do when he grows up….be a president or be a businessman!

          1. dbtheonly November 29, 2016

            I’m inclined to think he ran as a lark and was surprised as the rest of us, by the result.

            Right now, I’m just happy he’s not letting contracts to have himself and the three kids carved into Mt. Rushmore.

          2. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

            You’re so right! Reminds me of that old movie – Mr. Smith goes to Washington. According to one of his first campaign people he ran solely for the recognition. He must have been surprised when he realized that the moral values in the US have sunk to such a low that not only was his behavior (actions and speech) embraced by the electorate, but were rewarded by electing him. Giving him the Presidency is tantamount to saying “you can’t do anything wrong, so go ahead and do whatever you want”. And – you can bet he will.

          3. dbtheonly November 29, 2016

            Having trouble seeing Jimmy Stewart playing Donald Trump. Having trouble seeing Donald Trump standing up for any moral value. Having real trouble seeing Donald Trump convincing Claude Rains to confess his financial misdeeds.

            Maybe I’m misunderstanding the movie reference.

          4. Gerry Francis November 30, 2016

            I understand the confusion. Jimmy Stewart was sent to D.C. despite his lack of experience….. that’s where I was going with that.

          5. dbtheonly November 30, 2016


            You see the list of Presidents and their experience, a couple of weeks ago? The most experienced, Buchanan, was also the worst. Lincoln only had two years of government experience.

            It’s the person more than experience, mores the pity.

          6. dpaano November 30, 2016

            Unfortunately, this person is mentally challenged and thinks that he was elected to be the CEO of the country…..CEO’s generally can do anything they want in a corporation, but Trump will soon find out that isn’t the case with the presidency!

          7. dbtheonly November 30, 2016

            We’ll find out.

            For the sake of all concerned, I hope Trump is successful. Economic ruin or nuclear war is too terrible.

          8. dpaano November 30, 2016

            We can only hope that those Republicans in Congress that refused to vote for him will side with the Democrats and keep some of his cabinet members from dismembering this entire country! We only need 3 Republicans to side with the Democrats in order to stop him, and we can only hope that there are still some Republicans in the Congress with consciences.

          9. dpaano November 30, 2016

            Shhhh…don’t give him any major ideas!

          10. dbtheonly November 30, 2016

            God help us.

            I hadn’t seen it, but it goes to show that my imagination can’t compare to reality.

            And the RWMO complained about President Obama’s ego.

          11. JohnLG December 5, 2016

            Just wait. First he has to get someone to chisel off those other guys first.

            I think you may be right that it started as an attention-getting device. The fact that he ducks out of security briefings suggests that he would prefer not to have the “job” of being president, just the glory, and of course, the power to do as he pleases.

          12. dbtheonly December 5, 2016

            But he always had the power to do as he pleases. It’s the “pomp” that appeals.

            He’s a builder. A few anchors, some concrete, a little plaster. Best job ever!

      2. ralphkr November 29, 2016

        Shucks, Gerry, that is the kind of president the founding fathers had in mind. They certainly did not want professional politicians running the country. Why do you think the put our capitol in a swamp.

        1. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

          Well, times have changed and the world has become a much more complex place. Have you ever noticed the color of a President elect’s hair? That same head of hair is almost always fully gray when they’re ready to leave office. It looks to me to be a stressful and full time job, not something that can be balanced between profit and patriotism.

          1. dpaano November 30, 2016

            Trump has never worked a full day in his life, and I guarantee you, he still won’t. He’s already told Pence that he’s going to be doing most of the work….unheard of for a Vice President. He’s also hired lobbyists and Wall Street bankers to his cabinet…..a promise he made NOT to do when he lied to his followers. He has NO idea how to run this country, and it’s already obvious by his flip flops on most of the promises he made! Soon his followers will realize the mistake they made…..but I doubt it. They will continue to make excuses for what they did, but when they lose their Medicare, their healthcare, and realize that he lied to them about quite a few things, they might see the light……but, it’s doubtful!

          2. Mary December 5, 2016

            extremely stressful. I think his arteries will blow out. Dead of a stroke.

