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Late Night Roundup: A Job Interview For Hillary

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Late Night Roundup: A Job Interview For Hillary


Hillary Clinton appeared with Jimmy Fallon, and the two realized that this campaign for president really is an extended job interview — and so, Jimmy got out his clipboard.

“How’d you hear about the position?” Jimmy asked — to which Hillary responded, “fourth-grade social studies.”

Also during the interview, they discussed Donald Trump. “Let me tell you, he’s a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him,” Hillary said, to laughter and applause. Jimmy also asked if she was intimidated by The Donald. Her response, with seemingly no hesitation: “No.”

But before she can even face Trump, Hillary also discussed the race with her current opponent in the Democratic primaries, Bernie Sanders. “This is not a job they give away. You really do have to work hard for it.”

Trevor Noah examined the crisis in Flint, Michigan, where residents were given corrosive drinking water tainted with lead — so that officials could save $100 a day. “A hundred dollars a day — Why didn’t you say something?” Trevor asked “I want to call out to all of my people in Africa right now, watching The Daily Show. Because, my friends, for only a hundred dollars a day, we can save a village in America, and get these people drinking the water that they so badly need.”


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