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Monday, December 09, 2019 {{ new Date().getDay() }}

It is simply impossible to skip Jimmy Kimmel's homebound interview with Samuel L. Jackson, who is — as Jimmy humbly notes — "the coolest guy anywhere." Even if we're posting it a day late.

For years, apparently, the late night host has been trying to horn in on the legendary actor's annual summer trip to Italy with Magic Johnson. And now, Jackson cruelly tells him that at last, "this was your year." With heavy emphasis on was.

Jackson's daily existence with his family at home turns out to be much like anybody else's except cooler – he's watching zombie flicks and grilling Kobe beef hot dogs (with kraut and onions). But he also offers a special treat: his dramatic reading of a new children's book with a pertinent lesson and a forthright title: Stay The F*ck At Home.

Sam is not just cool but righteous, of course. Click and enjoy.

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