          3. dpaano December 5, 2016

            We’d never be that lucky…..and even if that happens, we’d then be stuck with Pence who is just as stupid and unqualified!

      3. dpaano November 29, 2016

        Actually, according to his background, he can’t do EITHER of them at the same time or “perfectly.” We should be asking our senators WHY he’s being allowed to conduct business with his foreign bankers/developers and how that’s going to be allowed during his presidency! He should choose to be either a president OR a businessman….he can’t do both and give them adequate attention!

        1. Gerry Francis November 29, 2016

          The problem with asking anyone to challenge him is that they’re all afraid of his wrath.

          1. dpaano November 30, 2016

            Unfortunately, they’re going to have to get over that quickly or this nation will end up back where it was before President Obama dragged it out of the mud that GWB left it in!

          2. Kevin Schmidt December 3, 2016

            Unfortunately, Obama dragged it around in the mud. He just claimed he was dragging it out.

          3. Lorenzo LaRue December 5, 2016

            No, the GOTP congress did most of that dragging, prove me wrong.

          4. dpaano December 5, 2016

            Unfortunately, it was actually GWB that dragged this country into the mud and President Obama pulled it out. Trump will throw it all back where it was when GWB left the White House! IF you don’t believe that, you may want to Google all the things that President Obama has done in the past 7+ years for the people of this country vs. the lack of what the Congress did within the same period. The Congress now has the lowest confidence rating than any other Congress in the history of this country……imagine how much good could have been done for this country if they had done their jobs rather than sat on their butts doing nothing except naming post offices!!!

          5. Kevin Schmidt December 5, 2016

            Unfortunately, both Dubya and Obama and Congress, both Democratic and Republican majorities, dragged this country in the mud and left it there.
            Trump will be just a continuation of the mud dragging.

          6. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            You are reluctant to challenge what I post because you know that your position is weak and can’t be defended. You are probably not aware that the reason that dpaano is called “racist and bigot” is that she and jmprint called well-educated black males “boy”. I hope you would agree that this name-calling is unacceptable.
            If this is the “wrath” you are referring to, then you should be chided for making a low information statement.

          7. Gerry Francis December 5, 2016

            Whoa! I was talking about challenging Mr. Trump, not you.

          8. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Sorry about that. I’m so used to many of the low information posters calling names and slamming insults because they can’t handle the truth.

          9. dpaano December 5, 2016

            Definitely, he’s even blocked people from his Tweet account because they don’t agree with him…is this the way the presidency is going to be….if you don’t agree with him, he doesn’t listen to you? Amazing and TOTALLY unprecedented!

        2. InformedVoter November 30, 2016

          Hello racist and bigot; But HilLIARy can pedal influence while being SOS and even after with the Clinton Crime Foundation. Can you say hypocrite?
          President Trump HAS demonstrated that he can run multiple businesses simultaneously and do a great job. Running this country should be no problem.

          1. Lorenzo LaRue December 3, 2016

            Just phkn pathetic……..HAS demonstrated bankruptcy with MULTIPLE businesses……and you call folks you don’t know racist and bigoted??!! Do you use logic? Again, just phkn pathetic.

          2. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Sorry but you know not what you post about. During the months leading up to the election, dpaano and jmprint both used the term “boy” to refer to well-education black males. This would certainly identify them as “racist and bigot”. So if you think this is not correct, wouldn’t that then make you a racist and bigot too? I would hope you would condemn them just as I have.
            It would appear that your low information status identifies you as the “phkn pathetic” for jumping to the uninformed conclusion.

          3. Lorenzo LaRue December 5, 2016

            I don’t really care about dpaano or jmprint……don’t know them, don’t read their stuff except on the comment line, but you just keep slinging names around like some kid on the playground. So phk off.

          4. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            “Slinging names around …” you mean like the MSM has been doing for months regarding President Trump? Or when HilLIARy called his supporters “deplorables”?
            When someone uses racial slurs, they need to be informed that is not acceptable.
            As to the name-calling, you lefties are the biggest bullies in the school yard. In a debate, when one side starts name-calling, it’s a sure sign they know they’re losing the debate. That’s what you lefties constantly do because you can’t handle the truth.
            If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them lies. If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth!

