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Endorse This: McCarthy’s Latest Blurt

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Endorse This: McCarthy’s Latest Blurt



Kevin McCarthy has a new message for those pesky reporters, who have been dogging him since his ill-advised boast that the Benghazi committee was just put together to bring down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers.

McCarthy would now like to remind everyone that the committee is really a serious investigation into the deaths of Americans — “and don’t use politics to try to change this around.”

Yes, that really is his message. Next up: A special investigation into people who are playing politics — with the playing of politics.

Video via The Associated Press.

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  1. FT66 October 7, 2015

    Go away McCarthy. People think first before opening their mouth. Not thinking afterwards after they said something. We take what you said first.

    1. silas1898 October 7, 2015

      Nah, he’ll make a great Speaker. His stupid babbling will give even more attention to republican douchebaggery.

  2. DAK27 October 7, 2015

    In my opinion, the first thing a person says is closer to the truth than the statements made to “clarify” the original statement. Be that as it may, either he was lying the first time he said it or he is lying now in trying to rectify what he said before… either way he is a LIAR. (Of course, he’s a Republican so we already knew he was a liar, but still…)

    1. David October 7, 2015

      Kind of like Hildebeast?

      1. Carolyn1520 October 7, 2015

        Call her anything you want just make sure it’s preceded by Madam President. 😀
        If you forget, we’ll remind you the day after election day and everyday for the next 8 years.

        1. David October 7, 2015

          Maybe we will remember her “dodging sniper fire” in Bosnia?

          1. Carolyn1520 October 7, 2015

            Why should you? You certainly don’t seem to remember WMDs or “Mission Accomplished”
            See ya day after election day 😀

          2. David October 7, 2015

            If Obomo pardons her…

          3. Carolyn1520 October 7, 2015

            November 9, 2016
            I doubt any of the mouth breathers will be out of their fetal positions.before that. I can wait. 😀

          4. Daniel Jones October 7, 2015

            It’s been nearly the full two terms. Build a bridge, get *over* yourself, and spell the man’s name properly. Same deal for Hillary, Tom, Dick, and Harry!

          5. David October 7, 2015

            I just hope that the US can get over 8 years of him.

  3. Dell Martin October 7, 2015

    How ironic that he wants to be speaker and he doesn’t know how to speak. Their explanations are nothing more than horsesh*t. Most Americans knew this already but it’s nice hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

  4. Carolyn1520 October 7, 2015

    Love it! The left doesn’t have to do much but sit back and wait for the mouth dumps from the right. What further proof is needed that this is the party of ineptitude . After the vast experience they’ve have at BSing their own too.
    Keep em talking. 🙂

  5. Paragryne October 7, 2015

    That qualifies as a Moment Of Zen.

  6. barneybolt12 October 7, 2015

    Was it me. or was John Boehner struggling to get the words out of his mouth. He sounded like he had a good night of boozing. LOL

  7. Otto Greif October 7, 2015

    Isn’t this guy having an affair with that congresswoman?

  8. Dominick Vila October 8, 2015

    The real problem is not the stupidity that come out of the mouths of people like McCarthy. I blame the Democratic party for not fighting back, and for not exposing the consequences of Republican decisions, with special emphasis on the damage those causing to the American people. How about a special committee to investigate the decision made by the GOP to oppose investment in infrastructure as part of a strategy to ensure President Obama was a one-term president. I am sure the people in South Carolina would love to hear why their Third World dams were not replaced with dams similar to those in The Netherlands and other industrialized nations, because removing a black man from the Oval Office was much more important than their personal safety and protecting their properties. The first witness in such an investigation should be Mitch McConnell. Unfortunately, for Democrats and for the United States, we have never shown the spine needed to play offense…and the GOP is well aware of that.

    1. TZToronto October 8, 2015

      Agree totally–but how do you get an investigation when the people you’re investigating are in control? You have to go outside the political system. That’s what the press is for, but the Dems don’t seem to know that.

      1. Dominick Vila October 8, 2015

        As a minimum, we should make it perfectly clear that that Republican decisions involving refusal to invest in infrastructure to ensure the economic recovery and job creation were delayed, attempts to circumvent the Constitution or change it in the pursuit of partisan goals, and mismanagement of public funds in the pursuit of partisan endeavors, among other things, will be thoroughly investigated the moment Democrats regain control of Congress.

        1. TZToronto October 8, 2015

          Oh, how I wish that would happen. Maybe the Republicans would start acting like legislators and less like toddlers.

      2. Dominick Vila October 8, 2015

        We should also open a criminal investigation into the planning, making, and release of an offensive video 2 days before the 9/11 anniversary, and the attack against our consulate in Benghazi.

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