South Carolina GOP House Nominee Closely Tied To Neo-Nazi Stew Peters

South Carolina GOP House Nominee Closely Tied To Neo-Nazi Stew Peters

Mark Burns

Right-wing commentator Mark Burns yesterday advanced to a runoff for the Republican nomination for a U.S. House seat in South Carolina. Burns is a repeat guest on the show of virulent antisemite Stew Peters, whom he has called a “friend.” He also recently told Peters, “We got to be doing something right if we're being called dangerous ... I'm proud they call you dangerous.”

Peters has pushed Holocaust denial, portrayed Hitler as “a hero,” and claimed that “straight-faced lying about easily provable facts comes second-nature to the Jew,” among many other antisemitic remarks.

Burns is a Christian nationalist pastor and commentator who has a history of making toxic remarks, including about LGBTQ people. Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Burns.

Burns has said he is friends with Peters. He wrote in August 2023: “It was so great to see my friend Stew Peters today here in Las Vegas.”

Peters is the host of The Stew Peters Show, which streams online. Peters is a conspiracy theorist and far-right extremist who has called for violence against his perceived enemies. He recently has taken part in a militia dedicated to “mobiliz[ing] to DEFEND this Republic from any enemy.”

Peters is also a virulent antisemite who openly praises Hitler. For example:

  • Peters praised the Nazis for burning books, stating: “When it comes down to the old Nazi book burnings, as they call them, it was justified. … It was awesome.” He said of Hitler’s role in book burning: “But for this, wasn’t he a hero?”
  • Peters has also released a promotional video claiming that Jewish “perversion” spurred the Nazis, who were “pushed to their breaking point."
  • Peters claimed: “Adolf Hitler and the rise of the National Socialists may be the most lied about people in world history.”
  • Peters has promoted the pro-Nazi film Europa: The Last Battle, calling it “one of the most important films you can watch.” That film defends Hitler as a hero and pushes doubt about the Holocaust.
  • Peters has promoted Holocaust denial on his show.
  • Peters wrote in response to a headline stating that the Nazis took “over Rothschild bank”: “Hiltler and the Nazis are the worst people in history! How could they possibly do something so positive for humanity?!??”
  • Peters wrote: “Straight-faced lying about easily provable facts comes second-nature to the Jew. Is this a cultural or genetic phenomenon?”
  • Peters wrote: “The dollar is purposely being tanked by Jewish-banksters within our own government” and “The US has merely served as a host nation for Jewish financial interests since the end of WWII.”
  • Peters has claimed that Judaism is a “death cult built on the blood of murdered babies.”
  • Peters said: “We don't have any representation in Washington. We have a bunch of people that are sold out to Jews.”

Burns has repeatedly gone on Peters’ program, including most recently on May 7. During that appearance, he repeatedly promoted extremist rhetoric including claiming that being transgender is “an evil from the gates of Hell.”

During that episode, he also praised and defended Peters. At the start of their conversation, he said: “Happy to be here, Stew. Always happy to be on your show.” And toward the end, in response to media criticism, Burns said:

MARK BURNS: Well, Stew, we got to be doing something right if we're being called dangerous people by liberal left media that's bought out by and sold out by a evil, demonic spirit, then I think we are in good company. And I'm proud that they’re calling me [inaudible] -- I'm proud they call you dangerous.

Burns used that recent appearance to promote his campaign.

In 2022, Burns caused significant controversy during an appearance on Peters’ show in which, as Right Wing Watch documented, he said “that the LGBTQ agenda represents ‘a national security threat’ and therefore anyone promoting it is guilty of treason and should be executed.” That episode was guest-hosted by far-right extremist Lauren Witzke. (Burns has attempted to distance himself from his remarks, having “said the clip was taken out of context” and his “stance on the LGBTQ community is not one of hate.”)

Peters is so extreme that Republican Arizona state Sen. Anthony Kern lost his permission to use the chamber’s broadcasting equipment after he used the Senate’s broadcast studio to appear on the show on May 1.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

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