          5. Mary December 3, 2016

            its going to be a big problem when he finds out how much many of us really hate him.

          6. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            You can hate him all you wish, but HE’S STILL going to be YOUR president! But the true is that no matter how many you say hate him, more people hated HilLIARy than President Trump. Also it doesn’t matter if you hate him or love him. What kind of problem will it cause for President Trump because or your hate? Nothing. Legislation will still be his and you can just zip your mouth and have to put up with it. Lizzie Warren can challenge all she wishes and huff and puff, but the GOP control the Senate and the House and thanks to you dummy Dems, a simple reconciliation is all it will take to accomplish some wonderful legislation starting Jan. 21.
            Like Obamacare – repealed; Planned Parenthood – defunded; borders – protected. The list will go on and on and you can just hate it all you wish.

          7. Mary December 5, 2016

            Sorry NOT informed voter.
            This pig will be as much a president as Obama was yours.
            I will live on the phone to my senators and representatives to do everything they can to scuttle his moronic agenda.
            He is not the president of the entire west coast. We will hate him and do. HE LOST the popular vote.
            He will be impeached or drop dead in office. Those arteries you know.
            Whats really sad is an idiot like you believeing what this grifter said.
            He is a compulsive and pathological liar, a rapist and cant wait to annoy him by endless protesting.
            So you keep your submoron, we will resist in every possible way.
            You just stay on your knees lapping up maggot , it will make you easier to jump over.

          8. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            You can fight him all you wish, but the Dems have set it up so he do just about what he wishes. Reid put in the reconciliation process, so all the GOP needs is 50 votes in the Senate and President Trump’s agenda will pass.
            He lost the popular vote because of the illegal votes. If you don’t count the CA landslide, where he didn’t campaign, he won the popular vote! Had the popular vote meant something, he would have campaigned in CA and the difference in votes would have given him the popular vote too.
            It’s nice to say he will be impeached, but with the GOP in control, you know that will never happen.
            As to health, many didn’t vote for HilLIARy because of her health problems – she’s more likely to suffer stroke or heart attack than he is.
            So can you please prove he’s a rapist. The alleged attack by the 13-year-old has been recanted and she now says she made it up.
            I suppose you supported Bill Clinton despite all the proven rapes he committed. Now there is evidence surfacing that HilLIARy was involved in child sex slavery.
            You can live on your phone to your minority party senators, but all President Trump needs is 50 and Mike Pence will push the agenda over the top. And in 2018, the Dems will have to defend many more seats than the GOP. And the dumb Dems reelected Pelosi, who has lost more seats than any party leader ever. Good job you low information fools!

          9. Mary December 5, 2016

            Your as stupid as the maggot.
            Address his 70 year old rotting carcass with high cholesterol and other unknown factors..
            Im looking forward to the blood clot that will “impeach” him for us, I just hope they get it on camera..
            And Pence? omg roflmao.

          10. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Sorry Mary, but your lack of education is showing in your response.
            Didn’t you just love seeing all those videos of HilLIARy stumbling around and needing to get help walking up the steps. And her opening a pickle jar was a classic! Ha, ha.
            These WERE caught on camera!
            Have a nice day.

          11. InformedVoter December 5, 2016
          12. dpaano December 5, 2016

            What is totally amazing is that the Trump followers STILL fail to see all the lies that he fed them during his campaign. Just looking at the people he’s hiring for his Cabinet and his administration should be proof enough that his comment about “draining the swamp” was a bunch of BS….that is, unless he meant draining the swamp by just moving them into his administration. The individuals he’s chosen to run very important departments are totally unqualified to run them; i.e., Ben Carson running HUD? Seriously? He promised the Rust Belt voters that he’d clean up Washington D.C. and get rid of lobbyists and Wall Street insiders, but he’s cleaned them up all right….swept them right into his administration. How long will it take before his followers will see the light?

