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Endorse This: Jimmy Carter Gives Jesus’ Stamp On Marriage Equality

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Endorse This: Jimmy Carter Gives Jesus’ Stamp On Marriage Equality



In the wake of the Supreme Court’s historic decision legalizing marriage equality across the country, the nation is getting a new round of assurance that everything will be all right — from Jimmy Carter, possibly the most religious man to be President of the United States in the last 50 years.

Watch the elder statesman talk about what Jesus would say, his own deep religious faith, and the novelty of seeing visitors come to his small church in Plains, Georgia — just to see a former president teach Sunday school.

Video via HuffPost Live.

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  1. paulyz July 7, 2015

    Funny, the Left that always makes fun of the Religious Right, drag up Jimmy Carter to claim Jesus is for same-sex marriage. Don’t forget to ask the peanut farmer how Jesus views abortion & malaise.

    1. Carolyn1520 July 7, 2015

      The religious right brings it upon themselves with their wide and varied hypocrisy.
      If you watched the video you would have heard his views on abortion.
      He’s an ex-president and has as much of a right as any other politician past or present to state his opinions. He also expresses his beliefs about the Constitution and the law.
      He’s wise enough to know all religion is a leap of faith and personal feelings and beliefs generated by religion do not trump the law or the basic rights of all people.

      1. Don July 7, 2015

        I am a Person of Faith and I do Know American History, what the Supreme Court did was legally wrong according to the American Constitution. I also believe in the Bible and if you pick up a Bible and read Genesis Chapter 1 verses 27-28, and Leviticus Chapter 20 Verse 13, and Mark Chapter 10 Verses 6-9 you will see why I believe as I do. I also know that Jesus says to love all mankind and to give them the word that the way to Heaven is through Salvation and the Repentance of Sin through Jesus Christ. Now before you react or respond to this do me a favor and prove me wrong on the Constitution and prove to me that Jesus never existed.

        1. Carolyn1520 July 7, 2015

          How was it legally wrong according to our Constitution?
          I don’t care what you believe and your personal religious beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with the issue.
          New here Don? Apparently to Discus. Use any other accounts with different names. 🙂

          1. Don July 7, 2015

            Apparently you don’t know the Constitution because you would know the Supreme Court can’t make law for the US only the Congress can, Read the Constitution and you will see I know what I am saying. It is obvious to me you were one of the many unfortunate people who grew up in school not learning about TRUE AMERICAN HISTORY and what our Forefathers really wanted and meant for this country. Oh by the way our Forefathers based our Constitution on The Bible, the first Supreme court Justice and the first Congress of these great United States would Pray for a couple of Hours and then start their Business for the nation. Oh yes you still have not proven me wrong yet on the Supreme Court or that Jesus never existed.

          2. Bob Eddy July 7, 2015

            And they didn’t “make law.” They simply confirmed that an existing law was not in accordance with the Constitution’s due process provisions. Oh wait. That’s clear over their in the 14th amendment and most conservatives’ knowledge of the Constitution seems to end with the second amendment (minus that whole “well regulated militia” part, of course!) And they seem to always read a provision into the first amendment stipulating that freedom of religion means only their religion.

          3. charleo1 July 7, 2015

            They carry the Constitution around, like they carry their Bibles around. Seldom read, just picked apart.

          4. Carolyn1520 July 7, 2015

            Whatever you say Bible boy. Hold your breath while you wait.

        2. Looner July 7, 2015

          Don, do yourself a favor and take a class on American Government. Clearly you have no idea about the Supreme Court and how it works in making it’s judgements as to whether something is Constitutional or not, and when they make that judgement it becomes accepted as Constitutional law. Personally I don’t care about your religious views one way or the other, because they have nothing to do with the United States laws.

        3. David July 7, 2015

          Well said!! Robed lawyers sitting in Washington do NOT determine what is and what isn’t moral. Our Lord and Savior is the ultimate judge of that!

        4. Elliot J. Stamler July 8, 2015

          This is not a Christian theocracy. 20% of Americans do not identify as Christians. I fully respect the sincerity of your beliefs but the Supreme Court is not there to interpret the Bible; it is there to interpret the constitution. Justices do not swear their oath of office on the constitution to support the Bible; they swear their oaths on the Bible to support the Constitution. YOU are a religious fanatic and I write this as one who is himself religious and a believer.

    2. Don July 7, 2015

      I think the Supreme Court justices Need to read the US Constitution and they will find that when they did the so called ruling on gay marriage they will find that they can’t make law from their bench only congress can make law. So according to the Constitution of the United States when they made the ruling on same sex marriage it was not only illegal but the people issuing a license for this are also breaking the law. I do believe what the Supreme Court did was a Impeachable offence.

      1. Carolyn1520 July 7, 2015

        Oh now I know you’re a sock puppet.

      2. Bob Eddy July 7, 2015

        I think 5 judges who know the law and know the Constitution probably — no, definitely — are better qualified than some who’s entire legal education seems to be based on what they heard from the right wing echo chamber.

      3. charleo1 July 7, 2015

        Well, let’s see if the Congress wants to take on impeaching the majority of the High Court over marriage equality, shall we? Until then, if they say it’s the law, believe me, it’s the law.

  2. Bob Eddy July 7, 2015

    One thing the the wing nuts seem to be ignoring, (or are just ignorant about) is that the Supreme Court upheld the Lower court ruling. It is not just these five individuals who came to this opinion, it is a whole series of courts who came to the same conclusion. That by denying gays a right to marry you are infringing on their rights…and quite logically they concluded that by allowing gays to marry, you were not causing any harm to anyone else. Quite simply, religious zealots brought this to the Supreme Court and lost badly…mostly because they could not prove in any way that the lower court ruling had harmed them, other than their hyperventilating over their religious right to bigotry.

  3. Elliot J. Stamler July 8, 2015

    I support same-sex marriage legalization (which is what it is) but an endorsement by Jimmy Carter is about as unhelpful to anyone for anything as any imaginable. He is a prissy and self-righteous, pacifistic man who was a failure as president and has a hefty dose of proven anti-semitism about him.


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