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Endorse This: Donald Trump’s Struggle

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Endorse This: Donald Trump’s Struggle



It hasn’t always been wine and roses for Donald “I’m Really Rich” Trump. Turns out the multi-billionaire has really had it tough, he explained at a televised forum in New Hampshire.

“My whole life, really, has been a ‘no.’ And I fought through it. And I talk about it. It has not been easy for me, it has not been easy for me,” Trump says.

“I started off in Brooklyn. My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. I came into Manhattan, and I had to pay him back — I had to pay him back with interest.”

Watch as The Donald tells his rags-to-riches story — provoking some wide-eyed disbelief from not only Matt Lauer, but from some of those valuable Granite State voters in the audience too.

Video via Today /NBC News.

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  1. Bladewalker56 October 26, 2015

    Trump IS an over-coddled businessman, not a serious politician. His peculiar approach to business would cause nothing but destruction and division if unleashed in the political arena. Do us all a favor, Trump and just drop out. Let the people who have an actual clue deal with real-world problems. Vote blue in 2016.

    1. Ali Gori October 26, 2015

      HIllary and Sanders never created a single job in their lives and have been political parasites for LIFE. Hillary actually TOOK lives AND destroyed all the womens’ lives of her husband’s victims.

      What planet do YOU LIVE ON where Trump has to keep THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people working and happy for 30 years not to mention his customers, his family, the public JOBS….etc….and all they have to do is YAP and sign papers.

      1. greenlantern1 October 26, 2015

        Trump’s “firms” went bankrupt 4 times!
        Did Hillary’s?
        Hillary was ELECTED!!
        Was Trump?

        1. paulyz October 28, 2015

          He will SOON, enjoy the greatness !

          1. Bladewalker56 October 29, 2015

            You’re an idiot.

        2. greenlantern1 October 29, 2015

          Casinos create wealth?
          Republican banks like SILVERADO?
          The party, of Herbert Hoover, is talking about the economy?

      2. Bladewalker56 October 30, 2015

        Nice rhetoric. It’s all bullshit, of course, but then you already know that, right? Trump will never become president of the United States. Good luck managing your traumatic head wound.

    2. paulyz October 26, 2015

      Looks like Mr. Establishment Jeb Bush is getting ready to call it quits, not Trump!

      1. Bladewalker56 October 26, 2015

        So what? That changes nothing.

        1. paulyz October 27, 2015

          Shows that Americans Don’t want your Establishment types of either Party.
          Vote for a real American President, Trump or Carson!

          1. Bladewalker56 October 28, 2015

            Seriously, you need to cut back on the apparently large amount of mind-altering drugs that you ingest in a day. It shows absolutely nothing of the kind; quite the opposite, really. Neither Trump, nor Carson are real Americans and neither of them is ever going to get close to the White House, except perhaps on a guided tour. You right-wing idiots will just watch and weep as either Hillary or Bernie become president of the United States of America in 2016. That’s the way it’s going down.

          2. paulyz October 28, 2015

            Maybe in your psychotic leftist mind. Of course Trump & Carson are “real” Americans, that did well in our Republic of the People, not in your Government of the Government. What do you consider “real” Americans, power hungry, lying, elitist Hillary, or Socialist Independent Sanders?

          3. Bladewalker56 October 29, 2015

            Face facts, half-wit. Your party is on the losing end of a bad dream. Trump and Carson are despicable loons who only apparent interest in is making themselves look like bigger and bigger idiots and neither of them will EVER be president. Anyone stupid enough to support either of them needs to have their head examined… by their county coroner. You can go back to buggering your family pets, now, Jethro.

          4. paulyz October 31, 2015

            Thanks for again verifying what we all know, your self-important view of your imagined intellect. Get used to us Jethros running things again, kicking your failed Socialism back 50 years. You may have to get used to making it on your own, not by the labor of others. Now you Gay supporters can continue to freely & openly bugger each other.

          5. Bladewalker56 November 2, 2015

            You morons and your unelectable idiots are dying because you all lack relevance as well as intelligence. None of your current clown car candidates will EVER make it to the White House and your majority is waning. Good luck managing your traumatic head wound. Get used to Democrats calling the shots. It’s going to happen.

