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America Divided: Heartland Voters Shrug Off Global Uproar Over Immigration Ban

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America Divided: Heartland Voters Shrug Off Global Uproar Over Immigration Ban

Heartland Trump Voters

(Reuters) – Many of President Donald Trump’s core political supporters had a simple message on Sunday for the fiercest opponents of his immigration ban: Calm down.

The relaxed reaction among the kind of voters who drove Trump’s historic upset victory — working-class residents of Midwest and the South — provided a striking contrast to the uproar that has gripped major coastal cities, where thousands of protesters flocked to airports where immigrants had been detained.

In the St. Louis suburb of Manchester, Missouri, 72-year-old Jo Ann Tieken characterized the president as bringing reason into an overheated debate.

“Somebody has to stand up, be the grown up, and see what we can do better to check on people coming in,” she said. “I’m all for everybody to stop and take a breath … Just give it a chance.”

By executive order on Friday, Trump banned immigration from seven Muslim majority countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen – and temporarily halted the entry of refugees.

In the electoral strongholds for Trump, residents seemed nonplussed about the uproar flashing across their television screens. They shrugged off concerns about botched execution, damage to foreign relations, and legal challenges across the country.

In New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities, Trump’s action set off an outpouring of anger.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, evoked an image of the Statue of Liberty weeping. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York teared up himself on camera as he seethed over the “mean-spirited and un-American” immigration ban.

Veterans in government agencies, including the Homeland Security and State departments, blasted Trump’s team for what they called slipshod planning and scant interagency communication, criticism the White House rejected.

At airports, security officials also struggled to consistently enforce vague rules.

But allegations of operational or administrative blunders may do little to dampen enthusiasm for a president who rose to power on a populist and protectionist platform, political analysts said.

Louise Ingram, a 69-year-old retiree from Troy, Alabama, said she forgave the new administration a few “glitches,” such as widespread confusion over treatment of green card holders, as it moved to protect U.S. citizens from attacks.

“I’m not opposed to immigrants,” she said. “I just want to make sure they are safe to come in.”


A senior Trump administration official said political considerations had little to do with the executive orders. They rather represent a reaction to the 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino, California; the Boston Marathon bombing; and multiple attacks by radicalized groups in Europe.

“The reality is that the situation that exists today in parts of France, Germany, and parts of Belgium is not a situation that we want replicated inside the United States,” one official told Reuters.

Candace Wheater, a 60-year-old retired school cafeteria worker from Spring Lake, Michigan, also referenced the attacks in Brussels and Paris.

“Look at what’s happening in Europe,” she said. “I don’t dare travel there, out of fear.”

Steve Hirsch, 63, from Manassas, Virginia, drove to Washington’s Dulles airport on Sunday to pick somebody up, rather than to protest as hundreds of others did.

He said he supported Trump’s order. “A country is not a country if it doesn’t have borders,” he added.

He lauded Trump’s actions as a calculated step toward the larger goal of tightening border security.

“He probably went as far as he thought he could,” Hirsch said. “You can’t ban everybody in the world, but I think it’s prudent considering the conditions in certain places in the world.”


Trent Lott, a former Senate Republican leader from Missouri who is now a lawyer in Washington, D.C., said the orders made sense to “working-class Americans in the real world.”

“Out in the rest of the country, people are excited to see the president moving forward with securing the border,” he said.

University of Virginia political science professor Larry Sabato agreed that the weekend protests over the executive orders would not hurt Trump politically.

“His base is as firm as ever,” he said. “What he’s lost in the very early polls is the Republicans who were never Trumpers and ended up voting for Trump.”

Trump opponents have succeeded in winning some early court decisions that could undermine the practical impact of his executive orders, but Sabato said his base would perceive those as attacks from liberal elites.

Trump could eventually lose support if he fails to keep promises important to regions that supported him, such as delivering jobs to the so-called Rust Belt, the Midwestern states dotted by dying factory towns.


Whatever Trump ultimately accomplishes, his election has ushered in a new extreme of political polarization to an already deeply divided country.

“I just have not found a single person who has any neutrality at all about Donald Trump,” Sabato said.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 40-year-old teacher Trista Carles said she had been ordered to keep her views about Trump out of the classroom.

“We were told to be Switzerland,” she said. “We’re not allowed to take any sides or views.”

She has her own opinions, of course, and said she appreciated that Trump, in his blunt way, gave voice to them “with no sugar-coating.”

“I think it’s just too easy to get into our country and stay illegally,” she said. “I feel like he is going to – to the best of his abilities – make a lot of things he said happen.”

(Reporting by Laila Kearney in New York; Additional reporting by Diane Bartz, Doina Chiacu, Steve Holland and Lacey Ann Johnson in Washington and Curtis Skinner in San Francisco; Writing by Brian Thevenot; Editing by Lisa Von Ahn)

IMAGE: Pro-Trump demonstrators yell slogans during protest against the travel ban imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump’s executive order, at Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California, U.S., January 29, 2017. REUTERS/Ted Soqui


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  1. Darsan54 January 30, 2017

    What can we say? Doesn’t effect certain segments, it’s about a religion they don’t care about, so why should they care? For all the worship expressed about the Constitution, conservatives seem to have a very lax version of support.

    1. eeg January 30, 2017

      “first they came for the jews – but I wasn’t a jew…”
      I’m sure you remember the quote

      1. CPAinNewYork January 30, 2017

        There is no connection between your quote, which refers to the Nazis and the steps taken to curb Muslim terrorism.

        1. Marilyn January 30, 2017

          There is a definite connection between the quote and the current situation as Jews and Muslims were/are both scapegoated as a whole group in order for a megalomaniac to exert his power. To lump all Muslims into any blanket group is the most simplistic kind of thinking. Muslims have suffered far more terrorist attacks than we have. And if you have paid much attention to the news during the past decade you should be aware that there are sharp divisions within Islam. So all Muslims are no more alike than are all people who claim to be Christian. Donald Trump claims to be a Christian and so do I, but I want no part of any belief that Trump has. And unlike the title of the article, I can assure you that there are many working class people in the “Heartland” who do not support the hatred of the Alt-Right. I am one such person, and my friends, including some Republicans, also reject the extremism of the Trump administration.


          1. LiberalAria January 30, 2017

            Yet Trumpers and the alt-right white supremacists with whom they gleefully align have been conditioned to believe they are greater in number, more powerful, more entitled to everything. They will lose their minds when Trump is impeached, which was always the long game being played by establishment GOP congressmen.

          2. dpaano January 31, 2017

            Don’t forget that Bannon, 45’s Senior Advisor, is also an alt-right conservative, and he has the ear of the president! Because 45 does NOT have the ability to understand foreign policy, he tends to listen to those who are close to him even though they are even less understanding of how this country works and how our Constitution works! I believe they are trying to totally rid this country of the Constitution, and there doesn’t appear to be anyone there to stop them. I sincerely doubt if Congress (Ryan and McConnell) will do anything to impeach 45! It remains to be seen, trust me! And, although Pence would be the next in line….he’s worse, but at least he is not mentally unstable and an out and out narcissist!

          3. plc97477 February 1, 2017

            Some states have already started to change their laws to outlaw peaceful protest. It is getting to the point I don’t recognize my country.

          4. dpaano February 1, 2017

            Glad I live in a sane state and not one of those “Rust Belt” states full of Faux News listeners!

          5. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

            The same goes for the Mexicans.

      2. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

        You saw where the head of the Jewish Anti-Defamation League announced that he’d register as a Muslim were such a thing to be enacted?

        1. daniel wright January 30, 2017

          Some people are suicidal.

    2. dpaano January 31, 2017

      As do most “evangelical Christians!” These people are the least religious group I’ve ever seen! They preach against everything that the Bible says!

  2. Roberta Landers January 30, 2017

    Don’t they get that these are not the countries that have attacked us??? He did not include the ones that killed thousands of Americans as he has BUSINESS INTERESTS in those…….Incredibly impulsive and poorly thought out plan that disrupts countless peoples lives, is unAmerican and unconstitutional and provides no real protection. He needs to concentrate on better vetting from all countries….what is to prevent people from any country from flying to another country and entering that way…….Geez….so short sighted and plays to ISIS recruiting tools.

    1. CPAinNewYork January 30, 2017

      You are pissing into the wind, with your sophisticated logic. No, “they” don’t get it. What “they” do get is that terrorists are coming into America and setting off bombs. “They” want that stopped, now and “they” don’t care about such niceties as freedom to travel or inconveniencing a bunch of foreigners who live here but hate our guts.

      Their fears are not short sighted. They’re real and right on target. “They” know who the enemy is. The enemy is the Muslims and no amount of sophisticated rhetoric will change their minds.

      1. Roberta Landers January 30, 2017

        Sadly, he very precisely missed the countries responsible for past acts
        of terrorism in our country along the lines of his self interest and businesses….what about Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan and Pakistan where he has businesses….just why do you think he overlooked them? These were the countries whose citizens were responsible for past acts of terrorism in this country. The 7 he picked are not. This is all about “political perception” and will not bring any more safety to America which we all want. Most Muslims are not terrorists and most lone wolf attacks are instigated by online recruiting within this country from locations outside this country………..None of us want attacks within the country but why not find the way to rout out the actual terrorist cells and their backers rather than blaming a “whole religion” and stopping “whole countries” from entering our country that have not posed a threat in the past. It should be alarming that we are overlooking the guilty countries that have attacked us in the past……… In fact many of these 7 countries he selected have top US scientists, doctors and military advisors that are working with us to identify terrorists. They are not able to return here. This approach is poorly thought out and not only misses the mark and leaves us less safe but incites ISIS crusaders in their propaganda films.

        1. dpaano January 31, 2017

          I can’t wait for Iraq to send the 15,000 military men and women back to the U.S. and call upon the Russians to help them to prevail over ISIS…..that would certainly be a slap in 45’s face!

      2. Fran January 30, 2017

        Except that’s not true. Dylann Roof, Omar Mateen, San Bernadino’s Farook and Malik were all here legally. Yesterday’s attack in Quebec City was a white nationalist. “They” don’t care about the fundamental values of our democracy or the Constitution? Then “they” are not patriots, regardless of party. “Their” fears are disproportionate and fueled by demagogues who are manipulating “them” for their own power and wealth. It’s sad that “they” are being used and don’t even know it.

        1. Dominick Vila January 30, 2017

          I agree with you, but what CPA pointed out is the truth. Trump supporters don’t have a problem with the immigration EO, not so much because facts indicate that 9/11, and the attacks in San Bernardino, and Orlando were not carried out by Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans, or Sudanese, but because many among us do not distinguish between Muslims jihadists and the overwhelming majority of Muslims, who are no different from anyone else. Trump, and his team, understand that mindset well, and use prejudice and fear to insinuate things such as “if we don’t implement these measures immediately, terrorists would enter the USA and carry out acts of terrorism in our country”. Fear is a potent sentiment that makes people do things, or approve policies, they would normally reject. Trump has been exploiting it successfully, and he will continue to do so as long as he prevails.

          1. dpaano January 31, 2017

            And, Dom, he will continue to feed ISIS all the propaganda they need to cause more and more terrorists acts here in the U.S. He isn’t making this country safer…..he’s making it a target! I foresee major terrorist actions within the next year or so, which is sad! The biggest problem is that most of the actions will probably occur in states that don’t agree with 45’s EO, like New York, Florida, Texas, California, etc. It certainly won’t happen in the Rust Belt where most of 45’s uninformed voters reside!

