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The GOP: Missing The Primary Issue

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The GOP: Missing The Primary Issue


PARMA, Ohio — What happens in Ohio politics never stays in Ohio, and there are two storylines here on the eve of Super Tuesday.

There is, first, the Republican presidential primary fight. Rick Santorum has to win Ohio to keep his candidacy alive. A Mitt Romney triumph would, at last, turn him into the “inevitable” Republican nominee. The second narrative involves the struggle for a state that Republicans must take in November to have any chance of defeating President Obama.

E. J. Dionne

Besides contributing to The National Memo, E.J. Dionne, Jr. is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, and a university professor in the Foundations of Democracy and Culture at Georgetown University.

His most recent book is Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent (2013).

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  1. PatrickHenry March 5, 2012

    E.J Dionne makes non-sensical blather about the coming election. In 2010 he didn’t see the Republican sweep coming. Now he is trying to put a positive spin on the Republican candidates battling to win the nomination, as if it were different that Hillary/Obama. Like Bill Clinton’s advisors said, “It’s the Economy Stupid.” And no matter how they try to spin it, Millions of unemployed Americans, Amnesty for Illegals, gas going sky high, spending & debt out of control know the socialist policies of President Obama aren’t the hope & change they were thinking about!

  2. MisterE March 5, 2012

    Many people in this country and increasingly in Europe are against the increasingly volatile influx of Political Islam. Islamic support is coming into this country from groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood and even countries like Iran. They must be stopped. Islam is not a religion, it is a death cult to any other form of government, religions and non religious principals in the entire world and is not compatible with modern society at all. There is no ‘moderate Muslims’ since they are all required to hold Islam above any other laws or Governments and to hold the pedophile, women abusing, slave trading Islamic political manual called the Koran over any other documents.

    Please join groups like the Florida Family Association to let our government representatives know that we will not abide by ‘Sharia Laws’ in this country and it must be placed in our laws to prevent the use. Also groups like ‘CAIR’ should never be allowed to preach Islam in any of our public schools like what happened in Tampa, Florida recently.

    We also need to impress the point to our representatives that we must have our military pulled out of places like Afghanistan to protect our soldiers from Islamic retribution for burning a book ‘the Koran’. Every day more of our troops are killed even after apologizing to the ruler of that country, Karzai.(Karzai even admitted to receiving bags of money from Iran)

  3. Srfnff March 5, 2012

    MisterE, while you may have a point that should be well taken vis a vis the separation of church and state, it’s posted in the wrong place.

  4. wgfilms March 5, 2012

    I agree, separation of church and state is what we as a nation that celebrates religious freedom have managed to sustain in spite of challenges from those who think theirs is the only true religion. The Koran is thousands of years old–have you read any of it? It happens I’m a Christian, but I’ve read it. If at any time you do read it, you’ll find it is enlightened, generous, charitable and, in most of its dogma, the same as the Bible.

    And history: do you know, for example, that when the Christian crusaders took Jerusalem, they set about systematically killing 30,000 Muslims and Jews. Heads and arms and bodies lay in piles on the streets of Jerusalem while the crusaders held a market to sell everything they had stolen. The Christian prelates escaped with wagonfulls of stolen gold and Muslim religious artifacts. When Saladin retook Jerusalem, he pretty much let the Christians and their families leave Jerusalem peacefully. Also, Saladin set up centers of learning, inviting religious leaders from all over the known world to come to Jerusalem to exchange thought and theory with each other–to widen and embrace the world’s cultures. Now, I’m not saying that Christianity is therefore a “lesser religion,” nor am I saying that Islam is a “better religion.” What I am saying is that we’re all one–except for the religious idiots.

  5. rustacus21 March 8, 2012

    … ranks among some of the greater American tragedies of recent history! All it proved was the power of money: 1)-has immobilized the executive & 2)-thru the power of money, own congress!!! ‘PatrickHenry’ must be real proud of the fact he not only doesn’t know HOW to vote, but that his vote means nothing in the age of ‘Citizens United v. The Federal Elections Commission’. What citizens are we talking about anyway? Those who believe we’re being taken ‘over’ by ‘socialists’ when U’r completely unaware of already being ‘TAKEN’ over by plutocratic fascists!!! So busy hating on a Black man, U never realized the Conservatives working 24/7 against U, whose RACE WAS NEVER EVEN A CONSIDERATION, has forced U & 99% of the nation into destitution, yet, U (‘P.Henry’, ‘Mr.E’, etc…) remain trapped in confused ignorance, while the 1 single option U have that means a hand up from U’r misery, U continually SLAP AWAY!!! By way of the ’10 election, money has made Islam more of a threat than U can imagine, by creating a threat to them!!! By the end of the Clinton administration, Democratization initiatives were established in Iraq to challenge the Hussein exec hold on power. Iran had been convinced to abandon plans to set up nuclear power plants/masking potential bomb making facilities. N. Korea was in process of allowing the IAEA (Intn’l Atomic Energy Agency) to dismantle their bomb making facilities (& bombs), w/round the clock, video inspection monitoring. The Amer. economy was sound & regularly adding 100’s of 1000’s of jobs monthly. Health Care, QUALITY Public Education, a healthy & ‘over-seen’ banking & investment mkts were producing profits for both private & institutional investors at record levels, were in abundance. Social Security, Medicaid & Medicare were all solvent & in no need of modifications for the foreseeable decades. But thanx to ‘P.Henry’, ‘Mr.E’, among many others, traded all that for… well, hell, which is what U’r Conservative choices, from 2000-2010, have delivered to the American citizenry & the world at large. B/c, not only are Americans poorer, imagine how much ‘POORER’ impoverished masses, world-wide, locked out of the global mktplace, by the greed of wall st vampires & ‘afraid-of-competition’ American corp’s, must be after U’r Conservative choices of 2000-2010? Clinton proved that we don’t have to fear ANY NATION – if we ENGAGE them honestly & up front. If U (P.Henry) want ‘socialism’ so much, keep voting Conservative. We already know Democracy, as performed by Liberal/Progressives/Clinton produces prosperity – WORLD-WIDE! Check the numbers for U’r self. But by all means, be intelligent enuff to NOT take my word 4 it & do U’r own homework/investigation, if U REALLY want ‘truth’ to discuss here…


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