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“It’s like the X Games, only with more brain damage.” Is there a comic other than Lewis Black who would describe an election that way?

The “Miserable Jew” is back (as his branding suggests) with an epic 5-minute rant on the 2018 primaries, which he describes as a group of base-pandering politicians each trying to act like more of a wing-nut than the next. Black points a shaky finger at the GOP for allowing Don Blankenship a chance in West Virginia, while playing a clip of Blankenship’s “Cocaine Mitch” ad. Mitch McConnell might not actually be on cocaine, but we could all use drugs of some sort if an ex-convict is seated next to him in the Senate.

Black turns his ire toward the Democratic primary in New York, where Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon are in a race to the far-left. The misanthrope heralds a new aromatic era of NYC in which plastic bags are made illegal, and the odor of cat and dog crap overwhelms all of Manhattan. “Hold your nose and vote” could take on a whole new meaning by November.

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