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CNBC host Jim Cramer

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CNBC's Jim Cramer has created a brand of business news host based on his "wild" antics, his "crazy" way of speaking and straight-shooting. His "crazy" way of acting and speaking is supposed to not only be entertaining for viewers, but to bely a secret, no-nonsense intelligence about the financial markets.

On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi came on Cramer's show to discuss what deals are either in the works, or not, between Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and the Democratic-led House. Cramer interrupted Pelosi ostensibly to question her on a statement she made a couple of days ago where she said she was "optimistic" that a deal to provide stimulus aid to the American public could be reached. Unfortunately, Cramer really let his misogynist foot get stuck in his mouth.

UPDATE: Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020 · 3:06:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time · Walter Einenkel

Jim Cramer tweeted out his comment: "you know what i love? the president goes unchecked, calls her Crazy forever. I call it as as horrible and i am called out for doing so here. What a travesty…"

So there's that.

Referring to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, saying he was happy to be "the skunk at the garden party," and nix any and all agreements between Democratic leadership and the U.S. Treasury, Cramer said this: "I mean what deal can we have Crazy Nancy—I'm sorry, that was the president—I have such reverence for the office, I would never use that term."


Speaker Pelosi replied that "But you just did." To which Cramer attempts to say he has a great reverence for the office and Pelosi understood what he meant. Pelosi, very diplomatically says she does understand exactly what he meant. Cramer sort of mumbles away something of an apology for this bizarre outburst on his part, and Pelosi redirects a reminder to the audience that it is Donald Trump that is the great antagonist right now.

PELOSI: Let me just say this, anything the president says is a projection of his own insecurities. He calls other people "crazy," because he knows he is. He complains about this that and the other thing, because he knows his own shortcomings. He's a master of projection, so anytime he says something you go "uh-oh," because that's what he's thinking about himself.

Promoting a sexist slur just because the president of the United States coined it doesn't make it right. The clip has made its way around the internet very … briskly. Cramer seems to realize that what he's said is very disrespectful just moments after saying it. It begs the question: why would you say it at all? To what end? Entertainment? Because it doesn't further the topic of what and how and when a deal or stimulus package will make its way through our government in order try and help our precariously failing economy.

What it will mean for Cramer remains to seen. Many are calling for Cramer to be fired or resign over this insult, while others have wondered how Cramer has been able to keep a job that he's been terrible at for more than a decade.

Jon Stewart slams Jim Cramer

And here's Cramer being wacky.

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Actor as Donald Trump in Russia Today video ad

Screenshot from RT's 'Trump is here to make RT Great Again'

Russia Today, the network known in this country as RT, has produced a new "deep fake" video that portrays Donald Trump in post-presidential mode as an anchor for the Kremlin outlet. Using snippets of Trump's own voice and an actor in an outlandish blond wig, the ad suggests broadly that the US president is indeed a wholly owned puppet of Vladimir Putin– as he has so often given us reason to suspect.

"They're very nice. I make a lot of money with them," says the actor in Trump's own voice. "They pay me millions and hundreds of millions."

But when American journalists described the video as "disturbing," RT retorted that their aim wasn't to mock Trump, but his critics and every American who objects to the Russian manipulations that helped bring him to power.

As an ad for RT the video is amusing, but the network's description of it is just another lie. Putin's propagandists are again trolling Trump and America, as they've done many times over the past few years –- and this should be taken as a warning of what they're doing as Election Day approaches.

The Lincoln Project aptly observed that the Russians "said the quiet part out loud" this time, (Which is a bad habit they share with Trump.)