          2. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

            I have come to the conclusion that his provocations and expressions of hatred are deliberate, and designed to re-ignite terrorism at a time when ISIS is in retreat. War is profitable, and seizing the natural resources of others is very enticing for those who lack an ounce of morality. It also serves as a distraction that allows despots to carry out domestic policies that are against the best interests of the population. I would not be surprised if Trump sees it as a win-win option to carry out his agenda with impunity…including winning in 2018 and 2020.

          3. dpaano January 31, 2017

            You’re probably right, and his so-called “followers” are easily distracted. The Democrats need to stay strong and alert, and it helps if we all keep on our toes and keep in touch with our respective senators and representatives.

      3. dpaano January 31, 2017

        Funny, I can count on the fingers of ONE hand the number of terrorist incidents that have occurred in the U.S. since 9/11! And, most of these were committed by terrorists who were Muslim but were here legally! All that is going to happen now is that 45 (as I call the idiot in office) has given ISIS all the necessary propaganda they need to energize any young American Muslim man/woman to plan additional terrorists acts. If they can convince these young men and women that America hates them….they can convince them to become jihadists. His stupid executive order will NOT stop this….it will only make things worse here! So much for the safety of the U.S.!

        1. Roberta Landers January 31, 2017

          I completely agree…..so poorly thought out

          1. dpaano January 31, 2017

            Definitely, considering he did this EO without going through Congress or the other departments and had the staffers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement…..makes it highly suspicious and possibly illegal.

        2. CPAinNewYork January 31, 2017

          “If they can convince these young men and women….”? It seems to me that they have already convinced them to be terrorists. It’s up to us to neutralize them. If necessary, we should eliminate them by any means possible.

          You seem to want to be nice to these so-called jihadis. You want to “prove” to them that we wish them no harm.To me, they’re a bunch of savages who need to be eliminated, like vermin. They’re one step below garbage.

          Do you know what I would like to see happen? I would like us to get out of that Middle Eastern hellhole completely. We have no valid business there. All we’re doing is affording our filthy rich the opportunity to make billions on arms and wars. Dick Cheney is a good example of these bloodsuckers. He’s never done a day of military service. When we was draft age, he got five deferments.

          If we need oil, from the Middle East, we can buy it. They give us oil and we give them money. It works very well.

          1. dpaano February 1, 2017

            Are you related to Hitler by any chance? You certainly sound like him and are seemingly just as imbalanced as he was, along with our illustrious idiot president!

          2. CPAinNewYork February 2, 2017

            Go to hell.

          3. dpaano February 2, 2017

            Thank you, but I believe you’re already there, and I would prefer to be somewhere that you aren’t!

      4. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

        The “Enemy” is diabetes.
        The people you are talking about are too stupid to understand statistics, and too uneducated, or intellectually lazy to inform themselves. They make the same broad and erroneous assumptions you do, because Fox News has told them it’s true for two decades.

        That doesn’t make them right… it just makes them idiots.

  3. itsfun January 30, 2017

    I am not one that is much for polls, but a Rasmussen poll out today said 33% oppose the ban and 57% approve of it.

    1. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

      Funny that Trump’s unfavorables went through the roof.

      Don’t trust Rasmussen Polls. They don’t have the best reputation.

      1. Jim Samaras January 30, 2017

        But all the others do? Same ones that predicted the election so well?

        1. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

          Jimmy, Jimmy, logic.

          Not A does not equal B.

          Btw the polls had Clinton winning nationally with about 2% of the vote. That 3 million vote lead is about where predicted.

          1. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            Unless you count the illegal votes.

          2. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

            Snort of derision.

          3. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

            Oh… you’re a loon.

            You realise that if there were 3 million extra illegal votes what that means in terms of numbers?

            Let’s say it was a giant conspiracy.
            Obviously not every polling place would be affected… so lets say these illegal votes showed up in half the country’s polling places.

            And let’s say they were too stupid to vote in the swing states where it would actually make a difference…. because we’re being deluded anyway… so whatever. We’ve gone to the effort of a massive conspiracy… but weren’t smart enough to vote in the right places… instead we illegally voted in the most Democratic states… ok.

            So 3 million illegal votes, divided by roughly half the polling places in the country… hmmm that’s about 1 illegal vote every 8 minutes. At EVERY ONE of 50% of the polling locations.
            So you think that the bi-partisan Elections people didn’t happen to notice that?
            You think the Republicans who counted those votes are in on it as well??

            You think these millions of votes happening all over the place were so well hidden that desperate Republicans can’t find a single polling place where there are proven numbers of illegal votes? Not one in the whole country?

            Exactly how stupid are you?

          4. daniel wright February 1, 2017

            So you think Trump has had the time to investigate the fraud? You think there is no documented fraud. Explain this MORON…………..http://thf_media.s3.amazonaws.com/2015/pdf/VoterFraudCases-8-7-15-Merged.pdf

          5. dpaano February 1, 2017

            Thoughtopsy: Now you’re asking a question that can’t be answered. He’s already proven how stupid he is…..and he just keeps sticking his foot in his mouth with every post!

      2. Fran January 30, 2017

        Rasmussen is traditionally more conservative.

        1. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

          Yes, but it’s the inaccuracy that troubles me. Right/Left is of much less importance than Right/Wrong.

          1. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            More like politically correct/incorrect.

      3. daniel wright January 30, 2017

        Not to you.they don’t

  4. Roberta Landers January 30, 2017

    Divide and conquer….That’s the cardinal rule of all fascist dictators

  5. CPAinNewYork January 30, 2017

    Trump is going to gain a great deal of credit from this. While the super heated liberal elites scream and yell about the travel ban, the majority of the country will salute his efforts to keep us safe.

    The hard fact is that we don’t care about the stress put on the foreigners living here, because we don’t trust them. We think that they may very well be terrorists in hiding, waiting for their chance to hurt the United States and Americans. They don’t even like us, so why are we supposed to be concerned for their convenience and safety?

    I didn’t vote for Trump, but I can understand why he appeals to the people who voted for him. Laila Kearney’s article in this blog spells it out clearly: middle class western and southern working people don’t understand why our government has shown such concern for the safety of foreigners who don’t like us. All the liberal intellectual blather about America being the land of immigrants falls on deaf ears because we are no longer the land of immigrants. That era is long past and will probably never return.

    Add to that the fact that terrorists are invading our country because of loose screening and you have a lethal mix for a backlash against the liberals, Socialists, Communists, etc. and the terrorists who are abusing our hospitality and threatening our well being.

    It’s all a win-win for Trump.

    1. eeg January 30, 2017

      do you care at all about immigrants who do like us? green card holders? students at our universities? your ancestors? and where do you get “the majority of the country”?

      1. CPAinNewYork January 30, 2017

        Muslims form the majority of immigrants who don’t like us. Stop the Muslims and we’ll greatly reduce the threat.

        1. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

          Please state the size of the Islamic Extremist threat in terms of percentage chance of dying on American soil.

          Then state the percentage chance of being killed by a shark.
          Then state the percentage chance of being killed in a car accident….

          Then reconsider your poor life choices.
          (And propose that President Loser enacts a Car Ban)

          1. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            Your argument is ridiculous. Of all the religions, Muslims are the only people who pose a threat to commit horrendous murders.

            Because of the danger that they pose, we must do all in our power to eliminate them from positions where they can carry out their murderous plans. Getting them out of America would be an excellent start.

            By the way, I agree with your disgust at the favorable treatment being shown to the Saudis. Bush 43 did the same thing: He actually flew Saudis trapped here out of the country in the days after the 9-11 attacks. His motivation was money, as is Trump’s.

          2. dpaano February 1, 2017

            No, YOUR argument is ridiculous! Muslims are NOT the only people who pose a threat to commit murders. Many American criminals pose just as much, if not more, of a threat! Countries with nuclear weapons pose a threat; and I could go on and on. There is much in this world that poses a threat….are you going to just put your head in the sand and hope that you don’t get in anyone’s way?

          3. Thoughtopsy February 6, 2017

            There are numerous Christian extremist groups in the USA.
            They all threaten to commit terror and are on the Terrorist watch list.

            But don’t worry, Trump is already looking at directing the counter terrorism program to ignore Domestic Terrorist organisations based on white supremacy (KKK etc).

            I’m sure that will be a great comfort to the next black people gunned down in Church.

            I agree that if this Ban was to even pretend to actually be useful, it needed to include Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and most likely Indonesia.
            It doesn’t. Which makes it laughable.
            I agree that Trump avoids adding these countries due to his conflicts of interest.

            It appears we share some common ground.

    2. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

      But that’s the issue isn’t it?

      Is the ban on Muslims enough to “keep us safe”, or is it a buzz word made policy?

      Is it an incitement to those radicals living in countries where Trump does have business interests?

      And what happens when Christians in Cairo Illinois figure out that Christians in Cairo Egypt don’t worship anything like what they do?

      1. CPAinNewYork January 30, 2017

        Your flippant last sentence is inappropriate.

        The problem is Muslim hatred of the United States, due in large part, or maybe entirely, to our support of Israel. Will a ban on Muslims be enough to keep us safe? I think that it’s a very good start to protecting Americans. Who else is threatening us? No, targeting Muslims is a very sound practice.

        1. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

          American deaths due to Muslims since 1993: about 11000.
          American deaths due to other Americans last year: about 11000.

          Your fears are poorly founded. Your next-door neighbor is about 100 times more likely to kill you than any immigrant.

          1. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

            John, hesitate to point this out, but your math isn’t working. If Muslims, in 15 years have killed as many as Americans in one, that’s not 100 times more.

          2. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            22 years, and US only versus worldwide, but I get your point.

          3. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            Chance of being slaughtered by an American during the 23 years = 23 * 11000 / 300,000,000 = 843ppm (roughly), assuming relatively constant population and murder rate. Higher murder rate increases chances of being killed.

            Chance of being killed by a Muslim during the 23 years = 11000 / (23 * 300,000,000) = 1.6ppm(roughly), assuming relatively constant Muslim murder rate.

            Yeah, about 527 times more likely that your neighbor will take you out instead of 100.

          4. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

            Well, yes, but changing the parameters within the argument is sloppy. You find Fox doing it fairly often.

            And, among friends, proving that it’s 527 times and not 100, really doesn’t impact my argument that the math is chewed.

          5. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            the original argument, months old now, was “hundreds of times”. My bad.

          6. dbtheonly January 31, 2017

            NP. The basic argument is sound. Americans using guns kill way more often than terrorists.

            Yet the NRA opposes guns with fingerprint locks.

            Yet the NRA opposes banning the sale of guns to those on the terrorist “no-fly” list.

          7. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            American citizens outnumber Muslim immigrants by huge numbers. Your logic is flawed and your math is fuzzy.

          8. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            Chance of being slaughtered by an American during the 23 years = 23 * 11000 / 300,000,000 = 843ppm (roughly), assuming relatively constant population and murder rate. Higher murder rate increases chances of being killed.

            Chance of being killed by a Muslim during the 23 years = 11000 / (23 * 300,000,000) = 1.6ppm(roughly), assuming relatively constant Muslim murder rate.

            Yeah, about 527 times more likely that your neighbor will take you out instead of 100.

          9. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            Since Muslims are outnumbered 99-1 in the US your assumption of the odds are correct. However, none of my friends,relatives or neighbors are jihadists out to conquer the world. I’m not worried that one of them wants to force me to convert to Christianity or die. Your arguments are not only hollow,you are full of male bovine excrement.

          10. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            The husband who murders his wife is no jihadist either. The robber doesn’t know his victim, just kills out of fear. The mass murderer like McVeigh or Lanza is just making a point, with you as the victim.

            The trumpscrement you utter is worthless. Facts are facts. There are no “alternate facts”.