          13. WoozyCanary December 3, 2016

            Poor Drumpf child can’t accept the fact that daddy is a serial abuser and projects his psychosis onto others.

            InformedVoter… is that irony or are you really too stupid to know how stupid you are?

            “great job” Ha ha ha!


            Trump University ‘playbooks’ offer glimpse of ruthless business practices

            A federal judge has given the world an unprecedented glimpse into the ruthless business practices Donald Trump used to build his business empire.

            US district court judge Gonzalo Curiel on Tuesday made public more than 400 pages of Trump University “playbooks” describing how Trump staff should target prospective students’ weaknesses to encourage them to sign up for a $34,995 Gold Elite three-day package.

            Trump University staff were instructed to get people to pile on credit card debt and to target their financial weaknesses in an attempt to sell them the high-priced real estate courses.

            The documents contained an undated “personal message” from Trump to new enrollees at the school: “Only doers get rich. I know that in these three packed days, you will learn everything to make a million dollars within the next 12 months.”…

          14. InformedVoter December 5, 2016

            Why do you insist on showing off your low information status? President Trump is a highly successful businessman who turned his inheritance of a couple hundred million into a 12-18 billion holding.- This would certainly qualify as a doing a “good job” as opposed to Obama, whose only legacy will be the first black president and nothing else. No that’s not doing a good job and wasting 8 years and billions thrown down the drain.

          15. Lynn Rowe December 27, 2016

            Do you tRumpsters EVER bother to actually do any fact-checking??? Like EVER??? Rhetorical Q; obviously no, you don’t. Idiot.

          16. PrecipitousDrop December 27, 2016

            No. The GOP is convinced that facts have a pronounced liberal bias.
            Therefore, they’re promptly disregarded.

          17. InformedVoter December 28, 2016

            Check facts like the Clinton Foundation pedaling influence? I just love it when you lefties jump right in with name-calling. It means you have lost your argument!
            BTW: the reason dpaano is called “racist and bigot” is that she uses racial slurs like “boy” when referring to well-educated black males. Racial slurs are never acceptable.

            Back to the facts, while HilLIARy was SOS, she openly sought out contributions to her foundation. Pay for play? Absolutely, but you lefties just ignore the facts and truth.
            If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them lies (like the left does). If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth (like we do).

  11. OHDisqusNSA666100 December 3, 2016

    What yyyLakoffyyy fails to appreciate is that Democrats are only permitted to be strong, effective, or strategic – when it comes to fighting against Liberals! Fighting against Conservatives effectively isn’t allowed! Courtesy of the donors. You will never get to take down Trump, until you take down Clinton, Booker, Simpson, Bowles, Bayh, Schumer, Wasserman Shultz, Brazile, Chelsea, and the other dive-taking winner champs.

    1. Kevin Schmidt December 3, 2016

      They’re not very good at fighting against liberals either, since Hillary had to steal the primary from liberal Bernie Sanders.

      1. dpaano December 5, 2016

        She didn’t “steal” anything….she won the primary fair and square.

        1. Kevin Schmidt December 5, 2016

          LOL! All evidence points to the contrary.

  12. Kevin Schmidt December 3, 2016

    Hillary stole the Democratic primary, so Trump is right about her being “crooked.”

    So what if Hillary won the popular vote, she still lost the Electoral College by three major states. Meanwhile, half of the voters stayed home. That too may be a record. Therefore, it looks like Hillary wasn’t all that popular after all.

    Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders remains the most popular politician in DC. His is the voice of reason. Yet, the Democrats relegated Bernie to a position of little power, and elevated neoliberal Chuckie Schumer to Senate Minority Leader. Neoliberal Nancy Pelosi remains the House Minority Leader.

    The Democrats continue to double down on loser stoopid, and you think you can make Trump look like a loser? Even on his worst day, he will still look like a genius compared to the idiotic Neoliberal Democrats.

    “You can’t beat Republicans by being Republican Light.”
    Howard Dean, who after winning back the majority in Congress and winning the White House, was rewarded by being thrown under the bus by Obama and Rhambo. Talk about loser stoopid! LOL!

