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Endorse This: Jeb Asks — What, I Can’t Have My Mom (And Brother) Campaign For Me?

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Endorse This: Jeb Asks — What, I Can’t Have My Mom (And Brother) Campaign For Me?



Jeb Bush is talking about the latest campaign maneuver in the crucial South Carolina primary: Bringing out his brother, former President George W. Bush, to record a new radio ad and to join him soon on the campaign trail.

“The question is, what do your rivals do — in particular, what does Trump do?” Megyn Kelly asked Jeb, during an interview on Fox News. “Because he’s already gone after our former president as, quote, ‘a disaster.’ Your thoughts?”

“Yeah, well, he’s gonna — he attacked my mother for campaigning for me,” Jeb said. “I mean, we’re reaching a point in our country where you can’t even have your mom show up to campaign for you in New Hampshire? It’s pretty funny, actually.

“Of course they’re gonna campaign for me — they love me, I love them. I’m proud of being a Bush, and I’m running with my record and running with detailed plans to fix people’s lives. And that’s what this campaign’s about. So if Donald Trump wants to go after my brother — man, I think that won’t be helpful.”

To be exact, Trump did not attack former First Lady Barbara Bush for for campaigning for her son Jeb. He actually attacked Jeb, declaring that the former GOP frontrunner “desperately needed mommy to help him,” and also said, “mom can’t help you with ISIS, the Chinese or with Putin.”

So yeah, let’s see what Donald Trump (and others) have to say about George W. Bush when he shows up in public for Jeb.

Video via The Kelly File/Fox News.

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  1. FireBaron February 11, 2016

    Which brother? The failed banker or former VP Cheney’s sock puppet?

    1. jonesky February 11, 2016

      I’m pretty sure he means the sock puppet one. Even the Bush’s don’t talk about the other one much.

      1. plc97477 February 11, 2016

        I haven’t seen any thing about rather or not neal can spell his name. w and jeb can’t.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 11, 2016

    No, no, no, Jeb! You can’t have your mommy and brother campaign for you.

    Now, just go back and play with your Lego(LETGO) blocks. Use that extra time to read some books of substance, and interact with people you’re unaccustomed to associating with.

  3. jonesky February 11, 2016

    For one, you’re a grown-a$$ man, do your own campaigning. I like Barbara but she’s not getting any younger and you’re going to have to take care of yourself sooner or later. Besides, we’ve had enough of your lame brother, and if you have him doing your campaigning for you, what’s to keep us from believing you’ll have him doing your presidenting for you too? If you can’t manage to campaign for yourself, why should anyone think you could handle a four-year term as actual president? Just step down now, while you still have a hair’s-width of dignity left.

    1. John February 11, 2016

      But he doesn’t have ANY dignity left, at least he does NOT appear to….he continues to rattle about being “proud to be a Bush.” Well, guess what, I am also proud to be who I am, but I’m not running for President. Get a life, Jeb, while you still have time, and leave Mommy and Bubba to their own.

  4. Lord_Reaper February 11, 2016

    Neither your brother or father has done any good for the American people and everything coming out of your mouth along with every other right wing candidate is all for the wealthy and super wealthy instead of the people that keep this country fed. Every republiCON in over the last 50 years have brought the United States closer to its demise! Do a little research of your party and not what your blindsided thinking is doing turning your thought process to mush!

  5. Otto Greif February 11, 2016

    It’s funny seeing Hillary supporters complain about this.

    1. JPHALL February 11, 2016

      No, what is funny is that you remarked about their comments. Dems and Libs have complained about the Bushes for decades.

      1. Otto Greif February 11, 2016

        It’s funny because she has her husband out campaigning for her.

        1. JPHALL February 11, 2016

          Are you talking about the Clintons or Trump? Why not? Bill campaigned for her in 2008.
          Subject: Re: Comment on Endorse This: Jeb Asks — What, I Can’t Have My Mom (And Brother) Campaign For Me?

          1. Otto Greif February 11, 2016

            You need to work on your reading comprehension.

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