          11. daniel wright February 1, 2017

            What “facts” are you referring to? What Trumpscrament? I was a conservative during the Reagan Admin. In the early 1960’s I was a liberal. Some people wake up to reality as they mature. Some don’t. If you are as old as I am then you are in the latter category. If not,then there may be hope for you yet.

          12. johninPCFL February 2, 2017

            The trumpscrement that this ban will accomplish anything at all. As demonstrated, the likelihood that anyone from the ME is more of a threat than a deer tick is laughable (yes, you are about as likely to die of Lyme disease than be killed by a jihadi.)

            But hey, just continue cowering under your bed after putting a fascist in the White House over such miniscule fears. He’s taking directions from Putin and alienating China, which gives them control of the Pacific. What possible harm could come from that?

          13. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

            So… to recap:
            His odds are correct…
            But you’re going to freak out about a 1 in 13.4 Billion chance anyway, and demand US foreign policy is based on your ignorant fear.

            Got it.

          14. daniel wright February 1, 2017

            The ignorance is yours. Your ostrich like attitude will get someone killed. You ignore 1400 years of history. You know what they say about is said about those who ignore history. That is you.

          15. dpaano February 1, 2017

            These idiots have a better chance of being hit by a meteor than they do of being killed by a Muslim terrorist! Seriously, they need to put on their big boy panties and get a life! I guess since you could get killed by an automobile, we should do away with those too! What a bunch of BS coming from a bunch of idiots! Just my opinion….

          16. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            Your math is off. The 11,000 that you cite is a one-to-one ratio. Where do you get the “…100 times more likely to kill you than any immigrant.”?

          17. johninPCFL February 1, 2017

            Should have read “hundreds of times” as was pointed out earlier. The basics are 11000 murdered per year for 23 years versus 23 years to get to 11000 murders, from a population around 300 million. That works out to about 527:1 that you’ll be killed by a spouse, acquaintance, or friend versus a jihadi.

        2. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

          Flippant? Inappropriate? Quo Warranto?

          Targeting Muslims is a very sound practice? Hardly. That’s the very issue in discussion. It will make Americans less safe, not more.

          For someone who allegedly did not vote for Trump, you certainly have been drinking his Kool-Aid.

          1. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            So fewer jihadists will make us less safe? Interesting.

          2. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

            Those pissed off by the ban and thus no longer willing to help hold down terrorism are more than those currently willing to try to get to the US for terrorist purposes. That Iraqi translator. You really think he’s still a big fan of the USA?

            Besides the real hotbeds of terrorism, Egypt and Saudi Arabia aren’t on the list.

          3. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            So you think letting in millions of unvetted Muslims is sound policy?

          4. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

            Logic, Old Boy.

            Not A does not equal B.

            This kind of shoddy thinking is acceptable in your society?

            But to answer your question. President Obama did a good job in keeping us safe. No airplanes flying into buildings and such. Though American Terrorists were more successful than I was happy with.

          5. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            Nice dodge. Liberals are masters at avoiding the subject. True,no planes flew into buildings on Obama’s watch. Why would jihadists force him into acting when they were so successful (with Obama’s help) in infiltrating our country covertly? That would be counterproductive for their long term plans for conquest. By the way. You forgot to mention the fact that those successful American terrorists were also MUSLIMS!!!!!!

          6. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            Yeah, they had nothing on Tim McVeigh. It took them decades and three airplanes to catch up with him.

            Oh, yeah. He wasn’t Muslim. Neither was Lanza.

          7. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            McVeigh committed the crime during Clinton’s watch. So much for Democrats keeping us safe. There is also evidence that the third dark haired man in seen with him was Muslim. Here is something to ponder……http://www.debbieschlussel.com/35378/declassified-fbi-memo-fbi-abc-news-knew-ok-city-bombing-done-by-muslims/. PS. You forgot Orlando,San Bernardino,Boston,Fort Hood. Should I go on?

          8. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            Forgot none of them. Their numbers are in the 11000 from the last 23 years.

            McVeigh’s numbers are not in the murder totals from last year, though.

            You’re still hundreds of times more likely to be murdered by your spouse, friends, and acquaintances than any Muslim immigrant.

          9. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            We should bar Saudis. if there are any here, we should kick them out. If the Egyptians are a problem, we should eliminate them from the United States.

          10. dbtheonly February 1, 2017

            Well that’s killing fewer than 1.5b.

            Trump thinks that Saudis are “good dudes”. You disagree?

          11. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017


          12. dpaano February 1, 2017

            Amazing….something we all finally agree on….45 thinks Saudi’s are “good dudes.”

          13. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            No. Killing jihadists will make us safer.

          14. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            Eliminate the Muslims and we won’t have to worry about their killing Americans.

          15. dbtheonly February 1, 2017

            That is about 1.5 billion people you’re talking about eliminating.

          16. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            Better that we eliminate them before they eliminate us, which seems to be their intent.

          17. dbtheonly February 1, 2017

            You’re assuming that they all want to eliminate you. An assumption as unwarranted as it is horrifying.

            You understand that killing those 1.5 billion would make Trump, and you, the greatest mass murderers in human history?

            And in response, Victor Lazlo said it best, “And what if you track down all these men and kill them? What if you kill all of us? From every corner of Europe, hundreds, thousands, would rise up to take our places. Even Nazis can’t kill that fast.”

            No, the more you kill, the more you’ll need to kill.

          18. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            Eventually, there will not be any more Muslims.

          19. dbtheonly February 1, 2017

            Unless they kill you first.

            And given it’s the exact same argument you’re using, I don’t see a lot of difference in your positions.

          20. dpaano February 1, 2017

            Give up…..he’s an absolutely idiot and a racist to boot!!! It’s useless to try to talk sense into someone who has been brainwashed by the GOP!

          21. dbtheonly February 1, 2017

            Wise advice indeed.

            But I am fool enough to hope that he sees that he’s the very enemy he most fears. He might see his enemy as himself and achieve understanding. It is literally right in front of him. CPA shouldn’t be blind or dumb.

            Are we to write off our GOP brethren? Or by patience and explanation lead them out of the folly if their ways?

            Besides, I owe him one for letting me use the Casablanca quote.

          22. dpaano February 2, 2017

            People have TRIED to talk to both CPA and to Daniel to no avail. They have their ideas and they don’t see the truth. They will listen to 45, Bannon, and his Breitbart cronies, as well as FAUX News, and believes everything that they say even with it’s proven to be totally wrong! It’s a waste of time trying to explain things to them….they won’t change.

          23. dpaano February 1, 2017

            And you seriously believe that? Hitler tried to do away with the Jews…..guess what, there are still Jews in this world!!! Unless there is a nuclear cataclysm, you will never get rid of one group of people!

          24. plc97477 February 2, 2017

            Don’t give them any ideas.

          25. dpaano February 2, 2017

            Not planning to, but if what he is serious about his comments, it may come to that if we keep angering the Muslim countries that 45 has banned! He apparently doesn’t realize that many of them are our allies and are working with our military to fight ISIS! He’s totally uneducated, uninformed, and has no idea what he’s talking about!

          26. dpaano February 1, 2017

            “Their” intent…..who is “their?” Give me a f…..ing break! There’s more crime done in this country by American citizens than has EVER been done by Muslim Americans! Do you want to eliminate ALL Americans so you’ll be safe? Maybe you need to crawl into a hole and hang on to your fruit of the looms!

          27. Thoughtopsy February 1, 2017

            Oh right so… we eliminate all these 1.3 Billion people just to make sure we get the 200,000 or so extremists?
            Are you f**king Hitler?

          28. CPAinNewYork February 2, 2017

            No. I’m an American who’s fed up seeing a bunch of unwashed Muslim crap getting away with murder.

          29. dpaano February 2, 2017

            A bunch? How many is a bunch? I can count on the fingers of ONE hand the number of terrorist incidents here in the U.S. that were done by Muslims. Most of the crime and murder here in the U.S. has been done by good ol’ American citizens! Check the stats…..check the facts…..or are you afraid that you’ll find out that you’re wrong! You’re just a died-in-the-wool racist, much like our illustrious minority president and his sidekick, Bannon!

          30. CPAinNewYork February 2, 2017

            So, your response is to wait for more terrorist acts? What would wake you up, another 9-11?

          31. dpaano February 2, 2017

            First of all, we haven’t had a 9/11 type attack in 15 years, so I’m not quite worried. Secondly, that attack was carried out by terrorists from Saudi Arabia. I don’t see Saudi Arabia on the list of countries that our minority president is banning from entering the U.S. Lastly, you’re a little paranoid, aren’t you? Much like our current president!

          32. CPAinNewYork February 2, 2017

            I’m worried that the sleazebag Muslims are going to pull another massacre here. Perhaps if we had had proper airline inspections in 2001, especially of people who look like Arabs, 9-11 wouldn’t have happened and three thousand people would still be alive.

            You call my position being “

          33. dpaano February 3, 2017

            9/11 was a once-in-a-lifetime incident, and the airlines have made it harder for this to ever happen again. Are you going to go through life being totally paranoid? Seriously? And, why are you so concerned about 9/11…..that was pulled off by Saudi’s, but I don’t see Saudi Arabia on 45’s list of banned countries. Maybe you should be talking to him instead of shivering in your home because you’re afraid you’ll get bombed!!! The chances of you being hit by a terrorist is pretty slim!!! You’d have a better chance of being shot at by an American with a gun!

          34. CPAinNewYork February 3, 2017

            Once in a lifetime? Really? You’re absolutely sure about that? Where do you come by your confidence?

            I’m sure that if the Muslims think that they can pull off another spectacular massacre like 9/11, they’re going to try it. The best way to stop them is to deny them entrance to the United States. For those already here, let’s expel them as a clear and present danger to the United States. Let’s send them to Saudi Arabia, to live with the rest of the Wahabi crap.

            Then, as a final act of revenge for 9/11, let’s invade Saudi Arabia and kill ten times the number of people who died in the 9/11 slaughter.

          35. Thoughtopsy February 5, 2017

            So you’re fed up, and angry…
            And because of that you’re prepared to commit war crimes, kill millions of people, and refuse to do basic math around what, in America, is actually statistically likely to kill you.

            You should apply to the Trump White House for a job.
            You are the ideal applicant.

          36. plc97477 February 2, 2017

            And that makes us what?

          37. CPAinNewYork February 2, 2017

            It makes us alive, something that the Muslims want to change.

            Why are you so concerned about the Muslims? Their only concern about us is to kill us. Their religion tells them to kill all infidels. That’s us.

          38. dpaano February 2, 2017

            Their religion does NOT tell them to kill infidels. Their Koran is totally misinterpreted much like our Bible. The jihadists interpret one way, but true Muslims interpret it another way…..a more peaceful way. There are only a FEW Muslims who believe this….they are fighting with ISIS. The majority of Muslims, especially those here in the U.S. do NOT believe this and only want to live a peaceful and safe life much like you do. Apparently, you don’t know any Muslims or you would realize this! Your hate has kept you from learning the truth!

          39. dpaano February 1, 2017

            You’re an idiot….why don’t you just admit it!!! For some reason, you seem to think that ALL Muslims are terrorists and that’s not even close to being true!!!

          40. Thoughtopsy February 5, 2017

            So… what… We just kill them all?
            A little Ethnic Cleansing, perhaps?

          41. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            I form my own opinions and “targeting Muslims” as you put it is a no brainer.

            If not the Muslims, who would you blame for the attacks? They don’t try to evade detection. Rather, they “claim credit” for the bombings and the beheadings, so how can you call our actions “targeting Muslims”? They target themselves.

          42. dpaano February 1, 2017

            I would blame the Saudi’s for the attack at 9/11; I would blame the Kosovos for the Boston Marathon attack and the attacks in San Bernardino; I would blame the Pakistanis for the attack in Florida, and I could go on if you’d like!
            What you can’t seem to understand is that not ALL Muslims are terrorists, and certainly not from the countries that 45 has banned immigration from!!!