    1. Mary December 3, 2016

      the Sanders thing is over. He would have lost as well.

      1. Kevin Schmidt December 3, 2016

        Wrong. Sanders was ahead in every pole by double digits, while Hillary barely edged him within the margin of error.
        Today, Bernie is the most popular politician in the US.
        Therefore, he would have easily beat Trump, and he would have helped the Democrats regain the majority in Congress.
        By the way, the stolen election is not over. Hillary can be prosecuted for her crime for the next five years.

        1. Mary December 4, 2016

          A number of people I know refused to support his socialist agenda.

          1. Kevin Schmidt December 5, 2016

            So what? Are you claiming that is a legitimate poll?

        2. dpaano December 5, 2016

          What crime? She hasn’t done anything to be indicted for. If so, then we can look at some of Trump’s choices for his administration….i.e., Petraeus, Flynn, etc. Both of these gentlemen committed verifiable treason and were tried for it (at least Petraeus was….and was put on 2-years probation, etc.). Trump, on the other hand, has done more than enough to be indicted for a myriad of crimes, including tax fraud, mismanagement of funds in his so-called Trump Foundation, etc. But, I guess that’s okay with you, right? We have a crook in the White House and he’s hiring his fellow crooks to join him. Hang in there….the fun has just begun!

          1. Kevin Schmidt December 5, 2016

            Hillary committed election fraud by stealing the primary election, which is against the law.

            We have had crooks in the White House uninterrupted since Reagan committed treason to steal the White House from Jimmy Carter.
            There is nothing OK about any of that.

          2. Jeremy Pinkham December 22, 2016

            Weird that you’re so certain of this yet no one is prosecuting her for this crime you seem to believe you have adequate evidence to convict her of. Apparently no one with the power to prosecute her seems to agree with you.

          3. Kevin Schmidt December 22, 2016

            Weird that Obama did not prosecute the Dubya war crimes or any of the Wall Street banksters. So why would he prosecute a fellow Democrat? Duh!

          4. Jeremy Pinkham December 23, 2016

            Oh, I didn’t know Obama was the only person in America with prosecutorial power. Thanks for the civics lesson.

          5. Kevin Schmidt December 23, 2016

            Oh, you didn’t know the Attorney General is chosen by and works directly for the president.
            You need to repeat seventh grade civics class, assuming you ever took it in the first place.

          6. Jeremy Pinkham December 23, 2016

            Thanks for the lesson, pops. Thanks to your wisdom I now realize all of the congressional investigations into Benghazi never happened.

          7. Kevin Schmidt December 25, 2016

            You’re welcome fatboy. I guess you didn’t realize it was all just a show to make it look like there was a real difference between the two sides of the duopoly that are both servants to the oligarchy.

        3. cuturn December 22, 2016

          As a Sanders voter I also think he would have lost in the head to head. Trump had plenty he could of twisted to use against him. Bernie was not a “strict Father” type either and he would not have gotten no where near the free media Trump did. There was a whole lot that went into the minority win, not just any one thing. Trump hubris had a lot to do with his rise but it will aslo hand him his downfall. If the Dems want to start winning they need to stand by their principles, fight and get active in all 50 states now.

          1. Kevin Schmidt December 22, 2016

            You think wrong.

        4. Jeremy Pinkham December 22, 2016

          He was so far ahead because neither Hillary nor Trump focused their ad money on discrediting his character, as they did with each other. If Sanders had gotten the nomination, he would have been placed in those same crosshairs, his life choices distorted to appear nefarious, and his poll numbers would have dropped dramatically.

          1. Kevin Schmidt December 22, 2016

            Everywhere Sanders went he appeared in front of record breaking crowds. Neither Clinton nor Trump had anything on Sanders to begin with. His 30+ years progressive record speaks for itself. His moral character is beyond reproach. Even today, he is the most popular politician in DC.

    2. JohnLG December 3, 2016

      If, as we celebrate on July Fourth each year the notion that “all men are created equal” (tho updated wisdom forces us to admit that all “persons” are created equal) and that there is to be “equal justice under law”, a number of glaring incongruities in modern practices includes the “Electoral College”. Surely every vote should count the same; no more, no less; and the “electoral college” is inimical to that.

