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#EndorseThis: Trump And Putin Celebrate Their ‘Friendversary’

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#EndorseThis: Trump And Putin Celebrate Their ‘Friendversary’

Trump, Putin

Imagine if Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were Facebook friends. What would their “friendversary” video look like? The Nix Bros, who are known for their political comedy videos, take this very question and turn it into reality with a downright hilarious, yet utterly terrifying, viral video.

Spoofing both the ridiculous concept of “friendversary” videos and the obvious connections between the Trump team and the Kremlin, the satirical video highlights many memorable moments, including that time they rigged an election together and their continued efforts to undermine democracy around the world.

With Russia on the brain as the Trump administration faces scandal after scandal, this video is sure to make you laugh — and probably cringe.

IMAGE: Screenshot / Facebook


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  1. So What do you want ? WAR!?
    It’s good for business I must admit but it may be a twat ridiculous these days!
    Or may be not!
    There are always nations trailing and menacing the World….
    Want to change your role! ? Sign up to the Good Guys Club!

    1. COS taxpayer March 3, 2017

      It’s amazing how the Dems have lined up with the Neo-Cons when it comes to foreign policy. I always thot Dems wanted peace but I guess being opposed to Trump is more important..

      1. dbtheonly March 3, 2017


        There’re huge differences between starting wars of regime change and supporting those under assault by aggressor nations.

        I know of no Democrat who favors a military confrontation with Russia until the Russian tanks invade an heretofore independent country.

        Peace at any price is not peace.

        Refusing to act when the Russians invade another country would be an act of unfathomed cowardice either as a country or an individual.

        Until then, let Russian economic aggression be met with economic responses. Their cyberwarfare met with cyber responses. Their threats and bluster with resolve.

        1. Yeah that’s my man!
          And who decides when Russia is doing the big No No’s???
          Uncle Sam?
          Russia does not have military and weapons bases all over the world.
          Just a few as you well know and not much mister Gendarme of the World… Go figure who should be curbed in its bullying!!

          1. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

            American military bases exist at the invitation of the host countries. When American troops are not wanted, as in Iraq, 2011, they leave.

            Ask the South Koreans about American bullying.
            Ask your French grandparents. I’ve got pictures of the French, in 1944, and their response to American troops.
            Ask the Ukrainians, Latvians, Letts, and Estonians about American bullying.

            Even the Swedes reinstated military conscription this week. More American bullying?

            No, Russia presents a clear and present danger to the world. Europe recognizes it. Why won’t you?

          2. Propaganda material does not make good history.
            At invitation really!
            The American GI (thanks to Roosevelt) got us out of the war after the American industrialist led by the likes of Henry Ford (Great Nazi Cross Bearer) and Charles Lindbergh pushed Europe into it by supporting Hitler 1.000 percent.
            That’s a nice combination to establish world supremacy which nobody contests you by the way.
            It is the proud result of your most formidable Military Industrial Complex build after Ike Eisenhower warned you about it. You did not listen.
            They scared you with the “cold war” with the help of Kroutchov and yes, Castro.
            Today Ukrainians (they had the best SS Legions during WWII), Latvians, Letts, and Estonians, tall Poles and a few others are pawns used to provoke Russia because you need (wishful thinking) that country as an enemy to justify the abysmal military spending your nation has to endure to protect herself due to artificial fears created by war mongers and business scoundrels.
            Why do you support that?
            The North Korean clown is one puppet playing his Joker role. Full Comic Books scenarios. Guffaw.

            The American People are the first victims of American bullying by another genre of people working inside!
            Do you know them?

            Maybe yes you can… Try another look at the whole picture from a different angle for a change.

            No hard feelings; just perceptions that do not follow the “official stories”.
            Regards and respect from a lover of peace amongst humans along with precious nature, naturally.
            Yes Russia is a European country by the way.
            Why is she a threat to Europe itself?
            To American might and power yes.
            Divide and conquer! We know that history. Enough.
            We pay to dearly on the dying fields.
            Who wants and needs war? Tell me.

          3. dbtheonly March 5, 2017

            There is no one as blind as he who will not see. Russia can do no wrong for you.

            Equally absurd is the claim that the US started WWII. Supporting Hitler? Do the names Charles Maurras, Paul Deroulede, and particularly Casimir de la Rocque mean anything to you. My Uncle always punned that to took a Frenchman (Gaulle) to show true gall (as in chutzpah). But not all Frenchmen supported Hitler, De Gaulle, Koenig, LeClerk and their men held high the banner of freedom while most others were collaborating or felt that war was just too expensive.

            That North Korean Clown you speak of has atomic weapons. I’m not laughing and the South Koreans and Japanese aren’t either.

            I see you ignore the Russian threat seen so clearly in Sweden, that noted hotbed of militarism and aggression.