        3. daniel wright January 30, 2017

          Do you think Muslims would abandon their plans for conquest if we stopped backing Israel? I don’t.

          1. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            I do. When we were pursuing an “even handed” policy in Palestine, the Muslims did not hate us. When we adopted a pro Jewish policy, the hatred started.

          2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

            So that’s what you think? If ignorance is bliss you must be ecstatic.

          3. Thoughtopsy February 1, 2017

            That I do agree with.
            We meddled far too much.

          4. dpaano February 2, 2017

            GWB is the one that meddled too much….if he hadn’t started his ridiculous war, we would not have ISIS, the Taliban, etc. These groups grew out of GWB’s unwarranted war and we can thank him and Cheney for that!

        4. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

          A better question is: Will a ban on Muslims do anything useful?

          Also: Will a ban on Muslims produce any negative effects?

          For a bonus round you may want to also ask:
          If the point is to ban Muslims, and keep you safe…. then why are Pakistan (home of Al Qaeda) and Saudi Arabia (Source of 9/11 and center of Terrorist planning and funding at every level) not included in the ban?

          I’ll hold my breath.

          1. CPAinNewYork February 1, 2017

            If the Muslims are not here, they cannot cause any problems in the United States.

          2. dpaano February 1, 2017

            If that were true, then you’d have to get rid of most Americans here also since they cause MANY more problems than any Muslims. The crime rates by American citizens is greater than crime rates by Muslim Americans….do your homework!

          3. Thoughtopsy February 1, 2017

            Right… so:
            Saudi’s and Pakistanis can travel here freely because……?
            You’re ignoring America’s current large, already HERE, Muslim population because….?
            You’re ignoring that the recent Muslim extremists were already citizens meaning a ban is utterly pointless and cruel because….?

            Try actually addressing my points.

          4. CPAinNewYork February 2, 2017

            I want us to get completely out of the Middle East. I want us to have contact with the Muslims only to buy their oil. I want to outlaw the Muslim religion in America, as we did the Communist Party in 1954.

            Does that address your points?

          5. dpaano February 2, 2017

            The “communist party” is NOT a religion…..funny you don’t realize that! And, it’s not the Muslim religion that’s causing the problems in the Middle East….it’s the two factions of the Muslim people who are fighting each other. And, do you REALLY think they would sell us their oil if we walk out on them? They can sell their oil to Russia and to China….they don’t need to sell their oil here. In fact, the U.S. has been producing enough oil for its use for the past 2-3 years and has not HAD to purchase much oil from overseas.
            If you’re so eager to outlaw a religion, which is TOTALLY against our Constitution, why not outlaw Catholics, Jews, Protestants, etc.? What’s the difference?
            Again, you need to do your homework and stop listening to FAUX News, etc. You don’t know anything about what you’re talking about!!! Your comments are pretty sad!

          6. CPAinNewYork February 2, 2017

            They’ll sell their oil to the highest bidder. Catholics, Jews and Protestants are not committing terrorist acts. The Muslims do commit terrorist acts, so they constitute a clear and present danger.

          7. Thoughtopsy February 5, 2017

            Let me spell it out for you,,, again.

            America already has a large Muslim population. In America. Citizens of America.
            Please why this ban is so good in relation to THAT.
            What are you going to do? Deport them all?
            You know a Religious Test is Unconstitutional, right?

            Saudi Arabia is NOT banned.
            They Funded and organised 9/11.
            Please why this ban is so good in relation to THAT.

            Pakistan is NOT banned.
            That is where Al Qaeda is from.
            Please why this ban is so good in relation to THAT.

            American White Angry Male Terrorists enacted 25 times more terrorist attacks on American soil than Muslim Terrorists.
            Please why this ban is so good in relation to THAT.

            Is that clear enough for you?

          8. Thoughtopsy February 8, 2017

            Yep… crickets. As expected.

      2. daniel wright January 30, 2017

        Very silly. Do you think they believe that Paris Texas belongs to France or Moscow Idaho is actually in Russia? By the way;until the Muslims conquered Egypt,it WAS Christian.

        1. dbtheonly January 30, 2017

          You think the First Redneck Independent Church is going to recognize Coptic Christianity?

          1. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            Why wouldn’t they? Because you say so?

      3. daniel wright January 30, 2017

        Read these stats and then tell me of all the American Muslims who side with us. http://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2015/06/23/nationwide-poll-of-us-muslims-shows-thousands-support-shariah-jihad/

        1. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

          Read the last two sentences: “…numerous media outlets have serially misrepresented this sentence and used it to claim that The Center holds the survey as representative of all Muslims in the United States. The Center has been consistent with claims that the results are of those individual Muslims polled and the “significant minorities” in the first sentence is a specific reference to participants of the survey we referenced immediately prior.”

          600 people is now an accurate representative sample for a population of over 5 million people from all over the globe that have settled here? During the last election cycle, over 20,000 people were surveyed to project the winner, and all they got right was the population estimate (2% to 4% victory in the popular vote.)

          1. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            I have a lesson for you. Watch. You may actually learn something……..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPLqVL4GHVU

          2. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            It’s good that while in prison he turned his life around.

          3. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            Too bad the same can’t be said for Jihadists. Your fact is no argument against his message. Do you deny his facts are true? You didn’t in your response.

          4. johninPCFL January 30, 2017

            I don’t know whether they’re facts or more trumpscrement. There are truckloads of that deposited here daily, mostly by strumpettes.

          5. daniel wright January 30, 2017

            Is this an example. Is a document released by the FBI BS. IYO? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFxNPvns7nU&list=PLN-vxeV1hxavOTe8uwTEKwBg_XweDs8E0

          6. daniel wright February 1, 2017

            Then maybe you should dig deeper. This man studies the Koran for a living to inform the public about what is really happening. Do you know enough to actually debate him? Can you quote the Koran like he does. The best way to find the truth about a subject is to listen to the experts. That’s what I do. When I need my vehicle worked for something I can’t do myself, on I go to a shop. I don’t try it myself.

          7. Thoughtopsy February 5, 2017

            Yeah, re-posting stupidity doesn’t help your case.

        2. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

          So remind me how many Americans have died from extremist Muslim terror attacks in the USA?

          Then remind me how many have died from white men with f**ked up ideas about God, abortion, the Confederacy etc etc in the USA?

          I’m dying to know if you’re stupid or just willfully ignorant.

          1. daniel wright January 31, 2017

            Thanks for pointing out that the majority are leftists. Now learn about son Islamic history. Then again,are you afraid of the truth?????…………………………………………………………………………https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Qpy0mXg8Y.

          2. Thoughtopsy February 1, 2017

            You didn’t address my point.
            Your counter-argument (If you could call your weird video that) does not address my point.

            My point is that you and your knuckledragger friends are peeing in bed over Muslims coming to kill you… when you are 25 TIMES more likely to be killed by stupid white American Terrorists…. tens of thousands of times more likely to die in a car accident,.. and hundreds of thousands of times more likely to be shot by an American… or yourself.

            On top of that, you support a Ban that does nothing to lower that minuscule probability that a Muslim terrorist will kill you.

            Where’s your ban for Christian terrorists?
            Where’s your outrage over Dylan Roof?
            Where’s your massive over-reaction to the potential for you to die in a car accident? Ban all cars, maybe? Would that stop you having nightmares, little snowflake?

            See that’s the hilarious thing… you call Liberals “snowflakes” and pussies… yet we’re not the ones who are scared sh!tless of the incredibly tiny chance that imaginary Muslims are coming to kill us.


          3. dpaano February 2, 2017

            And, considering that 45 failed to ban immigrants coming in from Saudi Arabia (9/11 terrorists), Pakistan (San Bernardino terrorists), Kosovo (Boston terrorists), etc., makes his idiotic ban totally useless! All he’s doing is pissing off countries that are, in some cases, our allies in fighting ISIS (like Iran and Iraq, both of whom have American troops working alongside their troops to fight ISIS). Do your homework, Daniel, and quite listening to FAUX News and to 45’s idiotic tweets!

    3. Fran January 30, 2017

      He’s not “keeping us safe.” You’re falling for the empty theatrics. His own national security and military experts are condemning his impulsive, political actions because they make us less safe. When there’s a deadly error from these reckless actions, no doubt you all will find a way to blame Obama, Hillary, Dems, or anyone else besides the Gaslighter in Chief.

    4. LiberalAria January 30, 2017

      “The hard fact is that we don’t care”

      Finally, a rightist tells the truth. You don’t care:
      About the Constitution, the law, true Christianity, human values, civil rights, legal foreign immigrants, or anyone but yourself.

      And that is why this fascist overreaching that is grossly unAmerican and unconstitutional will lead to the decimation of everything Republican, conservative, and “alt-right” extremism. Trump is the pied piper leading his unAmerican supporters off the cliff of rational thinking and human decency. Right into those FEMA camps you used to yell about.

    5. Thoughtopsy January 31, 2017

      You don’t care about the people, or companies this will disrupt and cruelly saddle with costs both emotional and financial.
      You don’t care that Saudi Arabia… THE SOURCE OF 9/11… is not on the list because they make money for President Loser.
      You don’t care that this does nothing to make you safer in reality.
      You don’t care that this will likely increase extremist recruiting and future terror attacks.
      You don’t care that this damages our standing with our allies in the Middle East… you know… the ones we need to help us fight ISIS, act as interpreters, provide critical intelligence…
      You don’t care that most recent terror attacks in the USA have been white Christian extremists, or confederate nut bags, or anti-abortion morons.
      You don’t care that nearly all “Extremist Muslim” terror attacks have been by American citizens… Who are ALREADY HERE, and were radicalized HERE.
      You don’t care enough to bother educating yourself about this or any other critical issue… you just “go with your gut”, ignore facts, and listen to Fox “News”.

      Perhaps worst of all… you and your knuckle dragger pinhead friends judge who is a threat based on their skin color or clothing (even if they are a 6th Generation American), and only consider white people to be “Real Americans”.

      Your narrow-minded bigotry, and lazy ignorance for facts that contradict your overly simplistic and racist view of the world disgusts me.

    6. dpaano February 2, 2017

      And you don’t think that your “alleged” terrorists in the U.S. won’t do something to protest 45’s actions? You don’t think that ISIS will use 45’s actions as propaganda to recruit even MORE of our American Muslim men and women? Where is your brain? And, where did you get the notion that these people don’t like us? They came here to get away from countries that are killing them; they came here because they seek security for their families and the opportunity to live a safe and secure life. Why would you think they hate us?
      As for your comment about “loose screening,” the vetting process currently in place is very strict and has been for quite some time! Again, you need to start using your brain and stop watching FAUX News or parroting 45’s ridiculous tweets! He’s mentally unstable, a narcissist whose only goal is to make himself look good, and he has ABSOLUTELY no qualifications for being president!

      1. CPAinNewYork February 2, 2017

        They’re going to do that anyway, if we don’t stop them. The best way to stop them is to take preventive action, like kicking them out of our country.

  6. eeg January 30, 2017

    I find the headline offensive – most Americans, and certainty those who are most productive, are in cities. The “heartland” is no longer the Trump voters – we – the cities and the coasts – are the real hearland!

    1. Jim Samaras January 30, 2017

      Oh, you’re “offended”. I’m sure the Redskins football team makes you shudder as well

    2. dpaano January 31, 2017

      And, if ISIS steps up its recruiting in the U.S., you can be guaranteed that it will be the states like California, Texas, Florida, and New York that will feel the brunt of terrorist activities…..it certainly won’t be the Rust Belt!

