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Endorse This: Bill O’Reilly Vs. Donald Trump — Really

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Endorse This: Bill O’Reilly Vs. Donald Trump — Really



Donald Trump has gotten hammered in the press for his effusive praise during the Republican debate for President Eisenhower’s mass deportation of undocumented workers — a program that was actually called “Operation Wetback.”

It’s gotten so bad that The Donald was even put on the spot during an appearance on Fox News — with Bill O’Reilly, of all people, who neatly explained to him all the inhumanity that was actually committed during those good old Eisenhower years that Trump longs for.

“Do you know what the program was called?” O’Reilly asked.

“I do, but I wouldn’t use the term,” Trump said, with even some apparent hesitation. “I don’t like that term at all.”

Though come to think of it, it’s possible all this talk of the brutality of mass deportation might just make Trump’s supporters like him even more.

The key exchange is just after the 5:00 mark in the video above.

Video via The O’Reilly Factor/Fox News.

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  1. Leftout November 12, 2015

    The greatest inhumanity is the influx of illegal immigrants to be supported on the backs of the working class …. Increased entitlement, hospital care , education. Surely some illegals are said to take menial jobs, but these lower tier jobs are just as valuable to students or Americans as it is to be used as a stepping stone to higher aspirations. Trump offers a document approach that allows workers the right to work and eventually citizenship if they get in line. Is that not fair .

    1. sealbeams November 12, 2015

      The problem is that illegals don’t need the right to work. They don’t have a problem getting hired now. Most of them don’t want to become citizens. They are just looking for work. Why would they pay a fine or fee to have some document. Why not go after the people that hire them. If they knew they could not get hired, they wouldn’t come here. How about the landlords that rent to them. 11 million and no doubt even more can’t do what they do without help from millions of Americans. This is not even counting the people that work in the fields and then return to Mexico. Very few Americans will take any of these jobs.

      If we want to stop these people from coming here we need to stop giving them incentives. I live in Mexico and my incentive is lower cost of living. Much lower. Without that I had no other reason to leave.

      Last word. This could be done but I doubt there will even be an attempt. Get use to it. Nothing will change.

      1. Leftout November 12, 2015

        They do work very hard, but they are not tax payors . They have to be documented , allowed to work but not to vote , until they achieve citizenship. Dr Carson and Trump have a good plan, some say ” what about the anchor babies? They can return with parents to Mexico and return when they are of age to be self reliant. The 14th amendment was intended to have all Blacks borne, born or brought here to be citizens and was not meant for any other reason. This amendment was illegally applied at present …,it has to be righted to its original intent.

        1. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

          For them not to be tax payers some American must break the law but it’s cheaper to pay the fine then to pay a real wage. Ask the people who run the companies Mr. Trump hires to build his building why they hire Illegals. Mr. Trump speaks against illegals in the work force but has no problem profiting from
          their being there.

          What you have to remember is that the contribute to our economy. They work adding to the GDP, they spend
          money and pay every tax except wage taxes. Some even own homes and pay mortgages. Many farm laborer would go home at the end of harvest but can’t now because with the tightening of the border it’s to expensive so they have brought their families here. Conservatives want them to self deport but if you close the border they have to just stay here where the work is.

          I don’t remember Mr. Trump saying that we need to fix the immigration laws or for that matter talking about the need to pass any laws. He’s going to make the country great again
          all by himself.

          1. Leftout November 12, 2015

            I believe Trump said to allow illegals to work , round them and allow work cards and return them home to cogitate about standing in line for citizen ship. I believe in giving all a minimum wage , and feel better about myself when I eat vegetables , beans and fruits , although these goods produced a lot of methane as a by product. Is there a new initiatve against human induced methane production ? Ever walk into an ethnic vegetarians house and notice the heavy gasses emanating from eating vegetable s?!!?? Eat meat I guess, less methane. The cattle arw perfect vegetables anyway they derive all of their mass from non methane grasses.

          2. bobnstuff November 12, 2015

            Didn’t you see the methane collector in Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome. Pigs create a lot of methane. Compost can do it to. Landfills are another big source. Almost everything gives me gas at my age.

          3. Leftout November 12, 2015

            Ah , for dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return . Gas is the final phase , unknown to biblical writers of the time.if one knows chemistry, nothing is ever destroyed, nature recycles everything , co2 > plants > o2 > humans > and back again . Same with weather. We are all each other in some way. See you later , my brother .

  2. Phil Johnson November 12, 2015

    First, I have never seen BO’R defer to anyone he’s interviewed as much as to Mr. Trump. Anyone else who made the preposterous statement (“a stablemate [with Putin]?) and how he would hire and arm a bevy of gummint workers to round up braceros deserves more grilling a la Kasich than he got here. EIther BOR is slipping or just couldn’t be bothered because he knows he would be shouted down by The Mouth.

    Second, BOR was out to skewer Mr. T — and couldn’t do it. Must have been an ego-bruiser for a guy with a very large id. I guess that could be a gift the presidency needs, although I have my doubts.

    aures lupi

  3. Bren Frowick November 12, 2015

    Trump got his facts wrong, as usual! Operation Wetback was a failure , and was well-known to be one even while it was going on, which is, of course, why it was discontinued.


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