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Endorse This: We Stand With Ahmed!

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Endorse This: We Stand With Ahmed!



Ahmed Mohamed, the delightfully nerdy Texas student who got falsely arrested as a terrorist — for showing off his homemade digital clock at school — looks like he’s doing well after an outpouring of national support. Between invitations from President Obama, MIT, Facebook, and many more, the kid is now ready to stand up for justice across the country — and to show off his latest gadget, too.

“This isn’t my first invention,” Ahmed declared, “and it won’t be my last invention.”

Video via Good Morning America/ABC News.

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  1. David September 17, 2015

    Good kid. Hope that he doesn’t follow all of the teachings of his holy book – the Koran.

  2. coolobserver September 17, 2015

    Or the bible or the torah!! Please spare us from the hate, the bias the fiction and the brainwashing of the abrahamic fariytales.

  3. Daniel Jones September 17, 2015

    I have to say, this kid’s got nerd style down.


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