  7. Dominick Vila January 30, 2017

    Some of my relatives, my best friends, and most of my neighbors are Republicans, and all of them, without exception, support Trump’s immigration EO, building a wall along our Southern border, and not only banning the entry of Mexicans and Muslims, but deporting them. What is offensive for most of us, is reason to rejoice by those who see Trump as a Savior determined to make America great again, in part, by getting rid of people that about one third of our population does not want among us. The fact that some of Trump’s decisions may be unconstitutional, inconsistent with our values, traditions, and history do not matter to those consumed by hatred and fear of anything foreign. The segment of our population that supports what Trump has been doing is a minority, but they are well organized, disciplined, and they vote.

    1. dpaano January 31, 2017

      Which means, Dom, that the “majority” needs to step up and make their voices heard! We did this with the Women’s March (although 45 failed to understand this), and we need to continue to do this with protests, lawsuits, etc. I’ve donated to the ACLU, which is a group that I’ve always questioned in the past, but they are the ones that might be able to put a hitch in 45’s plans…..we can only hope. And, we always have Congress, who needs to step up and do the job we hired them to do! After all, he may be able to fire the Acting AG, but he certainly can NOT fire Congress!

      1. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

        I hate to admit this, but he does have the authority to fire subordinates for insubordination. Democrats need a new narrative, and a movement as effective as the Tea Party has been for the GOP. It could be argued that the GOP no longer exists, and that the TP has taken over and relegated old fashioned conservatives to oblivion, but without the TP, and the evangelicals, the GOP would not have been as successful as they have been in recent years. Hopefully, the women’s movement will not end up like the Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter movements…

        1. dpaano January 31, 2017

          But, I doubt if he can fire an elected official; i.e., a congressman/woman or a senator. I believe this is beyond his ability. But, I agree that Democrats need a new narrative, and I’m hoping that the people that put together the Women’s March get in touch with the DNC and work with them because they were a LARGE group of people who could help. The DNC agrees and has been asking for these groups to get in contact with them to assist them in getting out the Democratic vote in 2018. As for the TP….I believe some of them are even aghast at what 45 has been doing…..Congress, itself, is NOT happy with the way things are going. 45 fails to consult with them or discuss anything with them prior to his signing executive orders. It’s pretty sad when he doesn’t even bother to consult with his cabinet nominees or department heads before doing his hatchet jobs. We can probably thank Bannon for being the little bug that whispers in his ear. Bannon’s only goal is to cause chaos in the government, and he has become the puppeteer for 45 much like Cheney was for GWB!

          1. Dominick Vila January 31, 2017

            No, he cannot fire Congressmen, Senators, Governors, etc. He can fire career civil servants and political appointees.

          2. dpaano January 31, 2017

            Unfortunately, you’re right…..he must think he’s still in charge of the Celebrity Apprentice or something!

          3. plc97477 February 1, 2017

            He can actually “fire” them in the fact that he can actively campaign against them when they run again. Whether or not that works is yet to be seen but it is possible for him to hurt their chances.

          4. dpaano February 1, 2017

            He may not HAVE to fire civil servants…..from what I understand, many of them are getting ready to walk out already! They’re banning together and looking into legal means of denying actions requested by 45. It should be interesting if the entire government walks out on him!

          5. dpaano February 2, 2017

            I think that’s why so many Republican senators, etc. are afraid to speak up….especially if they will be up for re-election in 2018. The ones that are retiring or leaving for other reasons can and probably WILL speak up whenever possible. Look at McCain….he doesn’t come up for re-election for, I believe, 7 years. What’s 45 going to do to him except to “tweet” his usual BS! I don’t think McCain, Gingrich, etc. are actually afraid of 45. We can only hope that they become the Republican voices in the Congress against the many unconstitutional things that 45 is currently doing!

          6. dpaano February 2, 2017

            Dom….it’s very difficult to fire a civil service employee and takes more than just saying “you’re fired” in order to fire them. Civil Service jobs are hard to get and easy to keep in most cases. He can threaten, but it will take much paperwork to get rid of civil service employees. Until then, they can pretty much gum up the works by taking their times getting jobs done, etc. I hear that this is already a problem in many of the departments.

          7. daniel wright February 1, 2017

            You’re right. Trump can’t fire elected officials. Fortunately the opposition party is the minority.

      2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

        The majority already did.

    2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

      So you think that we should open our borders to all,no questions asked?

      1. Dominick Vila February 1, 2017

        None. We have an effective vetting process in place. As for Mexicans and Central Americans, what we need, to eliminate the illegal immigration problem is a combination of law reforms to include temporary work permits designed to satisfy labor demands in areas where we need additional manpower, and stiff fines imposed on those who hire undocumented workers. People don’t enter the USA illegally because they like to crawl through tunnels or enter with a tourist or student visa and never leave. They do it because it is extremely difficult, especially for semi-skilled workers, to enter the USA legally.

        1. daniel wright February 1, 2017

          I agree with a new form of the old bracero program for Ag. work. The problem is that many of the illegals are not here to work in the fields or canneries. Are you aware that nearly all the meth cooks in Ca. are illegal Mexican nationals? Do you know any Mexican nationals? I do. I worked with one who was the mayor of a small Mexican town. One bragged that he was a Coyote in the winter months. Do you know that legal Mexican carpenters have destroyed the carpentry job market for American citizens? Do you know that the going wage for a carpenter in Ca. hasn’t went up since the late 1960s due to legal green card holders? Things must change.

          1. Dominick Vila February 2, 2017

            Mexicans, Colombians, or Peruvians are not to blame for the widespread consumption of illegal drugs in the USA. Nobody forces millions of Americans to use placebos when they can’t cope with the vicissitudes of daily life or the challenges we all have to deal with. In any case, I support incarcerating and/or deporting drug traffickers, regardless of nationality.
            I live in Florida, where the overwhelming majority of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and other tradesmen are Americans. In fact, most are white Americans. I lived in California for 9 years in the 1970s, when I worked at a NASA complex in Goldstone (Fort Irwin, Mojave Desert). I had an opportunity to meet many Mexican Americans, including my next door neighbor. They were no different from anyone else. They worked hard, cared for their families, and tried to make ends meet. Again, I have no problem with deporting criminals (except for those who have committed violent crimes who should not be sent to Mexico porous prisons).

          2. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            I never blamed foreigners for the bad choices many Americans make when using illegal drugs. The fact that there is a market here for illegal drugs doesn’t justify smuggling of manufacturing them. You met Mexican Americans here? I worked with actual Mexican nationals for years. There is a big difference between the two. I have many friends of Mexican decent. They are proud Americans Who feel the same as I do. Also.living in Fl. like you do you have no border with Mexico. It isn’t that far of a drive from Mexico to here. Mexican carpenters come here in crews and can erect one or more houses in a day. Here tract housing contractors get around minimum wage laws by paying by the foot. The faster you work the more you make. Crews come up from Mexico as soon as the winter rain stops and rent from the same landlords every year. They save their money and go back in winter to live high on the hog. American carpenters can’t live on the money they can in Mexico. That’s how they corner that jobs market.

          3. Dominick Vila February 5, 2017

            I spent 30 years overseas, mostly in countries like Venezuela, Spain, and England. Admittedly, I did not get a chance to work with Mexican nationals during that long sojourn, but I have an intimate knowledge of the mindset that prevails in Latin America. My only exposure to Mexico was Tijuana, where we spent a couple hours, turned around and spent our short vacation in San Diego. Another short experience was in Cozumel, and I did not like it.

        2. dpaano February 2, 2017

          AND, if we continue to help Mexico build its economy, we won’t have to worry about their people coming into the U.S. for jobs…..they’ll have jobs in their OWN country and will be able to make enough to support their families without having to sneak across the border! It’s already proven that we have had fewer illegals coming across the border in the past 2-3 years than ever before, and I think we can thank, for example, some of the automobile companies here in the U.S. who have built manufacturing plants there to help their economy. What most people don’t seem to understand is that these manufacturing plants basically build autos that will be sent overseas (not to the U.S.) or they build parts that are used in automobiles manufactured here. Those parts, by the way, give jobs to many U.S. citizens and provide MORE jobs for US citizens than they take away from the U.S.

        3. daniel wright February 5, 2017

          The vetting process you mention takes about 18 months to two years to go through. Obama let them in instantly. That is much shorter than 18 months.

  8. Jim Samaras January 30, 2017

    Finally an article on NM that doesn’t have a leftist opinion but just the facts. Kudos to the writer!

  9. Fran January 30, 2017

    Anyone who supports this chaotic, impulsive EO is devouring propaganda and #alternativefacts vs. national security expertise. Trump has absolutely zero knowledge and experience re: national security and did not consult his own Department of Justice, State Department, Homeland Security Chief, National Security experts or General Mattis. This is purely political and ignores the existing 24-month in-depth vetting procedures. Trump chose countries where no U.S. attackers have come from and ignored countries like Saudi Arabia where many 9/11 attackers actually originated because he has business ties there. Ditto Turkey and Egypt. Not to mention that it is unconstitutional, fuels extremism by giving ISIS a recruiting narrative that the U.S. is at war with Islam etc. etc. It’s not worth debating the facts with people who believe the endless lies he and his team dish out. We are the majority and next time, there will be no strategic mistakes. We will resist his attempts to undermine our democracy in pursuit of wealth and power, and we will win in 2018 and 2020 and be done with this dangerous, ignorant clown show.

    1. dpaano January 31, 2017

      Unfortunately, Fran, he tends only to listen to his “advisors.” Bannon, whose ONLY goal is to create chaos and take down our government as it exists, is one of those “advisors.” He’s 45’s (my name of the orange one) puppet master, much like Cheney was with GWB! As long as 45 listens to this person and others close to him, we have NO way of stopping him. The only way that we might stop him is if Congress finally does the job we hired them to do and tell him he can’t do some of the things he’s doing…….apparently, he can’t FIRE them like he did the Acting Attorney General Yates!

      1. Roberta Landers January 31, 2017

        Right! We need to “checks and balances” to kick in and someone to enforce getting his tax returns out in public. We also need follow up on the investigation of money he owes Russia and oil ties between Tillerson, Putin and himself

        1. dpaano January 31, 2017

          I agree, but who’s going to do that. Members of Congress are afraid of him and Democrats don’t count to him! Who do we have to enforce him to do ANYTHING?

          1. plc97477 February 1, 2017

            We can show the repugs just who he is by taunting him until he has a temper tantrum and maybe they will finally realize that he is unstable and needs to be removed. That is my hope and I am clinging to it.
            I usually call the orange shitstain “putin’s puppet”.

          2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

            He is running the show. Doesn’t that fry you? Oh well. You had eight years of the hell you prefer. Welcome to sanity.

        2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

          How about Obama releasing his real birth certificate?

          1. Thoughtopsy February 1, 2017

            Ohh… you’re a conspiracy nutter.
            That makes more sense.

          2. daniel wright February 5, 2017

            Actually the forensic examination that concluded that his birth certificate was forged using another persons document as is based on science and reality. Even Obama has,through his lawyer admitted to the forgery in court.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGEMHOEil5c

      2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

        Fortunately both congress are dominated by adults rather than the children of the Democrat party.

    2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

      And just how much foreign policy and national security experience did Obama have (other than zero) when you delusional idiots vote him in?

