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CNBC’s Cramer Urged To Resign After Insulting Pelosi On Air

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

CNBC's Jim Cramer has created a brand of business news host based on his "wild" antics, his "crazy" way of speaking and straight-shooting. His "crazy" way of acting and speaking is supposed to not only be entertaining for viewers, but to bely a secret, no-nonsense intelligence about the financial markets.

On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi came on Cramer's show to discuss what deals are either in the works, or not, between Trump's Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and the Democratic-led House. Cramer interrupted Pelosi ostensibly to question her on a statement she made a couple of days ago where she said she was "optimistic" that a deal to provide stimulus aid to the American public could be reached. Unfortunately, Cramer really let his misogynist foot get stuck in his mouth.

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