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Carly Fiorina may have gotten demoted to the undercard debate last night — but she came in first place for cringe-inducing smarminess, especially with this lowdown attack on Hillary Clinton: “Unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband.”

During the post-debate media rounds, Chris Matthews felt obligated to get to the bottom of what Carly was saying. “I’m gonna ask you this: Do you believe the Clintons have a real marriage?”

Fiorina grinned as she delivered her slimy response — and then things only got worse from there.

“They’ve been married for a very long time!” she said.

Matthews asked again: “So it’s a real marriage?”

And again, Carly said with a grin: “They’ve been married for a very long time!”

“It’s a real marriage, then — you’ll say that?”

“They’ve been married for a very long time!”

“Why are you hiding from an answer?”

“I’m not — I’m answering your question,” Carly said, seeming to hold back laughter. “They’ve been married for a long time!”

“Because you brought up this very unpleasant subject—”

“Wow, Chris,” Fiorina declared, as she shook her head back and forth melodramatically, like some schoolyard taunt, “there are so many other things we could talk about!”

“Well, I’m quoting back to you what you brought up in the debate.”

Video via MSNBC.

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