            “We pay too dearly on the dying fields” is exactly the pacifist pap that so wrecked France in the 1930s. I hate war. Any thinking man hates war. But any thinking man realizes that war is sometimes the only answer.

            Should the nations of the world refused to come to the aid of Kuwait in 1990?
            Should the nations of the world refused to come to the aid of South Korea in 1950?
            Should the nations of the works refused to come to the aid of Poland in 1939?
            Should the nations of the world refused to come to the aid of Belgium in 1914?
            Should the USA have avoided war and acquiesed in the continuance of slavery in 1861?

            It was a war that secured our American Freedoms in 1776.

            All that evil needs to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing.

            The Russians are coming. Be prepared or suffer the consequences.

          4. THE Classic warmonger response based on skewed paradigms about war and its benefices… plus the mixing up of things that do not compare nor make a conclusion about who induces and who does things.
            Why the overkill?
            Koweit really? US made situation you know that!
            The NK Klown is under control and very useful.

            I will leave you with your existential stereotypes and take heed of your fearmonger Cassandra omen of bad fortune. TY.

            What else?
            Ho yes. Buy Lockheed, Boeing and Halliburton.

            Cheers , Queers und Bundeswehr….

          5. dbtheonly March 6, 2017

            Respectfully suggest professional help.

            That “under control” DPRK clown you speak of launched four missiles over the weekend that hit Japanese territory. Kim is useful? Maybe to the sellers of Maalox.

            The US “made Saddam invade Kuwait? You may not be old enough to remember but: NO

          6. That is a very short NO. How do you know about Saddam? They did not make him invade Kuwait they conned him into it (female ambassadeur April Glaspie story) and he was stupid enough to fall into the trap.
            Yes conspiracies are constant in this silly world.
            They are fun too. and deadly!
            “Hooo What a Lovely Conspiracy”

            Concerning the NK Klown!!!
            What you are being told by mainstream press is to be looked into by great alternative scrutiny. (not always easy as in this case)
            Details you know! “Look at the dust and how it settles.”

            Of course if you are happy in your conformist world, so be it.

        2. COS taxpayer March 4, 2017

          If Hillary had won we’d be in WWIII already -why do Dems hate the Russians so badly?

          1. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

            That the same news source Trump used to claim President Obama bugged him?

            Why are Democrats nervous about Russia?

            Russia invaded Ukraine.
            Russia hacked into computers to influence the elections. Here and in Europe.

            What makes you such a Putin suck-up?

          2. COS taxpayer March 6, 2017

            BBC: “Some 95.5% of voters in Crimea have supported joining Russia, officials say, after half the votes have been counted in a disputed referendum. Crimea’s leader says he will apply to join Russia on Monday. Russia’s Vladimir Putin has said he will respect the Crimean people’s wishes” Interpret as you wish but pretty clear to me.

          3. dbtheonly March 6, 2017

            95.5% of the Crimean voters have refused to taunt their murderous Russian Conquerors by voting against their rigged plebiscite.

            Whooda thunk it?

            See Sudetenland 1938
            Austria 1938
            Danzig 1939
            Memelland 1939

            Been there, did that.

          4. COS taxpayer March 6, 2017

            Most experts would describe the action as a “leak” vs. “hack” but I don’t want to confuse you with technicalities. The end result was the exposure of how Hillary rigged the Dem Primary and stole nomination from Bernie. That is why, I believe, the Dems attempted to divert attention (quite effectively I might add) from this “leak” and went on the offensive with the ridiculous “Russian Hack” accusation. Local electronic voting terminals are not configured in such a way that, even if they were truly “hacked”, it’s not as if those evil Russians were able to access the software and adjust the vote tally in Trump’s favor!

          5. COS taxpayer March 6, 2017

            Honestly, I admire how Vladimir Putin successfully avoided a full-out war in Syria by getting Assad to destroy his chemical weapons thru diplomacy. This, in spite of the attempts to derail any peaceful solution. Hillary and her ilk were just foaming at the mouth to start the bombing!

          6. dbtheonly March 6, 2017

            But leaving the war criminal in charge of a country where he will murder yet more.

            Oh, but he won’t be using poison gas to murder his victims.

            You call that successful?

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 3, 2017

        Where did you get that assessment from–Trump, Spicer, Breitbart? Being opposed to Trump is the right of all responsible citizens across the world—NOT just Democrats.
        Your childish team-oriented approach to governance contributes to the divisive ethos now impacting the GOP, as well it should. Instead of adopting the constipated view that to govern must be adversarial, try a more modern and enlightened approach, and leave the philistine notion of “us versus them” and the “rah! rah!” in the locker room.

        1. COS taxpayer March 4, 2017

          why are all the Obama people opposed to dialog with Russia? trying to start a war with Russia? Keep the military-industrial complex funded?