  2. yabbed October 26, 2015

    He sounds like the perfect Republican of the good old days to me. At least he’s not a religious freak. 🙂

    1. paulyz October 26, 2015

      Yeah, bring back those good old days, would be a huge improvement over Progressivism.

      1. greenlantern1 October 26, 2015

        Bush, not Obama, golfed with his comrade, Vladimir Putin!
        The Koch brothers built Putin’s oil wells!
        What “progressivism” are you talking about?

        1. paulyz October 27, 2015

          The progressivism that gave us Trillions more in debt, that did nothing to shore up S.S. & Medicare, (taking $716 Billion from Medicare for Obamacare), released tens of thousands of criminal Illegals that were supposed to be deported, 7 years of high unemployment………etc. Oh yeah, looks like Obama is being “more flexible” with Putin.

          1. Bladewalker56 October 30, 2015

            Glad to see that you’re still an idiot. Thankfully, none of what you claim is true. No surprise there, though.

          2. paulyz October 31, 2015

            It’s ALL true, all you self-deceiving Libs need to do is expand your news sources, not wallow in your little, make believe World….

          3. Bladewalker56 November 2, 2015

            Thankfully, reality is proving you wrong. You half-wits live in a delusional world and not even your impressive ability to delude yourselves will protect you from the death of your party.

    2. greenlantern1 October 26, 2015

      Didn’t he say that the BIBLE is the greatest book?
      Which one?

  3. sealbeams October 26, 2015

    I didn’t read this because it is more talk of Trump boasting about himself. I can’t listen to the guy anymore.

  4. Effie October 26, 2015

    And that was when a million dollars was worth a million. It screams his perspective and why he is incapable of empathysing with the plight of Americans. He just doesn’t get it.

    1. Ali Gori October 26, 2015

      Yeah right he only has to provide for thousands of them every day of his life for decades.

      CLUELESS LIBERALS about what it takes to own a business.

      1. greenlantern1 October 26, 2015

        Do casinos create money?
        Does Trump accept money from veterans?
        From little old ladies?
        From the homeless?

    2. paulyz October 26, 2015

      You think Hillary cares about “the little people”? Trump has much more empathy than Hillary ever thought about. Tell us how Obama’s empathy is working out for you & “the masses”?

      1. greenlantern1 October 26, 2015

        Rush Limbaugh PRETENDS to be for the little people.
        He PRETENDS to have “stand-down” cables.
        WHERE ARE THEY??

        1. paulyz October 27, 2015

          Who said anything about Limbaugh? Is he running for President? Stupid comment.

  5. Ali Gori October 26, 2015

    Typical Liberals thinking struggle is impossible if you have money. Lets see ANY OF YOU start and run a business. Especially the most cut throat of all in the most cut throat city in the world.

    1. greenlantern1 October 26, 2015

      President Teddy Roosevelt was against the trusts of WALL STREET!
      He was a socialist?

    2. Bren Frowick October 26, 2015

      News flash: he DIDN’T start a business. He inherited it. And promptly went bankrupt, nearly losing his shirt in the process. But, fortunately for him, his family bailed him out with loans in the tens of millions, and he learned to only gamble with OTHER people’s money, which he has done ever since, insulating himself from the consequences of three subsequent bankruptcies. Anyone who wants to make this reckless pile of flamboyant… something… President is a sucker.

    3. Bladewalker56 October 30, 2015

      You’ve got a little Trump sauce on your chin. I’ll bet he really loves those mouth hugs.

  6. jim October 26, 2015

    Talking about White Privilege!

  7. greenlantern1 October 26, 2015

    Donald Trump’s “firms” went bankrupt 4 times!
    Who picks up the tab?

    1. ralphkr October 26, 2015

      The people conned by “The Donald” into investing in his firms paid through the nose while “The Donald” walked away with even more money. All completely legal but I still consider those who make their fortunes through declaring bankruptcy as despicable.

  8. Wayne Thorson October 27, 2015

    Donald got rich by using illegal aliens to build his Trump towers. He never had the contractors he hired to check and see if the had a green card.

  9. Elizabethrodriquez October 28, 2015

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