      1. Kevin Schmidt December 5, 2016

        Surely, you don’t think you can suddenly change the rules just so Hillary can win the election? LOL!

        1. JohnLG December 5, 2016

          Hardly, but many of the rules of the election process are rigged against democracy, and that could be changed for the future if enough people pushed for it to happen.

          1. Kevin Schmidt December 7, 2016

            We could have started when Hillary stole the primary. Then we could have stopped her, and Bernie would now be the president-elect.

    3. EPH December 27, 2016

      Well, Bernie’s chances at a leadership position would probably significantly increase if he would actually join the party.

      1. Kevin Schmidt December 28, 2016

        Baloney! The Democratic Party is full of neoliberals. They don’t want a progressive like him around who actually represents his constituents. He makes all of them look bad!

        1. EPH December 29, 2016

          Kevin- i know you are very emotional, but calm down and think for a minute. (and I’m saying this as a Bernie fan and a progressive) He’s not a member of the party. It might not even be possible according to their by-laws. He’s made the decision to not join the party and that’s fine. I’m sure he’s thought it through and has his reasons. Leaders in groups are almost always members of the group. It’s just how it goes.

          1. Kevin Schmidt December 29, 2016

            EPH-i know you are very dishonest, but stop apologizing for the neoliberals for a minute.
            Progressivism is the future. The neoliberal leaders are about to lose all of their power. Bernie doesn’t have to be a Democrat for that to happen. lt’s just how it goes.

          2. EPH January 21, 2017

            You sound nice.

          3. adler56 January 20, 2017

            Bernie has as many arrests protesting as anyone in the Civil Rights movements (not recently of course)- if he were a Democrat they would have run people against him

    4. adler56 January 20, 2017

      Schmidt- Hillary beat your buffoon by 3 million votes so he’s even less popular than she was. Righty brains are missing the logic part. Trump will never look like a genius to those with functioning brains- he has had 7 bankruptcies and the Russian mob gave him hundreds of millions to avoid bankruptcy #8- that’s why he wants to cosy up to Russia – to keep that from being made public. He is scum of the earth and if they force disclosure of his taxes you and everyone else will see that. No American bank will loan him money because he never pays it back.

      1. Kevin Schmidt January 20, 2017

        Hillary is the buffoon for losing to the least popular presidential candidate in history. How the hell is that possible? Oh yeah. Steal the primary and piss off all the progressive voters, so a record breaking 90 million+ voters stay home.

        Then to claim the Russians influenced the election, just raised her buffoonery to a new level.
        I am soooooooo happy that HillBilly will never, ever become president!
        Buh bye Buffoonocrats! Buh bye!

        1. adler56 January 22, 2017

          You’re celebrating the demise of America which your buffoon will accomplish is record time- tearing things down is the only thing he’s good at.

          1. Kevin Schmidt January 22, 2017

            Don’t even try to put your lying words into my mouth!
            Hillary tore down democracy and the Democratic Party.
            Anyone who voted for either Hillary or Trump is a buffoon.

  13. JohnLG December 3, 2016

    Yes, I believe the veneration of “strict fathers” plays a role in national politics; certainly deference to “authority” does, but while Trump plays the part of authority in his “you’re fired” style, I think it is more the fact that he was the last rebel left standing that endeared him to many voters. Hillary offered a return to her husband’s amiable sell-out of the public interest and fawning over Wall St.’s agendas, which after 8 years of Obama had begun to pall. Obama was certainly a step up from Bush, but was cold comfort for most of Main St. Hence many former Obama voters went for Trump, and many others were insufficiently motivated to vote for anyone.