  2. COS taxpayer March 3, 2017

    Haha! Just hilarious. Why would we EVER want to be friends with Russia when we can just bomb the sh*t out of them instead.

    1. Bombing Russia would cut the business of WAR right under your feet!
      The idea is not to destroy Russia , it is to have you lemmings afraid of it to keep the dices rolling! Profit remember! Silly you!

    2. Did you ever talk to a Russian? Is it against your religion?

      1. COS taxpayer March 3, 2017

        I have actually and I hope u understand my sarcasm above.

        1. Get it!

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 3, 2017

      Dear taxpayer, is Trump a taxpayer like you? And your choice of “sarcasm”, as you call it, is assinine, and puts you in the same league as Anne Coulter who once foolishly suggested that we bomb the “sh#t” out of Mid East countries and just take the oil.
      She’s a Neanderthal at heart with a war-like bent—I hope you don’t aspire to be like her.

      1. COS taxpayer March 4, 2017

        Kind of reminds me of “Bomb Benghazi” Hillary. what difference does it matter? “we came,we saw, he died” after Ghadafi execution and Libya is thrown into chaos due to her incompetence and she lets out an evil laugh. Yup- da Dems got some really effective foreign policy!

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 3, 2017

    Trump/Putin—I’m reminded of “Pinky and The Brain”. We know who’s “Pinky” in the real-life pairing.

  4. Nonnick March 3, 2017

    Oh, the creators of this video! You forgot to include in this video the pictures of senator Schumer and Putin enjoying time together while having coffee and donuts! And also pictures of Nancy Peloci having meeting with Russian vice president Dimitri Medvedev and also pictures of 22 Obama’s meetings with Russian ambassador. This video is a total lie and stupid like everything democrats and liberals do. You are disgusting liars!

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 4, 2017

    LOOK ! LOOK ! DONNY DUMP & PUTTHEAD in bed together make a great couple . a couple of what that answers is still out there . but one can see thy are a pair that would swing in the back of a BULL in his sack

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 4, 2017

    DONNY DUMP took the house and didn’t get the POP vote then he started his own unreality tv show THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . then he (is already an addicted junky ) and his addiction is simple plan old ATTENTION and he pushes to get that all the time ((to bad he couldn’t overdose on it and die 🙂 )) now he is in his full swing mode of doing every thing he has in his pathetic life FRAUN, CONS , & SCAMMING . and for more of the attention fix for his addiction he seeks out to show his bulling , hate, evil and racist insides . all the time wanting all to be like him . yes he is a JOKE all the world laughs at him and us . the ones first thinking how pitiful this clown is . wondering how such a child’s minded tweeter clown can be a President of the USA ? asking them self’s how can there be so many brain dead people in a country that would let this very poor excuse of even a piece of trash can run a country as already great as the USA ? he is just a BULLY puts down every one calls names to all in the sickest childish ways . and then there’s the GOP truly the gang of pinheads that stand beside this clown . what’s that makes them ? the sad part on a government that is flushing it self down the toilet bowl .. people of the country have to wake up before its too late . granted the damage is being set higher every day and can only get worse and go higher . what ever it takes the country has to be saved from this reject and it needs to end the spinning down fall this clown is sending us into .

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 4, 2017

    here’s the joke of the country and the world >>> ((So when Republicans emerge from the basement lair where they’re plotting to destroy our health care system, let’s make sure they know we won’t let them do it without a fight. Add your name to stand with Democrats and commit to protecting the Affordable Care Act: ))) too funny how it posted saying we wont let you get away with this . oh ya you wont ? is this the people talking that thy wont let this happen and no one will get away with this ??????/ TRULY TOO FUNNY AND WORSE SAD . for its YOU THE PEOPLE that are making all your own problems . you say we want this and we need that . then what do you do to get these such needed things for the people and the country ? YOU BRAIN DEAD CLOWNS vote in the GOP gang of pinheads . Again and again and again . PEOPLE a question what makes you thing that first the GOP gang of pinheads care the little bit about you ? and 2nd what makes you PEOPLE think the GOP gang of pinheads are going to change their ways and do what thy should be doing working for the people that vote them into office ?? for the brain dead PEOPLE don’t understand the saying FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU FOOL ME 2 TIMES SHAME ON ME . well its said from the people fool me once shame on you and fool me 100 times we will give you another time to do the right thing (heck even the right things you said you was going to do ) it all comes down to the GOP gang of pinheads and the fool brain dead people that vote for them . is there a simple fix and help out there ??????? WELL YES OF COURSE but it would have something about the people giving and bring some kind of life into their brain dead heads . bring life into your brain dead heads and that all the help you will need . yes yes you say hmmmmmmmmmmm well that’s too easy a way to fix things and us . yes it is another saying for the people SIMPLE THINGS ARE THE BEST


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