  10. Thoughtopsy January 30, 2017

    Ask any one of his knuckle-dragging, lazily ignorant base some questions like:
    – “What screening was already in place for people travelling from these countries?”….
    They don’t know.
    – “What was the screening process for Syrian Refugees?”…
    They don’t know.
    – “What measures can be put in place to increase the degree of screening?”…
    They don’t know.
    – “What does ‘Extreme Vetting’ entail exactly?…
    They don’t know.
    – “How safe were you before the Ban?”…
    They don’t know.
    – “How many Syrian Refugees have attacked America to date?”…
    They don’t know.
    – “Why is Saudi Arabia NOT on the Ban list despite being the origin of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack?”…
    They don’t know.
    – “How much safer are you now that the Ban is in place?”…
    They don’t know.
    – “What are the likely effects of this Muslim Ban in terms of ISIS recruiting, US power, US safety, research, America’s standing, costs for lost US revenue….”….
    They don’t know.

    Too dumb to start with… and too lazy to bother questioning what they are told or educating themselves.

    What do they actually know?
    1. Fox News told them for years that the ISIS Muslimites were coming to kill them all.
    2. A fat angry equally ignorant orange man told them he would ban them all from coming if they voted for him.
    3. They voted for him.
    4. He has Banned the Muslims.

    What has actually happened? F**kface Von Clownstick has set off a wave of moderate to personal disasters for companies, countries, research institutes, tourists, and especially refugees in a wave of callous cruelty that will have four primary effects:
    1) Do absolutely nothing to make Americans safer.
    2) Substantially damage America’s standing and power around the world.
    3) Advance the “America Hates Muslims” marketing point that ISIS and other groups use to gain converts.
    4) Cost those people, companies, and organisations, AND the USA massive amounts of money, both now in dealing with the mess, and later dealing with the fallout.

    It’s literally as dumb as an Orange halfwit observing a European car hit a cyclist, then vowing to put a “European Road Vehicle Ban” in place!
    Will this stop European cars hitting cyclists? Sure.
    Will cyclists still have accidents? Yes. Everything else will still occasionally hit them.
    Will this cause immense cost and suffering across the country? Yes.

    I despair for where you are headed next as a country, if a significant percentage of your population are that ignorant to start with, and so lazy that they can’t spend 5 mins on the Internet looking at the questions above before voting with half your brain missing.

    And if you are remotely upset that I’m calling you knuckledraggers and ignorant… then I suggest you consider your own rhetoric as you elected President Tiny Hands…

    Remember? Political Correctness is over, pinheads. That was your message. You hated the fact that you couldn’t say certain things. You wanted the right and freedom to be racist, and angry, and bigoted right out in the open. So you could finally say out loud all those evil things you’d been bottling up about the immigrants and the brown people…

    So don’t even bother complaining that I’m calling you all exactly what you are:
    …otherwise YOU get to be the precious snowflake, whiny little b!tches.

    However, do feel free to respond with actual reasons that this will benefit America… we all need a good laugh.

    1. dpaano January 31, 2017

      I agree, but I hope that people also realize that the largest majority of this nation did NOT vote for this unqualified person! He did NOT get the popular vote! And, we do NOT agree with his actions. It’s just hard to figure out where to go and how to stop him! This is the dilemma that we face!

      1. daniel wright February 1, 2017


        1. Thoughtopsy February 6, 2017

          Wow… that’s a solid argument right there.
          Here let me try responding to your post in the same way:

          Sad Astroturfer.

    2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

      Meaningless dribble. You leftists are so full of yourselves. Do you really believe that things were getting better under Obama? If so you belong in a padded cell.

      1. Thoughtopsy February 1, 2017

        That is not an argument.
        That is not countering any point I made.

        Man… you’re dumb.
        I like watching you type though. Reminds me of kindergarten.

        1. daniel wright February 1, 2017

          I’m dumb?? I didn’t vote for a Communist or a traitor. You lefties are funny. You actually believe yourself to be a superior type of human. Laugh your head off BOZO. You and your ilk are on top of the list of terrorists. Your lack of morals and decency puts you there. You might rethink your attitude the first time a gay pride parade is attacked by Muslims who justify their actions by citing yours. Decent people are not their top priority. Your anti-gun stance also makes you more vulnerable that we who support the second amendment. So laugh all you want. All the way to the grave.

          1. Thoughtopsy February 5, 2017

            Still not answering the points I made.
            Ad hominem.

            Poor Daniel.
            You’re not even a very good Astroturfer.
            I suggest you put in for retraining.

          2. daniel wright February 5, 2017

            I’ll answer your questions when you ask a non pointed non gotcha one. I’ll answer yours when you start answering mine. That will never happen. I’m not good at astroturfing? True, since I only deal in the truth and reality. Your head in the sand,unrealistic view of Islam is imbecilic and suicidal. Your insults will not change my mind. Your refusal to face reality will sooner or later put you and your loved ones in mortal danger. I will prepare for the worst. Stupidity has never been one of my weak points. It seems that it IS one of yours. Ignore reality at your peril. Don’t say you haven’t been warned;you have.

          3. Thoughtopsy February 6, 2017

            So let’s recap:
            – I post here.
            – You reply to MY post and fail to address any of my points. You also try an Ad Hominem attack and infantile Diversion.
            – I point that out.
            – You respond with: Lie, Ad Hominem, Ad Hominem. Filler. Baseless accusation. Ad Hominem. Some weird obsession with gay pride parades, and an assumption about my Gun Rights position. And some more pointless filler/drivel.
            – I point out that you still haven’t addressed ANY of my original points.
            – You state that you’ll answer my questions when I start answering yours??????? WTF? Followed by Lie, Ad Hominem, Displacement, Displacement and a threat.

            Alright… so I’ve finally stopped laughing at the idea that you only deal in “truth and reality”…
            Ooops… Nope… hang on….. Hahaha Hahaha HAHAHAHAHA.

            Let me try basic education. Don’t worry, it’s not for you. I suspect you’re paid to not understand what I’m about to say, so it’s for anyone else reading this.

            When you reply to a post and dispute what was said in that post you are expected to:
            – Respond directly to the points made that you disagree with.
            – Be smart enough to realise that your unsubstantiated opinion means nothing, so also supply evidence for your opinion, or proof of your expertise in the field being discussed. Since this Internet Forum is largely anonymous, this really only leaves supplying evidence in the form of links or research as the only option.

            If you are interested in actually discussing the post and topic in general, you will do this in your reply to the original post.

            If you instead:
            – Post a rant based on your own opinion that amounts to “You’re wrong and I’m right” with no evidence.
            – Attack the person not the argument. (Ad Hominem)
            – Post a number of meaningless jingoistic filler statements.
            – Crow about your “victory”.
            – Try to derail the topic of the post into a straw man you can knock down.
            – Or displace your own issues onto the OP…

            Then there’s really only 3 options:
            1, You’re a Trumptard Troll who is here to get his rocks off by stirring up anger to try and distract himself from his own infantile emotional state.
            2. You’re a willfully ignorant Republican base voter who does not understand the basics of critical or logical thought. Instead you just FEEL SURE THAT YOU’RE RIGHT and hate facts that keep getting in the way of your feeling that you’re right. So you just keep saying random phrases, throwing insults around and getting angry with people until they agree with you.
            3. You’re a Paid Astroturfer. You are paid to be here. Your job is to either push the agenda you’re told to, using your training and your trusty binder of canned responses… including all the dodges that I listed above… or, if you can’t do that, just lower the tone, and crap in the forum until you ruin it and no-one wants to read it or post here.

            So if you’re (1) or (2) try growing up and actually answering points for a change. (We don’t care about the (3)’s… Astroturfers just need blocking)

            Among the many I made, here are 5 points you can try opposing… I’ve helpfully reposted all of them so you don’t have to strain to find them:
            The Ban will…
            1) Do absolutely nothing to make Americans safer.
            2) Substantially damage America’s standing and power around the world.
            3) Advance the “America Hates Muslims” marketing point that ISIS and other groups use to gain converts.
            4) Cost those people, companies, and organisations, AND the USA massive amounts of money, both now in dealing with the mess, and later dealing with the fallout.

            and 5) I also stated that the supporters of the Ban do not understand
            – anything about the Ban
            – that the key terrorist countries are NOT included.
            – anything about the system that is originally in place for screening
            – the statistics around what is likely to kill them
            – the statistics around terrorism and who instigates it in the USA.
            – where the Orlando terrorist was from.

            So… Mr. “Truth and Reality”… if you disagree… then answer these point by point WITH EVIDENCE.

            Or get retraining. And therapist.

          4. Thoughtopsy February 8, 2017

            Yep… crickets.
            As expected.
            Poor Daniel.
            Have a blessed day!

          5. daniel wright February 8, 2017

            Chirp chirp. Chirp chirp. I hear an echo. Sounds inside empty cranial cavities tend to bounce around.

        2. dpaano February 2, 2017

          I know kindergarteners who are smarter than Daniel…..

  11. Aaron Zanzibari January 30, 2017

    The people who shrug off the uproar of this ban are an accurate portrait of the slow death which Religion has been undergoing for quite some time now, beginning back in the 19th century in earnest. Trump, the rise of racism and other forms of bigotry show with more clarity this decay than ever in the past because of a combination of e Religion which has slowly ebbed in being able to edify the hearts of many, including so many in the “heartland” of the country.

    “Heartland”—That’s a reference to some place that is supposed to be emblematic of the center of the nation, and indirectly pertaining to a place ostensibly with sentiments of compassion and care. But the reactions from the “heartland” show a “heart” that no longer is concerned with “foreigners”. Jesus spoke of those who fail to welcome a stranger, and didn’t say under what conditions you should deny the stranger.

    The people spoken of above and in this forum who rant and rail aginst outsiders no longer are aware of their Bible, so let me, A Baha’i, inform you of what you forgot or never learned.

    In Matt. 25: 41-43 we have the following:

    “41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: 42 For I was hungry, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: 43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.”

    Now, compare the attitude evinced above with Trump, the GOP, and the heartless people in America who want to shut the door. Either accept to embody these ideals, or choose to become satanic and reject the counsel.
    Of course, the first reaction to this by many who claim to be Christians is that these refugees are terrorists. But I don’t see Jesus placing any conditions on welcoming strangers. Perhaps if the “heartland” hadn’t known of Jesus, and He arrived here, they would have turned Him away as well.

    1. dpaano January 31, 2017

      I agree….and these are also supposed to be avid evangelical Christians, but they have NO idea what being a Christian entails! They are “false” Christians to my way of thinking! I just hope that many of the countries that 45 has targeted will realize that more Americans are against his actions than are for them! This is NOT the way to make a country great again! It was great to begin with; he’s just taking it down piece by piece!

      1. daniel wright February 1, 2017

        And just who are you to judge?

    2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

      So the Bible requires Christians to allow themselves to be slaughtered in order to go to Heaven?

  12. Wolfesgang January 31, 2017

    As to the “situation in Europe”, I can testify that the grim descriptions given by the Trump camp are nonsense. Life in Europe is as safe as in most civilized places on this planet. Your chances of getting hit by a meterorite are by far greater than your risk of becoming a victim to terrorism. People who are firmly intent on doing harm will never use regular immigration procedures anyway. What it takes for all others are two simple requirements: prudence and circumspection, as has been the case in all of human history.

    1. daniel wright February 1, 2017

      Idiots abound on this forum. There is no terror threat in Europe? What alternate dimension do you live in?

      1. Wolfesgang February 1, 2017

        There is a “terror threat” in almost any place that belongs to the ‘West’, which I have not denied at all. Europe is a pretty safe place despite some recent trouble. Roger Cohen has recently disputed Trump’s frequent statements saying the “world is in a mess” (in the NYT). Cohen replied saying something like ‘I have just traveled the world, and I’ve seen nothing of that’. Trump is a proven truth-twister. So what about your mental health?