    Of course a number of polls indicated that while Trump and Hillary were both exceptionally reviled; and Bernie Sanders was, in certain statistical snapshots, significantly more popular than either nationwide. Sanders (refreshingly) is the first to admit that no one can now say with confidence whether he would have prevailed against Trump or not, although it is certainly arguable that he may well of done better than Hillary Clinton, but that’s all speculation. But rather than Trump epitomizing the “strict father”, it seems to me that Sanders displayed a great deal more “adult” behavior than Trump, who more than anything puts forward the behavior of a lifelong wealth-enabled spoiled brat. Given the scripted, canned performances of most DNC-sanctioned Democrats, Trump’s childish impulsiveness may have seemed a welcome contrast, perhaps being confused with courage and resolve (since it has been so long since we have seen the genuine article) but Trump’s world is demonstrably all about him, and his postures mere manipulative ploys to enhance his own wealth and status; not a position a responsible father, including a “strict” father, would approve.

    1. adler56 January 20, 2017

      but his followers never saw that- low IQ people that they are. Whites are scared sh**less of the coming day when they will be a minority- trump can’t stop that.
      It seems to me that the majority of kids today are not doing BETTER than their parents- that will create more fear and anger in the next few years as income disparity grows even more.

  14. patricia.franks December 4, 2016

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  15. mthomas68 December 5, 2016

    I remember after John Kerry lost the 2004 election when Dems had a ‘what went wrong’ session…George Lakoff said the same then as he’s saying now. Then Obama won two elections campaigning on Lakoff’s analysis, but Hillary comes back using what John Kerry did in 2004 and what she did in 2008. Both times lost. When will DC Dems learn.

    Democratic ideas are the majority ideology in this country. Yet, our candidates run after those moderate Republicans and doing so lose every time. Dems need to stay with the people who brung them to the dance….they will win.

  16. lexalexander December 26, 2016

    [[“They kept running ads showing Trump forcefully expressing views that
    liberals found outrageous,” he wrote. “Trump supporters liked him for
    forcefully saying things that liberals found outrageous.]]

    In other words, Trump’s supporters voted for him because he hates whom they hate.

    1. Geostomp December 30, 2016

      Spite is probably the biggest motivator to the Republicans

      1. PrecipitousDrop December 31, 2016

        Don’t worry.
        After January 20th, they’ll get back to greed, lust and random cruelty, just like always.

    2. adler56 January 20, 2017

      Or looking at it another way- they’re as nuts as he is. Rednecks, racists, low IQ,
      greedy- did I leave any republicans out?

  17. Alexander Innes January 2, 2017

    Good and interesting artical. But, like most nowadays, it ignores the fact that democrats are just not the democrats your father knew. They are little more than tools of the wealthy now, just like the republicans always have been.
    The only difference between the two parties is Republicans will act and vote in favor of the interests of the wealthy 100% of the time. The democrats will also, but only 99.9% of the time.

    1. adler56 January 20, 2017

      Another poster that doesn’t see the big differences between the parties. One of them mentioned in the article is “empathy is kryptonite to republicans”. It will become even more obvious once Mr. Plump takes office. One other is the different parts of the brain used by Republicans and Democrats to make decisions (scientific studies-not conjecture). Republicans use the amygdala- location for emotions and fear- that’s the basis for decisions they make and it should be clear to everyone who has observed the right since 9/11 that righties are the most scared of our citizens. They’re the party of the most deferments too so that makes sense even if republicans can’t see the truth in that. Those waving flags get in the way.

  18. adler56 January 20, 2017

    This sounds good but the main fact left out is that trump is mentally ill- severe personality disorders. His lemmings don’t want anything to do with mental health- they’re afraid it will confirm when they already suspect- they’re off kilter themselves. Hopefully his business dealings will lead to impeachment- even if we have to wait until the mid terms- that will be the longest two years of America’s life and the country may not survive two years of trump. I don’t see any other solution.

  19. FrancesPoo January 22, 2017

    Donald John Trump 2016 BABY. BILLARY And her lying dog crap eating husband lost. #makeamericagreatagain. Donald John Trump 2016 BABY.

    GOD BLESS Charlotte PD, George Zimmerman, Officer Wilson, Baltimore PD, all PD and NYPD. True American HEROS. Justice was SERVED BABY.

    Ted Nugent is Killing and Grilling BABY.

    Deport all the Mexi’s and Mussie’s





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