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Endorse This: Peter King vs. ‘A Guy With A Big Mouth’

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Endorse This: Peter King vs. ‘A Guy With A Big Mouth’



Congressman Peter King (R-NY) is one person who isn’t happy to see Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) running for president — and if things really don’t work out, he might just do something drastic.

Click above to watch the ever-quotable King talk down the Cruz boomlet — then share this video!

Video via CNN.

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  1. Alvin Harrison March 24, 2015

    Wow…who needs to say anything after this guy….

  2. Me March 24, 2015

    Is this a skit from SNL?

  3. Bren Frowick March 24, 2015

    “I don’t see Ted Cruz or Rand Paul being part of that talent pool.”
    Nailed it. Of course, the “talent pool” looks more like a cesspool, and the two of them fit right in with that one…

  4. Johnny Z March 25, 2015

    At least there is some semblance of intelligence within the Republican party. If president Lincoln were alive today and saw what the Dixie pigs did to his party, he’d take his axe to them.

  5. BOC March 25, 2015

    These type of people are the reasons that government and the republican party is bogged down. There has to be a way to eliminate this cancer so government can work effectively again.

    These Ryndians, Sovereigns and their ilk must be sterilized in order for this country to move forward. So, what are your plan to act on this, GOP?

  6. Murph Johnston March 27, 2015

    Obama’s regime is a menace to mankind.


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