        1. daniel wright February 1, 2017

          So one man’s personal experience is the only proof you need that there is no problem in Europe? You need some enlightenment.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPKqM-TV2i8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWNXm_f2CzE

          1. Wolfesgang February 1, 2017

            First of all: I never wrote there’s “no problem in Europe”. You must be one of the poorest debaters I’ve ever read in these threads because you can’t even get other people’s points right. Rest assured I do not need any “enlightenment” on the situation in Europe, and definitely not from people like you.

          2. daniel wright February 1, 2017

            Actually you cite a NY times source that basically denies a threat is there so you may not have said “there is no terrorist threat” but you implied it. I understood your point perfectly. You just used implication rather than a direct statement. And yes,you do need enlightenment. You on the left call a short delay a ban, (it’s not) to call Trump a racist. (Islam isn’t a race). Then you accuse President Trump of heartlessness for using common sense and caution rather that trusting people you nothing about know with your family’s lives. Political correctness and thinking with your hearts rather than your brains are putting us all in danger. Watch the videos. And if you think that violent jihad is the only method Muslims are using to spread then watch this. It is 6 1/2 years old.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccmlr7i4fVE…………………………………………………………………………..WAKE UP!!

        2. dpaano February 1, 2017

          Also, if “idiots abound on this forum,” why doesn’t Daniel find another forum more to his liking! Apparently, he doesn’t agree with the intelligent group on this site….not sure why he sticks around. I’ve blocked him….waste of my time trying to teach him anything! He’s one of the brainwashed deplorables!

          1. Thoughtopsy February 1, 2017

            Poor Daniel is paid to be here.
            You can see he doesn’t like us… but he has to stay.
            Poor Daniel.

          2. dpaano February 2, 2017

            I noticed that all he seems to do is to “parrot” the same BS that you hear from 45 and also from FAUX News (if you deem to listen to it for any length of time). He has NO actual thoughts of his own, which shows how brainwashed he and other trolls on this site are! Pretty sad that they have stopped thinking for themselves!

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

            the form more to that clowns style is being flushed in a toilet bowl

          4. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            You don’t even know what a forum is. I post to many forums. The old windbag dpaano thinks I care if she blocked me. I don’t. She is just tired of losing the debate. I’m sure you feel the same.

  13. dpaano January 31, 2017

    It’s pretty clear that most of the Trump voters have NO idea what they’re talking about and don’t seem to realize, much like their idol, the consequences of what he’s doing! He has not provided great propaganda for ISIS to recruit more and more American Muslim young men and women to become terrorists within the U.S. And, he has not added the major countries that DID send terrorists to the U.S., like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Turkey, etc. The ones that he’s targeting have always been friends to the U.S. What he is doing is alienating those countries that have worked with the US military in ridding the middle east of ISIS, etc. I would NOT be surprised if Iraq told our 15,000+ military in their country that they are no longer welcome. They’ve already pointed out that they could do that and then ask Russia to fight with them against ISIS! I’m not sure if we want that to happen, but apparently, 45 (my new name for the Trumpster) doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions and doesn’t seem to care! His followers are so uninformed about how this government is SUPPOSED to work, that they don’t see the consequences either. I see more and more terrorist acts in the U.S. in the very near future, and I can only hope that the terrorists don’t target states like New York, Florida, California, etc., because those are the states that do NOT agree with 45’s actions! Maybe a couple shots across the bow in the Rust Belt might change a few minds, but I seriously doubt it. These people have NO concept of anything!

    1. plc97477 February 1, 2017

      I assume that “45” reflects his IQ.

      1. dpaano February 1, 2017

        Yep, pretty close. Actually “45” is my name for the current idiot in power. I hate to even say his name because it makes me gag!! So, I’ve decided to just use “45” whenever I want to talk about him. I think it’s pretty good, and you’re probably right about the IQ! Actually, that might be kinda high for him!

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

          first off 45 is way too high for the clown car driver , 2nd no name needed call him what he is (like I do always never ever have I used the clowns giving name ) call it the DUMPSTER I always do . and 3rd who is this seeming brain dead clown Dan WRONG

          1. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            I’m someone eminently more qualified to have a rational thought than you. I can also spell,unlike you. I suggest you take remedial English. You need it.

          2. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

            yes im sure and at that time your most qualified rational thinking will be when your FART CHIT FOR BRAINS and dead CHIT for brains

          3. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            One of my farts has more intelligence than you. Keep it up Forrest. You look so intelligent…………NOT.

    2. dbtheonly February 1, 2017

      And given CPA, have no concept of the ramifications of their actions.

    3. daniel wright February 1, 2017

      You idiots underestimate the president all the time. You also overestimate yourselves. Only you elitists on the left have the intelligence and wisdom to govern the country? BULL!! You all thought that Hillary would clean his clock…WRONG!! You all bragged about her sure victory but again you were………WRONG!! We conservatives are clueless………WRONG!! You think Florida is against Trump? Is that because he won the state? The big reason he won here in Ca. is because of the illegals registered through motor voter. Here illegals can get driver licenses and register to vote at the same time. They don’t require you to prove citizenship. Also,the electoral college is rigged here. The electoral college is based on the census. Illegals are counted in the census,thus artificially inflating the population and increasing the number of electoral votes in this Democrat dominated state. The math tells the story. Lastly,please explain why president Trump following (in stead of) violating the constitution,Bringing back millions of jobs destroyed by Obama and keeping illegals and terrorists is putting America at risk. PS. Bad news. Sessions just came one step closer to being the next A.G. Hillary is now one step closer to the big house.

      1. Thoughtopsy February 1, 2017

        That’s “Minority President”, dumbass.

        1. daniel wright February 2, 2017

          HE won didn’t he? And your choice is going to prison for treason. Doesn’t that just infuriate you?

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

            that’s something the DUMPSTER promised you fool he was going to try to send Hillary to jail . hey moron you wont hear another thing about that DONNY DUMP GOP GANG OF PINHEADS B/S ADMITTED B/S how can some one like you be so stupid ? don’t answer that im already scared that you are as stupid as you are now never mind more stupid ( yes i8 know you can be and are but still shhhhhhhhhhhh)

          2. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            What did you say. I don’t speak gibberish.

          3. Thoughtopsy February 8, 2017

            That’s not my impression.

          4. daniel wright February 8, 2017

            I don’t speak leftish either.

          5. Thoughtopsy February 6, 2017

            Ok.. so you’re delusional.
            First, Clinton will not go to prison. Why? Because most people who aren’t information-free knuckle-draggers understood the FBI’s findings, and also understand the requirement for demonstrating “Intent” when prosecuting a crime.

            He won the Electoral college and is now President. He was elected with a Minority of the popular vote, the percentage of which is less than any other “winning” president in America’s history.
            I note you do not dispute that he lost the popular vote. So you, too, consider him a Minority President.

            No it doesn’t infuriate me. It amuses me that infantile trolls like yourself come to Liberal sites to get off on stirring up emotion. It paints an unflattering picture of your mental and emotional health.

            If I had to bet I’d say you’re a sad, middle aged, semi-educated Republican with daddy issues, a marriage/partner you don’t connect with and possibly hate, and the deep feeling that you’re failing at life.
            You come here to stir up angry reactions defending the ethically bankrupt Troll-in-Chief so you momentarily get to remember what feeling alive is actually like. But deep down you fear that Trump is not actually going to do anything to benefit you, or your job, or your life.
            So you are here… grabbing your moment in the sun… to scream and rant, and call Liberals names…. because crowing about Trump’s win makes you feel a little like you’re a winner for a while too.

            I have news for you.
            Trump will screw you over. And your family. And your friends.
            Then even coming here won’t help distract you from the inanity of your own existence.

            So by all means keep posting.
            I’ll be here waiting for the other shoe to finally drop and the resulting implosion of your psychology.

            I’m predicting it will be awesome.
            Carry on.

          6. daniel wright February 6, 2017

            Believe what you want. Idiots like you will never change. You think that intent is needed in order to make what she did a prosecutable offense? http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/437479/fbi-rewrites-federal-law-let-hillary-hook If you had a brain you’d take it out and play with it. Why do you think the Democrats are blocking Sessions so hard? Do you think that it may be because when he takes office that half of their corrupt asses are getting indicted? Why do you think they are blocking Gorsuch so strongly? Could it be that they will lose the power they crave? Could it be that honest people will see the rights that are being taken away being restored? Wise up.

          7. Thoughtopsy February 7, 2017

            That’s truly a fascinating eruption of drivel you have there. Let’s look deeper at some of it.

            Sure… any prosecutor can decide to try to prosecute any potential breaking of the law. Prosecutors make many of these decisions a day. What they CHOOSE to seek prosecution on is based on a number of things, not the least of which is whether its likely to result in a conviction… or just waste the court’s time and money. You also seem to be missing the point that Comey couldn’t prosecute Clinton. The DOJ decides on prosecution. The FBI can only reccommend it or not.

            And sure… the nutbag right winger lawyers at The National Review can believe anything they like… however for an unbiased, non-nutbag-right-wing-website interpretation, try this:
            Here’s the relevant section:
            “One section of the Espionage Act, 18USC793(f), for example, says anyone authorized to handle secrets who “through gross negligence permits the same to be removed from its proper place of custody … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.” Other laws controlling government secrets are similarly broad, especially with regard to Top Secret material.

            In practice, however, law enforcement officials have set a high bar for prosecuting violations of those laws, looking for clear criminal intent, which Comey said was absent in the Clinton case. Because the government is awash in secrets, they are regularly mishandled unintentionally. In 2013, according to the National Archives, which tracks classification, executive branch agencies created more than 77 million documents with secrets in them, including 46,800 with newly created secrets. The FBI receives dozens of referrals of leaked classified information every year, according to Justice Department declarations to Congress.”

            The rest of your rant about the corruption of the Clinton Foundation etc I’m going to dismiss as delusional fantasy. The Clinton Foundation has been the subject of multiple news stories already, it has publicly released all it’s tax returns, and the pay-for-play accusations have failed to come up with anything actionable.

            Could there be wrongdoing there? Sure. But when you compare it to the raging dumpster fire that is Trump’s Foundation, businesses, and conflicts of interest, including inviting his children along to meetings with World Leaders etc etc… the Clinton Foundation ethics issues (if any) that seem almost impossible to find, pale in comparison to the in-your-face, open Golden Shower on Government ethics perpetrated by the Trump Organisation and Trump Administration.

            I find it hard to understand the obsession that you Hypocritical Trumptards have with a charity that clearly and indisputably did a lot of good in the world, and PUBLISHED it’s tax returns… for decades… and where no wrongdoing has been found after years of trying… compared to your apparent complete indifference to the pay-for-play, lying, obsessive hiding of Tax Returns under a ridiculous and obvious lie, and general lack of transparency of Trump, Trump’s Organisation, Trump’s children, and Trump’s administration.
            I can only assume it a a massive attempt at distraction. Or evidence of severe mental issues.

            In terms of your assertions on general corruption, I suggest you read this comparison, with citations and links of which party is the most corrupt BY FAR.
            It’s a fascinating read. Do both sides do it? Yes. Does one side do far far more of it, and worse than the other… Yes. Surprise… it’s the Republicans:

            Keep in mind, under your same logic, Bush and Cheney should be in jail for war crimes and perjury and deleting 22 million emails from the Iraq War they kept on A PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER… they were not prosecuted. Did they lie? Sure… multiple times. Did they delete critical emails? Yes. Did they do it deliberately? Probably. Did they lie about it? Yes. Were they prosecuted or even investigated? No.

            And finally I’m going to suggest your faux outrage over Clinton, and Democratic corruption is never more obvious as the hypocritical posturing that it is, than when the new Congress convened and began their FIRST order of business.
            Do you remember what that was?

            The Republicans held a secret ballot (no names were taken) behind closed doors (no Democrats were allowed) to gut the Congressional Ethics office.

            Do you know how disgustingly sad it is to watch a party of corrupt liars try to legislate away the office that polices their corruption? ….As the FIRST thing they do.

            And before you lay out all the reasons that the Office “overreaches”, and has been causing Republican members needless suffering… don’t bother. Because people with real grievances don’t hold secret closed door meetings.
            That’s what corrupt cowards, who know they are doing something illegal and unethical, do.

          8. daniel wright February 8, 2017

            I’m happy that you agree with me. The law says that anyone convicted of violating 18 USC 793 (f) shall be fined or imprisoned for not more than ten years (or both). Now that we agree on that fact please show where this doesn’t apply to HRC. Also, please show where the word “INTENT” is in that US code. She was secretary of state and as such was privy to the highest of classified information there is. She had 22 emails with top secret information on them according to this politico article; with a total of 1,300 total emails deemed classified. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/01/22-hillary-clinton-emails-declared-top-secret-218420. Please inform me when you have conformation that these crimes were allowed (as Hillary insists they were). As a last dig,please show where the Clinton foundation crimes will be overlooked by Sessions. (They won’t) Best regards,………….Daniel.

          9. Thoughtopsy February 8, 2017

            I see you didn’t bother to understand my reply.

            I know who you are now.
            That’s hilarious.
            Only one person here argues like a narrow-minded bigoted missile about irrelevancies or mis-interpretations of one single item while ignoring and failing to answer every other point made.
            Have a Blessed Day, Pinhead.


          10. daniel wright February 8, 2017

            I understood perfectly. You think Hillary is off the hook for good. Since the only sources you trust or reference are left leaning ones designed to lie and conceal the truth I can understand how uninformed you are. As for answering every pointed question;I refuse to engage in the futile, juvenile word games designed to divert the subject you leftists like to play. You see yourself as all knowing and all wise. Your self delusion will dissolve once the indictments of your heroes are served. The Dems tried their best to stop Jeff Sessions’ appointment but they failed. Your little fantasy world is coming to an end. I am heartened knowing the plans of your masters to take permanent power has failed miserably. How you can be so arrogant at this point is curious but not unexpected. Laugh your head off for all I care. I doubt your joy will last long.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

        you have big time issues the world can be thankful for it seems all of them and locked in that brain dead head wwssssssssssssshhhhh

        1. daniel wright February 2, 2017

          And you idiots have no issues? You hate a man who has never done a thing to you. You join the chorus of brainless hate mongers and elitists voting for a criminal and I’M the one with issues??? Get a life dweeb.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

            idiots you state that so boldly might you be looking in the mirror ? (yes of course you have to be ) as for hating a clown that hasent done nothing to mew you say . hmmmm yup you very well can be right . but what I hate about that POS is what he has done to so many others . and I feel I as thy are so yes I could be next . and very well will be next with that DONNY DUMP moron in the house . for you to even be defending that clown just shows you being not of sound mind and brain dead . can I hate him for what he hjas done to others ? yes your truly are a clown have you ever done any research on the DUMPSTER at all ? .( ok ok you’re onme that believe ever lie that dirt bag says . that must occupy all your time . research this (DONNY DUMP want to bang his own daughter) watch and hear this sick POS talk about bang and would and wants to bang his own daughter while she is sitting right next to him . do you have a daughter you feel thew same way about or a little sister ? if not im sure you go to grade schools and park and wait for schools out and try to pick up[ dates . then the DUMPSTER beat and raped his first wife . im sure you’re ok with that also being the brain dead loser you are . next how about all the women that came forward (and that’s just the ones that came forward 12 and one knows there’s many more ) the dirt bag sexual assaulted . now lets get to ale he screwed // ok clueless moron (THATS YOU ) all these things are researchable if you’re not that stupid .( but I feel you are that and ever worse ) 4 or 5 bankrupts . the loser files losses of almost a $$ billion buck in one year mind you . let go to him being a 5 time draft dodging coward . the 5th time he had his racist POS daddy buy a DR.’S note for the coward (by the way the DUMPSTER followers in his DADDYO’S shoes filled with what’s in his head CRAP . so these thing I just stated all can be so easy checked out just research . but ill bet you too are that stupid to even do that . reason why its the type of POS you enjoy being . so stay behind your keyboard like the loser you are there you’re safe . and if you ever get a life do all a big favor and end it . ok RICK HEAD ?

          2. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            You are soooooooooooo Gullible. Like I said,you believe every BS lie that the media propaganda spinners put out. You don’t think. You emote. Trump wants his own daughter?? Ridiculous. Then you make unjustified accusations about ME? Who do you think you are? As for me being behind a keyboard. Where the hell did you type your post on? You just have a massive case of sour grapes because your goddess lost. BOO HOO. By the way; Your assumption about my lack of intelligence is erroneous at best. (as if you actually know the meaning of the word). And you still can’t spell. I’m sure your local adult school has an English class for slow learners you can get into. You need it Richard Cranium.

      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

        PS clown ive never underestimated DONNY DUMP . I truly feel and know (from the clowns pass history ) that he will being the country down faster then any other president in history once more he also will bury the USA 10 folds deeper then the DIRTY BUSH did but the DUMPSTER clown (with his POS EGO ) will love the fact he dose it in half the time

        1. daniel wright February 2, 2017

          Dream on. Millions of jobs are already coming back due to his actions. I’m sorry that you hate America. Unfortunately prosperity is returning. Obama failed to completely destroy the USA. That just fries your ass doesn’t it?

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

            lol you truly are a joke you want to have the DUMPSTER hire you to join his DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW ? you can but rest assure he will still you on the money . jobs back you say to the country again LOL ill tell you more people will be leaving the country because of that POS . yes his actions is what will make all leave . Obama destroyed the country you say . SOP CLUELESS you truly are . he saved the country you moron from the grave the DIRTY BUSH put us in . don’t you ever go out of your retarded bubble ? and its sad the country could be doing so much better if not for the GOP gang of pinhead idiots . if thy didn’t block every thing PRES OBAMA wanted to do to help the country we be even better not . Obama did a lot and pretty much by himself . watch what’s next watch the DUMPSTER do nothing he promised . he said something about the forgotten men and women of the country . do you know who thy are ? (YOU THY ARE YOU YOU IDIOT ) he is and will forget all about all you brain dead morons that voted for him . he piled up the B/S and you sucked it in like candy you fool .

          2. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            Keep it up Forrest. You give your stupidity away.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

            ok million of jobs are comi8ng back because he said so right ? lol please hold your breath for then thy will come fast pleaseeeeeeeeeeee hold your breath

          4. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            No, because it’s common knowledge to people with a brain.

          5. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

            then that counts you out im giving up on you you’re a brain dead loser id have a more intelligent conversation with a wall then you . research those things I told you to it will enlighten you to the real world

          6. daniel wright February 2, 2017

            I have researched them in sources I trust to tell the truth. It isn’t my fault you are so gullible you believe obvious lies. It’s your fault.

      4. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 2, 2017

        as far as Hillary cleaning his empty stopped clock head . WELL if it wasn’t for his B/F Russia’s PUTTHEAD and the COMA COMEY FBI and his B/S . and don’t be surprise in the future either the COMA is found dead or the truth comes out it was all planed for that B/S report that came out 9 days before the election . ( by the clown that says on the stand ) I cant say yes or no on any on going investigation that’s breaking FBI rules (WELL ALL BUT FOR A PLANED REPORT ON HILLARY WITH THE DUMPSTERS HELP ) and the DUMPSTER all but stuck his tongue in his mouth or ear when he seen him and hugged him on cam thanking him all on tape

        1. daniel wright February 2, 2017

          The propaganda of the leftist media sure put a hook in your mouth along with the line and sinker. There is absolutely zero evidence that Russia was wickey leaks’ source. Even if they were they did everyone a favor by exposing the high corruption of Hillary to the world. THAT…………is what brought her down;THE TRUTH!!!! The sad part is that you knowingly,still support someone who most likely committed treason and will most likely die in prison for it. Shame.

    4. Roberta Landers February 1, 2017

      One night Aayan Hirsi Ali ,who was a guest on the Bill Maher show, said;
      “Americans are over entertained and under informed” Sadly, this election has confirmed that statement.

      1. dpaano February 2, 2017

        And, unfortunately, they get their “entertainment” from FAUX News!

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 3, 2017

          the DONNY DUMP is the old man hearing 1/3 of the time only what he wants to hear >>There was an elderly man visiting a doctor for his check-up. As he was leaving he asked the doctor if he could recommend a specialist for his wife. “What’s wrong with her?” asked the doctor. The old man explained that her hearing was getting so bad that it was almost embarrassing. The doctor said he knew of several specialists that could help but he wanted the old man to do a little test when he got home to help the doctor determine the severity of her hearing loss. The doctor said “When you get home, make sure your wife’s back is turned to you and ask her a question. If she doesn’t respond walk closer and ask her again. Keep doing this until she answers and let me know the results”.

          That night when the old man opened the door of his home he could see his wife in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was at the counter with her back to the door. “What’s for dinner?” the old man asked. His wife did not respond so he walks to the doorway of the kitchen and asked the question again. Still, he was greeted with silence. This time he walks up just behind her and asks once again “What’s for dinner?” His wife spins around a bit agitated and says “For the third time, Fried Chicken!!”

          See More

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 3, 2017

    Conway if she had black hair she could be the wicked witch of the west of OZ seems strange how all the DUMPSTER could do through his whole campaign is say how bad President Obama was and all he did was wrong and was such big a big mess (every thing he did DONNY DUMP SAID ) but now all these brain dead staffers of the KING CLOWN CAR DRIVER are saying (like deranged children just like their child minded clown boss ) how well Pres. Obama did it Obama did it . hey air heads all you could do was say how every thing Pres. Obama did was so wrong and not right to no means . and now you are saying its ok that you are doing these things because Pres. Obama did them . and to research these things (which you have no clue of how to do ) you’re wrong ! the funny thing is all the DUMPSTER ran on and knocked about Pres. Obama are going to be the very things you are going to try to use to save your sorry butts . its not Obama-care its the ACA and more and more pretty much even from the start DONNY DUMP said one thing and then wants to do another (yes im surprised too he is the joking clown ) but right after the DUMPSTER said im going to get rid of the whole Obama-care (really dumb butt its the ACA ) but again right after the clown said those things he said well im going to keep that and keep that and by the time the DUMPSTER clown is done he will keep the whole Obama-care (ACA ) and he just wants to change the name to dumpster-care . but in reality the name should be THE DUMPSTER-DONT-CARE ACT

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com February 3, 2017

    one way the DUMPSTER WORKS ill bet ,the DONNY DUMP is the old man hearing 1/3 of the time only what he wants to hear >>There was an elderly man visiting a doctor for his check-up. As he was leaving he asked the doctor if he could recommend a specialist for his wife. “What’s wrong with her?” asked the doctor. The old man explained that her hearing was getting so bad that it was almost embarrassing. The doctor said he knew of several specialists that could help but he wanted the old man to do a little test when he got home to help the doctor determine the severity of her hearing loss. The doctor said “When you get home, make sure your wife’s back is turned to you and ask her a question. If she doesn’t respond walk closer and ask her again. Keep doing this until she answers and let me know the results”.

    That night when the old man opened the door of his home he could see his wife in the kitchen preparing dinner. She was at the counter with her back to the door. “What’s for dinner?” the old man asked. His wife did not respond so he walks to the doorway of the kitchen and asked the question again. Still, he was greeted with silence. This time he walks up just behind her and asks once again “What’s for dinner?” His wife spins around a bit agitated and says “For the third time, Fried Chicken!!”

    See More


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